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    1. 26 Mar: Being an Indian goddess

      by , 03-26-2019 at 09:50 AM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false awakening

      I live in some ruined temple, like a spirit or ghost, kind of dreamy detachment, not interacting with humans for ages. I am balancing on a swing in a large inner courtyard and singing a song in a traditional Indian style. Then some kind of holy man comes by and sees me. He takes me for a goddess, bows down and worships me. He says my name, something starting with an "S" and kind of long, like Saraswati, but with a couple of "M" in the middle. Slowly I start recalling being this goddess and I feel immensely melancholic, with all the sorrows of the world in my heart. He runs to tell everyone that this goddess is back, thousands come to see me.
      But one man or demon doubts that I am immortal or hates me, so he shoots an arrow at me. I feel pain and he takes it as proof that I am no goddess. Then another man throws another arrow, and another and so forth. The pain is unbearable, but I dont feel that I am dying. Then people who stand by my side also start throwing arrows at the attackers and it seems the whole humanity is fighting, until I fall into the ground, more sad than hurt. Then some men and women around me stop shooting arrows and simply take care of protecting me and taking me to a safe place. They take care of me, remove the arrows with so much love and devotion and I feel better again. The man who threw the first arrow is killed and the fight stops. They bring me back to the temple and organize to take care of me and provide me what I need. I have a room, which looks more like a storage room of antiques, filled with ancient treasures, maybe offerings from my devotees. I feel so tired, I just want people to leave me there quietly alone for eons. But people can't just be quiet, they keep coming to visit me, looking for me, wanting to talk to me.. But I'm like a delicate flower, they shouldn't come close, they shouldn't touch me or talk to me. I stay in absolute silence whenever they address me and I finally decide I need to leave again from this human realm. It's too heavy for me. I hide in a moldy wardrobe, they think I am playing hide and seek and eventually take a peak inside. But I am no longer there. I just needed a dark quiet place to slowly float away to another plane. I can see them as if I am still sitting in the wardrobe, but I am nowhere and everywhere, until humanity needs me and deserves me some day. Then I'll reemerge.
    2. #195. Keeping Up Appearances

      by , 08-13-2015 at 04:10 PM (Things to Run Away From Really Fast)
      Mulcair kicks Harper out of his office, and the group of politicians and staffers watch a jug on the desk to see whether their party actually won the election. If the jug fills up with mostly orange liquid, the NDP definitely win.

      They do, and the newspapers are printing stories that are all about the doom of Canada.

      I'm apparently one of the staffers. Mulcair seems nice, even though (in the dream) he has a reputation of being quite cold and ruthless.


      There's a family similar to the Queens in the first season of Arrow. The younger sister is angry and hurt because she's being deliberately shunned by another member of the family. They're in public, but she runs away from the group anyway, despite the paparazzi that are around. Some of them follow her, and she ducks into a seller's tent that is inside the mall to hide from them.

      Later, a group of us are in an elevator. I'm examining the multiple security cameras, which apparently aren't operational because the family demands a lot of privacy.

      There's a problem with the elevator. On the main floor, about half of us pile out quickly before the doors slam shut behind us and the elevator quickly starts going back up. The technician is working on the elevator so that it will come back down and let the other people out.

      I briefly see the person that I reported to directly in a job that didn't work out very well earlier this year.

      Beyonce is performing inside the mall.


      I'm a teenager having a sleepover. We're all girls. There are three of us. One of the girls might not have asked her parents if she actually was allowed to sleep over.

      We talk about how one of the girls really didn't like the imagination game that we were playing. I said that maybe we should play Gargoyles or something. She asks if that's a computer game? I say no, we could just pretend we were gargoyles, that would be more exciting than pretending we were in school (or that we were having a sleepover?)

      That girl goes home in the morning. I ask her to tell her brother to call me (while making the "call me" hand gesture.)


