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    1. TOTMs and personal goals

      , 05-31-2017 at 08:38 PM (Turquoise Dreams)
      Last night

      10:10pm - bed
      3:52 am - 600mgs alpha gpc an back to sleep for another hour
      5:05am - 5:50am - WBTB
      5:50am - 8mgs Galantamine and sofa time

      LD estimate - 30 min or less

      Had hard time falling asleep on the sofa, my pillows felt too rigid. So I turned to my left side, hoping that I didn't do it too soon. But I know I'll be ok, since I got lucid on both sides before, not only on the back.

      I still hear the 6am chime. Next thing I know it's 7 am and I'm deciding to wake up from lucids to write them down.

      1. The Exit
      I realize I'm dreaming in the bed in my childhood room. I'm looking at the window I want to get out of, and I'm trying to get up from the bed. It's hard. I sit up, but something is pulling me back. I try again and I smile, since I know this game. I'm trying to stand up slowly, so it puts up less resistance. I get to the window but get slowly pulled back. Still having fun, clawing at the window trying to hold on to something. I try one more time and this time I phase through the sheer courtains and the glass of the window.

      I start gliding in the air at second story height, same as my window is, over my parents yard. I pause for a few seconds as huge joy washes over me from flying. I notice how easy it is to do, how different it feels from walking, how differently my body feels and how much happy this makes me.

      2. TOTM, kinda

      I think of the first TOTM (well, I suggested it for a TOTM, but wasn't picked, so I added it to my personal goals).

      The goal is to sing one of your favorite songs and see how much you remember from it as opposed to waking life memory. First thing that comes to my mind is the national anthem. I start singing loud and on key "ooh say, can you see? By the dawns early light". I'm both surprised and pleased by my choice of songs, haha. I think I stop there, satisfied that I know the words.

      3. Landscapes

      I fly over a lot of different landscapes. Streets, houses, country side... As I'm flying, I see something that looks like a deep gash in the ground. I wonder what it will be. I'm thinking it will be a canyon and I get a bit worried. As I come closer, it's filled with water. Deep blue with small waves, like a swimming pool would have. As I'm flying over the road to the right, I look at the lake and try to do some water bending. Trying to make a water spout or a twisted column of water. But it doesn't happen in next second, so I lose interest, as that was never something I had interest in doing anyway.

      4. TOTM - Total Recall

      Not sure where I am, but I'm still in the air, hover-flying. I decide to do the Recall totm. Try to see how much you remember from waking life - your name, where you live, work, grew up, and anything else.

      So I thing about it and say my full name, my parents name, place where I work, I clearly see that I'm at different place than my parents. I stop there, because I realize that I remember EVERYTHING! I could go on. I'm a bit surprised and very happy about how much I remember. I'm also wondering a bit if I am not awake.

      5. Past life regression

      I read this thread http://www.dreamviews.com/dreamviews...ml#post2216488 and since I'm interested in the topic, I tried it out in hopes that I will get something.

      I practiced saying "When I turn around I am in my past life" , then did it couple of times in the lucid. All I saw were some dark buildings while I was turning, never really saw what was behind me. But I aborted every time, thinking NOPE to dark buildings. That is NOT where I want to go, haha. Gotta prepare better and try again. This is now one of my permanent personal goals.

      6. Vision

      Most of the time I had pretty good vision. Wasn't bright and sunny, more like a bit foggy, or at dusk. But still good. Sometimes I didn't see well at all. I was saying all kinds of stuff trying to make it clear up. At some point I saw the center of my vision getting brighter and as if clouds were being pushed to the side. So I lifted my hands and shooed them to the side, like you would clouds or smoke. It worked.

      NON-lucids at the end

      I am in a huge classroom. Surprised at the young age of the students. I get to the end, closer to teacher's desk, where some older students sit. I walk back and try to take some young students with me, thinking there is no way they can see and hear the lessons from that far away. It's a geography lesson, which I turn into lesson about lucid dreaming. I told them all about my lucids I just had, about the super recall and how to lucid and all that.

