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    1. 18-02-03 Random

      by , 02-04-2018 at 11:23 PM
      A lot of dreams, the only one I remember is floating/flying from one place to another, and being spotted by some guys on the ground. I didn't care too much.
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    2. 18-02-04 Things Again

      by , 02-04-2018 at 11:22 PM
      This series of 'dreams' happened while I was drifting in and out of consciousness, and as such I had some minor control over the plot. I could recall the plot of the last dream, and the next dream would usually somewhat share narrative threads with the previous ones.

      I'm on a derelict cargo ship of sorts, and it's being attacked by a blob-like Thing. The creature is made of a kind of organic, living 'liquid' capable of taking any shape. Its 'skin' is a luminescent orange. When shot or otherwise injured, the dead tissue turns a dull grey and the dead liquid turns hard in that spot. However, the creature could regenerate, and much faster than we could injure it. I'm pretty sure it could assimilate organic matter is touched, too. It grew in size until it was like a giant kraken enveloping the ship completely, its limbs even going inside the vessel, through its hallways. I thought that the only thing to do was perhaps nuke it. The creature, and especially the orange luminescence, was based heavily on the Uroboros virus from Resident Evil 5 and Revelations 2, a game I'd played the day before.

      I was chased into my old family home by a Thing, but this one was sapient. It was like a combination of Pennywise and The Thing. I was more of an observer in previous dreams, but now I'd caught their attention. I ran upstairs, into my old room, and through the window. I jumped out into the farmer's field below. The Thing had take the form of a dinosaur-like creature, like a kind of Velociraptor. I knew I was likely screwed, as the field was a wide open space and the raptor would surely run faster than me. Luckily, I drifted close to consciousness in that moment, and I could switch the dream to the next scene.

      This one took place in a forest, and involved a guy and a girl he loved. At some point, the girl was taken by 'It', into a bunker. The bunker door closed behind them, and I knew a nuke was going to go off any time now and wipe him (and everything else) out. At this point, the line between genuine dream and waking fantasy blurred. I 'saw' or 'fantasized' a scene, years later, where the guy was on a motorcycle, riding on a long road through a desert wasteland, accompanied by a band of bikers/resistance/survivors who had picked him up after the previous scene with the girl. I felt pretty sure that later in the plot, he'd meet the girl again.
    3. Week of January 28th

      by , 02-04-2018 at 10:26 PM
      Yay I'm back!

      My dreams this week focused on my old job that I had in Lakewood. I think this stems from almost having an interview for a job there last week.

      Times I went lucid - 1/2

      Monday January 29th - Had a couple of different dreams. I was laying on the coach of the house I grew up in. There was some sort of event going on. I had a weird cyst on my leg. I was trying to pop it. Eventually I was able to get it open by scratching it. When it opened this tiny white spider came out. After that I ended up tearing the whole cyst, and these white stringy things that looked like a bundle of nerves came out. I pulled it all out, and I ended up with this huge tear in my leg. I had to go to the hospital and get it sewn up.

      In another dream I was at my grandma's house. People from work were there, along with Bill Skarsgard and Alexander Skarsgard. We were all sitting at the kitchen table. We were talking about stuff, and I remember being attracted to Bill. I did talk to Alex and flirted with him a little. My head was on his shoulder. I went to the bathroom, and at this point I went a little lucid, and I didn't have much control. Initially, I wanted to summon Bill into the room with me, but I just ended up making out with a piece of paper. I do remember at other points in the dream Bill had his arm around me, and vice versa.

      In another part of the dream, there were these girls that were making fun of other girls, treating them badly and harassing them. A girl that I used to work with (We'll call her Janine) was one of those mean girls. She was trying to get into the bathroom I was in, but I ended up beating her up and throwing pizza that she had onto the floor. I felt really bad after.

      Tuesday January 30th -

      I dreamed about my old job. I went to visit there. The area looked like a combination of what it looks like in the real world, and what it looked like in my dream past. Mostly everybody that was there when I left was there in the dream. One girl, we'll call her Jenna, was present in the dream and still working there, although in real life she's no longer there. She came up from behind me and gave me a hug. We talked about some stuff, which was weird because I was never close to her in real life. Then Janine was in the dream as well. I saw her, and I did not say anything to her. She had blonde poofy hair in the dream, when in real life she has brown hair.

      There was a part where this couple came into the office. I knew them in dream world, and they both worked there. They were taking pictures around the office. The man had to use a band-aid for his hand. I was going to go to the back of the office to grab a band-aid, but Janine followed me saying "No, no, no you can't get one," and she was quite bitchy about it. I told her that this was why I didn't work for the company anymore. We started going back and forth, telling her that even though the place I work at now is more hard-core with employee relations, the guys there were still better then the group there. I told her about how great my office counterparts were, and that there were men that actually work in the building, including a cute one who is now a lawyer.

