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    1. Sunday, February 3

      by , 02-15-2019 at 11:28 PM
      I am in a house (unfamiliar, I think). Paranormal things keep happening, such as some invisible force moving things and/or touching me. It feels very real, though Iím not sure if anyone else is seeing it.

      I am going to an event for/at the preschool. Some others filter in along with me, some familiar. I recognize kids and parents. Inside, there are quite a few people here. It looks like an elementary school. Thereís the cafeteria weíre in, the doorway we came in and one directly opposite it, and one hallway off to the left. All in all, itís pretty small. I see Mom here, talking to a few, and she is in what looks like a stroller. (I think this is due to a disability, but I very much take it for granted in the dream). She spots me also, but is waiting to come over to me. I am overhearing talk of the disarray that Catholic Charities is still in. Tim Mills is here too; we pat a hand on each otherís shoulders in greeting. Surveying the tables, I see everyone already has food, mostly cheeseburgers. This makes me realize that Iím pretty hungry. I wish I wouldíve ordered one, thinking that it is probably too late to do so now, that theyíre done making them for the evening. Now I am sitting by Nelson and his dad. His dad is combing Nelsonís hair, which looks slightly longer and thinner and almost a translucent, fluorescent white-blond. Heí combing it into almost a Trump-do. Nelson sits placidly. Dan is talking to me about haircuts, but Iím finding it difficult to hear. My responses at times are nonsensical because I canít hear and donít want to ask for a repetition. They start leaving, and I follow suit. We leave through what very much looks like a houseís garage (the two getting into a black truck/SUV parked within). Melissaís car is a few feet to the right, perpendicularly in the street. Sheís sitting inside, on her phone. I go up to open window and am going to say something, in a humorous tone, about her moving, but before I can she says she already knows sheís in the street. Dan apparently didnít think she was in the way, as heís already backing out, pretty quickly. I ask Melissa if she wants to hang out now or not. She says she doesnít care and that itís up to me, to which I say the same exact thing. We end up going home (to Momís?).
    2. Saturday, January 19

      by , 02-02-2019 at 11:56 PM
      I am outside of the preschool (I only have the thought that it is the preschool - it looks nothing like it). Iím standing with my back against a cement wall. I think itís a ramp or something, as the building is a bit above where I am. It seems more like an elementary school. Melissa and some other girl are with me. I am smoking a joint, passing it to this other girl at times. Now, Nathanielís mom and sister show up. I hold the joint down at my left side, partially obscuring it, but not completely concealing it, as I donít feel the need to. They start talking with us and Beatrice, seeming older, casually takes the joint. Before she does anything with it, Stephanie asks sharply ďis that a marijuana cigarette?Ē with a small, incredulous, and accusing emphasis on the last two words. It is largely rhetoric anyway; she already knows it is. She bats it out of her hand and the two of them leave. When Stephanie asked, Melissa had quickly said no and backed away a few steps. I pick the joint up, bending it back into shape a bit, feeling bad about this whole situation. Apparently word has gotten to Niki, as she is quickly coming over here. She seems mad as she tries to talk to me and I just walk away from her. Sometime later I am texting Melissa, telling her Iím very sorry. She says that Stephanie is livid. I get the impression that Melissa is more upset at her being mad than at me. I now go into a building here, as if Iím going to work. It looks nothing like work and more like an IKEA, but more ornate and with larger rooms with higher ceilings. There is so much furniture and things on the walls that it looks as if it could be a hidden object game. There are a lot of people walking through here. I am taking a few of the same fuzzy, zip-up sweatshirts back. I feel a little high, and it is agreeable. It puts a smile on my face. Without the sweatshirts now, I enter a room. This room has a dark wood floor and a velvety, mossy green tapestry covering two of the walls. Thereís also a black grand piano on the left wall. James is here, and I ask if he can play. He tells me ďa littleĒ and sits at the piano. He starts playing something that actually sounds pretty advanced. It oscillates between low and high notes; the lows sound far too deep for a piano, and the high notes are pretty high as well. I think that Iíd like to try this piano. I also think that there are two older men sitting in two chairs in the far corner.
    3. Strange Preschool

      by , 03-01-2015 at 04:32 AM
      I started out in one of the dollar stores somewhere in the neighborhood(I don't remember which one). I was shopping with my mother. As I was walking, I noticed this individual staring at me giving me a nasty look. He was a lot taller than me, so I knew I wouldn't stand a chance against him. He then came charging after me but before he could touch me, I flew up in the air and hovered above the aisles in the store. As I was flying in mid-air, I kicked him with my feet as hard as I could and taunted him.

      Later on in the dream(after waking up, I think), I woke up in a preschool(one I haven't seen before in my life). I saw one of the teachers I worked with back at the preschool I volunteered for in waking life. She was helping me out with how I'm supposed to handle the classroom. We were both inside a classroom with a full set of kids and a couple other teachers. It felt happy. It felt so happy good to be in a job like this because there was happiness all around.

