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    1. Nighthog's Archive: 1 June 2010

      by , 06-11-2010 at 11:18 PM (Nighthog's Dream Grind of the Mind)
      1 June 2010

      Early night epic?
      This was early in the night

      I'm in my house and heard commotion or got a cue for something to go out and look into the skies.
      I and some others in the house are on the second floor. I open my room window. I think it was already open and push my body out and look and see all these space craft in the sky. There are hundreds... no thousands odd ships moving about.
      They are gathering together on this spot in the sky to create this huge ass... Pizza looking mothership? Huh? They are all parts off this huge circular thing. I see people all over the neighbourhood are getting out to look at this all. I exchanged a few words with the people I was with in the house.
      I said they must be space craft. Some words like unbelievable was heard.

      Soon the world... shifted? Well I would call it like the whole earth suddenly tilted or spun in the other direction for a couple seconds. I thought they were re-aligning the earth for more optimal conditions?
      Soon I spot a huge earthquake is coming as a result. Or of another reason. I'm no longer really in my house but at a playground tower or such. The tower is gliding about on the ground getting slowly shorter and shorter as it's sliced across the asphalt on the ground.

      I see what is going on? I see the reason. Something like a god has descended on earth. It's taken the appearance of the white house but the front pillars are it's mouth and the dome its head and the sides are the shoulders and arms. It moves about as he talks. Soon like a dark spiral. A galaxy? Wait a black hole? It has it's own personality.
      The white house god goes to wallow in regret that he had needed to go down to earth. It wasn't intended but his stomach had been growling and soon aching. It had been in a uproar of anger for a moment and he had been forced to stop on the closest planet as he was passing by. The black hole was the stomach. It was complaining and talking back at the other one. It wasn't agreeing on the explanation the other had given. It was for some other reason. It wanted to go here I thought and that was why it had made the uproar.

      Either way soon the white house thing. Spots the troubles he has caused.
      "Oh, no. This can't be" "We'll have to fix this" The earth wide earthquake had caused massive damage and casualties.
      "I'll stop time..." He went to stop time but before that I saw myself... I had been ground up into the ground from the torso and down.. Without noticing it but now. As the tower had been getting shorter so had I been becoming shorter in the same way as I was hanging unto it... >_>;
      I'm in a panic as I noticed it. I'm looking at myself in third person.
      The god seems to have something in mind with me and I just pop out of existence from that location surely dead at any moment. I see myself no more but see that others have wound up same way as myself that were hanging on to this tower. Though they aren't helped.. Only some people react in horror and try to give help but how can they... Torso and down is gone.
      I see time stop now. But the scene on what had happened to me made me sweat and wake up.

      Some other dreams for the rest of the night I have bad recall about. Basically, none for now.

      Then lastly A wild try.

      In a classroom with my old classmates from middle school to high school

      I appear and see myself in the classroom. I'm sitting on one bench and just look around to see where I am and who are around me. It's all old school mates. Though no teacher. One of the students it standing upfront instead.
      I spot my old crush. I look at her a little. Still as beautiful as ever. Though she doesn't notice me or anything. Her hair is quite the masterpiece though. Just wow I have to say.
      I woke up.
      Got back. I'm sitting in another chair now. Further back. I look at the front and at the blackboard. There are various images of manga features of characters and then Japanese text. Romanized and in real Japanese character.
      We are to find the student that fit each of the categories best to match up with these things. Two girls in class go to stand beside the feature they represent. One is about hair style and another is breasts and bra...
      I woke up.
      Back to sleep.
      I need now to go up to the blackboard myself and either pick between category 3 or 4. I only really see two clocks drawn showing two different times. One is 11:00 another is 9:45 or there about. I picked number 3 which had the 9:45 something clock. My old friend goes to say what it represents. About the hero to catch the bad guys. Huh? I look back at the blackboard and now see a small drawn image of a cop car and another car. A cop chasing a criminal in a car chase? I asked this but got no. I turned back and now saw what it really was. It's that black car with that has red lamps in the front that has artificial intelligence and can talk. Can't remember the name. I'm to take the role of this main persons personality.
      We were assigning roles for each to play for something.
      I went to wander back and then lost my sight for a moment and then coincidently went to touch a girl in class on her breasts as I was trying to find something to hold or such to try to stabilize the dream. She yelled at me and I had to apologize. I then asked to hold hands with someone to try have that as link to stabilize the dream and not wake up. Another girl took my hand to help out. She knew about that stability thing and had said about that to me as I was thinking about it, actually I never said a word out loud about it I think.
      I looked at her and wondered how did she know what I was thinking. I was glad non the less she would help me out. But it wasn't good enough I woke up anyway.
      I managed to beck back to sleep on more time.
      This time it was about the manuscript for the play we were doing. I had written it. They had all been happy about the whole up until when I at last minute went and made some supposed changes to the whole.
      The girl in the front was talking about it. She was the one who had helped me moments before.
      They were not happy with the last minute changes. They were some bizarre changes. It was something about one of my old male teachers and then the this other main character male getting it on in the end in some way... She was looking at me displeased and the others were complaining about what the heck that was all about.
      It sounded completely foreign to me that I would add something like that... I could not believe it was I who had written it or made the changes. But everyone else seemed to be sure of it.
      I woke up.
      I had been sleeping in a bad position and as such had my back hurting and that was the thing waking me up constantly.
      As I moved about in bed for a better position I no longer could fall back to sleep. I could not see where the whole ordeal would have turned in continuation.
    2. Nighthog's Archive: 17 May 2010

      by , 06-11-2010 at 05:41 PM (Nighthog's Dream Grind of the Mind)
      17 May 2010

      A first forgotten dream early in the night.

