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    1. Nightmares - Co-worker 12/14/2012, Shame, Separation 02/05/2013, Unsettling 02/21/2013

      by , 06-09-2013 at 02:59 AM
      Forgot that I never copied this to my Dream Journal even though I made a post about it. I may as well add another while I'm here.

      Co-worker acting Strangely - 12/14/2012

      I don't remember how the dream began. Like many of my dreams it took place in one of my childhood homes, except that the wall dividing the two bedrooms at the end of the hall is gone so that it is one big room. A co-worker of mine (I'll call him K) is intentionally scaring people. But not in a leap-around-corners kind of way. More in an extremely-creepy-I'm-intending-to-murder-you way.

      I'm watching him from the end of the hall. He's wearing ancient Chinese armor. It's all brown and black, the front and back are dark brown tiles linked together, with black plating underneath. He's wearing kind of a conical helmet with a face on the front, and a face on the back. The armor is designed in such a way that it's very difficult to tell which direction he is actually facing in. K is moving around the two people at the other end of the hall, twisting and sliding and bending like a contortionist.
      This is about when I become aware it's a dream. I go to the other end of the hall, though he really scares me. I see that he's pulling a small bronze knife with a triangular blade from inside his armor. I can see another one. I make the choice to steal it as he's twisting around the man at the end of the hall. I believe that this is my only chance to stop the horror of K. So I grab the knife from inside his armor and stab him in the neck. The blade goes in, but he is bloodless. He takes the helmet off and removes the knife from his neck. It slides out like his skin is a sheathe. K slides the knife back into his neck and pulls it out several times, grinning at the three of us. I'm horrified.

      The dream skips scenes. I'm standing at the start of the hallway again. I am very tired and I can see my bed. I'm really looking forward to sleeping. It has a tarnished brass frame and stark white sheets. That's when I realize K is laying in the exact middle of the bed, his presence deeply dismays me, though now he's just wearing a white t-shirt. The armor is gone. I assume he's not playing the creepy guy anymore, and see that as a role, a costume. I'm afraid, but I'm tired and I just want to rest. I walk to the bed and pull the sheet back like I'm going to lay down, but then I just stare at him. I can see the bloodless slit in his neck where he was keeping the knife. It really unsettles me. I go into the black doorway across from the bed, knowing it's my parent's bedroom. I realize the couple inside are not my parents, and I don't really know what I expect them to do about my problem. But, like a frightened child (that's even how I identified this action in the dream), I wake the man by lightly touching his foot.
      "I don't know where I'm supposed to sleep....K is in my bed."
      "It's alright, don't worry about it." The man says.
      "But I'm afraid."
      The man doesn't respond, I know he's gone back to sleep. I return to my bed. K rolls over and sits up. I just look at him warily.
      "It's okay if you lay down." he says.
      Reluctantly, I get under the sheets. I'm still afraid. He tries to reassure me that he's not going to kill me, but as he says it he pulls the bronze knife from under one of the pillows and casually slips it into the slit in his neck. He grins. I'm not reassured at all...

      I honestly don't understand. As a person, K doesn't scare me. We're even work friends. On top of that I very rarely have nightmares, so I don't know why I had this one. Nothing has happened at work with K to trigger it. ((In hindsight this is hilarious. At the time it was true, I didn't really have nightmares for a long time. I've had many lately =/))

      A man in a suit is talking to a young man with a narrow face, black eyes and black hair. He's giving him news of some inevitable event. The guy reacts childishly, beginning to protest in a high, frightened voice. "No, no, no, no, I don't want to. I don't WANT to. No, no, no."
      The man in the suit frowns at him, thinking that obviously this person is more child than man. He had expected a more mature reaction. The kid looks dead-eyed, and for a second I wonder if he's pretending to be scared. Then I realize I've misinterpreted his wooden expression, he's terrified.

