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    1. 30 Jan: Miami Vice mixed with other movies and witness of a crime

      by , 01-30-2019 at 10:06 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false awakening

      A Miami Vice dream. Sonny is in trouble, there is a bomb under his chair, pressure activated. A team comes on helicopters and he is saved. A rich guy offers Sonny a high tech helicopter that looks like Millennium Falcon in black, but he has some trouble learning how to fly it and at first he bumps against everything. Then the helicopter turns into a Transformer and while morphing, Sonny is left hanging outside the helicopter as it goes away.
      Then a chase on yachts and helicopters, I am on a yacht. On another yacht is the dead guy from Weekend at Bernie's.
      Then I also get on an extremely high tech flying gear. Some secret agency hasn't found good pilots for it and I kick ass on it. It does vertical flying, instant speed changes and is controlled mostly by the mind.

      Go down a hill to a riverbed, some kids playing there and freaking out over a tiny frog. I put the frog back in the water before they hurt her. Some dudes on horse are coming fast to where we are and I scream to the kids to get out of the way and take cover in the bushes nearby. The guys have assault weapons and carry someone's bloody arm. We're not sure they saw us or not. We go tell the police. Then we all take a bus home together and these guys hop in and sit by our side. The kids freak out.

      A dream with my guru. (secret)
    2. Almost Superman

      by , 09-29-2018 at 08:08 AM
      Morning of September 28, 2018. Friday.

      Reading time (optimized): 3 min. Readability score: 54.

      The library setting is where my conscious self identity, as in waking life, often carries and holds my dream self in an attempt to hold dynamics of intelligence and memory that typically cease to exist in non-lucid dream states, as the non-lucid subconscious and its personification as the dreamer has no viable connection to the unconscious mind or real life. Since early childhood, I have often tried to manifest books or something to read to bring about viably lucid threads of the emerging consciousness, which sometimes works to vivify my dream self’s status, but in this case, it is only the library with no focus on any specific book.

      The otherwise unfamiliar library is close to my conscious self awareness but without viable lucidity or conscious self identity. (I do not know the implied country of its location.) My dream self is aware that I am asleep and dreaming, but it is a subliminal factor, that is, my dream self and conscious self have not coalesced. Physicality and tangibility still increase significantly. I am aware of the preconscious avatar sitting to my right and reading a book in the passive monitoring of my dream self’s status. It is an unfamiliar man of about fifty. I become more annoyed, as he is crowding me. I continue to maintain my focus of sleeping on my left side, as I am in reality. My dream continues to vivify. It is all thought and physicality. There has been no imagery yet.

      Finally, my dream self achieves the mode of non-lucid dream control, established by the essence of the library, but without my conscious self identity. Vestibular system correlation commences, and I have thoughts of being a superhero. I fly around for a time as I usually do with this primary dream state factor. Despite not being lucid, I am familiar with the nature of creating and controlling my experience.

      I consider that I am Superman, but not “the” Superman. At one point, I decide to have a blue cape rather than a red one. Eventually, I also see that I am wearing slacks and have mismatched socks. I have a blue sock on my left foot and a white sock on my right. I mentally will the bottom of my pants legs to tighten, grow longer and cover my feet, more so from the idea that superheroes do not wear regular pants. Despite having willed my cape to appear and eventually changing its color, I do not contemplate changing either of my socks’ colors.

      In my dream’s final scene, I walk inside an area in the afternoon where a chain-link fence, of about ten feet in height, encloses an unknown warehouse. It turns at ninety degrees to match its adjacency to the building’s outer wall. There does not appear to be an exit on that side. (A fence of this nature is the synchronous division between the dream self and the conscious self and the subliminal distinction between the illusory physicality of the dream self’s fictitious body and the status of the real physical body in REM sleep.) The space is narrow. Still, I stop two criminals, both unfamiliar men, from stealing a device relating to communications technology. This scenario is the typical precursory RAS modulation and ultradian rhythm correlation, its rendering for curbing potential unchecked sustainment of the dream state, more so as a concurrent REM sleep safeguard than having anything to do with real life.

