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    1. 17-10-07 Battle Royale

      by , 10-08-2017 at 03:54 AM
      Should not have watched scenes of this movie, haha! I was in a gun battle with several other people. Two men were shooting at each other, and I was firing my pistol at one of them (he had his back to me). He had a health bar. He was down to 9% health, and my hits (I was definitely hitting him) did no damage, so I suspected "hax". Then at one point two more people attacked me from the left. I grabbed a shotgun and fired on them, but probably missed. Also typical, I found it very hard to pull the trigger of my pistol. This *always* happens in my gun dreams. Triggers are impossible to pull. I didn't get killed, but woke up nevertheless. Let's call it a draw?
    2. [06-01-2017: Some fragments]

      by , 01-06-2017 at 11:23 AM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      I recall having a few dreams, but I can't quite recall what I dreamt about. In one fragment I was kissing someone and that person said that I'm great at kissing. In other fragment I was at a shooting range, holding some kind of improved pistol. There was a faceless Lovecraftian abomination behind me, I had to shoot to extremely small targets enough times or the beast would devour me.
    3. 16-10-05 Busting Into Research Facility

      by , 10-07-2016 at 03:33 AM
      This dream featured me breaking into some kind of facility, and killing guards who got in my way. I used a pistol on most of them, quickly dispatching them with headshots. Then I got to a long corridor, where I was attacking by a pretty tall and muscular guy. For some reason I could not use my pistol, so I pulled out a knife and fought him that way. I ended up stabbing him pretty brutally in the neck (and in his body, I stabbed him several times)... which wasn't easy because he had the size advantage. While this was happening, I had visions of events that were happening in the adjacent room. Best way to describe the experience is "having two dreams at the same time". One is the dream I just described, featuring myself as main character, in the other I was "the camera", viewing a scene in the room next door...

      So, in this scene, I saw the large room accessed through the corridor in which I was fighting. It was an operating room, but a very large one, with a high ceiling. *REDACTED* was on the operating table, possibly naked. Doctors were taking samples from her nails, I think... At this point she was dead. They took her body to a morgue in the room next door (south of this room, my corridor was to the west). I felt terrible, knowing what they'd done to her, but this wouldn't stop me from getting to her and making things right. Sadly, I never got to bust into that operating room. The dream ended there.
    4. 16-07-24 Zombies, Again

      by , 07-25-2016 at 02:15 AM
      I was in a barn (?) with some other people, hiding from zombies outside. I had a pistol, and I think I was planning on making a run for a nearby building where I had more ammunition stashed. At some point I somehow "damaged" the ammo I had, deformed the bullets so they would no longer fit into the gun. Some of the rounds looked like chess pieces or toy soldiers?
      Tags: pistol, zombies
    5. [25-04-2015]

      by , 04-25-2015 at 03:56 PM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      Otherworldly being

      I was living in a flat with a few room mates. It was end of our studying in college, and we were just about to move on, and end our relationship. We've made a party to celebrate the end. Suddenly I had a strong feeling that something is not right.

      I felt that we were watched by supernatural, otherworldly being, and that it was only waiting to get us. I thought that it was a ghost. Somehow, I found a sword strapped to my back. I took it into my right hand, and took a lantern with another.

      I wanted to check room by room if there is anything suspicious. Laundry room and my bedroom were clear. When going into the kitchen, the light in that room turned off. It was dark, and I thought that I shouldn't enter the dark room.

      I took the lantern, and tried to light the room, but it was absorbed by something. Suddenly I realised where I should look. One of the room mates - a black man in office worker suit followed me. We entered the bathroom, and found hidden door.

      We entered a corridor dimly lit by lamps. Suddenly a man in scientists labcoat jumped from behind the corner. We started to fight, throwing random furniture at each other. He hurt the room mate, who escaped next. I was alone with the weird man.

      We were throwing stuff at each other. The man was trying to cast a deadly spell on me, but I quickly catched him and strangled him to death. I threwn his corpse on the ground. It immediately started to shrink and rot, leaving yellow, mustard-like slime on the ground.

      Weird thoughts quickly appeared at my head. "What if it was only his first move?", "What if he used us to leave this plane, and access much greater power?" Then I spotted a pistol lying on a table. There was also one bullet lying close to the gun.

