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    1. The Water Temple

      by , 11-24-2021 at 01:35 PM (Xanous' Dream Journal)
      #551 DILD 11:20PM

      I had another early sleep LD randomly. I wan't trying at all but this is a good sign I might be getting back to normal. Sleep is still kind of hit and miss though. I was indeed having a hard time going to sleep and I took a Melatonin at about 10PM. Also, I don't really know what to call these episodes anymore. Its not a WILD for sure since there was a complete loss in consciousness prior and I don't feel like there was any micro awakening just before. I just find myself having what feels like a WILD or OBE. I am assuming its connected to my past randomly occurring SP issues. Maybe it's a Wake Induced Lucid Dream for the fact that I had been asleep but partial woke up. These are just labels that don't matter but I do wish I could know whats going on so that I may be able to exploit it in the future.

      Anyway, lm myself so I don't wake up. I feel a big smile on my face and I am loving the sense of gravity being manipulated. I take effort to see what going on and I notice I am descending down on something that looks like a mirror or a sheet of glass. I don't see my reflection but it looks like a room in my house. I find myself feeling like I am laying in bed but I am noticing a lot of WILD like transition symptoms. Lots of trippy hypnogogia type stuff. I don't quite recall all of it now. I do remember something like some textured white plastic with red pulsating lights under it. This was the most vivid of all and was the image that really got me realizing that I am in a dream transitional state. With that realization, I feel mild vibrations (probably just because I expect it now) and I become weightless. I rotate and slowly roll over uncontrollably. I become very excited at this and feel my heart rate pick up. I instantly remember to ca

      I decide to phase through it with out any issue. Their is a brief darkness and then I find myself underwater near some ancient under water structures. The sea floor looks odd. Sandy but full of bits of debris. As I move in the water I heard very trippy watery sounds that I cant describe. I find this to be interesting and move around and listen for a bit. I even start calling out and it feels and sounds about what you would expect for being underwater. That clears up and sounds more normal after a moment. I call out Hello? who's there? Just to try to get something to happen. There's no answer but I see an odd stone with some sort of unrecognizable inscription on it like a rune. The more I look at it the more it looks like some sort of carved item. I ask what this is and I hear a voice say, "It's a a stone tablet." but for some reason I interpret this as it's a key.

      There is a wall in front of me with an indention the same size as the stone carving. I insert it and it the wall lifts up. I enter and there is no water inside at the door but there are lower levels with water pooled up. I see two stone braziers. One on each side with steps leading down into the pools of water. The fire inside them looks really fake but its lighting the room. I walk down a stone corridor and search several rooms but they are all empty. I think I forgot to have some sort of expectations here as nothing interesting is really happening. I then hear my son's voice. I don't quite know what he is saying but I turn and follow it. There is some visual disturbances and I half wonder if I am waking up and he's really talking. I ask the voice if that is really him and if he's just up getting a drink of water. I think I am talking in my sleep and just half awake now but I am not quite sure (I make this mistake too often). I am now walking down a new hallway that is slowly turning into a version of my house. The dream slowly fades away and I wake up.

      Edit: I forgot to mention that when I woke up I saw a grid pattern on everything witl some random muted colors. I focused on it for a bit and it would distort and twist. This has been happening to me a lot lately especially after waking from a vivid dream. I am not sure what is going on but I kind of like it.
    2. TOTY Success - Sled Task Completed and Repeated

      by , 06-27-2017 at 12:00 AM
      I go back to sleep fairly quickly so once again I have an NLD before brief wakefulness and then DEILD entry with eye clench (to confirm strength of vibrations) then visualization to try to influence scene. Seems NREM visuals...an extended period of flying through odd visions mostly like space-scapes, not that different from those on Twin Peaks The Return episode 8 which was mostly trippy visions. There were voices; I couldn't make out what they were saying. Towards end my mind recalled some of the creepiness of Twin Peaks from last night and the little bit of schema poisoning teased and then dumped in a DV thread recently (I just remembered, among the last ethereal scenes included panther eyes in the dark, after seeing a cheetah on TV IWL) but I handled it well with a sense of my own power much like facing creepy spaces IWL. Weird scenes blur out, as part of my subconscious solution I'm guessing. Then exploring some darkish rooms and halls with DC's.

      I want to do another TOTY so I spin while imagining a snow covered mountain for the sled task.
      I find myself in the snow at the top of a mountain with snow blowing and not giving me much to look at. I form my sled with my hands motioning the outline of a small one man sled. I get on and I go down at a medium speed. As I approach the bottom I imagine the earth opening up and I go down further which leads to calm endless ocean that I float above for a bit.

      I want to do this again and see if I can make it more interesting by going down faster and I'll make it notably cold while I'm at it. I spin again and imagine being back at the top and feeling the cold and it works again. I notice the cold air and this time I just assume the sled is already in my hands and I hop on it in mid-air while aiming down hill. T
      his time it feels fast, out of control and much more thrilling. I still didn't try to influence what I got at the bottom but after having the ground at the bottom open up it leads me to something different this time. It leads to shallow stream with lots of pebbles visible through the clear water that I float just above following the stream. Water both times interestingly, though vastly different bodies of water.

