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    1. 7/20/14 Flight to an Alien Planet

      by , 07-21-2014 at 05:32 PM
      On a trip. At mall. Sears. Make my way past miscellaneous stores; overall path is a D shape with the curve being the mall and the straight line is the parking lot and my way back to point A from point B. Big movie theater with areas to sit and a huge ramp-like area to watch from with people laying and/or sleeping on it. Sealed door exit from the theater. But a guy comes in through sealed door. I can go out then and I do. This looks like way back to my car. Somewhere in here I'm thinking that I haven't gotten a hotel yet. I can use my phone to search for hotel deals. Walking in parking lot I see my wife's cousin N with his nice convertible. This has to be a dream to run into you here out of town! Yup! I do some of my I know I'm a lucid challenges basically bragging but it's great for confidence...I say to him, hey can I have sex with ( his wife's name). "It would be like" and I make the motions as if his wife is laid out on the hood of his convertible. I say you could have sex with (insert my wife's name). This was somehow much more fun than it sounds and just acting it out around the hood of his car felt a lot like doing it. I think: Down to goals! I think I want to do the planet one next. I considered doing it with the elevator one but no
      elevator around right now so just decide to fly up into space - way up and it gets dark I can't see anything but I stay calm fly up some more and then decide that I will just freefall until I hit a planet. (Note: It is my dream, I can make that work no matter how improbable IWL, LOL! In the dream I only thought that I can make this work. I didn't even go there with thinking about it being improbable IWL.) I simulate to myself a soft landing and I get it...I basically just find myself on solid ground as if I floated there like a feather. I can see through kind of a window or space into this other room or void (this is probably the dream reforming the environment after the void and free fall) and there are green rocks that have a lot of straight lines kind of like blocks thrown together creating odd shaped rocks, not unlike crystal formations. I cross through and there is big huge rocky formation that looks like it has teeth. I studied for a moment so that I can remember it later. The teeth are jagged kind of like sharks teeth. But the rest of it is not really shaped like creature really more like a big rock. I look around the room or space and there is another set of different shaped items that I come back to later but two of the items are shaped kind of like elongated travel chests. I could
      see something move off in the corner of the room the distance but when I look over there there's nothing. I walked over that way and I say "I come in peace" while holding up my right hand while kind of laughing to myself . I am creating my own cheesy 50's Alien movie here I think to myself. He comes back out. It is very difficult to describe what he looks like but he is a short creature maybe 2 feet tall . As for something you would find on the earth, he is most like an octopus perhaps but the base that he walks around on is a little more rectangular shaped than circular like an octopus. He has a bit of a goofy friendly face and is kind of a grayish bluish color. I try a line from one of my previous lucid dreams and I say "bring me one of your hottest alien women." A doll looking thing comes down from above on a rope. It becomes more and more lifelike, and more human woman like as this plays out. The rope is around her and slipping up and down her body pulling up her white nightgown and revealing her naked body. It is strangely erotic. I will
      leave out the rest of the sexual stuff with her but I may share by PM if requested. This space looks a lot like a big house. I decide to go back to look and kind of draw out all of the items on a sketch pad that I summon to help me remember this dreamscape, to really lock it into my memory. I go back over by the elongated chests but the chests are no longer there but I study the rest of the items but I drop the idea of drawing them. There are two clear glass bowls with a clear liquid in them. One has round multicolor items in it that look like fruits. The other one has some loaf shaped items sticking up out of it. It looks like it was set out for a party. I go off to my left and sure enough it's kind of liked a little party with my son there and some other people. Either I am back on earth now or they came up to visit! I then see my son's friend C and I think about how everyone talks about how promiscuous she has become. Not sure if she is still in college IWL. I think of another test / brag to my lucidity. I told my son I'm going to get it on with his friend C. I start to mount her and I see her luscious lips and switch gears and stick it in her mouth. She does a very nice job. Wow!!
      After a bit of that
      the dreams fades back to bed but I remember that I to always have to check to see if it's a real awakening...but alas it is this time. I was reminded yesterday to put more of myself in the self awareness work. I also switched up my SSILD somatic cycle a little and did some self awareness work during WBTB which I shortened. I also woke up closer to 5.5 hours after bed for WBTB whereas the last few nights were around 4.5 and I seemed too tired to make it work right. Woke from dream around 7 something. 175

      Late Late dream 10 a.m. Young guy is broadcasting himself in his bedroom on justin.tv for a long time. At this point it is on the news...his girlfriend got shot through the bedroom window while he was broadcasting and I said what are the chances of that...that can't be...that's impossible. Then a playback of all the stuff that happened before the shooting. His run in with some other teenagers at school, they call him something weak and they have some kind flipping competition to see who could do standing flips. The scene where his girlfriend was shot had him holding her in bed rolling around and it just did not look natural like he was acting, but it did not make me lucid either...none of this thinking that all this was impossible. The dream explained it away. Oh well, had my awesome LD already.