      2nd I remembered after a while.
      Need to fight... and evolve.

      We arrived in front of this corner store on some street. Some guy had wanted me there and was kind of threatening. It was about some issue. I was supposed to handle some other guys debt as he had not paid it up. For sure I had refused. It's not mine. I exited the car and walked the side walk and I heard some threats. And a guy follow.
      I got the impression they were going to frame me for something. There were many by standers. But they didn't get involved much but look on worried.

      Skipping ahead a little I was inside the store now. The guy had now given me a miniature gun. I was supposed to take it. I didn't want it. I thought about something bad with it. When it was in my hand I pulled back the top part until it snapped off and parts flew about. I was going to destroy, disassemble it. The guy who gave me it didn't look upon this scene lightly. I even asked a bystander to go and get a metal saw in the store.
      I was in the mean while picking up the parts. He soon came back and said they didn't have any. I had to settle to discard of the gun in some other way. I tried to bend and break the parts I could and then threw various parts here and there where people could not get to them. Were a few different sewage holes I dropped parts inside. I think the guy followed me looking as I made the gun useless and non retrievable. This wasn't the plan I could tell.

      I came to be upon someone's house. We were gathering there to discuss further on how to go forward with the issue at hand. It was a rich guys house. I knew the kid who's house this is. Rather it was his parents house. I was invited inside through the garden into the living room. I saw a few multi-channel sound systems and stereo etc. Seemed someone was a music enthusiast here. Was not really cheap stuff either. In another corner of the room I saw old Victorian furniture or the like. Not in the best shape but was apparently just now been had in for refurbishment and then usage.

      We talked about something I can't recall but we decided we were to head for them this time. We were going to hit back.

      The continuation was we entered this base or lair of the criminals. It was some kind of super criminal syndicate with special technology and whatnot.
      We had one battle after the another and I got 'evolved' in the progress, after each battle or in the middle of one I got levelled up in a sense to get a new skill to use and fight back. But it was more like activation the more battles I did.
      I remember some thing that made the enemy stop by getting this sparkly mist in their face. Another was telekinesis to throw someone back. Then I got super slash... I mean a real super slash that cuts through anything generally. I could call it vacuum air cut. The room and enemies here where destroyed in two slashes. But I did also cut a few toes of and a little bit of the nose of one our allies who had been taken hostage for a moment. He was laying on the floor luckily. The others just looked at me in shock on what I had managed.
      But we went onward to the next room or hindrance where bullets and guns were spraying everywhere. Here I gained a skill to create a area or sheild/walls from which everything is reflected back in the same direction in same velocity as it hit it... This was a huge mess as allies and foes where spraying bullets left and right and me creating these fields made it fatal to be anywhere in the room. Everyone was soon running for cower.
      I managed to coordinate our forces and my powers next to corner the last of the enemy. They had absolutely no chance against us now.
      Actually each battle just became easier as I got more and stronger evolution of the powers I activated.
      We had won.

      Stargate Universe, the tick episode but with a slight twist
      I was dreaming about Stargate Universe episode 17. I just watched it before sleep. Though it had a bit different story.

      It was already inside the chaos by people hallucinating and started doing crazy things on the ship. I and a couple of others were trying to figure out what was going on and make sure things don't get to disastrous. But the people soon lose control and are seemingly controlled by now. Something is taking control of the people on the ship and making them do various things.
      We realize about the tick thing as someone comes to inform us but they have largely taken control already.
      They go to start to communicate with is soon enough taking us by surprise. They are revealing what they are doing and not to worry. It's some kind of emergency. Things need to be set correct and repaired on the ship fast or something real bad is going to happen. We are in hyper drive I gather from the context and it's something to do with that.
      I saw a kind of movie that explained things. But don't really recall.

      The end scene was that they had released everyone as they were done and we were talking to each others. The ticks looked like small hairy spiders. Or a ball with spiky legs going out. They had averted a disaster and also fixed up some various things we might find useful in the mean while. They know lots about the ship and other things. They are some kind of hyper dimensional entities.

      Crying at the hands of a young girl
      She was talking and comforting me. It ended with she telling me to rest and beginning a count to 45. I woke up before it hit 10. I don't feel like going into the details for this.

      Trying for a WILD, partial success

      After waking up I still wanted to sleep some more, I did not want to go up yet so I stayed in bed trying to sleep but had trouble. I moved around and at times it seemed like I was entering a dream with visions and moving about somewhere but I just woke up from it to loose the view. But after trying again and again I finally started to drift of more easily. I entered a few different scenes between waking up but soon I found myself to get to outside my house several times in a row and had control to move about. But the lucidity was wavy and unstable.

      I went to just walk about the street and around the garden. I was trying to make my lucidity more solid but it only kept going in this unstable fashion. When I tried to do stuff like RC or rub my hands I could not move my hands. I felt I was moving my real hands rather than my dream hands. But luckily I could look and walk around freely which I decided I would do. I was sleeping on my side so I had my arms underneath locked in place. I didn't want to loose my dream state so I didn't want to get up to have a better position as I would have to start all over again.

      As the dream was unstable I felt like I could not do something super advances and thought of going to visit the neighbour again. They are just a couple houses away. So I walked over the street and to their house. Upon coming to the last house on the row I saw the houses were not the ones in real life. I looked away and looked back several times and the house kept changing. I walked back and forth to make sure and see if I could a better representative house emerge. Finally it did and felt like it was the right house. I went to walk for the door and ring the bell but as I was walking up to the door the house and garden had changed again. I walked back out... This was not the right house I thought. This was surely not working right, my lucidity took a short back step and I walked away to head in my house direction again but I arrived elsewhere.

