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    1. Ending My Four-Night Lucid Streak - September 23-24

      , 09-24-2018 at 03:22 PM (ZAD's DJ)
      Sep 23 2018

      Four nights lucid in a row! PB!

      [D] FA where I'm in bed, feeling my breath intensely. I can see two spheres of breath rotating and flowing throughout themselves, as if each of them is tearing itself inside out. The spheres are located a few inches in front of my face and are about 5 inches in diameter each. They're arranged one atop the other forming a sort of figure 8. I shift to seeing this in third person from the left side. Maybe they're feeding into each other? But I see and feel their movement aligned with my even, deep breaths.

      [?] Wrote something in my DJ but can only vaguely make out the words "tonight", "Jesus", and "fool". Awoke 5:30am.

      [L] In 9. The dream starts in my bedroom. My bunk is high, almost shoulder level (like one of my old dorm rooms). There are some assorted items laid out on the bed. It's dark outside. I'm trying to find something. The dream shifts to the front yard briefly, then to the kitchen. I need to make F a BLT without lettuce or tomato, on a long sourdough slice. For some reason I'm trying to find a saucepan (maybe to cook the bacon?) but the only one I can find is submerged in water in a white bowl next to the sink. The pan has a thin coating of spaghetti sauce on it. Around this point I become lucid, or rather reach the threshold of awareness, but decide not to do anything about it and to observe instead. I don't consciously control anything, from dream body to dream logic. I put down the slices of toast in the toaster, and they seem too long but somehow change dimensions to fit. At first the slices are vertical as expected, but after looking away and back, they are arranged horizontally at the bottom of the toaster. I'm talking to F this whole time. Finally I tell her "I'm lucid". She doesn't really react. I decide to do something improvised, a coordinated reality check. I hold out my palm and either through speech/nonverbal command or through expectation, I have her stick her finger through my palm. It worked! However now I couldn't really see her, and could see through her. She was transparent and I could clearly read some text behind her that took the form of her body. The dream shifted quickly and I was outside the kitchen looking in, and the lights were off. I said aloud "lights on!" and some dim lights came on but not all. The dream started to fade. I remembered to do math but lost the dream before I could. When I awoke I tried to DEILD, however I could only see the emerging scene if I strained my eyes to the bottom-right corner; there were maybe 5 or 6 scenes that emerged. When I opened my eyes it was around 6:40.

      [F] I find myself outside a sliding glass door with a family inside. They let me in, they're part of a resistance and they're hiding me from someone; before this I was in a ditch. This was in-depth but unfortunately my pen ran out of ink.

      [D] I was in a church library. There were bookcases that slid apart, and I was shoved inside. Inside it was dark and there were others. We could see through the cracks of light left by the books. After several implied weeks of pleading my case that we weren't able to read the books in the dark, those imprisoning us finally gave us some better quarters. It was some sort of speakeasy establishment, and our quality of life went up (we had alcohol and other entertainment) but now some of the black prisoners were slaves/barmaids.

      Sep 24 2018

      I had at least four dreams but can only remember two. I'm trying to utilize a memory palace for dream recall when I don't have a physical DJ next to my bed, but it's not always working (although it does help a bit).

      [D] I'm in the backyard of 9, in full knight's armor. I'm carrying a metal jug of gasoline or urine. It's daytime outside and I'm splashing this mystery liquid all over the lawn; I get some on my neighbor's fence.

      [D] After a longish dream, I find myself sleeping 9's garage. There are several pillows, and one of them is fancy but makes no sense (day residue from a stupid sweater one of the Property Brothers was wearing). It's made by George (the Walmart brand). It was very visually vivid (and mentally/perceptually clear) at this point, and I think if I didn't get involved with the dream drama I could've easily become lucid. I was in a sling chair but now I'm in some sort of giant furniture bucket looking at a late 90's desktop and monitor. My dad comes in and talks to me for a bit. I decide to go inside and sleep on the couch (worried about bugs). When I go to shut down my computer though, my C drive disappears! I think my hard drive somehow unmounted itself (in the dream I thought somehow it got disconnected/shaken loose). It's a weird mix of XP and Vista and 7 and when I open the start menu I can't search for anything in the search bar. I start freaking out about my computer, eventually I wake up.
    2. Mirror, mirror

      by , 03-10-2015 at 09:03 PM
      Backlog: 28 Feb

      On the whole had a very restless night, trouble falling asleep, followed by emotional nlds. Later got woken up and ended with insomnia.

