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    1. Wednesday, November 27

      by , 11-28-2019 at 07:26 AM
      I am in what must be a casino with about two other guys (that I don’t really know, but seem to know in the dream). This casino seems fairly small. They are playing some slot machine against the wall - one where a button is pressed and the reel of options spins for a possible winning combination. They seem to come close but do not win anything. Against my better judgment, I insert some money (a low amount) to play. I haphazardly press the button and wait for the spin to finish. It lands on a winning combination, and we all excitedly exclaim. I ball a fist in exuberance. At first, I think the screen shows a winning of $1,000,000, but then I see that it actually says $2,000. Still, I can’t believe I’ve just casually won that much money.
    2. Thursday, October 10

      by , 10-14-2019 at 07:25 PM
      I am with Melissa, in her room. It seems like it is night time, though not super late - probably a little after everyone’s started to go to bed. I hear what sounds like her dad getting home and coming into the house. Inside now, I hear him calling for me specifically. I’m a little taken aback at him calling me directly, and I look to Melissa. She shakes her head no. I think we’re both undressed, probably post-coital. I decide to go out anyway, putting on a shirt and pajama pants. I don’t think I’ve put underwear on, and I look down to see if there’s a noticeable bulge. I go out to the kitchen or the hallway right before it. He has brought back chocolate and wants me to try it. The ‘chocolate’ looks like a plate of rice and beans, and if it’s really chocolate it looks pretty convincing. I try it and can’t tell which it tastes like. As I raise a spoonful to my mouth, I see something on my hand catch Carlos’s attention. He asks if I had a bloody nose. Using this perfect excuse, I say yes, I must’ve missed a spot cleaning up after it.

      I’m in the backseat of a taxi with Melissa, Brittney, and Katie. on the back of the seats there is a screen for gambling, along with buttons to press and a place to insert money. I watch Katie try it and lose $20 right away. For some reason, I try it out too. At first, I think I’ve lost $20 also, but then I see I have a $60 payout. I take the money, but then Brittney starts using some of it to play. I think she loses some of it. I’m kind of irritated, but I still come out with more than I started with. I think the taxi has been in some drive through this whole time?
    3. Tuesday, April 2

      by , 04-10-2019 at 06:57 AM
      I am in a casino with Mom. We’re on what seems to be a longer and slightly raised section. There are slot machines interspersed up here, and I’m not entirely sure what’s on the lower section. Mom is gambling, and I’m walking back and forth for some reason. I notice that I’m wearing a tie dye Grateful Dead shirt. I walk past a couple and notice that they both have GD shirts or at least tie dye. The woman has lightly tie dyed and flowing pants. They both have brown hair and are probably in their late 40s. When I walk past them again, ‘Might as Well’ is playing and I am singing along to it. I look to see if they are also, and I don’t think they are. I also wonder casually they’ve seen my shirt. They seem to be looking at something off in the distance. I meet up with Mom now, and she’s holding a voucher. She’s telling me how she was up but then lost some money right at the end.
    4. A Real Gamble

      by , 05-15-2017 at 09:29 PM (New Dream Adventures of Raven Knight)
      2017, 05-15

      A Real Gamble

      I am in a casino that I recognize as having been here before. (I have actually dreamed about this same casino many times in the past.) I walk through the halls, as there are numerous rooms all filled with various slot machines and other gaming equipment. I know exactly where I need to go. I reach into my pocket and find I have several dollars in dimes, which is exactly what I need. I go to a specific slot machine that takes dimes and plunk a dime in. I pull the arm and the images spin and then stop, about five dimes fall into the winnings tray. I decide I will use up all the dimes I had in my pocket and then whatever is in the winnings tray is what I’ll leave with. So I plunk another dime in, I get nothing. I plunk another dime and get quite a few dimes into the winnings tray this time. After about 8 dimes I hit a jackpot and the winnings tray fills up with dimes. They may only be dimes, but I’m sure there must be a good amount of cash in there. I keep going until I run out of the dimes from my pocket and I don’t win any more. I look around and find a bucket that is meant to hold coins from winnings or for further playing and I put all of the dimes into the bucket. Now I want to leave and go home so I can count my winnings. But I also kind of want to do a little more since I have been lucky so far… I walk towards the exit, reminding myself I won’t stay a winner forever if I don’t quit while I’m ahead. I am almost to the exit when a security guard stops me. I think he will question my winnings, but he is saying I have to leave the bucket. I am trying to put all the dimes in my pants pockets when I wake.
    5. An angel at a college, and keeping up appearances

      by , 02-04-2014 at 12:16 AM
      I'm flying down the center of a stairwell.