      I took the pistol, and loaded it with the only bullet lying there. I was unsure what I should do next, shoot at the corpse or kill myself. Suddenly the roof has exploded nad a helicopter flewn closer. Special forces officers jumped out of it, and told me that if I give them the pistol, I won't have any troubles. They also gave me congratulations, and then flewn away.

      Storm clouds

      I woke up in my bed. I looked through a window, and saw enormous storm clouds covering the sky. The bottom of the horizon was left uncovered - it was light blue, with dark orange glow. I went to the kitchen, and then decided that I should go to the toilet. After doing my thing, I looked through the window again, and saw those storm clouds.

      When going out of the toilet, I was teleported to the middle of grassy plain. There was a frying machine. I went closer, and heard the signal that the dish is ready. I opened it and took a plate of fries. Then I ate them.
    6. 8/22/2014

      by , 09-15-2014 at 03:19 AM
      I was in some sort of junkyard at night playing with Desirae's boobs. They felt good so I didn't it for a while until I noticed that she didn't have a head so Laurie and I planned on burying her. After. I was playing a computer game that was a combination of Sid Meier CIV 5 and Command and Conquer Generals. I was playing online with people but I didn't realize it until we started attacking each others bases.

      I was on a NM highway where there were a few cars and mountains in the distance. To the left, there was a building and I was going down a hill. I was going so fast that I had to slam the brakes to slow down.

      I was in a city with a river flowing through the middle of it. I was with Nathan and the Strogg from quake started invading. I had a black, large caliber pistol and a few magazines. The belt I had didn't have a holster but the belt itself could be used as one. I adjusted the belt like the one I have in the waking world. I killed a few Strogg even though they were hard to kill, eventually getting split up with Nathan. I looked for him and a specific street. I asked an APD cop where it was but at first they ignored me.
    7. 8/10/2014

      by , 09-10-2014 at 03:50 AM
      I was on a plane traveling to a different country. When we landed, everyone waited around for someone to pick us up but we realized that we had missed our train, so we went into a subway that looked like a sewer system. My group grabbed wooden sticks to use as weapons and I had my pistol. As we moved through the subway, one of the team members found a small boat in the middle of the sewer so we got on it. We sailed through the water and started seeing figures that looked like zombies. Since we weren't making noise, they didn't attack us as we passed them. Suddenly, something happened that made me have to use my pistol, which made the zombies attack us. A bear appeared behind us and started charging towards the group. I shot at the beat several times but I knew that I wouldn't hurt it with a 9mm bullet. The bear threw me into the water and that scene repeated twice.
      After the third time, I was able to kill the bear by putting my gun in his mouth, causing his teeth to break. The team kept moving forward while fighting the zombies. We regrouped after killing a large dog. Some girl said I had an ugly cheek and I said "Oh well" The view then changed to a beautiful green valley and it looked like I was flying through it.
    8. 7/28/2014

      by , 09-01-2014 at 03:41 AM
      I was at a casino while it was raining. The casino didn't have a roof so I was getting wet. There was a river and I saw some people swimming but noticed that a girl started drowning. I jumped in the river and swam towards her. I got her out of the water and remembered that my phone was in my pocket but it wasn't broken from the water. The girl's mom asked about my gun and I worried that I dropped it in the water but I didn't I went under again and it was like I was playing a video game. I was exploring the bottom of the lake and went into a castle I found through a cave. My character started drowning so I had to restart and was mad.
    9. Almost Lucid, adventures

