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    1. 17-01-28 Serial Killer & Psychiatrist Hallucination

      by , 01-31-2017 at 02:20 AM
      I'm at some guy's house. He has an injured or unconscious woman with him, who he carries to a small room where he lets her rest and recover (he found her somewhere and carried her to his home, I think. *REDACTED SECTION* At some point, as I was slowly waking, a voice (or my waking voice speaking to my dreaming self) told me "dude, that guy is a serial killer - get out of there". I decided to escape the house, but woke up.

      Another fragment that occurred *while* I was waking up. I was in bed, could feel my own body and see reality, but hallucinated that my phone went off. I picked up the phone and talked to a doctor. I asked about psychotherapy. The doctor said I had to see a professional for that. I asked who he would recommend exactly. At that moment, my waking was complete, and I realized I wasn't on the phone at all. I think I spoke that last sentence out loud.
    2. [23-07-2016]

      by , 07-23-2016 at 11:49 AM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      I recall a fragment. I was on a tropical island with my family, there was a zombie outbreak and we were fighting with them. Again waking world directly influenced my dream - when sleeping I heard father phoning someone, which resulted in him talking about sharpening knives of a planer when we were beating zombies.
    3. Angry Brother, Angry Dog, WILD and more Family Stuff

      by , 06-20-2016 at 06:37 PM
      I went to bed early last night on 3 glasses of wine (yeah I know) and mild depression. I woke up around 2am with memories of a dream where my brother was very angry with me. I have these dreams fairly regularly, where either my brother, my mom, or my husband really seem to hate me and I can't figure out what it is that I have done that has made them feel this way, or to this extreme. I also had memories of being near a black dog -maybe a lab/mastiff mix?- who was viciously defending her puppy from my dog Cayna and I. I was trying to slowly back away and keep my dog from interacting with the angry dog mama, and my fingers were very nearly bitten off several times. When I woke up with these dreams still on hand, I felt too sick and too apathetic to write them down.

      I read for about an hour before I laid back down to attempt sleep. WILDs were on my mind, they almost always are in the early morning hours because I've had so many in these circumstances. I usually know I have to lie on my back and remain very still until I feel myself getting sleepy, then the buzzing/synthesizer noises come and then I feel myself push out of my body and float away from the bed. I tossed and turned and slept for minutes at a time until I returned to lying on my back and feeling really sleepy. I heard loud discordant crashing sounds instead of the more usual buzzing/synth sounds. I felt myself rise out of my body, and I floated to my right and up until I was against the wall. Where my face was touching the wall, I could see an Iggy Pop poster hanging there in the darkness. I don't actually have this poster or any poster hanging there, but I didn't think much of this, and I continued to float, but towards the ground at the foot of my bed. My dog's bed is there, and when I landed I saw her; her face slightly distorted like it has been in other lucid dreams, sort of snarling and scared. I tell her it's ok, I'm dreaming. As usual, I worry if I am really at the foot of my bed and talking out loud. I get up and try to fly. It works, and I start wondering around my house. The clarity wasn't the best I've had. My house was dim, somethings were normal, and others weren't. As I approached my front door I thought, 'Wait! I should experiment here. Should I meditate? (I've done this before with strange effects) Then I decided I would try to reinvent the interior of my home, because as I was trying to fall asleep earlier in the night I have visualized a fantastic treehouse/hobbit-hole house in a forest of giant trees. I closed my eyes and told my self that when I opened them, my house would be amazing. It didn't really work. My kitchen had expanded and looked different, but my old rotten house was still mostly there. From here I lost lucidity or my memory of what happened next.

      New dream: I was with my Mom and Step-Dad in an upscale department store/hotel. They were trying to exit the store by climbing up some rocks that were part of a display, and I was trying to explain that all they had to do was walk through a couple of hallways back to the hotel and exit from there. They didn't seem convinced, and anyway, had already managed to mostly slip through a crack in the wall to the outside sidewalk above.

