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    1. Another Zombie Apocalypse, Birthing Tons of Babies (On My Own!), and Shopping Troubles

      by , 05-21-2016 at 02:55 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      I was at the house I grew up in. My family was there with me, my mom, dad, and brother. It was, once again, the zombie apocalypse. I remember being in my old bedroom with a family member, and them opening the door to check if the coast was clear. They freaked out as they saw a bunch of zombies coming towards the door. If I am not mistaken, through the doorway, I saw that same ponytailed zombie from my last apocalypse dream first before the horde. I went to the door in a panic to shut the zombies out.

      Then, we were all packing up to leave, to go somewhere safer. Similar to Fear the Walking Dead, we had a huge boat in the garage we were going to escape on. I was packing my things quickly, trying to only take what I needed, but I was throwing lots of extra things in there; I felt bad leaving anything behind, though I knew I couldn't take everything. I remember putting a lot of clothing in the suitcase.

      I then overheard some guys that were doing some landscaping work on our house discussing our boat. I was afraid they were planning to steal it, so I started to frantically hurry my family along in packing up. They didn't seem to get my sense of urgency, but I kept urging anyway. My brother had no clean clothes to pack, so we got his dirty clothes hamper and we started to pack dirty clothes in his room. It didn't matter that they were dirty; we needed to get out of there ASAP.

      I wanted to take at least one of our cats. The cats that were there were Pounce (deceased IWL), Ziggy (also deceased IWL), and my current IWL cat, Belle. I wanted it to be Pounce that we took. I saw her sitting under the kitchen table. I pictured myself putting her in my current cat's cage to take her along. For some reason though, we weren't going to take the cats with us.

      We then were putting the packed suitcases into the back of the boat, which was now a huge van-like vehicle. In the garage, the landscapers drove by on this huge white cherry-picker-type machine. They said something to us, hi maybe, not sure. But it made me feel more urgent in packing. I stuck my suitcase in the back. All the suitcases fit nicely. I remember someone putting some 12-packs of Coke in the back as well.

      I then was getting in the van to sit down. Inside, I saw Jarrod and another person getting things ready to go.


      I was at the house I grew up in. I was in my room, which was dark save for the closet light. I was lying on the opposite side of the bed from what I normally used to sleep on, and I was giving birth. I was alone. The baby was born, and I cut the cord myself. It was a girl. I then gave birth to many more babies, two who were still-born. The still-born babies didn't seem to bother me, I just knew I had to keep birthing babies. I labored and cut all the cords myself, setting the newborns wrapped up in white blankets on a bedside table. They were all so quiet and sleepy. I had I believe 6 in total, but I kept thinking there were only 5 there. Most were girls and only 2 were boys. The two girls born first I named Alana and Alyssa. I named one of the boys Michael, but I don't think I named the rest.

      I then started breastfeeding each baby. I would take them in either the cradle hold or football hold and bring them to my right breast first (the one my daughter IWL preferred). I would them pull my lips over my teeth to simulate some sort of latch? I don't know why I did this, but it made sense in the dream that I had to do it so the baby would latch. The babies succeeded and didn't succeed. There were some attempts that were great, and the baby got some colostrum, and others the babies had trouble latching, but there was never any crying or screaming from them. I remember for one baby, I had to brush my nipple to their cheek so they would root that way to get to the milk. They were all so mild-mannered and sleepy. When I finished the feeds, I would put the babies back onto the bedside table.

      I was then explaining to someone in the house that 2 babies were still-born. Again, it didn't seem to bother me, as if it was just a natural thing that happened (which it is, I guess).

      I then remember something about a huge dental needle. My mom I think was going to give it to me in my cervix so I'd have more babies. I was done for the day though. I had so many babies to care for already.

      I never felt tired or overwhelmed from all the babies either, just a sense of duty and a neutrality that kept me going.


      This dream was sort of a pick up from the last dream. All the babies were there. I was with my family and some others I believe. Alana was still just a newborn, but she looked like a toddler. She said she wanted to eat some apples and apple juice. She didn't want anything else. I wasn't sure she was old enough for that, but she insisted. I figured I'd get her a bag of pre-sliced apples. Alana looked like she was related to this girl I know IWL, Alicia; she looked like one of her IWL daughters. I believe Alicia was also there.

