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    1. Lucid #10: Skateboarding and Harry Potter?

      by , 01-23-2016 at 09:16 PM (Pasta time with patches!)
      Okay, so at the beginning of the dream, I was skateboarding with some kids through trails/paths/so on. It was fun. I've never really skateboarded in waking life because I'm too anxious. Anyways, we got to these fences, and I tried skating towards them and then vertically up them, but I kept failing. Then, I tried flying over them, but I could only float around 30-60 cm or so. The other kids found the flying cool though.

      It was just after this that I'm sure I got lucid. I decided to try skating over the wall again--it was more vivid now, so it was more fun, but alas I had no success. Then this really cool fence thing appeared, which kind of looked like an upside down staircase in the air, with the top step in front of me/connected to the ground.

      After a bit more skateboarding, the visuals started to fade, so I tried a stabalization technique that I thought of myself in an earlier lucid (others have likely tried it far before me, but I had never heard of it). I focused on the tactile and auditory sensations in the dream--the sound of the skateboard, and the feel of it beneath my feet, and kind of 'hung on' to that until one minute later, the visuals returned.

      Then, I decided to skate off from that place and go towards my house (I didn't plan on it being my house, it's just where I ended up going). When I got there, I went upstairs I think and noticed this kid, staring at me. He was kind of creeping me out, so I tried to move to another room (I think my mother's) to avoid him. He got in there too, I think? I don't remember much about the exact details of this part. I think I tried to teleport at one point but failed. At one point he was standing on the top of the stairs, and I freaked out and pushed him down--he didn't look like a normal kid, I knew it was a dream, and I was scared. He fell, and I ran to my room.

      In my room, I peaked out the door and noticed that he was there. Really scared now, I made a kind of wand motion with my hand and said 'Avada kedavra!' and he crumpled to the ground. He got up though soon, and then I said 'Crucio!' and he fell again. Yes, looking back on things, I was a horrible person. He seemed to go off and leave me alone after this, and then I decided that I might as well try some dream control stuff, but at that point I was starting to wake up.
    2. Giselle and the 170-year-old kid

      by , 06-11-2014 at 06:34 PM
      I'm with a group of people looking around the ruins of this small castle or fortress. I'm trying to track someone down - I don't expect her to be here, but I know she was here sometime in the past.

      Switching to third person view, there's a hidden room in the ruins somewhere below us. There's a kid inside, a little boy, the son of the person I was trying to track down. He's been a kid for 170 years. The spell or curse or whatever it is that keeps him frozen in time also means he can only speak for one day in each year. He's listening to us move around over his head, and thinking about how he's saved that one day of speech so he can give us a message now.

      That same boy is walking down a suburban street, and he's spotted and recognized by a young woman in a passing car. She tells the driver to pull over, and he does. Her name's Giselle, and though she's a vampire she's never killed anyone - she's been kept away from people by the man driving the car and his wife, her sort of self-appointed guardians. They feel some kind of personal responsibility for her, but they're very nervous around her. They're looking particularly nervous right now, as she gets out and talks to the kid. She's very friendly, she's delighted to see him, but without really thinking about it, when she gets close enough she bites his throat. She can't help it. As a disembodied observer, I'm thinking that she's going to wind up serving as a sort of adopted mother to the kid, and it'll work out well for both of them as far as that goes. But I'm also thinking that this is a sign that our - her, me, the kid, the kid's mother, some other people - our window of opportunity to become human is closing for this timeline. Once we've missed that opportunity, we'll inevitably wind up dying off one by one - the timeline wrapping up loose ends.
    3. Psychic hunters, Sarah Connor and Chrestomanci Castle

      by , 05-06-2014 at 07:49 PM
      There are these people with some psychic skills ranked on a 1-10 scale, where 10s are considered essentially monsters and hardly ever exist. A message has gone out to all these people to stay indoors tonight. One of them's being hunted down by a 10-ranked kid, and anyone else going outside now would just get mixed up in the hunt. This kid's treated like a living weapon, kept locked up aside from the rare outings like this, but he's just a kid; there's a feeling here like being let off a leash. Now he's levitating around outdoors - it's night, so he's not worried about being seen. I'm fond of the kid, and I'm aware that later he'll get away from the place that keeps him locked up, and that'll be good for him. The woman he's hunting calls her home to ask for help, but the woman who answers the phone has already got the message not to go outside tonight, and she's torn.

