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    1. 8/23/16 - Here Are Your Presents!

      by , 08-23-2016 at 07:13 PM
      I'm standing on a large driveway. An older woman, maybe 50 years old, turns to me and says, "Here are your presents!". I look further up the driveway and there are a bunch of used pieces of furniture. There's tables, chairs, bookcases, etc. I can't tell if I'm happy about it or not.
    2. 11/7/15 - At Almond Drive with Gale

      by , 11-08-2015 at 01:48 AM
      I'm outside in the driveway at my old house with a few people. I think my little sister is one of those people but I'm not sure. There's a girl there that seems annoyed or even angry at me. Gale walks up to me and smiles. I smile back and grab his hand happily. He pulls me into a hug and I feel happy. After we pull apart, it's just us and the girl who seems angry. She gives me a mean look and pulls me away from Gale. He then turns away and walks back to his house without saying a word. I pull away from the girl and panic a bit. I look around and I feel like I need to be with Gale. So I start walking quickly to his house in the hopes of seeing him again. I can't find him so I pull out my old phone and try desperately to text him. But no matter how hard I try, I can't text properly and I keep messing up. I become really upset. I can't think about anything else but having him with me again.
    3. Children Blocking the Street

      by , 10-21-2014 at 03:19 AM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Children Blocking the Street (DILD)


      The foundation of the dream environment is similar to one Iím residing in waking life. The weather seems to be very ideal, with more clouds forming around than usual, almost to the point where it might rain later on in the dream.

      The garage, vehicles used, and the dream characters Iím close to most of the time are almost picture-perfect copies of those in real life. But this is a presumption based on magnifying my peripheral vision, and getting pretty bleak conceptions of their visage, but I get sensations that makes me feel itís them, and I feel Iím shifting into third person perspective every now and then.

      Iím not sure how the first event occurred, but it was either my relative backing out their vehicle from the garage, or me backing out with the vehicleís front facing what wouldíve been the perimeter for the garage to close down completely. Whatever the case, letís focus on me taking the vehicle out.

      I can sense thereís at least two people inside the vehicle, excluding me, and it feels like Iím driving my relativeís vehicle instead. The reason being is that it felt a bit more spacious, and the engine seems to be running smoothly; this could just be my mind rendering out an ideal portrayal of my vehicle, though.

      As Iím driving out of the garage by making a left turn, and then preparing to turn the wheel to go straight out, I see another vehicle coming into the garage. It doesnít seem that my relatives are shocked by this, in fact, one of them suggested for me to keep going, and donít bother minding whatís going on. I take a look of whoís inside the vehicle, and I noticed it looks a bit like who Iíll nickname as Amb.

      Same visage, except she looks like sheís stressed out, and had a rough morning/day/whatever time the dream is emulating. I get a strange sensation glancing over her, and with the confusion still lurking about in my mind, Iím not as fixated on what will be going on beyond the neighborhood. I eventually snapped out of it, and continued to drive along to the street perpendicular to the driveway.

      I drove slowly, mostly out of habit to watch out for children that may be going to school, or may be randomly playing. At this point, I just let predispositions roll out as Iím watching myself and controlling my movements on and off. As Iím turning to the right side of the vehicle, I didnít hear any squeaking sound as the vehicle is landing on a flat surface from a highly curved highway.

      The transition is so smooth, that I briefly reveled in the thought of said transition, and I felt this subtle moment made me cling onto lucidity a bit since being victim to psychosomatic experiences in my dreams, and predispositions from waking life are going to be the ďvehicleĒ of my movements and processing whatís going on.

      I can literally feel the gravity as the vehicle is landing on a flatter surface, along with the rolling, and then the abrupt stop from the curb, and then the vehicle gradually picking up pace. Naturally, I presumed there would be a stop sign just a few feet ahead of me, and using my peripheral vision validated this belief.

      From here on out, the perspective changes completely, and just when I thought I would have to make a deep turn to the right to straighten out, and be perpendicular to the stop sign, the vehicle is already straight. Itís like the transition was like what you would see when playing a Need for Speed game on the GameCube where you would press the ďZĒ button to reset the vehicle in the straight position after crashing, slowing down, etc.

      And before you know it, a band of children are forming a barricade, making it seem impossible, at first glance, of passing through them unless I ran over them. I didnít want to do this, obviously, even though it was a dream. The children were diverse in race, though the ones that seemed to have been leaders that enticed this weird human barricade were Caucasian. Thereís a boy wearing an open light sky blue dress shirt with dark shades of blue stripes forming a checkered pattern (but only having the light sky blue as a filling within the borders).