      At the bottom of the stairs, I switch to 3rd person. This is a college, and classes are letting out. There's this incredibly beautiful androgynous person who stops a guy in the hall and talks to him, then s/he gives him this piece of paper with a small square smear of something dark green on it. This color will alter the guy's personality. The guy takes it, and he refers to them as boss and generally acts friendly and cheerful, but he's careful not to actually touch the color. S/he tells him to find a place without any people.

      The guy heads up the stairs to the second floor, and I switch to his POV. Most of the classrooms have a few people in them even though they're between classes, but I find one where the chairs have been stacked up on the tables, I figure no one's going to be using this classroom for the rest of the night, and I call the boss over. S/he gives me some more of those papers, with different colors on them and labels giving an idea of their effects, and tells me to distribute them to some of the other students here. I go to do so, but then realize I've mixed up the one s/he gave me with the others. It was clear when s/he was talking to me in the empty classroom that s/he expected me to have already taken it, and now I'm worried about making them mad. When I can't find it again, I wind up taking a different one instead, a slightly lighter colored green, the closest match I could find. Immediately after, I find the one I was looking for, and I wonder whether it's safe to take two. I take it anyway.

      I'm talking to someone against the boss's wishes. I consider myself loyal to the boss, but s/he's got a self-destructive streak that I have no problem acting against. Those papers would have prevented me from doing so, but taking two of them sort of cancelled each other out, the changes they caused didn't stick. This guy I'm talking to is a detective or something similar, and I'm telling him a woman's name. He has others working for him and he has them ask after the woman.

      I'm a different character in that same college setting. There are police or military or something surrounding an angel - which looks nothing at all like a human, I mostly have an impression of a vast white face like a mask or a doll, twice the height of a man, alien and hostile. I'm thinking to myself that I can't die, it's impossible, like I'm trying to convince myself, but seeing that angel shook me - something about seeing something that old, something that existed before I was created. The disembodied observer side of me is thinking that although the character side of me isn't aware of it, there's some connection between me-the-character and that angel.

      As the same character, I'm talking to a woman, and ask her to lend me some money. I don't need a lot, just something to get me into a game, I'm confident as long as I have some money to start with I can easily multiply it. She's disgusted, says it's always the same with me. She gave me a business (I have some mental association here with both religion and gambling) and she expected me to run it, so why am I still doing this? I find this ridiculous of her. I had absolutely no interest in the business she gave me.

      I'm talking to someone about characters from Buffy - but all but one of us here are aware that I'm just using them as metaphors to talk about us. The one who isn't aware, who thinks I'm just talking about fictional characters, gets bored and leaves, but I keep using the metaphor. I'm saying, no, Giles's problem was that he knew exactly what his - and more importantly, Buffy's - destiny was supposed to be, and he knew it wasn't going to happen. Hence his downward spiral; he knew what they should be doing, and yet there was nothing he could do. I'm looking at a woman who I equate with Buffy as I say this.

      (Woke up. Back to sleep.)

      I've just driven to my IRL mother's house from a lake, and decided I'm too tired to drive back to the lake tonight, I'll spend the night. Mom gets me a coffee, there's chunks of chocolate floating on the top, I'm thinking about how much I appreciate her thinking to provide comfort food like that. The coffee's too bitter for my taste. I'm thinking that's odd, since I usually drink black coffee. We talk about how tired I've been, and she says it's due to the work I've been doing. I think that's strange, since the job I've been doing is easy, but she says anything you're not used to will tire you out, and relates it to her own similar experience.

