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    1. I'm dead

      by , 07-14-2019 at 01:13 PM (Into my world)
      It's been a while but now i'm back, in this past two month I was very busy and stressed for the exams so I stopped training and of course I loose all my progresses. Now I have to start all again from the beginning, but nevermind... tonight I had this cool and very strange dream:


      I'm dead and I'm going (or rather, my soul is going) in what I believe is heaven.
      I am walking in a big city, perhaps New York, and I arrive at the foot of a very tall tower, I don't see the end of it, it is all covered in gold and has no entrance.
      only the dead can see it, in fact all the people who walk beside it do not know of its existence.
      somehow I am transported to the top; I find that up there there is an empty world, dark and covered with fog.
      I set out in this world and after a while I meet an old bald man with a white beard, with him there is also a friend of mine.
      the old man tells us that he spent his whole life alone on this tower and explains that if we want we can go down and return to the world of mortals.
      he also explains that for part of the day we take back our body and return mortal and visible, it is an effect given by a particular inclination of the sun, but if we die again while we have our body our soul disappears definitively. instead when we are spirits we can do what we want but people cannot see us.

      when the old man finishes talking I ask my friend how he died, he tells me he was on a beach to take pictures when a man arrived who didn't want competition on that beach to take pictures, so he pulled out the gun and started shooting; he had to be drunk because before he hit the target he fired a lot of random shots.
      after the boy finished telling the story, I find out that I was also on that beach and that I was hit by one of the stray bullets.

      now I'm back home, I took my body back and I'm leaning on the balcony, looking down where my mom is sunbathing in the garden. I'm sad because I don't know how to tell her that in reality I'm not alive and that soon the body she sees me with will disappear.

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      non-lucid , memorable
    2. To Retrieve a Sacred Wedding Stick

      by , 11-14-2018 at 09:51 AM
      Morning of November 14, 2018. Wednesday.

      Dream #: 18,958-02. Reading time (optimized): 3 min. Readability score: 58.

      In a previous dream including my conscious self’s identity and to some extent in real life, I had been building a more extensive paradigm understructure for my online dream journal as a way to make it more idiot-proof, despite there being virtually no evidence that mainstream humanity has any understanding of the induction, dreaming, and waking processes. I had been focusing on “personifications of” while branching into more specific factors of vestibular system correlation, nexus simulacrums, and melatonin mediation. During this time, my dream self loses most of its present waking life identity while still holding a subliminal awareness of concurrent physicality and a minimal degree of lucid dream state awareness to where only a sliver of my conscious self’s identity remains extant; just enough to deliberately enter the role of another denizen to experiment with the dream space.

      The backstory of an upcoming wedding comes to the forefront. It is a transpersonal thread adjacent to the virtual foreshore. There is the sighting of an unknown groom of about twenty-five in my incorporeal glimpse. I possess the body of a man who is about eighty years old to sustain his role in attaining a sacred stick from a secret area for the unknown young groom (who remains in another part of town), maintaining faith that any other sentient presence in the dream space will not detect me as an imposter. The interconsciousness borrows pieces of a setting that I had not lived in real life for years, making sure it is incorrect in design so that it is not mistaken for having waking life relevance or the fallacy of symbolism that the unintelligent pursue. I am at an erroneous version of the Stadcor Street house in Brisbane. This version of the house has an enclosed wooden back porch, which expands over the area that the utility room was in real life (though the utility room was at ground level). Another male, unknown, about the age of the man whose body I possess, is with me, remaining on my left (dream attention orientation, as I sleep on my left side). I do not see the house as a place of significance, and my dream self only vaguely realizes that it is an illusory model of a place I had once lived. There is little of my conscious self identity that remains extant.

