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    1. 17-10-12 Full Episode of Reborn + Other Show, Hypnagogic Episode

      by , 10-13-2017 at 04:46 AM
      I basically dreamt the plot of a full episode of Heroes, basically the first episode of a new season of the canceled 'Reborn' series from 2015. It focused on the father of Nathan and Malina, and showed a bit of his origin story. Most of it took place in Italy, 2006. His name was Pierre Gasly, which also happens to be the name of a Formula One driver (a racing series I follow religiously). He was in Italy with his wife/girlfriend, who eventually turned on him and became the villain of the story. The story started with some comic-book style narration (some of the scenes literally played out in front of me as pages of a 9th Wonders comic book), in which he spoke about his powers (it was implied he was ludicrously powerful) and said how his mother always said he was special. Anyway... the evil girlfriend was eventually defeated. I saw the next scene through the eyes of Pierre, where he approached Angela Petrelli, who was sitting on a bench just outside the Italian village. She showed him a 9th Wonders comic, featuring the exact scenes I just witnessed earlier in the dream. There was also a scene with Claire Bennet, who was apparently on vacation (with her folks) to Italy in 2006.

      After waking, I decided to close my eyes some more. I immediately got hypnagogic 'flashes', like a dream while being awake. I saw two kids, no older than 8, walking along a waterfront promenade. I knew a certain event would happen and they would fall in the water and (presumably) drown. I decided to watch, and see if 'destiny' would really happen. It did. Like clockwork, right when they were supposed to, the kids smashed through the low wall (!!!) separating them from the water, and fell into said water. I decided I couldn't just stand there and let it happen, and decided to jump in and save them. I was half awake at this point and it felt like I was controlling every aspect of that dream, not just my own actions.

      I dreamt an entire episode of a show I invented myself, right there in that dream. I don't recall anything about it, other than that the plot appeared to make sense.

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    2. 16-08-16 Zombie Outbreak at Ichor Therapeutics

      by , 08-21-2016 at 01:56 AM
      I remember having a conversation with Heroes character Mohinder Suresh. I noticed he looked younger than he should, so I assumed I was in the past.

      I was sleeping (in a bed, obviously) in a room I didn't really recognize. At some point, my whole family walked by (mom, dad and possibly brother). They're standing by the window, looking outside. I join them, and see an airplane doing cool stunts. I want to grab my phone to take pictures, but to my anger I cannot find it!

      I saw a speech of President Obama, on a grassy lawn somewhere (not the White House). He suddenly spoke a few sentences in French. Although he spoke slowly, his pronunciation was spot on. I was impressed.

      I was with a couple of colleagues from the job I just got fired from. Our shift leader (Peter Bosmans) was with us. We were in a garage. The idea was, I think, to kill ourselves. I don't recall how. We'd kill each other one by one, with some kind of poisonous injection. I felt it was better to keep living, so I told them this. They didn't seem to have a problem with it, though I did think that if I was to survive, I would have to kill the last of them.

      Long dream. I was in a company HQ of a biotech company. There was a zombie outbreak. There was a guy in front of me. He looked pale, and his skin somewhat slimy. He was still lucid/aware. As I feared, he could not contain it any loner and attacked me. I fled, down a ladder? I waited, and prepared my chainsaw. It was a rather small chainsaw but whatever. He popped up, and I chainsawed him. In another scene I was swimming in a dark, half submerged part of the building. I had to dodge mines. I did this by swimming over them so quickly, that the explosions came too late and I could get past unhurt. In another scene I witnessed another man trying to escape the building. He came running out of a room on fire (both him, and the room).
      Later on, we found ourselves in a first-floor lobby. Large windows overlooked a sort of elevated yard with flowers and stuff, and then the plaza below, and the streets beyond. Reaching the main entrance below would require us to navigate more zombie-infested corridors, so I broke the window and wanted to escape by climbing down. In the yard, I saw a kid. He was dressed pretty poshly, and spoke in a British accent. He said it wasn't allowed to walk through the yard, and I think he wanted to ask his supervisor for permission. I ignored him, this was an emergency. We evacuated the building. On ground level, I walked with the others past the building and saw the company name: Ichor Therapeutics. This is a real company, lead by someone I know in reality. I doubted for a second. I felt like I had to go back in, as there were still many people lost and trapped inside the building.
    3. 16-07-16 Collecting Seashells, Underwater Cannibals, Lions

      by , 07-17-2016 at 03:25 AM
      First dream was me on a tropical island, scouring the beaches for seashells. There were 7 or 8 specific seashells I had to collect on the island. I found one, and a similar-looking one next to it. I wondered if I could "fool" the system by just taking random shells that looked similar enough to the ones I had to collect. I put the shell in my jeans pocket, and the other one in the smaller pocket below it. At some point I somehow gained Thor's hammer, Mjölnir. I figured it would be a great way of getting around faster. I tossed it, and was pulled along behind it into the air. It went fast, like really fast. I was afraid that coming down would hurt for a second, but gained courage to go higher and faster. I almost overshot the island. In a later scene, the island was a kind of reality show I was watching, and Evangeline Lilly (Kate in "Lost") was joining the show. The person I was earlier was now Matthew Fox, who played Jack on Lost. I anxiously awaited the reunion.

      Okay, how to put this... I was with a people who flew a kind of double-decker airplane, except it "flew" on and under water, not air. The pilot would be submerged below the waist. At one point, the "plane" went under water, and I was worried I would drown for a moment. But for the rest of the dream, which was all under water, I never once had issues breathing. Near the bottom of the ocean (we were swimming now, no more vehicles), I saw several of our "team" grabbed by a huge, featureless worm-like creature. It tore the man in half, and proceeded to rip apart the others, too. Then, the monsters turned out to be simply very big humans (twice the size of the average human) living underwater, and they ate humans as part of their diet. I conversed with one of them, and expressed my outrage/discontentment with them eating other sentient beings.

      I was with a large group of people walking through a park or garden-like area. I think someone commented it was a shame we didn't see any lions, because I pointed out I had seen a white lion just a little bit down the road we came from. They went back, and sure enough, there it was. The crowd was dumb, however, and got too close and too bold, trying to take pictures of the wild animal. It attacked, and started killing people (or trying to, anyway). I fled with the rest of the crowd. In the next scene, I was alone (I think) with several (regular, not white - also these were females, no manes) lions. Somehow, I knew I was invisible. I snuck to a small concrete stair leading to a higher level of the garden, and hid underneath - as I was afraid they would still bump into me, or smell me.

      I also think I had a dream featuring the full *REDACTED* of *REDACTED*, and I believe I interacted with some of them, but this incident has been completely forgotten.

      There was more to these three dreams, much more - but many details have been lost.

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    4. 16-07-09 Save the Cheerleader, Destroy the World

      by , 07-13-2016 at 06:14 PM
      This dream took place in some kind of large wooden shack. It was quite dark. *REDACTED* Sylar, another character from "Heroes", was raping her (Claire). This was an event I was "tasked" to prevent. He was doing this to her, but to my confusion, Claire seemed to be enjoying it. To my shame, I was turned on by the sight. *REDACTED* I traveled back in time. I closed my eyes and envisioned the shack in the past. I started "seeing" and hearing input from the past, while my senses from the present went dull and eventually disappeared. I was back in the shack, but before Claire and her female friend (?) arrived. I think I managed to convince them to leave. At some point in the dream, I remember thinking (or whispering "save the cheerleader, save the world", the show's catchphrase.