      His hairstyle seems abnormal for a little child, and it looks like he had applied too much hair gel. The hairstyle consists of random spiked hair with curved spiked hair that looks like itís very close in becoming hardened to the point where I wonder if his hair literally his part of his whole skin for his visage.

      The more I observe this child, the more I feel as if Iím on the ground just to be able to look up and see him entirely. Heís probably wearing slightly baggy jeans with the soft fading blue colors along with white shoes. He has his hands in his pocket, and his visage twisted at an angle just a bit to exhibit a serious demeanor that I wonít be able to pass this barricade for quite some time.

      Then one of the dream characters in the vehicle told me to keep going, even though I knew I wasnít going to take actionÖuntil I looked more to the right, and that some of the children to the right were gone, or were a bit slow in making a completely impasse for us all. I take the chance to go to the right, but going at low speed even though it was a perfect chance for me to just swoosh through them.

    4. 1/30/14 - And I was naked

      by , 01-30-2014 at 09:45 AM
      I'm standing at the bottom of my Grandma's driveway with my little sister and a few others that I feel but cannot see. I'm wearing a brightly colored dress that reaches above my knees. It's orange with white lace. I'm barefoot and swaying in place. Someone who I cannot see tells me that my niece needs my dress. I can feel that it's really important so I immediately take off my dress and hand it over to someone. I'm left standing there in nothing but a pair of white panties. I know that I'm naked but for some reason I don't really feel embarrassed about it. I noticed everyone starts walking up the driveway, so I cover my chest with my hands and walk up with everyone. I walk slowly. Once I reach the top, I walk into the little fenced area in front of Grandma's house and I see that my older sister, my little sister and my niece are standing there and looking at me. I then have the dress put back into my hands. I guess it's okay to put it back on now.
    5. 1/21/14 - canoes on the street

      by , 01-22-2014 at 12:09 AM (Leaving the matrix)
      Me and my sister are at the bottom of my grandparents driveway. This girl walks up to us and begins to whisper something into my sisters ear. I become paranoid because the look on my sisters faced turns fearful. Then the girl looks down and giggles and then run though the gate and I watch my sister chase her. I chase after my sister asking her what did the girl say, my sister seems to be angry now, and the end of the driveway goes to a dark river instead of the street, the girl runs on the water and makes a right, I see my sister get into a canoe and row hastily towards the girl, I tried to jump on the my sisters canoe but she went to fast and I fell into the water and it drug me away towards the girl and my sister, I see a yellow canoe by me in the water and I climb in and begin to row towards them yelling for them but I can't catch up, and now I see three of my cousins in canoes rowing beside me and all of us are trying to catch up to my sister and that girl.
    6. 1/21/14 - rv driveway

      by , 01-22-2014 at 12:01 AM (Leaving the matrix)
      I'm at my grandparents house, I want to leave right now but everyone else says they're going to leave the next day, so my grandpa says I can take his rv and head out now. I agree and get into the rv, I turn it on and its starts to roll backwards down the long ass driveway. The brakes don't work, but I think at least it's rolling backwards really slow, so i back it into the fence. Then this guy gets in and says lets start over and suddenly he's in the driver seat and drives the rv into the grass field next to the house and says he hopes there isn't shit in the grass, I think about the holes, but he speeds up to the top, and I see a perfect turn in but he doesn't take it and it irritates me, he keeps going and goes through the front yard gate, and then we go back down the drive way.
    7. Dream Journal Entry 12: One dream or four fragments? -04-20-2013-

      by , 04-20-2013 at 04:01 PM (The Land of Dreams - SilentEternity's Dream Journal)
      I'm not certain if this was one dream, or several shorter dreams/fragments. They seem to be somewhat related.

      Part 1: I was playing Super Smash Bros. Brawl, with several of my friends. We got to the character select screen, which was a mess. There were many characters missing, and many characters that didn't belong, though I can't quite remember who. There were two Meta Knights, for one - I selected the second, and picked a bizarre-looking costume that looked like it had a o_O face on it. The game started, and my character looked like Kirby, except he had similar moves to Meta Knight. I hit B, and it looked like I was just Kirby with the Tornado power.