      We are to meet with a man who is over a hundred years old, known only as General. Another man who is about a hundred years old arrives first. The four of us briefly appraise each other. I marvel at how wrinkled their faces are. I nod to General, addressing him solely and lightly with “General.” He does not seem to suspect I am not the old man. I feel comfortable in my fictitious role. He had stepped from a back room of the house, perhaps the kitchen in assuming that this fake house was somewhat like the original. The other man had come in from outside. My dream self’s attention does not focus on the porch setting as the nexus within liminal space; that virtual bridge which I had entered thousands of times in previous dreams since early childhood. Despite “General” being a military association with the preconscious and interconsciousness simulacra, I do not anticipate dominance by their presence. We go out into the backyard. It seems to be late morning. I am holding a large irregular stick in my left hand.

      We all have walking sticks, but the groom’s sacred stick is just beyond the backyard in a cluster of trees. In reality, this would have been our neighbor’s backyard, which was divided from ours by a small fence.

      As I am walking, the other end of my stick, still being used with my left hand, somehow gets stuck between two small cages (the bottom of one and the top of the other). I am not sure if they contain any animals. A big cloth is covering them. It takes me a few minutes to pull it out. The man who had been with me, the first one, seems slightly annoyed and moves to help me, but the stick is already out.

      Liminal awareness had established that I was sleeping on my left arm in an uncomfortable position, which became a factor of my dream’s scenario, altering its potential. My dream self absentmindedly points this out, with the stick, where my essence is, beneath the cloth (bed sheet) and asleep, my waking self “caged” within the virtual lattice of physicality.

    3. xxix.

      by , 08-26-2018 at 01:31 PM
      Non-dream stuff - a couple of non-lucid fragments and small DILD lucid.

      Dream fragment 1:
      I was at a garden centre place and there was an old man that (in the dream) was a regular I came to talk to. Come to think of it he looked a bit like the kind of old man like the guy who delivers certain parcels to us. He was on a small step-ladder tending to some sort of plant colony on a pot. He was flipping a "plate" of dirt around, because of seeds or something. There were many terracotta plant pots displayed around this outside part of the garden centre, in a somewhat hectic manner, but that seems to be how it tends to be in waking life too.

      Dream fragment 2:

      I remember playing a game, like Path of Exile, and I remember seeing the screen. Some monsters from another game such as Monster Hunter appeared and I didn't make note of that fact. But then I got a lot of oddly lucky item drops, and the character (or my dream self?) said something odd and I remembered to do a RC as I've been getting used to doing every so often while I'm on the computer too.

      I held up my hands with my palms facing me, partially blocking the screen and I realised I was dreaming because my right hand's fingers were missing segments. It felt like I became too excited, as with other times, and the dream quickly destabilised, but I also made particular note of being too aware of the waking world environment at the same time that the dream visual detail was getting lost. I tried spinning, and doing something with my hands, and also produced a chocolate bar (that I could no longer see) and tried eating that; it did taste somewhat of chocolate, though I'm not certain if it was dark or not, but the dream faded anyway.

      • Before I went to sleep the last night, I remembered I haven't been setting an intention properly for dreaming lately.
      • I initially set an intention that I might lucid dream and reminded myself that I could do it; then I realised that there was something wrong about the way I set my intention but did it again and it felt different.
      • Despite not being able to see the chocolate bar, I know it was a Cadbury's chocolate bar, because I could still "see" the purple wrapper, even though I couldn't see.
      • After waking up I did a RC and when I came to write this DJ entry I did a few more too. I tend to always RC in the morning.
      • I may have lost some detail on the memory of the dreams overall because between looking after my partner's dad's yowly cat and needing to use the bathroom desperately, it was being a bit difficult to hang on to the memories.
    4. The Red Whale Expedition

      by , 08-13-2017 at 11:46 PM (Dimension X)
      Most of the beginning escapes my memory, but the earliest I remember is being on a small boat with some old man, as he paddled it through the ocean. I was telling him a story about a particular whale that had destroyed something of mine, or had a significant impact on my life somehow. He began to tell me a story about how a giant red whale destroyed his ship and killed his entire crew.