      by , 08-12-2014 at 05:51 PM (One Up Seeker)
      I was inside some sort of building, I guess it was a school. I had been walking with my classmates who were all wearing red shirts. I'm not sure what I was wearing but I knew I was getting tired of standing around like everyone else. I left the line I was in to go to the restroom up ahead. It was REALLY small and the stalls were all red. As I was walking to get into one of the stalls, some guy inside peed on my arm. "Dude what the hell are you doing?" I asked. He didn't reply, so I just tried to ignore the fact that there was a dangerous guy in the restroom who couldn't aim, and by the way, he also peed all over the floor.
      I finally got into my stall and took a pee. After I did so I left the stall and I think I washed my hands(oops). As I exited the restroom, I noticed my entire class now walking towards the stalls. "What did I do wrong now?", I thought, thinking that they were all coming towards me because of something I had done. Next to me I saw a friend I knew from Drivers Ed. a while back, his name was Wesley and he looked almost exactly like drake, but a little lighter on the skin. For some reason I started dancing right in the middle of the floor.
      I was doing the kind of dancing you would see in clubs, like how people dance to House music. Wesley commented on my dancing and said that I looked funny doing it. I told him I was a pro and kept dancing. Soon my entire class passed through us and interrupted the show I was putting on. I remember Sgt. Twine telling me to "get in formation, cadet", and by the way he was in charge of the class I was with. I didn't want to get my vibes totally murdered so listened to him.
      As I came outside, I left my class once more and sat down and talked to my friend Rory from Sophomore year. We were about to play a game of chess and he was setting it up. While he was doing so, a pretty girl came over to me. She was dressed in almost all black, but not in a gothic way. She was in despair about something, and I knew it. I asked her, "Whats wrong?". As I did so I felt a strong sense of attraction towards her, and after I finished my sentence, she said something short and came in to me for a kiss.
      "Wow this is going somewhere fast,", I thought. As she gave me a kiss, I kissed her back. "Dont you have a boyfriend?", I asked. She said, "Its difficult". I suddenly felt really in love(lol). She was coming in for another kiss, but then I "remembered" something: that my friend Rory, who was right next to me, had a crush on this girl. I told the girl that we could take this over next to the wall. She agreed, I told my friend Rory to continue setting up the game, and that I wouldn't be gone for much longer.
      As we got away from Rory and sat down against the wall face to face, I asked her, "So whats wrong?". She started telling me a long story about her boyfriend and how he wasn't being nice. Here is basically what she said summed up: "He doesn't let me come to his grandmas party, or any of his families birthday parties. He doesn't even let me come to his birthday party. Whenever I invite him to come to my birthday parties, he always gets mad and doesn't come."
      I zoned out for a minute after she said all of that and looked at the parking lot in front of me. A small smart car was going into a parking spot a few spots away from us. It didn't get into its parking spot right, so it moved a few parking spaces to the right to fix that. I noticed that It could have parked closer to the truck next to it, but hey, the guy can park where he wants. After that I thought to myself, "My entire mission in life right now, is to stay self aware and have countless lucid dreams, but yet I'm not getting them." This really saddened me and I felt like I was getting no where with Lucid Dreaming(Lol I said all of this to myself while inside of a dream, I'm definitely getting somewhere. I'm almost lucid at least once every night.)
      I looked around but didn't really pay attention to what was going on. I then saw my old friend Zach, back from Junior High, and because I saw him, I thought that I wasn't dreaming. After I looked back at the girl I was talking to, after looking around for a while, I saw that she had turned into another girl I knew from class in school. Her name is Tara. I looked at her and she was just kind of paralyzed in the position she was sitting in. Her arms were in the air in front of her, and she wouldn't move them. I asked her, "What are you doing? Are you ok?", but I got no reply from Tara, and she stayed in the same position. After this, the dream ended.

      2. I was driving my dad's truck( which I have never driven before) around a parking lot. The parking lot was crowded and I was supposed to park somewhere. At one point, a truck got in the way of my path, so I got out of my truck. I grabbed onto the back end of this other truck and pushed it into its parking spot. "It rolled out of its spot dad, this isn't our truck", I told my father. With that I got back in the truck and continued driving. Later I remember hitting the back of someones car. It was a brown van and I hit it as I was backing up.
      My dad really didn't notice half of the stuff I was doing, and by just saying, "Dont worry dad I didn't really do that" he really believed that nothing had just happened and that everything was just fine. But it was not. Not to longer after I hit the back of that brown car, I crashed into the side of a building(or a pole I think, not sure). This accident had totally messed up the entire grill on my dads Silverado. With this I started to cry, because I knew I was in big trouble( just for the records, I have no idea why I always cry in dreams. I almost never cry in real life.) My dad let out a big sigh and we got out of the truck.
      I also noticed my sister get out the truck as well, I never knew she was in the back seat. Somehow, a cop car arrived and when he got to the scene, he got out of his car and approached us. I told him what had happened, but he didn't seem to care. Instead, he just put me, my dad, and my sister all in a pair of handcuffs. The officer told me that everything would be ok. With that, he left the area we were standing in and went somewhere else. When I noticed he was gone, I tried getting out of my handcuffs, and to my surprise, they weren't even tight enough. I could slip my hands out of them with ease. I only slipped one hand out however, just so I could get it back in if the cop came back out.
      Looking at my handcuffs, they looked like thick strands of twisted metal. Their design was pretty sloppy. When the cop put them on me, he didn't even make them tight enough. I could move my arms from out behind my back and put them in front of me. I told my dad that I was really sorry and that I didn't mean for any of this to happen. He said it was okay. I put my hands into my pocket and felt my phone. As I pulled it out, I saw that it was broken in half. "This must have happened when we crashed. I tried putting it back together, but I knew it wouldn't work again. I decided that because of the fact that I already crashed dad's truck that I wasn't going to show him my phone right now.
      (BTW, I am not that bad at driving in real life, Im actually really good).