      After flying a bit I find myself indoors. I explore.
      Spoiler for sexual content:
      I wake after a good amount of fun.
    3. Sex and Darkness

      by , 01-05-2016 at 02:14 AM (Xanous' Dream Journal)
      #482 - DEILD - 4:11AM

      I have a false awakening where there is some sort of party going on in my bedroom with the guys from work. There's some issue with the Playstation and I have to sort it out. I am a little annoyed they were being so loud and woke me up but I manage to go back to sleep.

      I wake slightly and move just a bit to get more comfortable and focus on DEILD. There are some very mild vibrations and I get too caught up in focusing on that causing my lucidity to dip a bit.As I wait, my wife rolls over closer and starts making out with me. I'm really enjoying this and wonder if she's woke up wanting to do it or if I am really just dreaming. Either way I don't care and just enjoy the moment. She starts talking about wanting sex and some other things that surprise me a little. I think this is probably a dream and while I ponder that I actually hear her begin to snore. I realize she can't possibly be making out with me and snoring at the same time and my full lucidity returns. Unfortunately my wife begins to toss and turn a bit and it totally wakes me up.

      After she settles down, I try to DEILD again only to fail. I am in the living room painting a mural on the wall. I am working painting a man and I keep having trouble with the white beard. I manage to get it to look right, but when I look away to reload my brush, the different color have blended together too much. I step back to the whole picture and I notice different sections that don't go. The man is too small and standing in trees and on the other end someone has painted furniture. I give up and tell myself I'll have to just paint over the whole and start fresh later. I decide to go back to bed for now and when I lay down thinking about all of this, I realize it's a dream.

      It's really dark now and my wife is talking a bunch of nonsense. It's so distracting that I can't even think. I shout, "SHUT UP!" Shocked at my out burst I wait for her to retaliate, but she is now silent. I chuckle a bit and wonder if I said that in my sleep because it sounded so loud and clear. I shout out again wondering if maybe I really am awake. I do a nose plug and blow through so I get up, but it all feels to real. I fall back into bed and then decide to just go for it. I get up and move out of the bed room in the total darkness. I shout, "HEY DREAM!" and then fall into an abyss. I enjoy the sensation of falling for a few seconds and then hit the floor. I realize I am back in the bedroom. It's still too dark, but I can see that much. I recall the make out session from earlier and find my wife. I'll spare the details, but I decided to have raunchy sex with my wife. It's a pretty lengthy segment for a lucid dream. Some how we move around the room this is all happening and end up in the bathroom. I notice the woman has shifted from looking like my wife to looking like some other woman. I really just want my wife, but realize this is the nature of dreams.

      I stand up in the bathroom and notice is nearly totally dark again. I recall a trick I was told about and blind summon a light from my pocket. I get some light when I flick it, but see some hideous monster with giant eyes looking at me. I put away the lighter and blindly punch at the creature as I move back into the bedroom. I quickly decide to forget I saw that and just wondering into the dining room. I try light switches and even find a huge breaker box. I flip all the switches, but I still can't see. I'm starting to get annoyed now and desperately look for any light source. I notice the fridge is open a bit and light is spilling out of it. I open and study the food items but they all look oddly distorted. I go back into the dining room and see a super bright light coming from a bowl on the table. It's too bright to look at, but only dimly lights the room. I get on the floor and study the wood grain for a bit to stabilize. Now the kitchen light is all the way on so I rush to it. When I get there the room distorts and morphs and the dream fades.

      I find myself back in bed looking at my phone. I have a snapchat text open. It's mostly non letter characters, but there is one sentence. "Fell a distance of ooooooohhhhh". I laugh decide it's a log of what happened to me during the earlier part of my dream. I scroll down but the phone zooms into much to see it all and bar of black makes it hard to see. I notice I scrolled past the word "sex", but can't seem to find it again. I've been taking screenshots of all of this hoping that somehow it will be on my phone when I wake up, but I know deep down it wont. Too bad.

      Now my daughters come in the room and for some reason this is so distracting that I loose all lucidity. They have swollen sores on there legs and my wife says it has to be bed bugs bites. Somehow I doubt it, but I get up and doctor their wounds anyway. After I do that my wife gets ready to leave and says she needs to take them someplace and she will be right back. I'm confused, but just say, "Ok." Then my son wakes up and runs into the room crying for her. I say, "Oh look. Mohinder woke up." That's not even close to his actual name, but in the dream I don't even find this odd. I have to hold him so my wife can leave out the front door. It's at this point that I wake up.
    4. #173 - Carny / Black Leech / Tripppyyy / Herion

      by , 12-05-2015 at 10:43 PM (The Oneironaut's Odyssey)
      Dream 1 - Carny (02:00)
      There's a park and forest, a few snippets of a carny that I walked past (it resembled one I had seen a couple days ago). I also remember there being something about a dinosaur fossil in the ground, reminded me of a t-rex (probably due to going to the museum recently).