      I carry the device back around the corner (RAS mediation) to see the owners of the warehouse. Even though the avatars are standing on each side of me and all can see, I have to describe what one criminal looks like to one of the warehouse owners. The avatars to my left are potential dream state revivifiers (I sleep on my left side), whereby the ones on the right are active preconscious (and possibly interconsciousness) threads. The communications device, which resembles a small shortwave radio, merges and coalesces with my dream self and subliminal conscious self identity, and I wake as a result.

      Additional notes: Mismatched socks represent the distinction between the fictitious dream self and the conscious self identity. It is one of those renderings that have occurred since early childhood in all modes (subliminal, liminal, and lucid) of the dream self. In lucidity, I am aware of the meaning, as I am aware of the dreaming and waking processes and how specific patterns manifest. It is not “symbolism” in the conventional sense as many people believe.

    3. A Very Illogical Police Stakeout

      by , 08-30-2017 at 01:16 PM
      Morning of August 30, 2017. Wednesday.

      My dream’s setting is a unique composite as always. (I have never non-lucidly dreamt of the same setting more than once, even in tens of thousands of closely studied and fully mapped non-lucid dreams for over fifty years. This aspect of non-lucid dreams is due to the incidental real-time dynamics of being in non-lucid REM sleep, where reflective cognitive capabilities do not exist as in lucid dreams and even more so in apex lucidity where automatic conscious control of the dream state is achieved.)

      The back area of our house is modeled after our present home, (our backyard south of our house), except that the area between the short hallway to the back door and the minimally-rendered kitchen has no dividing layout (and is all an open area). The implied east side of this rendering (assuming our present home) is loosely modeled after the north side of a previous home on Stadcor Street in Brisbane (though the driveway more like the Gellibrand Street apartment in Clayfield), the third-from-last house we lived in. The front of my dream’s house, implied to be oriented northerly, is modeled more accurately after the west area of the Stadcor Street house, which was also the front of that house.

      For several minutes, my dream features the recurring event of me taking supposed public money out of a device in our home (that is, a device in our home which is apparently used by the public and the money going elsewhere, which makes no sense from a waking life standpoint, especially as the public would not otherwise have use of our home, the only way to explain this being real-time symbolism related to receiving thoughts from other people via the collective unconscious which was validated long ago from “receiving” from Zsuzsanna long before we met in reality). There is no backstory on what purpose the device serves. It may be some sort of unlikely vending machine (though is too small to serve that purpose). The device is about the length of my hand and looks like a miniature vertically elongated cash register. Zsuzsanna is present and so is Marilyn (older half-sister on my Mother’s side who died in 2014, though I have no memory of her death here and she appears as she was in the 1980s). I make three attempts to get money out. My second and third attempts make no sense as I had already gotten all the coins out in the first attempt, by shaking the device upside-down, yet many more come out on my second and third attempts. The sound of the clinking coins, the movement and momentum of my hands, and the movement of the internal parts of the device are rendered very realistically.

      I am eventually aware of a police presence in our backyard. There are at least seven officers standing around on stakeout, though not for us, but a criminal who lives in the area. Still, I am concerned they might see the various coins lying everywhere on the floor. I make a quick attempt to kick sheets of paper and parts of clothes over them. I also slip some into my left pocket. They ask me through the back door if I know a certain man or had seen them and I say no. (I do not recall the name though I know it did not sound familiar.)

      At one point, I notice that an unfamiliar female police officer is closest to our house. I also notice that the screen is torn down the middle from the top of the screen door, about three-quarters of the way down. (though we do not have a back screen door in reality.) She pushes it towards me from outside as if to draw more attention to it, almost slapping me in the face with it, but not intentionally. There is an additional partial horizontal tear in the screen (lower down) of less significance and which seems to have already been there for a long time, but this vertical tear was apparently done recently by the authorities, supposedly for my benefit and theirs regarding their stakeout. I find it puzzling but I do not comment. In a short time, my brother-in-law Bob makes his first appearance in this dream (mostly as he appeared in the 1980s). From the left side of the solid wooden back door, he closes it over the screen door (and it closes from the opposite side as in reality). “This door can be closed,” he says cheerfully though informatively. I question if his act is thought out very well, but I do not comment.