      I somehow got into a fight with Sylar. I could freeze time, just as I was about to throw in a punch. I realized that if I unfroze time for too long, he would no doubt destroy me using one of his many powers. But if I kept it frozen, I could never defeat him, or escape. I decided to freeze and unfreeze time every second or so, so my fist approached his face bit my bit, but he was unable to use focus and use a power in the short timespan between "freezes". I hit him right in the face, and he was defeated. My allies came in, several men of whatever faction I was with. They congratulated me for my deeds, and apparently saving the world. I wasn't interested in the world, though - I was madly in love with Claire, and I wanted her to love me back. At this point, my behavior mirrored that of a character of a book I'm reading - Raoul from "The Phantom of the Opera". In true 19th century style, it was as if I expected her to have some kind of obligation to love me because I saved her. I spoke to Claire, who was also in the shack all of the sudden, standing by wooden workbench. She no longer looked like herself. I told her the truth, that I loved her and that's why I "saved" her. She just kind of nodded "uh huh", and that was it. I was heartbroken. I was mad, and I think I drew my sword in anger (it was a katana). One of the guys in the room was Asian in origin, so I noticed.

      In the next scene, I was sitting in a chair, in an opulent Victorian palace. It was a celebration of my "heroics", because I had saved Claire and saved the world from evil while doing it. I was still in a foul mood. I cared more about conquering her heart than the world's safety. I stood up, and said "forgive me, friends". I took my swords (they were two golden ornamental swords, in a very unusual shape), and held them up while preparing to travel back in time. The idea I had in mind was vile, and beyond selfish. I would go back, but arrive just too late - when Sylar was already having his way with her. I would then save her, and in doing so she would see how much I loved her. I was prepared to allow her to get hurt and abused, just so she would love me. I was sitting again, still "casting the spell". I noticed Claire standing on my left with a few other people. I lowered my arms so she would not see me "cast". Much to my frustration, I failed to travel back in time. My ability simply refused to work. Begrudgingly, I accepted this outcome. As I started to wake up, I somehow felt like this story would have a happy ending still, and "knew" she would come to me and we'd somehow end up together after all.
    5. 16-06-27

      by , 06-27-2016 at 03:55 PM
      This dream took place in the Heroes-universe, between the last volume, and Heroes: Reborn. Noah looked far more muscly than I remembered, almost like a bodybuilder. The longer I looked, the less I recognized him. I don't recall why I was there exactly, but I can imagine it had something to do with his daughter.

      There was a dream in which I was in some kind of military/research installation. I was in the part that still had some people roaming around, but most of the facility was abandoned, I think. I ignored this and wandered off deep in the bowels of the base. At some point I entered a large, cavern-like hall, almost like a grotto, where I was attacked by demons (the Doom 2 variety). I failed miserably the first time (got caught in massive crossfire), but I got to "try" again and handled the situation differently. I shot the imps by the entrance with a machine gun, and picked off demons one by one (several manchubi), avoiding the trigger that released the cyberdemon until last. Then I handled him with a rocket launcher. Then I ran off through some other room.

      In this part I was in some kind of "war room", facing a wall where several factions had set up TV screens showing war data (or something like it). There were the Germans, and I think the Allies, but the Nazi's were a separate faction who did not have a space of their own, and roamed around between the other factions. I approached two guards on the opposite wall, who were guarding something like a fuse box attached to said wall. They wore modern battlesuits and helmets that obscured their faces. I fought them with the combat mechanics of the game Mirror's Edge Catalyst (fists, slide-kicks, jump-kicks), but especially the guard on the left was tough as hell and didn't take a lot of damage. At some point I got a combat knife somehow. I dispatched the weaker guard on the right (or did I beat him and *then* take his knife?) with ease, and started viciously stabbing the stronger guard, who was soon whimpering and at very low health. Suddenly, the guard had no helmet on anymore, and I saw it was a girl. A pretty one, too. I ignored it, jabbing the knife in her stomach (which was now bare for some reason, I noticed she had a navel ring) and jerking the knife upwards, attempting to disembowel her. But then, I felt sorry for what I was doing. I caressed her face in consolation, and noticed that everywhere I touched her, her body was dripping wet with some kind of oil - which was weird. I recall kind of hugging and kissing her, and perhaps eventually having sex with her right there. *REDACTED DETAILS* Anyway, I was interrupted by Hitler who was coming my way. I stood a few meters away from the fuse box thing, next to my fellow operative Benedict Cumberbatch (later I started to doubt, thinking he was Michael Fassbender instead). I asked him if he spoke German. He answered "a little". Hitler looked at us, saying something in German. I just stood there smiling like an idiot, hoping my mate would say something, anything. He did not, but we got away with it.

      I vaguely remember driving a car, and pulling into a narrow alley onto a parking lot. There were a lot of cops, so I turned around and left again. It's possible I'm confusing reality (memory) with fiction at the moment.
    6. Super Heroes Don't Get Payed

      by , 06-11-2016 at 05:57 PM
      There was an evil man who lived in town, and Jasper and I both knew it. We seemed to be a part of a super hero team (he was even wearing a cape!) and were trying to get him so that we could kill him. He lived in a mansion and had at least two daughters (once of which was closer to our age, and the other was a younger girl who was probably seven or eight years old. The older daughter knew how terrible her father was and at some point in the dream was even with us in the car, plotting. The younger daughter was also with us . . . but I don't remember how (or when) she got in there.

      The dad stepped out: he was wearing white clothes and had a full head of blond hair. It was raining and night time and he was yelling so much, but we weren't afraid (because fuck yeah super heroes). The older daughter disappeared and we were worried because she might be in there with her father, and who knows what he would do to her if he knew that she had changed her alliances?

      So we were left with the younger girl, who clearly did not grasp the gravity of the situation and did not seem to fully understand just how bad of a person her dad was. It was terrible!

      I remember I was in the back seat with her, trying to take care of her, while Jasper was the one trying to man the wheel. The girl started complaining that she was hungry, and she did so so much that we were about ready to give in. "We don't have the money for that," said Jasper.

      "You have to have the money," she said. "It's not right if you don't. I want to go somewhere."

      "And where do you want to go?" he asked, weary.


      "That place is expensive. It'll wipe out our bank card. Will that do it for you?"

      She seemed to take the hint because she sat down in an odd angle in the car seat and didn't say anything for a couple of moments. Then, when Jasper and I thought she was done, she said, "Yeah, that'll do it though!"

      We decided that we did need to feed her somehow or another. Jasper knew where Rat-E-Cheese was and set off. We were talking about our battle plans when, half-way through, we realized that the girl was no longer with us. We thought that she might have been re-captured by her father, or even that she had fallen out of the car door. We inherently knew that she was safe for the moment, though, and kept going until we could find a place where we could turn around, and while we were doing so we used that time to keep talking about battle plans.

      "We don't need to tell that girl what her father is, though," said Jasper.

      "I know, that would be shitty." I was thinking about all of the times my mom had talked so badly about my own dad to me. I knew "what he was" then, but it was nonetheless distressing hearing it come from her. I wondered what we were going to do when we actually broke into the mansion. I pictured killing him beside his fireplace by chopping off his head, and then finding the little girl afterwards and trying to explain that she was going to be living with us from now on. Even in my head that didn't sound like it was going to go down well.

      We passed Rat-E-Cheese before we were able to turn around, and when we did I realized that it was just a knock-off version of Chuck-E-Cheese (even "Chuck-E," which was painted on the building, was just a more realistic rat). I told Jasper that it was a good thing we didn't take her to that place anyway, because we could do better.
    7. Turning Muggles into Wizards

      by , 11-16-2013 at 08:16 AM
      11-01-2013 -- I am Harry Potter, and with Neville Longbottom at my side, I am deep into a large battle with a bunch of Death Eaters. It is quite a long battle, and covers a lot of ground, though I can't really remember a lot of the details. At least part of it seems to take a place in a hotel, probably a muggle hotel. We manage to defeat the Death Eaters, but the wizarding world decides to blame us for letting people in the muggle world see us casting spells, and they snap our wands and banish us from the wizarding world.

