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    1. Monday, August 27

      by , 12-29-2018 at 02:35 AM
      I am seated in some restaurant at a longer table with some of the family. I look at the menu and the drink menu. A pudgy waiter comes over and takes Dadís drink order. He then looks at me, but I havenít decided yet. I ask if they have a porter or a stout. He says yes after I say Ďporterí and then yes again to the stout. I ask for the stout. Dad, sitting across from me, has now done something that makes me extremely irritated. We have our food now, and I pick up my plate and beer and go sit at another table. I position myself so Iím mostly facing away from the other table. I can see Uncle Scott though, and he looks frustrated (possibly at me).

      I am outside with some others, walking through a rocky crevasse. You can tell that itís been developed for climbing, and someone points this out. We now come to a spot that looks like it has not been developed. There is also a grey boulder that is maybe the size of a car, but disc shaped and levitating. There are thin branches or vines hanging from it, and Iím not sure how youíre supposed to climb it. There also seems to be some kind of energy force around the boulder. I walk under it and let myself fall backwards. The force supports me and slightly moves me. Now, it feels as if this mustíve been something I was reading, as I am closing a thin paperback. It was the end, and I know there is more, but I canít find the sequel as I sort through books on a shelf.
    2. Lightning Bomb [LDs]

      by , 09-30-2018 at 06:11 PM (Nonsense and Conundrums)
      //Been meaning to write this down for about a week now. Oops. I'll put the lucid parts in a different color.

      Dream 1

      I'm walking around in a dark room, so I can't see much of my surroundings. I'm not sure what happens, but I suddenly become suspicious; I cannot remember how I got here. Since I'm alone, I jump, to see if anything strange happens. Nope, just a normal jump. I'm not convinced, so I jump again, expecting myself to float. I hover in the air a bit before floating back to the floor. I realize I'm dreaming!

      It takes me a second to push down the excitement. I shout for clarity a couple of times, and the dream stabilizes. I'm unsure what to do for a moment, then decide to examine my surroundings after jumping around a bit. Yes, it's still dark, but I can still see a little bit. There's a staircase to my left, so I go up. The stairs lead right into a bedroom with glass panes on the wall to my left and just ahead of me. There's a queen bed in the center of the room; someone rises out of it and stares at me, but I pay them no mind. I instead look out the window. It's stormy out, rain pelting the glass and the doors leading to the balcony. I'm about to explore more until I remember a goal I'd had for a while: to make a ball of energy in my hands. Better try it now before the dream dissolves!

      I move my hands to make the energy ball; I can feel energy rush into my hands, but cannot see it visually. I speak aloud and describe what I want, speaking of a blue mist. Blue wisps emanate from my hands, but no "ball" so to speak. I then describe it as a lightning ball, but then my brain associates the word "ball" with "bomb". Yeah. A loud explosion comes from outside. The glass shatters inward, the results of the bomb nearing me at a rapid rate. I'm not afraid; I simply open my physical eyes to get out of the situation.

      Dream 2

      I wake up at this point and go back to sleep. I end up in the same dark room. I recognize this once more and go lucid. This time, I open the front door and will it to be nice and sunny. It works, sort of. I practice flying and other forms of dream control. I try to change location by closing my eyes and asking to go somewhere else, but the other location falters a bit before shooting me back in the one I first was in. Oh well. I believe I slowly lose lucidity after this.
    3. Dream - The Dead Always Live

      by , 07-27-2017 at 12:06 PM
      Date of Dream: MON 17 JUL - 2017

      Dream No. 155 - The Dead Always Live

      I was in this random building with my mum and dad and could hear these dance lessons going on in the next room. As the people are exiting the dance studio, I say hello to some of them. There are then six people standing at the front door of the foyer, we had to shake at least one person's hand before leaving. We decided to stay and chat to people but as we were doing so, I found that mum and dad were slowly getting upset for no reason.

      I looked around the place and shockingly discovered that we were in the Geelong Funeral Home and so my mum's uncle's body was still haunting the the aura, creating some negative energy from the world of the dead. I eventually saw a small, pixie like ghost figure with a red aura near the front door and I knew that's what upset my parents. This thing was coming for me but I actually shot my hand out and face-palmed it immediately. I then decided that I had to get out of the place as soon as possibe. I forgot what else happened in the dream.