      Dream experience: 0 (meh)
      Dream awareness: 0 (meh)

      Dream 2 - Black Leech (04:04)
      I remember a meandering river flowing in a flood plain near some mountains. The flood plains were lightly forested and the river had some large rounded oval pebbles in the river bed.
      Later I was in a neighbourhood where I live (not in RL), I remember thinking that some creepy guy might end up attacking me with a black leech/slug (it was about the length of a persons hand and quite thick). I looked out of my window to the neighbours house and saw that there was a black slug doing a little sideways scuttle up the inside of their window (it looked like it was trying to 'walk'). Poor thing, it's retarded, and it's struggling at the corner. I wake up (FA) and reach around to my back (with a pseudo arm) and touch the tip of what I imagined was the head of the slug. Ugh, I might die :/ damn. Though I'm not too panicked for some reason, like I know that nothing bad will happen. My reasoning is also that it's only halfway up my back so I can pull it off before it reaches the place it's supposed to bite to kill me. I think that creepy guy must have ordered it from the deep web. I kind of realize that all this is going on in my head and wake up properly.

      Dream experience: 5 (pretty vivid, the leech was pretty interesting)
      Dream awareness: 2 (a little more and I may have been lucid)

      Dream 3 - Tripppyyy (05:33)
      I woke up and tried recalling my dream, doing a mediocre job at it. I don't think I actually moved, and ended up doing an unintentional DEILD (does this mean I win Emnition? ). I was thinking about another lucid I have had in the past about Adventure Time (never happened). We were in a cart being pulled along and I was Finn, next to me was Jake the Dog (in full cartoon mode too). From the get go I was semi-lucid, knowing it was a dream without really properly thinking about it though. Things were a little.. trippy. Hmm, I want to be me though. I change perspective and become Jake now. Still not what I wanted, I look at Finn now and see a little mini Jake jumping around slowly, his colour looks darker than it should be, and I know that he isn't Jake because I'm Jake right now. I want to try be me again, so I slowly will my own body to be formed, I separate from Jake and move in between Finn and Jake, sitting between them on the moving cart. It's a weird thing to describe because I felt a bit.. formless, and things around me were still a bit trippy, I guess I should elaborate on the 'trippy' thing. Basically everything had a liquidness to it, seeming to have slightly shifting forms, unstable. Ugh, everything kind of intensifies slightly in that trippy state, to my right I look at Finn, hmmm? His chest now has... Boobs. They're growing and shrinking and moving around in slow-mo (not at all like a boob should). It reminds me of a slime monster or something. Both Finn and Jake are asleep on either side of me.. Things become way more lucid and I know I'm dreaming for sure but I have no way of taming the intense instability and liquidness of the dream. I reach out and grab Finns boobie. I feel it slightly but my sense of touch is a bit dim. I involuntarily float forward and turn towards him so we're more or less facing each other, but he dissolves into a new image. The whole world is changing around me like crazy. Colours and spiraling stuff.. It reforms into me looking at the side of a red car, just at where the petrol goes into. The cover over the petrol tank has a flat red face on it and it's smiling at me (same red as the car). What the? I give it a little slap/pat on its face and it keeps smiling at me. This is so weird. I try to properly stabilize the dream now, 'Stabilize!' I shout, I clap my hands, but did I? I feel like I'm clapping them in RL. Am I waking up? I open my eyes. Hmm.. That was, something? I decide not to move and keep my eyes closed, not because I wanted to re-enter the dream but because I wanted to listen to it fade away and feel the other sensations.
      "tzzzzzzzzzzzz" a static fills the air and there's black and white tv-like shimmying lights in front of my eyes. Did I just DEILD again? Lots of faces start forming in the static, just black and white outlines. This scares me quite a bit and I feel like my heart sped up. "Calm down, something bad will happen if you think it will" I manage to quell some of the rising tension about my current state. The faces kind of dissole and the black and white static merges to a dark background. In the middle is the statue of a pharaoh looking at me, unmoving. It begins floating off to the side now, out of my line of sight. In front of me the dream world forms once more and I see a wrist resting on a table. The wrist has a watch on it, and I think it might possibly be my wrist. It must be late at night since the background is still quite dark. On the watch there are glowing numbers since it's digital, the number '7' sticks out to me. There are other things on it but it changes a bit too much so I don't bother with it. I think I tried getting up and moving a bit but I can't remember anything else and I think I woke up shortly after. It was still a bit unstable but not nearly as trippy as the last.

      Dream experience: 8 (Wow so trippy, I think I've had trippy dreams before but this one takes the cake)
      Dream awareness: 4-5 (I was completely aware I was lucid, I could control things but I couldn't stabilize or actually do things properly)

      Dream fragments
      - I remember there being a really long rope suspended like 100m in the air which a whole bunch of people (including me) were standing on, there was another rope above it which you could also hold onto. I remember seeing a video a while ago about a woman in a gym straightening her legs on a weight machine which caused her leg to uhh.. bend the wrong way? And pretty much snapped. It really grossed me out, why do people post that stuff on FB :/. Basically in the dream there was a guy who had a similar thing happen to him, he stood underneath the top rope and straightened his legs pushing it up, but the rope was too strong and pushed down.. It broke his legs and they bent the wrong way and he fell off and died. I remember thinking that he was an idiot though

      -Something about alien civilization which has been buried, they had the ability to teleport.