      Saja and Wolf, Shame and Separation 02/05/2013
      Part of this is going in a spoiler because it's sexual.
      The beginning is much less clear than the end. I'm traveling in proximity with a group of people. It feels like we are on foot, going in the same direction but not actually together.
      There's a long lush green field. They sky is gray overhead, but I've always liked how vivid the world looks following a rain spell. There are a couple of people flying kites. From the back, I recognize Walter Bishop. We end up riding bikes down the length of field , careful not to run long black hoses. I had a reason for doing that, but I can't remember it now.
      We arrive at the house just before nightfall. The house feels old and rundown. The walls are wood paneled, the carpet dingy white. A few feet from the front door is a large mattress and a chair at the foot of the bed. I stand by the chair. A middle-aged man with curly black hair going gray, decides that the thing to do now is have sex.
      Spoiler for grossness. :

      A fierce-looking woman with red-blonde hair stands at the foot of the bed, arms crossed, looking disgusted. She beckons to me. I'm relieved I have a reason to desert the bed, I feel unclean. She goes to the window and peers out through the slats of the blind. It is late and the End is on its way. Unhealthy light flashes through the slats.
      "They've started to gather. It's almost time."
      "The others are out there?" I ask, intrigued. She glances down at me and I'm acutely aware that I'm mostly naked. I pull the sweater closed and cross my arms to keep it that way. "Is Wolf with them?"
      "Our leader." I start to feel stupid. "The one who brought us here." I feel like I've made a mistake and it worries me.
      "Oh. Him. I haven't noticed." She pauses. "So...you think that he orchestrated all of this." Her tone makes it sound like he's a low-brow brute and that my suggestion is entirely ridiculous. I'm offended for him, and for myself.
      "No, the Spirits told him what to do."
      "Oh, of course they did."
      I wonder if 'Wolf' means nothing to them but I can't think of another name to call him. I sink into a chair that's angled slightly away from the window. She doesn't realize how deeply her lack of reaction has affected me. I ask about the first person I can think of.

      "Is Saja with them?"
      She gives me an uncomprehending look. "Could you check? She's..." I briefly describe her, she'd be small with curling black hair to her waist. I'm on the verge of tears now, my voice is thick with emotion.
      "No." She responds, looking outside. "Maybe they just haven't arrived yet." She says it like she's just trying to make me feel better.
      I completely lose it. My sense of purpose, my hope for all this to be over. The belief that my instincts were right just crumbles to nothing. I feel shame and revulsion for letting a stranger touch me so intimately and in front of others.
      "I left for this?"
      She doesn't understand what I'm talking about. I realize that she has forgotten all of it. Who we were, what we did, all that we left behind.
      "I left Home so that some disgusting perverted stranger could feel me up? I left Liam for this?" I'm crying hysterically now. A different woman tries to comfort me but she has recently left one of the men and I can't stand the thought of her dirty hands on me. I've pulled my knees up to my chest and I'm hugging them as I sob nonsensical questions. The idea that we've come to this has broken me.

      02/21/2013 Unsettling, Liam

      This dream is unsettling because it was always difficult enough to walk around with this guy at work, because of how much he reminded me Liam. My reasoning mind kept me from thinking about it too much and after repeatedly working with him I had conditioned myself to ignore it. I had never dreamt anything like this with him as the focus and it made me very uncomfortable. For anyone who is hasn't been following along, Liam is a vivid DC who often appears in my dreams. He's tall, with copper or auburn hair and blue eyes. I'll leave the description at that.
      I'm sitting on a dark blue couch pressed against a wall of dark tinted windows. It is night outside, it has a very...after-hours feel. Beside me is someone I used to work with who reminds me of Liam.
      A pretty young woman sweeps out of the place, calling over her shoulder about meeting him later for coffee. He looks troubled, tense, unhappy. As I am about to ask him what's wrong, he speaks into the stillness.
      "I don't know what I'm supposed to tell my wife." He says.
      I smile sympathetically and pull my knees up onto the couch.
      "I guess that depends on your intent. If you're going to coffee because you have feelings for her..."
      He cuts me off with a humorless laugh. "You think this is about her?"
      I freeze, unsure what I should do or say. Does that mean I'm the problem? Even in the dark I can tell he keeps glancing at me, deeply troubled. He averts his eyes, bowing his head, thinking how difficult this has become. He's trembling with the effort to...stay contained. To not cross a line. After a long moment, he reluctantly reaches over and touches my knee. This forcefully reminds me of Liam. I blush furiously, trying to stifle the rush of emotions that beset me. I sit very still. He starts to withdraw his hand when I pull it back by linking my pinky and ring finger with his, very aware of the weight of his hand and the pounding of my heart. He desperately wants this and doesn't at the same time.
      I release his hand and rise to my knees beside him. I'm wearing a faded green tank top that I haven't seen since I was in high school. He presses his hand flat against my abdomen. I realize that this is the closest I will ever come to being intimate with Liam and decide to revel in the moment. He looks up at me. Faint light from outside illuminates the left side of his face and turns one eye into a shining pool. He looks so much like Liam that it hurts. He reaches up with his free hand and presses his palm to the left side of my neck. Again, I think of Liam. He draws me down and brushes his lips below my right ear. I lose track of everything.
      Something forces me awake.

