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    1. The principals office

      by , 07-22-2011 at 02:07 PM (The journey of JussiKala)
      Okay this dream doesn't make any sense whatsoever. And I've usually refrained from posting dreams like this or worse here. But here it goes.

      The whole dream took place in third person perspective, like a side scrolling video game.


      So apparently I had lost my main study book and the notebook I got with it. So I was ordered to go to the principals office to fetch new ones, which I would pay for later. Upon getting in to that room (wooden walls and floor with metal structures holding them there, a couple of bookshelfs with some odd items on them, and a red carpet on the floor), he told me he had no finnish version of the books left. I'd be forced to do with the swedish version. Too bad I can't read swedish.. at all. So I was kinda disappointed with this. So I decided to go look for the originals I'd lost. Found them nowhere. So apparently this was a space ship and I saw it now. I went to the waste processing facility to look if my books were there. Nope. I accidentally opened the airlock. There was me and one other guy now in space with him looking at me with an angry face. End dream.
    2. First WILD attempt..

      by , 07-03-2011 at 02:17 PM
      I woke up at about 6am this morning..2 hours earlier than I planned to, so I figured it was too early to have passed an REM cycle. I got up, browsed some sites on the computer for a while, then went back to try a WILD at about 7am.

      Green = non-lucid
      Red = moment before lucidity
      Sky Blue = lucid

      First Attempt:

      I knew I had nearly done it when I felt a huge tingle all over my body, which at some point just broke. It kind of feels like your body "disconnecting" if you were to describe it. Behind my lids, I was seeing some flashes of pictures in the distance, and I was attempting to focus on them. However, I feel like I got too excited at this new sensation, and the pictures soon went away and simply turned into blackness. I opened my eyes to find myself lying in bed.

      Second Attempt:

      Not willing to give up, I decided to try one more time. It was a strange mix of non-lucidity and brief lucidity, but I am getting there. I once again felt the telltale sign of that "disconnecting" feeling, and this time let it overtake me without trying to focus too hard. Unfortunately, I believe this thought of completely letting go caused me to lose consciousness and I fell into a non-lucid dream...

      I was in some type of either spaceship with narrow corridors. I knew I was in danger, I believe I was also with my girlfriend. There were howling noises in the background like wolves, and we were hiding in this dark room, but still light enough to faintly see each other...we were on a chair and I remember hugging her..but for some reason we didn't care about the danger and well it was starting to become "feely."

      At this point that dream fades out, and I open my eyes to find my room...or so I thought.

      I "woke up" and lay in bed for a few seconds just looking out my window. But something didn't feel right. Outside the window was another building..with a gated fence in front of it. It was also at ground level, when I live on the top floor of an apartment building. At this moment I realized it was a dream.

      It felt incredibly stable at first. I walked to the window and looked outside. The sky was dark, everything was shaded in gray, and I was at ground level, inside a black fenced enclosure that looks like one of those city parks with all cement. I felt scared like there was a sense this would be a nightmare, but realizing that I was dreaming, I braved it and stepped outside my window. I believe this is the moment I got ahead of myself: I walked for a bit, then immediately wanted to test the ability to create things. I looked at a spot on cement lot and imagined Holo(anime) standing there. It worked and it didn't. As I did this, it felt like I was focusing on my body lying in bed to work the imagination, rather than my dream body. I became aware of myself lying in bed and try as I might to get the dream to come back, it was too late.

      I am definitely going to try more tomorrow however. Now that I know more or less what sleep paralysis feels like to me, I know what to expect and will be able to take things slower.
    3. Still Haunts Me

      by , 05-20-2011 at 10:16 PM
      The dream started out (to my knowledge, though I had MANY dreams this night constantly waking me and I cannot remember what the actual beginning is) with me parking in an A&P parking lot. I just wanted some ice cream. When I went inside, though, it was smaller and quaint. I went to get the ice cream. There was a guy there with who I guess was his girlfriend. They were about my age (20 or so), and he was pretty good-looking. He was nice, and as his girl started walking away he came over and started a conversation about the ice cream with me. I told him my favorite (which I can’t remember). Then we got in line to pay, and I realized I forgot my wallet in my silver purse in my car. I asked if he could hold my ice cream for a moment and he kindly agreed. I ran out, got my wallet, and ran back in, doing some sort of ninja slide as I entered. I paid, and as it turned out he was also the cashier. Then I went back to my car and my best friend, Dewy, was there waiting for me! We talked a little and got in the car. I started driving. I then put the car on some sort of autopilot and it started automatically driving to his house! We put the seats back and lay there, talking. I could tell by the surroundings that we were coming towards my neighborhood, so I got up, took control of the wheel, and steered us into my neighborhood. He asked me what we were doing but I told him it was a surprise. I was trying to go to a field where we could eat our ice cream (I remember his was green chocolate chip mint), but wouldn’t tell him that. He playfully dabbed some of his ice cream on my nose, but it was so cold it hurt, and he felt bad. When we got toward the field, though, the road was blocked off for construction, as well as half the church parking lot where we sometimes hang out. We parked at the last spot closest the highway and Dairy Queen and were going to walk around to the field, but he needed more ice cream first, as I guess he finished all of his in the car. As we parked someone parked behind us, some guy and girl. At first I was annoyed that people were parking near us, but as the dream went on I guess they had been our friends. We got out and Dewy went around to my side of the car. In the mean time, one of our friends (the guy, as I think the girl disappears) pointed up and said, “Did you see the moon? Something just went across it!” Something like a shadow, I presume it was. I looked up and the moon was unusually gigantic. We started chatting about how big it was. Then someone else (who I’m guessing WAS the girl but is now a guy) pointed again to a different spot saying, “That’s not the moon. THAT’S the moon!” I looked up and saw the original huge “moon” and then two smaller ones, but because I know we only have one, my subconscious corrected it and I blocked out the third moon. As I saw it, I realized that the small, crescent moon was the real one. I started panicking. We all started talking frenzied about the first moon and what it could be. I quickly came to the conclusion that it must be an asteroid heading toward us. It was getting closer as it was getting darker out. I sat in the driver’s seat with the door open, freaking out to Dewy that I wasn’t ready to die. I said, “There’s so much I haven’t done with my life!” He said, “You’ve done more than I have!” trying to comfort me. But I kept ranting and panicking, getting upset. That’s when Dewy left to go get his ice cream. I got out of the car and watched him, as the other friends and I stood there and chatted a little. Curious, I took a quick peek up at the “moon”, only now it had a pattern of small white lights on it that resembled North America at night. I now believed it was another planet and announced so. I stated, “At least if it’s another planet we won’t be the only one’s dying”. A little astounded, I turned a little to face it in a direction I could get a better look, and now saw something different. I noted three red lights spaced into a large triangle framing the pattern of white ones. It was very dark now, but I could just make out a blacker triangle outline of an alien spacecraft. I then freaked out. Someone, whether it was our friend or my subconscious (although I think it must have been my subconscious because I’m pretty sure the spaceship’s goal was to be stealthy, and kind of remember no one else reacting to it), told me I had better warn Dewy to get back in the car. I went to reach for my phone in the car, but saw him on the side of Dairy Queen throwing something out. Desperate, I yelled for him, “Dewy, run!! It’s a spaceship!!” And then right after I had yelled that our friend shouted, “Watch out!!” I jumped into the back seat just in time as this white laser came down right where I had been standing. It didn’t destroy or touch anything around the spot, but I knew it would have destroyed me. I realized that anytime anyone wrote/said/texted the word ‘alien’ or ‘spaceship’ if would zap them to keep itself a secret. At this conclusion I started genuinely freaking out very badly and woke myself up.
    4. Dungens, Robots, and Fragments.