      Thing is, I quickly find that almost all of the regular people have one special ability, if they can only discover it, and learn how to use it. Whether you want to call it the X-Gene or say it is a Heroes world or how you want to look at it, the humans only need to discover what their unique ability is, and how to use it. Thankfully, I find that, having been trained to use my magic, even with a wand, now that I have had it snapped, I can somehow use my magic to access all these other peoples' individual powers, and know (at least partly) how to use them all.

      There is a class on strange abilities at the local community college, and I decide to attend and learn something, but the professor is just talking about powers and abilities as something theoretical, something that is rumored to be possible, but nobody believes in. I decide this just won't do, and decide to take over the class. The professor watches, somewhat bemused, as I start demonstrating a few powers. I slow down time around me, so that I seem to move at super speed. I speed up time, so everything seems to be happening in slow motion. I even try to figure out how to travel in time (which just looks, to the students, like I disappear from one spot, and reappear in another.)

      On another day, we are holding class outside in a sort of amphitheater, and there is confetti in the air, when I decide to play around with weather control. I make it start to snow for a short time, then start turning the snow into rain. I keep it very controlled and local, it is only snowing, then raining, over us and about half the pool we are standing next to, which also leads to demonstrating control over the elements, and making the pool part, ala the red sea, which really impresses everybody. Meanwhile, each class, I help another few students discover what their power is, and help them start to learn a little about how to control it.

      Soon it is the last day of the semester, in the last five minutes of class, and I realize I have messed up a bit. I haven't given them any of the warnings that I should have. I try to advise them against using their powers too blatantly, unless it is an emergency, pointing out that they might frighten people, or that people might want them to always be using their powers to help out, in which case they might never have any peace. On the other hand, we tell them to encourage more people to take the class, so we can teach ever more people to fin and learn to use their powers.

      Finally, Neville and I explain about the magical world, and warn them to beware of nutwads wielding short sticks, and warn them that if wizards catch them using their powers, they could attack them, try to erase their memories, and cause them lots of problems. I concentrate, and use a lot of my power, and conjure rings on all their fingers which quickly fade from view, and tell them if they are ever attacked by wizards to hold the ring and call my name, and I will try to come and save them. Then they start heading out into the larger world. The age of powers has begun! Very fun dream!
    8. The Bank and the Superheroes

      by , 11-07-2013 at 08:16 PM
      11-07-2013 -- [Haven't had any dreams worth recording for two or three days. Woke this morning with no dreams yet again, but it was quite early in the morning. Haven't had any fun sexual dreams in probably a month, so went back to sleep constantly repeating in my mind that I was going to have a long, involved, fun dream that included having sex. Slept for a few minutes, was briefly woke, then fell back asleep, and in the process had the following fragment and dream.]

      I am in a somewhat nice building that seems to be a cross of a Mercedes showroom, a bank, or perhaps an office building. Decent sized offices with glass fronts. There are a fair amount of people walking around, including a smarmy male manager, and several females, ranging from very attractive to fairly attractive wandering around in a variety of tops, but all wearing very short, white, pleated skirts that kind of remind me of Supergirl. They wander around in this building, running various errands, and whenever they bend over to pick up something off the floor, they provide a [b]very[/i] nice view. I'm feeling very horny, so I wander around, trying to stay away from the smarmy manager dude, hoping to catch one of the women alone and bent over in one of the offices.

      I follow around the most attractive blonde for a while, bright golden hair, fairly large breasts, long shapely legs, but it almost seems the manager is following her, and because of that, she never seems to bend over. Finally, I end up following another woman. She is not quite as wow as the other, but still very nice. She has a slightly smaller chest and dirty blonde hair. In one of the offices, alone, she bends over to pick something up, flashing a very skimpy pair of panties, and I drop to my knees behind her, and bury my face in her backside, tugging her panties to the side as I give her a lick. She gasps, and starts to say no, no, no, as I continue to lick, but as I reach a hand around and also begin to stroke her clit, it turns to more of a no, no, nore, more, more moan. But oddly, while she seems to be enjoying herself, and I am certainly enjoying myself, I don't seem to be erect, to take the next step. Which is exactly when I awoke to a trash truck going by outside.

      Fell back asleep to find myself in what started out as almost a doctor's office, but started changing into more a sort of abandoned super market. I am wandering around, and there are a lot of beautiful women here, and a lot of strong, handsome men. Many of both sexes are nude, and having sex with each other in individual rooms, but with no doors. Nobody seems to be bothered by it, though. I come across one fairly attractive redhead who doesn't seem to have anybody to spend time with, and we have some sex. It's nice and fun, but not very detailed or textured if you know what I mean. The dream isn't really making it real, yet.

      She wanders off, having things to do, and slowly I discover everybody is turning into superheroes, while still just wandering around, having sex. I am looking for somebody new, and come across an attractive brunette, slightly slim, good sized breasts, long brown hair, a nice figure, but slightly less curves than someone like Wonder Woman would have. She is alone, and nude, and seems kind of upset, and I ask her about it. It seems she is fighting with her boyfriend, because he refuses to eat her out, and I say I'd be happy to do that for her. She isn't completely sure, because her boyfriend is extremely strong, extremely jealous, and kind of stupid, but she's really horny, so she agrees.

      She is soon laying on a towel, her legs spread, and I dive in. She is moaning slightly as I start to lick her, and we carry on for a while, but though I try, I am not quite getting her there with my tongue. I add a couple of fingers, alternating between sliding them inside and using them to alternate with tongue strokes along her clit, and I must eventually hit on the exact right rhythm eventually, because she convulses, gives a huge groan, and starts spraying my face with her juices. Seems I've got a squirter. We continue with some rather nice sex for quite a while, and when we eventually finish, we kind of rest there in each others' arms, cuddling.

      That's when her boyfriend shows up, angry as hell and itching for a fight. He's a big, muscle-bound fellow, wearing a bright red costume. No idea what I am wearing. We exchange punches and throws for a while, and I am managing to hold my own, but we're managing to bang each other up pretty badly. At one point I have him pinned against a wall and straight out tell him, if he isn't going to please his girl, then I bloody well am. He claims that he does please her, and I tell him he refuses to eat her out. He get's this little-kid-icky look on his face and goes "Eeeeewwwwww!" and I look at him in amazement. "Have you ever tasted your girl's cum?" From this he realizes we weren't just cuddling, we've actually had sex, and he goes even more ballistic.

      We continue fighting for a while, and eventually I have the strength and leverage to catch him in a full nelson, completely locked in, and have him pressed against a wall. I tell him flat out that this can go a couple of ways. He can decide to give his girl what she wants, as well as taking what he wants, in which case I'll only be with her once more, to show him what to do, or he can continue to be selfish, and I'll be with her whenever she wants. He gets this intense look on his face, like its a really hard thing to think through.

      About this time, some other heroes come running through, and say some bad guys have planted some bombs at a nearby strip mall, and we have to go stop them. I let the guy go, and he kind of collapses to the ground. I almost follow him ... we've really battered each other. A couple of the other heroes are half supporting me, half carrying me, one on each side, as they start to lead me off to the strip mall. The farther we go, the more I regain my strength, and am able to move under my own power. Soon we reach the abandoned store front where the bombs are, and we find there are a lot of bombs held within some good-sized cardboard boxes. We start grabbing the boxes one or two at a time, pulling off a tab that kind of forces them to detonate within a few minutes (like a delayed action pin on a hand grenade) instead of whenever the bad guys had set them for, then are stacking them in a big, open area outside, where we hope they will do no harm.