      Well, that's unsettling.

      The air was very foggy, and it was raining slightly. It was cloudy and almost dark. Maybe a storm was approaching?

      We were on the little boat for quite some time in the dream with not much happening.

      When we finally made it to land, the sun began shining and he dropped me off onto white painted docks. The paint was worn and peeling. He then got back into the small boat and paddled away. There were multiple different elevations of the docks close to each other, with stairs and such. There were many tables with people eating at them, and the tables had umbrellas. I've only ever seen so many dream characters once or twice. There were a lot of people. They were dressed fancy, and there was even fancy music playing while the people ate. The main restaurant counter was on the docks too and almost formed a wall, preventing people from going onto the actual land behind it. I remember sitting at the counter, but not having enough money to get anything, despite the prices being very low. (85 Cents, 65 Cents, etc.) Looking back on it now, maybe the old man dropped me off temporarily, and I was waiting for him to return? I really have no idea. No idea why I would've stayed there either.

      The rest is a blur... There was something about me getting a bottle of water, and...

      That's all I remember.

      Pretty weird.
    5. 8/9/16 - The Benefits of Veganism

      by , 08-14-2016 at 08:39 PM
      I'm sitting in a classroom. A meeting is going on and I"m watching as an old man tries really hard to disprove veganism. He goes into a long rant about how stupid and unhealthy it is, without providing any evidence to support his claims. I'm getting more and more mad by the second. Suddenly the man stops talking and leaves the room without a word. Then Bambam and Yugyeom enter the class. Bambam takes a seat and opens a large folder. He looks through it quietly and stands up again. I looks at me and starts explaining the benefits of veganism, complete with scientific evidence and research. The more he talks the more happy I become. Then Yugyeom steps up to the front to demonstrate how veganism changes and helps the body. Be begins to dance and twist his body beautifully in a way that could only come from veganism and I'm so excited and happy to watch him dance.
    6. #234 - Train crash / Casino lucid

      by , 04-24-2016 at 10:07 PM (The Oneironaut's Odyssey)
      Dream 1 - Train crash
      There was a bit more to this dream but I'll start from where I can remember clearly.. It was snowing outside, nearby was an old run down rail track with a shitty small train. I had a little white dog with me, he had cute curly hair and resembled my friends dog from when I was at uni. I got into the train, the driver is an old man and I see him get on the train and we start driving. My dog is on the ground somewhere near the entrance. There's a big crash nearby and a bit of shaking goes on. The train stops and the driver comes back to check everything is okay, the sound came from where my dog is. He picks up a large metal bell that had apparently fallen off, my dog jumps up on me and I'm relieved he's ok. The driver continues driving, there's a few missing pieces in the rail track and the train goes 'off-road' in a sense as it goes between these gaps. There's a gap that's a bit bent and the train ends up capsizing, I hold onto my dog as things get momentarily fucked up. I hop out of the train, OH GOD. The drivers legs are sticking out underneath some snow, his top half completely covered.. H- help! Help! I try brush some snow away, I see a person nearby that's walking towards the direction we came from. He's an old man with a strangely expressionless face. Hey, you! Help! He continues walking on, I chase after him as he rounds the corner.. He's peddling along a vending machine that has a dead man attached and I think that he must be a murderer that is trying to get away. I turn around and head back to the crash site, I see a car in the distance and think I may be able to get help from them.

      Dream 2 - Casino lucid
      I realized I was lucid pretty randomly, I was in a casino like building that had a lot of people in it. I distinctly remember a blue haired girl sitting on a catch to my right. I continued walking forward past everything without doing any RC's, kind of not tuned in or understanding the significance of being lucid. Nothing really happens from what I can remember, eventually I have a FA and recall typing my dream up on DV and sending a message to my dream buddy.
      non-lucid , lucid
    7. The world ends

      by , 11-22-2015 at 11:33 PM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      Late autumn. It was cold, rainy night. I was going out of my house with my two friends. We were going to friends house. On the way we were talking. One of my friends said that the world is going to end soon, just when new release of Dwarf Fortress would see the day. He said that there would be something wrong in the code, that would trigger death machine.