      Sarah Connor's been running from something together with this guy who can't run anymore, and she can't carry him. She's trying to convince herself to just leave him and go, but when she tries, she only gets three feet before her knees give out. I'm aware it's because she's fighting her own desire to stay and help him. She's thinking to herself that she should have done something every day to train herself to do things she doesn't want to do.

      Gwendolen Chant's sitting in her room at Chrestomanci Castle, writing. She's just gotten back from another world - she's looking for one to move to, and she's just crossed this last one off her list of potentials. She'd had an unpleasant encounter with a girl there, and she'd wound up enchanting the girl into some monstrous form. Gwen led the girl to believe she'd be trapped in that form forever, but she's thinking that actually it'll wear off on its own in about a century. And about another century after that, it'll slowly start to grow back again - Gwen's thinking the girl's reaction when that starts should be hilarious.

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    4. A flooded car, dolls, and a dinobot prison break

      by , 10-09-2013 at 05:39 AM (Mouka's Mind Palace)
      It had just finished storming outside, and Cory and I took the car to go pick up some supplies. The whole area was flooded in front of our driveway, which was stretched out about two or three acres over our front yard. He couldn't get to the road from the driveway, so I told him to back up into the yard and just drive to the road from the grass. He was being kind of reckless and wasn't really watching where he was going, and I told him to back up slowly so he doesn't fall into any deep puddles. As soon as I said that, he backed right up into a huge puddle, and the back of the car sank immediately into it. The water flooded into the car and came up to my waist, ruining my phone that I had sitting next to me. Instead of freaking out, we were just really calm about it, and he was able to drive the car forward out of the puddle. I was pissed that he didn't pay attention and made him get in the passenger seat so I could drive instead. I remember just sitting there in the driver's seat wondering how I could get my phone working again, and I thought about putting it in a bag filled with silica packets.

      I received a new BJD in the mail and was super excited about it. It wasn't one of the 60cm ones like my Delf, but one of the ones about the size of Barbie dolls... I can't remember what they're called at the moment. It was a female doll with blue skin, but some of the darker blues painted on her face weren't blended properly and it looked odd, but I really liked her anyway. I wondered what she would wear since the only clothes I had were for Ian, and they were 60cm clothes, so I went online and someone told me that my specific model could fit into Monster High / Bratz outfits, so I got all giddy and bought her some cute outfits at Toys R Us. Her skull cap was kind of weird, too. The front part had to be tucked in under itself or it didn't fit properly, and it kept slipping off to one side so I had to keep readjusting her head. Basically, it was a dream where I did nothing but geek out over a doll.

      I was stuck in prison for something I didn't do, and I was assigned to stamp license plates with a few other prisoners. The plate-making procedure was kind of odd; we would hammer out lettering, dip the letters in black paint, and then hang them on a clothesline in front of our cells to dry. After they dried, we would attach them to the actual plates. One of the other prisoners told me they were planning to escape by making a license plate with fake numbers, attaching it to one of the prison's unmarked cars, and then driving out with it. She said since they wouldn't be able to run the license plate, they wouldn't know the car was stolen. I agreed to join them, and we put the fake plate on and drove away, but one of our cellmates snitched on us and soon we had dozens of police cars after us. The girl I had escaped with told me she knew a magic spell that would shield us from the sight of the police, so we got out of the car and stood on top of it, and she cast the spell. Unfortunately, the spell backfired and turned us both into Dinobots from the Transformers, except we couldn't move. I was the T-Rex and she was some sort of dino-bird. We stood there on the car top, with policemen surrounding us but too afraid to come near us. Suddenly, my mom popped in out of nowhere, snapped her fingers, and we were all in a big cozy den that was surrounded by bookshelves and had a fireplace going. Mom told me that I could transform myself and the girl back to human, because she was secretly a witch meaning that I also had witch-y powers in my blood. I remember being shocked, because I always took her for being Catholic, but I concentrated really hard and both of us morphed back to human form.
    5. Harry Potter and the Dragonballs

      by , 08-01-2012 at 05:30 PM


      I was getting ready for school with Jonah. I knew someone was going to try and take the dragonballs I had. I didn't know if it would be safer to bring them or leave them at the house. I ended up leaving them and heading to school.

