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    1. 31 May: Sick at a GoT set and school reunion

      by , 05-31-2019 at 01:59 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false awakening

      Visiting the GoT set with the cast, been snacking with Daenerys (I don't even watch GoT!).
      Night is falling and people are going to sleep, right on the set, like a big camp. One actor challenges me for a jazz dance on the floor. I also try bonding with a cat who cuts my face real bad with his claws. As I clean the wounds I start swelling. I panic, but there is an MD and he examines me. He removes something from my neck that is kind of a yellow jello foam.
      I enter into shock and he lays me down, turns me over, injects something in my buttocks, then inserts a probe up my ass until I feel it reaching my throat and I start vomiting more of that yellow foam like there's no tomorrow. I feel relieved. He says that's what had been hurting me for some time.

      At a campus in London I re encounter school friends. We attend and art presentation, I spot Mara with a friend. I talk to someone from my university who is telling me stories about all the troubles he is getting with job interviews. Then I take a bus, it only costs 12 cents, find it cheap.
    2. 7 Feb: School reunion, Ben Affleck and Joseph-Gordon-Levitt in a court full of vampires

      by , 02-07-2019 at 09:51 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false awakening

      Primary school reunion, I am looking hot in a tight dress and high heels, but can't recognize anyone and no one recognizes me. My mom shows up and joins me. It's in a cool bar with half the menu vegan. We sit down to chose a snack, my mom wants some potatoes they serve with different dressings, but I am more into sweets. It is so hard to choose so I just eat the sprouts they serve as salad. A girl that looks familiar sits with us and we start talking about the traffic in town, how it is always blocked for some construction.
      Then I have to walk Hachi and she comes with me as I walk through town.
      It turns day and I pass by the court. Inside I see Ben Affleck as a lawyer working there and decide to check it out. My dog is now a baby in a stroller, so I go inside with him. The baby is Joseph Gordon-Levitt (!). I see Ben Affleck talking to a client, then welcoming another client who comments he is using the same shirt from last week. He says it is just similar. I don't have a reason to be there so I just go look around discreetly. Meanwhile I no longer have the baby.
      I go to the toilet and bump with a lady that acts strangely. Actually, I notice something very wrong about a few people that I saw in the hallway. And then the lady tries to attack me. They have been bit by vampires and are turning. Luckily I am a vampire slayer and I have some special daggers to kill them. Some are easy to kill with one blow, but others seem to resist magically and are only wounded, even when I stab them in the heart and the head. Don't know why they are so powerful and when I get surrounded by three of them I feel scared. Suddenly rays of light shine through the building and the vampires disappear.
    3. 13 Jan: Orphan in India, satellites and tsunami, highschool reunion

      by , 01-13-2019 at 09:23 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false awakening

      In India, among orphans adopted by some guy that provided them food and shelter at some ruins. There are some western kids among them, I am one of them. We are treated differently, like we eat the cheapest food, no meat when there is some, like we belong to a lower caste. But things are changing, some day someone decides to share a can of tuna with us and some kids are angry about it.

      Learning about satellites and going through an interactive apprenticeship on how to pair them in orbit so they send signals to each other around the globe. We're at some kind of lighthouse by the sea. We come outside to look at the stars and we see satellites lasers aligning - I think it's augmented reality through a glass screen placed in front of us. Almost looks like we're watching an aurora. Then there is some talk about how the earth reacts to our invasion and something falls out of the sky into the ocean. It's dark, but I think I spot a wave and I scream "tsunami alert" and indeed a tsunami approaches. Me and a guy and his dog are the closest to the ocean and have no time to run away so we go inside hoping to get upstairs, but it is too late, we are swiped by the incoming water and projected through the back window against some roofs on a lower building behind this one. We hang on that rooftop until the water subsides. In the morning some military guy comes by and asks if we're ok and then treats me with familiarity. I take time some time to recognize him, it's Fermi. I am covered in some gook and he jokes about it, while also making some sexy stares at me. He helps me get down, I slide to his arms and I also feel some chemistry there.

