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    1. Day 174: Questioning the Structural Stability of Marshmallow People

      by , 08-05-2018 at 04:36 PM (An Insomniac's Dream Journal)
      Fell asleep at: 12:00 AM

      Woke up at: 9:00 AM

      Dream 109: Yet Another Apocalypse Spectacular

      A minute in and I'm rocking the boat already. Well, not figuratively of course. It was probably a bad idea, scaling a massive (And rusty) tugboat near the river when I myself don't even know how to swim, but, eh, I'll find a way out. As I shift my body weight from one side of the ship to another I find a box filled with medical supplies. Before I could find out what's in there I have to get out of the massive boat due to the fact that it is leaning 60 degrees towards the rapidly moving river.

      After hopping down from floor to floor, I'm a little disappointed that I couldn't acquire a medical kit of any sort. But I'm still alive, so that's enough of a miracle for me. "Shenandoah" by Tennessee Ernie Ford starts playing in my head for a bit, as I reflect on what had led up to this point. I had always thought I'd wind up as a plucky scavenger in the post-apocalypse, the kind that involved near total societal ruin. I didn't revel in this atmosphere, nor have I ever asked for it, but it's here now and I'm doing fine.

      Suddenly during my reverie, my friend JJ drives up to me in a busted up red car. He asks me what I'm doing and I respond with an "Eh, nothing." He offers me a ride to which I don't pass him up on. He drives us towards a largely barren settlement with a few people and kids running about. I'm amazed/suspicious at how well this place was holding up. We park in front of a gas station/grocery store with a few people inside of it. Some of the aisles were picked clean, but I find myself some lawn chairs and take them along with me.

      JJ tells me that the town was throwing a birthday party for him, and asks me to join in. I accompany him to a sort of mobile home (Bigger than any mobile home I've ever seen) here there are people dancing and talking and such. I begin to get paranoid. "What if this is a set-up? Perhaps some Mexican church bishop had poisoned the party-goers or something (Like in Fear the Walking Dead)?" It's all too much to handle at once.

      I walk outside and just set up my lawn chair, taking in the bright blue skies.
      Then the dream ends.

      Dream 110: Just A Bunch Of Random Nonsense

      I'm in this coffee-brown room with a guy who looks like one giant marshmallow (In the shape of a human, of course). He asked me and a colleague of mine to help rescue his girlfriend, whom I assume is also a marshmallow. Along the way we end up getting lost and forgot our objective altogether. Then the dream ended.
    2. Day 113, 114, & 115: Fear The Grazing Dead

      by , 06-05-2018 at 05:45 PM (An Insomniac's Dream Journal)
      Day 113:

      Nothing to report.

      Day 114:

      Dream 96: And yet another zombie apocalypse dream, again

      I don't get why these dreams are so common for me. Anyway, the dream revolved around me trying to chase away diseased cows away from our food supply. I was in full cowboy gear; horse, lasso, the whole shebang. I think one of them ended up in the ranch so, yeah, Mad Cow a'coming.

      Day 115:

      Nothing to report.
    3. Zombie hotel

      by , 04-05-2018 at 06:57 AM
      Hi everyone!
      I had a really intense dream last night..!

      It was during a zombie apocalypse, and I was in this massive hotel/shopping centre. At first I hung around a big group of people for the most start. But then I started to venture off, looking both to get more supplies, and help anyone who was in trouble. It was exciting!
    4. Another Zombie Apocalypse Dream

      by , 11-26-2017 at 11:08 AM (An Insomniac's Dream Journal)

      Okay, so I had just rescued two new puppies about a few days ago. Yeah, sure, they're adorable and all that, but I don't think my mind has gotten used to them apparently. They pee and poop just around every square foot of my house in between when I take them outside to relieve themselves (Which is one every hour or two), and that stress of having to clean up after them directly ties into the dreams I've been having. Interesting stuff indeed.