      Lol, just thinking about some other personal goals, when I recalled that I made it rain. Didn't feel it on my skin at first, but as I was telling about it to someone, I started to feel cold and wet drops on my face. I think this was not tonight though.

      Oh yeah, no sex tonight! woooo : D

      Personal goals

      1) Past lives
      2) Sing
      3) Pay more attention to sensations, like flying or just touching something
      4) Find rope hanging from the skies, pull at it and let it take me to the space
      5) More WL recall
      6) Enter a poster to go to another planet
      Tags: flying, recall, totm
    2. LD Number 5

      by , 12-10-2016 at 12:08 PM
      so another Lucid Dream, number 5 now! I seem to be thats 3 iv had since joining this site and focusing on dream recall.
      In last nights dream i remember the moment i became consciouse, i was in the pitch black, complete darkness when i noticed that i was running down a street with no lighting at all, even though i was still consciouse of my physical body laying in bed in RL i suddenly felt a strange feeling of terror, i realised i was running from "Something" so i decided to turn around and check if i was at all running away from anything....i was confronted by a large dog that was running towards me very fast and very aggressively, the fear became so intense as the dog started to approach me that i screamed at myself to "Wake up, Wake up NOW!!", and i did instantly..

      Now i have been trying to rewmember not to move to much upon having a false awakening, as i read somewhere that it helps in being able to re-enter the dream, so i tried not to move and within a few seconds it felt like something had grabbed hold of both of my feet and was spinning me around my room in complete darkness (I can even remember being able to just feel the wall with my fingers as i was spun around).
      Within what felt like maybe 10 seconds i was dreaming again, although at that momnent i didn't realise it. I was laying on my bed in the darkness and i thought briefly that i was still awake, so i decided to do a quick reality check and stood up and opened the door to my room!
      I instantly realised at that moment, that i was dreaming as the space behind the door was nothing like i expected it to be....A female appeared who seemed to have been waiting for me, we started speaking and i realised my dream was starting to fade so i instantly tried finding my dream sign that i successfully used in the lucid dream i had, had previously (Looking at my reflection), but this time it didn't appear to work and i awoke once again!!

      After re-entering for the second time i started off right where id left of a few minutes before, but this time i was in darkness and couldn't find a light switch, after a few attempts i managed to create light my verbally demanding it whilst clapping my hands, it seemed that last night that was the key to staying lucid for longer, although my Dream Recall after that point is non existant.

      I feel like im still experimenting with differant techniques and hopefully the more i have them, the easier things will get.
    3. Dream fragment: Log 1 - Events?

      by , 04-14-2016 at 09:56 AM
      So this is recall of last nights dream, fragments of it at least.

      One fragment includes me walking down my road in pjs that were not my own, they were pale blue and flannel type. I was kind of sliding about rather than walking really. At the corner of my road was a poorly built shelter and it was raining. In the shelter was a stand with my parcel on it (last week I had ordered some things from Amazon) it was the last one to arrive but it had already been partially opened and looked as if it had been wrapped back up in brown paper and tie cords.

      Another fragment or 'event' happened in what looked like a decent sized motel room. Everything had a sort of old western aesthetic to it, the floor was carpeted and worn down. The bed that folded out from the wall was a queen size and had brown bedding. Opposite the bed there was an old radiator which looked to not be in use and was being used instead as a jewellery stand (because that makes perfect sense). Behind that was a wall vent, with the fancy designed metal so it didn't look boring in the wall (at least I assume that's why people did that). In the dream I actively took pieces of jewellery from it to inspect and recognised some as my own, it was all themed with the old western aesthetic again, leather cord, animal teeth, wooden beads of primary colours and aboriginal design kinda thing.
      Then I went to inspect the wall vent and it turned out to be storing stuff. I found my BuckyBalls (tiny magnetic ball bearings that you can make cool geometric shapes out of) with some of them in a smaller container beside. I remember scolding myself in the dream about "that's where the others have gone!"