      Dream 4 - Heroin (07:38)
      I remember thinking that the Nazis had one big regret during their time of power, I turn my head and look at a bunch of high school kids bustling to get into a big auditorium. Some had been locked out, but everyone was organised from tallest to smallest so the really short people were at the back (this meant mostly girls were at the back). I'm now a part of the school, and for some reason I had an idea to flirt around with those chicks who got locked out. I approach and the idea is gone and I'm now thinking of a way to get inside and decide to just teleport. I teleport in and open the door for everyone else. I think I'm a little annoyed with everything, and plan to hit the fire alarm and then make a run for it... There's cameras around though. I manage to find a way, I smash an alarm in then bolt out a door on the side of the auditorium just before the teacher could turn and see who did it. "Phew" I think, now I just need to avoid the cameras. I run around and skirt the edges of the auditorium to avoid the cameras, but they're the black orb type and I have the feeling that they can see everything around them. I rejoin the masses evacuating from the main entrance and follow them. But I see some students getting told off for doing their Maori dance hobby. "what the hell? Why can't they do it?" I wonder, I walk over to a white roguish character who seems to be in charge, and he tells me the story (which occurs in a flashback with me present). The teacher tells them they can't do it it for some lame reason like "it's because it's not official you can't do it as a playtime hobby" or something. I was annoyed, since I thought it was impressive for these guys to group together and form a dance group without any supervision. I can't remember what happens next.. But I think I'm talking to the white guy leader of the group, he's gotten into heroin now since they can't do the dance group. I try and smack some sense into him, he's going through withdrawal and wants another fix but I stop him. "Do you even know how much pain you'll be in when you're going through withdrawal? The spasms haven't even started yet. This is why people don't even let themselves do it once, because they get F*cked up" (I said something along those lines...). I also remember thinking of analogies, like how people say to try everything once, but I told the guy he shouldn't do heroin even once. I used the analogy of me falling off a cliff and how it can effect you for the rest of your life. Then I make heroin sound worse since it causes neural injuries rather than physical ones. There's another skin head dude hanging around who keeps squeezing heroin out of needles and shooting them like water pistols at me. What a dick. I think I end up doing heroin but I'm not sure why? When I wake up he's hovering over me and I get the feeling like he may have stabbed me with a dirty needle while I was passed out. This guy really is scary looking O_O.

      Dream experience: 6 (felt pretty emotional during this, passionate about the dancers and trying to help them, it was quite vivid)
      Dream awareness: 2 (only a little bit more and I may have been lucid)

      I think my awareness rating is 0-2 = non-lucid and 3+ is lucid.
    5. Weirdest Dream Ever.

      by , 07-20-2013 at 12:22 AM
      Yay first DJ entry.

      Alright, so, first, me and TF2 Scout and TF2 Engineer were all planning to go to a bookstore. Then suddenly Engie stopped existing for a while and Scout and I were right outside the door of this weird empty building.
      We went inside and found that it was a large warehouse type place that for some reason reminded me of a stereotypical grocery store. There was large pile of rubble right inside, on which the Demoman was standing. He was all like, "Meh." then floated up a few feet and disappeared.
      Nothing happened for a moment, then the lighting turned pinkish red and giant pairs of bikini-clad, disembodied, glowing, jiggling boobs appeared and Scout and I started spaz dancing. Soon, Engie started existing again when all three of us appeared in the bookstore.
      We browsed the aisles for a few minutes, then we were suddenly tiny and running across my bed with my sleeping self in the background. Scout and Engie faded away, leaving me to run on my own. Soon, I reached the edge of my bed. I stood on the edge and did a kamehameha and woke up.
    6. 19th Apr 2013 The source of disturbance, Searching for the forger, Touhou-like game

      by , 04-19-2013 at 08:46 PM (Scionox's Journal of Dreams)
      Dream 1:

      I was some kind of... ghosty dimensional being, there was another one that i was with as a team. We were in some bizarre monochrome world that was getting filled with colors with each movement(trippy). We felt some kind of disturbance and went to investigate it. There was the road and we had to pass one area that was guarded by some other ghosty beings to reach the point where we needed to go. At first we were just going to fight them, but i thinked up a plan that one of us could distract them while another one gets through. He started distracting them and i got through, i used some sort of energy attack on the way to help him a bit too and shortly, we both were through.
      We reached some more colorful natural place, and that's where the source of disturbance was. I saw an "solar cactus" that was radiating an immense amount of heat, and there was an some item near it, which was the source of disturbance for sure. I went towards it, going around some thorns on the way, and picked it up(sadly can't recall what that item was).
      After that we went to the mountain area and we were looking at the map of the world and searching for the forging shop, none showed on the map. We checked a few towns, no dice. Then we noticed some train passing by and we went to check there. Luckily the master of the forging was on that train and we got him to help us to forge this item that we found into something. Then dream ended.