      Fell asleep at: 2:00 AM

      Woke up at: 10:00 AM


      I'm at a house in the countryside. The sky is red and the clouds are black, indicating a sunset. Me and some people I know take refuge in the first floor of the building. The second floor is filled to the brim with bats, so we can't go there. I don't exactly know what happened while I was there, but I begin to have a flashback to when the apocalypse first began.

      It started during a normal school day. The flashback starts off with me and my friend, Eloy, running through the halls with a bunch of other panicked schoolkids. We discuss where or what class we should hole up in. I'm on my way to my Biology teacher, and he's on his way somewhere else. Funnily enough I was also moving in a chair with wheels while this is happening.

      I lose track of Eloy, and I'm stuck, alone, in a barren hallway. I lost my way and I cannot find my Biology teacher. Immediately I start bolting it, running away as fast as I can from the hordes of zombies headed my way. I have never run so fast in my entire life.

      "The past is dead, your fate is sealed."

      Music plays in my head, highlighting the intense situation I am placed in. It sounds like the Biolizard theme from SA2 but with rewritten lyrics (That quote above is from that dream song).

      I find the employee break room. There are a bunch of distressed, depressed teachers who have given up on survival and are waiting it out. I look through a box of appliances. I try looking for a knife to stab any zombies in the head in case one ever came by.

      Instead I find a pizza cutter and some cookie cutters.

      The dream ends not long after that, but I distinctly remember recalling my previous nightmare and how I couldn't punch or fight properly in that dream. It's possible I could have been on the cusp of lucidity.

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      non-lucid , nightmare , memorable
    5. Clubbing in the middle of the Zombie Apocalypse

      by , 07-07-2016 at 04:19 PM (AndresLD's (somewhat) Crazy Dream Adventures)


      This dream might have been right after the FA from the past dream, because the WILD grogginess is there at the beginning.

      I am walking through my high school. It's been years since I last came here. I feel really tired and just wanna make it to my car. Someone stops me on the hallway and asks if I have permission to be here. A distinctive, familiar voice from behind me says "Emilio is fine, I invited him as a guest speaker", it is Mr. Dawood, god that man doesn't age. He grins at me and it makes me feel like I am Harry Potter and Dumbledore is getting me out of trouble. I speak with him shortly, then continue on to the parking lot. I get to my car, and a van in front of me is backing up and hits a girl (lightly). The girl starts crying, out of fear, I guess. Her and her friends go ape-shit-crazy on the van tearing anything and everything they can get their hands on. The driver, a 40 something y/o mom gets out crying and apologises. I drive off.

      I am at the club, for some reason my mom is there. I think it was a restaurant during the day and she was just paying her bill. I want to order an smirnoff
      (wtf, shoulda been my cue that it's a dream. I'm more of a Scotch and beer kinda guy) but can't recall the name. The bartender, a gay asian guy, helps me remember the drink's name, Smirnoff, and hands me one. I see Ariana walking around so I go and talk to her. I am telling her about the San Diego trip and how much she missed, as she was originally gonna come too. We are catching up, then Frani (her ex-best friend, with whom I had a summer fling 4 summers back) comes and says hi to me with a hug and a kiss on the cheek, but completely ignores Ariana, then leaves. Ariana rolls her eyes and we keep talking. Dani is also here and we get into a competition of 1-legged squats.

      We hear screams and explosions everywhere and suddenly I am in a Zombie Apocalypse/game. There are Tanks everywhere and they are just ripping people apart. I am outside and there's a lot of buildings nearby, but it will be hard to go into one as I am surrounded. One of the Tanks stomps the ground and people fall out of the apartments and they are no longer safe. I see a Tank grabbing a person, tossing them towards a Witch, and the Witch slicing them in half with a Scythe, spilling blood everywhere.

      I decide to make a run for it and head to a building. I dodge a Tank by sliding between his legs, and then dodge 3 regular zombies. I get to the gates and the security guard opens it for me, then slams it shut behind me. I run up the stairs and find an open apartment. I go in, there's a guy about my age. We talk about how it seems this is it, this is the end. The Tanks start stomping and everything starts shaking. I see people through the window falling to the street, but we're safe.