      The game ended, and my friends just vanished - I started looking at several of the other characters. Selecting them had odd effects - selecting Link had the game say Zelda, selecting the one next to Link had it say Mewtwo. Going over to Samus, it was automatically in Zero Suit, though in a slightly different pose, and I could switch to a "Dark Samus" costume which was nearly identical, save for the facial expression and a much lighter skin tone. I went over to Ganondorf, though the name displayed was "LEAVE." I started a game, with no other players, and it ended.

      Part 2: False awakening. I got up, and found myself looking at a completed dream journal. Elements from the previous dream were present, including the odd names and such. It mentioned something about a modded game, and the G-Man from Half-Life.

      Part 3: I was outside, on my driveway. There were several friends of mine present. There was also a roughly 3x3 foot piece of sheet metal - presumably 16gauge steel. I picked it up, and simply snapped it into three equally-sized 2x1 pieces and one 2x2 piece. One of my friends came over, and said something about needing it, so I dropped it. I walked over to the other end of the driveway.

      Part 4: I was on YouTube. My inbox mentioned comments - I clicked to view the video in question, and it was a video of part 3, from my perspective. The comment was something along the lines of "I'm impressed - my friends Colonel Ans and General Angus know that's a difficult way to" - and I cannot remember the rest.
    8. Steep driveway

      by , 09-01-2012 at 12:50 AM
      Driving home to new house, somewhere on a steep hill. Talking on the phone to Anin while wife is driving, looking at mountains in the distance. Arrive at driveway, which is mostly dirt, and very steep and long. Drive most way up, but car won't make it. Roll back down. Tell wife to try again; don't want to climb it in the rain on foot. Same again, make it most way and then start rolling back. Quickly apply brakes, very hard. Brakes won't hold, even when I move into driver's seat and stand on brake with all my weight, while reefing on the handbrake. Roll back to base of driveway.
    9. Pushing the car

      by , 09-01-2012 at 12:46 AM
      Kingscote. Waiting for boys to get into car. One of them lets off the handbrake. Car rolls toward road, and knocks letterbox out of ground. I push the car back up the driveway, and look for a chock, since the handbrake now won't hold the car.

      Updated 09-01-2012 at 12:55 AM by 57574

      non-lucid , dream fragment
    10. At My Dad's Old House Again

      by , 03-26-2011 at 01:12 AM (* The Sandman's Dream Journal o/***)
      I was at my Dad's old house with my wife. Another family lives there now in waking life, and I knew that in my dream. I kept telling my wife, "Let's get out of here!"... but she was on her computer and wasn't moving.

      I looked out the window of the kitchen door. I was afraid someone from the next house would see that someone was in my Dad's old house when they weren't supposed to be.

      A car started to pull in the driveway. I just knew we were busted; but the car never drove up the driveway. that happened twice.

      I told my wife to come on again, but she was eating a pan of pound cake or swirl bread. I decided to leave by myself. I slipped out the back door certain someone would see me leaving, but I had to get out of there.

      The dream ended.

      I had other dreams, but I can't remember them. Maybe I'll remember them later.
    11. Dinosaur Dog - Caught Taking My Own Flowers

      by , 03-23-2011 at 08:11 PM (* The Sandman's Dream Journal o/***)
      I was driving a van. There was a prehistoric dog next to me that was excavated and lived. He was more ferocious than any dog on Earth today.

      With my right hand, I broke off a piece of wood about 2" x 2" x 1 1/2' that was loosely secured to the side of my seat. I needed to protect myself. I kind of gave the dog a whack, but didn't really want to hurt it, so I ended up just pushing it towards the sliding door. In waking life I was recently working in my attic and had to deal with 3 wasps. I caught and released two. The third I didn't really want to kill, but ended up trying to by pushing it against the rafters, though he got away.

      The dog became submissive after I pushed him towards the door of the van. I asked a dream character if it could really be a dinosaur dog. I don't really remember him answering, though I got the feeling he said that it was dug up.


      I saw a driveway, not mine, with flowers that I left. I went to get them. I picked up a 1 gal pot with a rose, and some much smaller pot. I couldn't get the third.

      There was a hole at the side of the driveway. I put the plant I couldn't take in the hole to protect it. Then I realized I shouldn't have, so I got in the hole and put it back out. I climbed out of the hole disturbed that I had to get a little dirty, then the owner of the house turned into the driveway.

      I was busted! I was thinking about explaining to the lady that came home that they were actually my plants. That dream ended there.