      7/21/14 FA: hearing the alarm turn off warning stop without key punch sounds made me realize I am dreaming. I never really understood people feeling sleepy in a lucid dream until this time. I felt like dozing off within my lucid, so I did. 176

      071814 a guy is telling me about all these cool artifacts he found...I'm seeing them visually like I'm in video game. Golden breastplate, etc. Thai government is looking for him (movie at bedtime=character is in Thailand before heading to Cambodia).

      7/17 crater in ocean. Where I was when 17, recurring dream. Go back for son. Hydrofoil boat. Coach M has game at 6pm. L on sons grades, report card. "Lucid" is written out on grades in one place but instead of a clue that I am dreaming, I worry that wife will see. Coach M talks about how he lost his father. I relay this to my son. Looking for school office helps with college apps. It is after 5pm but she's still there (5am? Wake 545am). Lady sits funny almost showing up skirt. A skills test is done: measure the area of two adjacent tables....easy. Life lessons you need I guess.
    2. Megs In Trouble/Dream Fragment

      by , 10-24-2013 at 02:30 AM (CHiLLEN's Dream Journal)
      Dream Fragment:
      I'm racing and my car flips often. I go over a ramp and crash land. I'm with someone else that is racing.

      Megan M, is in trouble and so are her friends. Another group of girls want to beat them up. I call up Megan and she won't let me come over, as she's paranoid.

      Some of Megan's friends are black.

      It's night time and I'm walking near Ben F's house. I walk up to a window and knock. I see Megan peaking through the window and I keep repeating my name so she can let me in. She lets me inside. I look around and it's a very small apartment. I see a bed, couch and a TV. Megan is under the blankets with some of her friends on the couch. I see the bed and there's a person underneath the blankets but I can't see their face.
    3. Dad at the top of the stairs

      by , 09-05-2013 at 03:45 PM
      I dreamed of my father. This is one of those dreams where you know - positively know - that there was a lot to it, but can only remember one stupid little detail. I remember dreaming of my dad. He was with me and my mom, and he was tired. We were at the top of a set of stairs, and he lay down right there, on the landing at the top, and went to sleep.

      I think I dreamed of him because I wish I could talk to him. Whenever I was in trouble, or if I needed advice on something, dad was always the one I turned to. Lately, things at work have been tough, and his advice would have been of great use and a great comfort to me.

      My partner pointed something else out to me. He said that perhaps I dreamed about him sleeping at the top of the stairs because, for the last few years of his life, he didn't sleep upstairs in his bed. He wasn't very well; he couldn't breathe very easily, and going upstairs made him too breathless and lying down was worse. So he slept downstairs in his chair, or at the kitchen table.
      Tags: dad, sleeping, stairs
      non-lucid , dream fragment
    4. (Not) My Room

      by , 08-27-2013 at 10:52 PM (Nelzi's DJ)
      The first is a dream about 'my room' from last night. The second is a fragment about cats and the third is a false awakening fragment.

      • I find myself in 'my' room. I have had some friends visiting me, but now they are gone. Only one of them is still here, I think he is going to sleep here. It feels like it has been a nice evening together and we are tired and ready to go to bed.

        I start cleaning up the mess that the others have left behind, there are so many small things and pieces all over the place. I decide to just put it all onto my ironing board and then to just put away the ironing board. There are some beautiful group photos of me with my friends among the things, they evoke nice memories, so I handle them with care, while I do the rest of the cleaning very fast and sloppily.

        I look over to the couch and see my friend sleeping already. He lies on my big, red pillow. I wake him up and tell him that I want to fold out the couch, so that there is space for both of us. I begin to prepare our bed, and as I turn around for one second, it suddenly is already finished and he is sleeping. Peaceful, delighting sight.