      The guy I was fighting with wasn't here for a while, and I am worried that he is going to come along and attack and fight me again, rather than working on the bombs, but as I reenter to grab more, I come across him carrying two out. He seems to be more interested in doing his job, and I briefly clap a hand on his shoulder, then grab a couple more bombs and haul them outside. A fire engine pulls up right next to the bombs, and we try to chase them back a bit away so they won't get blown up when the bombs all go off. We've got all the bombs out of the strip mall, but what were medium sized cardboard boxes have turned into a number of railroad containers filled with explosives, and kind of quivering from the volatile contents inside. Now we're just kind of standing around, waiting for them to explode, and to find out whether the area is open enough to avoid them doing any major damage or not.

      Then I stop to think for a moment. We have a lot of heroes here, maybe 20 or 30, and some of them are probably not as impervious to damage as I am. I call out, loudly "Who here is not invulnerable?" I hear a couple of voices call out on the other side of the crowd, including a couple of female voices, and I head over that way until I find an attractive blonde female hero with her hand up. She's got a nice figure, a nice costume, very sexy. I explain when all these containers blow, there is going to be a lot of shrapnel, and if she isn't invulnerable, I am going to have to protect her. I pull her into a very tight, very invasive embrace, and pull her to the ground, my body between her and the containers, while they continue to quiver and pulse with the unstable materials inside. We're laying there for several very long seconds, though she does seem to be enjoying herself.

      Suddenly there is a flash of light, and we are flying through the air. For several seconds, it is very peaceful, almost as if we had the power of flight (neither of us do) as we somehow move smoothly and rapidly through the air, then there is noise and turbulence and fire, and we crash violently to the ground. I glance around, and there is flaming debris everywhere, but nobody is seriously hurt, and the buildings are all OK, so it seems we got everything set up all right. The beautiful hero in my arms seems rather affectionate, and we're only two or three miles from the abandoned supermarket where we seem to live, so I figure it is time to go back and have some more fun. I know we can't fly, but I am super strong, so I figure maybe I can jump a mile at a time, like the Hulk. I hold her tight in my arms, but only manage to jump maybe 30 yards into the air, and only about 50 yards distance before I drop back to the ground. I do a couple more jumps like that, but it just isn't moving me far enough, fast enough. I try running at super speed, but it turns out that isn't one of my gifts either, because I can only run about a mile a minute. Phooey. With our headquarters two or three miles away, it takes me two whole minutes to get us there! AAUUGGHH!! But soon we're moving among the abandoned aisles looking for a bed, then we start to rapidly undress each other, ready to relax after a tough day of explosives!
    9. Marshall, the Abused Kid, and the Body Snatcher

      by , 09-14-2013 at 12:12 PM
      09-13-2013 -- [Not sure if this was one dream, or two dreams that kind of flowed together, but since I can't tell, I am posting it as one.]

      I'm at Peter Marshall, trying to visit my old teachers, when I find myself in an argument with a principal or administrator who looks just like John Laurenitis (wrestling personality). He wants me off school grounds and is making a big fuss about it, and being a real jerk, so I somehow kind of move through space until I am standing across the street from the back gate of the school.

      He slowly makes his way out there, and starts to laugh at me because I was in such a hurry to get away from him, I left my black backpack at the school, and he is enjoying rubbing my face in the fact that he doesn't ever plan to let me have it back. Of course, that's about the time that a sort of a cross between a bus and a mobile home pulls up, and the driver (who is kind of a cross between a bus driver and a janitor, and looks like Chi McBride) opens the door and tosses me my backpack, explaining he thought I might want this.

      I thank him, and the principal rants and raves a bit, then decides to get his revenge about talking me up as some sort of child molester or something, as if it is for the little kids that I stop by to visit, rather than to see the teachers I knew when I went to school there. Unfortunately, a lot of the parents who live in the area believe him, and start to make my life hell. Including one of the people living on the street ... Anne.

      So the parents are berating me and warning their kids to stay away from me, and I hurry down the street, trying to find some place to hide and relax. I jump a fence or a hedge or something, and find a cross between a side yard and a car port to try and hide in, and I seem to be mostly out of sight, but unfortunately I am right next door to Anne's, and the house that I am at is owned by a lady who is actually crazy, so I am really not at the best place, facing off with some nut case.

      Meanwhile, I have had lots of dreams in this area over the years, and in one of them, I was helping to protect this little kid who was being abused by one of the adults in his life, and listening to the people around him starting to talk bad about me, he refuses to join in, refuses to avoid me, and since the adult has started to abuse him again, he is actually trying to run away to go with me. I am wearing a long beige trench coat (fully clothed underneath ... I am not a child molester even in my dreams) and as he runs up to me and hides within my coat, many of the parents begin to realize that what they've been told is nonsense, and they start to know I'm an OK guy.

      The crazy woman turns out to be his mother, and she is not the one that is abusing him, but she is messed up enough that she doesn't know how to protect him, and may not even realize he needs protection. But whoever is abusing him is now coming for him, so I gather him up in my arms, still kind of wrapped in the trench coat, and start to hurry down the street. I walk fast down Nancita to Greenleaf, then up a block to Aurora and start heading back the other way, but things are kind of shifting as they do in a dream.

      This is where one dream may have ended, and another may have begun, but if so, it all still seems kind of tied together. The street has turned into a sort of hotel corridor, and I find we're running around in this hotel dodging people, trying to keep the kid safe ... yet at the same time I am by myself somewhere where Chyanne and Joel live. Somehow I have been kind of hiding in a bedroom, and I seem to have been masturbating or something, but somehow this has left an odd sort of 'aura' to the room, where now anybody who walks into it will also have to masturbate. Strange.

      Anyway, soon that is gone, and I am back in this hotel, and the crazy lady who was a brunette is kind of turning blonde, and we're now looking for her kid while trying to avoid the ever-more-frightening guy who is chasing them, and he is turning into some sort of an evil villain who should be dead, but his spirit has been possessing people or something. For some reason he really, really wants to possess the kid, so we're trying to keep him away from him.

      It's a little bit of a chase dream, running up and down stairways and in and out of doorways, and more and more people are getting involved. The blonde is becoming Ali Larter, which may not be completely surprising, as the evil guy who wants to possess the kid looks like David Anders (Adam Monroe in Heroes.) More and more people are getting involved, and somehow I get separated from the group for a bit, as they are forced to ride a deadly roller coaster that I can hear roaring about overhead, as I find myself at the entrance to a shopping mall, where I am just kind of waiting and trying to keep an eye out for them.

      Soon we are back together, and a police woman or something of the sort (a woman in charge of things wherever we are) is leading us to a room where we are supposed to meet with and kill the bad guy, which will only require a touch to a wound on his arm. Nobody wants to do it, and I finally say I will do it, to protect the kid and everybody else, but with the whole possession thing, I am worried that somehow it will open me up to being the one who is possessed.

      But as we approach the door that we are to open and enter, I notice that the blonde is acting more and more strange, and not herself, and I begin to wonder if it might have already happened, and he might have possessed her, and leave us to dispose of the evidence of his previous body. So I have to grab and trap her, as well as trying to stop everybody else.

      Things get a little hectic, and everyone is running every which way. The blonde was possessed, but he fled from her. Meanwhile, the body which used to be his is now free, and is a low level crook who ought to be stopped, but he isn't dangerous enough to be really important. The real evil has been destroyed, so the main villain has been defeated.

      I chase the body he used to inhabit into a small snow-covered courtyard, where he bolts for a very small door (about normal height, but only about eight inches wide, like a tiny door to a cupboard or something), which he locks behind him, and he has managed to make his escape.

      Meanwhile, the no-longer-possessed blonde was left laying unconscious in the building, and everybody else has kind of walked off. I am upset about the guy getting away, worried about the kid, and kind of horny, and I decide now that she is no longer possessed, a little sex might help make up for a kind of a bad day.