      I found this girl here somewhere, half lucid I just went for the sex thing again. I just really only went to sit with her and hug her but as it seemed this was going all right things went haywire. Something was changing. The girl morphed into something else and the dream scene changed. I managed to get a bit more lucid with this. I felt trapped, held in place. I could not escape or move. The girl had said some things but can't recall. But there was no girl present any more. I was trying to figure out what was going on now. Something had gone up my ass and something was going down my throat. They were just there doing nothing holding my in a lock-down position trapped not able to do much. At first I could not see anything. I could only feel what was around me. But thanks to my lucidity I was not really panicked or distressed to much as I've become when this thing has happened in the past. I was sure I wanted to figure out what this thing is. It's happened a few times, it's not something I like at all.
      "What is going on?"
      "What is this?"
      "Let me go!"
      I yell out but get no answer. I try move and get the things away but it seems futile. They are not moving away at all.
      I said some things again like to start a conversation. Bad recall but one was "show yourself" another "let me see you"
      I was discomforted to max as I was getting no response but soon this deep male voice was heard. It was a response to "What is your name!".

      I heard a name spoken loudly and clearly seriously. "H____m___as" Heramaias, hermius, Haremiuas. Something to the sort. It was a proud confident voice. But not really a nice warm voice. A cold one.
      I finally got a response. I tried to talk and convince it to let me go but only got a indication that he would not. I felt like he would not let me see him and as such would not let me be free. I tried to struggle again to get the things away and get free but only felt as much as I moved things away they still were there not going anywhere.
      After struggling a little bit and saying things to him, I felt the thing in my throat to move away. It was moving out and it was long and slithery. Like some tentacle thing. It was thinner a the point. As it was just getting out my throat and mouth I could see again. It was this slithery thing going back into something that looked like a hand. It was a thumb. The thumb of left hand but faced so it was on the right side of the hand but the hand looked like it was facing me. It went inside and it looked like a crude hand with a big thumb... I had been moving around and feeling about to try and figure out what was holding me. I had been feeling the contours of this hand. It was hard and crude with pointy bumps. As I now could see again it was really big and green in colour. My hand could just about hold around this hands thumb. But not completely.

      He soon said something to me. It was to the like of the following:
      "What do you think about my brother who is a ____ and a dragon."
      It was a question to like assess me but I had no idea what he meant by that and could not really answer. I said something in response. It was no correct as nothing happened. I then tried to struggle again and trying to let me free or let me see him. I started to yell some stuff but my words coming out were at times different from what I intended. I had to like enforce my own words to come out the way I myself thought or else words of someone else seemed to exit. But the other words seemed to make more sense and knew what this was. But I did not notice this in there and just yelled that I would not be taken and soon with more struggling and enforcing my minds will was waking me up.
    3. Nighthog's Archive: 10 May 2010

      by , 06-11-2010 at 05:27 PM (Nighthog's Dream Grind of the Mind)
      10 May 2010

      LUCIDITY! at a neighbours

      For whatever reason I found myself realize that I'm in a dream and I was in my house or just outside it.
      I remembered a intention I had about trying to make a visit to a neighbours house a few houses away. They moved to the area 1 year back now. I haven't had a chance yet to even speak to them sadly. So I knew I wanted to go there directly.

      I made it in a hurry to walk over the street and over to their house but also to think of how do I manage to be able to go inside as I know from past experiences when I've been trying to visit other neighbours I've kind of been thrown to wake up. But then it was more of a forced entry try.

      This time I slowed down and had walked up the drive way and then stop and go down on the street in a collapsed state realising I don't know how will I be able to enter their house. I'm not invited or anything.
      I was down on my knees just next to the door, almost crying. I know I can't force anything.
      I'm staying down kind of sad at my situation whit a want to want to get to know them.

      Staying there for a while just barely starting to let go and yet to soon too see what else to do. I barely notice the door opening and the Man of the house seeming to be heading out.
      He walks by but then turns around and as I look up the wife is there also. They seemed to say something and then invited me to go inside.
      I cheer up from this sudden change and get up and walk inside the door. The two of them seemed to head out and away.
      After a look back a little unsure about this a younger boy comes down from the second floor to greet me and wants me to help him out with his school homework.
      My first reaction is to avoid... "bothersome". But I just as quickly conclude it's really not a issue and I was just invited inside and it would be rude not to help him out. I decide I better look and see if it's something I can help him with.
      "ok, let me see if it's something I can help you with." He goes to turn over this paper brochure where the homework is in. I see paragraphs of words and 90% empty lines where you are supposed to fill in the correct words. He says he doesn't understand what he is supposed to do with it. I look over the paper and try to make sense of it. Somehow I get a thought about language and translation but there are no description or instruction on what you are supposed to do whit the few words and all empty lines. The words make no sense to me either. I say and conclude " I can't help you with this as I don't understand what your supposed to do with it".
      He seems not to disappointed. Was like expecting it. There seems to be someone else he can turn to before it's supposed to be turned in in two days I figure it was. He in turn turns the brochure like paper around and on the backside I see the notion of some kind of game board and instructions for the game.
      The paper was then opened up to view a double sized board for the whole game. The next moments I'm there looking over the thing to try to figure out how you play it. It takes some time and much looking around before I start to see how the game is supposed to work. As I'm almost getting the hang of it he seems not to interested in actually playing it and closes it up and says he is going to do something else which I missed what it was.

      Next one of the girls in the house comes home. She asks her little brother who I am. He just shortly says "dad invited him in". She then goes to head for the living room. I make a cue to follow there as the boy ran of elsewhere and I was just standing by myself at the entrance hall.
      In the living room there are more people than just the girl from before but I didn't make a notice of it more than that and to go and sit in the couch next to her.