      My wakefulness increases to daily levels and I am ready to get up, seeing no point in being in bed anymore. Yet, I know how groggy I will feel later on so have one last effort to catch some sleep. I try the classical wild plus relaxation tips with the sole purpose of falling asleep at this point. There is a specific pleasant sensation in my stomach. I try not to move but have to change positions several times due slight discomfort.

      Finally, a bright scene flashes in front of my eyes so I know sleep is near. I even concentrate and make another one appear, whilst still having awareness of my physical body. It's like being in two places at once. The scene is fanstastic. I find myself flying high above the sea and green lands. The water looks fantastic. I can feel my dream body flying while being in bed and as it floats and is about to flip over the scenery.

      The sensation is cool but difficult to maintain and input from my physical body takes over and I find myself back.

      I continue to do my best to fall asleep. I find myself in another dream looking at a mirror. I am happy to ascertain that I have made it to the dream. "I'm in", I tell myself out loud while looking at my reflection in the mirror. My reflection doesn't quite move in synch with my words so I make some efforts to synch, but not to much avail. Then I notice my breath and just feel the need to breathe as if I am having some difficulty doing so. I spend some more time breathing in and out and watching my reflection as the dream interrupts and I find myself in bed.

      Asleep, some short nld part, then another dream scene on the playground.

      On the playground, which bears resemblance to this real life place before it morphs. I climb onto a playground structure and look around. There are a number of DCs as well as dogs mostly immobile at this point. I slowly move my gaze from one DC to another and then from one dog to another examining them. Everytime I do so, they turn and pay attention to me to. It's like I can feel my attention as a gust of wind animating and being reflected in each DC. This is quite cool. At this moment, I also notice that there is a warmish wind that also connects all of us and is gently blowing from direction or another. It feels really pleasant.

      I try to remember any tasks and recall the basic for March - find a house and get inside. I look over to the street and see an old entrance door to this building. It looks far away but I decide to give it a try despite having some doubts about dream stability at this point (due feeling). To reach it, I have to first get down from the playground thing I am on. I jump and try to slow down my fall not to cause extra instability. It works somewhat but also rotates my vision introducing slight instability. At this point a classmate comes down to help me, looking rather concerned. Her face is reddish on some places as if from mild sunburn.

      I look ahead to where the street is, where I need to cross to get to the entrance gate. The place morphs and now I find myself on an elevated fence looking over the street, but the edge of the fence is out of reach due to there being trees in front and also lots of thorny shrubs. This infuriates me and I decide to cut straight through everything. I find myself in the midst of all the shrubs piercing me and causing overall pain as the twigs are everywhere. This looks super realistic and I take a moment to examine myself. It just doesn't feel right me pushing through all of this vegetation at all costs, seeing an old cardigan of mine being torn in the process and all this pain. I conclude it's against my philosophy and decide to take the side road to reach my goal.

      I gently move away from the thorns that block the way and turn to the other side, which has once again changed and is now a nicely looking forest. It's a dark green vivid color and the trees are close together as not to allow any sunlight through. I notice some interesting looking plants to the side and wonder whether to investigate. Still having my goal to find an alternative road to the house though, I look around the forest. "I almost lost myself in a forest in a dream", I think. The forest now reveals an invitingly looking path that stretches all the way ahead. I examine it with curiosity and excitement, trying to see what is at the very end - looks like a castle very far away. At this point I recall CL and how it could be a good moment to zoom in right over there, but before I could do anything, the dream ends.

      I stay still and deild.

      Find myself inside a house and a store at the same time. There is some political scenario going on and posters on the counter in front of me. The lady DC behind the counter is unhappy with the actions of the local supermarket.

      While walking around I try to recall some of the totm tasks. I wonder if having ended up in a house now would count for the basic but I discard the idea and struggle to remember other tasks. After some effort, the mirror task finally comes to mind. Ok, need to find a mirror, didn't I just pass one by? I go back to where I was a moment ago and face a man-sized mirror. It changes from being clear to being covered in vapour just like it would in the bathroom (first time this happens in a dream, probably because I am trying to do a task!). This irritates me, but I go ahead and wipe it up a bit to at least see my face clearly.