      At a version of my high school with Zilla and others unknown. Kind of a reunion. We talk at times with different people, pose challenges, discuss topics. One girl who is now a famous actress sings something in a context and she sings beautifully. A person by her side makes comments, asks if any of us can sing too. I say not so well but I do. Someone suggests we make a song to perform later. Something experimental. I suggest something I was once suggested to explore, what would sound like the sound of silence. I make some suggestions, but people get lost. The singing girl goes compose something alone, had some inspiration, but comes back with a punk rock song completely nothing to do with the challenge. But she is very proud of her fist written song. Then I am going through my purse and cleaning it because it got dirty with something and I find a bunch of notes at the bottom, a few hundreds euros I had put aside and forgot I had. That cheers me up. Then I meet Vera and she bullies me a little as if we were still kids, drags me down to the common room where kids play snooker and such. I try to get rid of her. I see a baby girl walking apparently alone and she is after a ball rolling but also has a big apple on her hands and is crying cause she cant reach the ball. I pick it up and put it in her hands and get the apple and see if she's happier. She is but mostly suspicious of me and doesn't want to play with me. Meanwhile her mom comes by and I explain the situation and give her the apple. Then realize I am hungry, some of us go to lunch at the canteen. I sit in front of some guy. Only food is meat with fried egg and spinach and mashed potato. I don't know what to do but I end up eating. The guy starts criticizing the food as if we are at some restaurant and I just cant stand but stay quiet. Then he complains the meat whatever and I tell him "you know, I am actually a vegetarian, mostly vegan, but I am eating this because I was taught to respect whatever food is offered to you without judging. When I have the choice I don't eat this, but I am a guest. Also, there is nothing wrong with the food, it is tasty and billions of people would love to have such meal." The guy is embarrassed and eventually leaves after eating it all. Then some girls to my side who heard the conversation want to know why I am vegan. One asks something about health and I say its not for health. Another one asks how this damaged my social relations and family and I tell her not at all and others have changed too through my example. Someone says vegans are pushy, I say I am not. Then one has a theory about how my decision is actually misplaced, that something wrong in my life and romantic life was missing something, that I do this to fight some angst against patriarchy or some shit like that and I am about to explode like "WTF are u talking about? I did it out of awareness of the animal suffering, what does that have to do with that shit???" And she starts talking lots of BS and I lose her and I wake up.
    4. 1/27/15 Skipping Record FA Caught, Lucid Reunion, Subconscious Exploration Attempt - Compet. Night 3

      by , 01-27-2015 at 08:55 PM
      I realized I am condensing my DJ entries down too much recently making them a bad read so going back to a more free flowing entry here. ~610am Wake from longish LD string. Work meeting scene. The board member shouldn't need to take video. CW there. I have a headache (bleeding through from IWL?) and massage my temples. Next memory is FA caught by "record skipping" FA. I am arriving to the wake up sensation at least 3 times in quick succession each lasting about the amount of time it takes for a vinyl record to rotate once...and repeating like a skipping record! I get up out of bed happy to have received this gift in this FA. As I make my way through the house with visuals not perfect I get the partial visual of my sleep mask covering my face as I walk, and I rip it off and throw it behind me. As I get to the front door I see there is a note on an index card by the door. I pause for a moment thinking if I'm awake I don't want to open the store and leave it open or unlocked putting my family security at risk so I better RC. I start to do the finger through palm and as it shows I'm awake I realize how inconsistent that one is and just look at both my hands but focus on my left one where one of my middle two fingers was noticeably longer than IWL . I grabbed the note by the door and start to read it but then look down what looks like an apartment building hall and the note is narrated to me in what is supposed to be my wife's voice saying "today is the day to bring out the garbage."(which it is!) I float fly through multiple halls and it is completely barren so far. I quickly peek over an overlook down to the floor below me hoping to catch a DC down there but it is also barren. I fly down to the lower floor and explore a little bit finding what looks like a door to the outside and when I open it it is a bright sunny summer day. I look across a big grassy open park-like area and see a building on the other side of it with lots of DC's gathered inside but starting to come out. I dump off all my clothes feeling free and fly their way thinking about what kind of reactions I might get. I approach a couple of young women and start to interact with them telling them it's time to remove their dresses but I seem to be too much inside my head thinking about something and the visuals fade but I do not fear waking up but rather hang on for the visuals to come back. (Something I am getting better and better at and following Sageous' suggestion to avoid following the more common path back to your sleeping body-NREM thread, possibly NREM reality check thread). During this quiet time in a void I reflect on the fact that I didn't get to any competition goals. The visuals eventually come back and I soon have a vivid sunny summertime scene again but this time it seems like I'm at of family reunion. I'm looking around at all of the DC's enjoying this vivid beautiful world and I look over to my right and see my grandmother who passed away several years ago sitting down and I go to greet her. It is so wonderful to see you I tell her as we each clasped the others hands facing each other. It's so feels like her hands warm and wrinkly! (I am choking up while reliving this lucid moment while transcribing this dream!) I asked her to hold on a moment and I release her hands since I use a certain motion of my hands as part of my recall of goals. I think of my mnemonic (memory) pegs and peg number 1 brings me to time control, stopping time. I know my trusty pocket watch with amazing time control is in my right hand and I start clicking it while looking around. At first it is not doing anything very much like the very first time I used this. I eventually get the DC's to freeze in time!..and they unfreeze as I release the "clicker." I play around with it a little bit more and then think about peg number 2 and decide to skip it and go to peg number 3. Neither 2 nor 3 are part of my 3 step task anyway only peg 1 then peg 6 and 8. I grabbed a football that is being thrown around and say check this out. I punt the ball with super strength way up into the sky and out of sight! Cool! I look back over at my grandmother and just behind her and to the right is my grandfather who passed away quite a number of years ago and who I thought about last time I thought about my grandmother and how I haven't been seeing him in my dreams. This time he is there!..but he starts morphing a little bit maybe looking more like his younger self when he was a teenager and then a boy! I grasp my grandmother's hands again realizing I should have spent more time in the dream with her asking her questions I'm saying what kind of responses I might get. The dream starts to fade. I hold on again and I arrive outside of a room indoors it's a little bit dark, dimly lit. There is a young black boy in the room and I walk in there and ask him what does he represent? He only says there's someone over here and I follow him around and out of the room and sitting on the bench is a short humanoid creature that looks like a weird boy, a little bit stocky with a large-ish head with dark short thick hair and black eyes. I asked him what it represents and try not to get freaked out by his unusual appearance and I realize I can wake up if I want to but I don't remember making the decision to. Either way I wake up for good this time. I think reading a couple of dream journals of other competition participants may have helped me recognize the false awakening at the beginning. One person, I forget who, was talking about some kind of incongruity being a common dream sign as a dream tries to adjust and readjust to fit the situation. Also maybe the same person or someone else mentioned how they handled a false awakening by quickly getting up and doing an RC when normally I would try to do a motionless RC but maybe I need to be more aggressive like I was when I noticed my FA and immediately took off.
    5. 11-12-14 Dog cross-sections