      She soon puts interest in me after seeing there is nothing else going on with the others. She said something directed toward me can't remember what it was. I made some kind of short reply. There might have been a few more words or gestures but it's blurry but soon after I made some kind of assessment mistake in interpreting what she said and made a move to get closer to her.

      Well the result was she was shocked really, it was kind of a obvious move on what intention I had with it. She was almost stuttering in saying with disbelief what I did. She was rejecting my move and I went and apologized to her as I saw it was wrong of me. She was trying to mention it to the others there but somehow there was no reaction.
      After she was done talking and seemingly calmed down a bit and me a bit ashamed how I got it wrong thinking about my action. I had decided to sit further away from her as I could on the couch. Thinking she would not want anything to do with me any more she goes to turn her attention back at me I saw from the corner of my view and makes a approach. I see her expression and mood has completely changed. I was thinking of something bad in mind but she says a word... I think it was "wait" and then went ahead to make her comfortable in my lap.
      I don't know what to make of it.
      I have a mixed bad/good reaction. Let her be or try to get away? I move around a little to shake her of but she just moves herself more in place. I let her sit there. I heard her say "don't move".
      I was now there with her in my lap and having to accept it.

      She seems content with it and me I'm really unsure about this. But I decide to put my arms up ahead of her. I try to tease her a bit. But I only get a short "no, put your hands down"
      I end up just having my hands lower over her thighs and legs. I play around there a bit. She says nothing and lets me move my hands across her thighs. I do this for a little while.
      Though it doesn't go long before she gets up and has turned to face me.
      Can't remember what happened next.

      I was exploring the house for a bit though I recall later.
      But there was this design hole/window through the roof and the floor of second floor to the living room below where plants etc was. It was quite a nice place but as I passed through this hole thinking I wanted to get back to the living room I ended up in a wholly different place next. I was still semi-lucid.

      Futuristic city and aliens.

      After entering the downstairs again thinking I'm back in the living room I'm surprised to see I'm not there and completely elsewhere. I look up and see no longer the place from where I entered. I'm like in this walkway off a shopping mall. There is a glass roof up above. I go ahead to walk forward and a bit unsure on these new sceneries I try to figure out where I am.

      It soon dawns on me that I'm somewhere I haven't been to before as all the stuff I see is quite advanced and technological. There is a huge mix of different designs on different technology like meaning they come from all kinds off origins.
      Soon I see like a dock and space ships there and they are awesome and cool. Seems a ship close by is loading in goods and preparing for take-off. I look up in the sky above and around and see all kinds of flying things and stuff floating about.
      I'm doing my float walking soon enough and float in a crowd going ahead whit legs crossed just looking about at all these things. Seems I'm in some kind of market area now.

      I get the attention of some people or individuals. They tell me to wait and start to ask questions. They seem to be some kind of officers. They ask who I am and what business I have here. But I just continue to float ahead and look around not answering them. I see that there really wasn't a single human around. There were maybe some human looking individuals but I got the feeling I was the only real human there.
      The two officers are discussing about me. As I didn't answer they got some kind of scanner out to try and identify me. One soon says that he could not find a registry. The other one comes about to say "maybe he is a B*****ian" can't remember the word but it felt like he meant people that have decided to live outside the society and as such they don't register etc.
      The other answers in return "no, no. they could not even find a **** match". Meaning the scan could not find absolutely nothing. It didn't return anything. I was a complete unknown.
      I got to thinking maybe they don't have any data on humans.
      I floated ahead a little. They were left behind a little not noticing. But soon I heard. "Hey, wait".

      Memory blurs on what went on next.

      Some school/library mix dream

      I was going around this library school mix. There were tons of books in large shelves. And then many students. There was this student who had disappeared from this hidden secret hideout room. Though it just was this secluded room this "hikikomori" person had seized and started to live inside in the library. reading books all the time. It was a little secret only few people knew but this person had vanished from the room. I was somehow taxed whit trying to figure it out somehow.
      It was a kind of disaster for this person to vanish. He was of some super importance for the well being of the school.
      I was just walking around looking around.

      I just now remembered one more dream.. make that two.

      I remember it as I read the title of this news thing article:

      The dream was about some person using a blue or green laser pointer to point into clouds and into the sky and you could move small patches of clouds around or create new ones in clear skies... WOW! and just now I find a article to something about it.

      The other dream was a longer one. Including desserts, waterways, Egyptian pyramids. Mayan pyramids. Pine trees. Finding a hidden location. There were hills and valleys. A frog and salamander.
      lucid , non-lucid
    4. Nighthog's Archive: 5 Mars 2010

      by , 06-11-2010 at 05:16 PM (Nighthog's Dream Grind of the Mind)
      5th Mars 2010

      Gundam like robots in space

      I caught myself walking into a hangar on the ship. I was going to look at the units in the squadron we had for ourselves. They were supposed to be all new and just delivered.
      A person there says things and comments as I approach. They are supposed to be the best around. There are 4 units and one special unit for a total of 5 "gundam" units.
      The person who just delivered them. Is kinda like a researcher, He has designed and made them. He says that each of them has their own name. I approach and look at the units as he mentions the names of each unit and then saying which unit is for which person to operate. When he goes to say the name for the unit on the front right side of the four normal ones it something to the like of E...k..w...l I don't recall the name bit from some few letters that were in it. This name caught my attention directly and I wanted it to be my unit and sure enough he says that it's my unit. The names for the others were also strange etc. but I didn't pay much attention. I looked at my unit a little bit until he then showed the special unit.

