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    1. July 24, 2020 Non-lucid

      by , 07-25-2020 at 06:26 AM (Deep Inside The Lucid Dreamer's Subconscious)
      I was on JMU's campus in one of the parking decks, I got into my car and it went uncontrollably backwards and off the side of the second floor deck into a parking lot. A cop pulled up and thought I was drunk driving so he tests me, I'm over by .02, I freak out and beg him to test me again, he laughs and tests me again and I pass, we both cheer, I'm trying to high five him but I'm falling backwards and to the side but I manage to high five him.

      I'm in the stadium now and there's a graduation or ceremony going on, I look behind me to see B, we make quick eye contact before turning away. My family is there too. At some point I think I'm on spongebob's 4d ride from King's Dominion but it has been massively gutted and it looks really broken down now. I'm in mario kart 64 on Mario's track at some point racing around. Then, I'm at some sort of market and it's night time, we're about to drive back home from JMU so I grab a few snacks and souvenirs from shops.
    2. Getting a Haircut & Turned into Spongebob, I Challenge You to a Game of Ping-Pong!

      by , 04-27-2014 at 12:52 AM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Getting a Haircut & Turned into Spongebob When I Did (DILD)


      >Went for a Haircut
      >Waited by sitting on a small black sofa
      >When my turn comes, someone motions their finger to me, I somehow turn into Spongebob.
      >I get a kind of haircut that seems like theyíre trying to split my spongy body
      >Spongebob form still looks the same


      I Challenge You to a Game of Ping-Pong!....After We Clean This Table (DILD)


      I love how I wanted to play ping-pong instead of trying to extract some information from my mind for something to apply to waking life. But nope, spent the whole dream trying to clean a table to play ping-pong, only for someone to intervene and stop the whole endeavor.

      I believe Iím wearing a yellow sweater with black horizontal stripes that were probably 2-3 inches tall, and probably had a white dress shirt underneath the sweater since there was a white collar popping out and folded around my neck. Iím also wearing basic blue jeans, and probably brown lace-less shoes as well.

      Iím inside a classroom, and it seems thereís going to be quite some time before class starts, and Iím sitting down by a large rectangular desk that seems to be formatted like a mini Ping-Pong table, but there was a few items that cluttered the area. I challenged someone to play Ping-Pong, and I believe he looked like a classmate I had for Geography Pre-AP/K-level in High School; letís nickname him ďS.Ē
      ďSĒ accepts the challenge, but we have to clean the table first. Iím frantically trying to remove anything on the table, even if itís just thrown to the floor. From black backpacks to binders and other small items, we managed to clear the table. Then the next thing was to find some paddles and a few Ping-Pong balls, and as Iím turning to the right side of whatís behind me, I find some paddles and a few Ping-Pong balls near me. I think the balls were levitating, conveniently within my reach, and the same probably goes for the paddles as well.

      I never bothered to question the logic of how they just somehow magically appeared, I just had an insane urge to play Ping-Pong. Unfortunately, just as I was about to initiate a game, it seems an individual that looks like a teacher for the class intervenes, and we immediately stopped what we were doing.

    3. Detective Butters, Very Cruel Spongebob

      by , 08-28-2013 at 12:01 PM (The Redeeming Dreamer)
      8/28/2013, 11:00-6:00

      I had no dreams I remember in the beginning of the night. I woke up at around 3 and after that, I fell asleep and remembered some dreams:

      Dream 1:

      A South Park episode. Butters was being a detective with sunglasses and a cool black jacket. In the beginning, he also did some cool things to put them on. Sort of like the thing the Matrix people wore when they were going to take over the tower from the suit guys. (Love that scene )

      So Butters went on his way, and he eventually found a real criminal. There was also an adult real special agent in the exact same outfit on the case, though. Butters in the end caught the bad guy, and him and the adult special agent were in a warehouse, where Jesus appeared out of thin air! He then gave a speech about why the bad guy did it and then said "You'll always be my special agent." The adult one asked "Me?", but Jesus said, "No, Butters." Butters was smiling and happy that Jesus said that.