      Then I was with my brother in McDonalds (!!! I haven't eaten fast food in a long time). We each had our laptops and it seemed like we were having a meeting. I was just going to order some coffee. At first we were trying to squeeze into a booth with 4 other people, and then I noticed all of the other empty booths around and suggested we use one of those. The dream gets even less cohesive here—my brother's wife was there, then we were either at their house or my Mom's. Dialogue happened but I can't remember much of what we talked about. A portion was about Shepherd puppies, and people breeding them, and how one guy had a web-cam on his to help sell them. I was trying to share my knowledge of Shepherds but no one wanted to listen.

      Then I was in a car, maybe in the backseat but someone else was definitely driving. My mom and her husband were saying things about me that I found really out-of-touch, like laughing about how I love certain things/celebrities that I haven't been into since i was a teenager. I tried to correct them but they just smiled like they knew better. Then my Dad called. (he passed away last year) He told me Happy Birthday (not my birthday, but maybe I was thinking of Father's Day?) and was his usual excited and goofy self. He also joked about me liking a certain celebrity and things I used to like when I was a teenager. I turned to the woman driving, who I could now see (and I seemed to be in the front passenger seat now) and I knew she was my dad's girlfriend(dream only, not IRL). I tried to tell her that I wasn't the same person they thought I was, and she seemed to pay more attention, but still didn't really believe me.

      Last, I was walking and talking to a vague someone and explaining to them how it seems that I must come off as stupid to everyone because it seems like everyone treats me that way. The look on their face told me that they also thought I was stupid, but was trying to placate me.

      I gave a lot of exposition throughout, so there isn't much extra to add. I think I have self esteem issues, anxiety, and guilt over not seeing my family much nor feeling very connected to them.

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    4. 04.20.2016 Creepy Phone Guy

      by , 04-21-2016 at 03:07 PM

      I have been completely pre-occupied with flooding in my area. It rained for about 3 days straight- Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. Most of the areas here are flooded. All of the school districts were shut down, many homes and businesses had no power. My office was closed, so I have been working from home all week. Yesterday we lost power for a short time, but other than that things have been okay on my end. I have been very exhausted and unable to sleep. Last night I was finally able to sleep at a decent time. I didn't recall much, but this is a lot for me as I have not been able to recall anything in days.

      DR 1
      I dreamt I was in my cubicle, seated at a chair. I was trying to go to sleep, but I kept being interrupted by random things going on at work.
      There was a lady in the cubicle in front of me. I knew her; she used to work with me last year. She was dressed up very nicely and had on bright red lipstick.

      DR 2
      I was a third party, and I was watching a lady. She kept lying to people about things. She had a apparently lied to this guy about something serious...killing someone? Her friend went to a hotel room and covered it up for her. He even made it look like someone had blown the elevator doors open. At the end of the dream, she is sitting at a picnic table with her friend, and she is telling another lie to someone else. It looked like that was going to go on forever.

      DR 3
      I was making a miniature Christmas tree to match the big one that was already set up. I did this while sitting right next to a huge 7 foot tree. I was making mine a personalized version, because it had photographs on it. There were a lot of icicles everywhere. I was happy doing this, very content.

      DR 4
      I received a phone call from a man with a thick Southern accent. I didn't like what he was saying- he insulted me. I told him I didn't want to talk to him anymore. I received a second phone call. This was from a lady. She started saying that she knew the guy I just talked to. So, I told her he was creepy and to be careful- I said a bunch of things warning her about him. All of a sudden the guy was on the phone saying "haha it was me all along- I changed my voice". I freaked out and told him to leave me alone and stop calling my phone. I was very mad and upset.
    5. Messenger

      by , 06-04-2015 at 11:35 AM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      I was in school. There was a huge pit in the middle of the building. I was heading to the cloakroom. I was wearing a heavy, black jeacket, jeans trousers and one shoe. Suddenly I realised where I left one of the shoes, and went to take it.