      There's narration, and a set. I'm both in the story itself and the story is being filmed. It's all about a whole bunch of "darker" characters interacting with one another. One of the characters who exists in the light is fascinated by the idea of talking to a couple of the characters who stay in the shadows.
    3. Throwing Apples at Wilma Tell

      by , 02-14-2015 at 08:14 AM
      Morning of February 14, 2015. Saturday.

      I am in a mostly featureless outdoor area except that I think there is a wooden wall behind me (that does seem to be part of a building). It is seemingly early afternoon. I had supposedly volunteered to have an apple shot atop my head by Wilma Tell. She has reddish hair and is facing me from perhaps about fifteen feet away. Apparently, there is an audience off to my right (on bleachers, possibly four-tiered as that is what came to mind later), though I cannot directly see them (as if they are implied to be invisible, since I “know” they are present).

      I become more aware and cannot imagine why I would have volunteered to do this. (There is no recall of any backstory or what led up to this.) I am distracted by noticing half-eaten apples on the ground. (I do not seem to actually feel an apple atop my head.)

      I see that Wilma is ready to fire an arrow at me. Before she is able to, I reach down and pick up various apples (including half-eaten ones) and throw them at her, causing her to lower and drop her bow. The unseen audience starts laughing and applauding. One apple I throw somehow goes vertically higher than any other. It seems to become “stuck” in midair almost so high as to be indiscernible. This distracts me and I wake with a soft hypnopompic back spasm.

      This dream is proof that the nature of non-lucid dream control (that is, the knowledge of altering the dynamics of the dream without even remembering what a dream is, including forms of reinduction) can sometimes alter the biologically premonitory hypnopompic mechanism (of which the waking symbolism is also always directory premonitory of in various ways, though typically in an incidental form unrelated to the conscious self identity in real life), though this was usually not the case when I was a boy when there was no time to focus upon it (other than in dreams such as “The Staged Bull” from 1971, with the potential back spasm trigger of the bull’s horn willfully avoided by initiating my own waking).

      Although the arrow was supposedly aimed at the apple atop my head, it has a direct connection with the hypnopompic back spasm event (which ranges from very soft and nearly indiscernible to intense enough to make my whole body jump, which seems directly related to how much physical activity I was involved in during the previous day though is also directly related to the level of consciousness I am in), which has often been associated with bird beaks in childhood dreams that triggered it (for example, “The Buzzard’s Beak” from 1969). Other dreams have included a dog’s hard nose (being pushed into the small of my back) terminating my state of apex lucidity in 1970.

      Although dreams like “Devil Dog” (1972) showed evidence that physically premonitory hypnopompia can sometimes be shifted (though not willfully or intentionally in every case), it usually cannot be (such as in “A knife into my back in a hospital hall” from 1989).

      Is it any wonder why my Olympic barbell is my preferred weapon of choice to jab the preconscious back when I am (subliminally) annoyed about the waking transition.

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    4. Archery Lessons and the Planetarium

      by , 02-06-2015 at 05:58 PM (Lucid Time!)
      I had signed up to do archery lessons somewhere. In order to pay for the lesson I had to help the person who owned the archery range judge the value of another peice of property they owned. It had to be worth at least $40k.

      On it was this huge building. In it was this hemispherical room. The walls were covered with bookshelves curving up to the ceiling. (How the books didn't slide off of the upper shelves is beyond me.) There was also this huge bronze/golden contraption that showed the alignments of the planets in some alien solar system.

      There were escalators in the building. I think one of them got broken, however.
    5. Kaomea's DJ Entry and Elie's Etherion Going Crazy

      by , 11-21-2012 at 11:14 AM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Kaomea's DJ entry (Non-lucid)


      So I'm having those dreams where I read dream journals again.

      And guess what? The DJ system is back, glad that things are safe enough to have them out again at least.

      I'm scrolling down down some entries, and they're all a blur to me because I'm scrolling way too fast. I see the basic color of Dream Views, at least the format I have in waking life that's transcended towards the association I see here in the dream.

      I see Kaomea made a post, and I was going to click the ">>" button to get to it. I saw that there were 11 comments overall in her post, and I scrolled down really quick to see what it was about.