      I then was at the store with my husband, one of my best friends IWL Cherie', and a girl named Meghan that I don't hardly talk to IWL. The store resembled a "super" Kroger that I don't frequent IWL because I don't know where everything is there, as it is so big. I was not shopping with them I don't think, but waiting for them to finish. When they came back to me, I was standing in this lobby-type area on the second floor of the building. Apparently, the grocery store was not the only thing this building had. It was kind of like a huge shopping center with different stores and activities on different levels. They came to me and they hadn't gotten apples or apple juice. They had gotten cheese though, which I thought Alana wanted. I forgot if she wanted cheese, apples, or apple sauce, but I KNEW she wanted apple juice. I got pissed that my husband had picked out all the wrong things. I headed down to go shopping. I had to go down this weird, metal, roller slide thing. If you ever went to Discovery Zone as a child, picture the rolly slide they had there, only silver metal instead of multicolored plastic. There were areas on it that were bigger, darker rollers and you had to do something to put more of your weight down on those, and they would lower you to where you needed to go. I remember sitting on it backwards and not being sure how to trigger the big rollers to let you down. I did it though.

      We were then shopping again, and this time, we STILL didn't get apple juice. We walked down the aisles looking and my husband picked out these canned mandarin oranges in a sugary juice. We checked out and I was, once again, so pissed that we still didn't get apple juice. We were on the second floor lobby again, and I asked my husband if he was stupid and went back down to the store with Meghan and Cherie to actually finally get apple juice. We wandered around the store, and I went to the aisles that I thought for sure the apple juice would be on, but nothing. We finally asked an employee, and she pointed down an aisle and told us it was there, and at the end of the aisle. Well, we went down the aisle and it was just these big containers of I think cereal, no juice of any kind. I was getting frustrated and worried about Alana, as she was back home and needed to eat. I came to the end of the aisle, and we were at the back of the store where they keep a lot of cold items in coolers and freezers. I didn't want frozen apple juice, but I didn't know that we had another choice. I opened a cooler and there was unfrozen, refrigerated apple juice in a HUGE container. The container had written on it on the left-hand side: "0% orange juice, 100% apple juice, 0% (some other fruit) juice". I thought about how much juice Alana really needed, and pictured her actual size. She was as tiny as a fairy and was floating around, but still looking and acting like a toddler. She definitely didn't need a lot of juice, but this was the only container I could find, so I put it in the cart and we started heading back to the check out. We ran into a girl I knew when I was going to school named Kris. She and Meghan exchanged a greeting, as they had been best friends apparently at some point. They called each other their apparent old high school nicknames, one had something to do with the name Jasmine. We passed them and went on to this weird, almost blacklight looking area in the store.

      We then were at checkout. We were going to this line where you had to get this weird machine with a long cord so people would check you out. There was a big, younger black man there with the machine wrapped around him, which he had apparently broken. The cashiers or someone was getting onto him a little for it.


      Now THIS is the recall I'm talking about! Hell yeah. I woke from my first dream and immeditely took notes in my phone. The second two I didn't take notes for. Getting that recall back up to par! Yay! Also, the hormones during pregnancy really drive up the vividness factor in my dreams so that is a HUGE plus to being pregnant, you know, besides the obvious growing a new life thing.

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    2. Zombie invasion..!

      by , 04-18-2016 at 04:27 PM
      Hi everyone,

      I had a dream last night that I remembered..! The first one in a long time..!

      It was set during a zombie apocalypse! I was at my old secondary school, when the zombie invasion began. We were split into groups, and sent on our way. I remember being with a few other students, none of them were familiar from my old school days.

      We were given these weapons, which had to charge up before firing. However no matter how much we charged the weapons they wouldn't fire. We quickly became aware that we were tricked by the one who sent us, and that we'd be the first that the zombies overwhelmed. I turned to the students I was with, explaining my thoughts to them about this fool's errands, and they agreed.

      I took charge of the group, and we went back inside the school as we began to have a look around for weapons, or hideouts. Anything that would aid us in this zombie invasion..! While we walked and searched we found other students who quickly began to follow us as well.

      I remember before the dream ended we found a base, and there was one student there who was an excellent cook. However they seemed to have cut the meat from dead zombies, and was trying to feed it to us all for some reason..!

      Then I woke up!
      It was a shame because I was really enjoying it.. xDD!!
    3. [07-04-2016]

      by , 04-07-2016 at 08:55 PM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      I was in my house - about ten years in the past, when I was almost nine years old. I was sitting on a coach in the kitchen with my older and younger sisters. Whole room and people really looked like they did ten years before. We were joking from little sister, we all had great fun. Then another sister appeared, climbed up a wardrobe and lied there, toying with a small plank. We laughed from that too.