      In the next scene, I am going to the front of our house. Off to my right, through the windows of the adjoining room I am walking through, the criminal first makes his presence known. He drives rapidly (north based on our present home) over our driveway, the car’s tires loudly crunching and spitting gravel and dust (the driveway of which our present home does not have as such, as it is just a very narrow side yard in reality, though, as mentioned in the second paragraph, this seems based on dynamics of when we lived in Clayfield on Gellibrand Street despite the room being like the one on Stadcor Street, though my dream’s house is at about ground level, unlike in reality for all three locations). This event makes no sense at all, as he is suddenly driving rapidly from our backyard, directly from where several police officers had just been standing. I wonder if they even noticed he was there.

      In the front room of our house (which again, is now of the Stadcor Street house) I look out the front windows. Our front doors (screen door and main door) are both open. The criminal has come up our high front steps (despite our house being implied to be low-set a couple minutes previously) and I politely nod “hello” to him through the doorway even though I do not want his imposition. He has a scruffy beard and light red hair. I eventually notice that he is coming in and there are at least two females with him, one pregnant, though otherwise very slim and wearing tight clothes (this character being directly modeled after a contestant on the Australian “Family Feud” game show very recently).

      I suddenly change my mind about welcoming him (which is based on a subliminal desire to sleep longer) and now I am not even sure what good the police presence is doing. I boldly tell him to get out. He becomes very angry. I notice that he is carrying some sort of rifle of illogical appearance. Instead of doing anything to me from near the doorway or even approaching me, he leaves the house to go into the street and starts shooting at our house. The noise is very loud and puffs of white smoke (dream state indicator) are floating everywhere like little clouds (this scene partly as a result of real-life environmental noise). I head towards the back of the house, which once again is more like our present home.

      As illogically large bullets are now firing through the walls of our house from the front and the back, the female police officer (still near the back door) advises me to get down. I get down on the floor and wake up in the exact same position I had just been in my dream. I then realize that the police officer seemed modeled after an additional young version of Zsuzsanna.

      This dream entry is probably too long to include a full decoding, but I will note a few details. Emergent consciousness and preconscious factors seem to be “after” each other here and I am (as my personified subconscious which again has no reflective cognitive capabilities despite the bizarre but popular disinformation) caught in the middle, which is amusing, but very atypical, though we did watch two episodes of “Cops” just before sleeping (though this is probably also related to news about North Korea, hopefully not prescient). The torn screen of the back door is a known dream state indicator, which represents a growing metaphorical opening that otherwise divides preconscious from emergent consciousness as a “screen”, though this is more about Zsuzsanna’s emergent consciousness “sending” to mine in real time. (As such, I am surprised that I did not become viably lucid, especially at least semi-lucid, though my dream did noticeably vivify past this point.)

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    4. Dream - Pay My VET Loan & The Seductive Criminal

      by , 07-12-2017 at 08:03 AM
      Date of Dream: FRI 7 JUL - 2017

      Dream No. 148 - Separated Sections

      Dream 148 A – Pay My VET Loan

      Although I am in Tertiary Education in real life, the dream put me back in year 12. I was at home one night and my dad was really angry at me because I wasn't doing well. We did make plans for the tertiary study payment though and I decided I didn't want to pay it, rather I put the onus on BB to do it, I don't remember her reaction though. I don't remember anything else about the dream either.

      Dream 148 B – The Seductive Criminal
      The dream started off with me parents warning me of a supposed creep that hung out amongst these flats... Apparently he would seduce young people with cake. I was then in this area with residential flats surrounding the place and there he was too. My powerful, “mistress” instincts took over and I approached him confidently and sternly. I told the guy that I was going to paint these “worries” over him which would indicate to others that he is a bad guy. The guy tried to deny his status but I brushed him off, picked up and paintbrush and painted all this wine coloured stuff all over his face.