        I walk around in the room. I tell myself that this is my room, so of course it is familiar to me, including everything in it. In one corner there are ~10 paintings from my mother. I think 'She is getting really good, I like her paintings'. I feel thankful for having the paintings here with me, they are very colorful. I put them aside to make a little space in the room. In another corner there are two empty beds, I recognize them as the beds I and my brother had, when we were children. I think it's funny that they are still around and I wonder why. Then I walk over to the couch with my friend and go to bed.

        My dream logic did not even consider using the beds for sleeping. I had never seen this room in waking life before, but in the dream it felt so familiar and it was clear to me that it was my room. There was something from every room I ever had in my life in that dream room.

      • There is a wooden bed. It has no mattress, it is only hard wood, but somehow it feels comfortable to sit on it. I lay down a blanket and put a neat little kitty on it. I pet the little grey kitty and it seems to enjoy it very much. It stretches out and I pet it's stomach.

        I grew up with cats, but I have not had a cat since I live at my current place. I would love to have a cat.

      • I 'wake up'. It is my bed, it must be late in the morning, it is already bright outside. The air is fresh and cold, because the window was open during the night. I hear the birds twittering outside. Suddenly there is a small bird in my bed. I am surprised, but very delighted. It hops around in the bed, trying to catch a fly. Eventually it succeeds and it looks proud of itself with the insect hanging out of it's beak.

        I like false awakenings, they are always funny in some way. I have had quite a few of them recently, I should remember to RC when I wake up, it seems to me that I forget that very often.

    5. 7/29/13 - What The Hell Am I Awake For?!

      by , 07-30-2013 at 10:17 AM
      I woke up in what I'm assuming was the middle of the night. I'm wall-climbing like I always do, my face pressed right up against the wall. I open my eyes slightly and wonder to myself just what the hell I'm awake for. I could totally be asleep right now, I think. So I close my eyes and go back to sleep. And then I wake up.
    6. Voices in the Darkness

      by , 02-05-2013 at 06:16 PM
      I wrestle with my scattered mind as I lay beneath the covers, ruminating over the prospects of future possibilities. The calm light of sleep appears to be far over the horizon with no chance of rising at any time soon.

      Why does this always happen when I have work in the morning?

      Voices. Whispering. To my right, over in the corner.


      To my right there is a group of people, standing over me in the darkness. They walk around my bedroom examining its surroundings.

      "This looks good"
      "I'm not sure I like the windows"
      "Why is the mattress on the floor?"

      A group of elderly people discuss the room with one another as I lay in the bed.

      "Excuse me? What the hell are you doing in my room? It's six in the morning."

      "We're here for the open house, honey," an elderly woman informs me.

      "What open house? We're not selling the house. Get the fuck out of my room."

      They ignore my resilience and continue to examine my surroundings.

      Something isn't right. This is beyond anything normal, and these people are oddly short. Very short...

      It's hard to make out their faces in the shadows. I make several attempts to catch a glance, but each time they deliberately avoid my gaze. There is something inhuman about this.

      "You guys aren't doing a very good job of hiding your identities. You're aliens, aren't you?"

      They share a patronizing laugh amongst themselves, as if mocking my inferior human knowledge. One of the old women climbs into bed with me. This is fucked up.

      "You see, honey, we are here for the house. However, we have to take care of a few things first."

      "When did I ever give you permission to come into my house? Get the hell out of here."

      She smiles and then they are gone. I am awake. I think. There is a lingering presence in the room. I look toward my doorway. A faint white cloud. I can almost make it out. It darts over me.

      The fuck.

      I grab my phone and shine the light at it. Nothing. The presence is gone.

      Man, I wish I did more drugs. Then at least I wouldn't have to blame the Twilight Zone for this kind of shit.

      Updated 02-05-2013 at 06:34 PM by 60729

      non-lucid , false awakening
    7. Yelled at by Demons

      by , 12-22-2012 at 05:57 AM
      I'm laid under the covers on my bed in a very comfortable position. I was also very sleepy and didn't feel like getting out of bed. At times it felt like I went to sleep for a minute and then woke up. I laid there for a few more minutes and heard some weird noises entering the room. I closed my eyes and started to feel something scary coming up to me, like Spider Man. All of a sudden I hear a loud scream in front of me. I covered both my ears with my hands but the screams still annoyed me.