      I walked up the stairs in the pit, and found my shoe lying near two girls. They gave me a purse, and told me that their pal is waiting for it on the bottom of the pit. I took my shoe on, and took the purse. Suddenly someone called me, but I haven't replied to the phone call. I ran down the stairs, gave the girl a note from my pocket and said "Sorry that I'm late."

      Then I turned around and saw my friends sitting on the stairs. I sat with them.
    6. One For You, One For Me (29.5.15)

      by , 05-28-2015 at 11:13 PM (CHiLLEN's Dream Journal)
      (Details a bit sketchy this morning)
      One For You, One For Me
      I'm inside somewhere and I'm spraying some kind of chemical onto it. Certain sprays have different results to the plants. I'm hearing someone mention them to me as I spray them onto the grass. I think about Dope plants as he explains about all the different sprays. I decide to spray the stuff into my mouth for some reason, I don't recall it having any taste. It dawns on me soon after that this stuff probably isn't the best to be ingesting. Either I figure it out or someone mentioned it to me. I begin to freak out and spit what ever I can out of my mouth. I notice my hearts skipping beats as I monitor it.

      I'm at my old house in Merinda Park and the phone rings. Someone picks it up and talks to Lois who was on the other end. She was asking if I was interesting in going out for dinner, and that herself and husband wouldn't be attending because they have dinner in the fridge that needs to be cooked. I felt as if they could have work around it and maybe have their dinner for lunch that day.

      I feel like it will be a good idea to go to the dinner as I will be able to get to know some of the people better. I think they were from my school. I remember chatting to someone? Josh's future mrs?

      I'm inside somewhere and there's tables. I see Josh's future mrs there.

      Side Notes
      Even though I feel groggy upon awakening, I deeply and completely accept myself. (Seemed to do its job for me)

      I recall my dreams upon awakening....I d
      I remember my dreams upon awakening.... I d
    7. Phone Call/Remembering The Lyrics/Dream Fragment

      by , 10-25-2013 at 03:37 AM (CHiLLEN's Dream Journal)
      Dream 1:
      I'm on the phone to Tash S. I hang up by accident and call her back even though I knew I had pre-paid and usually a tight ass when it comes to calling people. Her Mum answers and say's ''is that you Dean? Tash has a guy around''. Tash is now talking to me, and I make it quick, cause I don't want to be rude and stay on phone when she has a guest.

      I'm at my old house in Crystal G's, but Tash lives here. She's in her bed room and the door is closed.

      Dream 2:
      I'm outside a house near St agatha's with Ash K and I'm trying to remember a chorus from a song. I write it down on the footpath with a weird substance? soapy? We both laugh about the lyrics I have written down, which are wrong, but Ash knows which song I'm talking about. I can see the song on youtube. The original of the song is sung by a Chinese band which is spelt similar to this ''A1L0UD733T''. There's an English version of the song which is sung by The Beatles. I play the English version and realize I was pretty off with my choice of lyrics.

      Dream Fragment:
      Collingwood beat Lions by 5 points (105 - 100). I see the MCG.

      I need to accept that I have woken up without moving and can try to DEILD. I try and bring on a scene and I notice a small scene of a tree with no leafs on it (Sky View).
    8. Nightmare on elm street.

      by , 06-01-2012 at 10:23 PM (Dakotah's web of dreams)
      I don't really remember a lot of this dream. I'm at my house and the phone rings. I think that it was someone that wanted to mess with my mom because she handed me the phone and didn't want to answer it. When I get on I say hello in this high pitched voice. The person responds and it sounds like a little boy. But it sounded fake, like how I was trying to disguise my voice. I think that it is just some weird person playing a prank. So I start trying to flirt with this person while trying to sound like a girl. We keep talking like this and then out of no where the persons voice gets really deep and they say "time to die, bitch!" It sounds almost exactly like the guy who played Freddy in Nightmare on Elm Street (the old one's) I hang up the phone. The dream continues but I can't remember it. Now I'm at this woman's house. I can see my mom in her car through the screen door. The womans husband is trying to tell my mom something but she can't here. He runs out side to tell her and I tell him to stop because if someone leaves he will die. He shakes my hand and leaves anyway. I turn around and the woman has her throat sliced. She is bleeding a lot and then slumps over.
    9. extinct future