      At that time, I just wanted to see who was having a conversation with her, wasn't too interested in the content of the conversation though.

      So I scroll up, and Kaomea has a lot of pictures of very strong sexual nature. She had a dream involving something really sexual and enticing, that she even collaborated a video that matched what she had in a dream.

      But she takes bits of what occurred in the video, and made snapshots of them. In the majority of those pictures, there's a naked lady bending down on her knees. She has sweat and small drips of water at the right parts, the eye-candy....the breasts, near her stomach, her face, and near her vagina.

      These same spots made her look majestic, she was simply beautiful when it comes to just looks alone. Her body was lean, tight, and fit. She didn't have abdominal muscles showing as much, but her contours around her thin and curvy stomach made that concern insignificant.

      She's closing her eyes, has her mouth slightly opened, her dark red lips entices me to look at her face instead of the rest of her tanned and soft skinned body. It's weird to describe the texture of her skin. It was soft, like I stated, but it was also firm too...it was in between.

      Kaomea basically made the pictures stand out more, and used as less words as possible.

      After that, I can't remember anything else, other than being shocked at how much she exposed this female naked.
      Elie's Etherion Goes CRAZY (Non-lucid)


      Let me give you a brief summary on what Etherion really is in the anime/manga series, Rave Master.

      Basically just think of it as a power that can take off a huge chunk of Earth if it's not released sporadically.

      I'm honestly surprised I wasn't shitting myself on how much power could've been released in this dream. And I'm starting to get why I had this dream.........the power of Etherion, its potential to destroy a world and much more is associated with how I'm not holding on to practical grounds in this world, and that maybe my passions are starting to become too chaotic.

      Maybe. Just maybe...I don't a have lot of Rave master theme dreams, so it's probably a sign.


      I'm inside a building, but that main point of focus here is that it's a fairly long hallway. The walls are white, the flooring, I'm not to sure of, it mixes around from blue, white, and other colors I didn't focus too much on. There seems to be some content on the walls, but there's so much paper stuck on the walls that it's too overwhelming to even bother looking at them.

      They all had the same format, but were just in sporadic and random locations.

      Which means there could've been a message my mind is trying to give to me.

      I feel that I'm Haru Glory, from Rave Master, or at least just wearing his default jacket costume in the anime series. I didn't realize this until later, but I had a quiver strapped on my back with a few arrows on it. I also believe I had a sword, but my recall is a bit shady, so I'm not so sure.

      Elie, one of the main characters in the series, seems to have Etherion going full blast, and everyone is fucking panicking on how to seal this power.

      Yeah, that's what happens when Etherion is released...things go chaotic, she goes into a mini-coma, and all hell breaks loose in trying to seal it.

      Spoiler for :If I were lucid":

      I see that various people, that I can't really recall too well on their visages, are trying to stop Etherion from expanding, and potentially blowing up the place we're in. Their magic attacks are not working obviously, it's way too late to do anything.

      Then I get the idea that if magic doesn't work on magic, that weapons like arrows will do the job. I guess the reason I was thinking that was because of the combat triangle in Runescape that I was so used to when playing it.

      In short:
      Rangers own Mages,
      Mages own Meleers,
      Meleers own Rangers

      So I become aware of the few stacks of arrows in the quiver I have attached to me. I grip my bow out, take an arrow out of the quiver quickly, and aimed for Elie.

      But I can't make the reflex to just shoot her immediately. I struggle, because I'm worried that I might injure her. I finally let go of the arrow and it doesn't AFFECT her at all.

      If you skip to 4:43-5:07, that's the power of Etherion, at the initial stages, which is still kind of scary.

      I have no PLAN B, C, D, E, F, G, H, OR Z!

      And because I don't have the logic of Rune Save (the sword) applied to in this dream, I start to get worried on how to deal with this situation, while Elie is in a mini-coma, and the Etherion within her is going crazy.

      After that, don't know how I solved this dream, maybe it just faded away....