      Suddenly I found myself on a desert town. There were like two houses, salloon and a graveyard. I immediately went inside salloon, where a strange old man hired me. He said that I should check the situation in the local graveyard, as three of his last messangers disappeared there. Without hesitation I went there. There were only ten to twelve graves and a chapel.

      I saw that there were three bodies on the ground. I couldn't remember what happened after the last time I met my friends, so I didn't know what killed them. Suddenly I heard moans and screams. Zombies were coming out of graves. There were also huge hordes of them on the horizon.

      I quickly ran into the salloon, and saw that the old man hidden behind some kind of a barrier. He said "They're coming... Let's rock!" Then he started to play a heavy metal song. I hidden behind a counter, the building shaked, the barrier broke and he made an earthquake. He disappeared, and everything stopped. The zombies were still coming however, so I went to the place he was standing in.

      There was a huge hole in the floor, that led into some kind of caverns. I decided to jump down there, and landed safely. I turned around and saw that there were many angel-like figures. All of them looked the same - they were wearing steel armors, red cloaks and red checked trousers. They were floating in the air, only one of them was sitting on a huge rock. He said with a calm voice "Do you liked that? I was writing it for 30 years, and it's the best song I made in my one hundred years long carrier!" Then they have just disappeared, and there was just darkness. The world have ended.
    8. Old Dream: Printing with Light

      by , 10-26-2015 at 06:10 PM
      Feb. 26, 2003:

      I had a dream I was back in R__ near my aunt's old house, and I thought I could get back to her house from there, only everything was all different and the city just wasn't the same any more. It was like a maze, and every time I turned around, the streets change. So I couldn't get to her house; in fact, I got completely lost! Then I wound up going through this weird carnival type thing that I don't remember much about, only that it was weird. Only it wasn't a carnival, it was this crazy art exhibition, and people were doing all sorts of weird displays and performance art and stuff, except it was sort of scary in a way. And then I went through a playground only it was a really shoddy one and everything was all broken down (actually, that does sound quite like my aunt's old neighborhood...). Then I got to this one tenement that had never been there before, near where the old hardware store used to be, and it was all run-down and broken down. I met my old art teacher Mrs. D___ there and she said there was some guy there that I needed to meet, because she thought I'd be interested in the stuff he'd done and what he had to say. Turns out he was some great printer or something but everyone had completely forgotten about him in his old age, and I'd barely even heard of him myself. However, I went up there anyway, and he was waiting in his apartment... it was a real slum... he was just this shrunken, emaciated old guy with white hair and bleary blue eyes, he didn't seem like much, he was a hermit of sorts and never really went out, never talked to people or interacted with them, and sort of cranky, but once I started talking to him he actually seemed like he was a pretty nice guy, just really antisocial. I guess never going out and talking to people... they sort of forgot he was there, or that he'd done anything important. I felt bad for him.

      So he asked me to show him some of my work, and I did. He looked at it and said it had potential, and told me not to give up, that art and the printed medium in particular could be discouraging but to just keep trying. Then he showed me some printing techniques. I don't remember very much about those, only that it looked like some sort of silk-screen but when you drew your finger across it, it made light, and you could actually etch these really neat luminous designs in it this way. So we sat and drew designs together, and then I heard Mrs. D___ calling me and telling me that I'd talked to him enough now and didn't need to be there any more, and then I woke up.
    9. Insurrection, sneaking in

      by , 08-01-2015 at 01:02 PM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      It was dark, cold night. I was wearing a gray hoodie and jeans trousers. I was moving through many dark alleys, avoiding street lamps or any spotlights. It was an anniversary of an important insurrection, I moved from an alley to a street with a strange can in my hand. I opened it, and made a signal. More people moved out of alleys, and opened their cans. It had some kind of paint inside. We threwn our cans at a government building and ran away.