      3. I was outside of my school, getting on my bus at the bus ramp. I get on my bus and prepare for the ride home. Before we even leave the bus ramp, we are stopped by the bus driver behind us. My bus driver tells everyone to get out of the bus immediately. I get off along with everyone else and we are put against the bus by the other bus driver I do not know. She has a gun, and that gun is a pistol, except for it has 2 barrels instead of one. She tells us to stay there and if we move or do something she tells us not to, she is going to shoot us.
      There was alot more to it than that, but I don't remember the main reason for this entire "hostage hold up". I moved to try to stop the woman from killing us, but she shot me and I died. Somehow, everything starts over and Im alive again, like I just restarted the dream from a certain point. I try stopping the lady again, and again, she shoots me and I die. The dream restarts again and I try just escaping this time. The lady shoots me once more and I die. This continued on, and the dream restarted itself somewhere around 10 times. I don't remember anything more.
    10. 2/15/2014

      by , 02-27-2014 at 05:12 AM

      It was bid change at work and I was ready to go work at the tower. I was talking to A. Rel in the staff cafeteria. The cafeteria had huge windows and almost looked like an airport food court. People started telling me that bid change was actually the next day.

      I was a contestant in some srt of puzzle game. I got put in a huge warehouse with many rooms were I had to solve puzzles. I had a pistol and a partner that could turn into my dog Ace. My partner started getting stupid so I beat him and a few other people. When I entered the next room, I had a menu that would tell me the objective and difficulty of the room. The difficulty was one star which meant 'Very Easy'. I had to look for stuff that didn't belong in the room. Suddenly, the difficulty stars started increasing then reseting and increasing again. Other stats were saying that my mental health and other attributes were being lost. I quickly ran into the next area, pulled the curtain to the side, and entered the room. It was Halloween themed and there were skulls and scarecrow-looking things with black dresses. I started panicking and feeling fear when I couldn't figure out what to do. I had my pistol out while I was running through the room.I woke up when my girlfriend moved in bed.
    11. Robot Ponies

      by , 11-14-2013 at 11:41 PM
      Original entry dated April 13th, 2002:

      My friends and I were battling giant robotic ponies in the mall. It was a sort of laser-tag type setup, only less fun and more deadly. Our foes looked like giant My Little Ponies with googly-eyes that shot lasers, so they were REEEEALLY creepy.

      *THUD THUD THUD* "AAAH! GIANT ROBOTIC PONY! ...aww... it has a butterfly on its butt!"

      In the battle all of us had skills, MUD-style, that we had to use and train to develop proficiency in. There was a kickass hoverbike with cannons on it that I couldn't ride because my Cycling skill was only at 20%. So instead I had a sorry-assed excuse for a pistol that did about as much damage as, say, a squirt-gun.