      I continued to go through this for about 3 more times. I'm guessing it was sleep paralysis, so I just tried to remain as calm as possible. I thought about trying to go to sleep to see if that can get me a lucid dream but when I did, I woke up.
    8. Finding God

      by , 11-17-2012 at 07:59 PM
      As I continue to ask the people in my dreams about God, I found myself outside a very nice, old Victorian style house. The sun was coming through one of the windows, and the grounds around the home was full with beautiful trees. It certainly seemed to be a local that of somewhere in the Southern American states, given the rolling hills and lush trees. I peered through the glass panes on the white front-door and looked around. It was an open living room with a vast area, a black leather couch and two chairs around a coffee table were to the right. The opening to the smaller sized kitchen behind the seating area. I was afraid to enter, and said before starting to open the door, "Is God here? Do you know where God is." At this point I feel it very necessary to state the fact to any readers out there that about 3 and 1/2 or so years ago, following a particular instance, I...lost my emotions? I, lost my connection, my real and deep connection to God. I started having lucid dreams nightly, and saw demons, hell and even Satan several times. The demons suggested I kill myself, and sleeping nightly ALWAYS included vast amounts of vodka. Even with which, I had to sleep on the bathroom floor with the fan on to get any kind of sleep. Following an actual excorcism, the nightly demons were gone (though they are still there, they do not "torment" me as directly), yet the lucid dreams are still a constant. Over time, I have learned how lucid dreaming works. Not asking specifics (at first anyway, though now I'm able to stop myself from waking up when asking specific questions like names, locations, ages and such), how to literally fall into lucidity by testing speaking and moving my limbs while dreaming, and things like this. I should have started writing these things down long ago, but at least I've started now.

      Back to the dream. I slowly opened the door and saw four men (late 20's/early 30's) sitting at the couch and chairs. I asked again, "Do you know where I can find God?" And the black guy said, "I saw how fearfully you came in here. I would have done it fearfully as well." with a smile. Another white guy said, "You mean the big baby? Why would you want to go see the big baby?" I said, "Do you know how I can find God?" "I know of about 3 people who can get you there without getting zapped. You get 2 hotdogs if you go see God!" I asked how I can be with God. He lost the snarkiness and said, "Just love Him. Out of your free-will." I told him that I can't feel emotions anymore, that I only feel afflicted. He didn't respond. I started walking around the house, and looking out the windows. The trees were very large, green and the sun looked very beautiful through the window. I sat down next to what looked like a demon/dead person, but he wasn't scary really. His eyes were recessed and around his eyes were blood-colored rings, and the flesh on the tip of his nose was beginning to fall away. Below his neck was a split, almost as though he was split in half. He had a 1930's style gangster hat, and we started talking. He said, "If you are seeking wisdom, learn to get the pieces one at a time. Realize that you have natural responses to things that make you angry. Like even if a puppy poops on your shoe you're going to get upset." I told him that "I never seek revenge (which has been a life-long truth)" and he responded, "Revenge? Like when you're sitting at a red-light and someone hits you and kills you and all the thousands of strands of your existence are pulled apart?" I thought he was getting angry so I started to get out of the chair but doing so woke me up.
      Tags: demons, god, sleeping
    9. Possible accidental dream recall night.

      by , 04-05-2012 at 04:27 PM (I hate Titles...)
      and Water
      and Wind
      and Earth
      Death and Destruction;
      Life and Birth;

      Hand in hand in hand these all go.
      Only one will kill my Foe.
      Two will kill my friends galore.
      Three kills me forevermore.

      Brightest dark of darkest days,
      Protection from the harmful space,
      Betwixt the covers, another place.

      Eyes are closed,
      Thoughts are gone.
      All are one,
      In the land of never sun.

      Forever free
      to always be
      anything I can see.
      A friend,
      a ghost,
      Of whom I like most
      Appears before me.

      "Come, lets fly!" s/he says to me.
      Snags my hand, set's me free.

      In the meadow,
      stands two people,
      waiting on one other.

      We land lightly,
      Ever slightly,
      In the shadows.

      "I'll go now." says the ghost.
      of the one I like most.

      Sadly s/he flies away,
      Having nothing more to say,
      I wave goodbye, trot on out
      preparing for the coming bout

      The two in the meadow.
      There now stands another fellow,
      Words are changing; rearranging.