      It was dark night, we all felt that something urgent is calling. We went outside and heard a terrible news - a little girl has disappeared. We gathered in a group and went up a hill that's behind my house. There was my car waiting. Brother wanted to drive, but he was completely drunk. I thought that I should drive, checking if I had my drivers license with me. I completely forgot that I was a little boy without a license, and eldest sister took the car.

      I said that I'm going back home and went downhill. I saw mother coming out of house with random people, seeking out the kid. Something in our shed caught my attention. I went there and on the ceiling I saw handprints of a little girl. Suddenly I found myself in a strange racing path in outer space. I ran around it, and got teleported to a first challenge.

      It was in a medieval village. I've hidden behind a small cottage and suddenly a zombie burst out of the ground. I heard a voice saying "Our zombies are strong!". I had no problems with defeating it. I got teleported to another part of the village. This time voice said "Our zombies are stronger!" - again it wasn't any big deal. Another teleport, another part of village. Voice said "Our zombies are über!" And another one appeared only to be killed quickly. I got teleported back to outer space platforms and I ran into a capsule of some kind. It transported me to an alien mastermind. It was mad at me. There was a raising platform that I could escape to while it loaded it's death ray. I jumped and hanged for a short while, but I didn't managed to hold on and fallen into a cloud of stardust, shouting.

      Suddenly I appeared in a dark reality controlled by these aliens. There was a huge towering structure made of black stone with a red orb in the middle of a circuit line behind me. I heard a loud alarm "Reactor reaching critical fusion stage! Core meltdown alert!" And decided to run away. I reminded myself of the orb - it was a watchers eye, that recorded and controlled the district. The floor was also made of this black stone, with pipes under a grate in the middle of it. Everything seemed somehow red and gray tinted. I ran past a corner and slowed down, moving close to a wall. In the distance I sawa warehouse guarded by alien troops with tactical armor and assault rifles. They were completely human-alike. Their armor was gray, with masks suited for moving within gas or dark environments.

      They noticed me, I ran back to an alley. I could see more troops on the other street, so I decided to continue on with the alley. I was stopped by two guards however, and I started to fight with them. A few punches made me victorious, but then another guard appeared and I had to dodge his strikes. After a good while I defeated him and tried to sneak inside a buildings they protected. I saw a staircase to the right and a room filled with skeletons wielding great swords. I panicked and ran away - straight into a dead end with a horde of gray skinned, rotten zombies that all looked exactly the same. I thought "I'll kill you all!"and started punching wildly. Zombies only grinned menacingly and literally shed me to pieces. I was dead, but I could still see it from different protective and think about what's going on. I thought that I should watch as skeletons and zombies fought together, but after a while I decided to wake up.
    4. #210 - More zombies... -.-

      by , 03-15-2016 at 03:52 AM (The Oneironaut's Odyssey)
      The setting was post-apocalyptic via zombies. I'm with Matt and Justin walking along a gravelly road. Nearby is a concrete block building that looks rundown, I think it was pretty difficult to get into but we managed. It was day time so the place was well-lit, the whol place was just grey concrete and the room was big with a high ceiling. I remember some random flashbacks to before there were zombies, it was about some guy would run up the walls (in my mind I knew that zombies had high strength and could do this pretty easily). I think there was another person who did this too.. It doesn't make much sense. But there was more to it, something about the guy being a necromancer and he was the one who started the apocalypse by creating zombies.
      The flashbacks were short, so continuing from before we were in the building. We heard noises from outside and a group of asians were heading towards the building. Damn, we have to hide. Fortunately there was a boxing ring in the room so me, matt and justin hid behind it. The asians entered and were talking, a few of them walked around the ring and some of them got in it. It felt like the dream glitched here, they could see me but my mind was like 'oh that shouldn't have happened. Just pretend they didn't see you and go under the boxing ring'.
    5. March 5>6 Dream: Out of Character Friends, Dragons, Selfies and A Zombie Plot Twist