      I walk up this steep hill around the school. I am late. I meet up with Hermione who has the same class. I can tell that she has a dragonball. Snape hassles us about class, but I know what he is really after.

      I become lucid and realize Snape is planning some way of getting Hermione's dragonball. It is best to come out guns blazing. With all my might, I cast the first spell I can think of.

      "Expecto Patronum!"

      A small 4 legged mammal appears and walks towards Snape. I realize that wont do anything so I try another.


      He gets knocked back and hits the far wall. I dont remember the name for the spell to bind him down. I ask Hermione to do it, but she just stands there. I hit Snape a few more times with a Stupify as he tries to stand up. I grab the dragonball from Hermione and run. It isnt a full sphere, it is like a distorted pyramid fraction of it, like a hard plastic 3-dimensional Calibri-Yau manifold.

      I run to an opening outside and yell, "wonguardium leviosa!" This allows me to take off into the air. I fly up for around 70 ft. then lose momentum and fall back down. Multiple people are chasing me. Every once and awhile I turn back and hit them with a stupify or a patronus and keep running. I try flying a few more times with similar results. I hit a few cross beams and climb on top. I am running from rooftop to rooftop and it looks like assassins creed. I cast another patronus that becomes a turtle. Eventually I get to my old house and there is some kid around my age out back. He has some handheld trinket and says it is the first mechanical flying machine. I grab the toy. It has a trunk area so I open that up and put the dragonball fragment inside and leave. I lose the dream soon after
    6. 02/07/12: Sickness Dreams

      by , 02-08-2012 at 12:46 AM (New Dream Adventures of Raven Knight)

      Note: I haven't posted dreams for quite a few days due to the fact I have been sick. I started out last Thursday by tossing my cookies and I haven't felt good since. So some of these dreams are fragments from when I was sick which means they might make even less sense than they often do… which is saying something! It seems that when I am sick to my stomach I start dreaming about food… which makes things worse! >.< I hope to get back to posting dreams regularly now.

      02/02/12: Food Poison
      I am in a game of Oblivion, looking around for stuff to steal, specifically I am looking for food and potion ingredients to steal since once I make a potion out of them they will no longer be flagged as stolen. So I steal a bunch of ingredients, make a bunch of potions, and sell them. In Cyrodiil, crime DOES pay! So I pick up some ingredients from a house I just broke into, I decide to eat a couple of them since that will also boost my alchemy experience level… I'm not sure of the reasoning behind that one… I eat some bread, cheese, and lettuce. I steal more food and leave. I eat a sweet cake for dessert and wash it down with an ale. I am heading for another place to get more ingredients when I start feeling yucky. Sick, like I might puke. This feeling wakes me up, but I am able to ignore it and I fall back asleep right away.

      Back in Cyrodiil, I am still stealing food, and I am still feeling sick. I wonder if somehow the stolen food is tainted. I wonder if the fact the food is flagged as stolen makes it tainted somehow… eating stolen food will make me sick while eating the same food not stolen won't make me sick. That idea seems absurd, but to counter the sick feeling I go into a shop and buy some food and eat it. That only makes me feel worse… and I wake up again… this time I get up and toss my cookies.

      02/03/12: My Ex-Boyfriend Wants to Eat WHAT???
      I am playing Oblivion on my laptop computer, and I realize my ex boyfriend is in the room with me. He is watching me play Oblivion, and I am collecting ingredients for potions. I collect a piece of mudcrab meat from a dead mudcrab. James says that looks like it would taste good with chocolate syrup. Yuck… I collect some more ingredients and James now says he wants to eat venison with chocolate syrup. Yuck again. I tell him that sounds gross. He says not if you put it in a blender and mix it up with some eggplant and the crab meat and maybe a bit of split pea soup… he is starting to gross me out. Just listening to him makes me feel nauseous. He says if I throw up he wants to keep it… nothing mixes ingredients together better than a human stomach. Now I think I am definitely going to puke… I wake feeling ill, but fortunately I don't toss my cookies this time.