      The dream then went over to my driveway. I said to people that I could summon King Arthur and they were all going crazy, I then told everyone to shush because they would ruin the process with all their noise and excitement. So then I went into the neighbours driveway by myself and started singing this song I made up about the sword and the knights of the round table. Soon, King Arthur actually fades into visibility, he is seen looking through the window of their sitting room which is at the front of the house. I can't remember anything else about this dream.

      Dream Trophies Achieved
      - None
    5. [28-07-2016]

      by , 07-28-2016 at 07:27 AM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      I was in some kind of city slums, wandering around the streets. It was a sunny and warm day. I've seen myself from third perspective. I was wearing a gray t-shirt and jeans. I was a criminal escaping from police, they couldn't find me as I was great at hiding and disguising. Suddenly I found myself driving on a motorcycle with speed of light, flying above a highway.
    6. Went to Chicago for no reason

      by , 11-14-2014 at 02:30 PM
      non-dream dream lucid

      Went to sleep around 1:30 or so, which is a HUGE difference from when I've been going to sleep recently.
      Woke up around 6:45. Might get another nap after this.

      I can't help but think that before this, I might've had a lucid dream. Incredibly hazy though.
      The only thing I can remember is I'm on my couch, and the bathroom light is on. No other light source exists and the room seems to be quite a bit different. The atmosphere is one of uneasiness, but it could quickly turn to anxiety if anything strange happens.

      EDIT: I seem to remember something else.
      I'm on my couch, and I'm moving around. There's lots of people here. It's hard to get comfortable.

      But the main event is to follow.
      Visiting Chicago for no reason
      Recall score: 8
      Lucid: no
      TGMG: no

      So I'm in Detroit. Lots of brown buildings with glass around us, as well as a monorail track above? We're in a pretty large open area, with lots of space. Lots of DCs around me (including television reporters), mostly centered around a rather large police van which at that point bursts open.

      Two DCs come out of the back. One looks kinda like one of the police investigator types. Shorter, probably older and lacking hair, and has a really deep voice.
      The other DC (taller, more mexican looking) is more aggressive, but it seems that the two have been together for more time than you'd think.

      So they come out and now they're standing in the middle of this clearing with loads of DCs surrounding (I'm in the group). All of a sudden the cop pulls out a pistol and points it at the other DC. So they kinda just stand there for a second. I try to get as far away from their line of fire as possible. Apparently a lot of the other DCs are as its hard to move around even though the crowd isn't amazingly thick.

      Eventually, and somehow, the criminal guy runs towards the cop, steals the pistol and in what seems like two seconds, the cop gets shot in the head. I'm immediately contemplating running like fuck, before everyone starts cheering. I'm like "wtf" before everyone starts clearing the area. I walk off, but I stay around long enough to see some of the TV stations come and look around. By this time it's starting to get dark out.

      One of the channel 7 guys comes and videos the corpse of the cop, before remarking "Put this on youtube and watch it become the next viral video".

      Next thing I know I'm walking down a street. Very brown, the stores are brown, the sidewalks brown, the awning that's above me is brown. There's a handrail to my right that I'm holding on to.

      After that, I remember my mom picking me up and we drive back home. So now I'm at home in my living room, and my mom is telling me to get ready. I get in the car and then in what feels like 5 minutes we're in Chicago.

      I get out of the car and look around for a bit at all the buildings. It's really really nice out, early morning, twilighty blue sky, and it's cold but not uncomfortably cold. I seem to recall a slight breeze as well.
      I'm thinking "There's places here that I don't even remember!". Last time I was here was in 2004 or so.
      Like the brown building with vertical glass windows and what looks like a wine cork on the top.

      At that point I start looking at the skyline and thinking "on one of those buildings is the WLS ch7 transmitter!".
      Of course, we had our own ch7 (WXYZ) but theirs is a lot fancier.
      At that point I recall a dream fact that WLS and a few other stations moved their transmitters off the downtown skyscrapers a few years ago!

      I look back away from the skyline and I eventually see another building off in the distance. The building itself was another skyscraper but not nearly as skyscraping as the ones on the skyline. It was mostly blue and glass. It has a red and white tower on it. "That must be it!" I think to myself. And just in front of it I see a lattice mast with three small towers coming off the top. "Another antenna I guess".