      by , 03-07-2016 at 07:57 AM
      First Dream.
      Me and my friend (Lets call him "D") are in a blue/white themed hotel bedroom and I think we are going somewhere. He is wearing a dark blue ensemble of a vest, long-sleeved shirt, tie, dress pants and leather shoes. I want to get ready as well, so I start to get undressed - totally forgetting D is in the room. When I realize he is also in the room, I hide behind a cupboard door. He asks, "What?" and respond, "I totally forgot you were there!" because I am insecure about my naked body, I don't want D to witness it.
      He tells me not to worry about it and to come out from behind the door - not the reaction I would have gotten in waking life (he would've told me to get changed and hurry up). I refuse to come out and say "No. I want to get dressed behind here". D tells me not to be silly and then - completely out of character!! - tells me to show him what I look like! I don't answer so he comes over to the door and pulls it away from me. Even though I have no reason to be insecure about my body, I feel it in this dream. He says "You look fine." SO OUT OF CHARACTER BECAUSE HE THEN ADDS WITH A NOD "Not bad at all." He smiles at me in a flirty way and I kind of enjoy it, but my main reaction is just confused because he would never do that in waking life!

      Second Dream.

      Me and D (yes, from the first dream) are talking and we believe we are communicating in real life, awake. We talk about weird dreams we've had, and dreams we've had recently. I tell D i had a weird dream about him but I lie about the contents, afraid he already knows I'm attracted to him.

      Third Dream.

      I'm lifting something into the sky - it's like a spaceship/island - by using all these dragons with the help of some friends. A little guy falls of his dragon, because he's the weak one in the team. A tsunami goes underneath us and nearly kills the guy who fell, but I save him by activating a water pump under his feet and he is pushed up into the
      air with us and stays there.

      Last Dream.

      My friend (Lets call her J) is taking selfies with a random chick in a car, and I'm on the backseat. I realize I'm third-wheeling and feel awkward so I get out of the car and say I feel sick and that I'm going home. I crawl up a really steep driveway and end up talking to an attractive guy who asks where I'm going and I tell him that I want to go to the house directly west of me but that somehow I got lost. We end up talking about zombies and pretend that the people across the park are zombies and pretend to shoot them with arrows. Then I realize they really are zombies and go into the house to the west. I pick up a plank of plywood and attempt to kill the zombie in front of me by beating it over the head . 4 more come to the window I'm at and I can hear more behind me. I decide it's join or die a horribly painful death, so I offer my hand to the zombie in front of me, hoping he'll bite me and I'll turn. He does bite, and it hurts, but they don't try to attack me. Now that I've joined them, I go and try to be a zombie too. I lick my fingers - random much? - and they taste like feta cheese which reminds me of the attractive guy for some reason.
      The Dream ends.
    6. Chased by ghosts; rather long story-driven dream

      by , 03-07-2016 at 12:34 AM
      This post got refreshed by mistake, here's the cliff notes version.

      The dream starts with me in a parking garage surrounded by people on their laptops. I somehow know that I'm supposed to steal a flash drive. Sneak over to guys laptop, look through his computer when he goes to the bathroom.

      Dream fragment about a beach boardwalk that looks like a video game.

      I'm in an SUV with a woman driving and three other people outside my house. My neighbor yells at her for stealing pizza. We then go to a museum, inside dinosaur statues are moving by themselves and behind us a mob of zombies starts chasing us. We run into a bathroom and manage to find an exit. This chase actually went on for a while, at one point we were cut off by two mobs of zombies and I had to dash past them. We manage to find the exit to the building and get back to the SUV and drive off.

      I'm now back at my house, but it's still part of the same dream. I then have a false awakening and I'm sleeping on the living room couch. Dad asks me if it's because our dog is sick and I'm depressed, I say that I am scared to go into my room because these snakelike creatures with hooked heads are in there, and they are haunting our dog and not separate creatures but all part of one creature. He then leaves and I get off the couch and see that my dad's truck is parked right in front of the front door. This is weird enough for me to do an RC
      I do three reality checks and they all fail. One where I try to blow through my closed, one where I overlap my fingers and count the spaces formed, and one where I look for my palm lines.