      Forming now, a group of friends,
      Together 'till the very end.

      'twixt this land of sheets and meadows.
      ghosts of friends; friendly fellows.
      alas, times up, we wave goodbye.

      to share our thoughts in another time.
      another place in a different space,
      one more last friendly face clouds my face
      before I'm completely wide awake.

      It's once more the ghost
      of one of whom I like most,
      Grabs my hand, and makes a plan.
      tonight again,
      Same time
      Same place,

      As I'm thrown back to the space,
      rushed along at a breakneck pace.
      I smile.

      I grab the hand,
      from that ghost,
      the one that I
      like the most.

      I reach in fast, before I'm gone,
      to the land of the rising sun.

      One quick kiss before I'm done,
      a tear escapes.
      I am gone.

      Betwixt the sheets, I awake.
      Force myself to a sitting state.

      Grab a pen,
      A paper too.
      I have an entry I must do,
      Quickly now, 'for it's erased.

      In that ever harmful place.

      I dunno where the Idea to type up this thing came from, but it reminded me of last night, of which I remember very little about. I hadn't tried to LD last night, but maybe I did.
    10. Sleeping People

      by , 03-12-2012 at 08:42 AM
      I’m on a subway train on a bridge. I see a valley from the window, and there are people sleeping in groups of three. It kind of looks like they’d had tents in the evening but that they were blown away by storm or something. But they haven’t noticed and are sleeping peacefully.
      Tags: sleeping, train
    11. the girl next door / bad sleep / bar

      by , 12-17-2011 at 10:39 AM (cinema of the mind)
      the girl next door

      We know each other because my parents need soon some people who help us working on something. She's really cute and i want to talk with her a bit.

      It's a bit strange where i live, I'm on a dark wooden attic. When i go to her, i don't leave the attic, but just go on a corridor with a graveld ground. Her home is also a very dark room on the attic and i talk to her a bit. We then say it's a bit late to help my parents with work so we leave them alone.

      On my way home on the corridor i meet some friends.

      bad sleep

      I'm at my ex-girlfriends house with a lot of my friends. Her parents allowed us to sleep at their home, but my ex isn't here.

      When i go to sleep i worry about my contact lenses, it's not good to wear them over sleeping.

      But i have no choice. I start sleeping somewhere, but someone disrupts me. i'm really angry and get away from there and sleep on the ground. Again someone disturbs me, i change my sleeping place and the same process continues.

      when it's already morning i'm not rested at all and my eyes hurt but i'm happy this horrible night is over.

      A bit later we go over to a garden pavillion, they've cooked lunch. On a big table we all eat together several courses.

      in the bar

      I'm with my friends at a small bar, it's a very good atmosphere and we are drinking.

      When i look at my watch, i notice it's one o'clock. I question how we should get home later. I'm here with the van, but i won't be able to drive home the next hours.

      A friend of mine says "don't worry, we leave the car here, you can get it tomorrow. I can bring you there"
    12. Sleeping Owl City

      by , 10-07-2011 at 12:23 PM
      Ohai! Last night I had a cool dream about the bands Lights and Owl City. I'm a huge Owl City fan, so I'll post some pictures in this entry. Hey, it's not every night you have a dream about him, right?


      Sleeping Owl City:

      Okay, long story short:
      I had a friend a while ago, actually it was my best friend. We lost the contact, and yes, I miss her a lot. We were both huge Owl City fans. Owl City was playing in Denmark a few days ago.
      Lights and Owl City are good friends, so, I guess that's why they're in the same dream. I just don't get why I was to Lights' concert, because I'm not a fan of her, but okay, it was also a dream.
      Owl City = Adam Young.

      My friend and I was going to a concert with a band called Lights. We had really great seats, and was almost so close at the scene as possible. We were standing in the right side, and beside us there was some stairs, but there wasn't anyone in the little "room", but we could see it clear. Lights came out with black clothes on, and the music started, and all the lights (haha, funny ) began to blink in different colours. I looked down in the room with the stairs, and saw Owl City (Adam Young). He was wearing his white shirt and black vest.

      He looked really tired, and we said "Hi Adam!" and he said "Hi!" and smiled. We looked up at the stage, and listened to Lights a few minuttes again. We loooked down at Adam again, and saw that he was sleeping. He lay on his rights side, and was sleeping. We walked down to him, and laughed.