      We hear alarms and a voice saying it is over, we have defeated the horde. I ask the guy what his name is, it's Andres too. I grab a notebook that he has on his table and start going through it. It's a Dream Journal; he prints out his dreams and sometimes draws them. I think it's neat. I ask him how long he's been into lucid dreaming and he says he gave up a while ago. I explain to him I had quit but I was getting back into it and had 3 in week and a half. He seems amazed. I grab his number and we plan to go clubbing the next day.

      I am getting ready to go clubbing, my hair is super long, I can't believe it's grown so much since I shaved it a month ago. I am with Diego and Jesus. We take a cab and then wait for the Party Bus. Andres (whom I met yesterday) arrives and I introduce him to my friends, then Andres NuŮez arrives and says hi to everyone. We get in the Party Bus and realize there's 3 Andres's, and the other two look a lot alike. Andres N. as per usualy makes everyone laugh with silly jokes.
    6. Zombie invasion..!

      by , 04-18-2016 at 04:27 PM
      Hi everyone,

      I had a dream last night that I remembered..! The first one in a long time..!

      It was set during a zombie apocalypse! I was at my old secondary school, when the zombie invasion began. We were split into groups, and sent on our way. I remember being with a few other students, none of them were familiar from my old school days.

      We were given these weapons, which had to charge up before firing. However no matter how much we charged the weapons they wouldn't fire. We quickly became aware that we were tricked by the one who sent us, and that we'd be the first that the zombies overwhelmed. I turned to the students I was with, explaining my thoughts to them about this fool's errands, and they agreed.

      I took charge of the group, and we went back inside the school as we began to have a look around for weapons, or hideouts. Anything that would aid us in this zombie invasion..! While we walked and searched we found other students who quickly began to follow us as well.

      I remember before the dream ended we found a base, and there was one student there who was an excellent cook. However they seemed to have cut the meat from dead zombies, and was trying to feed it to us all for some reason..!

      Then I woke up!
      It was a shame because I was really enjoying it.. xDD!!
    7. #123 - hydro park / zombie apocalypse / smithy / castle / beach restaurant

      by , 10-06-2015 at 07:48 AM (The Oneironaut's Odyssey)

      Dream 1 - Hydro park
      I remember being in a car park earlier on but now I'm at a hydro park with water slides and stuff. I feel a little too old for it and there are other kids running around. I seem to be with someone, maybe a girl? Can't recall. I'm getting hunted down by some tough people, but they're unaware that I've 'awakened' (wtf does that even mean?).

      Dream 2 - Zombie apocalypse
      I'm at my parents house and there's been a zombie apocalypse. I seem to be behind the couch in the living room which honestly just resembles a WW2 trench. I'm fishing for some gear to protect myself with. I search around and find a nice helmet, but I end up confronted by a zombie which appears on wooden plank platform bridged between the top of the couch and window sill. I hack at it with *something*, not sure what, but it decapitates it. The head rolls down into the ditch where I am and soaks the helmet I had found in brown blood. With disgust I refuse to even touch it again, getting a bit antsy about the risk of infection even though I feel I could just wash it. The brown mud also seems to just coat other stuff, it's really disgusting.

      Dream 3 - Smithy
      I recall a girl smith who makes me a weapon, but she keeps pulling all-nighters in the smithy to forge it... I feel flattered but concerned.
      Note: this dream probably came as a result of a story I was reading the other day.

      Dream 4 - Castle
      There is a castle/school for certain children. Me and a girl I'm friend with have to go into it as students because of some incident we were involved in, although I get the feeling they were using me to persuade her to join. We are both pretty young for some reason, felt like it was a prologue story. Also it seems like we were in 'season 2' of something, like a TV series. For some reason the girls here get 'infected' and become pregnant, and the school tries to harvest them and ostracize the student. It's hard to explain, but if you're found out to be pregnant then the other students see you as someone they have to offer up, no one believes you if you tell them anything. My friend gets pregnant and everything thinks I'm the father, but we haven't done anything. I start analyzing the situation, "why are boys at this school?", "why would they say she's pregnant?". We get accused and ostracized, we try to run away... Dashing into the castle I see an elevator on the other side of the room, the other students are trying to chase us now. I pull my friend along with me and inside the elevator and start mashing the 'close door' button. It doesn't seem to be going fast enough and I'm panicking. In front of me I see a blonde blue eyed girl (who I recognize as an old friend called Beth in real life) walking towards us. The dream gets a little unstable and chaotic, one second they're able to stop us closing the doors and then they're not... Confusing. Then I wake up.