      I got more interested and wanted to try it out instead. He said anyone in the team could use it if they could handle it.
      Whit this I tried to enter the cockpit but it was strange... The cockpit was in the ceiling and upside down so I had to jump and climb around hanging down having a bit off issues not falling out from there as I tried to enter the seat. I managed to place myself in the seat position but as soon as I tried to use the belt to lock my position and not fall out I ended up falling away and had to try position myself in the seat once again by shear strength. I tried a couple of times to put the belt on but it didn't lock and I just ended up starting to fall away from the seat as the belt didn't hold me in place at all.
      Soon I gave up and went to my own unit again. It was to bothersome.

      Instead a girl in the team tried it and went and she had no issues at all. I didn't care at all for it really, I just let it be.

      Something happened next and we were hurried to launch out in the units quickly on the spot. I had entered my units cockpit and activated it and soon enough I picked up a weapon and flew out into space. We were supposed to go and defend this other ship nearby that seemingly was something we were escorting. The enemy so to say was about to attack as they had figured out or position.

      I and some other in the team that had gotten out. We were not all. We were only 3 in the hangar. One of us was slow getting out but me and the girl were out first and approaching the ship not seeing the enemy yet. We had yet not a location were they were. Soon enough the slower one gets out but as soon as he does we have acquired the position of the enemy they are just about in range to attack. I and the girl break away to engage while the other one goes to defend the ship. The last fourth person hasn't even gotten to the hangar yet. I hear in the intercom something about hurrying up.

      I engage the enemy units whit my laser weapon. It's powerful and destroys them quick but it's energy consuming and doesn't have many shots and I am quick out of ammunition, or rather energy to it to shot. I took out two gundam like units before I was out and needed to return to the main ship to recharge it. I called unto the girl to take care of them as I went to reload.

      She handles it well and the other guy is doing his job defending the ship now well enough.

      I enter the hangar and see the slot for the weapon were you recharge it. It's integrated unto the wall. I click it in place and it recharges in a second or two and I remove it and need to shot at some enemies quickly. They were going after the hangar ship for a moment there as it was unguarded they thought. I took out them by surprise but i had to reload the weapon once again and pushed it into the recharge slot.

      I then went out to look how it's going for the others and receive a call for backup. I head in their direction and get behind some enemy ships and blast them whit my lasers. But they take many hits and I use up the whole clip again on this single ship. It was some kind of special unit I thought or got information pertaining to.

      Things were getting better. Most enemies had been cleared off already. They were handling the leftovers. I was just floating about there looking at what to do now.

      Maybe not so pleasant encounter

      This was about that I found myself in a room and there was my sister and her two kids. I was having a few words whit them. Suddenly this unknown person approaches and we get into a argument. My sister and them disappears.

      After a few heated words exchanged whit this girl as she represented herself. I was trying to convince her it's all right. I'm trying to reassure her it's "safe"...
      Well I manage to get her to sit whit me. She sits in my lap but not before she made some stingy remarks. I see she is cautious. She is somehow really upset whit me.

      She sits down and I try and take my hands around her and give her a bit off a hug though I fail at it... She... well... gets upset before I really have had time to do or not to do anything. She is convinced I'm not holding up to my words. Though I would say she was too hasty about it all...
      I have no time to calm her down before she blows up... well not really blows up but well... what happened next was I was blasted and found myself where ever I now was. It was a punishment non the less I could see and feel and knew. It could be nothing else but a punishment.
      I saw these words spelt out in high contrast and clarity and heard them said loudly. "You are a f***ing pp" written and then I heard "You really are a f****ing pervert"... I might heard something like, "how do you like this then" and whit that I had been delivered that was she wanted me to experience. She went off and left me whit it.
      All I say is... It was unpleasant to a extent. Not something I wanted to have thrown over me or anything I felt was really appropriate or really was to the context of what it all was about. I could see from it that this was kind a thing to represent on how she thought or saw me as... I was disappointed. I tried to get some stuff of me and such but saw it was quite a solid manifestation. I had no luck trying to manipulate my way away from it and had to sit there and wait a few moment thinking what to do next. How do I get away from this mess.

      It was unpleasant and I got upset about it at first but soon realized how silly it was really. As I was thinking of how to get away from the situation I noticed I was waking up. I tried not to hinder it. Easy way to get away by waking up as soon a possible I thought.
      But I was upset that my lucid time had been spoiled by the acts of someone like this. Though I must say I'm at fault as well. I didn't notice the feelings of this girl soon enough or recognize the situation I was in well enough.

      Strange waterway hindrance circuit
      Was about this water way that you were supposed to go whit. It went underground and in these mazes and whatnot. I didn't like it and just got out and walked on top the things and didn't enter the paths as the others did and I saw it was a damn pain if I would have tried. I was pleased I had decided to go the easy way and just walk over and on top. I saw how they others were struggling trying to get through it all. I would have woken up instantly I figured if I would have gotten stuck at some of those complicated turns and paths and hindrances. I walked and observed. I tried to help where I could the others but there really was not much I could do but say and ask why they did not like me and just skip the unpleasantness. There was no purpose of going through that hassle of a torture really what it all was.
      I even noticed and heard like they were close to drowning and so on. I asked the person supervising this "aren't they drowning down there" as I noticed this sound and stuff at this really difficult part. I got no answer but a smirk I guess.
      lucid , non-lucid
    5. Nighthog's Archive: 25->26 february 2010

      by , 06-11-2010 at 05:11 PM (Nighthog's Dream Grind of the Mind)
      25th February 2010

      At a super big clothing store
      Just a short mention.