      Regina is surrounded by people she resents and is saying "Get me my advisor. Now!" As a disembodied observer, I'm pleased to hear this - the advisor she's referring to is Rumpelstiltskin, and earlier someone used a similar phrasing and tone to ask for their father, so I take this parallel as an indication that she's viewing Rumpelstiltskin as a father figure, which was something I wanted.

      As Rumpelstiltskin, I've been recently de-cursed but have made sure no one else realizes that. I'm looking through a cabinet for an object related to the situation Regina's currently in. I find it: a small statue of a man in armor standing beside a stone pillar with what looks like Chinese characters on it. I pick up the pillar, removing it from the rest of the statue. I'm talking to myself as I do this, saying "You're here, but are-" I hear Regina's soldiers arriving outside, come to fetch me. I've been expecting them. I immediately pocket the pillar and statue and adopt a pose appropriate for my old cursed self, irritating my bad knee for a moment but making sure no one else will be able to tell it's bothering me, adopting a mindset and mannerisms as if I were putting on a costume and mask, though it takes effort to mimic what used to come naturally - that manic delight and curiosity and energy and attention focused in a million different directions at once. I'm getting used to faking this, though, and am more worried about whether that trinket I'm carrying will work.

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    6. mother of all demons

      by , 12-05-2012 at 12:57 PM (Tales from the sun chaser.)
      I remember being in a world that nearly seemed animated, but it was very dark. I was climbing up a structure with two other guys. I noticed that it was so easy to climb up the chains that hung down, but I never thought about RCing. The weird hanging structure lead to the side of a skyscraper in which I kept climbing up. Once we were up top...someone did something dumb. They started summoning something....The sky was black, lightning was flashing, and I heard this booming voice say something about summoning the demon halloween. I looked down, and there was a long ghost/snake like figure circling the buildings below. It had a giant purple head, and the rest of it was covered in black rags. All and all, it had to be the size of the building I was standing on. I kept thinking "fuck i'm gonna fight this....fuck I'm gonna fight this"....

      Then I wake up in my room. It's day time, and there's a letter on my bed. The letter is an invitation to a gambling cruise. It includes 100 bucks worth of vouchers with it, and the first thing I do is try to go to the web site....and my phone sucks.....

      I wake up out of my bed again, and then I call D and tell him all the details about the previous dream (there seemed to be more....I think I was actually on the cruise ship at one point) and wake up for real.
    7. Most Beautiful Lake in the World

      by , 09-13-2012 at 07:38 PM
      Non-dream Dream

      Dream 1:

      I am in Vegas with my friend VP and his wife. VP asks a bartender at one of the casinos how much it typically costs to go out in Vegas for one night. The bartender says at least $200 for a good time. VP only has $30 so he decides to spend the whole time in the hotel room. I go with them up to the room. VP's wife insists on taking this elevator that I really don't want to take. The elevator shoots us up the outside wall of the hotel (we can see outside) and up to the roof. I feel like we are going way too fast and there is no way we can stop. I feel like we are going to die. We somehow go over the roof and end up in the room. VP and his wife want beer and I find some Bud Light in the fridge. I am pissed because I forgot my earplugs but then I find them. I keep begging them to come out and gamble with me but they refuse.

      Dream 2:

      I am with my wife, my friend JW and his wife and we are on some kind of floating ride - kind of like a hot air balloon but we are flying lower. We pass by a garden (which I think is my garden) with some beautiful tomato plants. Next we are all sleeping in a large room with a bunch of friends and they tell me I am snoring just a little bit.

      Dream 3:

      I am riding a bicycle towards a hike I want to do. It is a "neighborhood hike" in Anaheim Hills - I believe close to Toyon Park. I am still on my bike and I am on a narrow trail with a lot of puddles. It is a crystal clear day and a crisp morning. I look off to the right of the trail, expecting to see houses like I usually do, but I see the most beautiful scenery I have ever seen. There is lush greenery, tons of trees, and a beautiful, pristine alpine lake - the most stunning shade of blue I have ever seen. I want to stop and take a picture of it but I want to get to the trail head.
    8. Vegas Again

      by , 08-21-2012 at 03:13 AM
      Non-dream Dream

      I am in Vegas with my brother, my Dad and CG. We go to some huge parties with strippers. I did some crazy ass jump over some railings in the casino - chicks were impressed. Did some gambling too. I come home to my mom - at our old house on Pam Ln. I drop some cooking supplies off at our neighbor F&S. It is for some kind of business that AB is starting.