      by , 12-04-2014 at 08:06 PM
      I was driving through a city with my father. There were lots of pelicans, hawks and large birds with tags on their feet flying through the air close to the ground. My father and I took interest in one pelican in particular. It had a foot tag that had the letter "B" on it.

      We were having a family reunion, and we were meeting in a church. My family was gathered about the piano, singing a song. One of my second cousins, was wearing a pair of pants that were much too large for her. She kept pulling the waistline out, gazing down at her groin and panties in a satisfied manner. I distinctly remember her panties as being white, although I'm not sure how I came to know that...

      I dreamed I awoke in the night and discovered that there was a frog in my throat and I could barely speak. So I got up and walked to the bathroom. I kept thinking about a ghostly girl and her cat that sometimes appeared in our house. If you so much as touched the cat, you would die instantly. I was so afraid that the next moment I would see the cat girl. I ran in fear out into our living room. My mother was lying on the couch, and she greeted me warmly. I tried to talk, and my throat cleared and a clear, oily liquid dripped out. I wiped it off my mouth. My father was sitting in my accustomed chair, dressing himself for the day. I figured we were going to have a day off and go into town with him, and that made me happy.

      I worked at a pizza parlor, and I had to cut a dog in half lengthwise to put on a pizza.
    6. Reunion?

      by , 10-14-2014 at 06:40 PM
      Non-Dream Dream

      Dream 1:

      I am at a fancy bar / restaurant with a few friends - I believe they are the guys from Workaholics. I am drinking wine for a while then switch to very cheap whiskey. Suddenly the place gets much more crowded and lively and it seems to be like a high school reunion or something. Throughout the dream I find that I am either really bad at talking to chicks or I just have no desire to do so.

      Fragments from this dream:

      - Ders from workaholics had invented an automatic lawn mower and was testing it out outside. It works really well but he has the settings coded wrong. It goes too far laterally during the turns and won't overlap the previous path. This leaves long lines of uncut grass. I go up to tell him how to correct it and he had morphed into my friend BW.

      - There is a very long and steep gravel driveway outside. My friends and I slide down the entire thing on our feet.

      - There are lots of older people and they are disgusted by our behavior.

      - Two chicks are in a battle over who is hotter. We determined who is hotter by asking them to show us their raw steaks. The girl sitting up at the long table shows a very thick and bright red ribeye steak. The girl sitting down at the round table also shows a nice steak but I can't describe it in detail. The crowd unanimously votes for the girl with the ribeye. I was the first to declare her the winner. I had been mean to her earlier in the dream and she didn't like me but now she does.