      Another dude joined me on the way through the alleys. He told me that there is a house with stuff from the time of insurrection, and that we have to sneak inside to take them back. I agreed, and we moved far away from the city. There was an old house in damaged state, surrounded by forest. We thought that we won't meet anyone here, and proceeded to break in.

      The dude found keys to the house in a broken flower pot. We tried to open the doors, but keys just phased through them to the floor on the other side, with a loud noise. Suddenly, lights in the building turned on and we had to seek a hiding spots. The dude hidden behind a hedge, and I had no good spots, so I scrambled to a free space under the building.

      I felt heavy weight lying on me, and had troubles with breathing. I could see the dude hiding, and heard the door open. An old man wandered outside for a while, then went back inside. We went out of hiding spots. The lights were still on, and we tried to break inside again. The old man must have heard us, and called for security.

      The dude hidden behind the hedges again, and I looked for a new, more comfortable hiding spot. The men were coming closer, but I managed to find a good hiding spot behind some bushes. All of them just sat down and waited, knowing that someone is hiding there, without chances to escape.
    10. Jumping in the Skate Area

      by , 03-15-2015 at 06:06 PM (The Dream Magic Experiment)
      I was in a familiar place. Somehow, like Cebu at night. A man offered to pay me for sex. At first, I thought he said his age is 100. I realized he said $100 an hour. He has white hair and looks older than middle age.

      I was in a skate area. I jumped from one area to another. Edu Manzano was there. He asked who's Ilonggo. I raised both hands while I ran and jumped. He asked a question that I didn't understand and didn't make sense, but I answered something like "Yeah, I think it is." He confirmed that's the right answer and explained why. I didn't understand the reasoning or the words.



      - Slept around 12 a.m.
      - Alarm at around 6 a.m.
      - Was preparing for parkour training
    11. Water and Earth

      by , 03-03-2015 at 01:36 PM (The Dream Magic Experiment)
      I was on an adventure. I was traveling on a canoe over icy waters. I was being chased by... something. I entered a cave ahead, and there were two allies. One was an old man and the other was girl. From afar, I heard the wolves howling. I also saw the outline of their handler, a guy with a beard and coat (like a hunter).

      I have to leave the area so that they'll chase me instead of my allies inside the cave. I swung a rope out of the cave and up (coz fuck gravity and physics) and over the cliff outside. I started to climb up and one of the two greywolves (specific) jumped up and bit/clawed me. I felt the pain on my butt (IRL, upper body to neck hurt like hell, but not butt and below) as it did.

      I was able to climb over the cliff. I was above and I tried to save/filter what little water I have left/found. I was debating with myself what was best: using the saucer or using another saucer. Somehow, I felt like I was just wasting the water.

      It felt like I did this adventure before in the same dream and it was just reset, and I somehow knew I should fly down into a cave (a different one?) to complete the quest. I flew down and entered a cave, and inside it was being... bulldozed? There were huge mobile machines that were turning dirt over along with huge, round, rusty coins with a hole (square?) in the center. A huge old man (huge in a cartoonish way with cartoonish proportion) wearing a... lab coat? Anyway, he went out from the inner part of the cave and waved and closed the entrance like a mouth, so whatever was outside wouldn't be able to get in.

      I was led (forcefully?) into the inside part, supposedly like a prisoner/captive. I arrived inside and saw some allies making themselves at home although the looked like a military area with its similar beds and similar lockers. My female ally was dark-skinned and tall, with her ponytail braided. She looked like a Latina Lara Croft. There was also a guy, light-skinned, jock-like. I couldn't remember much of him.