      The dream was about me walking around and about in this large shopping mall and then I enter this clothing department. It's gigantic and I can walk around in there looking at people and clothes. I walked around in circles back and forth between different sections looking for something interesting if I could find. Though my attention was not clothes it was the people.
      LOL... lots of voyeurism going on there. There were many changing rooms but they were often occupied so people were changing on the spot to test out different clothes.
      Well kinds pointless time waisted in the end. I had moments of lucidity but somehow decided to stay about this place and settings.
      It was comical in the swimming clothes section...
      There was a swimming pool and such there.
      There was even a kids section were you could drop off your kids and be thought swimming and the parents could go shopping. It looked like a small water playground. There were instructors and all.

      26th February 2010

      I'll write it down later. It's a long dream and content was this futuristic time placed army base. We had these "Gundam" robots. Though not really gundam looking though, they were in varied types.
      I was some type of special attendant. I had been given some strange medals and also was to command one of the special robots of this particular unit. Though I was only in my own robot a minute or such before I never saw it again and was walking around and encountering different things and circumstances at the base.
      I saw the results of some test we had done. I had been given 100/100 + 3.6 points as extra for something.
      well I'll write the details at a later point.
    6. Nighthog's Archive: 14 February 2010

      by , 06-11-2010 at 03:26 PM (Nighthog's Dream Grind of the Mind)
      14th February 2010

      Falling down in a emergency escape re-entry pod

      Something hectic is going on. Something has has gone wrong and I'm quickly putting on the space suit, I note it looks like those astronaut suits NASA has. I'm in some kind of spaceship orbiting earth and I need to escape quick before the place burns up in the atmosphere.
      I note I'm not the only person though. I talk whit someone as I enter the emergency escape re-entry vehicle. The pod only takes 2 people. The other person has already gone inside and waiting for me to come in also.

      As I got in I had to put on my helmet as I had forgotten it. I then close the outer door to the pod... It quickly launches away from the main ship. I then go to close the secondary doors. I can look outside into space as the first door is kind of transparent. I got a glimpse of the pod turning the view to the sun before I close the inside door to the capsule so I can't see outside. I'm in a hurry as I figure we will hit the atmosphere quick and the pod can't take it unless both doors are closed in re-entry.
      As the door closes as I drag it closed I see a small panel whit buttons and lamps and small screen whit data concerning pressure, altitude etc.

      I look at the panel and buttons trying to think which does what? I can't figure out whit will trigger the parachute etc. I look at the screen and buttons the other one says for me to hurry whit it. I press some button and something activates. We have been falling down for a while now. The burn in has already gone through and we are basically in free fall. I then see like this manual override things.... right! I activate it and then see the other leveller I need to press and pull to get the parachute out. I at first only pull it halfway before I notice I need to pull it even more. My partner says for me to go all the way. I do such and feel and hear the parachute etc and we slow down. It was just in nick of time I guess as I look at the readings. Seems it would have been to late if I had waited more.

      I relax and wait for the pod to land down on the ground. I can't see where we will land but am thinking of the ocean as that is what I'm used to see when they drop something back.
      To mu surprise as we are near the ground and I open the inner door we are landing in a town somewhere?

      I worry about if we won't harm or damage anything. Luckily we float to a clearing and people are coming about to look at us coming down in the pod.

      At the ground I opened it up and walked out to be greeted by the surprised audience in my space suit on. I took my helmet off to greet them back. They were talking Finnish... But the people and area looked like from Middle-eastern->European ... And then there came about some Muslims it seemed. They were doing a praise song or something... A weird situation indeed...

      I ended up befriending and mingling whit a girl that had come up to me at first to ask who we were. We entered a café together shortly to check the premise and surroundings. I asked that I need some clothes so she decided to go and take me to a clothing store near by. The astronaut suit was not ideal in this sun and heat. I wanted just to get into more normal clothing though. The word was spreading it seemed. The clothes were given for free and I even seemed to get free food also if I wanted but I did not take such though.

      We were kind of accepted whit quite open hospitality here. I just didn't know what to do. I kind of wondered when they would arrive to pick us up or something. But somehow had a sense they would not.

      School like complex
      Short version:
      I was in some kind of school complex. I wanted to go elsewhere but there was no exit and when I went back to earlier locations the interior and classes and age groups just changed the whole time. I was semi-lucid and then at last lucid in the end.
      I was much of the time accompanied by a group of 3-4 girls. In the end one of the girls decides to leave. I say to her that it's regretful things could not work out between us. I payee a short farewell as she left. Turned my attention back to the others then though.

      In the end when I for real wanted to get away I found myself in front this huge thick concrete wall... I thought I could just go through it. So I stood next to the wall whit my hands on it and tried to see if I could pass through it.
      I had only done this successfully to windows before. Not something as solid or thick as this. I could not either see what was on the other side. I stood and felt and pushed my hands on the wall and seemed as solid as ever. Impossible...
      I then closed my eyes and then relaxed and "sensed" and soon felt my hands going and melt inside into the wall and then I could move my body through it whit ease and enter the other side.

      On the other side

      As I walked across the wall it seemed my body had turned as I opened my eyes it to become concrete. I felt my body kind of hard and solid and when I was walking on the other side seemed people got scared. I soon got frozen solid as like I became a statue...

      I then tried to free myself of this situation and started to mould my energy back to normal. I could soon enough move my hands free again and then I my visions and body felt like before all of a sudden. Seemed I turned back.

      Looking in front of me I saw this small pavement path and grass. Seemed like a small park setting between the two sides of building left and right. It was clear further up front. I flew of there and then jumped up and flew unto this tree that was there.

      This tree seemed to bend and be alive. I had first stepped wrongly on one location and apologized and then tried to step and stand on better grounding. I asked the tree for help as I had a little problem whit control. A branch and such swinged gently to help for me to grab and help me unto the footing I required.
      I thanked the tree for it's help and soon saw a head form in a trunk and I was asking and talking whit it.