      by , 04-23-2011 at 03:11 PM (Typho's DJ)

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      non-lucid , dream fragment
    5. Minecraft, Climbing the Tower, Air Gear, Spaceship, Vampire

      , 02-06-2011 at 04:30 PM (Hyu's Adventures)
      non dream - lucid - non lucid

      What the hell? O_o
      I have no idea what was going on last night, I didn't take any dream related vitamins / supplements or anything. (I never have)
      I did have a few drinks, but I can't remember this ever having an effect like this.
      I can recall so many dreams and most of them were very vivid.
      These are the non-lucid ones, I'll post the lucid ones later.

      1. Minecraft
        I'm in minecraft. My vision is the same as what you see on your screen while playing it.
        I've built a huge castle and I'm currently fiddling about with some double doors.
        I want stone doors which I can only open with redstone, so I need to create a hidden
        underground circuit with pressure plates. I have trouble figuring out how to invert one circuit
        but not the other one, without getting them to touch.

      2. Climbing the Tower

        I must make it to the top of the tower as quickly as possible.
        The antenna on the top of the tower needs to be replaced with a subspace transceiver.
        An alien ship is in orbit trying to send us the cure for all sicknesses in existence and this is the only way to go about it.
        There is some conspiracy going on where the governments don't want us to know about it.

      3. Air Gear
        I haven't read Air Gear for ages...
        It's the middle of the night, I'm sitting in front of my house.
        I'm holding inline skates in my hands, I'm about to put them on.
        They only have 2 wheels each, with an engine installed between them and disc brakes inside the wheels.
        The words "Air Gear" are engraved into them next to a wing symbol.
        I put them on and start riding towards the main road...
        ... I'm at the top of a mountain, on an awesome road leading all the way down.
        There are other people wearing "Air Gear". We're going to race down.
        The race is immensely fast paced, the engines are powerful and the brakes are strong.
        Taking shortcuts by jumping over cliffs is thrilling and the short time you are "flying" feels absolutely awesome.

      4. Spaceship
        It's the future. I'm in the search and rescue business.
        We just got a distress call from some mining ship in the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter.
        I'm entering the cockpit of "my" spaceship, which is currently docked at the second international space station.
        (The ship is about twice the size of a nasa space shuttle)

        I know what all of the buttons do, even though there's a lot of them.
        I power the main reactor, start the heating sequence for the engines and start a routine pre-flight check whilst verifying the coordinates of the distress call.
        I'm joined by a women, my co-pilot. She says she's sorry for taking so long, puts on her seat-belts and powers up her consoles.
        I tell her it's no problem, we need to wait for the system check anyways.
        After it completes I request permission to dock off, which is immediately given.
        I use directional thrusters to move the ship a few meters away from the station before powering the main engines.
        After accelerating towards our destination I activate the FTL drive console and enter the coordinates.
        I ask my co-pilot if she's ready for FTL. She presses herself into the seat and confirms that she's ready.
        I press myself all the way back as well and hit the FTL leaver.
        The g-forces pushing me into the seat are barely bearable...

      5. Vampire
        I'm at university, leaving my classroom.
        I'm heading through the corridor and A. a classmate from last year is following me.
        She's following me because I'm luring her towards me with my powers.
        I enter a currently unoccupied room, after a few seconds she enters as well.
        I close the door and lock it.
        I approach her, she's moving backwards until she hits a wall.
        She comes to her senses and asks me what I am doing.
        The urge for blood takes over and I bite her in the neck... I'm a vampire!
        Some blood spills out and messes up her white shirt.
        She moans and shivers in pleasure... what the hell am I doing?

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      non-lucid , dream fragment
    6. Mzzkc's Mind Games

      by , 01-05-2011 at 07:09 AM (Mzzkc's Mind Games)
      Feeding Time (Non-lucid)

      Darkness covers the deserted outpost. Grey walled, black roofed buildings, dot the area, each a relic of the past. Though, the architecture, old-west in style, seems to be the norm across this post-apocalyptic wasteland. Shuffling through the first floor of the Inn, my sisters and I cast shadows on the murky glass. They're coming. . .