      The living room looks very realistic too so I accept that I'm not dreaming. Shortly later I wake up.
    7. [02-03-2016]

      by , 03-02-2016 at 10:40 AM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      It was a dark night. Zombie outbreak took the whole world. I hidden in one of small, abandoned buildings. It was on a rocky wasteland. I fought zombies shambling around using a knife. I was hiding with my father in that building, but the was sick and I had to find some medicine. During day it was peaceful, but I didn't managed to get back during day. I found a ruined apothecary and met some dude. He told me that vampires took it by force and killed an oneironaut. I went to house of pharmacist, but it was emptied oh medicine. I went back house, fighting undead. I called my father to get inside as it was dangerous. He said "I have to draw outline of microwave first!" I saw a zombie chicken and killed it.
    8. [15-02-2016]

      by , 02-15-2016 at 10:03 AM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      First dream

      I was in my house. I looked through the window - it was a dark, cloudy day. I felt that there was some kind of danger coming, and realized that there is a zombie outbreak. I wandered around the house, alerting my family that they should prepare. We made barricades and stored all supplies we had. There were too many of them however, so we had to escape. We used a small window in the basement to escape and ran to a carpentry workshop of my father. Zombie didn't tried to enter it, they were busy with other survivors that came to our house looking for help. I watched a slim blonde woman escaping from them. She climbed up the rooftop and practiced acrobatic skills to escape.

      Second dream, WILD

      I was in my uncle's house. It was an unfinished building, with only parts of upper floor hospitable. I spent a night there. It was a bit cold, and the toilet wasn't done yet, so we had to make it inside a bucket. I fell asleep.

      I woke up in that house again. I realized that it's a dream. I felt refreshed, full of energy. I have thought what to do, and decided that I should see the house finished. I turned around thinking about a mansion, and the building was mostly finished. There were only some small rooms unfinished. The building was furnished with expensive furniture made of black oak wood, there were several paintings on the walls and in overall it looked like it belonged to someone really rich. I thought that I should summon someone, just for the sake of summoning. I was teleported to a huge cottage with two really long tables. The room was lit by candles, this gave it a moody atmosphere, it was charming. There were people sitting by the tables. Kids and other people, but nobody I knew. Then I saw a blonde woman, and after looking closer I saw that she was that survivor from previous dream, the one that used acrobatics to escape. She smiled to me. I thought "Eh, whatever." I didn't had any plans for that summon, I just wanted her to roam the mansion. Then I was back in uncle's new house and looked through a window. Just in time to see the summon arrive in a silver Mercedes car. She entered the building. I went downstairs to kitchen. Uncle was preparing dinner, I noticed an unfinished room. He said "You're not going to finish it..." I replied to him in my thoughts (which resulted in my voice appearing everywhere). I thought "I'll try". I turned around and a transparent brick wall appeared in place of doors. I turned around again, and almost saw that room, the wall was fading away. It was mostly done, just a matter of phasing through the wall. It was a bathroom. I went along main hall and entered dining room. There was a long table with set of chairs. The summoned woman was already there. I have lost lucidity.

      Dream fragment

      I was walking through a dark underground passage.
    9. [08-02-2016]

      by , 02-08-2016 at 10:40 AM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      First dream

      There was a zombie outbreak in a skyscraper. Soldiers were sent there to clear the area for rescuing forces. They have failed, making the army of undead even bigger. While government was trying to completely remove zombies, some agencies hired mercenaries to gather information about them, their weak points and about survivors. I was one of the mercenaries. I entered the skyscraper and took an elevator to fourth floor. According to military data, it was the floor that was heavily infested, a death trap. I took only a step inside, and was attacked. It was dark and I couldn't see it. I took a knife and stabbed the zombie in throat. The elevator was broken and couldn't move further. I took staircase up, and found a room with a survivor. It was a redhead child. Little girl was lying under a cape in her bed. I heard someone moving and shoot at that direction. It was a young redhead woman, probably little girls sister. She got hit and fallen down the staircase. I entered the room with the girl. There was a man lying on the floor. He looked like one of my pals. He was pale and stiff. I asked the girl if he's alive. She said that probably not. I shot him in the head and said "Case of death: Shot to the head" and thrown him down. I decided to secure the survivor. We talked for a while about my goals.

      Second dream

      I was a black man. I was wearing a green t-shirt and blue short trousers. With a girlfriend - a black female, we were racing who will run from one point to another first. We ran through streets, alleyways and buildings, including building sites and factories. I lost two races, but won third. My girlfriend disappeared somewhere though, and I was really worried, as we had an argument some time ago.
    10. Flying Home

      by , 01-18-2016 at 05:10 PM (The Dream Magic Experiment)
      Morning dream:

      I was at a school. I have a duty. Shin. Game . Withdraw.

      Afternoon dream:

      Night. There were zombies. We were going to take the train. I saw the train: it's a bullet train, and the sides are open but people inside don't seem to be flying out nor do they seem worried. The mood is like that before or after heavy rain. The surrounding looks destroyed. Some buildings were leveled; none were more than 1-storey high. I can see the debris all over the place, but the train looks new and undamaged.