      Is Salvia divinorum connected with Astral Travel?-font-b-matrix-b-font-keanu-reeves-neo-replica-cosplay-font-b-costume-b-font.jpg
      This is what Butters' costume looked like.

      Dream 2:

      This is more of a continuation of the last dream. Butters was doing more special agent stuff. He went after a new bad guy, but in a different uniform. He looked more like a cop this time, with beige shorts, beige shirt, sunglasses, and a star on the shirt. Another guy in the exact same uniform (adult, and an actual special agent, if you wouldn't have guessed) was already on the case. The exact same thing happened. Butters caught the criminal, and Jesus at the end said the exact same lines. Only this time, the background was an apartment building hallway. It was white-ish in color, and had a few lights.

      Is Salvia divinorum connected with Astral Travel?-sheriff_joe_arpaio1.jpg
      This is what Butters looked like this time.

      Dream 3:

      Spongebob was in a cage with a child. Some people were trying to see how well he would treat the child. There was a chart that had a bunch of categories to the right side of the "camera" (third person dream). So the people said to Spongebob to start, and Spongebob started BEATING up the kid. He bitch slapped him and then started punching him for no reason. He might have kicked him a few times. The thing to the right of the camera was going wild. It first said easy in green, then tough in orange, and so on every time he hit the poor kid. Spongebob was also screaming something to the kid every time he hit the kid. In the end, I remember him screaming "Emanstitution!". Whatever that means, I don't know. When he was done, he asked "How'd I do?". The person in the room said, "Look what I drew," And left. He apparently drew some messed up smiley faces with their mouths in spirals around their faces. They kind of looked like this:

      Is Salvia divinorum connected with Astral Travel?-messed_up_smiley.jpg

      There was also a few triangles in the categories. That's about the dream. Some other stuff might have happened afterwards, but I forgot it.
    4. Off With Their Pineapples Under The Sea!

      by , 12-17-2011 at 05:45 AM
      Non-Lucid Part

      It's a little blurry, but I remember stealing something from a slightly cluttered store. All of a sudden, a bunch of police officers were trying to beat me with sticks, so I stole a machete and started cutting them up.
      Ah, I don't have anything against police officers in real life, but I am much less...reserved...in my dreams.
      They were starting to alarm me in the same way I get alarmed when I'm playing a racing video game and the other racer is about a second behind me and the finish line is approximately thirty feet away. As I pushed over a rack of clothes on some other cops, I suddenly became lucid.

      Lucid Part

      Suddenly feeling stupid, I looked around and saw that various customers were laughing or smirking at me. So, I cut off their heads in a vengeance. Once again, I assure you that I would not behave so heinously in real life.
      I walked up to a pretty cashier, who was also grinning at me. This also pissed me off, and I slit her throat and cut off her right hand.
      Right, so anyways...She continues to smirk and now I'm interested. I will never forget this woman. She had pale blue eyes and fair white skin with a pink tinge to it. Prettiest of all was the creamy blonde hair tied up in a ponytail. Seeing me eye her hair, the cashier put on a brown cap.
      "Why did you...Arrgh...Well, it will displease you when I tell you you're not real and this is a dream!"
      She smirked and I noticed that her hand was back in place and the neck wound was beginning to heal.
      "Are we? Are we really in a dream,"she said with that same annoying smirk and heavy sarcasm in her voice.
      I gazed long and hard at her and replied in a flat tone,"Yeah, we are."
      She didn't respond to that and she didn't need to. I knew that she knew it was all a dream and that she was only making fun of me. I didn't bother to do any reality checks--not that I ever have to, given my personality--and decided to talk to this rather interesting DC.
      "Um, sorry about that..."
      She looked at me with false innocence.
      "The cuts, moron."
      "The cuts are healed, as you can see."
      She held up her hand and pointed to her neck. I briefly thought it was good, because it meant the others had healed as well. My thoughts were interrupted as the woman exclaimed,"It wouldn't matter anyways, since you were the one who wanted the wounds on all of us healed. Ah, you and your odd way of looking at things."
      She looked at me with a fierce intensity.
      "You know what we are."
      I returned her fierce gaze, and was about to respond, but she cut me off with a wave of her fully healed hand. The sarcastic smirk back on her face, she asked if there was anything I needed.
      "Uh, yes. Take off that ugly hat. Your hair is too pretty to be kept up in that."
      "Not after the commotion you caused."