      by , 05-27-2012 at 05:02 AM (secret dream machine days)
      I was in an unfamiliar house with an unfamiliar family. I heard terrifying noises which turned out to be dinosaurs stomping around outside. I also had a 4 year old daughter but I barely knew who she was, just that I needed to protect her. the front and back doors kept opening up and car headlights were slowly pulling right up to the door. we kept shutting them and hiding. the dinosaurs left, then the phone rang. I answered it and they were aliens talking in a different and very disturbing language. I could hear them through the walls standing right outside. and I could tell what they were saying, they said, "we want to put the brown haired girl in public" so I hung up. I started packing my things to go to charleston, wv, but I noticed all my things were scraps of trash and undecipherable noted. took the notes and left.
    10. Shaved Head

      by , 04-27-2012 at 07:38 PM
      Thursday April 26, 12. 11:15pm - 5am

      I shaved my head, because I was sick of my hair. I had lost everything so I asked Robert for help. The phone started ringing, I answered it. The person was talking about music but I don’t know who it was -End Dream-

      Thoughts- the funny thing about this dream is, sometimes I want to get rid of my hair. It gets in the way and requires too much of my time. I'm not to sure what everything was...
    11. Pirate god of storms.

      by , 04-09-2012 at 01:01 PM
      My dream starts with me in my bedroom getting up to go to the restroom. I look at my digital alarm clock and notice I can't read it. Being a pro, I'm all like "I'm probably dreaming since I can't read this, I'll look closer to make sure" Sure enough there aren't even any numbers on the clock it just glows red a little. So, bam lucid! Well sorta at least. I then went to use the restroom still. Get in there and go to hit the light switch and it doesn't work. Being pro again I'm like "O ya, dreaming. Should go do something cooler than take a piss" (Note to self; dream pissing?) So I go downstairs and remember I want to try calling some one in a dream. I grab a phone and see that it only has 3 buttons talk, hang up, and 0. I planned on calling the operator anyway.(Connection?) I call and the lady on the other line tells me there is a problem with my line and it needs to be fixed. I agree with her and ask her to do so. I loose the next moment and it looks like I have given up on my call with the operator. Instead I'm heading outside. Its light out but its also raining, plus my yard has been replaced by a kickass forest of giant trees. I walk outside into the rain, strangle I didn't get wet at all. Didn't think about this till after my dream. I come across a house in the woods when I remember some one here talking about controlling the weather. So I try the same. I couldn't get the rain to stop but I could get it to kick up a notch. In fact I started trying to swirl the clouds into a cyclone but I guess I over did as after a few swirls of the clouds I woke up.
    12. 13th August 2011

      by , 08-16-2011 at 01:42 AM
      I am in the house with the girls ((J & S)) Agirl they know called Amber comes and calls for them..after a few minutes S comes in and says "Ambers hurting J, you've got to come quickly!" I rush outside and get to the park where they have been playing. I walk over to J, she is by the swings, I ask "whats Amber been doing to you?" she says "it's ok, I hurt myself", it seems like she is covering it all up, S then says "Amber grabbed her and smashed her into the wall" I see that everything is ok and leave. ((Dream Skip)) I'm back in the house and again S runs in and tells me about Amber being nasty, I've now had enough and go back to the park. I see Amber, I go over to her and speak to her. As I am speaking to J and Amber..Ambers mom and nan comes over, Ambers nan was on a push bike and pulled up beside us. Ambers nan looks at Ambers mom and says "I've only just got here and she's talking to her" ((lol)), I decide to bring my kids in because they aren't safe with kids like that!!