      02/04/12: Keep Eating, Pig!
      I am sitting at a dinner table that is piled high with everything yummy I can think of, so many sweets I can't count it all. All of it is stuff I really shouldn't eat on my diet. Chocolate cake, ice cream, pies, more cakes, candy… so much of it! I think I want to cheat on my diet a bit, so I eat a cupcake. There is a voice speaking to me that I can't locate the source of. The voice tells me to eat all I want, these sweets are calorie free! Yay! So I eat a piece of chocolate cake and a piece of lemon meringue pie. I am now quite pleasantly full. I get up to leave the table, but some force pushes me back in the chair and says I'm not done yet. Eat everything! Um… that is way too much for me to eat at one time. I tell the voice that. It keeps saying to eat. I finally eat a bit more, but that makes me feel sick. I say if I eat more I'll puke. The voice says good, go ahead and puke! I wake up feeling sick, but I don't toss my cookies.

      02/05/12: No Dreams
      Note: Today was one of the first days my stomach was feeling better, so I was able to sleep through the whole night… it must have been a deep sleep, as I didn't remember having a single dream.

      02/06/12: Weave Spell
      I am in a concert hall, and I am wandering through the place just exploring. I see there is a band I don't recognize playing there, but I do recognize the lead singer. It is Bret Michaels from the band Poison. I am surprised to see him there when I don't recognize the group. I discover, and this doesn't seem odd to me, that I can step sideways and move through dimensions, just slide from one to the next. I do that and the band changes. Bret Michaels seems to slide, too. He appears and keeps singing. Is he also a traveler? I side step through several more worlds, and he follows. I go outside of the concert hall and I find there are trees around, and it is night. I don't see Bret Michaels now. I hear someone approaching. Just a bit too late I get the feeling I don't want to be seen. An old man and an old woman emerge from the trees with a shotgun. The man points the shotgun at me. I grab it by the barrels… it's a double barrel… and I bend the gun like it's made of paper. I hear some strange chants coming from the trees, from all around. "Weave spell, inerevum sancotatum, weave spell," it says over and over. The gun is changing forms in my hand, responding to that chant. It is trying to reform around my hand and aim at me again. I block that effect, but I seem to be in a contest of wills with the unseen spell caster. I am still doing that when Bret Michaels comes out of the concert building and plays guitar for a bit… which causes the elderly couple to retreat into the trees.

      02/07/12: Unconscious Theft
      I am at school, though it isn't one of the classes I am taking in waking life. I am taking notes in a notebook, writing down as fast as I can to keep up with the instructor. When the class ends I get up to go get something to eat. I head down to the cafeteria and buy a burger, fries, and a drink. I am sitting at the table eating when someone from my class comes over and is pissed off. I wonder why. I then see that I have their backpack and purse sitting beside me. I don't even remember picking that stuff up… when did I do that? She wants to know why I have her stuff, which is a logical thing to wonder. I am thinking that if I tell her I have no clue, and I don't remember picking it up, that will sound like a lie… so I tell a lie. I say she left it behind, and I was holding on to it for her so no one else would steal it. I add that if I hadn't run into her again I would have taken it to lost and found. She doesn't seem to believe me. She says she left it in the classroom because we have another class there later today, I know that! Now give the stuff back! She takes the stuff and leaves in a huff. I realize I do have to go to the class again today, but I don't really want to go to class with that person who clearly thinks I stole her stuff intending to keep it. And the fact is I have no idea why I stole her stuff, I don't even remember doing it. So I am considering ditching today.
    7. The Crescent Moon Staff

      by , 11-24-2011 at 01:18 PM (Taffy's Sweet Dreams)
      Finally, another lucid! And a pretty cool one at that. Didn't remember any of my goals, which was a shame because I had great control in this one. It was really stable, too. Either way, I'm glad to finally have a lucid after so long.

      I was at a party that took place on our front lawn. We played a game where you ha to get through several stages, like an obstacle course. The only one I remember was a game of Simon. There was a hippie guy on the other side of the table playing against mr. The red light light up, but when you pressed it, you lost. It took me a while to figure it out (by the way, I didn't even notice the scene changing, I was in a kitchen now), what you had to do was take out the red button and flip it inside out. Then I was able to pass.*

      My brother was sitting at a table over there, so I joined him and my other brother came. They had plates of food. I put some sausage on my plate, but they had some stuff that we didn't. He said he went to the party next door and took it. He had some chocolate chip cake.*

      I was in a tomb or dungeon of some kind with my cousin, aunt and brother. We were talking about the latest episode of MLP. There was a river in the tunnel and a big glass box filled with really big spiders. I was pretty scare so I tried leaving. I had to jump across branches over the tier to get to a different room. In the room were sever stone pillars, when you stepped on them they made noise. This is what made me lucid.