      Dream 5 - Beach restaurant
      Me and some friends are at a restaurant by an intertidal mudflat beach. We seem to be celebrating something.. I peer outside and spot a whole bunch of my old friends from high school. They're just walking along the beach casually on a hangout. I shout out "Hello!" and get their attention and they come over. I shake hands with an old friend called Rory but at the time I seriously couldn't remember his name (I only remembered once I had woken up). I kind of beat around the bush saying "Hey, 'you'!", it seemed alright though as we both kind of just laughed about my ignorance. Smooth. Our groups kind of merge and everyone just randomly converses with each other even though most of them have probably never met before. I spot my best friend Daniel, he came out of the group I had been in the restaurant with.

      Wrote this up pretty late today so I might be missing a few details
    8. N20: Sorry I haven't been on in so long!

      by , 08-28-2015 at 09:45 PM
      Okay, so first I was in a zombie apocalypse, and I realized there was a good zombie. I realized I was safe from him. Then I somehow found a witch's house and drove the witch away. I remember that there was a sock that if I put it on my right foot, it would signal someone or something. I had a false memory that I had been there before, and looked under a rug to see a trapdoor to the basement. I wanted to go down there, but I didn't wanna fall. I looked to the right to see a little play area. There were a lot of rooms and to get to the next room, you had to complete a task. When I got to the room, I realized the room was now at Disneyworld. At some point I became lucid, but I don't remember when.. The rooms vaguely reminded me of the horror movie Cube. I saw my friend Irie, who's a lot shorter than me, but I made her taller than me (idk why). I made it to the top room (after some science experiments XD) and tried to imagine there was a nice penthouse on top of the rooms. I tried to break the ceiling Minecraft style but I got an error saying I couldn't. I decided to go on a couple of rides. Then I had a couple of false awakenings and did a reality check with both of them, but didn't have any control. but then I woke up for real.
    9. #103 - lucid and a 'serpent in the staglands' inspired adventure

      by , 08-01-2015 at 02:55 AM (The Oneironaut's Odyssey)
      Black: non-dream
      Blue: non-lucid
      Red: lucid

      Dream 1 - Lucid
      I woke up in my room, my hands were in front of me and I knew that I was dreaming (I tried doing this to obtain lucidity a couple nights before but no success), I was in my parents house and decided to stabilize. I poked my finger through the palm of my hand and confirmed it was definitely a dream, and I continued on down the hallway. Who else should I see but my friend Samir carrying a tray loaded with breakfast goodies like porride, orange juice, bacon and pancakes etc... *smack* I whack the tray out of his hands sending everything flying, then casually stroll past, I glance back to see him shaking his head at me with a disappointed expression . Next I pass a girl carrying a cup of tea towards me, *smack* I backhand the tea cup out of her hand I keep strolling on as I pass through the kitchen, with a glance behind me I realize she's following me. I decide to make a break for it, thinking she's gonna catch me.. I run outside to the deck and pick up a random bowl of chocolate mousse to eat on the way out I leap off of the deck and try to fly
      My attempt to escape with a leap of faith went awry as I found myself hurtling towards a dense packing of trees, my gut filled with the anticipation of impact woke me up... I tried to get back into the dream and managed, only to find myself falling towards the ground which woke me up again.
      I try once again but this time picturing myself safe on the ground which I failed at.

