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    1. Double Take

      by , 05-09-2011 at 12:51 AM (I Have a Problem)
      Date: 08-29-10
      Length: 5 Minutes
      Vividness: 10/10

      I woke up on the living room couch to the sound of knocking on the front door.
      People came in.
      Then a really weird thing happened, the exact same event looped over, people knocked and came in again.
      I thought to myself how weird this was, and how it doesn't make sense in real life so I thought, "This must be a dream!"

      I became lucid

      I opened my eyes and saw the living room wall all distorted and messed up, then everything went normal again…

      I thought I was in my actual living room, awake.
      I got up thinking to myself about how I could've let yet another lucid dream slip from me.
      I ran over to my sister Marin, and told her all about it…
      Then I woke up in real life.

    2. Do lucid dreams make you want to go to sleep?

      by , 04-18-2011 at 03:55 AM
      It's weird, if you read my other dream journals you'd know that all my lucid dreams are like part of a series. I choose what I want to dream about since i have lucid dreams every night. The only way I can really fall asleep is if i have an interesting topic. Since my brain never shuts down and i am conscious throughout the night I have to be interested in what I am dreaming about to fall asleep or else it is like reading a really boring book. That's is where my love for sleep comes. It's like, since all my dreams are so interesting and I can manipulate them to what I like and what my interests are, i become sort of obsessed with finding time to sleep. I can sleep for up to 20 out of 24 hours because i have full control over my own conscious mind. I go home, i sleep. time for dinner, i eat do my hw and sleep. All that sleeping so what? I can escape from the real world? That's what I am trying to figure out. Since my "world" is almost like a utopia with everything my mind and myself want in it I like it more then being awake. Often times I can manifest dialogue in my head when I'm awake, though no images. It's almost like daydreaming. It can affect my life and my motivation to do anything. Is it like that with anyone else who has lucid dreams on a regular basis??
    3. 4 March 2011

      by , 03-04-2011 at 03:13 PM
      I was having a party at my house. People were starting to arrive. My friend Julia texted me, saying her mom wanted to know who was coming and something about one of Julia's friends Ellie. My friend Kat texted me, saying her and my other friend Mina couldn't find my house. Unfortunately, I fell asleep and my phone died before I could respond. When I woke up, I turned on my phone to see the battery was somehow recharged without me charging. I walked into the living room. Three girls were asleep on the couches. I called Kat. She said it got really late so she was going to come in her pajamas.
    4. Small trailer

      by , 02-13-2011 at 11:00 PM
      Small trailer

      I was outside walking with Rex and Kevin and it was very dark outside. I had the feeling that it was very late. Kevin was about to come to the small house where Rex and I had been staying. We lived in a small, grounded trailer with a lot of other people. It was late at night and everybody inside was sleeping. We walked in and Kevin asked if he could drink some of our liquor and I said yes. He then said that he wouldn't be staying and would go back home afterward. I told him that I didn't like people coming just to drink our liquor and taking advantage of us. He then started to play an upbeat song on acoustic guitar. There were now many larger girls who were sitting on our beds, completely naked.
    5. Civil Rights

      by , 08-05-2010 at 04:30 PM (Zukin's Dream Journal! <3)
      I was standing at the edge of a curb holding up a sign and picketing with a group of other people because some contractors were violating our civil rights. The contractors hired hitmen to take us down. Our group ran to the inside of a building, down the stairs, and into a dark basement where we took cover. The basement was shaped like a pentagon and had doors on each side. In the middle of the room was an old couch. The assassins came out of the door and starting firing their guns at us. I ran to the edge of the staircase and hid behind the wall, waiting for any shadows to give me cue to shoot.

      "The girl here, I took out all her fingers at a buffet once," I heard one of the female assassin's voice say to another. I looked down at my hands, they looked completely normal. I wasn't missing any fingers...

      The lady comes around the corner and I shot at her, but my bullets went right through her! I shot her again and she laughed at how she is unaffected. Invincible.

      I ran up the stairs of the basement. The carpeted stairs became hard rock and I felt as if I was running up the steps of a castle. The stairs whipped around tightly like a lighthouse staircase. I finally came to the top of the stairs and into a room where I saw my mother sleeping on a bed. I went into the other room and say myself sleeping on a bed...Wait, what?
    6. Mr. Bean’s Teddy Bear

      by , 06-06-2010 at 12:06 PM
      Morning of June 6, 2010. Sunday.

      I am in our living room at our present address. Over time, I become aware that someone else is present and had been in our kitchen and opening our refrigerator. It is near evening. I eventually notice that Mr. Bean (Rowan Atkinson) had fallen asleep on our couch and is holding a teddy bear. I become very annoyed at the imposition but I do not do anything about it. (The couch is in the wrong orientation. It faces south instead of north.) After a short time, I consider that it may be someone only pretending to be Mr. Bean (though I remain uncertain), though I remain annoyed.