      Dream 2

      I wake up in real life, I feel my head bang and hear the "swooshing" noise of SP, I decide to move my arm because I'm not atall comfortable, the noise goes for a few seconds but then comes back, Unfortunatley it only lasted for about a minute this time, it just slowly went again, ahh well, it'll be back lol!!

      I go back to sleep, I am in bed in my old street ((i am actually on the street in bed)) My Dad is sitting next to me in a chair. A girl called Leah is walking down the street, I see her and say to my Dad "That girls vulgar, you should hear the language from her, she's disgusting", she walks past my bed and I pretend to be asleep, I move my arm to my face so she can't see that i'm awake, I don't want her to speak to me. All of a sudden she walks past and quite loudly she is saying "Angie bastard, horrible cow, fuck her" , I look to my Dad and say "see what I mean" She then comes back up the street ((I used to live on this street when I was a kid)) She passes me as I'm talking about her and she keeps looking at me, I say something and Dad says "say that again, you sounded just like someone famous" I do and he says "you didn't sound much like him then"

      Dream 3

      I am living with my Mom and Dad in my old house. I get a phone call from ASDA, they want me to go in and work on the self scans ((I dont work at ASDA)) lol....I say to my Mom "can you please call them for me and tell them I can't go in?" she says "yes ok" and she gets straight on the phone, she says "they still want you to go in", I say "I can't go in like this", I then pull down my trousers and show my Mom my ass ((LMAO)) I have stiches in both ass cheeks, I have a cross of stiches on each cheek, I also have stiches going from 1 cheek to another, they are very tight and bleeding and weeping quite alot, the pain I can feel is immense!!!!!!!. My Mom says "those stiches are far too tight, they are bleeding really bad". As I have my ass out showing my Mom my stiches my Dad happens to walk past and I'm really, really embarrassed ((lol))
    13. Keep Being Called

      by , 07-29-2011 at 09:28 AM (fOrceez's Quirky Subconscious!)
      Stop Calling Me! (Non-lucid)


      Alex had slept over and was going home. He was getting picked up by his dad to go out for lunch(or dinner?) and was packing his stuff into the car when his dad asked me if i wanted to come help him with something. I declined his offer and told him I had to work.
      I walked back inside and a number called. I picked up the phone, "hello?" It was Dad, he was calling from Hong Kong. He asked for mum and I told him she was at work. The same number called again.
      "Can I speak to your mum?" It didn't sound like Dad.. I told them that she was at work. I felt fishy about this and afterwards, called the number back. My aunt Cindy picked up, she was driving down my street in a silver 4WD, she was coming over to pick something up. Cindy told me the person on the phone before was aunt Ada.
      I walked past my parent's room and saw Mum sleeping inside..
    14. May 30, 2011

      by , 06-01-2011 at 03:36 AM
      I am in a building, and I can hear my dad making a phone call on my brother's behalf, advertising in an almost sing-song manner that they should hire him. I walk into a room and hear the door behind it shaking. Then, it swings open and out bursts a two-year old girl in nothing but a shirt. For some reason, she reminds me of Trisha. Jack, one of my students at the learning centre I work at, is with me and is equally as shocked to see all these young children invading the room.

      I am in my old house's garage. Instead of it being concrete, it is made of hardwood, and there is a 1-inch diameter, perfectly circular hole in the ground. Below that, I can see the basement of the garage. (Apparently, this garage has two stories). I drop a red ball down it. Once on the bottom story (somehow), my parents are throwing footballs at the wall, and my brother and I must stick with plasticized ones so we don't break anything.

    15. Nighthog's Journal: 14&15 October: Trying some shared dream contact stuff

      by , 10-15-2010 at 08:37 PM (Nighthog's Dream Grind of the Mind)
      I've been a little lazy about keeping track of dreams and just being lazy overall for a while now but I felt I shouldn't skip out on writing down these two nights.

      I managed to become lucid and was trying some dream share contacting with the help of my dream guide. I thought as target being Raven Knight.