      I walk back into the room where she was, and she is no longer laying there, so I have to search for her. I find her hiding, and pull her out. I push her down onto a table and start to undress her, planning to have my way with her, but she is turning into a cat, and I find myself putting her in a decent sized box with another cat, and also adding a long strip of cat litter, about four-by-eight inches, that is somehow holding together, as I prepare to take them somewhere.
    10. Liam Kisses a Man, I have a Ghost Child, and the Lost/Disney/Wizard of Oz Mash-up.

      by , 07-30-2013 at 05:24 AM
      In Which Liam Kisses a Man

      There is an image reel on the wall. When I turn the knob beside it different portraits cycle into
      view. They are kind of terribly drawn anime faces and all different kinds. They are familiar. People I knew as Saja. I become lucid for this but immediately the images start to catch and blur like I can no longer make the reel function correctly. So I pull back and watch as the DC I was inhabiting takes over. He is a hulk of a man, at least 6'7", broad and muscular. He looks to be made out of dark rock. He turns the reel and the top one that is even with his face becomes a mirror. Then the mirror becomes a window and there is a person on the other side. My heart does a sort of flopping thing, like a fish on dry land. The man on the other side of the glass is Liam. By the second his face becomes more defined and animated. Pale skin, bright like he is illuminated from within. Clear blue eyes, a long straight nose, wide smiling mouth and bright copper hair.
      "AH! Now I can think again." He says. The window becomes a door and then disappears.
      As tall as he is, the DC is still four inches taller. Liam is obviously amused, standing in front of the hulking man with his hands on his hips in an achingly familiar posture. Lean, fit Liam is out-bulked by the DC. He's wearing a loose white suit with faded blue accents.
      "Well...that's an interesting new look for you." Liam says, smiling a little. He still thinks I'm in
      there, looking up at the DC. He hooks a fine long-fingered hand around the back of the DC's neck and pulls him down, kissing him on the mouth. "Since you are obviously otherwise occupied, I'll get out of here." While the presence of Liam is gone, a DC walks away. He looks deformed and is no longer wearing the suit, but a tank top and jeans. He's like an ugly echo of the rock DC.

      Ghost Child

      I'm in the house in MA. It is haunted by an infant who died. I am the mother. The spirits usually come out at night or on dark days. Now it is
      night. I need to wash my hands but as I pause by the open bathroom door, I can already hear the infant crying forlornly from where she lost her life. I decide to go to the kitchen instead. For some reason Attachment 5260 the sink is on the same wall as the entry door and the dining room entry-way instead of on the far side. The cabinet doors are open and white hand towels are draped across them, so that I can't see underneath the sink. As I pass in front of the sink I realize that I am holding my arms like I am cradling a baby, and that in my arms is a bundle of white blankets. I feel a distant, gauzy spike of fear which is soon replace with a desperate mad sort of awe. The longer I focus on the blanket, the more I notice a tiny perfect face underneath a corner of blanket. I draw the fabric back and the baby screams, immediately fussy.
      "Shhhh...mommy's here." I try to soothe her, rock her, sure that my continued existence
      hinges on successfully calming her. "We'll spendsome time together, you and I. The whole night, if you want."
      She yawns, but she feels...menacing still. But she is mine and I will not cast her aside.
      It isn't her fault that she cannot rest like other dead. I leave the kitchen and instead of stairs there is a long hall with benches hugging the walls. I sit down and for some reason set her down on the bench beside me, facing the bedroom side of the house. A blonde teenager appears and, recognizing the baby for what she is, begins antagonizing her.
      "HEY, you'll stop if you know what's good for you!" I say, knowing that for her to stay, he
      needs to stop and if he doesn't she will kill him. It has happened before.
      He glares at me and stops leaning over her.
      "We're spending time together, leave us alone."
      A girl appears and the bundle disappears. She looks like this: Attachment 5261. I know she is my daughter. She has tanned skin, long wavy brown hair pulled half back and somewhat chubby cheeks. Her brown eyes glitter with thinly veiled malice. Attention for her is sustenance.
      "You have been warned once. Your actions are making me hungry...you don't wanna
      know what I eat." She says and tries to smile at me but her eyes are still hard and angry, and the mask of her face just makes me sad. At least she is here with me.
      She cuts between myself and the young man and approaches a closet door. She is a young woman and looks like Red from Once Upon a Time, Attachment 5262 she's wearing a loose white shirt with slit shoulders, black shorts and knee high black boots. There is a thin trickling of blood at the corner of her mouth. I realize then that she is not even a vampire, but a cannibal and that she eats people alive. I try to tell myself I am wrong but all the while she watches the young man with a obvious hunger. ((I suppose I have decided this is what my daughter looks like, because that's also how I saw Aura from this dream Lucid Dreaming - Dream Views - Amurehna - Dream Journals, and Aura is Saja's daughter in the story I'm writing. I got her name from another dream, maybe I'll post that one too. Eventually.))

      Sleep Paralysis Interlude
      I am in bed and I can not move. I open my eyes a little at the sound of a woman's
      voice. She is twisted like a contortionist, her head between her legs and her legs bent at the knee so that my legs run underneath her. She is telling me a story about when she was alive, that in her time there was not a friend of hers that did not have a boxed hair dye called White Wash Blonde, by Bombshell Antiquities. I even get a view of the aged white and red box. I start to tell her that she could still use it, but then I realize that she is completely bald. I figure if I can keep her talking she won't be so terrifying.
      Then I realize there's a man on the other side of her. I feel a hand grip my foot. I issue a whimper of terror and look over at my boyfriend who is playing a game on his computer. I wish that he would hear me, come over and wake me up. He does not notice though.

      There's a fragment about being in my living room and seeing piles of greyish dirt on the floor. I see a pink and white dress on the floor in the dust and shake it out, put it on, and pat the remaining stuff out of the skirt.

      WTF Mash-up
      John Locke escapes from containment, he has been captured by a secret faction called
      The Project headed by Noah Bennet. They will not tell him anything. When Locke frees himself, the world outside is fantastically colorful and brightly saturated. There are fields in every direction, lush green and bursting with crops. He sees a man spraying water mixed with chemicals over a large pumpkin patch, the largest is man sized. Noah finds him and tells John he was not ready to see any of this and is certain that John will not even try to understand the purpose of The Project.
      "So...what exactly is your goal?" Locke asks.
      "Would you believe me if I said that we are trying to ease the food shortage by growing larger crops?"
      "No, I wouldn't."
      "I didn't think so."

      We have infiltrated the area and are looking for Locke. Sometimes I am with my
      boyfriend and sometimes he is Jack (this time he looks a little like this guy Ghost or Dream?-tumblr_kvmvbladpx1qa3prqo1_500.jpg he is 6' tall with black hair, true to form he is wearing a blue and white plaid button-up and black jeans). We stand facing one of the fences, behind it are great green rolling hills of crops. We exchange a look. I am standing in bright yellow dirt that when wet has the texture of sand. It reminds me of the Yellow Brick Road. I wonder aloud if they added yellow dye to get this effect because I have never seen dirt like it. I bend down and puck up some between my thumb and forefinger. Strange.
      A black man in a suit hails us from the road and we turn to face him. "Hey now, you know
      you're not supposed to be out here." He says. He doesn't seem at all threatening, we make an effort to look ashamed that we have broken the rules. "Come on, we'll get you two gingers initiated. Boss says that we can trust you."
      We follow him back to the road without a fight, I look up at Jack.
      "Did you hear him call us gingers?"
      "Yeah." He lets out a brief, quiet laugh.
      When I look at him again I can see some bright coppery strands mixed in with the black.
      "You're looking a little auburn today so I understand you, but what about me? My hair is black."
      He scrutinizes me and then grins, replying with some nonsense like "Well, you've got that V." Which makes me think of vampire blood, like from True Blood.
      "Oh yeah." I say nodding. "I guess."
      We reach a broad wooden gate-wall and are welcomed inside.
      "Boss said you could help us solve a murder, that your talent is uniquely suited for this kind of thing."