      Today (on Monday, 19 February 2018), I will compare and contrast this 2010 dream with “Abraham Lincoln’s Teddy Bear” from April 28, 2017.

      In MBTB, the couch was incorrectly facing south, facing the left side of our bed, though in the correct room (living room). In ALTB, the couch was incorrectly facing west, facing the foot of our bed, in the wrong room (westernmost area of kitchen, nearest our bed).

      In MBTB, there was no sense of bilocation. In ALTB, there was a bilocation essence as another house seemed integrated within ours (though not focused upon as such by my dream self and different from a typical composite setting) in addition to a feeling of being in two locations at the same time.

      In MBTB, the time seemed to be near evening (though I am near the end of my sleep cycle in reality). In ALTB, it seemed a few hours before dawn (though I am near the beginning of my sleep cycle in reality).

      In MBTB, I saw Rowan as an imposer (RAS “intrusion”). In ALTB, I did not see Lincoln as an imposer (RAS inactive).

      In MBTB, Rowan had been awake at first and was active in our kitchen (prior to me identifying him later on our couch). In ALTB, Lincoln was inactive the entire time, sleeping in an alternate version of our kitchen.

      In MBTB, Rowan was parallel to our orientation in bed, but in the opposite direction. In ALTB, Lincoln was perpendicular to our orientation.

      In MBTB, I have no lucidity, but there is viable current conscious self identity, though I mostly see Rowan as his fictional Mr. Bean character rather than as the real celebrity who plays him. In ALTB, I am semi-lucid but I do not remember that Lincoln is a deceased historical figure. My dream self partly perceives him as a living celebrity, though not that famous.

      In MBTB, Rowan holds his teddy bear. In ALTB, I pick up Lincoln’s teddy bear from the floor and feel I should give it to Lincoln, but I do not, as I do not want to disturb him. (Teddy bears apparently did not exist in Lincoln’s time.)

      In MBTB, Rowan seems to be wearing pajamas (residual memory of having fallen asleep). In ALTB, Lincoln is wearing a suit (not yet entering deep sleep).

      In MBTB, Rowan is on his left side. In ALTB, Lincoln is on his right side. (In each case, it was the opposite of the side I was sleeping on.)

      The room is much darker in ALTB than in MBTB.

      In both dreams, I chose not to wake them. In both dreams, they are facing our bed, Rowen (head east) and Lincoln (head north). Rowan is oriented to the right in my view (most often waking orientation) and Lincoln to the left in my view (most often induction orientation).

      I can easily and justifiably conclude, in understanding the nature of RAS mediation, that Rowan was seen as imposing because it was time for me to wake. (Some RAS mediation to modulation is based on environmental noise and that seemed to be the case here as it usually is in intruder dreams). I did not see Lincoln as imposing and did not want to wake him, as it was near the beginning of my sleep cycle. I even wanted to make his sleep more comfortable (though literally “did not want to wake him”). All of the contrasting factors in each case reveal autosymbolism for the biological nature of RAS mediation, not waking life symbolism.

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    7. The Clutching Hand

      by , 01-02-1970 at 07:02 AM
      Night of January 2, 1970. Friday.

      This dream was more likely into the very early morning of the next day, perhaps around one or two am of the (beginning of) third of January. In my dream, I am aware that I am “sleeping” on my right side and oriented with my head to the north though the bed is in the southwest corner of my room and aligned against the west large jalousie windows. The time in my dream probably reflects the same time it is in reality. Even though I am apparently “sleeping” I am still aware of a scene (still in my dream-body as such - in my in-dream “sleeping” role yet somehow fully aware at the same time), of a shadowy unknown presence moving quickly into my room, a bony hand (seemingly of an adult - I am only nine at the time) gripping me on my left shoulder, me suddenly being aware and “waking” and turning around to look - and yet the presence, perhaps a human being, is gone immediately. I am left with a strange feeling on who it could have been - perhaps my future self with an important “message” for me, but the “other older me” left because I was asleep - but in contemplation, no human being could move that fast - though there is no stronger fear or concern remaining in my thoughts a short time later.

      This is a rather unique dream in that it was a directly self-fulfilling “anniversary” type where, in 1977 on January 2, my dream reversed the roles; that is, I dreamt of touching a younger version of me on the left shoulder while in my Cubitis bedroom in the exact same setting and feeling of time. I do not really see this mundane connection of a self-fulfilling dream as remotely odd or unexplainable (even though others had when I was younger), especially in regards to the thousands of my dreams that did have unexplainable aspects concerning remote-viewing and precognition, which were always validated in very interesting ways.

      The name of the second movie on “Shock Theatre” this night was called “The Clutching Hand”, though I did not see it or know of its plot (I sometimes fell asleep before the second feature started), so the title alone could have been the trigger for this dream, though again, it was not horror-related.
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