      Dream Trophies Achieved:
      - Confident Dreamer (defeat 1 nightmare without any assistance)
      >> I seemed to face-palm that red aura away in exactly the same way that Dreamy WB face-palmed the girl back in Dream No. 142.
    4. night 7 - Electric puffballs

      by , 01-21-2017 at 01:49 PM
      D1 - At my parents back door at night, the sky is pitch black and yet there is a dazzling white lozenger shaped energy ball, with lines of bright white, like little hairs coming off of it. It is the size of a bathtube floating in the air.
      I am zapped by its energy, and it does feel how i imagine a big electric shock would be lol.
      Someone tells me to stay away from it as its dangerous but I say its so beautiful.
      The sky becomes full of dazzling silvery white lines, coiling and uncoiling. Like oil on water maybe.
      Again a giant puffball is created and I take it into myself, bam

      D2 - I am leaning against a pen, made of white sticks. In the pen is a pack of pooches but as they are fed they turn in to ravening wolves, and very dark. Will they eat me?

      D3 - i am in a house perched on top a white banister, on a set of stairs. I am watching an electronic device being charged. It has lights and a long row of silver stripes that show the charging, they light up in random order.
      My attention is grabbed by someone who tells me I should be helping with the washing. I look down to see washing everywhere and go downstairs and start helping.
    5. Boyfriend-induced LD

      by , 11-29-2016 at 10:21 AM
      This was one of the most amazingly vivid LDs I've ever had and all thanks to my awesome boyfriend. I went to bed at 10pm, he joined me at 3am. That woke me up, but I was too sleepy to actually get up and do WBTB, so I just rolled over and immediately started dozing off. That's when he whispered to my ear: "Go lucid". And man did that work like a charm. The moment he said it I slid into the most vivid LD ever. I was walking down some hallway and everything got hyper realistic. I was so excited I could barely keep calm.

      I enter a room and there's a girl named Lucy who's apparently my dream world friend. I'm telling her that I'm lucid and trying to stay calm. I remember that I should stabilize the dream - stand still, breathe slowly. It works.

      I try to levitate a bit and that also works nicely, the room is not that large so I can only jump into the air and then softly float around or land on my feet again. I've never felt this AWAKE in my life.

      I want to try to create something in that dream world but for the love of me I can't come up with anything I should do. Still too excited. I ask Lucy and she says "Well why don't you float up to the ceiling and create a little landscape on this floor here." (By the way my bf pointed out her name to me this morning when I woke up - Lucy/Lucid. Coincidence? )

      I try to float up but my body seems to be too heavy and I'm still kind of sinking back to the floor. Out of the blue Lucy faints, it's like her consciousness gets knocked out. I come to her and try to wake her up, but there's just her lifeless body lying on the floor. At this point it feels like I'm losing the lucidity.

      I walk around the house and find what I consider to be her actual real life body sleeping in bed. I don't want to wake her up so I go to my room, find my bed and sit in it. Then I remember that the one thing I always wanted to do in a LD was to meditate.

      I sit in a lotus position and close my eyes. Immediately I'm sucked into this vast black void, it physically feels like I sunk hundreds of meters deep into my mind. There's nothing but blackness but also this amazing clarity. I have thoughts but they don't matter, everything is just so ... clear.

      There's a lot of energy, like everything resonates with it, it's the matter of my mind and it's myself and it feels so awesome. I don't know how long I linger there, but then I wake up into a non lucid dream. I feel like there's an intruder in the house.

      I get up and go check the hallway. Noone. At this point it's just a regular dream. I walk over to Lucy's bedroom and wake her up to tell her about my LD. She seems excited about it but her dad won't let me speak and keeps talking about his comic books.....?

      And then I wake up.

      This was the best LD ever since the first one I had 10 years ago
    6. orange lucid

      by , 07-20-2016 at 04:14 PM
      I was at some aunt's house and thought it was christmas for some reason.
      Anyway something was repeating over and over again. I was trying to do something, gymnastics? yoga?
      then I was transformed into a form of energy, I could see third person view my outline in this strange yoga position
      but inside I was an orange flowing energy, quite runny like orange honey or lava but not hot. It was cool feeling and nice.

      Then it dawned on me that I was in a dream and I said "I'm dreaming!" a little too excitedly. I was perplexed at not being human in my dream but being this wonderful but unusual energy.
      My mind started to race, "Quick what should I do while i'm lucid","Fly!" I thought. So I flew but I moved within the outline only, so it was more like everything else moved and I stayed still, "Zoom" then I thought um, what now? and was happy and wondrous of the energy.
      then BOINK! I was waking up.