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    2. 7th June 2013 Video game, FPS, Heavy armor suit, Almost lucid

      by , 06-07-2013 at 11:00 AM (Scionox's Journal of Dreams)
      Dream recall from today's naps.

      I was watching some video game videos and there was some kind of let's play, it was some sort of adventure game with various locations, there was one location called dreamland ( ) and it changed through the game, being some kind of brown wasteland with some rusty metallic constructions at the start and then becoming city later, there were also some armory type location. The game involved some time travel between different versions of dreamland.
      Then later i was actually in game, it was like FPS and i was wearing heavy futuristic armor suit with an jetpack. I was at the last level of the game and there was large building with huge empty shaft. I used jetpack to get to the top and there were some stroggs from Quake 4 at the walkways, Gunners in particular, i was easily tanking hits with suit and then i activated heavy weaponry that was integrated into suit, including heavy minigun and destroyed them all, everything fades.
      I wake up and decide to try DEILDing back, but something starts poking me really hard in the butt, i get distracted and then
      wake up properly.
    3. Dragons and Owls?

      by , 04-03-2012 at 05:15 AM
      So I had this dream a night ago and I only vaguely remember details, which is sad because I hate to waist a good dream...Here goes

      I was at a fort of some kind. The layout reminded me of the first world of the first Spyro game. Bright green grass and generic trees. The outside of the fort had a different layout, darker grass and more real trees. There were houses (wooden with nicely built decks yet no doors or window just opening were they would be, reminds me of a cottage you would see on the beach, a few of the houses are made of stone but have the same design)

      In my dream I go outside the fort and get attacked by a dragon. I wearing armor and I have a sword. I also have a team aiding me. The Dragon chases me and my friends past a stone building. My team makes it passed and into the fort but i become trapped inside the stone house because the dragon is breathing fire all around it. I catch fire and began to burn. I drop my sword and try and put it out but it engulfs me and I drop to the ground screaming in pain.

      There is a odd sensation and everything seems to be going backward like time is reversing and I'm completely aware. As such the flames grow less until they are gone and my wounds heal as if i was never harmed. I stand and see my sword is now in me hand and see a partner of mine rush pass. He yells "Don't stand there, the dragon will trap you!" So I follow him and the others and get safely over the walls of the fort.

      My memory is hazy from here....

      I talk to this guy about a cannon to fight the Dragon with then I go to get council from the great Owls

      The Owls are in this Giant dead tree the basically right beside "where the side walk ends". No joke. There is a pathway up to were the tree is, which is the big round platform but on the other side it just cut off and drops into nowhere.
      When walking up the pathway time moves faster and it goes from day to night way to fast but I take this as normal. When I walk up to the Owls ( there are five, all five times the size of a person, they look like barn owls) I kneel down before them and have this great feeling of danger like they are going to eat me. They say something but I don't remember. I do remember they have "booming" voices of high power and seem to be very demanding.

      That's all i remember, It seemed rather interesting and i wish i knew more but that's what i get for not writing it down sooner.
    4. 43rd Shared Dreaming Attempt - Cay's Dream

      , 12-17-2011 at 02:56 PM (International Oneironaut Shared Dreaming Journal)
      These are a bit jumbled.
      Cay's Dreams

      Dream 1
      I was standing out by the koi pond with my sister and mother. "The fish are getting restless," Mom remarked. "Probably because of all those salamanders." Indeed, the fish were darting back and forth in the water, trying to shake off small, flourescent salamanders on their backs. I thought it was weird, and performed a reality check.
      I was lucid for a good thirty seconds, trying to construct a portal to Chichen Itza (portals and teleportation being my worst skills) when I woke up to the alarm clock I'd set for WBTB.