    6. TOTM March 2012 Master of the Bow and Arrow

      by , 03-15-2012 at 01:44 AM (Mancon's Wild and Crazy Adventures in the Dream World)
      Thoughts and Comments
      Non Lucid

      Basic Task Complete! Let your shadow detach from your body and chase it.
      Advanced Task Complete! Pick your favorite book and enter into one of the chapters and experience it.

      Trying to update this more. I like writing my dreams so people can see that you can get lucid often if you work for it and it is worth it! I got on amazing lucid adventures almost every night and really like typing them up. Anyway, I got up around 1:30 AM to WILD, became lucid in a coffee shop.

      I was sitting in a small coffee shop holding a steamy cup of coffee. In the coffee, there was a bright blue twist straw poking out of the cup. The cafe had a very nice, warm feel to it. I noticed the employees running around looking busy, even though I was the only customer. There was about six small tables throughout the coffee shop. It had a bunch of art on the walls. I noticed all of the artwork had a 'water theme' to it.

      I remembered to do the Task of the Month. I looked on the ground to see if my shadow was there. It wasn't. I closed my eyes for a few seconds and expected it to be there when I opened them. It was, but a little deformed. I summoned a Harry Potter wand and shot life from the wand into the shadow. I could see the shadow vibrating a bit and then it shot off! I jumped on it and literally rode it out of the shop! I glanced back and noticed a look of HORROR on one of the employees faces. ROFL! The shadow flew up into the air and I almost fell off of it. We were about to go through a cloud but I commanded it to turn solid. The shadow hit the cloud and started to fall. I quickly let go and flew before I fell with it. I followed the shadow down to the ground and it was just laying still. I think my shadow passed out! I touched it and attached it back into my body.

      Now it was time to do the Advanced Task. Enter one of my favorite books...The Hunger Games. I grabbed the air and ripped it open creating a portal. I visualized on the other side I would be sitting in the Hunger Games arena in a forest area. I stopped through and that's where I was! All the trees around me had colorful fall leaves. I looked on the ground and found a bow and arrows. I knew other players would be chasing after me so I quickly hopped into a tree and started climbing. When I got to the top, I could see a little dome around the entire arena. The trees were close together I started to silently hop from one tree to another. I heard someone below me and I scaled down the tree silently. I sat on a branch and saw a blonde-haired girl walking through the forest. She looked like she was gathering food. I could feel the presence of a camera on me. I pulled back the arrow and aimed. I charged magic into it that would make her instantly evaporate once shot.

      I shot. It hit her right after she spotted me. Right between the eyebrows. She evaporated and blue dust flew into the air. Then I heard someone right above me. I quickly looked up and everything became black.

      I wish the dream lasted longer! I was planning to blow up a person's base by shooting an arrow to blow up someone's supplies like Katniss did in the books! That would have been fun. Anyway, it was still a cool dream. Hope you enjoyed reading
    7. Being a police officer, and two lame lucids.