      Last lucid was caused also by slow dawning due to physical sensations of a repeated event (key turning).
      Thanks Elainey! for giving me the intention, again
    7. [20-06-2016]

      by , 06-20-2016 at 05:55 PM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      First dream

      It was an evening. Strong wind was blowing and sky was covered by dense layers of dark-red, huge, towering clouds. I was in my father's carpentry workshop, we were working on something with father, sister, my friend and two other men. My backyard was changed and door to old toilet hut were placed right in front of the workshop. The doors were opening on their own and despite the strong wind, sister scared me that it was a ghost opening and closing them all the time. I looked at the clouds and saw loads of lightnings shooting across the sky. I said "There's a photo session up in the sky, we should get back to home." We went back to my house, it looked like it was before renovation. My friend said "Wait, I've got to go meet someone at the wolf." I immediately realised that the wolf is a name he's calling one of the streets. We went out, it was just after the rain. We saw something strange - a blue orb of energy, surrounded by an orange, circular energy beam. It moved towards us really quickly, disappearing and appearing in another spot. I said to my friend "Look! It must be an anomaly, just like in stalker games!" We went around it, but then I decided to throw some pebbles at it. Two throws missed, I got a feeling that it's watching me. Third throw hit that orb and it exploded, releasing huge amount of steam. We went onward.

      Second dream

      I was in school, ending my classes. We were going down to cloakroom, I took my stuff and went for a bus. There were only a few passengers inside. I looked out through windows and saw that storm is coming. I felt that the bus is going to fall on it's side, so I leaned through a window and pulled a few strings that made it keep balance. When we were driving in a crowded town, I found myself in a cargo that was placed externally, on the bus' side. I was trying to not get crushed when bus was driving by other vechicles. Suddenly the engine turned off and I had to leave the cargo. I met up with two girls from the bus, one was very rude and we couldn't stand each other.


      I was in my house, in a living room. There was a tied up couple lying on the floor. A man in a black suit with red tie and a blonde, completely naked woman. I was holding a gun in my hand. The man said that they're not my parents which made me shot myself in an arm. Then he said "We're just freaking, kid!" This made me rage, I shot at them a few times.
    8. [27-05-2016]

      by , 05-27-2016 at 07:57 AM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      I was in a dark, cold cavern. It somewhat looked like an old computer game, there was an altar with some small chest on it. I touched it and found myself in a strange city. A twist of mixed architectural designs. It was still dark, only street lights were shining. I walked up to a rooftop of a building using an outside staircase. I realized that it's a dream. I thought "What about warming this place up a bit?" I summoned an atomic bomb which stroke the city. It didn't changed much. I put my hand in a gesture trying to grab something, and I dragged a small, yellow glowing ball of energy to me. "I'll use this to power the city." Then I wandered the town some more. Going through alleys I was powering up whole districts by using the orb - basically pointing my fingers at wires. There were some dark figures wandering around, I pointed fingers at them and they disappeared. I entered a secret complex of "keepers"from thief games. There was an enforcer patrolling the area. I pointed finger at him and he fell dead. I thought "I should restart and let him live.

      I lost lucidity and found myself at the first cave, escaping from enormous, deadly spiders.
    9. sin-aesthesia

      by , 05-01-2016 at 11:53 AM
      My dream recall is still lousy except for my little lucids that are so vivid as to be real or more than real.

      I awoke to find myself on a large bed with nice clean white sheets, it is a four poster bed. I am sprawled out on the bed and wonder where the hell am I, when I wake up in the dream. I realise I am dreaming and go to get up off the bed but find i am stuck.
      My wrists and ankles are bound to the bed by white silk ties Oo this is not disimilar to a dream I had before but did not record as it was to embarressing lol.
      I feel the presences of silky and sure enough I look up to see her looking at me, I am quite deliriously happy, and she is begins to belly dance. I am totally hypnotised by her every movement craning my neck up from the bed, as sh dances.
      As she dances my chest is filled with heat but more interestingly she seems to shimmer. And sure enough she is pulsing with some kind of aura or afterglow. As she moves my eyes are riveted to her every sinuess movement. The energy is starting to be thrown off from her in great swaths. I suddenly realise that the music filling the room is coming from her, as her every movement is not only in time with the music but it is vibrating to create it and I now can see the music as colours radiating from her body.
      She is so amazing, I start to cry feeling the warm, tears trickle down my cheeks.
      The energies intensify and roll off her in powerful waves slowly filling the room with colur and light, forming a 3d patchwork around her. The colours paint the walls of the room creating intricate artwork everywhere.
      She moves closer and says something but i am now so blissed out that I can barely make out the words, I am again in a warm bubble of golden syrupy energy. I feel safe I feel like I have come home again.
      I think I made out her words, she was mischeiviesous as ever.
      I wake up feeling warm and snuggly and don't want to get up at all
      I just want to stay with those feelings forever.

