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    1. February 21, 2018 Non-Lucid

      by , 02-21-2018 at 07:13 PM (Deep Inside The Lucid Dreamer's Subconscious)
      I was in this cafeteria room. There was this place to fill up on drinks so I was putting this pitcher under a dispenser for chocolate milk, I think the brand was Hershey's. Some really tall guy comes up to me and starts asking me questions. Apparently this person was really famous. He starts ranting about how they make this chocolate milk and even brings me over to this lunch table with some guys I know and is ranting. He points up to the wall at some point and also asks me about Hershey's pointing at this package of chocolate. I think I accidentally got some lemonade in my drink at some point so I needed to pour it out but I didn't want to look wasteful so I didn't.

      Another dream I was in this house that had this giant theater room. It was sort of like a sleep over with a bunch of guys there, some from my fraternity and others from my hometown. They were making fun of me for some reason but I was also making them laugh. There were people playing video games and we were transported to this massive battlefield in the game. My raid leader Xun was playing a match as we were watching. He was trying to quick scope people with a semi-automatic gun like a G3. He was hitting some people but also getting killed. I think I had played at some point.

      The sleepover ends and we're deciding to go on a vacation with my family. So we get in a car and are transported to this snowy neighborhood which looked to me like KC. I think we had a night out or something and everyone got really drunk except for my mom who ended up driving us back home over night. Other things happened in the snowy neighborhood I just can't really remember.

      My last dream I was in Super Mario 64. My friend Matt d. was showing me a speed run strategy. It started by running and diving into the moat. He was swimming around holding his breath trying to find a key that looked like an iPhone headphone adapter. He gets it and jumps up onto this weird series of platforms that had trees on it and a little hut. He jumps way up there and is collecting a bunch of coins. Then he jumps into a white wall next to a blue shimmering portal and strange music starts to play. He's now inside the castle in the underground running around.

      Eventually we're outside again. We go over to this massive tree that has a title over it but I forget the name something like "the grand tree." We go inside and my grandmother is in there so now we're talking to her. A storm starts to approach and this tree is now just a tent that is flapping and ripping. I ask her how she lives in here during storms but she reassures me it works. She points to a small room in the back of the tent that opens up and is safer during storms but It just seems like this tent is ripping away.
    2. [10-03-2016]

      by , 03-10-2016 at 04:23 PM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      First dream

      I was running around an enormous pine forest. I was wearing my forestry uniform, and there were lots of people in the forest too. There were forwarders loaded to the brim with huge pine logs. Our task was to take necessary measurements and count the timber volume. Most of groups finished rather quickly and only I had to count ever-growing piles of timber.

      Second dream

      I was a soldier, fighting on a battlefield. Three were grenades and rockets flying all round. I was trying to jump from a fence to a building site, but a grenade destroyed it and I had to find another way. I shot a few other soldiers and finally got closer to my destination, but I was shot. I lost my strengths and fallen on the ground.
    3. 8/19/2014

      by , 09-15-2014 at 03:08 AM
      I was playing counter strike but the game had battlefield-like mechanics. I was flying an anti-air tank and shot down a few jets. I went up a ladder and used a rocket launcher on some enemies. I laid down on an enemie's bed and he got mad and killed me with a chainsaw. I was then waiting on my results for my clearance.

      I was walking through a suburban neighborhood at night with Nikki. Nikki escaped and I chased her, looking into a few houses. Some of the houses were empty, some with only a few things in them like couches. I saw one of Laurie's friends and I also knew that I was at the apartments where I live. I came up on my sister and she had just bought a horse. There was a small reunion going on and I saw Amy and helped her with her computer, which I started playing after I fixed it. I played Halo: Combat Evolved and even though it was laggy, I still played it. There were a lot of new things in the game and it eventually changed to X-Men on an island surrounded by water and I was trying to kill some things that looked like robots. They grabbed me but I was able to escape. I tried killing them several times but didn't succeed. I was having a hard time escaping them so I Blinked through the map. My dream ended shortly after in a Walgreens. We were talking to an Asian man that knew how to defeat the robots and help us win. All we had to do was go to the top of a radio tower in India.
    4. Weird DV Thread, Battlefield

      by , 06-07-2012 at 11:12 AM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Weird DV Thread (Non-lucid)


      There's some thread that lets you talk about some weird things, I just know that it was something that could probably cause some kind of debate on what's being allowed on DV.

      It was probably talking about 18+ stuff.


      Battlefield (Non-lucid)


      There was a lot going on, and since I took a late night sleep, and used two 3mg Melatonin to help with sleep a little, I'll just condense as much as possible.

      I'm inside of a room, something about using computers.

      Then the dream shifts to where I think I'm riding some kind of futuristic vehicle, and me and some group are facing some other team, or at least that's what I think happened.

      I think I pushed someone off somewhere, and her name was Jasmine, but not sure exactly where she was falling into.

      Then I remember having to insert some sword into several slots, like to charge it up or something like that.

      Those were probably different dream frags themselves, but I'm too lazy to split them since they all involved some kind of conflict with battle.

    5. Oblivion Dream: Discipline

      by , 09-23-2011 at 01:43 PM (The first foothold of Arch.)
      Yeah, this is the second dream of the night, and it is like I am in oblivion, same graphics, I'm first person.

