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    1. Behined the Viel

      by , 06-06-2014 at 08:23 PM
      A Khajit is a mythical creature in Elder scrolls

      18 April 2014

      I do not know where it was I had arrived in this strange and ambiguous world we call the dream realm but it would appear that I had arrived at the perfect time, reader. You see, in this particular region of the dream realm resided a neighborhood of upscale families and wealthy business men. Everyone had his nose up in the air but I did not seem to mind. Now there was one family in particular who stood out from all the rest. This might be an ironic statement as the family that stood out the most was very family that had put forth the most effort not to stand out the most. But it seems that their attempts at privacy backfired for it is their obvious effort of reclusion that seemed to spark everyone’s curiosity. What was this family? What were they hiding?

      Now there are some things we did know about this family. Or to be more precise were things that the neighbors knew and things that I had learned from them. For one the entire family tree from then until now was exclusively human. There was no non-human blood dripping into the family’s gene pool which, among the dream realm’s incredibly divers population, is a fact worth mentioning. The reason for this is simple: the family inbred. Like other rich families before them they believed in keeping these things within the family. It was the idea of sharing wealth with “outsiders” that really did seem to repulse the family more than the sexual vice of incest. Another thing is the simple fact that the old man who owns the family business is about to bite the dust.

      Now the family was so well sheltered that many members did not realize how famous they were. However, they would have to come out of hiding soon enough as their father had just died and now the multibillion dollar business is up for grabs. There was no standard next of kin inheritance here. It seems their father would have preferred a much more interesting alternative. There would be an auction held among the family and the business would go to the highest bidder. This is where the true nature of the family was made apparent. They came out from behind the veil of anonymity for the first time in decades and the spectators were in for a big surprise. The family was not united in the way that people once believed. Many of the family members were actually quite immature and they were fighting over one thing, the business. Another thing that surprised the denizens was that the family was no longer exclusively inbred. There were Khajit among the family members, which means that at some point in history a Khajit has managed to wriggle his way into the gene pool.

      Now the auctions took place at an amphitheater just outside of the neighborhood and it was not a silent one. I sat far right of the auctioneers along with everyone else there. They all watched in amusement laughing at the immaturity of these people. I had no feelings either way but the denizens who were watching the spectacle clearly had lost all respect for this family. After the auction the families were talking about what had happened and what was revealed. “I cannot believe they are out and about after so long.” One of them said. I asked an upper class woman why there were so many Khajit among the family members and she said, “It would appear that at some point in history a member of their family slept with a Khajit.” A Khajit. Someone slept with just one Khajit and yet now there were so many. This told me that even after this one misstep the inbreeding had not ceased. The Khajit were now just mixed in with the vice.
    2. Being a police officer, and two lame lucids.