      Dream 2(fragments):

      I was watching some video about "How to properly TAS an racing game" for whatever reason. The author was playing some motorbike racing game and describing how to use some tool to create TAS(Tool-assisted) run of it.
      Later i was playing some game that looked like touhou, but scoring was more something like chaining. There was a boss one attack of which created a wall of boulders, and the more boulders were destroyed, the more dense boulders were moving towards the player character. Once boulders became too dense i used some kind of special attack to destroy them all, but then realized that UI is missing GFX for it and went into some kind of editor to add it.
    7. My little pony + time travel?!

      by , 06-06-2012 at 04:38 PM
      So basically let me explain a few things before I start. I am a Brony, a male fan of the My Little Pony Friendship is Magic series on tv. I am 15 years old turning 16 next month. I am also a heterosexual just to clear up any confusion. So here is the dream:

      It was a night of fun at my friends Barbeque, until the night became even more magical. Twilight Sparkle from My Little Pony flew from Equestria (when she doesn't even have wings) to my home to meet me and my friend. My friend didn't know I was a brony at the time, so he was insanely confused. I was excited as you might imagine (lol). But basically what happened after that I sadly do not remember.

      __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ __________________________________________

      Dream #2:

      I had been assigned to going to the library during my summer break for insanely low grades. (Not true, this is apart of the dream). So when I had gotten to the library that night, there were people arguing about being there (as always lol) and you know, just the norm. So it's late and I was just texting on my phone. Till something happen where everything went blank and time went forward about 3 hours. So I had to go to a teacher for some information on what just happened. She called my half dressed English teacher from 8th grade from the other room. (I'm a Sophomore by the way haha). So she calls my mother for some reason to pick me up. So I was watching out the window for my mom to come. She finally does, but she parks under a moving semi and calls me out. By the time she was there I was actually on a bus going nowhere. I was complaining to the driver to let me out and he said he has some "unfinished business to do with me". Then that dream ends and I wake up at about 11:00AM.
      __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ ________________________________________

      I was wanting to dream more so I did my best to force myself to go back to sleep. Here is what happened:

      My Uncle was about to move out with my dad. The odd thing about this is, My dad lives with me and my mom and my uncle live all the way down in Tennessee. We live in Indiana. So they do, and so does me and a friend of mine. So apparently, the whole United States has flipped at this time and we move into Michigan, which for some reason, is now located south of Georgia. So we are all good for awhile, until it becomes like a Sims game. Everything falls apart. The dog we got when we moved in died. (Not my real dog lol). and we just decide the next morning: "Hey maybe we should go on a vacation to China". When no one in our family even have Asian roots that we know of. (I do like to study some of Japan's culture though). So basically while we are in China, I don't remember anything. So at this point. We all move back to Indiana and something odd has happened.
      __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ ________________________________________
      (This is the next dream, after I said something odd has happened the dream ended so I made myself fall asleep again)!

      When we get back to Indiana, it turned back into 1999! When I was a measly 3 years old. We lived at my old apartment and everything was as if it REALLY was 1999. My friends that I used to race bikes with multiplied though, as we actually formed some kind of club when I was about 6, me being an avid Nascar fan at the time. (Not really the case anymore though haha). We then got on our bikes and raced for awhile. Now for some reason, the running track at our school was now owned by our neighborhood and was shipped over encased in cement basically. So we race, and even some of my friends from school in 2012 were there at their normal age. (I was perceived as a 6 year old. So I ask my parents if I could check out the house, and we go in. It was as if we lived in the 1300's. We had most of our tables made out of rocks. Our TV was balanced on a rock. The kitchen had a major renovation. Much different from the interior of the old apartment I remember. I had seen my dog which had experienced the time change too and was at a way younger age than she is now. (She is 7 now). So I go out and tell my friends what it's like in the future. (uh-oh). So this changes a lot in just the time I was there. My dad was forgotten by his Ham Radio Club, and it basically ended there.
      __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ ________________________________________

      So there it is. A single night's worth of dreams. If anyone is interested in learning more about the type of dreams I have, I talk about them a lot on my podcast. I'll link you to it if you send me a PM. I also have a Minecraft server! If anyone wants to join, just PM me and I'll send you the log in information so you can play with me!
    8. Too Nice and Distracted

      by , 07-15-2011 at 02:15 AM (Zukin's Dream Journal! <3)
      I was at SD's house. We were hanging out and he was having a party. He showed me a cool website that was a lot like grooveshark, except one would reserve certain songs for certain says. The front page had a calendar of the week with songs lined up on it.

      "Do you hear that...?" He whispered.

      "No...I don't hear anything..." I responded.

      "Shh...Sounds very low, very bassy..." He added.

      I didn't hear anything. We went to the bouncy house in front of his house and I finally heard what he was talking about. Somebody was playing their guitar outside!