      We walked. We took a bus? We passed by the airport. I saw Jm on the stands, like in the sports arena. People there are waiting for their plane. He's going to take a vacation outside Manila, I thought. He didn't see me but he was looking at something in my direction. We went on. I was going to take the plane too. I was going home.



      - The Afternoon dream happened in a 1-hour 45-minute sleep.
      - I took phenelephrine before sleeping but also coffee. The medicine was stronger than the coffee.
    11. Home Going South

      by , 01-07-2016 at 06:28 AM (The Dream Magic Experiment)
      Jan 6, 2016

      There zombies. I was running at night on the right. It was dark and hard to see. I was going out of our hometown, heading south.

      I was in a dormitory, trying to find a place to sleep/hide. There was a vampire. I moved/led to my parents' room to hide.

      I was traveling in a bus from our hometown, heading south. I was with mom and sis. There was a lady behind us on the bus that was talking. We know her. I can't remember her name now but I did in the dream.
    12. Zombies, Secret Passages, Time and Dimensional Travel

      by , 12-01-2015 at 04:50 AM
      11-29-2015 -- Kind of a cool one, if not all there. I'm wandering around a place that I have been before, which is a strange blending of the multi-level underground office complex at Savanna High School and the hospital that I have dreamed of several times in the last couple of years with the long corridors along the south and west sides of the building. This odd combination is further crossed with the spooky haunted maze type of dream.

      So we're creeping through these corridors, trying to avoid running into either the people in charge, who don't want us in areas that we don't belong, or the monsters that are roaming the area. I'm leading them down the long, empty corridor along the west side of the building, trying to get everyone else to stay quiet and move quickly, since I have some familiarity with the building, and know more-or-less where I am going. Soon we're going along the south corridor, dodging doctors and patients, but not in any sort of trouble. Then we're heading up the east side, which is where things are turning more into the Savanna building.

      Soon we're in the men's room, trying to access the secret passageways that not only lead deeper into the hidden areas of the building, but also into other times and other dimensions. To even get into the restroom involved finding keys and following detailed processes, though in this particular dream, we weren't 'living through' that part of it. We're just in the restroom, and the others are loosening the grating on the ceiling, and starting to climb up. My friends are traveling to another world, but I'm busy theorizing about the whole process, and don't notice them trying to get my attention, and finally they go on without me.

      I notice I'm all alone, and while I could follow them as far as things working for me, I'm not really in good enough shape to feel comfortable trying to pull myself up into the ceiling by myself. Instead I decide I'll explore a little bit, trying to move carefully, act like I belong, and avoid attention. I tell myself that if I stick to the well-lit areas, I ought to be able to avoid any of the zombies.

      So I am moving slowly and carefully, being quiet, doing nothing to draw attention to myself, trying to look like I belong, and I reach the underground attendance office. I just kind of peek in, wave to a few of the ladies there, say hello. No problems ... until I try and leave, and one of the guys in the office glances my way and realizes he doesn't know me and I probably don't belong. He starts a chase, and suddenly I'm running pell-mell through maze-like corridors being chased by monsters.

      At one point I find myself climbing over rubble around a sort of stream, climbing over a broken down dam, and one of the zombies chasing me is an old friend. He's actually calling out to me, begging me to take him with me. In our original world, this friend was outright killed, a while back. But in this world, they did whatever turns people into zombies here to him ... but it only half takes. He has a zombie's broken down body, but his mind is his own, and he isn't trying to eat my brains. I think about it, and find myself thinking if I bring him from this world to our world, I can have my friend back ... but I warn him he is going to have to be really careful with his foot, which is rotted and only half connected, and kind of flopping around. I tell him he'll have to protect it until we can find a way to heal it for him.

      So we climb through the rubble into the school gym, where we almost immediately run into Dumbledore, who unfortunately only needs to glance at us and hear a couple of tiny details before he realizes we've been messing with things we shouldn't be messing with. We're involved in both time travel and dimensional travel, neither things that are very safe to play around with.

      We keep moving, heading to the restroom where we can make it back to my world, when suddenly things shift, and I'm not me, but a rather attractive female teacher who is trying to find this strange dimensional portal that we're using. She's actually reached the counter that has the small hidden drawer with the key needed to make it in the restroom, and is looking in exactly the right place, but she hasn't done one of the earlier parts of the process that makes the trigger for the drawer visible to you, so she can't see it.