      Nothing much happened but here they are:

      14th October: Wandering adventure in the city.
      I'm flying and walking around just going back and forth here and there in the city. I at one point end up following my brother and try to keep up and then just wander about. Nothing much interesting. I'm somewhat confused on where I want to go though.
      I get more conscious at the longer I stay about with this and soon am at a larger city square.
      People had started to become more nasty and nasty as time went and I finally called for all DC characters to leave me right now.
      Was kind of a funny reaction by the hundreds all about doing whatever they did. They all made sarcastic remarks. He is mad. We must hurry and run away. Don't fall etc. They all kinda half assed rushed away from my view behind bends and into buildings.
      They were peeing around corners and whatnot to see if something is going to happen.
      Well I was at least happy they listened to my command.
      I now knew I was dreaming and then set out to think about what am I going to do. I went to wander off again thinking but can't really figure out anything on what is good to try and do.
      As I walk I look at my surroundings and get almost drawn into them to forget I'm dreaming.

      I make a sudden catch on myself and think back hard and then realize I want to access memory like it's a video playing. I wan to have my childhood play up for me on a screen. I think hard and focus on this intent. Nothing much happens around me but that I soon see portriats and drawings but also paintings.
      I've arrived at some kind of outdoor painting market. Various people are selling paintings and also painting new ones and some are going through checking them out. I hear some asking for prices on some.
      I see a black and white painting being made and just finish as I watch. Someone drew a image of a old lady on a piece of paper.
      The detail impresses me. Though the character is a grumpy old lady not happy at all.

      I get back to walking and focusing on my task at hand but all I see around me is more and more painted world and childlike and colourful. I soon stand next to a really colourful playground. I walk next to a building and see and realize it's not going as I had planned.
      I almost loose dream stability but fight my way back and then make a call for my dream guide to come here.

      Stopping to make a call
      As I made the call I looked around a little worried as I saw no sign of her/him. But then he came and was standing right in front of me a little sad it seems.
      I think I mentioned my plan hadn't been working at all and then went about to think aloud.
      "What should I do instead"
      He seemed to listen to my small rant about my intent fail.
      I then figure out I can try some shared dreaming stuff again.
      I mention this to him and then shortly mention who will I try to meet/contact. My first thought was to go meet Waking Nomad again. But no I quickly changed my mind and said I would like to go and greet Raven Knight instead.
      I see my dream Guide react and catch back. Seemed he was already about to start preparing for a meet to Nomad but had to cancel as I changed my mind so quickly.

      I want to go and greet Raven Knight I tell my dream guide. I want to say hello to her.

      My dream guide acknowledges and then says for me to wait a moment as he prepares. I stand about and wait as he does something on the spot but then he goes to walk off and tells me to follow.
      Wha? wait? I thought he would teleport us or create a portal but we are just walking off a little bit around a couple corners and then we find a poster on this wall.
      He says here it is and then points at the poster and there appears a volume bar and I hear a tone and a number being called. A phone call?
      I wait as the phone rings and then suddenly a woman answers with "Hello?"
      I say hello back... a moment of silence more hello's and I don't know what to say but I was using the volume slider to adjust it higher as I could barely hear her at first and the volume wasn't closely loud enough for me.
      As I caught myself silent and finally figured out I should say who I am I start to talk.
      "ah sorry. I should have said who I am. It's Nighthog..." But I feel something is wrong... I was talking to empty air and no one. The volume bar and call had been disconnected.

      I turn about to my dream guide who only kinda smiles and also makes a shoulder gesture. Well that was that...
      I wasn't too pleased. I thought about making a new call. But my dream guide vanished to leave and I was waking up...
      Hey wait. this was totally pointless!