      Then I stand in front of it and slowly prepare to move inside. Being a bit apprehensive due to wall phasing experiences ending up in the void, I keep my eyes open and keep staring at its surface as I take a plunge in. The moment I do so, the mirror swallows me letting out a loud underwater like sound "Blop". It's pure liquid and shows no resistance. I quickly emerge on the other side, looking around to see where it has taken me. It's overly dark but I can make out the contours of objects around me and they become clearer to finally reveal that I am in a pantry sized room. It looks exactly like a pantry with shelves and all sorts of objects being stored around. I make a mental note of it, soon the dream fades.

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    3. Breath and healing

      by , 03-25-2014 at 10:40 PM
      After few non-lucid fragments (one interesting one involving a woman and a mythical being something like a bird and something like a qilin, and his 'missing part', which is in the form of another person this woman knows; otherwise dull), my memory picks up in a scene where I'm already semi-lucid (I'm controlling my surroundings and aware that this control is due to it being a dream, but otherwise have fairly low awareness and mostly go along with the dream storyline). I'm walking through a park with another man, while watching someone I think of as a killer, and I mentally push him toward his next target. However, at the moment I expect him to take out a knife, instead he puts his arm around his target's shoulders and hands him a cigarette.

      The killer, the target, and the man I'm walking with are all smoking. I take the cigarette from the man I'm walking with, intending to smoke it myself, but I find the dream won't allow it: first I'm holding nothing, it's back in that man's hand; then when I focus I find I can put it to my mouth and feel the physical pressure of it, but it doesn't resemble smoking. I've had similar problems before, when I deliberately focus on improving the realism of some complex physical sensation, and instead only wind up feeling the sense of pressure accurately, nothing else. I then focus on breath instead of on the cigarette itself, and something interesting happens. I have the impression I can control my surroundings far more easily by working in rhythm with my breathing.

      My memory's vague for the next two scenes, while I was focusing on breath - I saw this as a great development. (Dream logic inspired by meditation, maybe. There's no reason I should be breathing in a dream at all. I wonder whether I was actually in the same rhythm as my sleeping body's breath or not.) First I saw something like a shadow play, where the figures moved in rhythm with my breathing, under my control. Then I was walking through halls and passing people who appear to be from America of about 200 years ago, all of whom I find vaguely unpleasant; I still had the impression that I was successfully controlling something through breath in this scene.

      I wound up in a room where several people are sitting around a round table, and they call me and someone with me to join them. I start to sit down and an old woman stops me, points me to a different chair. To my left is a man holding what I think at first is a young boy. When I get another look at it, it has the face of an old man, and one of his eyes is that of a cat. This is all very unpleasant. I recognize him as my own cat, S., and I believe he's somehow sick. (S. died a long time ago, but I didn't remember this at the time.) We put him on the table, now in the form of a human-sized cat, and I chant a healing spell over him, mentioning a goddess, exerting dream control. Objects rise off the table and hover in the air, and the other people around the table join in, though by just chanting 'heal!' over and over again. I woke up while listening to them chant.
    4. My Reoccurring Death

      by , 12-29-2013 at 07:21 PM
      I woke up in the bed of my old house out of breath.
      I look to the corner but couldn't see anything but knew a bad entity was there.
      I try to get up and run to the next room but a giant force is pushing me down.
      I crawl to the door way and try to make it to my mother's room.
      I make it to the door way and I can't breath because of this force.
      I crawl to the bed and try to wake her up but she isn't responding.
      She just roles over away from me ignoring me.
      So I get up and walk back to my room and lie down in my bed to die.
      Lying there in pain, dying and my consciousness is fading out to black.
      Then an old man's face flashes before my eyes.
      After seeing the old man's face I woke up springing foreword in bed and out of breath.
      I feel terrified and always seem to feel surprised that I'm in my current house and not my past house. I have has this dream numerous times and do not recognize the old man.
    5. Soap Opera Castle; REI; DV DC

      by , 04-22-2012 at 10:28 AM (* The Sandman's Dream Journal o/***)
      Soap Opera Castle

      I was in the room with a woman who was the mother of a family in a soap. She was in her mid 50's with short, thick, slightly dis-sheveled brown hair. She was curled up on a sofa, and she said, "This will be the best story yet." She was referring to something that her family had done, not the fact that a soap is actually a story.