      I don't remember the rest, I think the dream just sort of fizzled out, and then I had a really sad dream but I don't remember what it was abou
    12. Lucid Dream 521

      by , 06-21-2013 at 04:09 AM (KingYoshi's Dream Journal...My World is Different)
      June 19, 2013
      Lucid Dream 521: This is a Stick Up!
      Series: 108 Stars of Destiny, Episode 12
      Technique: ADA

      I'm sitting in a small, two room, log cabin. There are four of us and we all dressed up in "western" attire (cowboy hats, boots, spurs, stirrups, etc). Apparently, we were a gang of outlaws and were about to hijack a money train that was full of gold bars. The men kept arguing amongst themselves about how hte job was going to go down as I slowly became lucid for no apparent reason. Finally, it fully hit me and I became fully lucid. I jumped up from my seat and attempted to speak with an accent fitting for the setting. What actually came out, caught me a bit off guard. My voice was the exact same as the Sheriff of Nottingham's from Disney's animated version of Robin Hood (voiced by Pat Buttrum). I said, "I've heard enough a yer yapp'n. We are just going to go down to the station an yer all going to follow my lead." One of the men began to speak and I jumped in, "And I don't wanna hear any buts about it!!" They nodded silently and followed me out of the cabin. I looked around and noticed we were in a desert town. I walked down the road and saw a train parked at a train station up ahead. There was a large crowd in front of the train. I pulled up my bandana from around my neck to cover my mouth and pulled my gun out of the holster. I looked at the gun for a bit and it looked old, but in very good condition. It was mostly made of wood and had gold plates on it. It was pistol and it had Samuel Colt engraved on one of the plates. I glanced back and noticed the other three guys had done the same as me.

      I approached the crowd and noticed there were several present day style cop cars parked around the area. With my gun up I said, "Alright everyone. This is a stick up! Do as I say and you might not get hurt." Suddenly, this tall and very chunky teenager walks up to me and says, "Are you KingYoshi?" I was a bit taken aback, but I nodded and he told me to follow him. I told the other men to watch the crowd at gunpoint as I followed the chunky kid. We walked to the front of the train and he told me, "We have been expecting you." I said, "You have, have you? And who might you be?" He told me he was hired to help us get the money train to my castle. I told him that I want to speak with his boss and he was very cryptic and told me, "You can find him when the Willow Pines." I kind of felt like shooting the kid, but decided not to. I followed him onto the front car of the train. The conductor turned to greet the kid and said, "Hey, Joseph! I just..." The kid then shot the conductor in the head and rolled his body out of the train with his foot. He said, "Just follow the tracks from here and it'll lead to the castle." The kid began to make very strange movements as if he was trying to get comfortable in his own skin/body. I knew he was a "body snatcher" and had taken on another body. I told him thanks and started moving around levers and hitting buttons. He exited back into the previous train car.

      There were tons of buttons and levers, so I just started pulling and pushing all of them until the train finally started to run. Instead of having separate connected cars, the train was now all connected by one long hallway down the middle. I walked back into the previous section of the train and it was a fancy dining area. I saw the three other gang members from before and now noticed they were James Woods, Bill Hader, and Seth Rogen. I could also see bouncers/security lined up around the doors and the area. I could tell all the security men were "body snatchers." I reached around in my pocket for a while and found what I was looking for. A blunt. I joined James, Bill, and Seth as I fired up a blunt using pyrokinesis. I asked if Seth had joined Bill and James as a 108 Star of Destiny. He said, "Yeah, I'm the Chuckle Star. Because, I love to make people Chuckle and shit." I chuckled after that one.

      I heard the train horn going off, so I went to the front of the train and could the see the castle approaching. It had grown once again and was huge. I was excited to check it out, so I attempted to speed the train up with my mind, Instead, it began to lift off the tracks. I went with it and began raising the train off the ground. Even though I was doing it with my mind, it felt heavy as shit. I managed to lift it fully, but it felt pretty unstable. I strained a bit too much and began to wake myself up. I attempted to hold on, but woke up.

      Series Details
      Welcome to the epic dream series known as, "The 108 Stars of Destiny." Follow me as I build the most powerful army the dream world has ever seen. Along with the help of 108 key recruits, I take on the dream world and elevate to god-like status! Will anyone stand in my way? Stay tuned for more entries to the series!

      108 Stars of Destiny
      NEW 18 - Seth Rogen - The Chuckle Star
    13. Operation Homicide - Ep. 101 Bad-Ass McCoy

      by , 06-19-2013 at 10:17 PM
      Operation Homicide - Ep. 101 Bad-Ass McCoy is a series of my dreams where I take on the character of Bad-Ass McCoy, and kick ass. Whether it be random villains or Albanian drug lords, Bad-Ass can handle it all. So get your guns ready, cock 'em, and hand 'em over, because I'm about to do all the shooting.