      “What's that movement? In the window,” a woman points and whispers through hushed sobbing. A group approaches from up the grassy, wet, dirt-laced hill. They haven't slept for days. I motion with my flesh-torn arm for my sisters to cease their movement, close to the door now, out of sight, we're in perfect striking range.

      “You're hallucinating,” warns the portly man with a broken staff and scruffy shadow of a beard. He saw it too, but hunger, the possibility of food, and a lack of sleep disrupt his reasoning. Unsure as he approaches the loosely hinged door, he warns the others to stay back.

      It's likely these people have never seen one of our kind before. Never had to fear our bloodlust, our thirst for human flesh. No, these poor travelers have no idea what's waiting for them, just inside the darkness. We have the advantage.

      They're unlucky, really, terribly unlucky. We could have come to any world, any universe, in the hunt for our true prey. I never had to steal that alien craft in our home dimension; the resistance would have gotten along fine without it. Sure, some key leaders would have been executed, but the fight would have continued.

      Instead, out of character, I took a risk, and here I am now, in another plane of existence, dead and rotting, kept moving only by a powerful virus, or magic, I can't be sure. My intelligence, my self, remains intact. A true zombie, I am not, but my craving, my need to feed. . . all too real. Even as I bite down on this man's fleshy leg, repulsed by the taste, the dirt, the grime, I can't stop biting, tearing, where the others can't see him, can't hear his muffled cries.

      I really hate it when they don't shower.

    7. Government Underground Bunker/Spaceship

      by , 12-22-2010 at 12:53 PM (Eonnn's Akashic Records)
      I found myself standing in a lift, the doors closed, and I started going down in the lift. It was going down really fast, past many floors, in a matter of seconds I was around floor number 300. The lift stopped, and the doors opened, I was thinking "hmm this must have inertia dampeners or something because I should really be splattered all over the floor". A japenese guy entered the lift and the doors closed. The lift continued going down, this time I started to feel some G's. I asked the jap guy "how far down does this lift go? china? japan?" he just laughed. It stopped at around floor 561, I decided to get off even though I was sure this lift could have easily gone down an extra 1000+ floors at least, I just didn't want to risk being 'caught'. We both got out of the lift into a corridor, he started walking to the left so I went the opposite direction (so there was less likely hood of me getting around undetected), there were quite a few people around, I could see a couple of business people, mothers & children. I continued down the corridor, stopped to have a look at a sort of atlas photo on the wall which showed a planet similar to earth except all the continents were shaped differently and had different names. I continued on down the corridor only to end up in a shop that sold toys for babies/kids. So I turned around and started heading the opposite direction and then the dream ended.

      This could have been anything, a place in the future, a secret underground installation, or even a spaceship. I never got to see the outside. I wish I had more time to explore in this dream, try a few other floors out see what they have. In my opinion, it was probably some kind of massive spaceship (one of many) that contained a part of humanity's civilization going around finding other planets to colonize (and the atlas photo I saw on the wall might have been one of the planets they had colonized.

      Very Interesting dream to say the least.
    8. a trip to the clip-art moon; cat-baby; sad little boy; bleach beach

      by , 12-19-2010 at 01:25 PM
      Good morning, everybody. Sunday mornin' and doin' my dumb laundry as I write this.

      Dream #1

      I was in a "spaceship" with my family. The spaceship was lit with a dim, amber light. The walls and floor were smooth and white. The interior was like some plastic-molded futuristic living room rather than a spaceship.

      My mother said we were going to test out the spaceship, possibly just so my mom could show me how the thing worked. The ship now began blasting up into the air.

      I was impressed by how little we felt any of the acceleration. Right next to me there was some kind of black vertical strip with a series of light-up green and red signals in it. I watched as the sign showed how high our spaceship was going. I was really impressed when we hit the "250K feet" signal, which to my mind meant we were in outer space.

      I thought we were going to stop there. But we kept going. I wondered what the heck kind of "test" this was, if we were actually going all the way to the moon. But the signal showed us getting closer and closer to the moon at an unbelievable pace.

      Before I knew it, the signal said we were really close to the moon. I put my eyes to some kind of periscope which served as our "window." The moon looked very clear, but still pretty far away. I looked back to the signal. I guess I had misread it. It had said we were approaching the moon. But now it said we were actually close to the moon.

      I put my eyes to the periscope again. The moon was really close, apparently: so close, I could only see a small piece of it. But that part didn't look like the real moon. It looked like some kind of old-fashoned, black-and-white clip-art version of the moon.

      I looked away, kind of disappointed, like I was never actually going to see the moon.

      At this point, I kind of woke up. I had a half-awake, half-asleep fantasy in which my mom shut off all the lights in the spaceship and then activated some kind of screen all around us that showed us a view of the moon. It still didn't look like we were close to the moon. It just looked like an extreme close-up of the moon from a video shot on earth, on a really big TV screen.

      Dream #2

      Someone was holding a creature that was either a young child or a cat or both mixed together. The cat-baby had to leave the possession of the first person. I think it was going into the possession of my sister or a woman like my sister. (I saw all this from a low-angle view.)

      The person handed the cat-baby off with some effort. The cat-baby held on with its claws and cried out, "No! No! I couldn't bear to be away from you."

      The person laughed and said, "We'll see."

      My sister felt guilt for making the cat-baby sad. But the cat-baby was already attaching to my sister, even while it was still crying that it couldn't bear to be away from the first person.

      The cat-baby was now calming down. It told my sister, "You know, this isn't bad! I can deal with this after all!"

      My sister laughed.

      Dream #3

      I walked up to a group like a family playing in some kind of park area that seemed to be near a beach. I must have known these people, as if they were my family in some way.

      I knelt before some little boy who lay half-naked, wearing only a blue shirt (like the one I wear to bed). To my left was a big cliff of grey rock. We were on sand, and the sand extended about ten meters or so to my right. A lawn went to my left and forward about 100 meters, rolling down a slight slope, then ending in a long beach.