      Dream 2 - SITS adventure
      First off I'm outside a building where a friend is hiding from the zombie apocalypse, a man next to me is pissed at him (can't recall why) and decides to get revenge (his appearance and personality was a mash together of Ban from 'Nanatsu no Taizai' + Pariston Hill from 'Hunter x Hunter (2011)'). He shoots a flare gun into the air which immediately attracts the attention of a whole bunch of zombies, he does a flying kick through the back window of a car nearby (there was a man in the back which the window smashed into as well) and seats himself in the drivers seat. I hop in and he drives off, attracting the attention of as many zombies as possible with the goal of herding them at the friend he's angry at. I remember whizzing past train stations and stuff really fast, but then the dream transitioned into a 'prologue', a time before the zombie apocalypse.

      There's a huge Man o' War jellyfish (the size of a large house) with a massive crest about 10metres high, it's sparking electricity everywhere and there's a boat investigating the strange creatures surfacing for science reasons. The electricity it gives off is too much for the boat and causes it to sink, I immediately dive deep into the water and hold my breath, I spend a long time underwater, swimming with fervor away from the tentacle monster. After resurfacing a couple hundred metres away, I see my companions being completely thrashed by stinging tentacles and electric shocks. Feeling the currents around me flowing, I start swimming towards a forested mossy shoreline (I get the feeling that I'm in the Mississippi River even though I've never seen what it looks like), I haul myself up which felt dangerous...
      There's another with me, I think it's the Ban+Pariston mash guy, we hang on to a sideboard thing just above the ground as the tentacle monster has apparently followed us and if we touch the ground we'll get shocked.. It's tentacles flail everywhere and I remember getting stung at some point too.

      Another transition occurs and now I'm in an RPG dungeon like setting with a group of companions, we each can pay homage to a god to earn their favour, and with certain stats you can increase the chance a god will grant favours to you... There are certain stats like Nobility, Harbinger, Philosophy, etc that you can invest in (this was my mind taking inspiration from the SITS game) and I had a low favour chance or something but a high communication chance... It didn't make much sense but yeh. Ban+Pariston guy was lurking around in the library we were in, it was a sort of resting place. I decided to look at the herbalism books and learn some new potions, Ban+Pariston then look around the altars in the room so he could switch his god to someone new. I remember wondering what he was thinking, how his true motives and goals were impossible to perceive... The new god he wanted was called Haruhiculi, and he was the god of the hunting the Fountain of Youth, which made me understand a bit more about what he was after - immortality. There was another god called Verrenculi who was the protector of the Fountain of Youth. I decide to help him ask for a favour from Haruhiculi, I hover my hands over the altar and with my willpower summon forth some
      purple glowing energies... I realize now that we've been spotted on the security cameras in the dungeon, we glance up and see a screen with a man looking up at us and decide we need to escape. The dream ends here without ever indicating how zombies happen...
    10. Lots of dreams.

      by , 06-25-2015 at 01:24 PM

      A convoy is driving by some buildings when the first car loses control and hits a wall. For some reason all the carsí occupants get out. Apparently they already were where they wanted to be so it was all gravy. Or not. Why? Because we were in a goddamn Vampire Apocalypse. Yeah. Not Zombie. Think of ďI Am LegendĒ. Soldiers are get this big Mucky Muck into the building and then in an elevator. They go all the way to the penthouse where thereís this super high tech and protected Panic Room of sorts. The Mucky Muck is there with his daughter, and he talks to a woman on the phone.

      All of a suddenly, I get a call and Iím being guilted into protecting the Rich dude. Oh yeah, and I look like Will Smith (I think you can see that Celebrities are sort of a common theme in my dreams, I wonder if thatís a dream sign).

      So Iím in the Panic Room with the Rich Guy, heís all nervous and shit and Iím like this stoic bad ass, which is the funniest thing ever to me because irl Iíd be shitting my pants non-stop. I think the Rich Guy needs me to retrieve something for him.

      In the meantime we discover that Will Smith!Me is a lot older than I/he look(s), and that Iím actually the Rih Guyís grand father. Apparently I was bitten by one of the vampires when I was a little boy, but it didnít turn me. It did however slowed my aging process.

      Right around here my alarm wakes me up.