      - We are all signing a card towards the end of the night. It is massive with seemingly hundreds of notes / signatures. I can't think of what to write and my writing is very sloppy. I am also having difficulty gripping the pen. The card is taken away from me.

      - My friend and I ask two chicks to join us in a dance competition. It turns out to be a mixture of dancing and golf.

      Dream 2: The golfing continues on an actual course with different people. The first whole is a short, 115 yard par 3 with a huge lake between the tee box and the green. The first lady to hit is new to the game and very intimidated by the lake. She hits a low line drive that looks like it will carry the lake. She is very excited thinking that she did it. The ball does in fact carry the lake but hits the wall behind the green and bounces back into the lake. I am up next and I am trying to decide which club to hit. I pick the pitching wedge and then wake up.
    7. Thanksgiving/High School Reunion Drama

      by , 01-11-2013 at 07:25 AM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      Vampires turning other people into vampires. That's all I recall on this one.


      We were having a huge Thanksgiving at my house, not just with my family, but people I went to high school with as well; it was like we were having a high school reunion on Thanksgiving. It started out with just my family being there though. I remember my uncle being there, but no other specifics.

      The dining room table was set, and people started to show up, coming through the front door. I can't really remember specifics, not until Nick B. and Olivia showed up. I saw Nick B.'s sister, Rachel B., come in as well. Nick B. was the first guy I ever kissed IWL, and Olivia and I have never gotten along (Nick B. would go back and forth between us in middle school). Olivia looked as I remember her in high school, though she looks quite different now IWL. They walked in when it was already pretty crowded, letting themselves in as everyone else had been doing. I caught a glimpse of Nick as he walked by with Olivia behind him, but he would not make eye contact with me, which wasn't really surprising, but...why was he at my house, at this reunion, if he wasn't going to at least say hello? I kept on catching glimpses of him, but no matter how many times I'd look right at him, he would not make eye contact; I was being completely ignored.

      Then, I went into the dining room, and there were many people sitting and standing around the table to eat; there was certainly not enough room for everyone to sit down, much less convene in the dining room. I thought about this for a second. I remember sitting down at the table for a little bit, but then, I got really upset about being completely ignored by Nick B., so I got up with my plate and went and sat in a closet with floor-to-ceiling shelves that were full of stuff in a room that doesn't exist in my house IWL. I sat with my back to a wall and my knees to my chest, and just cried.

      My uncle then came by the closet, and asked why I was eating alone. I don't remember much of this exchange, but I found out that most of the people had left. I guessed it was because they were going to spend Thanksgiving with their families. I remember going into the dining room and seeing significantly less people. Nick B. and Olivia had also left, I assumed.

      I then was out looking for Nick in what I suppose was supposed to be his neighborhood (looked nothing like it does IWL). I was walking the street; the sky was grey, but it was daytime. I didn't see anyone out.

      I then spotted Nick B. a bit in the distance. I went after him; I had to find out why he had even come to the reunion at MY house if he was going to just ignore me. I also wanted to find out why the hell he had Olivia with him...again, in MY house. I caught up with him and got his attention. I started to ask what was up, and he just looked at me and kept going. I followed him, badgering him with questions; I was determined to find out what the hell was going on. He would not answer me. He went up the driveway to a house, towards the garage, and I followed him, continuing to ask him what was wrong and why he was ignoring me. He stopped and started to work with something in the driveway, though I don't remember what it was. I kept asking him over and over. He would talk to me, but barely. He never provided me with an explanation for his actions.

      Someone then came up to him and said something to him. They then left. That seemed to get him to talk to me some more for some reason. We then seemed to be on a sidewalk leading up to a front door on the other side of the street. I asked him why he had brought Olivia, and he said she told him if she brought him, she'd do some "sexual favors" for him. As he was saying this, he was looking down at a piece of notebook paper that had been folded up at some point. It made more sense now as to why he brought her. He talked a bit more to me, but I never really got a solid explanation as to what was going on.

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    8. Old friend reunion and encounter with old workmate and tradesmen

      by , 11-28-2012 at 09:54 AM
      Today I woke up earlier than usual after going to sleep later then listed in my workbook (mainly for the simple reason I couldn't get myself to sleep). Instead of going back to sleep I've reached for the dream journal to jot down one dream I can remember in-case I do fall asleep again & fail to remember it when I wake up.