      A woman (dressed in Victorian clothing? a white, frilly dress with a long, lacy skirt and a big hat?) and a couple other people (dressed in modern clothes) sat on the sand. Other people played on the grass and beach.

      I was playing some game with the boy where I put my hand on his stomach. There was some kind of joke involved with this. It made me look like a dope and like I was the boy's slave. So the boy would always laugh at it.

      But I suddenly realized I had to get going. I don't know where I had to go: maybe just back to my own house and life. The boy got upset when I stopped playing the game with him. He sat up on my knee. Somehow he looked half-human and half-animal. Maybe his eyes were all black.

      I told him that I had to go, but that he'd always have the memory of the fun times we'd had together.

      The little boy impetuously cried, "Well, what the hell good are you to me that way?"

      Dream #4

      I don't remember why, but a group of friends and I had to get to a certain part of some beach. I don't know exactly how we were traveling there.

      It was more like my view was just skimming to the right over long stretches of beaches, water, and roads near beaches. And I never saw my friends. It was more like they were just voices in my head or some kind of narration.

      My friends, who all sounded like young men and women having a good time together, were picking on one woman in particular who kept asking why we couldn't just go to any old part of this beach.

      One of the friends said that we had made a plan to meet some specific person at this specific point at the beach. The person had even given the name of the point.

      We were heading to some spot where it was like the beach turned off from the actual ocean and turned into something like a shore surrounding some offshoot of water from the ocean. The water barely moved. It looked clear, but it looked like there was a lot of green moss at the bottom.

      I made some comment about "Bleach Beach."

      One of the friends translated my statement for the girl that everybody had been joking with. He said, "He just made a joke that the reason why they call this place Bleach Beach is that the water here moves so slow and gathers so many germs that the only way it can be safe for people to swim here is by having a bunch of chlorine poured in. Just like a swimming pool."

      For some reason, this was yet another proof that the girl was a dimwit for not having realized why we couldn't have just stopped at any other point on the beach.
    9. family scenes, jesus and moon; revised screenplay; evading gunman; after spaceflight

      by , 12-17-2010 at 02:30 PM
      Good morning, everybody.

      The endings of the first and third dreams were lucid. The first three dreams happened between 1:30 AM and 3:30 AM. The fourth dream happened between 5 AM and 5:45 AM.

      Dream #1

      I was with a couple of my nephews in a car that was driven by my grandmother. I may have been getting a ride back to the airport after my visit back home. It was a nice, sunny day.

      My grandma asked me where I'd like to eat. I may have felt like a little kid at this point. I didn't want my grandma to have to pay for a big meal, so I said, "Oh, just Burger King will be fine."

      We began driving up a winding hill, the face of which was brownish rock. My grandma said, "No. We're going to go to a sit down place to have some food. Let's go to Denny's."

      We were at the top of the hill, in some kind of parking lot. Behind my grandma, from a view out her window, down the slope of parking lot and across some street, I could see a Denny's. Out my window and slightly up the parking lot's slope, I could see the car my mom was driving.

      My grandma said, "You go tell your mom we are going to Denny's, and that she is coming, too. Don't let her make any excuses. Tell her I'm paying for all of you."

      I was at my mom's vehicle, looking in from the passenger-side window. The vehicle was tall, like a tall van or SUV or pick-up truck. My mom sat at the wheel, giving me an almost dead look. I understood she was almost scorning me for thinking she'd go to Denny's with my grandma.

      Somehow I was in my mom's car, riding down the hill, possibly to Denny's. I was trying to keep my mom's emotions under control.

      We were now at my family's house. My mom and sister and I were playing with a little boy and a little girl, "my niece and nephew." We were all sitting on the floor, which was kind of cluttered with toys and clothes.

      The little boy was doing something cute, but the little girl got really jealous. She did something mean to the little boy, hurting the little boy, and then started crying herself. Either my mom or my sister started comforting the little girl. They fed her a bottle which had a fleshy look to it, like a bottle-shaped breast.

      The girl seemed to have a weird-shaped head and weird shaped eyes. The head and eyes got weirder and weirder as I looked at the girl eating. I stood up and walked toward the kitchen.

      There were a mattress, some blankets, and some other stuff strewn on the floor right before the doorway to the kitchen. I stepped over all that stuff to get into the kitchen. But among that stuff, I saw that there was a little baby boy who had been forgotten under a bunch of blankets.

      I knelt down and uncovered the little baby boy. It looked like a white-furred monkey with black eyes. It was swaddled in a blanket. I picked it up. I felt there was something meaningful, almost psychological, about my having found this baby boy and having started to care for it.

      My sister and mom knelt near me. My sister took the baby. As I handed it to her, I felt like I needed to see it again, as if I couldn't believe I'd seen it at all. But now it was a "cell phone," which looked more like a blue, plastic alarm clock with green-lit punch keys on the underside.

      My sister handed me the phone. I started talking with my sister on the phone. It was like she was no longer in front of me..

      My sister said, "Yeah, it's probably not a good idea to tell F (my oldest nephew) about some of the things you did. It makes him think it's okay for him to do them. I mean, you think it's funny, and I think it's funny. But mom thinks it's just destructive in her house."

      I replied, "Yeah, that's cool. We just come from different generations, I guess."

      As I was saying this stuff, I found myself in another room, "my bedroom," which was more like a big room in a museum. The room was gently lit with warm, white-gold light. I wasn't on the phone. I was laying on something like a bed, on my left side.

      I was looking at a huge painting, maybe 5 meters long and 3 meters tall. It was of Jesus, just his head, before a blue sky. His hair flowed as if blown by the wind, like you sometimes see happening for female anime characters.

      Jesus had blood on his head and face, from the crown of thorns. The blood was also blowing in the wind. The blood then turned into red and orange leafs blowing in the wind. There might have been canopies of red and orange leafed trees in the background.