      So I get back in the car and before I even ask my mother to stop and get something to eat, she's already driving downtown towards a restaurant. Not in downtown but close. We stop and get out and walk into a building almost entirely composed of very thick green glass. It's a rather fancy restaurant, with lots of wooden seats and tables. We go and sit on one of the other tables to the side.
      Lots of DCs around us, all really nice as well. I choose not to really interact, but rather just take everything in.

      I can't remember what I ate, but I know it was on a plate. Was it fish? Fish rings a bell actually. Was really good.

      After I ate, I looked around, and I could see outside the building through the glass. Loads of DCs walking by outside.

      Eventually we walk out and we walk back to our car.
      And after that, it's back home. I
      wake up not too soon after.

      14 day dream recall:

      Themes + route:
      detroit > swat car > two guys comes out > they both fight for a bit > we're worried if we get shot > one of the two people who came out get shot > it actually turns out we were rooting for the guy that was acting more insane > TV reporters take a picture of the dead guy and make a remark about viral videos > we nope the hell out of there > walking down a street with a ceiling above us > arrive back at home > watch ch7 > mom tells me to get ready > go all the way to chicago (I don't even remember why) > look at skyline > WLS-TV > walk around for a bit > end up going into a restaurant (green glass walls) > eat something (it was on a plate) > go all the way back home > wake up

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    7. Big Brother, Backtracking, and a Bomb

      by , 11-03-2013 at 03:07 PM
      The dream started with me going through this maze of stairs and various "levels" that all resembled something you'd find at a mall. Escalators lead to long carpeted hallways with glass on either side. I made my way through all of this with two people that I don't know in real life. We finally came to stop in front of a large ship. It resembled an oil tanker, but there weren't any crates on top. Suddenly this second "thing" came out of the water next to it. I'd describe it as a futuristic submarine; it was as large as the tanker and had a very "organic" shape to it. It also had tons of these cybernetic "tentacles" coming out of it, that grabbed hold of the tanker. For some reason it seemed that ship was being controlled by some kind of government overlord, who now had complete control over every aspect of our infrastructure. I was paranoid they would listen into my conversation with my friends, so I ran away and started going back through everything that we had previously traversed through. I arrived at what could be considered the "lobby" of the mall area, although it kinda resembled a food court.

      At this point I woke up and decided to get a drink. Once I got back into bed my next dream involved this guy who was some kind of criminal mastermind. This took place at the music school I go to. A friend and I managed to restrain him and keep him in a chair long enough for professors to come and help us. We called the police, and started carrying him outside. At some point though he tried to get something out of his pocket. I saw him do this and retrieved a phone. Thinking he was trying to signal something, I ran outside. As I did so, a huge rumbling noise started to shake the building. I shouted "Bomb!" and ran outside, thinking that if I could smash the phone it would stop the detonation. The criminal man shouted for me to stop and broke free from his restraints. He ran after me, but I had already put the phone in the street and had a car that was passing by run it over. As soon as the phone broke, the rumbling stopped. Then suddenly a flash came from behind us, and the school imploded into nothingness. I assume the bomb was set to blow whenever the phone stopped transmitting.
    8. The Set Up (23.9.13)

      by , 09-25-2013 at 05:44 AM (CHiLLEN's Dream Journal)
      I remember being near range bank.

      I was with Dad and we were at blacks land house.
      He was using me for he's dirty laundry. I overheard the convocation Dad and Angry Anderson (AA) (AA is a Australian music artist, lead singer of Rose Tattoo. He looks the criminal type to say the least). I was going to be used, and set up into doing a trade (something illegal), which would fall through and make me the target, when things go wrong.
      I'd like to know-angry-anderson.jpg
      Angry Anderson - Lead singer of Rose Tattoo

      I was at Drew's old house. I was given a suit case.

      I was now at blacks land house, and I was thinking of making a run for it, so I wouldn't be involved. I decided to man up instead and tell my Dad face to face of what I thought was happening, and why I didn't want to do this trade.