      That's all I can remember.
    13. Singing dream-woman.

      by , 09-17-2011 at 07:02 AM
      I met this woman, and talked a lot with her. We talked about dreaming, sleeping and Lucid Dreaming. Suddently she begun to sing:

      "Because of sleeping, we're going to bed, because of sleeping, we're going to bed"
    14. Concerts, Midgets and Sleeping Arrangements

      by , 09-11-2011 at 01:46 AM
      Date: 11/09/11
      Time: -
      Memory Clarity: 5/10

      Our class is standing in two long lines at the back of our school hall, as though we're about to put on a concert. We're not really doing much but I was trying to put my arm around the person to my left, I have no idea who it was or what gender they were or if they were even a person. Eventually after a while of doing that, some people bring in what everyone describes as 'midgets.' As they are brought in, I see that they are tiny tropical birds, all brightly coloured. They sit on the stage near us, and they have clear, human voices. I wanted to stare at them but I knew I shouldn't cause they were 'midgets'. Two people from my school then sing a duet in which they pretend to kiss - the song is essentially 'Can You See the Love Tonight'.

      Memory Clarity: 7/10

      My brother has invited an absurd amount of people over to the house, and instead of having a party or whatever, they all simply want to sleep over. So my family room has mattresses and blankets everywhere, with people in them, and although I don't actually go there, I'm aware that my brother's room is the same deal. For some reason instead of sleeping in my room, I have to find a spot in the family room among everyone else. I see a couple of chairs with blankets on them, but when I pull back the blankets there are people sleeping there. I eventually find a spot on the floor, and watch as my brother plays a racing game with 11 of his friends. The set-up is that 6 are playing on the Xbox in the family room, and 6 are on the one in his room. My mum comes in and tells me to go to bed, but after heatedly negotiating I avoid this.

      I am at home, and on a whim I decide to take our Harley-Davidson motorcycle (which we dont actually have) and ride it around the neighbourhood, naked. It's late at night so I assume I won't be seen much, however unfortunately as I pull out the neighbour is returning home, and sees me, and then when I'm riding around I happen to come across almost everyone I know at various points. This dream was very frustrating as it was very vivid, and I thought it was completely real, and so I was extremely annoyed at the astronomical odds that on one night I could see so many people that I know. They were seperate too, not in a group or anything, but rather all there on their own business, unconnected. It was the kind of dream that, after I woke up, I was immensly relieved that it hadn't happened and I wasn't about to be embarrassed by everyone.
    15. Driving to Bailee's house

      by , 07-30-2011 at 04:10 AM (My dream journal....)
      June 16th, 2011

      I don't remember the beginning of the dream, but I'm pretty sure it was one of my sister's softball games. All I know was that my friend, Bailee was there. It was dark out and it was storming really hard, because i remember seeing "rain-devils", or dust-devils made out of rain...

      But anyway... the part(s) I remember:

      I was sitting in the backseat of the car and my mom was driving. We were going to Bailee's house, but I felt like I was the only one in the car. It was really dark and it was storming hard (this added a sense of chaos and urgency). I saw a ton of rain-devils. i was probably scared, but i don't really remember. Then I looked at my mom and wondered if she fell asleep. I know I was scared at this point. I kept looking at the road and then back at my mom to see if she was asleep. Even though she was right in front of me, it was like if I looked at the back of the seat I was actually looking at her.

      All this went on for a couple minutes. Then, I looked at her seat and she slowly opened her eyes. It turns out she was asleep, and not even looking at the road! She didn't even know she was driving (or supposed to be)!! Then that whole scene changed and I was at some town with my sister's softball team. Bailee wasn't there. We ended up here because that's where my mom drove us to. We knew that Bailee's house was East, up the road (or atleast I did) and we were sorta on the East side of this town. It's strangely sunny and calm. There was and orange sense, like this might be earlier in the morning. We all walk west up the road. We find someone (The Mayor wearing a blue suit?) who is surrounded by a few other people. We ask him (them?) what town we're in. He says something, but i don't hear him. We walk away, back towards the car. I keep thinking I'm going to have to drive (we still (for some reason) need to get to Bailee's house). Then I ask my sister what the Mayor said. "Farville." Then my alarm went off...


      The town (Farville) scene had a feeling of being lost, and maybe a hint of sadness. It was gloomy.
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