      There is also some dude in the neighborhood who only had legs and a penis. Some chick was sucking on it.
    9. Random

      by , 07-31-2012 at 06:13 AM
      Non-dream Dream

      Today I recalled a ton of totally random fragments:

      Fragment 1:

      I rented a harley and I am returning it to the dealer. The bike has a huge key. The owner is very trusting.

      Fragment 2:

      I am looking for a parking space for father's day lunch. I am waiting forever for a car to pull out and when it finally does it turns out to be a handicapped spot. Now all of a sudden the parking lot is completely empty.

      Fragment 3:

      My dad changed his entire back yard around. He fired the guy who cleans his bbq and I was really sad. The guy did a good job and didn't really break the bbq. The back yard was kind of shaped like an octagon.

      Fragment 4:

      I am driving by a cemetery. I am doing something dangerous or illegal and we are in some kind of trouble. Some chick in the car is getting bit by a snake from the road. I am driving this huge bike-like vehicle and started shouting "I don't want to get bit by the black widow!" Nobody believes me that there is a black widow on my bike. I stop and someone takes it off for me. Then I go to my parents house.

      Fragment 5:

      I am in a bar hustling people with some kind of magical device. We are playing for some kind of strange currency - almost like long bendable skis. Some guy walks by completely naked with his penis hanging out. I tried hard to ignore him.

      Who was the girl with me?

      I end up losing whatever we were betting on.
    10. Jackpot!?

      by , 12-09-2011 at 08:42 PM (Tales from the sun chaser.)
      I"m at a casino that's ram by R and theres this huge slot machine I decided. To play (I think this was after bowling there). I put in a dollar and selected max bet and it hit 777 and all aces. The money started pouring out and was so happy, but when I leaned up against the machine it reset. The money stopped coming out as well. I told r about it and he started giving me a look like he wasnt going to be able to do anything about it.
    11. Betting on the Tour de France

      by , 07-16-2011 at 01:57 PM (Beyond the Horizon)
      I don't watch the Tour, or have any idea how it works.

      So me and my church friends are standing along the track that the riders are on, waiting for them to pass. Someone asks us who we think will win, and we don't know. One friend places a random bet for fun.

      Now it's raining at the finish line and we are told that we just won $15,000.
      We are all in shock at how much money that is. We had to split it up so we each get $3000.
      Some time passes and most people have left the area. I still haven't got my money.

      I'm searching for the guy who told us we had won, and the area turned into my dining room. The people that were at the finish line are suddenly having a party.
      They are bouncing up and down, with no music, and in the dark. I walk past the silent party and into my loungeroom.

      I wake up.

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    12. MoSh and I in an Intergalactic Casino

      by , 06-09-2011 at 05:49 AM (The Nomad Chronicles)
      I am chilling with MoSh in his Inner World house... or is it? I feel like we are somewhere else, though everything looks the same. We play a computer gambling game. We start to win, and get sucked into a casino.

      We win a bunch of tokens on a slot machine, and dinosaur bouncers say we are cheating. They say, “YOU CAN’T GAME THE MATRIX, BITCHES.”

      I say, “Fuck you. This is my dream.” I slam my fist into the bouncer’s chest. OW! He laughs.

      He grabs me, but, I squirm away. “Dude, grab the dough!” I shout at MoSh. He grabs the tokens which turn into some raw dough. I am confused. We run down a hall and down some stairs. MoSh says the dough is heavy and hands me half. I trip, and scrape my body on grip tape at the bottom of the stairs. I try to use the dough to cushion my fall. I slide across the grip tape, getting severe abrasions.