      by , 01-20-2012 at 03:09 AM (Yuppie's Dream Journal)
      I'm a police officer! I walk down this mall, until I see one of my... shall we say acquaintances? I walk into the shop he's in, and see that he's talking to a very attractive girl. I walk towards them, but when I come close, I begin to walk slowly and pretend to be just walking somewhere else. I try to eaves drop on them, curious of what they're talking about, when he sees me and gives me a push. "What are you doing?!" He looks very angry "Nothing.." I say, giving him one of my trademark genious lines. He pushes me again. "Look, you should know that I'm a police officer now.. and it's a big deal to assault a police officer." He pushes me again. "I'm warning you, you can get in alot of trouble.." He pushes me again. "Look! That's it.. I'm going to have to arrest you." He pushes me again, but this time runs off. I chase after him, sturggling to keep up, thankfully he seems to be running around in circles around the shoping centre carpark. I grab hold of him, and tell him to turn around so I can put the handcuffs on him and arrest him. He's uncompliant, so I shove him to the ground, revenge is sweet. "Spread out on the ground!" I shout, I reach back for my handcuffs. I look to my left, and to my right, my belt is empty! You've got to be kidding me I think. I try to mantain my confidence while I tell him to keep still, so he doesn't find out. Typically, however, he does, and runs off far far away. I'm faced with a menu like in tom clancy's rainbox six vegas 2: "start from checkpoint, return to main menu" I choose start from checkpoint and find myself back in the shopping centre, with the guy just about to take off. This time I look down, and find my belt with the items I need. A tazer, a gun, handcuffs, and a big instruction manual. They're in awkward places though, for example my gun is WAY down my leg, making it very hard to reach, my handcuffs are at the back of my belt, as if I had stretchable hands. My tazer, is in a good place, but it's still wrapped in plastic, with the batteries waiting to be places inside. I decide to fix everything up, and wait for him to get away, so I can restart. I choose start from checkpoint once again, and begin running after my acquaintance. I look back and see two other police officers running about ten metres behind me, in the same direction. However, they turn out to be trying to get someone else, I ask for help anyway. "Can you guys split up, one of you can help me, and the other can still get your guy." The seem to agree, and the fat one of the two turns to come my way, but I say "Can I have the skinny one, there's running involved." Even though it doesn't make sense, considering they were both running at the same rate before, and we all have to run anway. They don't seem to mind though, and the fitter one comes with me. We both run after him, and we're very close, when he changes directions all of a sudden. My partner doesn't miss a beat, but I'm put off, and it takes me a while to get back on track. I turn the corner and see the guy has already been handcuffed and is being read his rights. "Book him dano" I say, trying to make a joke out of it, and hide the fact that I'm sad about not proving myself as a cop. He's taken away, so I look around for another oppurtunity to prove myself , this time with my tazer drawn so they'll listen to me. I have no luck, and I wake up

      -next dream-

      I can't remember how, but I become lucid, someone tells me I''m pretty sure. I summon a badger. I wake up.

      -next dream-

      I become lucid again, can't remember how. This time I focus on deilding after I wake up from a lucid. Doesn't work.

      -Next dream-
      I have this bow and arrow thing, and I'm sitting in the sunroom of my house with dad next to me, with it drawn. It pulls back REALLY far! I ask dad where I can shoot it. He points to the door leading into the sunroom, the one with wire mess through the holes from the frame. The wooden arrow snaps in half (not sure why) before I can shoot it, but I release the string with tension on it anyway, and suprisingly it fly straight for the door, and hits dead centre in the mesh. "See, I told you it was accurate" dad says.

      -next dream-

      I know this one was fairly long, I can't remember what happend, but I was in like an animated world with talking animals, and they wanted me to do something..
    8. Guy Shooting Arrow and it Rebounds, Me and Girl inside random Bus Shuttle

      by , 01-16-2012 at 05:51 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)


      Dream 1:

      I'm outside and I see this DC pull off this crazy stunt where he shoots an arrow at some tall plank, and it rebounds off of it and hits another plank and finally hits the target. I can't remember what the target looked like, but I was surprised on the accuracy.

      Dream 2:

      I'm outside, most likely from my University, I see this girl (let's call her "Syd." I had her for Chemistry lecture class and Chemistry lab as well during my first semester in college).

      She was standing there with her boyfriend, and we were waiting for buses to arrive. Apparently one was delayed, so I went to another bus that looked out of place from the rest. I go in without asking the driver if this is the substitute for the delayed bus, and then Syd goes in with me and sits near the front I believe.

      Her boyfriend gets on another bus I think.
      Tags: arrow, bus
    9. 4 Dreams (December 16, 2011)

      by , 12-18-2011 at 02:45 AM (Chronicles of Ethos)

      Arrow to the Knee

      It was the middle of the night and there was a full moon surrounded with a yellow haze. The first thing I can remember was being an ant and I was being chased. I was being chased by another larger ant who was pissed about something I did. I ran through the jungle like environment of the grass field. I felt compelled to follow the direction of the yellow moon. I eventually came across an ant size house and recognized it as home. I ran inside and locked the door to keep the other ant away.

      Suddenly I was human again, but didn't take any notice to the change. I looked up and saw my mother and another man standing next to her.
      "Who the hell are you?" I asked the man confused.
      "I'm your step father. Don't you remember?" He explained.
      "I don't have a step father." I said.