      Level of Lucidity: 1
      Level of Clarity: 4
      Level of Realism: 4
      (levels based 0-10, 0-5 being low - good 5-10 being great - extreme)

      Operation Homicide Ep. 101: There I am. In a fancy, modern style apartment building. I'm standing in a large ground floor room, that seems to be partially a gym, and partially a recreational room. There's quite a few dream characters around me, and I seem very confident in my ability to walk from one side of the room to the other. I walk to the other side of the room, and find a doorway with a staircase behind it. I climb the stairs for about four flights, and then the stairs simply end, with a ladder and a small roof door above it that requires the climber to push it open to continue their ascent.

      I pushed it open, and had a look around. It was a standard apartment roof and seemed completely normal, but I did notice that it was a very hard angle to pull myself up and onto the roof from the ladder, so I just stayed on the ladder and looked around. After a few brief moments of looking, I began to lower myself down the ladder and descend to the ground floor. When I got the the ground floor, mostly everything was the same, except for the fact that most of the walls had been replaced with large ceiling to ground windows. Similar to this, but without the window pains:

      Suddenly someone walks in and starts an argument with a lady behind one of the park benches conveniently located in the middle of the room. He then turned his head and stared dead at me. I felt something in the back waistband of my pants, and quickly reached back and whipped out a pistol. The man whipped out a pistol too, and began to fire at me. Luckily he was a retard when it comes to aim, and I managed to shoot him square in the chest, I believe killing him.

      After that everyone looked semi-relieved. All of a sudden two more men come busting through one of the ceiling to ground windows. They both have guns but for some reason decide to run at me instead of shooting me. I decided not to shoot them and instead turn around and begin running up the stairs. (Dream logic...)

      They weren't far behind me, but as I began to run up more and more stairs, I started skipping stairs and climbing 3-4 stairs with each step. I got quite a ways ahead of them, but then I got to the ladder. I climbed up it with ease, but then had trouble pushing the latch open to finish my escape onto the roof. The enemy caught up with me and one of the men grabbed a hold on my foot.

      I looked down to the guy and said "Wait a second guys, let me get up here, I don't wanna fall."

      The two enemies nodded their heads and said "Okay, good point" and then let my foot go so I could safely open the latch. I then decided it best to perhaps go back downstairs and make an exit instead of jumping off of a roof. The guys understood and followed me down. The guys and I commenced to telling some jokes and laughing on the way down about the guy who I killed. By the time we reached the bottom floor I snapped back to my senses and whipped my pistol around and shot both guys, but neither died.

      I ran through the window that they busted when they made their entrance and I was just out of their reach of being able to grab my shirt. I ran around the back of the building and came all the way around to the side opposite of where they busted in. There was a bench outside of the window I was running towards, and everything suddenly moved in extreme slow motion. I ran up to the bench and jumped just enough so that my left leg landed on the seat of the bench. I looked back and thought to myself "Maybe they won't know how to jump and will just trip on the bench." It made zero sense, but after seeing what a derp their friend was, anything was possible. I jumped up and over the bench, and dived through the window, landing in a somersault.

      The two guys simply walked around the bench and walked into the building through the giant hole I just made in the glass. I turned to them and without thinking shot both of them.

      Everyone in the lounge area seemed very surprised and scared at the fact that I just fired my pistol indoors, and less surprised or scared that I just killed 3 people.

      Everyone in the room stopped what they were doing and looked at me, until one guy shouted "Go get-em Bad-Ass McCoy!"

      I casually walked out of the building through the front door with my new idenetity, feeling totally, 100%... bad-ass.

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    14. My First Lucid Dream (Finally)

      by , 01-12-2013 at 09:36 AM
      So I finally had my first lucid dream, but this didn't happen last night. This happened December 29th.