      I get up check my email, go to the bathroom, drink some water and then I head to bed again. (Mind you I wasnít trying WBTB I just really needed to see if Iíd gotten this email )

      THE CAMP

      My friends and I are in a gas station. I go into the convenience store to grab something to eat. Then we leave the car behind and start walking. So now more Vampire apocalypse. Zombies, apparently. I think the dream kind of shifted as we were walking, because I donít remember being nervous in the convenience store.

      So weíre in this old street in, I think Rio, lots of old torn down houses. We see this camp.It looks empty. I had a wall around itís perimeter. We figure thatís a good place to rest. So we enter to check it out. When Iím looking into one of the tents, weíre suprised by people who were already living there.

      Theyíre armed, but we outnumber them. I tell them thereís no need to fight and that we should maybe join forces. Strenght in numbers and all that. Their leader seems okay with the idea while the other people donít.

      I walk around the camp, some. Start a fire. Talk to one of my friend and thatís all I remember from this particular dream.


      Iím at work (a school) when my friend Alex shows up. Iím showing him the place, but apparently heís already been here and heís already know someone of my students. He stops by the library and hands a book to the librarian. The book actually belongs to one of my students.

      Then we go to my classroom. I sit by my desk as Iím about to start talking with him, my students come in. Theyíre dressed in this weird uniform and they all seem very proud. Apparently, they just won a spelling bee.

      The runner ups are also there, and they donít seem upset that theyíve lost. Of course, being the great teacher I am, I proceed to make fun of the losers.


      Iím at a park. The surrounds look a bit some, I donít know Paris. At least, what I assume Paris looks like. Thereís this Crazy Dude flying a stuffed squirrel like a kite (HOW DID I NOT KNOW THAT THIS WAS A DREAM!) heís doing this because he gets a kick out of seeing Falconís get all confused and attack the flying stuffed squirrel. I see one of the falcons attacking it and I do laugh, so maybe Iím a tad crazy too. There are two guys with videocameras shooting the falcons attack, I think, for a reality show. Man, the French are weird.

      I decide to leave I pass by a pretty girl whoís locking her car door. Her car is filled with junk. Her friend is awaiting for her up ahead. Also pretty. They are much younger than I am, though. Like maybe ten or fifteen years. On the corner I meet a friend (well, not a real life friend obviously, a dream friend). Actress SHANNYN SOSSAMON.

      Is it too much? :/-vasco.jpg
      I can tell right away that, even though we are friends Iím in love with her. But sheís more interested in partying her life away. I can tell that sheís sad. Thereís something bothering her. I ask her what it is. ďIím getting old.Ē She says, as the two younger girls approach us. We cross the street, I look at her face and I think about her silly sheís being. And then I tell her. ďYouíre way more beautiful today than when I met you twenty years ago.Ē Sheís smiles, and takes my hand into hers.

      As weíre about to enter a building I get a little bit bolder and I wrap my arm around her waist. She doesnít complain. Now, we enter the building and this is where my brain, obviously fucks everything up. The Stairs are impossibly hard to go through. Theyíre very narrow, and the apartmentís door look like doggy doors. So obviously, I get stuck. And I wake up.
    11. 06/19/2015 - The Inept Zombie Hunters

      by , 06-19-2015 at 03:34 PM
      (first and foremost, let me tell you that English isn't my native language so at times it might get hard to understand what I'm saying and for that I apologize)

      I had a few dreams tonight, I can remember pieces of two, but I had a SUPER VIVID one that I decided to share.

      I'm walking on these tall, huge wooden catwalks. I can see houses and the street below me and I instantly know that the streets aren't safe. Zombies. Of course. It's a freaking zombie apocalypse. Iím oddly calm, and I can see other people going about their business. One section of the catwalks start shaking and people start panicking. Zombies are attacking.

      How did you find your way to this forum?-zombies-01.jpg

      I manage to run away as I see a couple of the sections crashing down. It pisses me off to no end. I canít stand zombies ruining our lives anymore. I walk back to the settlement. Which is basically a group of humans living in the ruins of an old suburban house.