      One very short fragment I recall is when I found out I was in the blue pjs, I was sliding down something and that's it...
    4. [29-02-2016]

      by , 02-29-2016 at 09:13 AM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      I was working as an archivist in local government building. My boss was a bit fat man with moustache. He was wearing a black suit. His vice was a man wearing brown suit. He had fake red hair. They were arguing, my boss said to him "I'd best leave you working on beetroot field, this is your place!" After a while of consideration he added "Go hunt some monsters, I won't fire you yet." He went away, I recalled a previous dream in which I was such archivist, but hunting creatures around fields and villages. I said "I used to hunt monsters before". I looked around the office, and there was nothing unusual. Boss told me to write a paper of firing someone, but whenever I started, words changed into pictures of random objects. Like a clock for example. Suddenly my boss turned into someone else, he had long brown hair and different face. He was playing a song on harp.
    5. [25-02-2016]

      by , 02-25-2016 at 09:42 AM (Snehk's Dreamlands)

      I was in home with my younger sister. It was a late evening and it was quite dark outside. Random stuff was thrown all around on the ground. We talked for a while, moving between messy rooms.

      First dream

      Suddenly I found myself on a street. I was a black dude wearing jeans trousers and a green shirt. I was there with my grandpa - a black man wearing white t-shirt and dark jeans trousers. We were going to a skyscraper, as an evil businessman have kidnapped my girlfriend for some reason. I entered the building and ran around it, devastating everything until I got into his office. Finding no one there, I outright destroyed it. Suddenly I realized that now he took my grandpa. I ran out of building and tried to run after him, but I was too late and someone grabbed him to a yellow car.

      Second dream

      I was in school after some time of absence. It was a weird day - people from local forestry offices came to our school. No one was prepared for this, and teacher was a bit angry about that. When I saw what's going on I said that it would be better to hide somewhere. But first I went to cafeteria and took a glass of milk, drank it and thought that I really should hide. I went to toilets - the room was much bigger and dirtier than originally. I hid in one of the cabins - there was no stench but a lot of dirt. I thought that I'll have hard time getting out of this labyrinth.

      False awakening

      I woke up in my bed, and immediately thought about school and explaining myself from hiding. Next I thought about dream recall, and fallen asleep again.
    6. Dark Spirit (NLD fragment)

      by , 04-03-2015 at 07:05 PM
      Recall: 1/10. WTB 4am, woke 10am. All night on waking I had the impression of complex dreams but could not recall even the broad outlines. At one point there was a fragment of Japanese in my head: play between the words "iro iro" (which I think means "various") and "iru" (infinitive of "to be"). After final sleep had the vague impression of seeing places on a map, and was sure that I had dreamed something urban and apocalyptic... but I cannot seem to find the thread.

      10:45am. Took a shower, still trying to remember. At first I thought the hot water was a distraction, but after a few minutes something flashed into mind and I murmured: "I was in the woods."

      I was in the woods. There was at least one other person, and we were digging for something. And then another entity approached us. I have the impression that he usually drove a horse and carriage, but at the time of our encounter he was on foot. I recognized him as something terrifying and supernatural. He had a name, the everyday kind some boogeymen develop in folklore, consisting of an adjective and a common first name. The adjective might have been "dark"; I don't remember the name. I have the impression he had a stunted body, a normal-sized male torso on short and shriveled legs.

      When I saw this creature on the forest path, I recognized the terror and danger he represented, and then the strangest thing happened: on a whim, I ran up and hugged him! And as this was happening, I was thinking wryly to myself, "If I were lucid, would I dare to do this? I don't think so!" Somehow I managed to have this thought without being lucid in the slightest—I guess you could say it was dream awareness without memory or agency. However, there might have been a touch of dream memory, even if WL memory was absent: my comment was in reference to an incident that occurred several years when I was lucid, and my intended task was to approach a fae spirit, but the one I glimpsed in the distance was so creepy that all she did was glance in my direction and I started running away as fast as I could!