      I say, “This is a dream!” and I turn and face our attackers. MoSh is next to me. He’s a growling wolfcat thing. We are both Shadow Beast Selves. The dinosaur bouncers come barrelling down the stairs at us. They are consumed with dark energy. As they charge us, we sidestep them, and they smash themselves into a wall. We grab them by their tails, and spin them around, then cast them into portals.

      We are tired and hungry.

      “Dude, I could use a beer.”

      “Me too. Nexus?”

      “Sounds good.”

      MoSh and I get in my spaceship to Club Nexus and have a couple beers. Some weird alien chicks hit on us. MoSh makes out with a hot catwoman with white fur and red stripes.
      Tags: club, gambling, mosh, nexus
    13. Lucid Dream 198: Who's Driving?

      by , 03-19-2011 at 01:00 PM (KingYoshi's Dream Journal...My World is Different)
      March 15, 2011
      Lucid Dream 198: Who's Driving?
      Series: Friends, Episode 7
      around 1:00pm

      Category - Exploration

      I am partying at some random person's apartment. Apparently, a couple girls had invited us there. Me and Mike are playing pong against these two cocky bastards. They kept talking about how good they were and how they hadn't lost all night. Me and Mike asked them if they wanted to put some cash on the game. We agreed to play for 20$ a cup. We straight up spanked their ass 6-0 and one of them got pissed off and flipped the table. Our remaining cups spilled into the floor, as well as the bottom of my jeans and shoes. I got pissed and called the guy a bitch. He started talking trash saying that this is his apartment and he can do whatever he wants. I said, "Yeah, but when you are knocking sh*t over and spilling it on my shoes, we have a f***ing problem. He reached out like he was about to touch me and I calmly said, "You better not f***ing touch me." He took a step forward and said, "What are you going to do about?" I knew exactly what he was going to do. It was almost like slow motion. He slowly stepped toward me with his chest pooched out. As soon as he made contact, I threw a quick uppercut with my right and caught his chin. It wasn't powerful enough to knock him down, but it stunned him. I then came across with a left hook as he was stumbling backwards and laid him completely out.

      The guys partner takes a couple quick steps toward me and Mike layed him out before he even had time to react. Suddenly, six or more other guys came at me and Mike. We fought them off for a moment. Realizing we were in trouble against this many people, I shoved through some innocent bystanders and made a path to the front door. Mike followed, as we fought off the crowd. The doorway slowed them up a bit and we had separation. I don't run from fights, but I'm not stupid. 2 on 6+ is not going to be good. We hauled ass toward the parking lot.

      The next thing I remember, we are in a car riding down the road. Mike is in the passenger seat, I am behind the driver seat, and Chad B was now randomly with us as well. He is sitting in the back seat to my right. Mike was talking about the NCAA tourney and I suddenly noticed that there was no driver. The car was going down the road, but there wasn't anyone driving. Having had several of these dreams before, I immediately became lucid.

      We were coming up on a turn and I sat calmly and half wondered if the car would crash or make the turn. As expected, the car turned perfectly and continued along the road. I looked at Mike, who was still talking about who he picked in his bracket and said, "We are dreaming right now!" He looked confused and didn't believe me. I asked him who was driving the car. He casually replied, "No one." I laughed and said, "How is the car driving perfectly down the road without a driver?" He looked at me confused and said, "Because of the spark plugs." I looked over at Chad and he agreed with me. I told them to watch and I began flying the car with my mind. Mike still didn't believe me even though we were flying around in a car. I opened the door and rolled out of the car. I entered a free fall and could feel the cool wind rushing by be. I had been falling for a really long time when I noticed that there were clouds below me and above me. There was no sign of the ground or any footing whatsoever. I flew around for while seeing nothing but infinite sky. I awake during the search for land

      Series Details
      In the dream series, "Friends," I join the DC counterparts of my waking life friends and tackle the dream world. You never know what we will be up to next, but I guarantee it will be one hell of a time. Stay tuned for more entries to the series!