      How did you find your way to this forum?-zombies-02.jpg
      (It kind of looks like one of the on torn down houses from that suburban area in the game ďThe Last of UsĒ.)

      My sister asks me what happened and I tell her sections 7 and 8 (or maybe it was 6 and 7? I know one them was 7!) are gone. I ask about our parents and she tells me they are out looking for food. It seemed like something people did regularly.

      I see 3 guys armed to the teeth. One of them is Marcelo, a dude I went to school with (I havenít talked to him in almost 20 years), then thereís an old college buddy Danny and the third guy I canít remember who it was. They all looked bad ass each had an assault rifle, military fatigues, bullet proof vest.

      They were going to go zombie hunting. Since I was super pissed I decided to go as well. Apparently, I used to run with those guys back in the day. I wasnít as bad ass as they were, but I was good with a camera and I used to film our adventures.

      So I got my helmet camera, and my 9MM. I was super pissed I couldnít find my Mossberg 500 (itís a shotgun), Marcelo is super upset that I lost the shotgun that HE GAVE ME. I figured one of the people took with them when they went out to look for food. I see an old shitty rifle and for some reason I decide not to take it with me. Iím embarrassed by it. (WHAT THE HECK, BRAIN?! A SHITTY RIFLE IS BETTER THAN NO RIFLE AT ALL!)

      My sister begs me not to go. Sheís afraid something bad might happen to me, but Iím still angry. I want to kill some zombies to get back at them. So we walk out of the settlement and into another abandoned house. We see a group of zombies. Marcelo fires a shot, to get their attention.

      Suddenly thereís LOADS of zombies coming to the house and I only have a goddamn 9mm. Iím shooting like a motherf- and Iím actually hitting them. Nothing happens, though. The zombies donít die. They manage to get into the house. Danny is gone. Unidentified Dude is gone. Marcelo is like ďWHACK THEM IN THE HEAD WITH YOUR GUN!Ē (I mean, sure if shooting them in the head wasnít working, thatíd definitely do the trick).

      Zombie dog tries to attack me and Iím kicking it away. Whacking a Zombie in the head. I know Iím going to die. I think back to my sister telling me not to go. She was right. I shouldíve stayed at the settlement. Thatís when I wake up.

      The funniest thing about this dream is that, I used to play this videogame called "War Z" (later renamed "Infestation") with a group of friends. It's set in a zombie apocalypse, of course. While the game was a LOT of fun, and while we DID have a blast, we sucked nuts at it. We were constantly being killed either by other players or by hordes of zombies. This dream made me think of those gaming sessions. I wonder if it was because I played FIFA with one of them last night... hmm...

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    12. Disco, zombie apocalypse

      by , 12-29-2014 at 02:53 PM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      At the disco

      I was at the disco with my pals. There was a disco ball, and rhythmical music. I somehow liked it, and started to dance.

      *I don't like discos and dancing, it was a good opportunity to DILD, but I missed it.*

      Zombie apocalypse

      *This dream is ridiculous, and full of wrong assumptions.

      I was in the ruins of gigantic metropoly. With a group of survivors, we were hiding in a self made shelter underground, near the surface level. It all started when nuclear weaponry was used during the cold war. Radiation caused weird mutation in people. Soldiers were killing everyone, zombies, and civilians to stop the plague from spreading. I was searching for resources, and I stumbled upon a squad of soldiers. They were wearing green suits, and trench coats. I escaped from their ferocious onslaught, right in the moment when they were attacked by zombies. I couldn't come back for weapons, as the area was contaminated. I returned to the shelter, only to find one priest inside. He told me that everyone escaped, and while trying they were eaten by zombies. I told him that we're low on food, and that soon we'll have to find some. We only had some bread, sausages, sweets and two oranges.
    13. Zombie Apocalypse (LD #4)