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    7. KonchogTashi's workbook

      by , 12-19-2014 at 03:21 PM
      Progress update nights of 12/17-18

      keeping up with the state testing and intention setting. I have been doing more tests involving digital clocks and text. Text is never a big component in my dreams, but I think the more I use the test, the more text will appear in dreamland. Getting in 10-15 tests for each of these two days.

      Wednesday night was a bust. I had a later than normal bedtime which gave me only 5 hours total sleep. I woke in the middle of it with no recall. I woke in the morning for the final time and struggled, but came up with nothing. This was a bit frustrating honestly.

      Thursday went better. I had some difficulty falling asleep so I probably only got 6 hours total sleep. I woke in the middle of the night for recall but had nothing. I got frustrated by this, but looking back it was needless as typically I don't have any recall in the middle of the night. I think this was just "sleep confusion" playing dirty tricks on my rational mind. It was difficult to fall back asleep, but I managed to and had a weird short lucid which kind of straddled the line between WILD and DILD.

      I am aware, but there is just blackness. I "look" down and see my hands, they are pale and translucent, and my arms vanish just before the elbows. I instantly know that I am now dreaming. I clap my hands together and vigirously rub them, feeling the "friction." I do this for a few seconds, then pat down my dream body, waiting for visual elements to develop. I start to move around, feeling the motion of my dream body, but still without visual elements developing. Lucidity fades and a detailed dream develops (I think).

      I think the dream I recalled (it was long and recall was very good with many clear details and dialogue). arose immediately after this brief lucidity as I was only asleep for about an hour. I am not counting as as an LD, but still is is encouraging!

      I will probably update somewhat sporadically over the next two weeks as I will be off work and finding time to sit down at a computer will be more of a challenge. Don't think I've thrown in the towel though as I will be practicing carefully each night with WBTB and MILD as I will have the ability to sleep in and rack up 7-9 hours of sleep a night. Many LDs await!!
    8. New Goal

      by , 12-03-2014 at 02:02 PM
      In the last 30 days I logged 20 "dreams", 17 "fragments", and 2 LDS.

      A measurable, month long goal related to this recall data:

      "between 12/2 and 1/2 I will log at least 30 dreams and 5 Lucid dreams"

      That allows for a 10% increase in "dream" recall and a 150% increase in the number of lucid dreams. I feel this is achievable as with "auto-pilot" LD practice and almost no effort being put into recall I was still getting an LD about once every 30 days. During this time I will also have more than a week of time during which I will be able to sleep longer than is typical and therefore be more courageous with my WBTB and MILD practice. I will re-read the sections of ETWOLD you mentioned as well.
      side notes
    9. Notes: Bad dream recall

      by , 12-01-2014 at 12:50 AM
      My dream recall has become atrocious of late. I wake up and have the impression of complex narratives, but often can't even piece together enough specifics to write even fragmentary accounts. The impressions simply refuse to link up with concrete words and images.

      I woke up recently and promptly tried to recollect what I was just dreaming about. "Was there a... a... there was! There was a place!" I felt a glint of triumph until I woke up a little more and realized that this was not exactly the start of a compelling dream narrative, however fragmentary:

      I was in a place.

      At least I was able to find humor in the absurdity of it. Yet effectively this is the sum of what I'm able to articulate about most of my dreams lately, despite an unmistakable feeling, an impression that is almost but not quite visual, of so much more depth and detail.

      I was in a place. There were people around. We were engaged in activities.
      side notes
    10. The beginnings of my WBTB adventure!

      by , 11-07-2014 at 08:17 PM
      I've not posted here in quite a while! It's quite pathetic!

      So I've been having terrible dream recall lately, so I decided to pull out all the stops, do everything I can to improve it.
      Detailed dream journals, reality checks, improving awareness (which is pretty hard for me), and reading loads about lucid dreaming.