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    14. Lucid #3 Battlefield

      by , 01-21-2011 at 05:02 PM
      Lucid #3 Battlefield (DILD)


      - I am in a battlefield. I see some scenes with awful creatures coming out of a awful lake and soldiers stabbing them in the face. I start thinking that this place is dangerous and i wouldn't want to feel the pain of a knife or an arrow. There are lots of arrows coming from the enemy side. As i reach a stone building i start thinking that if all this was a dream i wouldn't worry that much if an arrow hit me, cause i'd know it's a dream. As i walk up the hill, arrows fall around me like rain. They are so many that when they fall on the ground they hit on other arrows (the floor was filled with them!) and make a pretty intense jingling sound, like when there are a lot of coins hiting the ground or sth. And then suddenly i become lucid. Everything is really clear around me. Very realistic. I turn around and see many arrows coming towards me. I almost got hit by one. I think that if an arrow hits me i ll wake up from pain, or unstable dream. I run towards the building, constantly thinking "focus! focus!". At first i was running pretty good. Then i fell my head disappearing (like fading away). I closed my eyes and started spinning but it was too late.

      Other Dreams:
      - There are gambling machines. I see an old woman winning. The machine shoots out TOO many 5cent coins kai too few 2euro coins. I Reach the machine to try for myself. I insert a 2euro coin, cause that's what was only accepted by the machine and i thought "how can it be that the machine gave that woman 5cent coins if everyone inserts 2euro coins?". However i didn't do any RC. The machines shows a row of three cheries. After a second one cherrie falls. I hit the machine many times. I look at the screen again and now there are many cherries in random order and they blink... In the end it gives me two bus tickets. They didn't look like any transport ticket i know. They had different shapes and they cost 4 euros...

      - I am with my mother in a store of some sort. Behind me there is a man who smokes the hookah. He pokes me and says to me while laughing: "Check this out! It smokes by itself!". He takes the plug he held and puts it in a hole of another metallic thing that looked like a hookah. That thing had a big hole in its center. So when the plug touched the upper hole, there was a lot of dense yellow smoke coming out of the big one... The guy just can't stop laughing. We leave.

      - I have the feeling i am outside the previous store, in my car and my mother sits next to me. I sit in the driver's seat and show to someone how many different settings there are to adjust the seat.

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    15. 07/13/10 Shattered Memories

      by , 07-15-2010 at 08:37 AM (New Dream Adventures of Raven Knight)
      Note: Tonight I have noticed that my list of goals doesn't seem to be shrinking any even as I complete some of my goals… I'm adding them as quickly as I can complete them! First was to pick up MoSh and do some training with Vegeta, who has said I can use my WILD's for other things and try to train in a DILD, but I don't trust my DILD's to be consistent enough to make sure I get any training in. This training session was a lot like others, so I won't go into extreme detail, just to put we did some speed trials to continue increasing our speed, then trained with swords against each other, together against one stronger opponent, and together against a large number of opponents. Vegeta said both of us are showing a lot of improvement in a short period of time. Other goals included the continuing attempt at a shared DDO dream, finding Xildron, and the next task of the year which is showing humans how to make fire. My WILD was taken up with Vegeta, the rest of the night was fragmented, but here it is…

      I was lucid and I was working on my goal to find Xildron. I don't remember the beginning of this dream nor how I became lucid, and that really isn't important to the part of the dream I remember, anyway. I was in the break room at my school surrounded by other students. Dennis was bugging me. He was saying something about opening interdimensional portals in games. I told him I could open a real interdimensional portal, but he didn't seem to believe me. I really didn't care. Nick was saying there are only two dimensions to work with and he had already seen both of them. I also ignored Nick as I focused my mind on finding Xildron. I focused on the description Walms had given me about Xildron… I focused on both the description of the human Xildron had been changed into at the same time as I focused on the dragon he was supposed to be. I realized I didn't even know for sure what kind of energy he used, dark or light… I had been assuming Xildron used dark like Walms, but then again everyone knows what three words make up the word assume… ass-you-me. I focused more on the description and the situation than on the energy form since I wasn't sure. I was only vaguely aware of Dennis and Nick bugging me and asking what I was doing, I heard someone say I looked constipated… and finally a portal opened. That left the people around me all stunned. I ignored their stupid reactions and went into the portal, hoping to find Xildron on the other side of it. I exited the portal and had a look around. I barely got a chance to register that there was a red sky before I was hit in the face with a huge blast of energy that pushed me back through the portal. Witchblade formed instantly to protect me, but I was still pushed back into the break room of my school where both Dennis and Nick had been peering into my portal after me… and of course I crashed into both of them with intense force, slamming them through the next wall… and they had no Witchblade to protect them. I stood up and saw Dennis and Nick were sprawled at weird angles on the floor, they looked dead. My only thought was, "What the fuck was that?!"