      by , 01-20-2012 at 03:09 AM (Yuppie's Dream Journal)
      I'm a police officer! I walk down this mall, until I see one of my... shall we say acquaintances? I walk into the shop he's in, and see that he's talking to a very attractive girl. I walk towards them, but when I come close, I begin to walk slowly and pretend to be just walking somewhere else. I try to eaves drop on them, curious of what they're talking about, when he sees me and gives me a push. "What are you doing?!" He looks very angry "Nothing.." I say, giving him one of my trademark genious lines. He pushes me again. "Look, you should know that I'm a police officer now.. and it's a big deal to assault a police officer." He pushes me again. "I'm warning you, you can get in alot of trouble.." He pushes me again. "Look! That's it.. I'm going to have to arrest you." He pushes me again, but this time runs off. I chase after him, sturggling to keep up, thankfully he seems to be running around in circles around the shoping centre carpark. I grab hold of him, and tell him to turn around so I can put the handcuffs on him and arrest him. He's uncompliant, so I shove him to the ground, revenge is sweet. "Spread out on the ground!" I shout, I reach back for my handcuffs. I look to my left, and to my right, my belt is empty! You've got to be kidding me I think. I try to mantain my confidence while I tell him to keep still, so he doesn't find out. Typically, however, he does, and runs off far far away. I'm faced with a menu like in tom clancy's rainbox six vegas 2: "start from checkpoint, return to main menu" I choose start from checkpoint and find myself back in the shopping centre, with the guy just about to take off. This time I look down, and find my belt with the items I need. A tazer, a gun, handcuffs, and a big instruction manual. They're in awkward places though, for example my gun is WAY down my leg, making it very hard to reach, my handcuffs are at the back of my belt, as if I had stretchable hands. My tazer, is in a good place, but it's still wrapped in plastic, with the batteries waiting to be places inside. I decide to fix everything up, and wait for him to get away, so I can restart. I choose start from checkpoint once again, and begin running after my acquaintance. I look back and see two other police officers running about ten metres behind me, in the same direction. However, they turn out to be trying to get someone else, I ask for help anyway. "Can you guys split up, one of you can help me, and the other can still get your guy." The seem to agree, and the fat one of the two turns to come my way, but I say "Can I have the skinny one, there's running involved." Even though it doesn't make sense, considering they were both running at the same rate before, and we all have to run anway. They don't seem to mind though, and the fitter one comes with me. We both run after him, and we're very close, when he changes directions all of a sudden. My partner doesn't miss a beat, but I'm put off, and it takes me a while to get back on track. I turn the corner and see the guy has already been handcuffed and is being read his rights. "Book him dano" I say, trying to make a joke out of it, and hide the fact that I'm sad about not proving myself as a cop. He's taken away, so I look around for another oppurtunity to prove myself , this time with my tazer drawn so they'll listen to me. I have no luck, and I wake up

      -next dream-

      I can't remember how, but I become lucid, someone tells me I''m pretty sure. I summon a badger. I wake up.

      -next dream-

      I become lucid again, can't remember how. This time I focus on deilding after I wake up from a lucid. Doesn't work.

      -Next dream-
      I have this bow and arrow thing, and I'm sitting in the sunroom of my house with dad next to me, with it drawn. It pulls back REALLY far! I ask dad where I can shoot it. He points to the door leading into the sunroom, the one with wire mess through the holes from the frame. The wooden arrow snaps in half (not sure why) before I can shoot it, but I release the string with tension on it anyway, and suprisingly it fly straight for the door, and hits dead centre in the mesh. "See, I told you it was accurate" dad says.

      -next dream-

      I know this one was fairly long, I can't remember what happend, but I was in like an animated world with talking animals, and they wanted me to do something..
    3. Lucid Dream 224: The Best Kind of Slushie

      by , 05-08-2011 at 01:46 PM (KingYoshi's Dream Journal...My World is Different)
      April 30, 2011
      Lucid Dream 224: The Best Kind of Slushie
      Series: Sexcapades, Episode 7
      around 3:00pm

      I was sitting in my living room and I thought that I saw a vacant chair move on its own. I stared at it for a moment and determined that my eyes were playing tricks on me. I stood up and out of the corner of my eye, I saw the chair slide out of my vision. I quickly turned my head and saw the chair sliding down the hallway. I freaked out a little and thought I was being haunted. I heard a dog barking outside of my front door. I turned around and saw a black demon-like dog. I took off running for my gun. I grabbed it, turned, and shot the dog between the eyes as it was leaping toward me. The dog crumbled at my feet. I thought, "Wait a second...a bullet can't kill a demon-dog." I kicked the dead dog a few times, but it didn't move. I thought about the events that had just occurred and suspected I was dreaming. I performed a nose pinch RC to confirm.

      Several more demon dogs had entered the house, but I ignored them. I dove headfirst through the sliding glass door and took flight. I flew over a couple mountains and picked up some massive speed. I found myself flying over a highway. No matter which direction I flew, I couldn't get away from the highway. Knowing I wasn't going to make it anywhere, I decided to get some help from a DC. I landed beside the road, stuck out my thumb, and began hitchhiking. The first vehicle that passed just stared at me and never slowed. I wanted to attack him, but I decided not to. Another car approached and I could see them slowing down. It was an SUV. They stopped and the passenger opened the door. It was an older lady in her 50s and the driver appeared to be her husband. She told me to get in the front seat with her. I jumped in and said, "You guys are on your way to the party aren't you?" The nodded and the woman immediately began unzipping my pants. I figured, "F*** it," and I let the older lady suck me dry. During this I had a false awakening.