      Thursday, February 1st

      Couple of random dreams. One that I remember is that I was at the Laurel Mall, and this was where my current job was located. Rhonda (Not real name) and another girl were working there. The other girl only worked there in dream world. She was a light skinned young black woman, and she was an HR admin. We were all sitting near the old pizza area. Loretta (Not real name) was there as well, and talked to us about having to speak to someone about a change of rate in pay. Rhonda asked her to have the conversation about the pay with people. The admin got really upset and started crying because she didn't want to do it. She then asked me if she really had to, since she was an admin and maybe should not be privy to that information. I told her that since Loretta brought it up to all of us, that yes she would be able to do that. She started crying again. Her mom and dad then showed up to try to comfort her. Her mom was actually a woman that work there.Her dad tried to comfort her.

      In another dream, Bill Skarsgard was around, and had his shirt off.
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    4. may as well post some dreams. (Creepy dream synchronicity!!)

      by , 02-04-2018 at 10:20 PM (MoSh's DJ: The Best Dream Journal in The Universe.)
      Car WTF

      Just leaving a snowy trailer park in a car with my brother driving. The road we were on was suddenly vertical. Thought for sure we were going to fall to our death but my brother hit the gas hard and we made in up the road to safety.

      Waverly Hills

      Had a Dream I was traveling to explore Waverly Hills Sanitorium. I was in a city going over an overpass walking. I had the main key to get in. I got to the right bus stop. Suddenly I'm walking into the fence where Waverly Hills is and a lady from work was standing there and said rudely it was about time I got there. I looked at my watch and it was the right time.

      I opened the gate and let a whole bunch of people in with cameras. Some were close friends and another one was James from youtube. The place also was renovated to have personal hotel like rooms. Me and James dumped a bunch of stuff off in our room. He vanished for a while and then I found him hiding in a closet looking scared. I asked him if he was going to film a video with us later. He said, "No bro, I'm too depressed right now." Or something to that effect.

      Next Thing I remember was walking downstairs with my group of people. I noticed the halls looked newly renovated. It reminded me of the Omargoshtv video i seen of the place where he mentioned they were going to renovate waverly hills and turn it into a restaurant hotel. We all gathered in a dining room. I sat with Jamie, people were talking loud. There was an east indian girl sitting across from us but I recognized asuka in her. Asuka started yelling at me and Jamie and told J that I was very insecure about getting older and that I already have wrinkles so don't bother finding him again in waking life. Asuka had a mean look on her face. I got up and left the table and ran up some really strange stairs and landings that went all over the place. At some point I passed Aldosworldtv and noticed he had a g7x camera. I was back in my room Jamie was there. I Told Jamie that Asuka is lying I wasn't even worrying about any of that. Jamie kept saying, "I know I know, she's not well,"

      When I woke up. I Saw James had a new video of the stanley hotel. There's a part in the video where he goes to the most haunted room and hides in a closet where a ghost touches you apperently. And it was the exact same closet from my dream and he had the exact same expression. Here's his vid :

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    5. Snakes at a campground / Bowling alley check-out / Fragments

      by , 02-04-2018 at 09:41 PM
      Snakes at a campground
      I'm walking around at a campsite. We've just arrived, and I'm making sure there's no dangerous wildlife. I'm especially on the lookout for snake tracks - I have an app which can identify what kind of snake left a track. So far, I've only seen tracks left by snakes that are safe. Now I'm on some trails a little further away, and I'm seeing snakes lying on the trail. Unfortunately, the app can't identify snakes, only snake trails, so I have no idea if they're dangerous or not. I've heard rumors that there are dangerous snakes in this area, so since I can't identify what these are I'll have to tell the kids to be extra-careful.

      Now I see an ambulance pull up to a nearby house. Now I'm talking to an old man and ask him if the ambulance is snake-related, but he tells me it's not. He goes on to tell me a story about killing a rattlesnake during a large party. He says that someone took a video, and I ask him to send it to me.

      Bowling alley check-out
      I'm standing at the counter in a large bowling alley waiting to check out. I've got a stack of membership cards - one card for each person in my family - and I'm waiting for the clerk to finish up another task. Now I'm talking to him, saying that I only come to this bowling alley in the summer because they offer such a great out-of-school plan; but I go to another one during the rest of the year even though it's not nearly as nice because it's so much cheaper. I hand over my cards, and there's some confusion about whether I had multiple lanes or not and whether or not this discount membership lets me have more than one.