      The noises of people and the mundane world start to fill my awareness
      and I awaken thinking how strange the world is that it does not know what had come to pass.

      I noticed that the colours in the air were making the kandinsky combinations
      those they evolved further

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    10. 04.12.2016 Energy Ship

      by , 04-12-2016 at 06:14 PM
      Sleep at midnight or later. Practiced breathing exercises before sleeping. Tried to WILD but ended up dreaming.

      DR 1
      I was in the middle of a street and I was building a ship. I wasn't building it physically, but with energy. I was doing things- making gestures with my hands and the ship was being created. However, it wasn't an tangible ship. You could see that it was an energy ship- energy in the form of a ship. The ship was green and blue- like a teal color, very blue. It didn't look cloudy, and not glittery but brilliant. Brilliant energy with beautiful colors and it was getting huge. The ship was getting really big. But someone didn't want me to build it. Someone tole me that had to stop. I guess I stopped.

      DR 2
      I am walking around some type of event. It looked like a huge shop, it could have been a Wal-Mart, only it was not. Its cold. I see a large rack of coats. Apparently, I came in with a long oversized brown coat- but somebody has taken it, and I am looking for my coat on this rack. This rack of coats is not for sale, it belongs to people- I guess a place for people to hang their coats while they shop. I see a cute Guess Jacket, a satin puffer with a satin red lining. At first, I think its going to be too small, but I try it on and it fits perfectly even over all of my clothes. I take it off and return it to the rack, because I start to feel bad- someone will miss the coat. I start looking around. Its this huge plaza all around me
      huge beige floors and walls with racks of shelves of clothing and goods, I start walking . I hear people in the background buzzing, just like a regular superstore. I walk to the back of the store and I see a place where they sel shoes. There is a huge beige floor, and beige walls. Its almost like the store was set up to provide that space as a "walking room" so you can try out the shoes. Shoes and a couple of other things are up against the walls, but the floor in the center of the room is completely clear.. There is a huge counter (beige again) that runs all the way around the room- the room is a circular shape. There are people behind the counters and there is a black girl, pretty, she's got a really good attitude. She's in a great mood and she is greeting and talking with everybody. She's laughing and talking with other employees. There's just a really good good energy in the room, so I feel better as soon as I walk in.. They say hi and they are smiling..there is faint music in the background but they are just listening to the music and I can tell that they are just enjoying being there-having a good time at work. I forgot all about trying to get my coat back.
    11. Mzzkc's Mind Games

      by , 08-27-2015 at 06:42 AM (Mzzkc's Mind Games)
      Yeah, here's another. First time trying to convey multi-threaded perspective dreams. Let me know how I did. =P


      Google has selected me for a special interview session at one of their local facilities. I'm not thrilled about it, but I show up anyways. As I arrive at the facility, I notice the huge analog clock on the face of the building. Except, the clock doesn't tell the time. Instead, it's keeping track of the number of people in the building with IQs over 124. I raise an eyebrow at the misplaced elitism, half-wondering why they chose something so low as 124. I enter the building anyways.

      A bunch of other candidates and myself are directed to an open-floor-plan classroom on the second floor. A lecture begins. The lecturer starts going over some hex string maths and methodologies that don't make any sense. Everyone else in the class seems to understand it, but I can't be bothered to try and wrap my head around what I'm sure is nonsensical. Instead, I leave the classroom and head downstairs. However, I leave a perspective thread to follow the lecture.

      While the lecture continues in the parallel thread--and I dread being called on to answer a question--I make a stop at HR to get the benefits spiel. I figure there's no way they'll be able to match everything I enjoy at my current gig, so it'll be amusing getting the sale's pitch. They start off with the badge they had given all selectees. At this point, another thread flashes back to my research into the interview after I had received the invite. The Defcon-esque badge I'd receive for attending would be proof of my qualification, and allegedly a rather impressive resume builder. As the thread where I'm in the HR benefits pitch continues, the guy starts talking about their EEO initiatives, and I can't help wonder if the only reason I got an invite was because of affirmative action silliness.