      Even as myself, I now have the same problem, I can't access the hidden key because of some part of the process that I haven't done recently enough on this world ... thankfully I also still have another key to another hidden area on another world in my pocket (from a different dream), and it will work here, too.

      At this point I am myself again, and sneak up on the teacher and half-kidnap her, dragging her down a hall and into a department store (can't say for sure if it is Sears, May Co, or Penney's, because I don't really see enough of it). Near a broken down wall, surrounded by piles and racks of clothes, I somehow use some kind of truth ray on her to interrogate her and see if we can trust her enough to bring her in on things, and maybe have some fun, as well. As I said, very attractive teacher.
    13. The world ends

      by , 11-22-2015 at 11:33 PM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      Late autumn. It was cold, rainy night. I was going out of my house with my two friends. We were going to friends house. On the way we were talking. One of my friends said that the world is going to end soon, just when new release of Dwarf Fortress would see the day. He said that there would be something wrong in the code, that would trigger death machine.

      Suddenly I found myself on a desert town. There were like two houses, salloon and a graveyard. I immediately went inside salloon, where a strange old man hired me. He said that I should check the situation in the local graveyard, as three of his last messangers disappeared there. Without hesitation I went there. There were only ten to twelve graves and a chapel.

      I saw that there were three bodies on the ground. I couldn't remember what happened after the last time I met my friends, so I didn't know what killed them. Suddenly I heard moans and screams. Zombies were coming out of graves. There were also huge hordes of them on the horizon.

      I quickly ran into the salloon, and saw that the old man hidden behind some kind of a barrier. He said "They're coming... Let's rock!" Then he started to play a heavy metal song. I hidden behind a counter, the building shaked, the barrier broke and he made an earthquake. He disappeared, and everything stopped. The zombies were still coming however, so I went to the place he was standing in.

      There was a huge hole in the floor, that led into some kind of caverns. I decided to jump down there, and landed safely. I turned around and saw that there were many angel-like figures. All of them looked the same - they were wearing steel armors, red cloaks and red checked trousers. They were floating in the air, only one of them was sitting on a huge rock. He said with a calm voice "Do you liked that? I was writing it for 30 years, and it's the best song I made in my one hundred years long carrier!" Then they have just disappeared, and there was just darkness. The world have ended.
    14. Drowners, zombies, breaking the dryspell

      by , 11-20-2015 at 10:27 PM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      I was in school, inside an office. I was there with my mother and younger sister, and we were waiting for som papers. We finally got them, left the school and entered our car. We drove around the crowded streets. There were so many pedestrains that moving with car was almost impossible. A few times I could see two girls from my class.

      We finally drove away from the city to a countryside. We stopped at a gas station and entered it. It was really crowded, and suddenly everyone started to fight. I tried to hide myself from them, and then suddenly all of them disappeared. My family was gone too, and there was only a dude that drowned in a sink inside the building. I had a bad feeling walking there, I felt like he was watching me all the time. I moved, keeping my eye on him, and saw that his eyes followed me. I said "Don't stare at me!", grabbed his head and moved it away so he couldn't stare at me. But he was moving to his previous position all the time.

      I decided that this is the best moment to leave this accursed place. There was an alley in between two houses. It led to nearest city, so I followed it. But it was strange too, as running all the time I've never changed my position, and it looked like reality stretched itself to stop me. I was running until everything became black.

      I regain vision on the road, in front my houses front yard. Suddenly I realised that I'm dreaming. Everything became dark again. I started to fly up from any danger, and tried to make everything bright again. I felt really light and I was floating up without any effort, but I couldn't move down or fly forward. Everything became brighter, taking colours from gray, to yellow and red.

      Then the red colour disappeared. I was in that gas station, but it was moved inside a strange undrground complex. It looked like it was long abandoned, there was an ankle depth water that was slowly raising. I was lying in my bed. Suddenly I heard someone banging on the door on the upper floor. I looked up, and saw that drowners run into the room.

      Still lying in my bed, I was surrounded by them. I looked closely to one of them - gray, rotting skin and sunken, bloody eyes. They were waiting for a move from my side. I told "I'm dreaming. You are not real." I tried to phase my hand through stomach of one them, but I couldn't do it. All I did was touch his dead, cold belly.

      I decided to fight with them, and grabbed one of them by throat. Seeing that he can't die of suffocation, I just smashed his head until he stopped moving. The other one died the same way. The water was still raising, it was about knee depth. I moved out to a corridoor, and I was swarmed by zombies and drowners. It was hard to fight with them, so I ran around and tried to kill them one by one. For some reason I didn't have good dream control.