      In this dream I was watching some old friends renovate a house but they were messing about driving vans into the front and jumping out the windows. Then I was speaking to one of my old friends who I'd not seen in a while and for some reason he'd just come out of prison or a young offenders institute or even a mental home, it was unclear which. We ended up at his parent's house where he'd moved back to and I spoke with his mother briefly and she had a friend over who just happened to be my old work mate Paul so we shook hands but for some reason shook our left hands as I was washing my right one!

      I remember there being a lovely view out of the back window of a mountain that looked like a dormant volcano and I also remembered in the dream that I could see it at a slightly different angle from an old house I lived in last, year even though no such view exists in reality.

      Later on after waking up tried a WBTB from about 12:15pm until 1pm

      Found myself dreaming I was on a plain in some sort of Catholic bible class and a Polish guy with a shaved head was getting us to read passages from a bible with him out loud and say ‘the lord our God hears us’ after each passage.

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    9. You, Again

      by , 08-08-2011 at 10:49 PM (Zukin's Dream Journal! <3)
      I was running from the government. They were men in suits watching, waiting, and chasing.

      I could defy the laws of physics, and that is how I was able to escape - but barely. I could run at unquestionable speeds and leap over any obstacle.

      They had guns and knifes. It didn't particularly bother me, it just occasionally captured my attention.

      I know I couldn't completely defeat them for now, but I could escape for the time being.

      I sprinted until time bended warped around me. Until I had run into another place and era.

      I saw people standing on a green lawn. The sky was blue and it was a perfect summer day. I had ran straight into a completely different dream. I went from a dreary cityscape to a perfect summer day in the country. I could smell the fresh cut grass and the excitement in the air.

      I also felt the presence of someone I used to know.

      I looked over and saw an old friend of mine. I had known him a couple years ago. He was the German exchange student who I became good friends with. I had missed him so much.

      I leaped into a hug and felt his wonderful warm energy. I knew that this could be a dream, but he wasn't. No dream character has energy that shines so brightly.

      "I have missed you too much," I told him. We recalled our days of when we knew each other, and perhaps future days of meeting up again.

      We were interrupted by the damn government again.
    10. Date 4/24/11

      by , 04-24-2011 at 09:23 PM
      I don't really remember much about the dream i had but i do remember the last part before i woke up. i was at my grandma's house, and that's behind my house. I was walking to find a puppy that looks very familiar. after going in my grandma's house, she tells me that their back and i saw my two dogs that i had before my mom gave them to other people while we where in vacation. I was really excited that both had come back, and they looked the same before and then my grandma's boyfriend tells me that they have flee's. after that i looks at my dog , then I wake up finding out it was a dream.
      Tags: dogs, family, reunion
    11. Unfullfilled Wishes

      by , 03-19-2011 at 07:55 PM
      I went to someone's house and knocked on the door. I had gone there to talk to him about something that was really important. He wasn't home and just as I was about to go he pulled up in his rust colored Hyundai. We said hello to each other and I went inside with my laptop. Shortly thereafter some people I knew from SF and SD showed up. It was Z, J, FC, LND, LK, and T. "Hey D! Long time no see How've you been?" They'd told me that they'd be there for just a few minutes, and for whatever reason I stayed outside. Maybe I had to do something? After what seemed like forever they left and some new people whom I hadn't seen in FOREVER, including someone from high school named MP and BB came and both were like "I'm going to be here for about an hour and a half" His friend, BB, said the same. I told D I'd like to get my laptop. And after I retrieved it he was like "I'm really sorry you couldn't stay. Really I am!" However, his eyes were sparkling, and he had a smirk on his face. I left the place, defeated and unfulfilled.

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    12. Family Reunion

      by , 07-24-2010 at 12:24 PM
      I slept at my cousin's house tonight. I did not have a lot of sleep. but I do remember one distinct dream.

      I appeared on the deck to my grandma's house. Oddly, this time, it was in the back of the house. I remember this was the reunion of my mom's family. I saw everyone there, going in and out of the house. To get in the house, they walked through the wall. There was also a grill on the deck. It seemed to be a mix of my grandma's deck and my pop's deck. I saw my aunt, and she tried to punch me. I luckily blocked it. She told me that she was preparing me. Who knows what that means.

      Everyone was eating at the table, and I said I was not hungry. Everybody gave me the death.

      I appeared in my room, and I watched TV for a while. My room was somehow in my grandma's house. My closet was exactly the same.. Even everything inside. I decided to clean it. My cousin who doesn't exist was in my room. It was hot out, because I remember he was shirtless. Oddly, he was wearing long pants. I ignored him. My mom came into the room, although it was locked, and she yelled at me. I closed the door. My cousin refused to leave, so I continued to clean out my closet.
      Tags: reunion