      Eventually, the threads all re-converge on the lecture. I overhear one of the staff, the HR guy, talking about some data loss or something, and the need to track down the people who took it and bring them to justice. That sounds more interesting, so I volunteer, stepping out of the window onto the ledge. I'm quite high up, and as I lean over the concrete, the fall into the forest below looked a bit too real. My fear of heights kicks in and I start to have some doubts. Stomach fluttering, I take a breath, and calm my nerves. No way this isn't a dream, I remind myself. And if it isn't? I silently consider. Well, this'll suck then. I jump off, taking to the air, shouting back to the HR dude, "Just don't tell your boss on me, kay?" I shoot off at crazy speeds.

      Flying so fast is exhilaration, but the archetypes necessary to enable it make the control a little wonky. Nothing I can't compensate for, as I tear through the sky, over the miles of forest below.

      I spot a clearing and descend, locating the culprits. I charge up some energy in my hands, and blast them with it. The intent was fire, but due to the archetypes used to form the little globules, I end up hurling a sort of chemical foam at them. Intrigued, I made some more foam energy globules and tossed them at the crooks for the sake of experimentation. The foam burned them more aggressively than any fire could have, which honestly was a bit hard to watch as the three of them writhed in pain, screaming as the foam dissipated, sinking into their skin and leaving discolored blotch-marks. I let them run past me, not caring to continue the experiment.

      Unfortunately, I notice a T-Rex in my peripherals and teleport into forest-cover as the crooks are summarily eaten by the T-Rex...who's supposedly my teacher. Weird.

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    12. Expensive Restaurant

      by , 07-29-2015 at 06:01 PM
      9 July Backlog

      10 min wbtb with couple of snoozes before that


      I fall asleep and find myself on the street, looking at these flowing dots, reminding me of the rain/snow and energy. I marvel them for a while and then they turn into really large snowflakes and the snow covers the street. As this is an immediate dream entry I am not fully grounded, notice that can move my hands almost ok now so I grab a bit of snow and form a snowball, throw it at a DC ahead - this requires some effort. The scene soon ends.

      Restaurant attempt

      A semi lucid scene follows where I am in this weird building, running away from a huge snake-like creature. I know it's a dream, but I like messing around with the scenario. I escape through the highest window.

      A moment later, I find myself outside in a kitchen and think about the restaurant task. Could this theme be used for a restaurant? There are enough bottles and plates and food around, but no DCs. It doesn't look expensive though (5 star required by the task). I go outside and it turns to the yard of our place in the past. Our parents are sitting on this outdoors drinks arrangement. I wonder again if this could be used for the task, there is a table and chairs. It could well be an outdoors restaurant. The dream soon loses stability and I wake up.

      Clone attempt

      I find myself in a car going somewhere with a familiar DC with me on the backseat. I remember the clone task and try to summon one on the front seat. The car actually drives by itself. A DC appears on the seat but instead of me is someone that looks like S, then another guy in his 50ies or so with a beard. Overall not very attractive DCs. I still have hopes that he will be able to change so I decide to kiss him, close my eyes and imagine the DC transform. I follow the plan and as I approach to kiss him, I am surprised by the distinct feel of his beard on my lips, which I wasn't thinking is there at all. But he has a beard and there it is. I try to manipulate him into transforming while he does most of the kissing obviously enjoying himself. It's not pleasant at all but I get all the details of his lips seeming independently controlled movements. He doesn't change so I pull away and whine a few times for him to transform then the dream ends.

      wake up, very brief review

      Expensive restaurant

      A non-ld scenario goes on for a while, then towards the end I come to my senses and remember the restaurant task. I walk around looking for something that will do. This task starts to get really difficult, I am thinking. I'm now outside facing a swimming pool which reminds me of the one in front of the hotel. I know there is a restaurant there that should offer fancy food. However, I'm slightly concerned about my ability to reach it as I feel uncontrollable dream instability all around. As a result, I carefully sway forward like a drunken person till I cross over the swimming pool and get to the side where the restaurant is.

      There are already people sitting near a large table with tons of champagne bottles here and there. Champagne, that is good, it means the restaurant is expensive, I think to myself due to the 5* requirement of the task. There is a plate of oysters and other fish canapťs so I head towards it and eat the special mixture there. It tastes similar to a freshly made salmon spread. I'm feeling pretty satisfied with the task up to this point, though there could have been more food. My mom comes to distract me with something she apparently cooked, trying to convince me to taste it. I do and then shortly after lose lucidity.
      The dessert comes - a chocolatey profiteroles sundae but the dream ends.