      There's a lapse. Noah is on vacation with Claire and his wife. Claire is acting more like Juliette Barnes from Nashville. She seeing a
      farmhand, Alex Pettyfer, but her parents found out and tried to sever the relationship by deceiving him into thinking she no longer wished to see him. They are in a hotel room. Noah displays a hologram of Claire.
      "Hey! Daddy, why do you have that? It's mine." She says petulantly.
      "We took it from that boy you've been seeing...you won't be talking to him anymore." says Noah.
      She watches the hologram. It is of herself swimming with lengths of dusky purple fabric hiding her nakedness only JUST. They used to use the hologram to communicate, so Noah used it and acted like he was sending a message from Claire.
      Claire taps the comm on her ear. "Operator, patch me through to the Folds."
      "I apologize, mistress, contacted with the Folds has been suspended."
      "NO! You have to tell him I don't mean it."
      "Will you keep trying?"
      "Yes mistress."
      "Daddy...we're not on vacation, are we?"
      "No, honey. There is something happening at home and I didn't want you in the middle of it."

      As we leave the field it erupts violently into motion, like a roiled mess, like a landslide
      spilling up from the earth, swirling and swallowing anything in its path. When the hands realize what is happening they try to speed away in all different sizes of work trucks. Most do not make it. What looks like a blue garbage truck careens wildly on the loose earth but manages to escape. This vehicle is driven by Alex. It is not clear whether Noah triggered the upheaval or if the land revolted because of all the chemicals they poured into it.

      As I walk with the black man and my boyfriend/Jack, he tells us the story. I very
      clearly see an armored munchkin knight who has become a vampire, lift the visor on his helm and attack Snow White. They were under orders from a 3rd party to kill her and a number of others. She was in her castle, they killed her on the landing between two flights of stairs. The munchkin regrets the part he played in the murders but kept doing the Other's bidding until he was murdered as well. As a medium, I am here to call their spirits and to declare to all gathered who the plotter is.

      I'm in a darkened hotel room with my boyfriend. he mentions seeing a trailer for a movie and says it has 'the man I met' in it, sounding a
      little jealous. I have no idea what he is talking about until he shows me a poster of the movie. It is Damon from Vampire Diaries in bed with 6 women.
      "Of course he'd be a ladies man." I say, smiling a little. I don't recall ever meeting him
      though. There was also a scrap of storyline about Elena and remember thinking that this is how the munchkins became vampires in the first place.

      Walking with my boyfriend/Jack toward a large building with a sliding barn door. I
      separate from myself and huddle against the wall to watch her approach. Nadia, another medium, appears. Ghost or Dream?-07c6cdae5d0395cc89c01c22fd25f41e.jpg Nadia looks like her, but with her hair pulled back into a ponytail. She's wearing a blue/white tank top with khaki cargo pants. They recognize their like nature immediately and when they draw too close together something odd happens. Their hands meld together into one long fleshy appendage and they fall to their knees, eyes glowing, heads thrown back. Together they will call out the murderer.
      There are Disney princesses all around the room. Cinderella is next to me, I now realize
      that I am Snow White. In the far corner of the room Sleeping Beauty lays on a table...and on top of a dead body. When she spots the mediums she flies into an ill-considered rage immediately giving herself away. I am not really sure what happens next, she stalks around the room yelling nothing that makes any sense. Her evil gaze falls on me and at once I realize that this isn't Sleeping Beauty, it is a witch that has stolen her skin and wears her like a costume (EEEEWWW).
      "YOU! What are you doing here?! I guess that's what I get for leaving the job to a bunch
      of munchkins." Then she shoots me in the head with a fireball, it goes straight through my head like a bullet and melts my head to the wall like a ragged mess of wax (thank you subconscious...). She murders Cinderella and I realize I can still move, I reach out and seize the skirt of her sparkling blue/pink dress. I rip the Sleeping Beauty dress and skin enough that it shows everyone the witch underneath. She kills five more people before someone takes her down. A flock of Jasmines appear carrying bowls, their necklace and headband gems glowing green as they spread out and heal the 'dead'. With my limited scope I try to find my boyfriend, but I know that he has left and didn't bother checking to see if I was alright. Jasmine heals my weird wax-melted head.

      Something about all of it feeling staged, like Sleeping Beauty only thought she was killing all of us, or that through the mediums we lived her intentions.

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    11. The Graveyard Random/Corporeal Beast/Heroes Quest in the Mental Institution

      by , 06-22-2013 at 10:06 PM
      06-22-2013 -- [OK, talk about involved dreams in a short bit of time ... was drifting off into a nap at about 3:30 today, but was kept from it by a friend texting me at 3:33. I glanced at the text, but ignored making a reply because I didn't want to distract myself from drifting off to sleep. Something (possibly a knock on the door, but I'm not sure) woke me up at about 3:55, and I had this whole dream in my head. So it was all dreamed in under 20 minutes, possibly significantly under.]

      I'm walking through a sort of cross between some sort of mental hospital and a live version of Runescape with my friend Dale, and I think we're on some sort of a quest that I can remember dreaming about before, probably two or three years ago. People are running around and yelling and screaming, making noise and being odd [as little kids keep doing outside my motel room in real life as I am trying to nap] as we're making our way through the maze-like corridors, grumbling about having no guidance and no maps.

      Eventually I find myself in a wooded area out behind the building, where I can see the entrance to a familiar-looking graveyard with five graves in it. I know I have to go inside and help the grave digger get the right bodies in the right graves, but I find I can't walk normally. Somehow, even though this is live and not a computer game, I have to push the right keys to walk shorter or longer distances and in different directions. But with no keyboard and no memory of what keys, I'm completely lost. In addition, the graves are only 2 or 3 spaces apart, but the distances I can move are 5 or 8 spaces or something like that, so it is a big puzzle to figure out how to make the right spaces in the right directions to get in front of each individual grave so I can figure out who is supposed to be in each one. [The controls are kind of like for a game a skull ball.]

      To make things worse, there are also little bits of sparkles around, and bits of glowing, circling dust, and I come to realize that we not only have to solve this puzzle in the 'real' Runescape world, but we also have to find a portal where we can switch into the spirit world, where the puzzle will be even more difficult, and solve it there, too. [A throwback to the Spirit of Summer/Corporeal Beast quests.] All with no maps, no guides, and just the vaguest of memories of trying to do this before and failing.

      I finally give up, and just try to sit down on the short stone fence surrounding the graveyard and rest for a few minutes, but as I am, a cheerleader comes running past, screaming her head off, and as I start to recognize her as Claire Bennet, Sylar comes running behind her, still trying to cut her head open to gain her powers, and I have to try and help her to get away safely. Soon I find myself running through what halfway seems to be the kitchen at the Hickory house, except that there is a sort of a group therapy session going on here. As we rush in, Sylar is halfway behaving himself, pretending to be an ok person, and some crazy old lady is asking me if I am going to tell her any more stories about the psychotic watch-maker, and I am shushing her, trying to keep her from cluing Sylar in on the fact that we know who he is.

      I'm trying to get him trapped in here with the oddly powerful and helpful patient who I suspect isn't really a patient, but about that time, somebody makes an announcement that 'Monica' was thrown out a few hours ago for 'telling lies' (ie the truth they don't want to have known), so it seems we aren't going to have any assistance from an angel on this one. Soon find we're chasing around the corridors again, and my friend Chris has joined us, but I don't seem to want him to follow me, so I run into a corridor that I think leads back to the door where we entered the building, but it is now very dark, and he turns out to be afraid of the dark, so doesn't follow me.

      But somehow it seems to lead to somebody kind of leading me to bed and telling me to go to sleep (with hints of some kind of mind control in there, forcing me to forget about all that has been going on, and making me want to sleep) except that the door to my room is open, and all the lights have been left on in the room and the hall, so I get up again and start to wander around to try and turn off the lights, which somehow starts to awaken me once again to what I had been made to forget.