      For some reason, this fall-themed crown of thorns painting made a lot of sense to me. I began to wonder why there wasn't a fall-related holiday relating to the life of Christ.

      I rolled onto my back and then onto my right side. The room was dark. I was looking at another huge painting, this time winter-related. It had something to do with Jesus' footprints in the snow.

      But there was something weird about the snow. It actually looked like boot-tracks on the moon. I realized Jesus wasn't in this painting at all. It was just a painting of boot-tracks on the moon. Yet it seemed so mystical to me that I reached up my arm (a child's arm?) parallel to the tracks.

      Suddenly I realized I was dreaming.

      I sat up. I was on the floor. I stood slowly. The room was dim, almost completely dark. The painting which stood before me was now even larger. The only detail I could see on this painting was near the lower left (my left) corner of the painting. It was the back of an almost naked person. The back was huge, muscular. But I couldn't tell iif it was male or female.

      Next to the painting was an enormous (maybe 1.5-2 meters tall), metallic vessel, probably silver, on a stout, white pedestal and under a plexiglass display cube. The "bowl" of the vessel had a weird, nest-like tangling of metal, as tangled and fine as moss, which was incredible, considering how big this vessel was. The "neck" was smooth and polished.

      Walking around, I kept feeling myself fade out of the dream. I tried to keep calm and hold onto the dream as long as I could. But eventually everything went black and I woke up.

      Dream #2

      I was in some big room like a school cafeteria on the second floor of a building. There were a lot of long tables with bench seats. The light was nice, incandescent. I sat at a smaller table with my friend T and a friend of hers, who I at first thought was Japanese.

      T's friend and T were here to study. I had helped T with some kind of study project. I was apparently here to hand off a paper with my revisions. But now T took out a copy of a screenplay I'd written, with a lot of revisions on it.

      The screenplay seemed to have been printed on 11x17 paper, so that two pages showed on each side. The first page was covered with pencil-revisions, in a really nice, narrow cursive hand. I understood that the rest of the screenplay was just as full of revisions.

      At some point, T's friend reached over and scribbled something in the margins between the two pages. It said something about how T was my girlfriend. The T's friend said something out loud, and I realized T's friend was actually Chinese.

      I felt odd about the implication that T was my girlfriend. But right after that T may have called me her boyfriend. I may have been happy about that.

      Dream #3

      It was night. I was walking down a sidewalk in front of some apartment buildings. A young, black man in a bright red hooded sweatshirt, black bubble-jacket vest, and jeans ran into an apartment building. Seeing me, the guy slowed down and gave me a kind of suspicious glance. He then ran the rest of the way into the building.

      I knew somehow that the guy had been planning to kill me for a while. Now that I had just gone past his building, he figured he might as well shoot me now.

      I saw him, through some windows, run up a stairwell, then run back down it. I knew he had just gone into his apartment to pick up his gone, and that he was now coming back for me.

      I didn't walk any faster or try to get away. I figured if it was going to happen, I couldn't avoid it, even though I'd probably be really afraid once things really started happening.

      I was now walking through a long hallway in a dorm building or apartment complex. The hallway was kind of dumpy, with white walls and stark, fluorescent lighting. There was somebody following me. But it now felt like an older, white man rather than a young, black man.

      I came to a door, which I knew was for the apartment of the man who lived in the apartment directly above my apartment. I knocked on the door, thinking I'd finally take him up on his invitation to come up and hang out some time. I figured this way, I could throw the stalker off my trail.

      The door was a really weak wood. I knocked. The door was now a heavy door with a thin window on the left side. Through the window, I saw a small hallway and the another door. A college-aged girl opened the far door. She waved me in.

      I thought the door was locked. But as soon as I pushed on the door, there was a buzzing, and the door opened. I walked into the smaller hallway. The woman was gone, which struck me as strange. I realized I was all alone. This struck me as odd.

      Suddenly I realized I was dreaming. I almost lost the dream right there. But I calmed down.

      I told myself to keep walking, and just to explore the space. I walked past the small hallway. There was another small hallway. The walls here had wooden drawers set into them, like old library card catalog drawers, except that they looked really light and cheap. I thought this was an interesting place, full of files or something. But I kept going.

      I walked through another door. I was now in a very small room with a small, grey-painted metal stairway and second level and a bunch of grey-painted, metal lockers. Below the balcony of the second level, the room seemed to twist off into a much smaller corridor. The staircase also had a metal-railed gate in front of it. The place kind of reminded me of small rooms in the Intrepid aircraft carrier.

      I was surprised that I was all alone, and I kept on gurad for a person, who I assumed would probably not be very kind. I remembered that in my last long lucid I had met a really crazy person.

      I had two options for exploring. I chose to go up the staircase instead of around the curve on the first level.

      I floated over the gate. I almost floated up the staircase. But I felt like the floating was actually causing me to lose my dream-control. So I grabbed the railings of the staircase and forced myself to walk up.

      I had a weird feeling through the rest of this dream. I felt very closed in. I could hear my breath, like I was wearing a space suit.

      I felt very warm. Walking up the steps, to my left, I saw a clothing rack full of old, pale blue and white button-up shirts. It looked like they were for a somewhat old man. Above that, there was a shelf piled with upside-down, round-brimmed, straw hats. I picked one up and fiddled with it a little. It looked like it was in bad shape.

      I got up to the balcony. There were more lockers. It looked at first like I couldn't go anywhere else from here. But then I realized that there was a hallway or something off to the right.

      In waking life, my computer made a loud noise. I woke up.

      Dream #4

      I had been in space, flying some kind of space vehice. I barely remember anything. I remember being high up in the sky, coming back down, around sunset, when the sky was a vivid purple.

      I was now taxiing an airplane (?) into an airport with my mother. We were "parked." My mom went into the airport to take care of something before we went home.