      The next thing I know, I'm with two of my three younger siblings and I'm cussing like a sailor.
      It all involves the cashier, but I get over it really quickly. I glance at the television with delight.
      "Yes! Yes! Yes! I can complete my most important dream goal!"
      I turn to my brother and sister and exclaim," We're gonna see if Spongebob is on, kids!"
      I turn on the set and faintly realize that I have cable in my dreams. I flip through the channels and I am more and more irritated.
      Would you like to know what on?
      Nothing but American football games and jewelry infomercials. Though, I must admit that I was pleased that my favorite team was winning on one of the channels.
      Finally, I get to a channel that is talking about a new episode of Spongebob involving Mr. Krabs. I clench my fist in triumph and turn around to give Katie and Ross the good news.
      "We're watching Spongebob and I don't care that I'm too old for it!"
      I turned around and...
      ...I woke up.
      Oh, believe me. I was not happy.
    5. SpongeBob and Family Guy adventure.

      by , 07-16-2011 at 01:56 PM
      I seem to be having a lot of dreams recently having to do with rather school, video games or cartoons, maybe my dream signs?

      I don't truly remember how this dream even started out, though I remember it happened as I took a nap at about 4:11 pm. I remember the smallest bit about being in my friends grandma's pool, a place I had been to quite a lot as a child. In the pool, I saw that SpongeBob had been drowning (which seems just dumb) while the cast of Family Guy happened to be drowning with them. After looking back on this, that is strange because I have not watched those shows in about three years. They were eventually captured at some point in which then they were tied to wooden planks, and I recall something causing the planks to hurt them in a certain amount of time. Spongebob got free, somehow, and rescued the rest of the characters, except for Lois Griffin who was saved only after she had been slightly injured from the planks breaking on her leg. A credits screen soon came up, at the seemingly perfect time as I woke up only four hours later.
    6. Wierd spongebob dream?

      by , 05-29-2011 at 12:43 PM (Taffy's Sweet Dreams)
      Lucid: green
      Nonlicid: blue
      Notes: black

      Vividness: 3/5
      Lucidity: 0/5

      Ok, for some reason, I was spongebob squarepants. I still looked like myself, but everyone called me spongebob. I was inside a building with Patrick, which was a huge tower with a slide at the top. All of the walls were covered in blue carpet. Patrick kept going down it but I wanted to make a shortcut in the wall so I didn't have to keep walking up. I made a hole in the wall by the base and one at the top of the tower. I tried to go through the hole thinking I'd be at the top but I was in this empty room with a wooden floor. The floor shattered into pieces and I fell down. That's all I can remember, but I'm sure there was more past that.
    7. I'm still a dream sex virgin and I may have gotten dreamAIDS, how sad

      by , 02-20-2011 at 10:52 PM (Fernanvicīs dream journal)

      I travelled back in time so I could redo this year of university all over again. On the first day of class I sat front row (I'm already being a model student ) but I had forgotten to remind J not to miss the bus so he arrived late. (In the dream this was my fault for some reason.)

      The next day I didn't want to go to class so I hid in the bathroom.
      (model student mode: over ) There were two faucets to wash my hands with one for humans and one for robots. The one for humans didn't have any soap dispenser but the one for robots had a button labeled "AIDS", which for some reason produced soap. I used it and was pleasantly surprised until I started worring that the soap might be contaminated with AIDS.

      Then I hid in a bathroom stall because I didn't feel like going to class. I heard someone walking outside.

      Suddenly I was Spongebob.
      (Seriously subconscious, stop it with spongebob dreams.) I had to win a race. Patrick tried it but didn't manage it because he kept running past the finnish line until he went round the world and back again. What you had to do was reach the finnish line but run back once you managed to grab a pie.