      Dream 2
      I became lucid a bit faster, but hadn't succeeded in my goal, incubating Chichen Itza so I wouldn't need a portal. I was standing in my own yard, except that it was a frozen wasteland and there were small mud and straw huts everywhere. Where my house should've been there was a gray stone tower. This was the anamoly that caused me to reality check. Anyway, I shortly realized that I was wearing armor- and proud to find that it was of my own design, something I'd planned to wear in dreams once I got good enough. I found the warhammer I'd designed slung across my back, and tested it on the side of the nearest mud-hut, which basically crumbled. "Doesn't seem like very practical housing," I muttered. At this point, a cry of "Hey! YOU!" rang out, and I was surrounded by guards who seemed rather upset with me. Their uniforms resembled some from Skyrim- I haven't played a lot of Skyrim, but I've seen a hundred images of the guard who took an arrow to the knee, and it was his uniform. Anyway. I decided my best option was to GTFO, so I cleared a path by swinging my warhammer and sending two of the guards flying backwards. I ran over one and he cried out as my sabaton made contact with his temple. At this point the dream was fading a bit, so I tried to activate my senses while running. I ran directly into the barbed wire, which was the only thing still in place on my property. "This shouldn't have even been invented yet!" I sputtered. Two guards caught up to me, panting. One presented me with a scroll. "This is a summons from the lord. If you hadn't ran, you would only have had to bring back 10 troll heads to pay for those damages, but as it is you've been bumped up to 15." "Er, what?" I said as I untangled myself delicately from the barbed wire.
      Then I woke up and had a time trying to fall back to sleep, with no success.
    5. Always Running from Something... 8-24-2011

      by , 08-26-2011 at 11:48 PM
      Sean and I were walking up the main road of the trailer court, dressed in some sort of light armor and carrying small weapons. We were levels 6 and 7, but I don't remember who was which level (I have the feeling he was higher than I, as he is in most games we play together...). We were wandering around, nonchalantly searching for something to do, a new quest or something. We passed by two other people at the front of the trailer court who were also dressed in armor.
      "Hey, more newbies! Maybe we could travel together!" one of them said. I think they were levels 3 or 4.
      "No, Sean said quickly, and kept walking. We already had other high-level characters on other accounts, like in WOW, so we knew what we were doing and didn't want to be held back by new people... I think we were also enjoying our time being alone together, even though all we were doing was wandering around...
      The other two decided to follow us anyway, so Sean and I started sprinting down the street, trying to get away from them . We turned onto the bike path and slowed down a bit, thinking we lost them. Somehow Sean was suddenly on a bike, riding slowly while I walked beside him. We were just casually talking again, but when we looked back we saw the other two had also turned onto the bike path to follow us, both on their bikes. We picked up our pace a little bit, but I could only go so fast in armor.
      "We could go faster if I could get on your bike with you," I told Sean. He was stubborn though, and kept swerving his bike so I couldn't climb on. I don't think he really cared whether the other two caught up or not. "Come on, please?" I begged. "They're going to catch up to us!" He still wouldn't let me on. He pedaled yet faster so I had to jog to keep up. I started to sweat. I looked back, and the other two were still really far behind us. I kept bugging
      Sean to let me on his bike, so finally he did. He had a basket somehow on the back of his bike, really low to the ground, into which I put the backpack I suddenly had; then I stood on the basket and held onto his shoulders as he pedaled. He continued riding very slowly, though.
      "Why are you riding so slowly?" I asked him annoyedly.
      "Because there's too much weigh ton the bike," he replied matter-of-factly. I frowned at the back of his head, huffed, and got off.