      At one point, the person teaching me have done an activity that required us to remove our shoes and socks, walking barefoot. I'm not sure why, but seeing how this is preschool, I didn't question the creativity of improvised activities. I was sitting down somewhere in the back of the classroom where I was talking to the teacher. She wanted me to go somewhere, as confusing as that may sound.

      I then somehow appeared to be at an assembly along with a large crowd of people around my age. We were all seated in desks. In front of us was a huge black screen television(as big as the cinema ones). When I was in there, I noticed every student(what I thought) belonged to a specific group based on their past, kind of like the scene in Mean Girls where the geeks sit with the geeks and the jocks with the jocks. I'm not sure which group I was in. I just seemed to be observing everything in the area I was in.

      Later on, it was time to leave. Everyone began leaving the building. I was getting my items together but I remember having trouble finding one of the objects. Because I didn't know it was a dream, yet, I kept looking for it. Sooner or later, without knowing how exactly it happened, I became lucid. I'm not sure how, but I did. I didn't perform any reality checks. Once I did become lucid, I spent most of my time observing the room I was in. What seemed to be a huge theater, was not a small bedroom.

      I walked around this bedroom figuring out what to do. I couldn't think of much to do after becoming lucid. I enjoyed the feeling of it, though. After a while of staring around the room, I had a sudden sense that the dream started to fade. I didn't want to leave yet. I performed the spinning technique to try and prolong the dream. I remember trying to focus on my body as I turned and turned. I even tried telling myself that I was dreaming and that I want to stay in the dream longer. Seconds later, my vision began becoming darker. The dream ended. I didn't even try to attempt the DEILD technique because I knew I would have a hard time going back to sleep uncomfortably with my arm laying just under my body.
    4. One More for Old Time's Sake

      by , 09-15-2014 at 01:45 PM
      I fell back to sleep at around 3 AM in the morning.

      I'm back at the preschool classroom I used to volunteer in a couple months ago. The lights in the classroom were off, so I assumed it was nap time. The classroom didn't look like the real one, though it did feel a lot like it. I was sitting on the far right side of the classroom watching the children napping while I was talking to one of the teachers - Mrs. B.

      Mrs. B and me didn't talk so much in waking life but we did a lot of it in this dream. I didn't know what my intentions for being here were, but it made more sense when I asked her a question. I asked her if she knew the person who signed the certificate I got in the mail(in waking life) and who got the gift card for me. She didn't know who. Despite not knowing who the generous person was, I thanked Mrs. B for also having her name signed on my volunteering award. I was telling her how great it felt to receive this gift. I felt honored that they would do something like this for me.

      I sat still on the chair I was sitting on and I noticed a child in front of me trying to catch my attention. It was M. He probably just wanted me to talk to him seeing how he wasn't feeling sleepy at the time. I stopped and tried to get him to stop talking(talking wasn't allowed at the time). Because I was a very timid person in waking life, even in my dreams I had the fear to go beyond just telling him to stop talking. I hoped for the best and maybe he'd stop after I ignored answering him. That is when another child to my right, gets up from their bed and walks up to me and laughs, almost as if I was being taken advantage of seeing how I'm very shy. She then walked back to her bed and the dream was over from there.
    5. My Very First Nightmare/My Worst Nightmare

      by , 08-14-2010 at 05:44 AM (Hopeless Wanderings)
      So I just felt like posting two nightmares of mine from when I was little. The first one is from when I was in preschool and it actually funny now to think that I was scared in the dream. The second one still haunts me, it was the most frightening dream I have ever experienced. It took place sometime when I was in elementary school.

      First Nightmare: Lost in the Tubes
      I was on a field trip with some people and teachers from my preschool. We went to a place with a huge play area with tubes and slides and things like that for kids to explore. I went to explore the tube but then I got lost. I couldn't find my way out and I remember there was a fake spider with a spider web covering one of the peek holes that I kept seeing. I went to a peek hole(maybe the spider one, I don't remember) and started crying because I was lost. One of the teachers saw me and had to come get me out. At the time, it was terrifying to me.

      Worst Nightmare: Sinking Into the Graves
      I was on my school playground and it was night time. There were two sides of the playgroud, one was on the side by the school and then the other one was way on a different side. To get there, you had to cross a large area of concrete that had areas where kids would play Four Square and soccer and stuff like that. It was set up just like in real life. The concrete area suddenly turned into a graveyard. There were outlines of grave holes and if you stepped on one of them, you would sink into the ground and be stuck there forever. I had to literally hug the wall and try to get across the concrete to prevent from stepping on one of them. At one point, I accidentally did step on one and it started sinking into the ground. I think I woke up..

      Note: I think this might have contributed to the fact that I am terrified of being buried alive. Not quiet sure, but you never know.