      I flew through the tunnel, and*came to the exit of the dungeon and found a long pole with crescent moon shape at the end. I knew it was a magic staff. I took it around the corner and there were two huge devil-like creatures. I pointed my staff at one and it got mad and came over. I used a spell I called "shining ray" and it was surrounded by a bright white light. I did the same with the other creature. I sensed another over the fence, and shouted "fire!" while waving my wand. I heard it scream before becoming silent.

      I walked around to the other side of the area and tried to fly. I ran and jumped, but floated to the ground. I ran again and pointed the wand at my shoes and yelled "flight!" Sure enough it worked,
      but my dream ended here.
    8. 20-10 20-10-11 Prison, Elves and Snow

      by , 10-20-2011 at 11:53 PM (Floatinghead's dream adventures)
      non-lucid - Notes - lucid

      20-10-11 Chill out intentions, see if I can find Kaomea, otherwise just stand still so people can find me.

      “Bus travel, talking about dreams”

      I am travelling on a bus with a couple of my female friends. I notice a girl, who I made an ass out of myself in front of at one point. She has been out all night and I can tell this because she is wearing the same dress she was the night (or maybe a couple of nights?) before. It is this dress that is open on the back all the way down to her waist and is really short. It looks roughed up and dirty, which is to be expected from such a heavy session out. It is beige/brown. I know she has been out for a long time, but I don't mention it to the others.

      We get to the end of our drive and get out. The girl asks if anyone has a lighter as she wants to light a cigarette. I know I have one, but I await to see if anyone else wants to help her. Then the friends I am with asks me if I have a lighter, I ask if she hasn't found one yet and when my friend says no I light her cigarette. I am surprised to find that she lights it inside the bus. I get my lighter back

      I walk outside the bus. I have a cigarette and I see Mikkel Nyholm in a bus that is parked right next to ours. He also has a cigarette. I run into my cousin and we start talking about dreams. He mentions that obviously his dreams aren't as cool as mine and I say “Wellll yeeeeaahh... wellll” (lol). He talks about how he bought loads of cocaine and how he wanted to buy a kilo for like 10 DKK, which obviously is stupidly cheap. Then Kaiser walks over and, because he believes that Morten is talking about waking life, wanting to get high (?). My cousin looks concerned about the fact that Kaiser can't tell that he is talking about a dream.

      “Prison with my brother-in-law”

      I get thrown into prison and it scares me a bit. I talk to my cousin Michael, who is also getting jailed though I don't recall our crime, if they have separate sections for rockers and the like. He explains that they haven't though they talked about implementing it at one point, they figured out it was against the constitution or something like that.

      We get thrown into different ends of the hallway of the jail. When I go into my cell I figure out that I am celled in with my brother-in-law. I had some suspicions about this and reads the name again but the text is a bit blurred (I remember thinking though that when I saw it was him I recognised the writing).

      Although selfish I am a bit relived that I am in a cell with someone I know. I enquire as to why he is in prison and he explains that he has been in a fight. I ask further and he tells me he doesn't really feel like elaborating on it, but then he does anyway.

      “Dude, I have already been to jail, we are fucking dreaming, please understand the massiveness of the situation!”

      I got to a boxing match and Pil was there. I am stood by the ring looking out over the audience. Jacob and this boxing name was boxing Samir something. I am looking back out over the audience and Pil is now talking to me about Thursday, we were supposed to do something, which will carry into Friday as well.

      Then I think that I am supposed to be thrown into jail on Friday so we can't do it there “I'll take mental note of that” Pil say. I get Lucid. “Pil you don't understand the implications of this statement! We are dreaming”. “Oh yeah” he says as if he doesn't care, I grab hold of him telling him “Dude we are dreaming, this is massive! Think about this, Dude you are dreaming”. “Yeah well I don't really find that interesting anyway” (I need to have a chat to my mate about his attitude about being in my dreams! =P).