      I'm outside tagging along with a friend. I follow him onto a conveyor belt, but somehow we get separated and I end up somewhere I don't want to be.

      I'm deep inside an enemy fortress, and I see some guards patrolling in the next room.
    6. Looow Recall...Again

      by , 02-04-2018 at 02:03 PM
      Yesterday Dream(non lucid)

      Someone came up to me who look almost like Eye, asking to see my dream guide. I said no because i wasn't sure if he was secretly a spy who wanted to beat him up.

      Last night Dream (non lucid)

      I was...making music or singing...Next thing...im with my birds until a scene of edward elric pops up and he is sitting outside a facility in the outskirts of town. He is told there that he passed with an A from doing his own sugery on his arm and surviving although he almost messed up. He is happy and smirks although he is aware of almost messing up.

    7. Hard to erase

      by , 02-04-2018 at 10:58 AM
      Got lucid and spent some time doing mind control. This evidently shows I feel really powerless in RL as I do this so much.

      Next there was some guy in a rice bowl hat, who I felt really fear and then hatred towards. Some other of my comrades were distracting him. So I shot up into the air super high then plummeted down at supersonic speed, crashing down onto his head.
      He was smacked down into the earth, so only his head and neck stuck out of the ground. I then proceeded to try and kill him by using a giant scissor style sword to cut his head off. Then fire etc but none of these worked and I had a growing fear of his escape and retribution.

    8. Energy Entities.

      by , 02-04-2018 at 10:19 AM (Cities in the Astral)
      02-03-18 I seriously need to work on recall. I should keep a voice recorder again and journal. Last night I had wonderful deep meaningful lucids in about 4 sessions spanning perhaps a half hour or more. During the dreams I was sure I would remember the details. I clearly remember having a very long awesome LD broke by 3 partial awakenings. Guess what? I remember almost no details. Use it or loose it! That is the deal with recall. I find it so funny that I have so damn many LDs and I am to freaking lazy to work on my recall. I may ask what good are all those LDs if I do not record or remember them, however I know I enjoy the hell out of my nights sleeping, I just don't retain the memories. If I put effort into it for a few weeks it would fix the problem. End of rant. The high point of what I do remember is talking with a small group of astral beings and two of them were actually columns of colored fire. It did not seem odd at all to me at the time that a couple of my companions were columns of energy/fire. I do remember they were not the same color as each other. What a shame to have forgot such deep weird stuff.
    9. Dream - Six Brawlers And A Girl & Heavy Traffic

      by , 02-04-2018 at 07:13 AM
      Date of Dream: SUN 4 FEB - 2018

      Dream No. 277 - Separated Sections

      Dream 277 A - Six Brawlers And A Girl
      I don't remember how the dream started. From where I do remember, I was witnessing this huge Super Smash Brothers-like tournament taking place on the grounds inside a huge hall. It was a mixture of every single video game character you could think of, not just Nintendo and Sega. I remember seeing Mario, Rosalina, Peach, Sonic, Yoshi, as well as some of the Sly Cooper characters and then all these other miscellaneous characters that I don't know the name of.

      Now here's the weird bit... Murray wasn't one character. In fact, if you chose to play as Murray, you'd be controlling six of him! There was though, one main entity to be identified as Murray. The main one out of the six looked like Murray from Sly 1 but he had the red mask on him like in Sly 2 and 3. Another Murray was in the complete shaman look from Sly 3. Then there were two other big figures but I have forgotten their exact appearance. To complete the team of six, there were these two tiny Murrays who wore nothing, not even an accessory. They kind of reminded me of when Murray was a child, just the small black beady eyes pasted onto this blank pink canvas.

      The scene had skipped to before the next tournament. I was aboard what claimed to be Skabb's ship. When I saw Murray coming out of one of the the rooms on the deck, I picked myself up and ran after him, trying to catch up to him and then quietly follow him to the arena. In this scene, the main Murray's appearance was completely an accurate replica from Sly 2 and 3. The arena was on the bottom floor, so as he jumped off the stairs, there was a huge thump dream camera shook violently. I only made my presence known once we were on the arena.

      For the first part, I was still quietly tip-toeing behind Murray. It's when he finished consulting the other five in his team and went towards the official that I ran a bit faster and caught up to give him a quick, tight hug. He wasn't startled and rather just continued walking obliviously to the official. He then spoke to the official, who was just a real-life human stranger lady sitting in a chair with a clipboard on her lap... I figured he must have been enrolling his six-muscle team in for the next tournament. The lady shook his hand and then turned to me who was standing next to Murray but also behind him, kind of like in a diagonal position.