      A little while later, the two behind us had disappeared, and then I had a bike of my own. Sean and I were slowly passing by a large blacked house that was hidden behind tall weeds and trees to our left. We could see through the foliage that there was a semi trailer parked next to the house, its open back facing us. There were a lot of men buzzing around te house and the trailer, many carrying heavy crates and boxes into the trailer and going back into the house, only to come back out with more heavy loads. There may have been people inside the crates... Sean and I wondered whether our missing friend was in one of those crates.
      We decided this was our next quest, to scope this house out and rescue anybody inside the crates. Sean jumped off his bike and let it slide into the weeds, then helped me hide my bike in the weeds nearer to the house. Then we snuck through the weeds and down the hill to get closer to the house. We were noticed by a few of the men almost immediately, and they began their pursuit of us. Instead of running away we ran closer to the house and to the right, away from the semi trailer. We tried to find an unlocked door, but the only ones that were unlocked were too dark to see inside. We chose to run into a dark room anyway; it was pitch black inside, and I almost immediately slammed into a tower of crates and boxes... I believe I was beginning to wake up at this point... the dream rewound a bit because I knew that crashing into the boxes would hurt too much, and I would not escape the men chasing us. So it rewound until we were back at the door and I was running in again - the light flashed on and suddenly it was bright as day in there. I avoided the crates and ran to the back wall where there was another closed door, with shovels and rakes propped up against the wall next to it. We ran back to try the door, but it was locked, so I grabbed the first weapon I could - a snow pusher...Sean and I had our backs to the wall as the men ran in after us. There were three of them - The skinny, young-looking Asian man in a grey hat ran towards me, in which case I shoved the snow pusher square at his chest. However, it was too soft, and I wasn't strong enough to do anything but pause his advance for a moment. He grabbed it by the handle, shoved it down, and lunged at me again. This time I kicked out at him, toe up, heel out, using the wall behind me to support myself and power my foot forward. That only sent him back a step, so I punched him in the face. Then I kicked again, and punched again, and kicked again... he tried to hit me once, put I slapped his arm away and punched again. Punch, kick, punch, kick... Everything was in slow motion. The man was a terrible fighter, I noticed. He hardly even tried. Next to me, Sean was halfway-wrestling a long-haired man who reminded me of Liam Nieson, and I couldn't see the third man but I heard him laugh. He sounded like my friend Cody.
      I was still stuck up against the wall, with the Asian man continuing his attempt to grab me while I punched and kicked him. We were at a standstill. I began to realize how odd this was, that these men were so slow. All I had to do was keep this up and he would not be able to get me, but I would not be able to get away either. I had to break the cycle and find a way out... I kicked my leg out again
      - and woke up with a start as my leg made contact with the mattress and caused my bed to shake. I was face-down in my pillow...

      I thought maybe if I don't move anymore and kept trying to imagine the dream scene again, the Asian man in front of me, his nifty hat, the long-haired man next to him... maybe I could fall back to sleep, maybe even have a lucid dream... But I could hardly picture the dream anymore. I knew it was already late morning and I was too awake from the jolt to fall back to sleep for a while. So I got up.

      I realize that I'm beginning to question the oddities in my dreams more often, but I have yet to have another lucid dream after the first accidental one.

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    6. 6/12 Zombie Installation

      by , 06-25-2011 at 06:12 AM (Link's Adventures)
      I was at a installation in the Arctic, and snow and icy wind blew everywhere. Me, some of my family(most of them weren't really in my family) and the people who ran the installation were the only people there. Or so we thought. Zombies start appearing and attack most of the workers, those who survived grab guns and armor and helped me fight them off. No matter how many we killed though, they just kept coming. I run all around the place trying to kill them, and at one point me and another guy are on top of a rock that was part of the base near the edge(i couldn't see the bottom). And 2 zombies come in a Warthog(from Halo 3) and start climbing up. We shoot them off before they reach us but then more start coming from the side. There were 3 of them, but they were super mutants(looked like Nightkin from Fallout: New Vegas) instead of zombies. We take them out right as they got to the top of the rock. I run around some more and find a part of the facility that nobody is at. I go in and its kind of dark, but i can see well enough to walk around. I find nothing of interest though and head back. On my way back, I see a light, and its one of the guys who used to be on patrol. He still was, but he was a super mutant now. I tried to hide in time, but i couldn't move quick enough. He spotted me, and i put my hands up and turn around. He approaches kind of slowly but I see behind him like a dozen men(or zombies, i don't know). Then I woke up. I forgot some stuff and the dream was very long, but most of the rest of it was just fighting off zombies.
    7. Lucid Fragment...5/1/11(Early Morning)

      by , 05-02-2011 at 12:22 AM (INeverWakeUp's Super Dream Journal)
      NOTE: I do recall this dream being longer, but I only remember this one lucid part. Also this wasn't a DEILD, it was a MILD.

      I am in a big city with my friends from school. I recently gained lucidity without dream signs, but I can't recall it. This city seems a little early 1900s style. All the buildings are pretty much the same color with brick structure. We aren't doing much more than fooling around near a small monument next to a river. I notice I'm in the same Saiyan armor Vegeta was in versing Freeza. I even had the gloves, boots, and under armor too. We just screw around for awhile. I even show them super speed flight. I powered up my ki, and flew forward amazingly fast. I almost hit a building, so I land. Then, I try it again on the way back, but I can't for some reason. We continue fooling around til I awake. NOTE: Sorry I forgot the TOTY again. I'll really try next time!
      lucid , dream fragment
    8. Lucid Fragment...5/1/11(Early Morning)

      by , 05-02-2011 at 12:21 AM (INeverWakeUp's Super Dream Journal)
      NOTE: I do recall this dream being longer, but I only remember this one lucid part. Also this wasn't a DEILD, it was a MILD.