      "Are there any kind of useful items that I may acquire here?" I asked the tree at a later point as I was looking at the surroundings and happenings down below and in the distance further away.
      "Maybe, you can go and see if they need help over there and they might give you some items in return" The tree said and pointed the branches in the direction of the people in the distance. The branches and twigs were swaying about so I had to take and hold it and then put my eye close to figure out what the tree meant. I saw he had had pointed at the cinema or theatre that was being set up in the open there.
      "Thanks for your help" I said and then whipped off in the direction all the people where and the cinema/theatre thing.

      As I got closer...
      "You need to hurry up if you want to get on the bus"
      "It's preparing to leave already"
      This person was trying to get me go to the bus. Or assumed I was trying to hitch along whit it. I shortly pondered should I stay whit the cinema thing or go along whit this person and catch the bus? maybe the tree meant the bus instead? It was behind the cinema and in same direction.
      I figured as this person was quite convinced I assumed the tree had meant I needed to go to the bus and I decide to follwing and try to catch the bus that is leaving already.
      "No, it's driving away" I hear him yell in a predicament as he runs toward it. I go further behind and look where the bus is headed and fly closer and closer slowly.
      We manage to catch up whit it as it needs to stop for some reason. I ask if the bus had any need for some help or items there that I could have. The people here all seem clueless to my inquiry...
      Damn... It was the cinema & theatre after all. I want to get back I look back but takes not long before I was awake.
      lucid , non-lucid
    7. Nighthog's Archive: 29-30 january 2010

      by , 06-11-2010 at 03:03 PM (Nighthog's Dream Grind of the Mind)
      29th January 2010

      Well had many dreams this day... Somehow I didn't feel like to write them down. I can't remember what they all were about now.

      I do remember my brother yelling me to do something the same day. And also saying I have another chance on Sunday.. Or something will happen on Sunday. Either way I'm kinda looking to see if anything happens now on Sunday. On Friday I really didn't notice much.

      I also remember this scene where I was getting bothered and getting desperate because I didn't like them all attacking me whit their slime water guns... I got a HUD on my screen bottom part where I could choose like "dream" "Lucid dream" and "Shared" and another fourth option called "Astral".
      I was currently in "lucid dream" I then choose to click "shared" and every character in my dream disappears. I then click back unto "lucid dream" and everyone comes back... I click back again between both. Same thing happens.
      Wait are all characters here DC? I'm not sharing this whit no one? I woke up after this...

      30th January 2010

      In the spaceship

      I'm inside a huge spaceship floating in space I have a feeling of early in the dream. I'm some kind of new novice recruit or passenger. I'm not really a formal member of the people here I do notice. I have no idea how I managed to find myself whit these people. It seems to be a military vessel. Or at least I'm in the military quarters of the ship interacting whit these guys. I'm in the company of this female officer or similar. Maybe she had invited me over. She seems like my friend.
      I'm in some kind of dressing room where you put on your gear. I'm fiddling an looking at this strange devise that you have around your waist that is for thrust and others functions if you happen to find yourself floating in Zero gravity. I'm looking at it and trying to figure out how it works and which buttons do which functions. I can't figure it out. It's bad design and layout. I end up shortly pressing the buttons to activate the thrust things but it just looks like a Fin like fish have that flows and trusts to move you forward etc.
      "How the heck do you stop this thing" I say and see some guy come around saying I'm in hell to pay if I mess one of those units up. They seem expensive.
      The woman goes to help me as I try to look and see which button does what. I manage to figure out stop and increase or decrease in speed of thrust.
      "This design is crap! I would have designed is so much better if I had made this damn thing" I say out loud and I see people are surprised at my outburst.

      I see that she has put on her the full gear. She has this device I was holding on the front waist and a smaller similar one on the behind. Looks kind of a armour skirt or something when put on. The suit had many different pieces and seems like kevlar and such. It's quite a high-tech battle suit I thought.

      Suddenly everything shakes and a huge explosion sounds. Everyone gets on alert and the alarms start to go off.
      "What happened?"
      The woman takes out a computer pad to check the situation. I hear a guy come in and say that we are under attack.
      I look at what the pad shows and I see the spaceship represented there and also other similar ships in the background. I see at least 3 ships like this. They are our ships. The ship we are in has gotten a huge hole been blown into. Though It's only the outer skeleton armour I see. It's like these octagon pieces all around the ship in a huge sphere going all around it protecting the ship in the middle. 1/4th of the shield is gone... I see that there goes out these ships and starts to recreate the shield fast. They are rebuilding it already.

      "The enemy has infiltrated the ship!" I hear someone yell from around a corner coming in to get some troops around the dressing room.
      We run out whit him into some larger room. There are these consoles that go in long rows here. I see the enemy on the far side of the room.
      "They are here already", "help us" People yell.
      They are aliens, reptile looking aliens. They look quite repulsive in a way to us humans. I see like a commander command the troops to do different things. Looks like some scientists are struggling whit some of the invaders. The soldiers come rushing in to help them trying to struggle them away. No one fires any weapons which I find weird.

      It isn't going well I see the soldiers are overpowered by the aliens easily. I somehow realize I can help out.
      The language the reptiles speak... I can communicate whit them...
      I know I can speak whit them if I try.
      I go out and let out this high pitch sound wave and then start alternating it to lower and higher sounds. The reptiles directly react to the sounds and start to looking around trying to figure out where it comes from. The soldiers are asking each other and the commander.
      Suddenly the Reptile commander sees and locates my location. I look into his eyes and try to put focus to communicate something whit the reptile. Everyone has really just stopped doing what they were doing as I started my thing.
      The commander I see reacts whit huge surprise, wonder and also fear I think when he took that close look at me from the distance. He had realized something and it wasn't something good I think from his perspective.
      I start to use my tongue to say something in these weird words and sounds. It's quite hard to formulate the right sounds but it's working. He seems to understand. He steps forward me and says something to ask me? I got the sense on the questions as "How can you speak our language!".
      I continue whit the words and sounds directed at them. He doesn't react well to them. I keep "talking" and then suddenly he commands for a retreat I think. The more elite guards start to leave. The low life soldiers are left to stand about as the others go away. Are they leaving? I think we all were thinking.