      Suddenly I heard an alarm, and a huge floodgate opened. The water was flowing rapidly out of it. It was contaminated with blood, chunks of rotten flesh and vomit. It formed a disguting soup. I have almost panicked, running around a sealed, flooding complex infested with drowners and zombies.

      I have lost lucidity and assumed a role of observer. A man entered the corridoor from upped sections of the complex. He was wearing a white jacket and jeans trousers. He was well built and had bright hair. His weapon was most interesting - a plasma gun. He quickly shot out all the drowners and zombies, then got to the control room.

      Everything turned black, and then I saw a close up of the man's dead face. He had gray skin and sunken, bloody eyes. Then I saw that the floodgate has been closed. Next I floated up to the surface and then to the sky, watching a lake from the top view. Then I heard "There were only two survivors."
    15. #155 - Exploring a tomb / Talking to my dad

      by , 11-10-2015 at 11:04 PM (The Oneironaut's Odyssey)
      Intensive DEILD attempt 5:

      My alarms proved a hassle again, they didn't go off properly. So annoying >_<. I do remember vaguely waking up at one point and rolling around confused though.

      I woke up at 2:30 after a pretty sexual dream but I can't recall it, I do know that I was in my bed in the dream though fighting off the urges for PMO I think?

      Dream 1 - Exploring a Tomb
      I remember walking into a sandstone tomb (imagine a place Indiana Jones would go), though perhaps with some modern attachments such as lights (but really old and powered by old dodgy electrical wiring). I walked down some stairs into a large room the stretched on for a while with a low ceiling. There were lots of sarcophagus' (sarcophagi?) in rows across the rooms, and along the walls were indents with pedestals holding burial urns. In my mind the idea of 'looting' the place like an RPG game occurs to me. I know that sometimes enemies can hide in the sarcophagus' (like mummies) which come out and attack you when you open the lid (ever played Nox?). Other people who are with me seem to be opening the lids a little too hastily, this makes me a little anxious and I decide to head out of the room and get the feeling that some mummies may be about to appear. I heading up the next flight of stairs to where the an Asian guy is sitting on a fold-out chair by the power box for the lights. Suddenly the lights cut out, shit. This is really bad because the people opening the containers downstairs could be in trouble if a mummy appears. The Asian guy isn't aware of the urgency of the situation. I think there's also maybe 2 other companions with me around this point (similar to the 2 who were with me the previous night chasing the Asian woman). One of them had seen 2 of 3 witches standing at the bottom of the stairs looking up at us from behind a wooden pillar that held up the building we were in. They were responsible for the light disappearing. At this time I was next to the Asian guy and was fiddling in my pockets for a little hand held light. He also produced a lighter, igniting a cigarette, the glow illuminating his calm face. I have my hand held light out and turn it on and point it at the power box. I say something to subtly enlighten the Asian guy to the potential direness of the situation "we should quickly get the lights back on, the people downstairs may need it". I think he manages to gets the lights back on, I walk over to by the stairs and look down to see the 2 witches behind the narrow wooden pillar. They're just... Looking at me? Weird. Creepy. I leave back to the power box but as I reach the 3rd witch appears now. Wow, what a beauty! She's floating there with a fur-lined coat, two white streaks that flow back through her black hair. She has a Cruella de Vil 'look' but is stunningly gorgeous and graceful instead of being crazy and ugly. I think I tried to catch her but she teleport away, then I tried jumping over the edge of the railing to get her. I managed to grab her but she swung back and teleported away, disappearing from my grip. I fall to the ground on the floor below and roll. I'm sitting with my legs stretched out in front of me and my hands behind me on the floor holding me up. "Damn, and I didn't even get her number" I say out loud, I feel slick as I say this and let out a *sigh*. I felt like I would see her again. I also felt really slick and smooth like a player or something lol...

      Dream 2 - Talking to my Dad (fragment)
      It's night at my parents house and I ask my dad if he wants to go to the gym or a surf in the morning. He tells me 'oh yeah sure' and says something about how he usually gets up at 6am. I readily agree that this is fine with me as I'm used to getting up early now (I seem to say this proudly as he usually has the impression that I'm not an early riser ).

      Both dreams were pretty nice, the first was quite cool. The second was nice because I'll finally be able to see my family again and I'll probably have that same conversation but in waking life
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