      I am in a big city with my friends from school. I recently gained lucidity without dream signs, but I can't recall it. This city seems a little early 1900s style. All the buildings are pretty much the same color with brick structure. We aren't doing much more than fooling around near a small monument next to a river. I notice I'm in the same Saiyan armor Vegeta was in versing Freeza. I even had the gloves, boots, and under armor too. We just screw around for awhile. I even show them super speed flight. I powered up my ki, and flew forward amazingly fast. I almost hit a building, so I land. Then, I try it again on the way back, but I can't for some reason. We continue fooling around til I awake. NOTE: Sorry I forgot the TOTY again. I'll really try next time!
      lucid , dream fragment
    9. Cyborg Armor

      by , 02-11-2011 at 09:58 PM (The Nomad Chronicles)
      I leap out of bed. Enemies are surrounding me in a circle. Cyborg astral demons. “I HAVE HAD ENOUGH OF YOUR, SHIT, FUCKERS!”

      We all attack simultaneously. I stop time. I shoot astral tentacles at them, and rip their evil cyborg hearts out, and pull their armor and weapons on to me. I let go of time. The lasers bounce off my new cyborg armor. I look out the window. It’s a lush jungle. Where the fuck am I?

      Holy shit. I am on the Moon, in the City of Nowhere. Fuck this mayor shit. Here I am King and God. I fly though the roof of the pyramid I am in, and hover above the city.

      Citizens and denizens of Nowhere, I now proclaim myself King of Nowhere, as I am God of Nothing, makes sense right... haha.

      Something tackles me into a portal. I battle with this creature, a croc-man. Soulgawn? Father? NO! He slams his fist into my jaw, breaking it. Your uncle, his evil twin, nephew. He bites down on my neck in face. I scream in terror, then I transform into a swarm of flesh eating beetles and crawl into his gut, eating him from the inside out. He roars in pain, and rips me from his stomach, flinging me into another portal.


      I heal myself, and Pixy heals me in the strange dark wormhole, before I land at MoSh’s house. No, it’s my house. MoSh is crying uncontrollably. I am stunned.

      He looks up at me. “It’s Asuka, she’s dead.”

      He looks so real. Suddenly, the dream is torn. I see Xaphor’s face. ‘NONE OF THIS IS REAL!”
      We are in a war zone in a city. Xaphor grabs my wrist and teleports us to a high bell tower. We have to keep going up and out, he says. He lines up about fifteen portals.

      “Now, keep track of my energy. Summon Jo. It’s going to be a wild ride.”

      I summon my astral pet, Jo. He becomes a giant war pig with armor, and machine guns on his tusks, and rockets on his side. “Hold on,” Jo growls.

      Xaphor turns quickly and blasts green goo at the oncoming enemies. We fly through many portals, and many dreams. We land on the Moon... no we are on the Moon? I am blind! Images?

      I can see! Xaphor rips off a virtual reality helmet and smashes it. “Interesting invention, but it got infected. I told you not to fuck around with VR in a dream, Nomad. It’s too confusing. Let’s go find MoSh.

      We go to BanyanLand. MoSh and Asuka are there, but wait he’s with Selene? No. None of them are real. Xaphor scans me. “Dammit, you have bugs infesting your dream body projecting illusions in front of you. Hold on. Xaphor turns into a ladybug like creature, and runs around in my dream body, eating all the bugs.”

      Now I can really see!

      I teleport to MoSh. We are in BanYanLand high up in a tree room. He is cooking breakfast. Selene and Asuka are sitting there. There are two children playing. Raven is outside talking to Basara and Link.

      “Everything okay?” I ask.

      ‘Yeah,” MoSh says, “I think so.” He serves us breakfast. I see everyone in the room as different flaws in their auras. We eat. Everyone’s energy improves. Asuka gives everyone cookies and ice cream.

      I suggest relaxing and enjoying the view instead of going to the healing glen. I trust the ambient energy of the nature will heal us. Raven starts humming quietly. We all hum and sing. It’s sounds beautiful. I realize Basara is somehow leading us.

      I go to sleep.
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