      I try and get the dream to stabilise, but the environment is really dark and there are all of these flashing lights and the dream fades.

      Notes: This dream is the sole product of using the dicta phone. I only remembered it when listening to the recordings =)

      “Dashing through the snow,with Franky's singing elves, I stop to spot a Mannequin and then I walk along” (The title makes more sense if you sing it!)

      I am asleep, lying on a sun bed or similar though I am inside. I have a lot of pillows. My family is talking about that someone is allowed to go and knick a pillow from me while I am sleeping, they don't know I can hear what is going on. I have plenty of pillows, but I am being an idiot and don't really want to let one go.

      I try and look offended as the woman steals my pillow and I stand up and lean against the sofa. I just can't stand up so I turn around and lie down again. This time in the opposite direction to what I was before. My head is close to the outer wall and I start letting my mind drift. I get the sensation that I am floating out of my skull through the wall down towards the ground.

      I am not really seeing much at this point, but the a white house starts flickering vague in my perceptual field and I start clinging on to this image and soon enough the dream starts manifesting, as I will it to. I look up and see my cousin's cousin Mathias in the window. The window has brown frames and opens outwards double door style.

      Mathias asks me if it isn't about time I let my awareness float to my own position and I agree to this. As I do this it drops to the ground and I feel embodied and start walking around. It is fairly bright, but all of a sudden the brightness is only in a smaller circle around me, while utter darkness is outside this circle. I drop to the ground and start feeling it in order to stabilise. During this I manage to grab a rotten apple that I clench my hand around and feel the mashed apple between my fingers. I also remember feeling the grass a bit.

      I wake up in the same spot still in the dream, but having lost lucidity (damn, this is quite rare for me :/). My cousin starts joking about what I was just doing, and I explain to him that it was rather important that I was trying to stabilise the dream. He sort of interrupts my explanation in a resigning manner letting me know he understands, but he wanted em to explain it so his cousin would understand as well (I can't believe I didn't turn lucid again! =P).

      Then I go through the house and look at some blue prints. These aren't technical blue prints though but situational, locational and seasonal spells. They are of little value I think, but I pick one of them. that says “The little friends have left a gift”.

      Then the Vegas style show music starts playing with Frank singing about the elves and how people underestimate them. Something about reconnecting with the “little friends” and the “prickly friends” and clearing our complete misunderstandings, I get the feeling the spell might be more powerful than I originally anticipated.

      I start walking around the house in the evening feeling content, not quite happy, just without strain. There is snow all over the place and I reach down and grab this in my hands. The texture is both melting and dry snow. It is powdery and light, while still being malleable into a snowball, which I know cause I test it, though I don't throw it anywhere.

      I look though a large window in the house and see a couple of rows of mannequins, and amongst the dolls there are too living people standing looking at each other, smiling lightly. I get the feeling that they are in love and acting playfully. The woman looks out for me, she looks rather concerned as if she knows me, but I just smile and carry on, just contemplating being while the elf music is playing (lol).

      “Celebration of life party”

      I have a celebration party for Aase who is intending to gear down in life. We haven't really understood that this was happening before. The reason I know it is happening now is because there is this card I have read previously where we explain it. The card says something about her having loved her life and the way it has panned out, but now she thinks it is time for her to gear down a bit.
    9. Harry Potter and the Surf

      by , 08-25-2011 at 06:52 PM

      DILD + DEILD

      Recall: decent

      I was able to practice flying with a broomstick. I had good control and alright speed. I wish I could go a little faster and I still had trouble getting into space.

      I started out as a cop driving around. There was someone else in the passenger seat. I come to a red light, but I don't want to stop. I realize I can just turn on the sirens and go through. While I am looking for the light switch, I blaze right through the intersection. Like 3 seconds later I find it. There are only 2 buttons on the center council and one is the lights.

      As I flip the siren on, a guy ahead of me in the other lane stops so I can pass. This is a pretty good deal. Then another cop behind me sees my siren and turns his on too. I am worried that he will find out I have no real reason to be using the lights. Further down the road there is an entrance to a tunnel. It is blocked off by cops; there appears to have been an accident. I add my car to the road block and exit the car.