      I thought she should be embarrassed about what her kids had done, but she didn't seem to care. Her kids were men. The butler was in the room, though I didn't see him. I thought the mother should be embarrassed with him there, knowing what the kids had done also.

      The mother was looking out a window, or windows. They were large, plate glass. She looked out over a castle. My view was like in a helicopter as I flew over the land and got a moving view of the castle. It was incredible.

      I could make out the architecture. I can't describe it, but the castle was isolated on an island, though still close to the surrounding mainland.

      I was explaining to my daughter that they owned the castle. That's what it is to be rich; you can just buy everything there: the castle and all the land.

      I said, "That must be a fjord?"

      I came in for a close-up of the landscape. I saw hills with clover rather than a thick turf.

      Dream skip

      I was lying on a sofa with my boy. I was thinking about going to the store. All of a sudden I'm going to sleep. Clearly Lucid is in the room. Iwl, my windows were open and I'm very cold, so in my dream I can see my breath.

      Clearly Lucid starts talking to me about our tomatoes, and he strated telling me what he thought about the rain and the cold on our newly planted tomatoes.

      My breath was visible in the room. Even when I was breathing in. I thought that was odd. It kind of scared me. I kept focusing on my breath breathing both in and out noting my visible breath.

      I then saw some kind of light as I was waking up.

      I shut the windows in my room cause it's freezing in here.


      I was going to REI to use some points I had. Iwl I am a member and have credit there.

      I started walking down a path to get to REI. It was night time and kind of spooky. I got to a a small pond that I needed to cross to get to REI so I could buy a life jacket.

      I rowed across the pond. The boat was very unstable. There were large fish in the pond and I sensed danger if I tipped over.

      I made it to the dock on the other side. REI was right there by the water. I walked up a bit of an incline and talked to a lady outside who worked there. I told her I was there to buy a life jacket.

      Somehow I needed to get there 20 minutes before closing so their system could take the money and ring me up. It was barely 20 minutes before closing. She said that she couldn't ring me up because the system wouldn't have time.

      I was pissed! It seemed so stupid. I said, "Fine. I'll buy it at the other REI. I went over to a rack where there were life jackets just for the trip back to the other side of the pond where I came from. I pulled one down but it was like a full length jacket. I got another and it was the right size.

      I then saw a door that led to a room. If I went through, I could get to the other side of the pond, but I wasn't supposed to go that way. I asked about it, and they said I could. They were going to let me, but they said I shouldn't. I said, "That's OK. I'll take the boat and go the normal way.

      The dream ended there.

      DV DC

      A DV DC wouldn't let me call them by name.

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    6. Black Panther Behind My Bed

      by , 03-09-2012 at 05:38 PM (* The Sandman's Dream Journal o/***)
      A black panther was growling behind / under / beside my bed. He was very close and very angry. I was just waiting for him to attack.

      In my dream, I was in bed and had been sleeping. I was now trying to open my eyes, but I couldn't.

      Then, the panther was a cat. I still couldn't open my eyes, but the growling was now the purring of a cat. I could feel it's cool breath on my face.

      I think there is some connection with FA's and becoming lucid. I felt close to lucidity in this dream, and I considered this an FA. I'll keep tabs on it.
    7. The Breath Test...

      by , 01-12-2012 at 11:05 AM (My brain and I)
      21st of April, 2011

      Standing in a kitchen with Daniel. I began discussing with him about what we’d do if it was a dream. Eventually he just said “it is!”, so I did a hand check and even though they looked reasonably normal, concluded that
      it was a dream.
      Without really doing much else, I remembered I wanted to do the Breath test.*
      I took a big breath (slightly larger than usual) and began to realise I could feel my true self breathing.

      I woke up after feeling my hands in my bed.

      *This is an idea I had regarding whether or not your breathing correlates between the sleeping and waking self. After doing it I discovered it’s actually a pretty well known experiment, similar to how the eyes of a dreamer in the real world mimic the movements of the sleeping self.
      Even though I didn’t break any new ground, I’m pretty stoked I can be coming up with experiments that professionals think of!