      He came inside the bouncy house and started rocking out. I tripped and accidentally bounced into the netting on the backside of the bouncy house...And when I did, I had a strange vision. It was like for a moment I had poked my head into someone else's dream.

      There was something strange about what lay past the white netting of the bouncy house. Very strange and curious. I pushed myself into the netting. It was like trying to walk through elastic saran wrap.

      I began to see that I was traveling through a psychedelic tunnel. On the sides of the tunnel were sometimes snippets of scenes and people as if they were on film, acting out their lives as if everything was normal.

      I saw a scene of a guy I knew, he was sitting in a locker room alone. I pushed my way into the scene, until I was standing there with him.

      "Woah, woah, woah, shorty!" He said as he realized that I was standing there.

      "What's up?"

      "You look like...A shiny, glossy, metallic person from another dimension!" He exclaimed.

      I looked down at myself and chuckled. Indeed, I looked exactly that!

      I sort of looked like that guy above, but more gray metallic.

      "So, what are you doing?" I asked.

      "Waiting here for my parents to come. We're supposed to do some weird family photo together. It's their dream or something to have a photo together since we are always apart," He responded.

      Dream...Hmmm, I should do a reality check, I thought.

      I did a reality check and found that I had five fingers and a thumb. I dismissed it at first, then did a double take. I couldn't believe that I was dreaming!!! Everything seemed so real.

      "We're dreaming!" I told him, "Do a reality check!"

      He looked puzzled for a moment before I explained that he had to see if he had the correct amount of fingers.

      I wanted to stabilize before I went out to try and do the Nightstalker Tasks. I walked around the locker room and went into the girl's bathroom. The entire scene was very yellow and green. It was kind of creepy. I was trying to read the words that were written on some of the bathroom stalls. All of them sounded rather despairing and unfortunate. It was hard to make out the words because of the nature of the dream. One of the sentences said something like, "All there is left is false hope."

      Once I decided I was stabilized enough, I left the bathroom to try and find a graveyard.

      "Wait! Wait! Don't leave without me!" He yelled. I had completely forgotten about him! I decided that if he has never lucid dreamed before, then I should take him flying.

      We left the locker room and went into the main school hall ways. The halls were flooded with students. We easily navigated our way out.

      As soon as I got out of the door I looked to the sky. Perfect blue skies in hyper clarity.

      I told him to grab my hand and I launched off into the air. He seemed absolutely delighted. I let go so he could fly on his own. We landed back on the sidewalk.

      He tried to launch off on his own, but stumbled.

      "How do you get back up in the air?" He asked.

      "Anyway you want," I replied, "you can flap you arms, pretend to swim, whatever. Don't try, just do."

      He got the hang of it immediately.

      "You're a natural!" I shouted out to him.

      Even though I feel like I got completely distracted from what I was supposed to do, this was honestly one of the best flying experiences I have had. Everything was in HYPER clarity, and I could feel the wind rushing against me as we flew, and I could feel the height that we were at, it was just awesome.

      We landed back down on the grass so he could bring some more friends up there with him, but I woke up.
      lucid , memorable
    9. Lucid Dream 224: The Best Kind of Slushie

      by , 05-08-2011 at 01:46 PM (KingYoshi's Dream Journal...My World is Different)
      April 30, 2011
      Lucid Dream 224: The Best Kind of Slushie
      Series: Sexcapades, Episode 7
      around 3:00pm

      I was sitting in my living room and I thought that I saw a vacant chair move on its own. I stared at it for a moment and determined that my eyes were playing tricks on me. I stood up and out of the corner of my eye, I saw the chair slide out of my vision. I quickly turned my head and saw the chair sliding down the hallway. I freaked out a little and thought I was being haunted. I heard a dog barking outside of my front door. I turned around and saw a black demon-like dog. I took off running for my gun. I grabbed it, turned, and shot the dog between the eyes as it was leaping toward me. The dog crumbled at my feet. I thought, "Wait a second...a bullet can't kill a demon-dog." I kicked the dead dog a few times, but it didn't move. I thought about the events that had just occurred and suspected I was dreaming. I performed a nose pinch RC to confirm.

      Several more demon dogs had entered the house, but I ignored them. I dove headfirst through the sliding glass door and took flight. I flew over a couple mountains and picked up some massive speed. I found myself flying over a highway. No matter which direction I flew, I couldn't get away from the highway. Knowing I wasn't going to make it anywhere, I decided to get some help from a DC. I landed beside the road, stuck out my thumb, and began hitchhiking. The first vehicle that passed just stared at me and never slowed. I wanted to attack him, but I decided not to. Another car approached and I could see them slowing down. It was an SUV. They stopped and the passenger opened the door. It was an older lady in her 50s and the driver appeared to be her husband. She told me to get in the front seat with her. I jumped in and said, "You guys are on your way to the party aren't you?" The nodded and the woman immediately began unzipping my pants. I figured, "F*** it," and I let the older lady suck me dry. During this I had a false awakening.