      I was in a mall, grocery store or mall. Red color theme, like National Bookstore. I was buying some stuff. I saw Ivan with a girl outside, and I was expecting to meet him by the entrance, but they weren't there. I thought of SM (mall) and passing by that area. (deja vu about another dream)



      - Fell asleep at around 5:30 p.m.
      - Woke up almost 8 p.m., no alarm
      - Upper-body-to-neck pain, none from the hip below, from parkour training
      - Was watching Cosmos (Neil DeGrasse Tyson)
    12. Dark Corridor and the School

      by , 02-16-2015 at 06:21 PM (The Dream Magic Experiment)
      I was in a dark corridor. A hospital? I felt afraid. I was becoming lucid but it's hard to maintain. I thought of a recently deceased person, a priest, and I saw an old man along the corridor. I think he was sitting down or standing by a door. He looked mild but I "rushed" (slowly) towards him and jumped-kicked. We both fell down. I lost lucidity.

      I was in a school. USLS. I was walking down the corridors. I was looking for something. I was with a few people. They keep changing. I was looking for the library. I checked the map. There's one nearby, but then I had to go elsewhere.

      I went up a small hill. I tried to slide through the roots of a tree but I got scared and went up the hill and walked down.
    13. Broken Guns, Sharper Knives

      by , 01-29-2015 at 02:19 AM
      After waking up at around 3:47 AM, I thought about trying out WBTB. It was hard going to back to sleep. I laid in bed for about an hour trying to. It wasn't until I noticed the shadows entering the bedroom windows that I realized I wasn't going to have a lucid dream that morning. Luckily, I was able to fall asleep minutes before everyone in the house got up.

      Like many of my dreams, I started out inside my room. Two of my younger cousins were with me. The room around me was a complete mess. Everything felt so out of order. It also felt like a depressing night, especially with my two cousins with me. I watched the both of them playing video games on the television while I sat back and observed them. It got boring after a while. I didn't like having them here. They were hogging up all the fun.

      Moments later, they finally announced that they had to go back home. I felt excited when I heard of this. They then began packing their things and headed out the room. I followed and noticed a change in the atmosphere upon entering the living room. It was dark, very dark. It also felt scary. My vision was blurred at that point and I couldn't recall what I had seen while walking through the living room. All I could see was the front door that led out to the front yard.

      After both of my cousins left, I stood just outside the front porch watching both of them leave. My mother then came out of the house and did the same. I stood standing there, staring at the dark black sky and couldn't help but to feel something scary was about to happen to me. That is when I decided to manipulate the environment and take control of the dream. I didn't like how dark the sky was, so I change it. I closed my eyes and looked down at the ground right in front of my feet. I tried my very best to change the color of the sky. After a few seconds of imagining these dark skies to go away, I looked up and noticed a lighter color portion on the sky being lit up. It wasn't enough to get rid of all these unknown fears but it was good enough.

      I became lucid in the dream just after the moment. The next moment got a little more intense. I walked out to the parkway next to my house and thought about some of the many things to do while lucid. After a brief pause, I immediately remembered that I wanted to summon someone. I wanted to summon Sydney, again. I extended my right arm back and summoned her behind me. After noticing her soft hands in my grasp, I pulled her out in front of me and immediately went for the kill. I pulled out a sharp knife and pulled it out in front of her. At that moment, something amazing happened. A couple of cop cars showed up; one to my left, one in front of me and Sydney, and one to my right. It was almost as if they were on my side. I wasn't even concerned if they'd try and detain me or not. I was bound to try anything.

      While all that commotion was taking place, Sydney appeared to be a lot smaller. As a matter of fact, I think she went from a young girl to a really small old man, judging by the amount of wrinkles I noticed on him. I played along with the dream and decided to murder him anyway. I aim the sharp knife towards his chest and pierced his skin. The old man was scared at that point. He looked more pissed off than happy. I wasn't sure whether I should of taken the knife out, or leave it strapped to his skin. Seeing how the cops were already there, it didn't even matter. The policemen lead him towards my front door where he would be detained.