      [And on top of dreaming all of that in 10-15 minutes, when I woke up, I was no longer tired. A 10-15 minute nap that was that filled with a crazy dream was enough to wipe away my sleepiness.]
    12. Heroes

      by , 01-06-2013 at 08:46 AM (Hopeless Wanderings)
      Me and my friend Ali were going to be in the dorms together for the new semester. We were surrounded by guys I didn't know and one of them was carrying a bottle with a beta fish inside it. There was hardly any water in the bottle and I felt sorry for the poor fish so I told the guy that I would fix up his male-shift fish tank of his. He agreed so we would go over to his dorm first so I could help him. We got in the car and when we arrived we parked three buildings back and had to walk all the way to his dorm. We went inside he and his buddy's dorm. It was pretty big and had a small kitchen and two round tables in it. I hoped that me and Ali's dorm would look like this. There were new roommates checking in around us and meeting each other and I felt like I was missing out back at our dorm since we hadn't even been there yet. So I prepared another cup to put the fish in while I cleaned the original bottle and said to the guy, "you should really to to the dollar store and get a nice fish bowl that would only cost you..." I was cut off by something. Next thing I know, we are in the parking lot(me, the fish guy, and three other guys) and someone was chasing us. I could later see that this man was Matt, the police officer from the show Heroes. He chased down and, using his powers, killed the first four guys as I was running away towards the dorms. I turned around and there he was right in front of me! I was terrified but I knew I had powers too so I jumped up and flew backwards away from him into the night sky. I appeared back in the dorms, this time in me and Ali's dorm which we shared with some other girls. I didn't want him to find us so I shut the door and closed my eyes and when I opened them our room had been switched to a different floor. One girl was like "hmm did the number to our room change?" The next thing I remember was being on the balcony on the upstairs of the school. The bad guy and his friends were holding professor Suresh from Heroes over the ledge, threatening to drop him 5 stories onto the main walkway of the school. I was up there also and they were holding me but I managed to escape and flew down off the balcony and prepared to catch Suresh. A crowd was drawn now that they saw me fly. I was worried that they wouldn't drop him now since they knew I'd catch him and instead kill him another way. I began to fly back up there and then woke up.

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    13. Television Thugs and the Drunk Ball Player

      by , 12-24-2012 at 05:57 PM
      12-11-2012 (or so) -- I am at a hotel, somewhere, and am riding up and down various escalators. There are some thugs who are after me, and I see them a few yards away on another escalator. They see me, too, and start to try running down the escalator to chase me. So I kind of slide down like you might on the divider between escalators, except I am kind of hovering over the step portion, sliding down, instead. The thugs really have to hurry to have even a chance of keeping up.

      So I reach the ground and start running, hoping to get away while the thugs are still trying to get off the escalator, but they are soon on my tail again. It feels like they are from a TV show, but I just can't manage to remember which one. They manage to catch up with me after a bit, and I have to fight with them. I am holding my own, but there is no clear winner or loser. There is another person being attacked, and it is Peter Petrelli from Heroes, but he doesn't seem to have any sort of powers.

      I break away and run off somewhere where I can grab somebody's computer to try and look these guys up on a show guide, and find out who they are. I am thinking they are from a TV show where the title is a girl's name, but I am convince I am wrong ... turns out I have it exactly right, though. (Can't remember what the name of the show would be, however.)

      Soon I am on the run again, and there is lots of running, chasing, and bad stunt car driving. It is quite a significant chase, but I eventually end up out in the middle of nowhere, in a deserted area where one of the good guys seems to almost be building a baseball stadium. (Shades of Field of Dreams!) I think it is Dave D. He seems to kind of be recreating a team that went bankrupt a few years ago or something, and he's asked for my help. I don't think I can play very well, but maybe helping more on the managing aspect?

      There's a referee who is really badgering me about a backstop that is missing the wire mesh to contain pop flies, and we are trying to explain to him that the mesh will be in place by game time, and there is no reason we shouldn't be able to practice, in the meantime. After that, Dave is sending me to a locked restroom, where I am supposed to control a very, very drunk past star who may very well make or break the team.

      I am supposed to get him interested in playing again, in uniform, and on the ball field, while he is far more interested in finding more to drink, womanizing, and possibly avoiding aliens that I think are trying to kidnap him, though unfortunately I didn't remember to note anything about that part. Very strange!
    14. Dream Bits: Trains, Tower Rides at the BPM and Security among others

      by , 12-20-2012 at 04:17 AM
      [Several days of dream fragments]

      12-19-2012 -- Somehow at a train crossing with the usual fast moving trains coming out of nowhere and having to watch out for them. They are moving so fast and causing so much wind or displacement of air that large (couple/three inches thick, couple feet long) icicles are forming. I break one off, and start to eat it, until I glance at it and discover it is kind of dirty, at which point I drop it.

      I get a phone call from Pat Q, but it is a wrong number ... she wasn't meaning to call me. [I think this came from recent bogus e-mail from her that was some scammer using her name.] We kind of discuss Disney for a couple of minutes before I run off.

      I soon find myself on a miniature golf course, perhaps the one from the country club dream a night or two ago. I don't get to see much of the course, but I do spot what is almost a sort of pinewood derby track on the first hole. To get on the course, you don't hit the ball with a club, but place it on one of the four slots and let it roll down. Once it hits the course, you start playing normally.

      Meanwhile, I find a bee buzzing very loudly in my ear, and feel it on the back of my neck. It is driving me crazy, but I can't reach it to get rid of it, and when I am hoping somebody else will, the kid who is going to do so doesn't seem to be paying too close of attention, so I am afraid he is going to get me stung.

      Soon we are in a penthouse apartment where the kid lives with his family, and he is turning into a superhero, perhaps something Spider-Man-ish. He wants to go out and fight crime, but his parents won't let him. We're out on the roof, but there is electrified barbed wire all around to keep us there. But he finds a bit that is pulled up a little, and he has enough room to jump through, so he does.

      I head back inside, wander around the house a bit, and end up sitting closer than I might feel comfortable to his very attractive mother, before I finally wake up.


      12-18-2012 -- Wandering around on foot in the Casselberry area, more or less on 17-92, heading north toward 436 (an area I have been in two or three dreams, recently. No idea why). There's a slight bit of hassle with some cops, but not much. Generally, they are just keeping an eye on people.

      Somehow I am looking for something or going somewhere, and I end up on little back streets in the area, or even just walking between buildings. I find myself walking past some homeless people who are sick, and talking about problems with getting their benefits and things, and staying out of the way of the police.

      Somehow I get involved with a sort of treasure hunt that involves finding and reaching several somewhat creepy clowns. [No, for anybody reading this, not all clowns are creepy. But these were.] I see the first at the side of the road, and the second in a building that may have something to do with a pawn shop or a loan shark. The third I find standing in front of an auto dealership with a sign urging people to go in and check out the deals.

      So I go in to see the clown, but since I forget to tell the clown that I am here to see her, not the dealership, I think she kind of wonders why I am following her. I'm trying to get close so I can talk to her, while she is walking across the dealership to get back to her street.


      12-17-2012 -- This starts off in a familiar-seeming area that I don't actually recognize, that may be part church, part office. Running around, setting up some sort of business, and trying to avoid trouble. Think there is something about my dad being around, and perhaps Dale. Meeting with some sort of pastor, and avoiding trouble with a televangelist, perhaps. Somehow we drive away to avoid problems, and end up at the Buena Park Mall.

      Somehow they've redone the mall big-time, and it is now huge. We're wandering through the food court, which seems to be on the roof of the 39 story building, so it is a very huge mall, indeed. We've passed up the food and stuff, and out on the edge of the roof they've got an amusement park ride which is kind of a cross between the parachute drop, a freefall attraction, and a swing ride. The center is perhaps twice as big as Knott's parachute tower, and it is also 39 stories tall, so at the top of this thing, you are 78 stories in the air.