      I woke up in the back seat of my car. I immediately knew I was still dreaming and was surprised at the strange location for my false awakening. I melted through the front windshield and took flight. I flew for a bit until I saw a lake below. I put my arms tight to my side and began to free fall. I landed beside the lake and noticed that there were college students partying all around the lake. There was a large building off to the side of the lake. I entered the building and found myself in a gymnasium. There seemed to be some sort of fencing competition going on. I walked through the gym and exited the other side into a hallway. A random DC walked up to me and said, "Hey Zack! You were going to get a slushie weren't you?" I was a bit taken back, but I said, "Sure..." I then followed this DC to the slushie stand.

      Once we got there I decided to make it interesting. I'm not sure what the DC ordered, but I stepped to the counter and said, "I would like the Psilocybin Slushie." The girl at the counter made my slushie with grounded up shrooms. It was red and I immediately began drinking it. It tasted like a normal slushie. I followed the DC and we arrived at a set of bleachers. I sat down and finished off my slushie. A few moments later I started tripping balls. Everything around me looked like th movie waking life. I could hear the tune of "Nuthin But a G Thang" playing inside my head. It felt like my head was actually a music box and my ear was slowly rotating around like the handle (of a music box).

      There was an attractive chick in a cheerleader outfit sitting in front of me. I placed my hands on her shoulders and she leaned back against me. I bent my head down and began kissing her and rubbing her thighs. I ran my hand up her skirt and began rubbing on her. She started moaning a little and then started singing a strange song about cocks. I can no longer remember the words, but it was quite amusing. I unzipped my pants, and she sat on me. I awoke from the dream as I was pounding her from the bottom, reverse cowboy style.

      Series Details
      Class is thrown out the window in the dream series, "Sexcapades." Not unlike your favorite porn video, I unleash my inner "Ron Jeremy" and give those DCs what they are looking for ! Stay tuned for more entries to the series!
    10. Lucid Dream 178: Not to Scale...

      by , 02-13-2011 at 08:52 AM (KingYoshi's Dream Journal...My World is Different)
      February 8, 2011
      Lucid Dream 178: Not to Scale
      Series: The Land of Dreams, Episode 2

      Category - Exploration

      ...I smoothly transitioned back into the dream state and realized I was still on the beach. It was night time though, and I decided to try and raise the sun. I left the beach area and walked to the other side of a nearby house. I looked into the sky, raised my hand slowly, and imagined the sun rising. Slowly, the sun began to peak out from the surrounding mountain ranges. The sun was a bright neon purple color. I raised it all the way up over the mountain range and it started to pulse. The sun was firing off deep purple shock waves that mixed into the dark sky...tenting the dark sky a deep purple color. As the shock waves passed over stars, the stars began to flash (twinkle) in many different colors. The stars began swirling and formed trippy formations. There were mushrooms, alien heads, u.f.o.'s, a dog house, large 5-point stars, and some other things. The stars were flashing different colors and the entire sky was like one big acid trip (maybe, I've never done acid, but you get the picture...lol). After just watching for a while, I decided to go ahead and light the sky normally. I looked off into the horizon and imagined the sun rising. With little effort, the sun rose into the sky, eliminating the atmospheric disco in the process.

      I decided to call out to Seine (my dream pet/accomplice...he is a lunar wolf). I called his name several times and he eventually came barreling up over the nearby hill and stopped beside me. I telepathically said to him, "Lets fly!" I hopped onto his back and we took flight. The wind felt amazing against my face. The sun was warm, but unlike real life, I could stare directly into it and my eyes weren't effected. We flew over several mountains and forests when I spotted an airplane flying to my left (it was up much higher in the air than we were). Seine immediately howled and made a sharp turned toward the plane. He started growling and flew in its direction. I grabbed him by the fur on the back of his neck and turned him away. "No, we can't follow that right now, I'm looking for something!" I could tell he wasn't pleased, but he turned and continued in the direction I was steering him. He soon forgot about the plane and was wagging his tail as we flew. I pushed down slightly on his neck and he plunged toward the ground. I pulled up on his fur just before we hit then ground and we flattened out parallel to it. We began flying through a twisted path through the woods. There were tall, thick masses of trees on either side as we winded deeper and deeper into the forest. Soon the area opened up to a small lake (or possibly a large pond). I noticed some strange formations on the other side of the pond, so I steered us across. As we crossed the pond/lake I kicked off my shoes and let my feet skim the water. It was refreshingly cool. I dismounted Seine and felt the soft fluffy grass between my toes as I walked toward the strange formations.

      I noticed they were extremely small houses. There was an entire mini village. The houses were around 1 or 2 feet tall. There were small sidewalks, mailboxes, and picket fences. I looked into one of the windows and saw the blur of a tiny person quickly slamming closed the curtains. All the houses windows were blocked by curtains. I saw a tiny note laying on one of the houses porches. I tried to read it, but I made the mistake of starting over and all the words had changed. It started with "Return to your giant village and...." There was quite a bit more, but I accidentally changed it. I looked out beyond the tiny village and saw a huge wall. As I examined the wall, I noticed that it belonged to an enormous house. To this house, I was about the size of an action figure (maybe a little bigger). There were many more houses behind it and it appeared to be a giant village. I was just about to take flight and explore the giant village, when the dream began to fade. I didn't want to risk forgetting this very vivid dream, so I allowed myself to wake.

