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    1. 27 Apr: looping

      by , 04-27-2014 at 12:11 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false awakening

      I'm attending my guru's teachings and a sequence of odd experiences happen. At some point he plays a drum in a certain beat pattern, without explaining its importance or decoding its meaning. Then he leaves his seat and a midle-aged lady student moves in to play the drum, trying to recreate the same sound. She thinks it's ike a mantra, that we can replicate to help our meditation. But she doesn't play it right. I feel some uncomfort, like knowing she shouldn't be doing it, but it's not my business to decide that, so wat I do is correct her and guide her to play the right beats. At this point I feel my guru's eyes on the back of my head. I turn around but he isn't there. I also leave.
      Then I am with my guru, but the timeline is not linear. I left with him and a group of select people who will stay with him for the next hours as he meditates and eventually doozes off in a more private place. He sits in the middle and we sit around on mattresses. We will be there supposedly for 17 hours, meditating and sleeping. At this point the lady hasn't plaid the drum yet, but then we hear the sound. The guru is a bit upset. Not only it disrupts this quiet moment we're meant to have, but this drumming sound is a sacred sound that shouldn't be plaid by just anybody. From this place here he sticks his eyes into the back of my head on that room, knowing all too well that my good heart enabled that lady to play that drum.
      So he closes his eyes, but he also gets out and personally ensures this lady is punished with temporary incarceration on a cave nearby. I just know all of this because I see it all happening in my mind. As soon as he leaves the cave (and during all that time he was just sitting straight, eyes closed in front of me), I sneak out from this room, to go see the lady. i feel guilty, because I encouraged her to play and taught her the right beats, so I should be incarcerated, not her. I sneak out of the room silently, everybody is meditating eyes closed or sleeping, so I assume no one seems me going.
      I find a way to communicate with the lady inside the cave and to say I'm sorry for her torment.
      I can feel the presence of my guru, of course he knows I'm there, the whole time we've been in more than one place at the time and our actions seem to be all interconnected. She is me and I am him and he is me and I am her. He is smiling from afar.

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    2. Dormitory Retreat

      by , 12-20-2012 at 03:41 AM (The Dream Magic Experiment)
      ~12:20 am - sleep, breath zhine, 9 purif
      ~6:30 am - wakeup

      I was in a dorm. I was there because of a retreat. There were several double- or triple-decker beds. It seems men and women are in the same room. We were planning something. I remember seeing RP and LR there. There was a plastic bottle of twinkly stuff there that we opened (accidentally?), and it spread. It's hard to put into the bag. I also remember seeing my crush RS, but he doesn't look the same. Also, he looks smaller. Or maybe that's he's actual height, and not seeing him for a long time made me forget. I also recall one guy who spit on the bed. MY bed, to be specific.

      I entered a bathroom after three people went out. It was one man and two women. I entered, and the place looks so backward. The bathroom was big enough, but it simply looks so dank, the walls and floors not even tiled, although thankfully the toilet looks clean enough. Also, the "shower" is nothing more than a busted pipe flowing water down from the ceiling. The funny thing is that it seems automatic, in the sense that it turns on automatically when I'm close enough, and turns off when I'm away. Then there's a metal drum about stomach height filled with water that I assume I would use to bathe, if in case the shower doesn't work.

      I also remember being online, searching for something. And there's a sex act going on, with the woman on top. She was complaining to me that I don't include lesbians in my website. This kind of confused me because it doesn't look like she's a lesbian when she's doing it with a guy. They were so close in view, too.

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    3. Planes and Drums

      by , 02-07-2012 at 09:02 AM
      Last night I didn't remember any dreams. This time I remember many of them, even though they seem a bit fragmented and inconsequential. They all seem to be connected but I remember having them at different times during the night.

      I'm going to buy airplane tickets. A friend of mine is in a line where they sell some very cheap on sale tickets. She gets one and tells me to get one as well. I wait in the line untill it I get to the cashier, but there is some crowd there and a woman cuts me of. I call my friend and tell that I won't get the ticket in time, the plane is already leaving and I have to take the next one. She is already on the plane.

      I have a room in a large house, like a camping center. I'm charging my laptop in my room. As I wait I'm watching something on the laptop, can't remember what. A car pulls in on the driveway and I go out.

      There is another building on the same yard. A friend of mine has a room there and it seems more cozy. I want to move there so I try to find reception.

      Then I go to a concert. It's in a third building on the same yard. The person on the stage has a thick balloon. When she hits it with her hand it sounds like a drum. There are some small nubs on one side and tapping them makes a higher drum-like sound. The music itself sounds like a hundred jungle drums.
    4. Mordecai and the Rigbys

      by , 12-30-2011 at 01:12 PM
      Dream 1
      I was in this strange place like Middle East Iraq or something. I'm walking with Mordecai and Rigby and Toa Nuju is there too.

      The place looked derelict and war-torn, I could see tombstones as well.There was loads of brown smog in the air. It was almost like the Capital Wasteland in Fallout 3. We walked across from a road and stopped behind some houses, they could've been apartments. There was a short fence and some instruments, we each picked something up. I wanted the bass guitar but I got an electric instead. Mordecai got on the drums and Rigby, on bass.

      I started playing "Party Tonight" from Regular Show. As I was playing I looked down at the guitar and saw the strings I think there were four (dream sign as an electric would have six). I could hear moaning like zombies, it drowned out my guitar and I turned to Mordecai and he said "Dude,I can't hear a thing". Ignoring the sound I turned up the amp and continued playing.

      It was a good jamming session. There was a guy in a suit and shades who looked like Mr. Burke from Fallout 3.
    5. Marching Band (Nov 4, 2011)

      by , 11-05-2011 at 02:02 PM (Realm of Insanity)
      I'm at a marching band competition and we are sitting in the bottom bleachers as our band instructor is talking to us. As he is talking I see my brother, in his old
      Denbigh drum major uniform walk past. He looks at me, but he does not want to interrupt our instructor. After our instructor leaves my brother comes over smiling and says hi.
      "Hi," I say as I stand up and hug him.(He's in Hawaii for college, so I only see him on holidays.) The dream scene then switches.
      It is night still at the competition and I'm sitting at the top of the bleachers with the drum line, who are playing their drums softly. Then our band comes out onto the field.
      They begin to play their song that is apparently played without the drum line. Once they are done, the drumlin stands up to go join them, but before they can, the band starts to play the main show.
      "Hey! They forgot us!" yells someone on the line. The dream ends with us watching the rest of the show.