      I am on a battlefield with alot of friends, there is a strange cart behind us which is pulling what appears to be thousands of spears.
      A friend from school Karl, who used to bully me in real life, wants to mess around, he begins to jeer and get people to throw spears.
      Chaos occurs, everyone is fighting, spears flying through the air, splinters and debris floating down smoothly.
      I look up carmly, and begin to take action, telling karl to stop, he turns around and begins to provoke me, he is armed with a shield.
      He pushes me over, I feel embarrassed and it hurt quite alot. It is time to take action, I pick up a spear on the ground nearby. A smile appears on his face.
      I am calm and precise, I drive the spear into an uncovered area as his shield is covering his upper body, the battlefield goes quiet.
      He groans, I pull the spear upwards, leaving his back unprotected, and I smash the spear into the back of his calf's. He falls to his knees, begining to turn to sheild himself.
      Too fast for him I bring the spear down upon his sholders, smashing it over and over again, the spear splinters.
    6. Zombie Sewer, Waking up, and Battlefield?

      by , 02-28-2011 at 08:44 PM
      First Entry! Woot!
      I had three dreams last night which for me is the most I've ever had in a single night.
      In my first dream, I remember seeing a zombie in a sewer from a 3rd person, backside view. It then transitioned to a top view of another zombie holding on to the edge of a manhole, and then falling down into the darkness. It got all blurry after that and I woke up
      My second was really short. It was a first-person dream of me getting out of bed, and then it faded and I woke up. (non-lucid false awakening?)
      The third was the longest. I remember my dad and I playing some game that resembled Battlefield BC:2, but it was turn-based. (I realized after the dream how stupid a game concept this was..) I knew my dad was playing because he was on mic, talking. After a while of playing it faded into me walking upstairs and looking down at some clay sculpture or plaster cast of some broken up military backpack. I also remember contemplating taking it in the shower with me for some odd reason O_O
    7. Lucid #3 Battlefield

      by , 01-21-2011 at 05:02 PM
      Lucid #3 Battlefield (DILD)


      - I am in a battlefield. I see some scenes with awful creatures coming out of a awful lake and soldiers stabbing them in the face. I start thinking that this place is dangerous and i wouldn't want to feel the pain of a knife or an arrow. There are lots of arrows coming from the enemy side. As i reach a stone building i start thinking that if all this was a dream i wouldn't worry that much if an arrow hit me, cause i'd know it's a dream. As i walk up the hill, arrows fall around me like rain. They are so many that when they fall on the ground they hit on other arrows (the floor was filled with them!) and make a pretty intense jingling sound, like when there are a lot of coins hiting the ground or sth. And then suddenly i become lucid. Everything is really clear around me. Very realistic. I turn around and see many arrows coming towards me. I almost got hit by one. I think that if an arrow hits me i ll wake up from pain, or unstable dream. I run towards the building, constantly thinking "focus! focus!". At first i was running pretty good. Then i fell my head disappearing (like fading away). I closed my eyes and started spinning but it was too late.

      Other Dreams:
      - There are gambling machines. I see an old woman winning. The machine shoots out TOO many 5cent coins kai too few 2euro coins. I Reach the machine to try for myself. I insert a 2euro coin, cause that's what was only accepted by the machine and i thought "how can it be that the machine gave that woman 5cent coins if everyone inserts 2euro coins?". However i didn't do any RC. The machines shows a row of three cheries. After a second one cherrie falls. I hit the machine many times. I look at the screen again and now there are many cherries in random order and they blink... In the end it gives me two bus tickets. They didn't look like any transport ticket i know. They had different shapes and they cost 4 euros...

      - I am with my mother in a store of some sort. Behind me there is a man who smokes the hookah. He pokes me and says to me while laughing: "Check this out! It smokes by itself!". He takes the plug he held and puts it in a hole of another metallic thing that looked like a hookah. That thing had a big hole in its center. So when the plug touched the upper hole, there was a lot of dense yellow smoke coming out of the big one... The guy just can't stop laughing. We leave.

      - I have the feeling i am outside the previous store, in my car and my mother sits next to me. I sit in the driver's seat and show to someone how many different settings there are to adjust the seat.

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    8. VERY Realistic dream about War (Battlefield)

      by , 12-09-2010 at 03:19 PM (NothingMatters' 1. Time - Dream Journal)
      It isn't many days since I had this dream - I just don't remember when

      Background: The Battlefield series is a warfare based FPS/Shooter/vehicle game.
      I have been playing this series since BF:1942 (1942+addons, vietman, BF2, Modern Warfare, 2142 - Bad company 2).

      Im pretty sure the above game had influence on my dream

      Well. The dream started as I was high in the air, in a Black Hawk helicopter.

      Down on the ground, I can see lots of action (Explosions, gun fights, tanks, falling trees etc.)
      And in the air, theres anti-air explosions and airplanes.
      Its a small island, with light blue water, beautiful trees and Hell on Earth.
      I'm feeling very cool and supperior until--------------Some guy shoots down our Black Hawk 10 seconds before we're about to dive and land(Could be a plane shooting... hmm...).
      I remember being half in shock, as the chopper is falling 150km/h down towards the ground(VEEEEEEEERY life like) - 20-30 metres before the ground me and another from the '6 i think' man crew jumps out and quickly pulls our parachutes while watching the chopper make a giant explosion, and killing lots of (I THINK it was vietcong) people.

      We land on the ground very quickly, and unite with our new squad leader (No name remembered).
      A big supply truck stops as we're about to enter the small island forest, and supplies us with new weapons, grenades etc.
      A few seconds later, we're in action yet again. Explosions and bullets flying around the whole scene, and people dying on every 'team'.
      I remember a guy running out in the open to throw mines close to some APC/Tank like vehicle, and he succeeds but gets shot short after.
      The rest is just me owning a lot of ppl, while running alone for some weird reason.

      I woke up in the morning (More like the evening) and my heart was in a rush, and I had a feeling that I was about to puke all over my bed (Didn't do it, tho )

      Very cool dream, and it's my goal to enter the same island and fight back the vietcong sometimes in the not too far future.