      Series Details
      In the dream series, "The Land of Dreams," I explore the depths of my subconscious. With no real goals in mind, I explore the creative lands and characters that come before me. Who will I meet? Where will I go? What exactly does it mean to be KingYoshi? To find out, stay tuned for more entries to the series!

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    11. Vortex of Dreaming + Return of the Creepy Man (pete)

      by , 12-19-2010 at 06:17 PM (Zukin's Dream Journal! <3)
      why does this man keep showing up

      Vortex of Dreaming

      I was feeding penguins at the zoo. They were hungry, and one of the penguins told me that she was secretly a woman. She told me to back away, and then her and two other penguins dived into the water and became humans. They sang and I wondered how they could breathe underwater.

      [missing time]

      I'm sitting in class now and chaos is abound. We're watching a movie.

      I get sucked into the movie screen and into a green vortex.

      A man is singing a song about the paradox of dreaming. I wish I remembered the lyrics.

      I eventually pass through the singularity and the green vortex settles into what looks like a digital land. I am in a black void, however, soft hills made of silent, thin green and red pixels surround me. I feel like I am in the cyber afterlife.

      The dream glitches for a moment, and I am suddenly in somebody else's dream. They are in a haunted school and trying to hide in their lockers. The vortex pulls me out of their dream and I wake up.

      Return of the Creepy Man

      I am moving into my university dorm. Our dorm is very small and we have to share living space with 4 other people. One of my room mates is a junior in college.

      Her and I decide to go for a walk into town. On the way back, she tells me it will be shorter if we just cut across a section of fields and crops.

      The crops turn into long corn stalks (ffs), and we come into a clearing. It was almost like the daylight version of yesterday night's dream. In the clearing there are dead animals hanging upside down so that their blood can be drained. There must have been at least a hundred dead, hanging animals.

      "I think we should leave..." I silently whisper. This place is creepy, and who ever lives here is probably the aggressive type.

      "Don't worry, it's fine. I come this way all the time," She says and brushes it off. I see movement behind a few of the dead animals and recognize the man immediately. He is the exact same guy from yesterday night's dream. He was the man who would hide in the cornstalks and stalk your every move. He stood probably around 6 feet tall, had a chunky stature, and had short blond hair. He acted as if he perhaps had a mental disorder.

      I will nickname this man Pete for now. Pete slowly walked towards us, intention on his face. Forgot what happened here (sorry!) but later when we were back at our dorms he was still following us. He was in another wing, stalking.
    12. The Road Where Nothing Goes ~November 5

      by , 12-08-2010 at 10:15 PM
      Pat and Adam and one other person are signing up for some support the children charity thing or something like that and i wander a little ways off. I come back and think I should sign up too, because that’s what a good friend would do. I go to the desk to sign up, and pat and Adam and the other guy are there, and I see them looking at a magazine that has women in it but they aren’t naked, and i hear one of them say “man normally id be seeing women without clothes right now,” and then I hear one of them say “yeah normally id be playing fallout 3 right now.” As I’m trying to sign up, the man behind the counter walks off to my left and I try to get his attention but someone yells “dodge ball!” and I’m instantly hit in the face with a water balloon, and I can’t see. I wander around for a bit, then someone is directing me. After a few seconds I realize we’re going in the wrong direction so i try to pull away. I open my eyes to see a field and the one man, I try to get out of his grip by pulling his hands off of mine, by hitting him in the face, then by biting him on the nose. When I bite his nose, it falls apart. I pull at the hole and his entire face crumbles away to reveal a stereotypical alien. I am in a giant cell. Everything zooms out and I see the whole prison. It’s a large, square, gray building with a single entrance and exit. There are a lot of cells all facing inwards and massive guards standing on either side of some of the cells. I am on an upper floor. I think to myself, “all the other prisoners are trapped in here, just waiting for someone to rescue them, but I’m awesome, and I’m going to break out. I think to myself “This is an epic dream, I should write in my dream journal now so I don’t forget it. It will also be good because it will keep me calm for all of the work I have to do now. I start to write, and as I’m writing I throw a dart and hit something exactly where I wanted to, then I jump and run up a wall in my cell, and the next thing I know, pat and Adam are leading me down a road back towards the camp. I keep hearing “the road where nothing goes” in a blurry voice. Everything is really trippy. When I look around, everything goes by in a blur. I keep trying to focus on things but everything is distorted. I’m in a third person perspective now, and i see and hear Adam and pat talking to someone else, and they’re saying “yeah we found him in the field but the idiot just keeps trying to wander down that road where nothing goes” Everything’s blurry again and I’m not sure exactly what happens but I remember hearing sex is awesome when you’re high, then I wake up.