      I sat in the backseat of a car, outside a metal-walled building like some staff building at an airport. I was still waiting for my mom. The sky still had a deep-blue-purple post-sunset look. It was kind of cold.

      I could imagine what was going on between my mom and the people she was talking to. The people were something like military people. I could see, in particular, one tall, older, white man who kind of looked like a very thin Stan Lee, wearing a green military uniform for formal occasions.

      My mom was asking the military man what he would do now that she'd told him about the weird adventures I'd been through, which were undeniable fact.

      The military man said, "I'll do the same thing I do to every mother and son who comes in here telling me stuff like this. I'll tell them to get out. I had money to pay attention to this kind of stuff the first few times it happened. But now it's happening all over the place and -- you mothers and kids are bleeding me dry!"

      I was sitting in the trunk of the car, with the trunk opened just a crack. I thought of getting out of the trunk and telling the military man something about my experience that was so unique that he wouldn't want me to go away. Plus. I would tell him, I didn't want his money. I just wanted to tell my story.

      I thought to myself (why?) that this was a lot like a Joyce Carol Oates story (which it wasn't).

      I opened the trunk all the way and sat out of it to see one of my female cousins, A, walking down the tall stairway of another metal-walled building. She came my way. I could tell she would be mad at me for not having spoken with her for a long time.

      By the time she got to me, my mom was there, too. I was standing by the car. There seemed to be a miniature living room surrounding the car as well.

      I was trying to explain something to my cousin about how I couldn't include her on something my mom and I were doing. As I did so, I was kneeling by a small bookshelf and going through some items.

      I stood up to see my cousin kneeling on the opposite side of the bookshelf. My cousin now had weird, plasticky, shiny, black hair, like an anime character. She was also wearing some kind of red and yellow uniform that reminded me of an anime character.

      My cousin gave me a half-mad, half-disappointed look. I tried to make her less mad by saying something half-heartedly interesting about anime.

      (Note, evening, Dec. 17: I think the "crown of thorns" image in my third dream is influenced by a set of images from a photo slideshow I saw yesterday on the US version of Reuters.com. The slideshow was just the normal "editor's choice" picks of global photos, I think.

      But it showed a lot of images of people in England, Greece, Turkey, and other countries, involved in some form of protest. A lot of the photos showed people who had sustained head injuries during the protests. What really struck me was that these people were still protesting, even after having been hurt.

      So I don't think the "crown of thorns" image is entirely about Christ.

      Also I thought at first that the metal vessel in the first dream was just a really big symbol for the male, uh... parts. I still think that's the case. The painting of the man's or woman's backside and the giant... parts right next to each other seems like an image readily supplied by the unconscious.

      However, I also think the image stands for a couple other things. First, I think it's an upside-down version of a brain and neck. In my fourth dream I also have an upside-down head (the hats) near a torso (the shirts). I don't know why the head and neck have been important in my dreams lately. But they have.

      Second, I think the vessel is like a jet or rocket engine: a bunch of fine, intricate pipes and valves, ending in a big propulsion valve. Anyway, I guess jet engines can be phallic or intestinal, depending on how you look at them.

      None of this is a big deal. I just write it down to help me focus.)

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    10. Fragments of several dreams

      by , 10-15-2010 at 12:42 PM (Awesomeness's quest for lucidity)
      Real life Dream Lucid
      Just for me to remember, dream is color 067300 and lucid is one lighter than the deepest blue, #4169e1.

      Dang. I remember at some point I woke up at 5:40-something AM and forgot to do a reality check. I think it was right before the Boy Scouts in my house dream. (It rhymes!)

      The amnesia dream
      I remember having a dream before this but I don't know what it is. I've seen second or two long snapshots in my head and then I'm like, 'Oh!' and then I forget it.

      Angry lizard-people on a spaceship dream
      Then I had this dream... There were seven people; two groups of three and one person, me, each in one of the three rooms of a spaceship. I don't remember launch but I do remember I (er... I think I was a girl in this story) went up to the front room to talk to the pilot group, but they turned to reptile faced bad guys and hissed at me. I ran to the back, where the three in the back did the same. I sat down to talk with the bad guys in the back, and explained something important (I wish I remember what...) and while doing so got out some important object. I started to negotiate with the hostile animal people. End of my recall of the dream... But I do remember I won.

      Side note about next dream
      Some time before, in the middle, or after the Boy Scouts dream this scene happens. I have seen this exact place before in other dreams. Sometimes I have dreams or parts of dreams that I just know I've had before. The whole place was cement textured. Our family van was going down a spiral ramp (think like how a parking garage slowly spirals upward/downward in a rectangle, but only 20 feet long and much steeper.) and at the end there's a left turn into like a hallway sort of thing. But the problem is, the end towards the ramp is way lower and collects LOTS of water. In other dreams, I've seen the van drive through a foot of water. It slowly tapers in depth as you get farther away from the ramp. However, in this dream all the water is frozen. So, I'm in 3rd person, listening to the people in the van talk. The finish the spiral ramp and drive perfectly fine at the ice, but everyone's concerned as they drive across the ice. Knowing my experiences with this spot from other times, I was afraid the ice would collapse. It didn't as they came back, either.

      The Boy Scouts in my house dream (who love stickers)
      The next dream I had was in a modified version of my house. Everyone from my troop in Boy Scouts was inside and we were all (I'm not sure if I was) getting ready for some trip. I was at the laundry, next to my stack of clothes. I gave a bunch of people stickers, and some of them refused, others didn't. Then I got out this big textured rubber sticker that had holes in it. It was like the colored lines of some figure made into a 2mm thick rubber sticker that really did feel realistic during the dream. It had some meaning that I have now forgot. The majority of the sticker was peachy pink, the rest near the center was other colors like black. I think it My dad laughed, 'Stick it on the <insert forgotten name here> !'. I reached out the window and did so, laughing. The thing was like a stone bird bath slightly curved by maybe 2 inches like a chair. So no water would ever stay in it (there wasn't any in it in the dream) because it'd all pour out the front. It was only like two feet tall, yet it was so high up I could reach it from my second floor window next to the laundry... Which never gets opened and has junk in front if it so I normally can't reach it. I guess I never noticed it was too high. The rubber sticker didn't stick, it only curled into a 'U' and stayed where it was.