      I did it and remembered that if I returned with the pie I would be crowned king. The moment I grabbed the pie the dream image froze and became pencil colored. With Spongebob brandishing a blue shield and prouldly holding his pie and Patrick standing beside him. When I went back to town (I had to reach a wooden house) I rallied a lot of townspeople to go with me.

      Once I got to the house the cops wouldn't let me enter and wanted to confiscate my pie. (I think I'd stopped being spongebob by this time.) I started arguing with them and saying that it was just f****** pie and offering them a sample for analysis but they said that they couldn't let me pass, just doing their job. Then I came upon their boss, who let me pass after I gave him half my pie and he became convinced that it wasn't something dangerous.

      I entered the house and had to call the townspeople back because they'd grown bored and walked away. I saw someone riding a huge warhorse past one of the house windows, probably the king (who was going to abdicate in my favour).

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    8. A ANOTHER Dream of a Lucid Dream???

      by , 02-06-2011 at 06:11 PM
      Non-Lucid Lucid

      Hello, everyone! This one is a little different from my other Dream of a Lucid Dream. Because of Dreaming of Shared Lucid Dreaming! : Me, Michele, and a girl named Shelby where having a slumber party. There where 3 beds and we all went to sleep. We were in this Patrick Level from "Spongebob Squarepants: Creature from the Krusty Krab" when the Dream started. We all became Lucid at the same time. Michele was the first to say something. He said,"Dudes, where in a Lucid Dream!" for some reason, Shelby didn't say anything the entire Dream. I stated flying and said,"This... IS... AWESOME! Kinda like Leonidas. Michele started hovering from the air and said he needed help flying. I told him to hover a little bit and everytime he did that he would get better at flying. I said," I shall run at the speed of light!" I started running at the speed of light and it created some Time-slip structure and sent us one-million years in the future. I said,"This place is the place I keep thinking of in my head... It turns out the place we where in was the place I keep thinking of in my head when I'm awake. I started hovering around and said,"This is exactly that place!" and Michele said,"Cool." and started hovering around also. Shelby on the other hand just kept walking by us the entire dream. perhaps she wasn't even Lucid. I said," Lets go back to the past." Then I ran the speed of light again but woke up in the process. What a shame, I could of Actually became Lucid
      The End
    9. Spongebob and a restaurant

      by , 01-07-2011 at 12:30 PM (Fernanvicīs dream journal)


      I was in a hypermarket like the previous dream, but this time inside.

      The dream varied, sometimes I was with spongebob characters and tried to enter a huge painting of spongebob and a moon with varying degrees of success. I managed to enter several times but I always ended up out again. Sometimes I just crashed against the painting because I wasn't a sponge. I tried becoming different things like the moon or characters from the show so that the painting would accept me but they always ended up discovering my disguise.

      Other times I was waiting for my class in a classy restaurant in the hypermarket that you could access by going up some huge mechanical stairs. It was sort of high up and had glass railing. It had several floors of a semicircular shape which were very narrow. Sometimes I left the restaurant to order food at a fast food stand since they didn't bring us anything to eat. I always ended up getting lost and going back again. I also met a girl with an abusive ex-boyfriend who was always being mean to her. Once he was harassing her in the fast food stand so I went to defend her, but I ended up getting lost.
    10. First Lucid

      by , 08-24-2010 at 11:52 PM
      My first (seemingly) lucid dream, using the WILD technique.

      This is my first ever attempt at lucid dreaming and i decided to jump into the deep end and try wild.

      I had been in bed for about an hour and a half, trying to keep stay remain awake, while my body went to sleep.

      It seemed to happen, my eyes were twitching very fast then suddenly it felt as i fell through the mattress and started spinning.

      What happened next is a bit of a mystery to me, it seems that i had a false awakening, because immediately after i woke up in bed, but failed to remember to do reality checks, i then fell asleep again. Upon falling asleep i dreamt i was in a white room, with a door infront of me and images of sponge bob circled the door. Upon opening it i woke up again, this time i did reality checks and i was indeed awake.