      The scene then began settling down. I was still lucid, but the dream started to turn against me. It wasn't my vision, I just felt like something I was doing was making the dream go away. I refused to let that him and took advantage of one of the techniques I learned to help prolong the dream - the spinning method. I start spinning around like a top in hopes that I would stay in the dream longer. After a moment of doing that, it turned out I was doing it wrong. Not only did I have to spin but I had to feel the motions I performed while spinning. That worked a lot better.

      After feeling it was safe to stop, I then decided to go on and summon Sydney, the actual her, a second time. I extended my right hand back and like many times, it came out a success. I pulled out Sydney in front of me and noticed a change in her clothing. Rather than wearing the purple uniform, she was wearing the white one. I looked up at Sydney and without a surprise, she smiled. Before I attempted to stab her in the gut, I told her how much I loved her. I then pulled out the same sharp, Micheal Myers knife out in front of me with my left hand and pushed it in to her skin. Unlike one of the previous dreams I had about stabbing her, I didn't feel anything after doing it. I don't think I remember looking at her while I did it. The dream ended seconds later.
    14. Sniping & Ripping Someone's Head Off

      by , 10-12-2014 at 07:27 AM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Sniping & Ripping Someone's Head Off (DILD)


      This is a very disturbing dream simply because for the first time in a long time, there was something I did that would be very graphic, and maybe gore-y to some extent.

      I’m bending my knees at a hiding point within a train station of some sort. The atmosphere consists mostly of a milky sepia toned overlay, along with subtle hints of brown, and dark mustard gold components as well. There’s a contrast of very cool colors like blue, green, and violet to the left of me.

      But what’s really important is what’s located to the right of me. Based on my emotions, I felt as if I was having to mentally prepare myself for doing something very bold. Apparently, it was to assassinate an elderly man that’s onboard a speeding train, and I have to use a sniper rifle in order to kill him. It seems this was suitable for some reason due to how noisy the train may be, which would mask out the sound of the sniper rifle shots.

      I can’t recall what kind of clothing I was wearing in particular, but I presumed it had to be very light in order for me to traverse around the area quickly and efficiently just in case I needed another reference point to shoot form. And I believe there was someone right beside me that would be my backup/partner/comrade, but I didn’t pay too much attention to them, even when being aware of my peripheral vision on the right side.

      It made sense since all I could focus on was the target at hand. I wasn’t sure why I was doing this, and it felt as if I was just playing the typical video game where the character has to shoot down some grandiose villain who happens to be proficient in Black Marketing with Uranium, or some other atomically potent weapon of mass destruction.

      I noticed that I seem to be at a perfect angle in order to take several shots at once with the rifle. Imagine being aware right where you’re at now, and knowing you’re bracing your back against the intersection of two walls that would be going out in a “V” formation expanding away from you. Now imagine the scenery shifting from a sepia tone overly, to one consisting of cool colors (e.g., turquoise, violet, green). This will be crucial in distinguishing what would be an implied “actual time and space” setting with the cool colored overly, and the sepia tone that would imply that time would be put to a halt while I’m able to move freely at “normal speed” compared to the space surrounding me.

      I noticed what looked like your casual train going through a linear track system is coming very soon, and I seem to fluctuate between controlling time a little bit, and going through trial-and-error of how I would land my shots. As the train gets closer, maybe 50-100 feet away from my location, I prepare the rifle, and zoom into a first person perspective, and it seems I have auto-assist in the dream or something.

      Because it’s automatically shifting my aim sights to the head and chest region of the elderly looking man I’m here to kill. He’s fairly tall, maybe 5’9’’ - 5’11’’. He’s wearing a milky violet-blue dress shirt with some kind of dark blue-ish violet upside down triangle material in the interaction of the V formation his attire is exhibiting. He’s wearing a milky blue suit on top of that dress shirt that is covered up by the buttoned-up suit, and is wearing pants of similar color to the suit.