      Beep, beep, beep, beep, beep.
    11. Alien Spaceship, and Hiding in Pots

      by , 08-01-2010 at 04:09 AM
      The dream starts out with me riding my bike along a suburban neighborhood road. It curves to the left constantly, and judging by the surroundings, the curve of the road, and my distance from home, I'm riding my bike home from the neighborhood park. The sky is orange and purple, so I assume the sun is setting. Something catches my eye and I look up.

      Floating a ways in the distance above the sky is an alien spaceship, slowly heading towards my house. My heart starts to race and I bike as fast as I can, trying to beat it home. Somehow I manage to get home before it, but not before crossing its path. I'm positive the aliens can see me entering my house.

      I lock all the doors and try to find a place to hide. For some reason the most logical place is in front of my couch, which is in front of a giant window. I duck down and cower. After a few seconds I get my courage up to look out my window. My heart skips a beat. The spaceship is landing in the street right in front of my house. I watch as the main door hisses and slowly lowers itself open. At this point I get up and sprint into my room, slam the door shut, and hide under my bed. I can feel my heart pounding a million miles an hour.

      Somehow the aliens managed to get inside. I can hear footsteps walking down the hall towards my room, and my doorknob turning. Then I wake up.

      For some reason when I remember this dream, I also remember a fragment of me being a ghost. People can see me and are chasing me, so I fly away and hide in decorative oil pots. But they always break them open and try to catch me. I don't know how they know where I'm hiding...

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    12. Formations in the sky.

      by , 07-30-2010 at 05:27 AM (Visions of the night)

      I can't recall much but I remember laying on my bed looking up at the ceiling which was a window. Sort of a condo but the ceiling was glass and it was open so I could view the skies. I was talking to someone next to me he was wearing a suit and was going over some money accounts.

      I look up at the night sky and notice these huge vehicles moving and when I focused on what they were ..they were incredible space ships. They would zigzag and stop abruptly.. it was pretty scary because I knew these were not driven by humans. They were displaying their dance of lights and what was weird they were changing shape fast. It reminded me of the transformers how the space ship changed form going to one unique shape to another..
      I saw 3 of them.. one black..one dark grey and another silverish and they just were displaying their lights. All of a sudden they changed into huge 3 separate mist. I told the guy next to me I wanted to close the window because I felt uneasy.
      The window couldn't close and I saw spot lights scanning the air...

      That is all I could remember..
    13. Bodyswap, Alton Towers and a SPACESHIP :D

      by , 06-18-2010 at 02:26 PM (My Own Personal Inspiration Bank)
      [Dream in blue.]
      [Lucid in red.]
      [Nightmare in pink.]
      [Non-dream in normal.]

      Dream #1: Bodyswap.

      I don’t remember much, because it was my first dream of the night and I had a fraught morning, but, what I do remember, is that Jen (who lives 300~ miles away) and I bodyswapped. I’m not sure why, exactly, though, because we bodyswapped into dolls, but continued to be human-like.

      I do, however, remember this:

      I’m on MSN with her, with a bodyswap device in my hand, ready to swap back into my body (which she’s sporting) and give her hers back (which I’m sporting). I tell her I’m just setting it up to go and she asks why. I say because we were meant to be sleeping together tonight and I was hoping to have sex with her [but even if she’s down there in my body, and I’m up here in hers... it doesn’t really count.]

      She says she’s happy in my body for the night and we should swap back and my parents should come fetch her tomorrow. I say but I really wanted to sleep with her and I say I’m going to do it. So I turn to my dad and I say that I’m going to swap back now and he needs to go fetch me in a minute. He says I can’t do that tonight and to stick with the body I’ve got.

      I’m about to start having a go at him
      , when I wake up.

      Dream #2: Alton Towers

      I’m at Alton Towers for some really strange reason. I think I’m there with college. And then, because I’m not enjoying myself anymore, I get on the coach to go home, even though it about five hours too early. The coach driver says he’ll go around in circles because he can’t stay at Alton Towers. I say okay.

      Next thing I know, Luke’s on the coach with me, on the seat next to me. The ventilation is open overhead and there’s a nice breeze coming in. I ask what he’s doing here and he says he was bored. I say okay. He asks where the coach is going and I tell him it’s going round in circles. He says he wants to go back to Alton Towers and I say I don’t know whether it’ll go back there, but it doesn’t matter, because we live next door to each other [we do] and if the coach takes us home, he’ll get home too.

      I get a response much like, “Fair dues.” and we carry on sitting next to each other in comfortable silence. Then I wake up.

      Dream #3: Spaceship.

      This was the best dream I’ve had in a while.

      I’m on a spaceship, with a pregnant Amy Pond [from Doctor Who] and two other men [who we’ll call Man #1 and Man #2 to avoid utter confusion on my part]. I’m in the ventilation shafts [like Jeffrey’s Tubes from Star Trek], which are shining blue and are a little bit too small.

      The floor is gridded, but it doesn’t hurt to be sat on or crawl across and it’s pretty light, so I can see where I am.

      I’m on a pillow, so I think I’ve been sleeping here, and Amy is near me. We talk about something, but I’m not sure what, and I notice there’s a book or two nearby, but I don’t take note of the titles. I’ve been there a while, but I’m not sure why. I’m part of the crew, though.

      I crawl through the tunnels until I reach the main area, where I find out from Man #1 that the transport pod, used to navigate through the tunnels, has been ejected, leaving us with a gaping hole with no air.

      I decide to test this, so I grab a remote, crawl through the tunnels and emerge into an enormous glass area. I can see space through the glass, but I can’t see how high the glass is. I point the remote upwards and press the button, knowing I’m going to die if it goes wrong.