      I woke up in the back seat of my car. I immediately knew I was still dreaming and was surprised at the strange location for my false awakening. I melted through the front windshield and took flight. I flew for a bit until I saw a lake below. I put my arms tight to my side and began to free fall. I landed beside the lake and noticed that there were college students partying all around the lake. There was a large building off to the side of the lake. I entered the building and found myself in a gymnasium. There seemed to be some sort of fencing competition going on. I walked through the gym and exited the other side into a hallway. A random DC walked up to me and said, "Hey Zack! You were going to get a slushie weren't you?" I was a bit taken back, but I said, "Sure..." I then followed this DC to the slushie stand.

      Once we got there I decided to make it interesting. I'm not sure what the DC ordered, but I stepped to the counter and said, "I would like the Psilocybin Slushie." The girl at the counter made my slushie with grounded up shrooms. It was red and I immediately began drinking it. It tasted like a normal slushie. I followed the DC and we arrived at a set of bleachers. I sat down and finished off my slushie. A few moments later I started tripping balls. Everything around me looked like th movie waking life. I could hear the tune of "Nuthin But a G Thang" playing inside my head. It felt like my head was actually a music box and my ear was slowly rotating around like the handle (of a music box).

      There was an attractive chick in a cheerleader outfit sitting in front of me. I placed my hands on her shoulders and she leaned back against me. I bent my head down and began kissing her and rubbing her thighs. I ran my hand up her skirt and began rubbing on her. She started moaning a little and then started singing a strange song about cocks. I can no longer remember the words, but it was quite amusing. I unzipped my pants, and she sat on me. I awoke from the dream as I was pounding her from the bottom, reverse cowboy style.

      Series Details
      Class is thrown out the window in the dream series, "Sexcapades." Not unlike your favorite porn video, I unleash my inner "Ron Jeremy" and give those DCs what they are looking for ! Stay tuned for more entries to the series!
    4. "The Plan" (Tigers Taking Over One Day?)

      by , 09-06-1979 at 08:19 PM
      Morning of September 6, 1969. Saturday.

      I am floating through the jungle in my “orb” form but still seem fully in-dream regarding dimensionality and perspective even though much of the scenery reminds me of more detailed paintings from certain animated movies.

      I move into a clearing and seem to be with a body at this point, but still hovering somewhat. I see the ruins of a large castle. (It is probably illogical to think of it as a castle deep in the jungle - as it could have been some other sort of ancient ruins, yet still of the kind typical of Tarzan movies - this is just how I “saw” it at the time).

      There is a large group of tigers inside a large, mostly featureless room of the ruins when I look through the window, which is rectangular but with a semi-circular top. These tigers do not see me at any point. They are sitting with their back legs down, like with the typical domestic cat position. Even though they are all tigers, I see or sense unique characteristics and subtle color differences in each. One tiger is sitting before the group (seemingly facing south in my in-dream perspective only) and lifting his right leg in the air as if to make a point. They are planning on taking over the world and I contemplate who I should tell about this “secret” plan. The tigers actually look friendly, though, with a sort of animated appearance. In some ways, there is a resemblance to certain art-like aspects of the Walt Disney movie “The Jungle Book” (from 1967), but I had not yet seen it all at this time, only shorter clips.

      In real life around this time, there was something about curfews, the idea of which I do not think I fully grasped. There was also gunfire and arrests based on the “failure to disperse” (as well as “sit-ins” by another group). Even though I am not threatened in my dream, I do get the feeling I am “not supposed to be there” perhaps because of a curfew set by the very slightly anthropomorphic, animated tigers. The speaking “leader” is not necessarily Shere Khan - I get the impression he is friendlier.

      When I wrote a story from this dream much later on, I used a fictional name - “Rufus Yohort”, which my brother Jim thought was hilarious.
      Tags: animated, tigers