      As they exit the room he commands for the lower levels soldiers to attack. They take out their weapons and he then leaves. We have to handle the distraction. The soldiers now start to use their weapon against these reptiles left in the room.
      I have to lend a hand in this following battle. I have no special gear or weapons but I can use like my sound and mental abilities to combat them. I generate like this saw vibration and sound from my body and any reptile or weapon that hits me does no damage. Just gets reflected. When I do make body contact it acts like a saw on them as I generate this high pitch sound. Sounds exactly like a motor saw when I touch them. They don't like it.

      We take them out whit ease. They left only like 5 soldiers there to distract us as they got away.

      People are in wonder and amazement of what just transpired. We hear the call for a summon to the commander of the ship. I and some others are to go there directly.

      I have a little problems I feel as I start to go there. Something doesn't feel completely right.
      I arrive there and meet the commander of the ship. He seems to take a strange look at me and then congratulates the soldiers on repelling the attackers.
      He asks where the officer is. The female on I was whit. She hasn't arrived yet. What's taking her?

      She soon arrives whit the help of a others who are supporting her. She then greets the commander but also falls down on her knees.
      The soldiers say that she was wounded by the enemy. We something severely wrong here. We take of her jacket and shirt...
      Her whole back is bluish and purple marks here and there. She seems like to be in fever. About her complete upper body is in this blue colour but just below the head and neck so you could not see it unless you took of her shirts.

      I was looking at her from behind. The dream was fading away.

      I woke up.
    8. Spaceship Stratum

      by , 10-13-1978 at 04:13 PM
      Morning of October 13, 1978. Friday.

      The location in this dream is not fully determinable although it is likely Wisconsin because of the land features. All I know is that it is a somewhat isolated area with a higher hill or rise on one side (seemingly east) where a road or highway cuts into possibly the foot of a mountain (that is, the embankment that is exposing the strata where the spaceship protrudes slightly seems partially flat on top but may reach more into the implied foot of the mountain more to the east). I am seemingly not directly in my dream even though my view is moving about in a three-dimensional perspective. Instead, the focus is on several businessmen in suits and around the same age (probably late thirties).

      My dream unfolds in mostly only showing the discovery of an apparent extraterrestrial spaceship that had crashed or landed on Earth many years ago, possibly even before there were humans. Oddly, the different geological layers and features seem to be linked to the spaceship somehow. This is not logical, of course, because it is set up almost to imply that the spaceship slowly phased into its landing area over many centuries so that it became “entombed” or even fossilized over time, so that the spaceship is embedded in geologically different strata, almost in a way that would imply that different parts of the spacecraft existed at different times (after crashing) even though it is the one object.

      I fade in and out of my dream over seemingly at least half an hour, but this is mostly all there is to it. There are a couple false awakenings related to writing my dream down, but no aliens appear or are implied as possibly extant at any point. In fact, my dream’s last “reset” at one point is almost to imply it could be connected to a nearby restaurant for the tourism industry and is perhaps faked somehow or at least advertised in a misleading way.

      There is also something about “all” television stations going off the air related to more of the spacecraft being uncovered relative to erosion - and some sort of unclear reference about people blaming the restaurant for their televisions not picking up channels correctly. I get an impressions of it being related to Chicago somehow. Doing extensive research and relevant updates on many of my older entries (even more inclusive with online dream details that I formerly saw as more insignificant), I had to smile at this one. Although there is no documentation of having been aware of it (I would have likely made the reference), there was actually a power failure the night before at a relay substation in Chicago, affecting all television stations in Wisconsin in periods from ten to forty-five minutes.

      This dream was also seemingly influenced by residual memory of “Five Million Years to Earth” (original title: “Quatermass and the Pit”) from 1967.
    9. The Big Diamond

      by , 08-03-1974 at 08:35 AM
      Morning of August 3, 1974. Saturday.

      I am the only character in my dream at one point other than a younger Michael Learned (who I sometimes absentmindedly yet predictably in real life referred to as Michelle Learned), the actress who played Olivia Walton on “The Waltons” television series. Here, she is somewhat like a composite character of her Olivia role (in overall looks and presence) and my German middle school business teacher in manner and vocal style. However, regarding Olivia, her persona seems a bit more modern. She is talking to me about the huge diamond in an area seemingly east of where we are, which appears to be another part of Arcadia. However, at one point, the diamond seems to be lower down in a featureless valley, yet also appears to possibly be a parking lot (where it has either “landed” or somehow emerged from). At first, the giant diamond (seemingly half in the ground in terms of overall appearance or only the top part of a diamond) seems to be an alien spaceship, but in seemingly a nonthreatening way (though I never see any aliens at any point). However, it also seems to be a man-made structure later on, such as a complex glass pyramid for an unknown purpose, though perhaps is a plant nursery. Micheal Learned seems to be cheerful as she speaks with me and “explaining” things, even somewhat motherly, but I do not recall any of what was said. The directional orientation may be important here, because the sun also rises in the east. The area occupied by the diamond seems close to where Arcadia’s hospital would be (in 1974) but the overall area is distorted and quite different than in reality (especially in regard to elevation and the wider otherwise featureless area).
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