      As soon as the dream came into view, it automatically came to me; I was in a dream. I looked at my surroundings: I was in a grey building and I had a pistol I was holding, but I viewed everything like a first person shooter. The first thing that came to my mind was that if I'm in a first person shooter, there might be other people in the building that might want to shoot me! So, the first thing I looked for was a doorway that led me out of the building. As I was looking for the way out, I came into a classroom that had a bunch of people from my school, but they all looked like they were mad at me for some reason. I just walked through them, when I saw the exit door. As I go towards it, some girl trips me...so I punched her in the face. Then were boyfriend got up, and I just shoved him. "This is stupid," I said to myself. Before I opened the door, I thought to myself there will be a town behind this door. Sure enough, there was a town that looked like a map out of Modern Warfare 2. First attempt at controlling something: successful.

      I walk down the sidewalk and I see a few strange things, like a couple sitting at a table with a bunch of baby dragons jumping around them, giant air waver things on the ceilings of buildings (like the ones you see for advertisement), etc. Anyway, as I go down some ally I come to this opening with a fireplace in front of me. I look at the sky and think I wonder if I can make myself fly. I flew off the ground a little bit, about 12 ft, but then I fell back down. Well that won't work. I turn around to go back, but then I see my Uncle Anthony sleeping on the steps of the ally. I ask him why he is sleeping there, and he just told me that he was tired. Well, apparently his head was next to ANOTHER fireplace, and his head caught on fire. I find some oven mitt and try to pat out his head, but it made the oven mitt catch on fire. Then my Uncle Paul comes from the ally and says, "I'll take care of this." I guess the only reason that he was in my dream is because I was working for him that week. I look around and get an awesome idea. "Wait, I got it!" I said to him. I look at all the fire in the ally area, take a deep breath, and then "WARGLFLARBGARL!" I start shooting a bunch of water out of my mouth and extinguish the fire, only it wasn't a steady stream of water, it was more like a wavy stream. Once everything was extinguished, my Uncle Paul looks at me and says,"Now that's a way to put out a fire...in a disgusting way." I kinda laugh to myself, and then I woke up.
    15. Shotgun

      by , 01-05-2013 at 07:27 AM (* The Sandman's Dream Journal o/***)

      I got off of a bus. I have a man at gun-point. I step off cautiously with him in front of me, and then at the back of the bus, I see a guy with a shot-gun kneeling down.

      I say to the guy I'm holding at gun-point, "Is he your protection?" The guy says, "Yea."

      I see the other guy at the back, and I see him as I look underneath the bus. I back into a building with my guy in front of me and I say to the guy with the shotgun, "Come on! Let's go! Come and get me!"

      In the building, I shoot the guy and run. Shooting my pistol was not vivid, but I did make the decision to pull the trigger, and he was no longer with me after that point.

      I ran through the room and found another room. It was poorly lit, and had old, makeshift wood tables and not much more. They were well built, but not store bought. Here comes the guy with the shotgun.

      He comes in and he shoots me on the left side of my stomach. Damn! I can feel it, but it isn't as bad as it would be if I were really shot (obviously?). I'm not bleeding, but I have some sense that I'm hit, and that that isn't good.

      Shotgun guy is now doing something on the other side of the room, and he is with a buddy of his. I make it over to them and take the shotgun. It is as long as an old musket style rifle. It is very un-wieldy.

      I pump it and I cock it. I pull out some wire thing from the front, but I have to hurry and shoot or the people will move and take the gun, so I just shoot. Click! It dry-fired.

      I pump the gun and cock it again. The wire thing is still out. The length of the entire unit is ridiculously long. I dry-fire again.

      I pump and cock again, and realize I need bullets. pull back a bolt action system to open a place for a bullet. This gun apparently requires every preparation device ever created for a gun. I find a medicine bottle with little 5 sided tablets. They were the size of a tic-tac, but with 5 sides and they were cream-colored. There were also these little discs about the same size in the bottle. I dumped some of the tablets in where I opened the bolt, and shut it again. I fired at one of the guys.

      The tablets just popped out with no real consequence. Fuck! I had needed to push the wire thing in. Now I start to look for more tablets. I find a pill tube full of those pins with a little plastic thing at one end. I put it back. I'm screwed.

      Nothing much happens from there except that I'm under this guys control. I keep looking for ways to get away. Eventually, I feel like asking if the guys holding me now could just call it even. I shot one guy, they shot me, and now we aren't doing anything to each other. Let's just go our separate ways and leave each other alone.

      I woke up then.
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