      We continued to argue it for a little while. Somewhere along the way we got mad at each other and both pulled out bows and arrows. We then ran around the house shooting each other, but mostly missing. I used to be a dreamer like you, then I took an arrow to the knee. In other words, he shot me in the knee and I woke up.


      I was in my grandma's living room with my sister and we were just standing around doing nothing. Then I felt the urge to look towards the hallway. On the ceiling I noticed a large black scorpion slowly lowering itself from a string of web. I jumped back shocked because there aren't supposed to be scorpions in Ohio and I don't like them. I sprinted through the hallway to find my grandmother. When I found her she was in the kitchen standing at the sink and making a salad.
      "There's a really freaking huge scorpion over there!" I yelled to her.
      "Scorpion?" She said confused.
      "Waaaaiiit! I forgot my sister!"

      I ran back down the hallway and had to duck real low because the scorpion was half way down to the floor already. When I got to the living room, I didn't have to say anything to get her to follow me. As I ran back to the kitchen I saw my grandma with a huge bucket of water. She placed it in the hallway and then grabbed a hose connected to the sink. It seemed that she was prepared.

      The scorpion had lowered itself to the ground and multiple baby scorpions came from behind it. The larger scorpion charged first and tried to leap over the bucket of water. My grandma shot it with the hose and knocked the scorpion into the bucket. She then continued to spray it and kick the bucket over like a boss.

      Many baby scorpions then swarmed around the bucket as they were sprayed with water. A small red scorpion managed to sneak by onto a shelf to my right. It jumped onto me and stung my arm. I grabbed it and smashed it against the counter. I started to feel a severe burning where I was stung, but I could only ignore it. I then took a glass full of water and started splashing the scorpions with it. It was surprisingly effective.

      When all the scorpions were dead we all sat down at the table to rest. "Anyone get stung?" I asked. I looked at them and noticed they had stingers straight through their hands. I then brought my hand to my face and saw at least 7 long green stingers piercing through my right hand. I rested my hand on the table and made a plan to pull the stingers out. My hand was starting to shake and burn from the poison and it felt horrible. I managed to pull one of the two needles out of my index finger. It was too painful for me to continue and I woke up.

      You Drive

      It was the middle of the day and I was driving an awesome looking yellow car. My dad was sitting in the passenger seat and instructing me. Suddenly the car started picking up speed beyond my control. We were roaring through the city at impossible speeds and I struggled to avoid running into everything. It was at this moment that I suddenly remembered I hate driving and told my dad to drive. So we somehow managed to switch seats while moving at 300mph. Then my dad decided that I should be the one driving and we switched seats again. We kept switching back and forth a few more times until it was actually funny. As I was driving, a giant wave of water came pouring through the city. I motioned to try to steer away from it, but it was too late. The wave smashed through the windshield and the force of it snapped my neck. Needless to say, I died and woke up.

      Booster Shots

      So I was just riding along on a school bus and everything was fairly normal. Then a man in the front got out of his seat and announced that it was booster shot day. So everyone including me got in a line. I'm not afraid of needles so I had nothing to worry about. Then I saw the man give the kid in front of me a shot through the anal wall. He then motioned me to come forward, but I slowly stepped back.
      "Now don't make this any harder than it needs to be." he said as he move closer.
      "That's not how you give a booster shot!" I yelled at him as I moved further away.
      "Kid, I don't have time for this." He said losing his patience.

      I took the shot away from him and ran to the back of the bus. I started swinging it through the air like a knife or sword. "Stay back! Don't come any closer!" I said defensively. I then saw the bus driver turn his head and look at me. Shockingly it was an alien head. The aliens head then stretched all the way in front of me as he was still driving.
      "What seems to be the problem here?" he asked me.
      "He wants to stick a needle up my ass!" I shouted, as I pointed to the man.
      "Well then let him." He said calmly.
      "Hell no!" I exclaimed.