      This object illuminates high up; it’s shaped like a bauble
      but made of golden lights. I grin and shout to the others that it’s safe to come out.

      Question! I have not seen this on any of the threads!-homebase-bauble.jpg

      They shout at me, because I was an idiot. I shrug because I don’t care.

      Next thing I know, I’m at the top of this pillar thing in the middle of the gigantic room, about 60ft or so in the air. It’s tall and thin, branching out four ways at the top and I’m sat on one of the four, straddling it and pulling plastic covers off the main spike in front of me, revealing information inside. I find out that the captain (deceased) didn’t like books, excluding about five. Because of his fondness for these five books, he allowed them on board. They were listed, and I thought they were boring.

      The next plastic cover reveals, in the captain’s voice, that he had taken the bauble pod thing to get away. I don’t know why.

      Suddenly, the spoke I’m sat on gives way and I start to fall, but I grab on to the main bit and shout for help. Man #2 reaches out and helps me clamber onto the second spoke. Man #1, far below, is flicking through some manuals and commenting on them. He’s boring me, so I start looking through the plastic things again, while Man #1 talks to me. I don’t remember the conversation.

      After I’ve been through the second plastic things, that spoke gives way, but I manage to clutch on to the top of the colemn and stop myself from falling, but my legs are dangling and I start screaming for help, but the two men ignore me.

      I reckon they would have caught me eventually, but I’ll never know because I woke up.

      All in all, I missed a bunch of dream signs; bodyswapping, Alton Towers, spaceships, Jen, Amy Pond, Doctor Who, Star Trek, claustrophobia... But oh whatever. I'll do better next time. Although that spaceship dream would have been EPIC lucid.
    14. Spaceship Stratum

      by , 10-13-1978 at 04:13 PM
      Morning of October 13, 1978. Friday.

      The location in this dream is not fully determinable although it is likely Wisconsin because of the land features. All I know is that it is a somewhat isolated area with a higher hill or rise on one side (seemingly east) where a road or highway cuts into possibly the foot of a mountain (that is, the embankment that is exposing the strata where the spaceship protrudes slightly seems partially flat on top but may reach more into the implied foot of the mountain more to the east). I am seemingly not directly in my dream even though my view is moving about in a three-dimensional perspective. Instead, the focus is on several businessmen in suits and around the same age (probably late thirties).

      My dream unfolds in mostly only showing the discovery of an apparent extraterrestrial spaceship that had crashed or landed on Earth many years ago, possibly even before there were humans. Oddly, the different geological layers and features seem to be linked to the spaceship somehow. This is not logical, of course, because it is set up almost to imply that the spaceship slowly phased into its landing area over many centuries so that it became “entombed” or even fossilized over time, so that the spaceship is embedded in geologically different strata, almost in a way that would imply that different parts of the spacecraft existed at different times (after crashing) even though it is the one object.

      I fade in and out of my dream over seemingly at least half an hour, but this is mostly all there is to it. There are a couple false awakenings related to writing my dream down, but no aliens appear or are implied as possibly extant at any point. In fact, my dream’s last “reset” at one point is almost to imply it could be connected to a nearby restaurant for the tourism industry and is perhaps faked somehow or at least advertised in a misleading way.

      There is also something about “all” television stations going off the air related to more of the spacecraft being uncovered relative to erosion - and some sort of unclear reference about people blaming the restaurant for their televisions not picking up channels correctly. I get an impressions of it being related to Chicago somehow. Doing extensive research and relevant updates on many of my older entries (even more inclusive with online dream details that I formerly saw as more insignificant), I had to smile at this one. Although there is no documentation of having been aware of it (I would have likely made the reference), there was actually a power failure the night before at a relay substation in Chicago, affecting all television stations in Wisconsin in periods from ten to forty-five minutes.

      This dream was also seemingly influenced by residual memory of “Five Million Years to Earth” (original title: “Quatermass and the Pit”) from 1967.
    15. A big diamond in a parking lot

      by , 08-03-1974 at 02:03 PM
      Morning of August 3, 1974. Saturday.

      Dream #: 2,784-02. Reading time (optimized): 1 min 30 sec.

      An unusual but intriguing huge feature appears in what seems to be a big parking lot (with no cars) in Arcadia, though the landscape, which changes after my dream’s beginning, is erroneous because of the impression of high hills in the distance and the elevation from where I study it. I seem to be east of its location. The feature is a huge diamond (oval cut), seemingly half above ground and half below. The area it occupies seems close to where Arcadia’s DeSoto Memorial Hospital would be but quite different than in reality, especially regarding the fictitious valley and high hills.

      Michael Learned, the actress who played Olivia Walton on “The Waltons” television series, is the only other person present. However, she is also vaguely reminiscent of my middle school business teacher (Blair), as well as having somewhat of a motherly persona. She remains cheerful as she tells me about the enormous diamond though I do not recall what she said.

      I get the vague impression that the gigantic diamond may be an alien spaceship, but this is uncertain, and there is no sign of aliens. It may be a man-made structure for use as a plant nursery but ultimately seems like a type of geodesic dome. Even so, I try to decide if it had emerged from underground or had landed from above.

      How to understand dreams in my online dream journal: A parking lot is typically a rendering of the association with emerging liminality in the realization my physical body is “parked” while I sleep.

      A feature coming out of the ground (or considered as such at any point) is instinctual autosymbolism for emergence from slow-wave sleep. This dream has a similar significance as “A giant onion is growing in our backyard garden” from July 19, 1975. The top half of the diamond in this dreaming experience, being above ground (especially in a parking lot), confirms to me that accessible layers (or facets) of memory only exist with the emergence of cognizance and consciousness during the beginning of liminality (increasing lucidity) to viable wakefulness.

      Because the details of this dream were similar to a “Pathways to Mastership” meditation I did not know of or use until years later, I have tagged this as precognitive.

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