      We were in the car, and Dad pulled over so he could talk to AA on the phone. I overheard his convocation, and heard a mention of sending a package through Star Track Express (A courier company).
      I said to Dad that I didn't want to be in debt to the mob.
      I'd like to know-star-track-express.jpg
      Star Track Express - Courier company

      Dad said something about ambulance and the city, so we could go see the My Kitchen Rules winners (Cooking competition). I think we were related to them, from what Dad was saying.

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    9. Stockholm syndrome

      by , 06-10-2013 at 09:39 PM
      Total sleep time: 9 hrs

      Dream quality and recall: I continue to be very sleepy, although recall today was a bit better.

      WBTB, snooze and recall: Decided against WBTB (lazy), but set the final alarm for a bit earlier. I had what I thought was an interesting dream in the last 30 mins of sleep so kept on hitting the snooze button, and tried to go back there to continue with the story. That messed up my recall a bit, but I still enjoyed it.

      Dream1: We are on the street and a friend of mine says something that irritates me. It hit her with a NG magazine. DCs around me stare at me with disapproval. They also think I am a man hitting a woman. A girl from India comes and I begin explaining myself to her.

      She starts giving my friend some creepy advice and then continues to say that "you (not sure who she is addressing) should do some lucid meditation, as one learns by leaps and bounds"

      "Red and cinnamon are after all two of many (40?) hues....of the penumbra"???

      This dream was really cool, but bf was snoring so loudly, I just couldn't hold on to it for more info.

      Dream2: A class meeting, girls only this time, all the usual classmates that are DS, but instead of realizing this is a dream I engage in nonsense conversations. One of the classmates is married to a guy that has to do with chicken production and I comment on some movies I have seem about that. Another female friend of mine has a a girlfriend and buys her some lemonade. I feel jealous.

      Dream 3(snooze fragmented and mini-Ld):

      I am flying over the street and try to avoid a dangerous individual. Other DCs start running very fast when they are close to him.

      I am sitting on a table, looking at some food and want to rescue a burrito from ending up in the trash. This guy acts very agressively and does not allow me to get my burrito. I am forced to go with him. (Snooze)

      He is dangerous and most likely has killed someone, and the police is after him. Despite all that, I feel some sympathy towards him and we are friends. He wants us to go to his apartment. I have some alarming thoughts of why am I going to his place, and what are we going to do there, but dismiss them. We reach the street where he lives. I suspect undercover cops have parked in front of the place. Doesn't he know that his apartment is the first place the cops will look for him? He sees the lights of his place are on, so we go back. (Snooze)

      He decides to highjack a bus so that we can drive to my place. I really don't want us to go there. I am also worried that he is a reckless driver, so go to the back seat. (Snooze)

      I am in the bus/car with him and am looking for my burrito, but it seems like I have changed clothes, have a different handbag and the burrito is gone. I take some time to look around, knowing that this is a dream. The story in my mind lasted pretty long and I find it really cool. I think about reporting this dream and contemplate about my feelings for this guy, I conclude I have the Stockholm syndrome...

      I wake up


      Progress with this months goals (as of this morning):

      - Do 100 RCs (6/100) <<<<<<Terrible!
      - notice real life DS 100 times and RC (4/100)
      - 10 proper WBTB attempts -> days (3/10)
      - 10 morning RCs (1/10)
      - 2 proper WILD attempts (0/2)
      - task flexibility
      - journal flexibility

      LDs: 5 (official count)
      micro-lds: 1 (not counted)
      suspicious events: 1 (not counted)

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    10. Dogfights, Criminal Training, and Being Evil Superman

      by , 03-03-2013 at 06:08 PM
      I was in a dogfight with some Germans over some islands in the Pacific Ocean, though most of these islands were small and uninhabited, and only consisted of small, ambient buildings. I shot down a few planes, before I got shot down, I ejected, landed in the water, near a few of my teams, and they were all swimming towards a near by island. Once I made it to land, alot of my team were soaking wet, exhausted, some wounded, and others just standing around. I kicked around, until I found a large rock hidden underneath the sand. I began to dig it up, and it turned out to be a large human vertebrae! I dug even deeper, and found another one! Even deeper still, I found the Mandible, and below that was the top portion of the skull. I dug up 4 giant bones, which were seemingly human, and it occurred to me that these were the islands of Lemuria, and this was one of the inhabitants! I was extremely astonished at the discovery, to where I called Miyuki to tell her about my findings! She was blown away as well!