      I then stood behind the stone column in the back of the bus. I started swinging my needle around defensively as they moved in closer. Luckily I woke up before anything bad happened.


      Sometimes I wonder why I insist on living when I'm in the dream world.

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    10. 3rd Lucid

      by , 06-29-2011 at 02:39 AM (fOrceez's Quirky Subconscious!)
      3rd lucid - As A Ninja (DILD)


      The dream started out at a sort of temple/hall with Cameron, Alex (Dark_Merlin) and I. We walked out of the hall into a hallway, it was held up by big red wooden pillars and lit up by candles on the red pillars.
      We reached a round kind of 4-way-intersection in the hallway. Cameron and I decided to duel with our swords. He stood across from me, we circled once and then leapt at each other. Our swords clashed in the middle. After about a minute of two of slow sword fighting, our speed and strength increased by far. With each clash, the metal of our swords clanged and the sound of steel hitting each other filled the hallways. Alex disappeared when the fight started.
      I noticed a crowd beginning to form around the circular intersection. They were all wearing robes, samurai-styled robes. I think we were a clan of ninjas. Cameron must have lost his attention, or i struck him by surprise. He toppled over in pain.
      In looked down on the ground, his arm was sliced off. A clean slice, but no blood spilled out. The arm looked like plastic. The crowd emerged on us and healers came forward, the healers were taller and wore binge coloured robes, like Chinese monks. They carried Cameron onto a small mattress and address his wounds. I don't remember seeing them pick up his cut-off-arm but I saw his arm bandaged.
      cut in dream
      The next the that happened, Cameron and I were in a tower of a castle(our ninja clan's castle, presumably), within the tower was like a mosquito net, I think it was supposed to conceal us. We were being attacked, Alex's clan members were running infront of our castle. They wore a full navy-blue ninja set. Taking out his bow, Cameron looked at me and said, 'Good thing, now I snipe these bitches.' He alway's was the sniper type.
      Arrows were shot up at us with rope attached to the end of them. I pulled out my samurai sword and sliced the arrows in half lengthwise. I grabbed the arrows by the end and pulled them out of the wall, all while Cameron started shooting at the enemy clan.
      I jump out of the tower and over a fence. The next thing I know, i'm in my bedroom. Sneaking out the hallway, i checked the kitchen before i walked out. Then I went to check the main loungeroom. IMPOSTERS! There were 3 navy-coloured ninjas. I threw the arrows I was holding at them, but it did nothing. I leapt at them and swung my katana. They went down easily.
      I got lucid here. I summoned a hot chick to the right of me. I'm fairly sure i received a BJ. Thinking of one of my dream goals to manipulate time using a door, i jumped back to my room. Then I woke up.
    11. Wolf Attack; Hair Phone; Killed by Arrow

      by , 04-08-2011 at 10:47 PM (* The Sandman's Dream Journal o/***)
      So busy, I don't know how anyone else keeps up with their journal!


      I was in a specialty store. It was full of people buying things you really had to get at this store for the quality of the product and type of product.

      It was a long line, and all I had was a little salami--not worth standing in the line. Then everyone turned around and I was towards the front. Didn't seem fair, but whatever.

      I needed to go to my truck to get something, but there were dark ash grey wolves beyond it. They were the size of coyotes. I knew I could make it to the truck, but not back to the line. I went anyway.

      The close wolf was close enough to get me and he was really ferocious looking.


      Another Hell sequence. First it was Purgatory "to look down on me," then it was Hell. About 5 people were there and one was in a clown outfit. Colors were red and yellow and decorated as if for kids.

      It wasn't scary, but it was Hell.


      In another dream I forget most of it, but I had a long hair coming out of my back that I could communnicate through like a phone. The end was a speaker.

      I was going to tell a lady I talked to through the hair-phone that I was going to cut the hair and then I couldn't use it as a phone, but I thought that was gross to tell her, so I didn't. I never did cut the hair
      either. ???

      This is the second weird hair dream I've had. Once I was reading a poem made out of braided hair--now it's a phone made of a piece of hair.