      As I get out, I somehow become lucid. First step: find me some bitties. I am walking into the tunnel and there is an area next to the road where people are standing. The tunnel is shaped like (l-). The hyphen is an area with no road. So I go over and find a girl. I tell her that we should find someplace to go. I head back to my car because I think it will be more private. However, we get in, and there are people around. The back of the car has very large windows and people are just walking around outside it. I decide to take this moment to try using a lucid pill. I reach into my pocket and pull out a little capsule. I break it in half and eat the white, powdery contents.

      We try a few more cars with no luck. There are people everywhere. Eventually we find a small yellow table on top of something. It is a child's toy table that is raised up on some platform. I decide to screw the privacy and go ahead right there. I am bigger than usual and once I am in, she giggles. Someone on DV said to focus on your breathing to help stay in the dream during sex. I take deep breaths and try to mimic my breathing while asleep (not sure why). I only get 2 thrusts in before the dream fades to black. I can still feel her back on my hands.


      I return to the tunnel and decide to leave. I remember that I wanted to try flying with a broomstick. At the entrance of the tunnel, resting against the wall, is a beat up looking broom. It has worn away red paint on the handle, and you can see the underlying white. I grab the broom and expect a force to thrust it forward. It does, and I'm off. I am not riding the broom, more having it pull me. I have my arms fully extended holding onto the broom, and my body is still stretched out. It was kind of like superman flying, but while holding a broom.

      I have pretty good control. I can fly laterally without losing altitude as well as turn on command. My speed felt like 40 mph, not super speed but fast enough to go places. I try to go faster by imagining a stronger pull by the broom, no luck. I pull up and see how high I can go. I still stall out before reaching space. Eventually I turn and I am somehow over this vast ocean. I am flying low over the waves and they are HUGE. I want to try and fly through the waves so I do. I can feel them slow me down a bit, but I am still cruising through them. I never come out wet on the other side.

      After a few waves I come upon some guys surfing. I wanted to try this out. I didn't have surfboard, but I had a broom. Good enough, right? A big swell hits and I try to stand on the broom. It takes me a second to balance myself, but I get it. The broom is backwards with the brushes pointing forwards. I surf for like 50 ft. until the wave dies. I get back down and wait for another. This one is even bigger. I get up again and ride it out. The other surfers can accelerate away from the wave somehow. I can't, the wave has to keep pushing me forward. We hit the shore, and I leave to do other things.

      I somehow end up indoors and I want to try to fly to space. There is a little gap between the flights of stairs in this large, wooden staircase. I fly through the first few floors but then the gap is gone. I have go up flight by flight and eventually decide it isn't worth it.

      I ditch the broom and somehow end up with a wand. I want to try some spells. I yelled the first spell that came to mind and pointed at the ceiling overhead. "PETRIFICUS TOTALIS." A large hole blasts open in the ceiling. I realize that the words I'm saying don't really matter. As long as I have the expectations and intent, it will do what I want. I remember stupify actually does that, though, so I give it a go. "STUPIFY." Another large blast blows away a section of the wall. I am pretty excited with these spells. I start walking away and I pass Jonah. I feel stupid yelling Harry Potter spells around him, so I keep quite. I don't think he heard me earlier. I keep walking and the dream fades.

      I "wake up" in my bed and try to DEILD. I am worried that if I don't write down this dream, I may forget it. It was pretty cool. I am pretty sure I can still remember if I DEILD one more time, so I go for it. However, it is really an FA as I hear an old man's voice. He is telling me to write down my dreams and won't let me DEILD. RIght after he finishes his little speech, I really wake up.
    10. harry potter dream

      by , 07-22-2011 at 11:34 PM (Dakotah's web of dreams)
      I remember walking down this dark hall. There was little light but I don't know where it was Comming from because there were not lights or windows. Then I used the lumenesent spell. (Or however you spell it). My wind lights up and I see professor mcgonagail fighting a bunch of death eaters. Then there were people behind me. Using spells like ''explelliarmus" and ''stupify". I shot a couple of the death eaters. One of the death eaters grab mcgonagail. I use expelliarmus to shut the wond out of his hand and than I used stupify to shoot them away. As I kept walking I saw one of the weasly brothers on the ground. He threw his wond at me.

      That was the last thing I remember.