      Next, I was with a female criminal in the city at night, learning how to become an efficient killer and thief, avoiding police officers, car jacking, and jumping over fences and other obstacles.

      Later, I found myself to be superman, except I was evil, and I was flying around schools, highways, and streets, causing mischief and confusion amongst the on-lookers. I recall flying very very close to cars on a busy roadway, making drivers drop their jaws in awe, and at a point, I caused a traffic jam, and I Stopped in mid-flight, turned to a car, and kicked in gently, and the side crumpled and smoked began coming out from the car. I then decided to really kick it, and it crumpled up, and shot far off to the side, somehow causing all the surrounding cars to crash into them selves, and it was a big violent mess of twisted metal and screaming. I noticed someone trying to stop me, they were also 'super' and I tried flying away, and we ended up having a 'cat and mouse' chase around this town, jumping on roofs and cars and such.
    11. Mall Shooting

      by , 02-15-2013 at 07:42 PM
      I'm inside this big mall. There were a lot of open spaces everyone so it was probably easy to tell where some of the stores were at. I was with another group of people, criminals I think. These criminals were leaning their backs against the staircase in the middle of the big mall. I didn't see a lot of people in the middle, just a few.

      I'm not sure how it happened but as soon as I realized I had a gun on me, I thought about doing something with it. There was an entrance to my right, so I walked there to see what I could find. There was someone who did catch my awareness. It was Quynh. She was walking towards the direction I was walking in. At that moment I was there, I thought about her kindness and innocence, and I thought about the way she just left me. I no longer see her the same way and because of that, I pulled out the gun and started aiming and shootings towards the direction she was in.

      Everyone in the room was running, even Quynh. I didn't think I had shot her, so, I ran back to the staircase in the middle and sat there along with the other criminals still there. The authorities were coming, my fate was determined. I saw some of them enter the room. I grabbed my gun and thought once more about losing my life. I aimed the gun towards my head and squeezed the trigger.

      Although I didn't die, I did managed to escape from the area but I think that might have been another dream, so I'm posting it after this one.
    12. 19th Jan 2013 Living in Criminal Family

      by , 01-19-2013 at 08:14 PM (Scionox's Journal of Dreams)
      Dream recall didn't worked as well because i did accidentally moved as soon as i woke up, but i still remembered most of major parts.

      Apparently i was living in the family of thieves(They looked nothing like my IWL family but my dream self still referred to them as is), we had alot of stuff and we had a few places in different cities that we moved between from time to time. Also we had some console and i was playing some games on it(don't remember them at all ).
      As we were moving to another place, we decided to steal a bit of stuff from some food stand, and we did so successfully. As we got to another of our places, we had a meal that we cooked from the food that we just got, and it was very tasty.
      There were some detectives after us the whole time, but they were always failing to spot anything about us. Until now. Some detective entered our place and started checking for things, apparently he had found a note book and that somehow told him that i murdered some important person(?). The detective ended up being killed, but more were coming so we ran away from the place. Dream skips.
      I was alone in some sort of airport place, very bored. I opened menu, pressed save, then pressed exit. Dream faded out.
    13. I'm a Criminal

      by , 10-29-2012 at 07:59 PM (The Redeeming Dreamer)
      Oct. 29, 2012

      I was a criminal. I hid in a house owned by a homeless person (what the...?). The police were after me for some crime I have commited. I forgot a lot of the dream.
    14. We're Cops! :D