      by , 10-14-2014 at 01:39 AM (Sharpshoey's Lucid Journey)
      There is a zombie Apacolypse. To survive, I have to keep on moving to different places. There were schools to teach you to survive. For some reason, I still had to go to regular school as well. One of the instructors at a school got mad and got on a motorcycle (maybe an RV...can't remember) and fly away on it. (literally flew) I was with two friends and we were in a run down town type thing. I stepped inside a building and went to the bathroom. Three people were having a threesome in a stall and I thought that I had found an Easter egg in a video game. Immediately I became lucid and went behind one of the girls and grabbed her *cough*. It continued for a little bit but I was walking away and doing something else. I can't remember what else I did though, and that wasn't already written down. I woke up back at my camp. Me and a friend had to walk the perimeter of the fence. I for some reason had the thought that I'd had this dream before and I knew what was going to happen. A zombie was cut in half but part of him was inside the fence. He caught me and bit me but no one seemed to care. I was thinking I was dying but I saw people setting up a finish line for races. I then immediately realized I was fine and I got up and walked over. The winner of the races would win 100,000 dollars.
    14. Zombie apocalypse #1

      by , 03-26-2014 at 02:28 PM
      Lucid, non-lucid

      Zombies are a reoccurring theme in my dreams. I remember this from my last go around.

      Someone else was in my dream, probably Iv. Iv and I are survivors. It felt like a video game rather than a movie. We would kill one and have time to talk. The next zombie wouldn’t show up until we were ready to move on. Remember one of the weapons I got to use. It was extremely heavy – the size of a baseball bat and looked like an old fashioned razor blade, the kind barbers use to shave their clients only oversized and with uneven blade.

      Initially we were in a building, but then made our way outside. It was sunny and reminded me of the vacation that I took in Dominican Republic. Palm trees, pools etc.

      Post Whore-bahia_principe_san_juan_puerto_plata_dominican_republic.jpg

      As we were walking we stumbled on a camp of survivors near a swimming pool. The pool was without water and the whole area was divided in different territories. These territories were marked in chalk. The guy who claimed to be the owner of this pool, an old man with gray hair, tried to sell us space. He also pointed to an area where he drew up an advertisement, also in chalk. In addition to selling us space he offered us some sort of patrol job. This pool area was safe from zombies.

      What I found weird is that it changed from day to night quickly. I stumbled on this pool when it was initially light outside and by the time the guy was showing me his ad it was already dark.

      Remember waking up in this weird state of not remembering my dream and being disappointed, but I did not give up and eventually remembered. It is almost as though my brain threw that memory in trash because it didn’t happen.

      After writing this I went back to bed. I still had 30 minutes before I had to wake up. I knew this was a perfect opportunity to try one of the other techniques. I started on like 3-4 different dreams, but in all of them, while still conscious, I would catch my brain writing a scenario. As soon as I made that observation all my dream characters would just stop what they were doing - like robots that were suddenly unplugged.

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    15. Cataclysm

      by , 09-20-2013 at 09:40 PM (Cinder's Dreams Gallery)
      [Title inspired by the wonderful roguelike Cataclysm]

      First off, I remember some random bits early in my dream: I was trying to get some object in the middle of a lake. It turns out that there are no boats nearby for me to get to it, so I had to retrieve a boat from a boathouse that I own, I open up a Saints Row Third-esque map and went to get the boat, then got it to the lake somehow. Although I say lake, it's actually a pond in the middle of a city. I don't remember what I got.

      Then I remember having a bath in one of those small tall japanese bathtub. It actually felt good.

      Then for some reason I remembered driving a motorcycle across the city and avoiding missiles that fall from the sky.

      Then now I remember being in what seem to be a house-bunker and closing a door because I saw a zombie. There are 2 people outside who want in. I told them to kill the zombie and we'll talk.

      Ultimately they failed, but didn't die. The zombie was intelligent and was able to talk. I don't remember what it said but I do remember having to jump away as it tried to blow up the door with a rocket launcher. Luckily the door was fine. I opened the door and blew the zombie up with my own rocket launcher. But then some more nasties came and I locked the door.

      Later in the morning I got out and found really weird enemies, like giant rats, a normal-sized rat riding a giant disembodied head of what seems to be a walrus. After I killed them I found the two people from earlier. I apologized to them about last night.

      Then I woke up.
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