      Not to mention reading all my old dream journals on here from back in the day!

      So I decided to try Wake Back to Bed seriously for the first time ever. I had to make my own alarm clock program for this
      I think this was pretty good for a first try

      (note: there's a few swear words as this was right out of my dropbox dream journal)

      This is around 2:45 or so.

      Dream 0:
      I barely remember this.
      I woke up, and the countdown clock said it had only been an hour.
      I hear dad getting up, and going to the bathroom.
      I lay there, trying SSILD. I try to do cycles but my mind wanders very quickly. I desperately try to keep on track but it's very hard.
      I eventually hear bumping from the bedroom, which almost jumpscares me, but I lay there doing cycles, or at least attempting them.

      I eventually fall asleep.


      Dream 1:
      So I'm in a car, going down a street. It's twilight out, the sky is really dark but you can still see the sun for some reason. You can see a bunch of woods, and a few farms from the road. I come to a rather drawn out turn, and I pull into this circular building.
      I get out and walk into a bathroom. It's incredibly nasty in here, with at least one hobo in the bathroom as I walk in. The lighting is very yellow. The walls are mostly made out of tiles. I go into one of the stalls, but then walk out as it was nasty. I then see another hobo in the middle of the bathroom, shitting on the floor! WTF! So I bolt out of there as fast as I can. I then
      wake up.

      I open up my laptop, and my countdown clock says it's been 3 hours since I fell asleep.
      I try SSILD again, but it's very hard to keep focus. I eventually fall asleep.


      Dream 2:
      I'm in a blueish green field. There's lots of trees around and it's day time.
      I see a monstrous bird under a tree, and I go near it. All of a sudden a DC comes and yanks me back, telling me not to go there!

      He tells me about those birds.
      They're cranes of some sort (forgot the name) that grow to 8 feet tall usually.
      Males are larger than females, and have ornate colors below their necks. Females are just gray.
      Their bodies are more vertical that most cranes. (similar to Praricrane?)

      He tells me, that their eyes get radio active lasers before they're large enough to carry someone.
      I then
      wake up.

      I once again look at my laptop and it says I have less that 12 minutes to the alarm!
      So I open notepad, type "6-33 12-19", then close the clock. I then lay back down.

      This time I SSILD more seriously, and eventually become numb. Almost as if I'm hovering in the air. I then fall asleep.


      Dream 3:
      So I am in some huge thrift store. The walls are gray and there's some green plants on the walls. So I'm looking around and on the shelves I see some old gameboys! I see what looks like a gameboy color (with batteries!) which I pick up, and then I see what looks like a gameboy DMG but is a lot thinner and a bit taller. The screen is rather small and a very light green.

      So I grab these, and then I turn on the GBC and I see the GBC bios, along with some garbled text near the bottom. :ding: So I look where the game is, and I see no game!
      I then pocket the gameboys, and I look around some more.

      Next thing I know I'm in the 22nd century, talking with DCs about bone implants and shit. It's my house, and it looks more or less just like my house, but there are floating platforms everywhere. So I get on one, and I think about those implants. So there's some kind of race to get one of those. So we run around the back yard (the tree is there), and eventually it's night time, and I have one of those. Not in me, but I have one. I go back on one of those floating platforms. It's night now, there's lots of bright stars and the sky is a deep blue.

      So I now have a CD with me, along with some white music player with me. I don't play the music, instead just laying on the floating platform. I then get up, and go into the fort. Some DC comes with me, and starts talking about gay stuff. I walk into the top level of the fort, which looks like it was made out of netherrack.

      So I'm sitting there, and all of a sudden I start mining the netherrack down with my invisible pickaxe. Once it's more or less gone, I go to the corner of my house, and there's a bunch of tables there. There, some DCs are making a gameboy demo. I take the cart and put it in the unreal gameboy and turn it on. I then hear deep tones, and music, while seeing some flying ships on the gameboy screen.