      15 October: Something something unpleasant

      I vaguely remember wandering about again. Soon and long I'm being bothered by unpleasantness of some kind which I forgot. It was just unkind people and entities to meet and be with. I just wanted out from it all. I somehow knew it was a dream and was trying to summon and command things to disappear or become better but nothing I do really does anything and unpleasantness continues for quite a while untill I get back to a better lucid moment and make a last call for help for my dream guide.
      As he appears everything goes all right. The evil runs away and I can finally rest and calm down.
      "I really do depend on you for everything as I fail at everything I do"
      He gives a confirmation on how I had been failing at everything up to this point and not doing anything correctly.

      I took a moment but decided I could take advantage of this moment.

      I want to go meet raven Knight I tell my dream guide. If it is at all possible right now. I thought maybe she is busy like usual.
      My DG listened and then made like a short check and then agreed to take me. He looked like he made a check if it's possible or something.

      He quickly springs to action. He walks up to me and point his finger up and then presses my forehead and I feel strange and something like a jump occur and everything vanishes and becomes pitch black as a dream transitions happens.
      I feel like I'm closing my eyes but I quickly hear my dream guide go and greet someone. I hear a woman respond. It's like a first introduction, topic concerns me. I listen and also wonder was the jump successful? I still don't see anything and am waiting for the transition to complete but I in the back of my mind think it is already done but I'm only closing my eyes. I feel my dream guide look back toward me after a short talk with this person and then I don't hear anything. I could sense a smile I think.
      I was now transitioning to somewhere else.

      "Welcome to the real life Animé date simulator?!"
      I found myself to have transitioned to this world that I quickly recognized by what was going on and the scene and everything. Hey wait is this that game I saw not so long ago? Yes it is I realize soon enough. I've been thrown into this date sim, or light hentai game I remember seeing and observing some time back in some dream. This time it's different though. This time It's "real life" characters and world. I'm taking the role of the new transfer student thrown into this school arriving in the middle of some term. I'm the main character and I remember vaguely the actions of this character and then my own in contrast. The dialogue and story transitions roughly the same as I recall but as it's me this time I can't be this other person but be myself. The response and choices turn around and shift as result.
      I'm confused on why am I here? What's going on? Did something happen in the transition. Was some kind of mind shield or other machination at work? Had some protective barrier around raven activated and thrown me into some kind of mental game?
      I try to follow the plot as I think about it.
      I see the different characters and happenings. It's comical and kinda fun but really bizarre seeing it with real life characters and people. Many have taken the shape of people I know. Lol the sexually suggestive scenes are bizarre to the extreme to see in real life. I just can only observe with eyes wide open at the silliness.
      Some of the characters are surreal and just doesn't work with real people. Many animé clichés and whatnot appear.
      I try to follow and see a different path open for me than the character in the game I saw. My actions were quite different and I was really drawn back and silent as I knew not what to do there. Seems it though didn't mean I had missed all 'flags'. Something like a childhood friend ends up being concerned about me. She goes up and literary clings to me and goes wherever I go in the end.
      I get a short recall about the back story and see the reason she is so concerned about my current self is because I'm so drawn back compared to how open and outward I once was.

      The story goes onward for a while in this school story. It all plays on my first day at this new school. I learned this girls name who tagged to me a lot being Margareta. I made a joke about it at school as I learned it. Another girls name was Louise. A boys Joseph. I like to tease the childhood girl.
      I'm glad as I at least got away from the unpleasant dream from before. But worried on why I didn't get to go meet Raven.

      In the end I'm arriving at home where my dad has just brought my stuff there. I'm to live alone here.
      The last scene is that the girl had followed me to where I lived and walked in. My dad left at same moment leaving me to myself and this old childhood friend I barely know any more. She seemed timid in walking inside and uncertain. She was going to ask me about myself finally. She really was concerned about me it seemed. She was baring up her courage to ask what had happened to me since we last meet. It was the first opportunity for her to ask me with us alone.
      I was waking up.

      A little strange turn of events but what do I do? I recalled wanting to try something like this out a few weeks back. But I was bothered about why now so suddenly when I had something much better going?
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