      There are no parachutes, instead there is a circle of seats facing out around the tower, and they shoot up into the air. But once they get up to the top, they swing out as individual swings as the whole thing spins around. This thing is so tall, I am thinking you are going to be able to see forever from up here! I have to ride this thing! Dale, on the other hand, is scared of heights, and has no plans to get near it.

      I have no money, but I am pushing my way through the queue area, convinced I will find a way to ride this. Oddly enough, though Dale is afraid of heights, being on the roof of the building doesn't scare him at all. I don't manage to get in, but it turns out the entire line area also goes up, kind of like a very, very large Sky Cabin, so Dale and I both get a very high view of the city, even though I don't get to swing on the swings! Very fun dream, if a little short.


      12-17-2012 -- Starts as a very familiar-seeming live action version of Runescape that I've been involved in during several recent dreams. I am in the Morytania area where the ectovial teleports me, where I seem to be doing both a lot of plant harvesting, and hunting penguins. (I think either a bush or a crate this time, but I am not sure.)

      Somehow I find myself wandering off into a nearby chapel to recharge my prayer, but it turns into Pine Castle UMC, where they are singing. The song is a bit of a cross between the very staccato arrangement of the 23rd Psalm, and the Thou, O Lord song, being repeated enough that when I eventually wake, it is with that music in my mind. Somehow the song is seeming very prophetic today, and as we listen to it, Kevin B. is making some sort of prophecy about eating ice cream instead of the bowl with meats and vegetables that he is holding.

      It seems to kind of be working, as the bowl is turning into a bowl of ice cream ... but flavored like the meats and vegetables that were already in it. Very odd. He shakes his head like it isn't very good, yet he keeps eating it!

      We're in a car driving home from the church to street where the Morans used to live, while Kevin follows on a motorcycle, still eating the ice cream. In the car, I am petting a cat which is either entirely or mostly black, probably based on Carolyn's cats. Eventually we stop in the middle of an intersection in the housing development, and start unpacking the very full car. My suitcase gets run over, but no damage is done to it. I want to be angry at the guy, but since we're in the middle of the street, I can't.

      By this point the person driving is half Kevin's father Paul, and half Pat M. He's pulling out the stuff belonging to other people, and yet keeps putting my stuff back in the thing. In the dream, at this point, I have no car, so I ask him if he is giving the car to me, which would be really cool. He tells me he isn't sure. He says he was going to give it to me, but the prophecy song really makes him question that, so he just doesn't know.


      12-16-2012 -- Kind of sharing or visiting a hotel room with my brother Keith, and then, soon enough, with my brother and his wife. There are some big dogs running around. One is black, another is gray, and seems to be a Great Dane. Take a nap on the couch for a bit, and soon my sister shows up, as well. I have a bottle of lemonade without a cap on it, and somehow my sister knocks it off the table, but I manage to catch it before it can spill.

      Melody and Tracey don't seem to be getting along, and are doing gymnastics at one another, trying to show each other up. Things like cartwheels and back-flips and the like, all in kind of revealing clothes, which just isn't right, since they are my relatives. Just very odd stuff.


      12-15-2012 -- Am working a security shift somewhere that seems to be a bit of a cross between TAMS and 3M. I start out working in a guard shack in the driveway, controlling entry, but it is near the end of a shift, I think, and another officer is about to come in and take over. The person who shows up seems to be a bit of a cross between John C. from 3M and Bonnie's 'cousin' Rob. He is complaining about my uniform not being perfect, and my report not being done.

      By this point the guard shack has turned into a control tower kind of like at OPC, and he has exited the building to go unlock a gate. I follow him for a few seconds before deciding to return to the tower, but I find the entrance is now a very rickety ladder that I just can't climb safely. No way. It wouldn't support my weight. Rather than change back to the proper entrance, he decides to have them get rid of me, instead, which really, really annoys me.
    15. Why do my lucids so often come in pairs? Not that I'm complaining....

      by , 11-29-2012 at 05:49 AM
      #1 - Just Trying To Be Spontaneous [DILD]

      I don't actually remember the part of this dream before I got lucid, I just know that as soon as I did I started stabilizing by rubbing my hands together and I didn't stop for basically the entire dream. The first thing I remember is being, I believe, in front of my house with J and N and trying to stop trucks and buses in the road by pointing at them and yelling "Stop!" as I have in a previous lucid, but it wasn't working at first. Once I adjusted my technique a little (hard to describe how exactly) it worked though, and I was satisfied. I can't remember if we did anything more with it, but the next thing I recall is deciding that the three of us should walk into this random nearby house and see what's going on. The house and the people inside seemed totally real and random, I can't recall where my mind might have created that house from. All of the DCs, of which I think there were three, were older Asian people, one man and two women if I'm not mistaken (though the memory is a little bit hazy). I can't remember if there was more in between that and this next part, but I'm pretty sure that when we walked back out of the house the door lead to a totally different environment. We were in some kind of fancy hallway and in part of it there were these two gigantic doors that I was sure would lead to somewhere amazing. I told them to believe that the doors were going to take us somewhere cool, but when I opened them it was just like a tiny empty closet space. ._. We walked in and shut the doors and decided the room was still pointless, so then we headed back out. Suddenly there was a view to the outside and as I stared into the sun I vaguely recall hearing Penny from The Big Bang Theory saying something about having a Jewish boyfriend in the sky, or something confusing like that.... When we turned around we were suddenly on the rooftop parking lot somewhere in the middle of the downtown area and there was someone standing near a black sports car with all of its doors open like they were waiting for people to get in. Around this time N became O and I turned to him and J and said "Come on guys, we're going for a drive." Or something like that lol. We get in with me in the driver's seat and I hit the gas. We end up driving forward over the side of the building and they're both freaking out, but I'm just trying to pull the steering wheel back until finally the car tilts up and I have control of it like a plane. It was a little rough, I had to focus a lot on stabilizing and controlling the car at the same time but I managed to pull it off. The guys were now thrilled but still shocked and I found it quite amusing. At some point I had the feeling that we were being chased by cops or something for presenting a hazard to the city, and somehow they knocked us out of the sky. We were at the edge of the city and facing a long stretch of road, and the car turned sideways and started bouncing off of it repeatedly, twirling for long distances with each time. During one of the bounces I stood up (technically sideways) out of one of the car windows and flipped off the city and whoever was chasing us with a big grin on my face. The last thing I remember about the dream was that O had turned back into N by this point, but then it ended.

      Not bad if I do say so myself.

      #2 - Definitely A New Look For Him.... [MILD]

      I was back at my middle school as my current age and all I wanted was a day off (of what I don't know) and to talk to my... well, to keep it simple, let's just say my theater teacher. I had sneaked back into the school and was off to the side of the stage by the bathrooms while there was a play going on waiting to talk to her, when I was spotted by what I took to be Sylar from Heroes pretending to be reformed as a good guy and wearing a dress, and scaled up to be proportionally taller and bigger than normal. He was looking at me weirdly and I just pointed to my teacher and he told her that I was acting strangely but needed to talk. I said "Yeah, like you're any less suspicious." and glared at him while following her into the music hall, but as I walked past him through the door he gave me a sneaky signal like "see me later" or something. >.> I was becoming lucid and turned around to watch him peer around a corner just to have him turn into some creepy smiling old fat guy. I felt really weirded out and just turned around to talk to see my teacher, but she was gone. I went around the corner looking for her but the music hall had become the main hallway in my house I just saw someone who I forget now in my parents' bedroom. I was feeling freaked out and every direction I looked in felt surreal and distant or dissociated and like there were strange people there. And that's about the last thing that happened before I woke up.
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