      For some reason this made me run around the back yard frantically!
      I eventaully get back to the hovering platforms, and I switch dreams.


      Dream 4:
      So I am in this circular room, styled very similarly to the fire sanctuary. The room is open to the sky, though there was a metal grating on the top.

      Ghirahim is in here as well. I have the spinner from twilight princess, and I am just messing around. I'm running into all these pillars that are in here, but I can't hit him. I eventually slow down, and I am right in front of him. I inch my way forward, and I start getting the spinner in him. The square protrusions just clip through his legs!

      So I get off the spinner, and I start noclipping around. I noclip inside him, and turn off noclip. He all of a sudden juts back, as if he was hurt by that. He has a sad look on his face. He runs into this teleporter in the huge pillar thats in the middle of the room, and the door opens.

      So I go through the door and I come out to a rather brown room, similar to the ending areas from the first skyward sword dungeons, but more designs around this area.
      There's water everywhere, and a red metal path towards this structure that looks, almost like a slide. It had two openings near the bottom that when you walk through, you're teleported away similar to other zelda games.

      I didn't walk through them, instead I noclipped around, and went onto the top of the waterfall. The water has no collision up there!

      I try to slide off, but I can't and end up falling down to the floor.
      I eventually
      wake up from here.

      I wake up and it's noon! How did I sleep that long?

      Either way, then begins loooooong process of dream recall followed by DJing all these.

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    11. Suddenly...A Lucid!

      by , 05-17-2014 at 05:34 PM (Exploring My Mind)
      It goes mostly without saying that I haven't had a lucid dream in a while! This is primarily because of my tendency to lose motivation for periods going on months. The funny thing is, I've been in one of those periods for the past month; i.e. not recalling any dreams, and generally just having no will to do so. Then, out of complete no where, I had a lucid dream last night. It really was the most random thing. Not that I'm complaining! It's been so long since my last lucid that I forgot how good it felt.
      I was in a mall with most of my mom's side of the family. My baby cousin, Presley (who is a little over 2 years old), started speaking full, sophisticated sentences and running around the mall at speeds not normal for a human being. For some reason, THIS of all things is what caused me to go lucid after a couple of years of no lucids.
      Seeing Presley act like this caused me to think that this couldn't be happening. This must be a dream. The clarity hit me like a truck, and the excitement came just as fast. I stood stock still for a moment and told myself to calm down, and to help stabilize the dream, I held my hands in front of my face and examined them closely while trying to relax. It seemed to work, and the dream gained even more clarity. From this point, my mind was racing on all the different things I wanted to try and do. Rather than do something crazy though, I decided to explore the mall peacefully, seeing what I could find. I remember a vague thought crossing my mind, 'Maybe I should go to the world from my comic,' but I didn't end up doing that.
      The mall was quite big, and looked very similar to the main lobby-like area of Bioshock Infinite's Burial at Sea: Episode 2, the area where the Big Daddy roams around. Luckily for me, there was no Big Daddy. ...As far as I know. I ended up finding a store where a bunch of teenagers were partying. Can't remember what exactly the store was, but the inside was flashing with neon lights, strobe lights, pretty much all the lights you can dream of. I approached the group of people...

      And then that's all I remember from there. Not sure if more happened and I just don't remember, or if I woke up at that point, but I'm leaning towards me waking up. This is probably the longest lucid I've had yet, clocking in at about 3 or 4 minutes, whereas my other lucids have been anywhere from 5 seconds to 1 minute. Not only that, this is the first time I've ever stabilized the dream (which could have something to do with the longer time, now that I think about it... ). Not sure how I thought to examine my hands for further clarity, but I have read that tip before in the past, so it must have come to mind.
      Definitely exciting though! A random lucid dream after two months of no recall whatsoever. Now if I could just stay motivated towards it all.
    12. Gran turismo 7 - 2nd to 3rd march 2014