      The lady gave Murray a look like 'who is she?'. Murray looks over at me in a confused kind of way but instantly gains a confident tone and says, “That's my assistant”. I gave the lady a wide smile and went up to her to shake her hand as she scribbled on the clipboard with the other one. I then walked next to Murray as he introduced me to the rest of the Murrays in the team. After having a team photo with the girl in the spearmint nightie (that's me) in the middle, the dream ended.

      Dream 277 B - Heavy Traffic
      I don't remember how the dream started. From where I do remember, I was around the vicinity of Chadstone Shopping Centre. I forgot exactly what I was doing. I remember that I was trying to get some people to specific area on time and at the rate we were going, we were going to be late. In the dream, I didn't drive a car but rather I was the car, I flew down the streets myself and people were connected to me by invisible energy. At one point, the homepath guy was also connected.

      When I was just outside the shopping centre, LB (WB's younger sister) was walking around there. I heard her saying something along the lines of that she couldn't get home. I went up to LB and I said to her, “LB, I can take you home; I can travel as fast as a car”. She said nothing to me but I knew that she accepted my offer. So I got into a sitting position and when LB climbed onto me and then sat herself on my lap, I locked her in with my arms... The exact same way as Dreamy WB transports me in other dreams.

      With LB securely locked in place, I flew in the sitting position along the roads I originally came down. No one else was with me now, it was just her. Eventually, there were all these other people in the sitting position, being one-person cars for other dreamers, just like me. There were these traffic lights on the road that us dream-cars had to abide by; so we were all banked up in two very long lines, me being in the shorter one but right at the back. The traffic lights had eventually gone green but people were extremely slow to move off. There was no horn to press; my voice was the horn. So I yelled out a simple “Beeeeep!”, across the road and all the traffic started picking up in pace again and finally clearing off.

      I was now by myself and LB wasn't with me. I was travelling along some deserted roads, heading into a different area. The traffic lights were worse as well, with these ones, if you went through them and they were red, they would actually kill you. I found myself feeling pressure all over my body and I wondered why, I soon figured out I wasn't behind the line. I saw a car in the distance going though the light when it was red and a fence switched on with all these red lasers on it. When the dreamer drove through that, they were toast.

      As I got more and more down the road, the traffic lights got weirder and weirder. The light was constantly red and I thought to myself, “When is it ever going to go green?”. It was green but only for a millisecond and then it suddenly switched back to red again. The traffic lights weren't circular posts anymore either, they were now laser fences that went across the road like some access gate. The weirdest traffic lights were at the bridge of terrain connecting to the area of snowy China like in the Sly Cooper games... I was no longer in Chadstone anymore.

      The whole Cooper gang appeared at the next set of lights. These ones stayed red for longer than previously and the green was so quick. Bentley made a comment about the lights but I forgot what it was. I think he was trying to work out a way to get through them but not even his brains were quick enough for the limited time they were green. I actually thought of something myself and just by using the power of thought, I set the dream to slow-motion. I told them to jump through as soon as possible. The order they jumped through the green lasers were Sly, Bentley, Murray, Penelope, Carmelita, Me, and then the Panda King.

      Once the slow motion had ended, the Panda King was shown profusely crying like a baby. Apparently he didn't make it and the red lasers were onto him. The dream then showed Clockwerk flying towards us and he had apparently corrupted the Panda King and his body. That weird dream ended there.

      Dream Trophies Achieved:
      - None

      As of tomorrow, classes are starting again for me. So if you're wondering where I am, study is back. Dream entries will be posted when I can but if you don't see them any time soon, they will be posted in bulk.

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    10. I’m the laughing stalk LD

      by , 02-04-2018 at 03:10 AM (Hopeless Wanderings)
      I started taking a new medication and it causes me to sleep like a rock, which has caused some scary and weird experiences.

      The other morning, I realized I was dreaming. I was in my room and I wanted to wake up. I tried, and couldn’t. I was laying in bed shaking and screaming. I fell off the bed and banged my head on the lamp side table. On the ground I was thrashing around SO hard and finally woke up, making a startled noise IRL which caused my boyfriend to notice.

      The next morning, it happened again. I was stuck in a dream. But this time I used to to my advantage, and decided to LD. I held my hand up to summon M, and it worked but she looked different. It was a young woman with reddish brown short hair and a scarf in her hair. I asked her “does the dream mean anything??” And she replied “you’re crazy if you think it means anything” and started laughing. More people from the show joined in with her and started taunting and laughing at me. I was furious and knew that this wasn’t really M.
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