      He seems to be at least within his late 40s, early 50s, but his body composition was deceiving as it implied that he could be very flexible and agile, and yet still have a powerful existence at the same time. He’s just casually standing around inside of the train. Within the train, the lighting consists of watery-lime green overlays, and somehow the attire the old man is wearing makes it easier to track him down.

      Not questioning the weird logic behind this, I prepare to take a shot, and as I’m shifting my awareness to first person perspective, time is slowing down for me. I seem to be fluctuating in visuals of sepia tone, and the cooler color tone I mentioned recently for this dream. Everything seems to be connecting, and I have my sights dead-on at this guy’s head, and if not, neck and upper chest region.

      I make no hesitation, and made my first shot that creates a very linear white smoking stream that’s akin to what you may see in a Halo game.

      Just as I was expecting him to fall flat on the ground, it seems that I either missed, or he has an existence that seem impregnable to whatever damage is done to him, or he has a bullet proof vest that can withstand the impact of a sniper bullet coming straight at him at a high velocity.

      I almost panicked a little bit simply because he would now be aware of his surroundings, and try to find the location of where the shot came from. Fortunately, he was in his own state of shock, twisting his upper region along with his head, arms and fingers, left and right as he’s anatomically allowed to move to.

      And because the train is slowly moving into my limit of making a sniper shot, I somehow made time go even slower, and shifted myself quickly to another reference point to shoot from, and this time, I was able to fire 3-4 shots into the chest area of the man. But even with this ability to slow time down, and also how the gravity works as well when I’m moving, nothing is working.

      For some reason, I decided to do something very unorthodox, and I can’t remember how I did it exactly. Somehow, I threw away the sniper rifle altogether since its weight would probably drag me down tremendously. Then I made a very quick dash to the left side of the train, and found some way to get inside the train.

      From this point on, it seems I had better control of coordinating my dream body movements compared to the previous aiming that felt like I was just a spectator gently guiding the aiming for the dream body I’m looking from a third person behind the back perspective. Taking advantage of the time manipulation, I somehow get the old man to be pushed out of the train through the windows, or something to that effect.

      I immediately jump off just seconds after he’s thrown onto the left side of the train tracks. The environment turns back to a sepia tone overly once more, and I guide my hands towards the back of the man’s face.

      And then used as much centripetal force, along with making a downward curve that would end in me having my left knee bent in a tilted L-shape, and my right kneed on the ground, to decapitate the guy’s head off.

      The moment this happened, the scene shifts to people looking through the window, and a few taking their upper region and heads out of the window in surprise of what was going on. One dream character I seemed to have recalled decently had a weird M-shaped mustache that was very curly and long. He looked more like a pirate rather than a person with a casual shirt and pants attire. The main colors of his outfit consisted of red with gold trimming, along with a white dress shirt underneath the red suit.

      I’m surprised as well on what I did to this guy just now, and this reaction seems to prompt me to shift my awareness elsewhere.
    15. Pirated Books

      by , 10-01-2014 at 06:11 AM (The Dream Magic Experiment)
      11 AM

      I was walking, looking for a book or store. I was on the street, morning or afternoon. I met a seedy-looking guy who led me to a shop. It looks more like a shop for pirated copies. The clerk there showed me a pirated CD copy of "books". I declined. I looked around the shop. There were Christmas decors for sale too.

      I saw a small ceramic statue of a "sifu" or "sensei", an old man with a long white beard and red clothing. Not sure if he was bald.

      I was in a dorm. My dorm? I went to the bathroom to pee, but then I realized I was in someone else's room, peeing on the wall and floor. Once I realized it, I finished it first then ran for a mop. I wiped the wall and floor.

      Jen/Sarah was giving a lecture and mentioned me to the students.

      Rob was there. He was talking about eating or avoiding eating something since he ate too much of something the night before. Hito? Pork?

      Daniel/Someone was talking to him online. He asked Rob if he believes in the Astral or something. Rob got annoyed and told someone to tell Daniel/Someone to shut up.


      I slept around 5:30 AM.
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