      by , 07-29-2012 at 11:39 PM (Dimension X)
      Ok, this dream was pretty weird... I was in a building that had white bricked hallways, with some other guy. The halls were pretty dimly lit. The place was actually a police station. And as it turns out, me and that guy were cops. We actually had like 2 missions in this one dream. The first one is that we were at like Wal-Mart or something and we were trying to not be seen by anyone, so we were like hiding behind shelves and stuff. Then I remember we were back at the station, and some person gave us a promotion. The ranks we had weren't measured in stars, they were measured in gold "I"s. So after that mission, we were rank "II". Then some guy driving a truck smashed through a wall of the station, and I was there, but I didn't know whether to shoot the guy or not and I remember yelling: "Do I shoot him?!" like twice. Then my partner came up and started shooting him, so then i started shooting too. My partner had a machine gun, but I had a pistol. The guys truck was pretty beaten up. The front bumper was hanging off, and the windshield was shattered and gone. I don't remember what the license plate said, but it was white with light green letters or numbers. The truck itself was a dark color. Perhaps dark red. After a few seconds, we notice that the suspect has fallen out of the vehicle, and is on the ground, dead. Afterwards, I say "I could do this all day." And I shoot the suspect once more in the head. The dream pretty much ended there, other than the brief moment of lock picking we did on some random door outside. Just to give you an idea on the outside conditions... It was pretty wet on the ground, and dark outside too. Yet it was not raining. The only light we had outside was from an orange light attached to the outside of the building.
    15. A Polite Lucid Rampage

      by , 02-04-2012 at 08:19 PM (Lyrics to Lunacy)
      I was watching curious George. I was George, apparently. Me and my chaperone walked into a bowling alley in what seemed to be some sort of square or park in an urban town.

      I was now myself. My chaperone turned into some scruffy convict-looking type wearing black and brown. We were sitting at a table inside of the bowling alley. He was looking at screen, it looked like a GPS on an iPad-like device. I was watching a red pulsing dot on the screen, over his shoulder. It was getting increasingly closer to our location.

      "Fuckers' trackin' us," My scruffy companion announced. They're tracking us? Seems more like the other way around.

      "Come on, we might be able to delay 'em." He says.

      I followed him out the door. It was evening now, and there was a man waiting for us on a long motorbike with some sort of cabin, it was like a cross between a mine cart and a motorcycle. He forced us in, and drove off, with a strange respect for the road laws, even though he looked like a gangster.

      "Best paying job yet," The driver commented. "CIA paid me six hundred million to get you guys, eh?"

      Half way to my house, I was transitioned to a van with my family in it. We were still going the same way.

      One long wait at a light later, we arrived at my house, with a government van behind us. We parked in the driveway, and my eyes rose to the sky, full of stars and still red from sunset. There was something weird about it. There seemed to be a giant planet in it. What planet, I wondered. I examined what I could see out of the windshield. It was earth, I noticed. I could just barely make out Mexico.

      I considered Earth for a moment. A bit odd, I thought. Is this a dream? No, it cant be... Oh, wait, except it is!
      I realized, and with the energy of sudden full lucidity, I burst out of the car door and ran around in my family's yard with my brother and father. I came across a mound of dirt that was not there in waking life, under a fully leafed tree, though it was winter.

      "Anchor dream," I cheered. My father snickered at this. I looked around the yard.

      I decided to run out into the road and talk to some DCs. It was suddenly morning. I saw several friends from my school roaming the streets. They didn't live here. I met a friend near a tree.

      "Hey, guess what?" I said.
      "I'm in a dream! But not in your head, my own, so it doesn't matter that I'm telling you this!" I laughed.
      They rolled their eyes.
      "Anchor dream!" I yelled at them. I then ran off down the road.

      The dream shifted into me standing in a line of students somewhere in the second level of my school. I was still lucid. I threw the assorted objects I had in my hand aside into assorted machinery, nobody cared but the guy behind me, be cause he was trying to steal some of it. I stood in line for a while until I figured something out.

      "Oh wait," I said. "Screw this. Anchor dream." I walked out of the line, around some machinery, and into the next room. A teacher had given me papers as I passed, I threw those aside, too. I scattered all over the left side of the next room, which was only storage. I proceeded.

      This room had three teachers trying to stop me inside. They were maneuvering around a pile of boxes.

      "Is there somebody you need to see?" One of them asked, still trying to get to me.
      "Nope," I pushed past them.

      I now came into a similar, but larger room. It had large windows for me to jump through, but before I could reach them I awoke suddenly, too awake to DEILD, but I felt satisfied.
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