      *I Have a Gambling Problem*
      I was supposed to go to school. I didn't feel like going. I had some extra time, and I wanted to do something else. The last thing I wanted to do was show up early for a class I hated. My ethics class was where I was supposed to be going, and it was the last place I wanted to go. I stopped at an arcade, thinking maybe there was a video game in there that might distract me for a bit and get me relaxed before I had to go to that horrible class. The arcade was huge, rows and rows of arcade games, all making beeps, buzzes, other strange noises, and loud music. I walked down the aisle and saw numerous games that I really wanted to play, but there was only one problem… the games were all so expensive! I had some money, but I didn't have nearly enough to get any significant play out of any of the games. Maybe one play and then I would be flat broke. I continued wandering through the arcade, feeling more annoyed rather than more relaxed as I had intended, and then I found a slot machine. Weird… I looked at a few of the units and noticed something weird about one of them. The cover to the wheels where the symbols showed up was cracked. It was just possible to get something in there… I was able to push a pencil through and move the wheels with the eraser part… and select what symbols appeared. Hmmm… I put some money in and pulled the lever. The colorful symbols flashed by on the wheels until they finally stopped, with a spot where I knew I had won nothing. I moved one of the wheels by one symbol so that I would at least win something. Money came out into the tray; it had accepted the new position as the final position even though I had cheated! I looked around and did that a few more times. Each time I did it I managed to win a small amount. I didn't want to get greedy with this since I was cheating, but it seemed they were also cheating by charging such outrageous prices for their games. I collected my quarters and then I stopped… I hadn't even thought about there possibly being video cameras there… what if I had been seen? Might security guards be coming for me even now? Shit! I practically ran down the aisles and between the game consoles and out into the parking lot, half surprised that I made it all the way. I got in my car and left, expecting to be followed at any minute…

      *Down With the Sickness II*
      I was at my new job, which strangely enough, was at a lab doing research work even though my education is in computer operations and game design. That didn't seem strange to me in the dream, though. It seemed completely normal. I was looking through a microscope, watching a virus… the virus was on the viewing slide with some blood cells.

      Small pieces of the virus kept breaking off, and then those pieces touched another cell, that cell became a viral cell. That meant it spread very fast, and in almost no time at all it had consumed every single healthy cell on the slide. There were people who had this virus. My goal was to help find an antidote… a vaccine… something that could save those who were sick and prevent more people from becoming sick. It was one nasty bug, I had also discovered it is easily transmitted from person to person, or to other animals, through the air… it was airborne… and just inhaling a single cell could prove fatal since it reproduced so quickly. This virus was so easily passed from one person or animal to another that merely having the virus land on your skin can prove fatal since the virus immediately attacks the skin cells… I put on a biohazard suit and went into a treatment room where there were people with various stages of the disease, we were trying different treatments that looked promising, but nothing had worked. I returned to the lab after checking on the patients. When I took off my biohazard suite, I found there was a hole in the suit… right over the left elbow… there was no way I could have not been exposed. I looked at my arm, I was sure that was where the infection would start… and there was nothing to be done for it. I went to the sink and scrubbed the area with anti-viral soap… but I was sure that wouldn't help, my cells were already being infected, it was just a matter of time before I would die… or maybe not! My first thought was to just give up, but that wasn't going to happen. No chance. I would resist this sickness through sheer strength of will! I was not going to die!