      Now, on to last nights dream:

      My alarm clock went off to NPR news. This bled into my dream. I remember I was controlling a little remote control corvette in front of a real corvette. In my mind this corresponded with the news some how.

      Then, there was a bridge that disconnected me from the other side. It disallowed me from crossing something, but allowed others to cross to me. Strange.

      Then there were these storm troopers dressed in black, on horse-back, with bow and arrows. I didn't have a weapon. they poured in to where I was on either side of an out-door type room I was in.

      I knew they would kill me because I had nowhere to escape and there were so many of them.

      Two weird creatures flew in and landed on the wall. One was an alien lizard, the other some other type of alien lizard thing. I was going to try to at least take one of them out, but I was about to be shot by an arrow.

      I couldn't believe I was about to be killed. I was afraid of the pain. I did get shot in the back, but it didn't hurt.

      Then I woke up.

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    12. Gem Retrieval

      by , 10-16-2010 at 10:55 PM
      I remember a lot of this dream. It was completely non-lucid, but it was pretty vivid especially in the part with the wooden horses and in the room at the end, which had a view of the island. This is the first dream I've remembered in such detail since my first lucid dream that I had two days ago

      My memory starts with me being some sort of pirate (or maybe a treasure hunter, but either way, what I was is insignificant). There may have been quite a bit of dream before this, but I don't remember any of it other than a vague image of me riding on a horse in third person. Anyways, heres where it starts. I had a ruby colored gem. It seemed to have value. There was a statue of some sort that seemed to be me, or to represent me, but it wasn't me. The statue was on a ship (A typical ship off of any PotC movie), and it was holding the gem. Somehow it was decided by someone other than myself that there would be a contest. The gem would be fired a distance away, and the one who retrieved it would get a prize of 1000 something, maybe dollars, but probably some other unit. There may have been no unit at all. Three people – me and two others, all on horses – were the ones to retrieve it. Something similar to a ballista shot was fired, with the gem on the end of it, from the statue onto land several miles away onto the island.

      We rode off towards the place that the arrow had landed, which was a fortress looking thing surrounded by a large number of trees. All of this dream was at night, yet it was well lit. The dream sort of skipped to were it landed (or maybe I forgot?). There was something like a storm drain on a flat section of inside the large fortress building. It wasn't a road or a sidewalk, but I know it wasn't a floor like inside a house. The large ballista shot had become about the size of an arrow, still with the hexagonal gem attached to the end of it. It fell into the the very large storm drain-like hole (which was big enough to get into). At first I thought that the gem was lost into a bottomless pit. I looked and it delicately rested on these strange wooden horses that were all in at rows (at least two rows, possibly more), which I could for the most part only see the faces of. I precariously lowered my legs down, not wanting to jump without carefully planning it (lest I fall and hit my nuts on the horses). I can't remember whether I caused it or whether it simply happened, but the horses shifted a bit and the arrow fell still deeper into the very dark hole. I was disappointed because I could not get the gem without jumping in, and I couldn't jump in. By this point I had forgotten about the other two riders, it had simply turned into a race to get the gem. Now my sister, maybe becoming one of the riders, but not riding a horse at all, had retrieved the gem using a string with a stick tied to the end of it (or vice versa, I can't remember), and gum on the end of that to get the gem to stick to the gum and then pull it out. I was annoyed by this even in the dream because it didn't seem possible; the gem, having about a rock's weight and being about 2x1x1 inches, would not have stuck to the gum without something to push the gum hard against it (which would not have been possible with the string), in which case it still probably would have fallen off (I guess I should have RC'ed here since it didn't make any sense). My sister (who was nothing like my sister but simply represented her) gave me and someone else, I'm guessing the other rider, some candy: very good tasting jellybeans and some other type of candy, possibly smarties. These seemed to give me something to be happy about even though I had lost the competition and the gem. I went to an upper room that looked similar to a room on a level on the game Star Wars Battlefront on the level Yavin 4 Arena, yet with stairs in the back of the room and no side pathway out. I wake up right after this if I remember correctly.
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