      Clone girl - frag

      I end up in the room, lucid again, remember the clone task, close the door, try to summon a clone. This girl comes in, she is not quite me, but will do. I try to remember what I wanted for us to do. Can't remember after that.

      Flying - frag

      I remember flying and getting higher out of the sudden and then recall our recent conversation with Ginsan about finding something to zoom in to. So, I just keep looking down, trying to find something awesome and as I do, I find myself flying over fantastic valleys with green grass and orange colored trees. The entire scene is very color saturated. Then, I zoom in towards the ground and pick up a poppy flower. I find this so amazing. Nothing's more awesome than picking up a flower.
    13. Plantation, wine, local troubles

      by , 01-16-2015 at 04:58 PM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      Plantation in the garden

      I went out of my home to the nearby fields. It was cloudy, dark afternoon. With my parents we made a plantation of exotic plants. There were six furrows surrounded by ditches with water. We had many random plants, like coffe, tea or oranges growing there. The most memorable were small trees that gave red-brown, big fruits similar to peaches. It was time to harvest the hard earned fruit. I was watching the workers so they could not take anything. Then I talked with my father to ask about the soil preparation method for the more requiring plants. He told me that remains of what was harvested must be burned on the fields, and that we lost a few workers to this technique, as in some places the fire was still raging under the shell made of ash. This created some kind of land mines, burning anything that would walk on them and break the shell composed of ash.

      Drinking some wine

      I was sitting in my kitchen. I took the bottle of wine, and I poured some of alcohol into the glass. Before I could drink it, the dream ended.

      *Unintentionally incubated this non-lucid when I was thinking that it would be good to make ToTM with chugging whole bottle of wine, right before falling asleep.*

      Troubles with energy

      I saw some kind of a map. There were roads and icons representing lightnings moving on them. They all ended up in one place, leading to troubles with energy in the local area.
    14. A futuristic boar hunt

      by , 11-21-2014 at 09:02 PM
      Previous scene had been on the subject of breaking through layers - in a futuristic setting, there'd previously been a big struggle to break through (something, either the earth or a ship - either way, the important part is that it's the ground we stand on), and we'd thought that was the end of it; now we're discovering there's another layer to break through.

      In that same setting, I'm part of a team of people in uniforms, rounding up some wild animals. But most of the scene is spent in disembodied 3rd person, following one of my partners. She's watching a boar - huge thing, at least twice my height - and a voice is saying to her through some communications device, "If (something), think how much could be got from a boar of that size under good conditions."

      She asks, "Are these good conditions?" She's referring to the boar's behavior.

      "Best I've ever seen," is the answer.

      She's nervous, but she activates this sort of mechanical set of wings she's wearing; they glow green as they lift her into the air, and she starts rounding up the boar - chasing it down, frightening it, until finally a great green light bursts from inside the boar, creating this swirling transparent sphere around it, fragments rising and dispersing in the air. The light's invisible to the animal itself. She lands on it, clings to its side and uses a vial to collect that light. It's a kind of energy we use, given off by these creatures' heightened emotions - it's the same thing that's powering the weapons we're using to hunt them.
    15. Overcharging my body for Astral Projection and failing

      by , 09-19-2014 at 10:24 PM (Percy's Void of Thoughts)
      Overcharging my body for Astral Projection. (Non-lucid)

      NON-DREAM Astral Separation Attempt Astral

      Well, this was a weird experience.

      Yesterday around 2am I decided to astral travel. I wanted to project, but I wanted to super charge my astral body to be able to go as high and farther as possible. I could hear a slight buzzing on my ears (usual thing) and I focused instead of just coming out, to concentrate the energy and focus all the energy around my entire body. The buzzing got so loud, that it was as intense as if I had huge speakers. I could not hear other noise around, and there was plenty of background noise from cars, etc.

      From here, my body got completely paralyzed (I am familiar with it of course, completely normal) and then is when I wanted to go out, but then, the energy was so intense that my entire hands were hurting me huge timeÖ not just the fingers, but the entire hands, both of them.

      I had to break the trance because due the pain I was not going to be able to come out, and actually took me a while to be able to move my body again, so it could have been a super awesome projection because I had more energy than ever.

      Could it be so much energy that my dense body could not tolerate it? What are your thoughts? I think this is what happened!
      Tags: astral, energy, fail, hurt
      side notes
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