      by , 03-03-2014 at 11:43 AM
      Today i dreamt i was in my brother's house, but in real it was my aunt's house
      i was on the bedroom where it is the tv and playstation. i brought gran turismo 7
      and i wanted to tested it on my brother's ps4. i told him "Let's see if it work on ps3"
      so i opened the GT7 cover on the bed, and i noticed there was 2 CDS, GT7 and next to it, league of legends for PS3 (WTF?)
      So i tested the GT7 cd, on that league of legends slot since it was for PS3, i saw the gt7 cd was a bit bigger and a
      there was a swollen part on the cd my brother said "I also bought another computer to play far cry so you'll need a ps4 too"
      and i said "But you bought far cry with your own money, parents bought me GT7, of course you can buy your own things with your money.
      GT7 costed like €70" he said "jeez, €70 for that game..."
      and i asked him "Can i test GT7 in your ps4 please? i really want to!" he said "Alright"
      i looked at the TV screen, and saw a desert background with a red car zoomed on it, it was the part of choosing the car.
      we could ride it while we choosing it, my brother brought the car near a desert tree, and here it comes the wtf moment
      the car climbed the tree with it's strained hands and his tires. and i said the exactly "WTF?" and started laughing.
      then i asked my brother if i could get the pad, i wanted to play a little. i saw i could drive around europe. i went to spain first
      then came back to lisbon, it was way too fast travelling, with such a car.

      Dream elements:

      -gran turismo
      -aunt's house
      -league of legends

      Technique used: WBTB

      hours slept: 4 hours
    13. Daniela fabio and tiago playing soccer - 2nd to 3rd march 2014

      by , 03-03-2014 at 07:06 AM
      Today i dreamt i was walking around a street, then i saw a soccer field made of concrete rock.
      I stared for a while, i saw fabio,daniela and tiago ferreira playing. then i sat on the floor and made a goal
      while rotating my body on the floor. I was happy to see them, i saw daniela using a black cap, i wanted to greet her
      with 2 kisses, and the guys with a handshake, but i just greeted them with a "hi" on that goal, there was a perpendicular one
      there was 1 at my right, tiago kicked the ball with so much power 2 times, and i said while kicking with too much power inside the goal.
      "Kick more man!" "with more power!"

      Dream elements:

      -Soccer field

      Technique used: MILD

      hours slept: 8 hours
    14. Playing gran turismo - 2nd to 3rd march 2014

      by , 03-03-2014 at 06:52 AM
      Today i dreamt i was playing gran turismo, i was in nascar circuit, i had just entered in that online room.
      I was with a castrol NSX, by this time i was still on the boxes, i just wanted to hurry up to get the first place.
      When i got out of the boxes i just gave full throttle, and tried to slipstream for the 2nd place. who was in the first place
      was a same car as mine. i tried to overtake by outside first, i couldn't i hitted the wall, lucky i didn't spin up. then i catched slipstream
      again, then for some reason my opponent braked, and i took the inside. i kept going, i got through the finish line, and this time was the
      final lap, i had to hurry up to catch that 1st car, but he was way too far, i couldn't catch him and he won the race, he had a white car.

      Dream elements:

      -Gran turismo
      -castrol NSX

      Technique used: MILD

      hours slept: 4 hours
    15. Asking a guy if i am lucid - 28th february to 1st march 2014

      by , 03-01-2014 at 07:33 PM
      Today i dreamt i was in some kind of office, i did thumb reality check and it worked. i saw my thumb trespassing my hand
      although i didn't get lucid, i kept doing the reality check because i thought it was cool
      someone came in the office and i asked "Am i lucid?" then i did the thumb reality check in front of him
      and it worked but i said "This reality check works, but the others don't. So am i awake or dreaming?"
      for a few seconds my mind woke up on that dream, and i asked myself again "Am i wake up or dreaming?"

      Dream elements:

      -Reality check

      Technique used: WBTB

      hours slept: 8 hours

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