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    1. 5 Nov: Dreams within a dream about my alien-elfic ancestry

      by , 11-05-2018 at 05:47 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      Back to Dreamviews after more than 2 years away! Wow

      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false awakening

      In an Inception like dream, I dream that throughout several days and nights I dream sequential dreams with revelations that I later share with my mother. These dreams are very vivid and reveal information about my alien DNA.
      In my first dream within the dream, I am attracted to a forest at night and find myself in a circle of people coming from all directions towards a strange eerie female figure surrounded by light. All the others freeze on the spot. I also feel paralyzed, but my feet lift off the ground and I levitate towards her. She says she has been looking for me. All the others also got the message and were attracted to the forest, but I am the one with the DNA she is looking for.
      I want to know more, but she must depart immediately and says she will return to provide me with more information. I catch from her telepathically the word "Trvo" and then I wake up (in the dream).
      I tell this dream to my mother and she believes it was a real experience.
      Next night I have another dream. The female appears again, now at my home. She reveals I am the daughter of Trvo Årven. She doesn't want to say more, but again I collect images from her mind, telepathically. I see this man, he is tall and handsome, with pale skin and completely white hair. Kind of nordic elfic type. He is in a remote mountainous fortress, he guards something or someone very dangerous. I sense something wrong, I sense that he is alone and about to be attacked. I don't know much more. I don't know if this is the past or the future. But this woman confirms that I am in danger and that I must stay hidden until she can figure out what to do with me.
      When I wake up (in the dream) I tell again to my mother. She is totally convinced I am in danger and someone will come for me. She says that we have to go, just grab a few things and leave. When I have the essentials and join her at our van to go away, she surprises me saying we must take with us a pet pig she is taking care of. I get the unexpected job to go grab the pig

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    2. 4 Nov: Taken to an alien planet

      by , 11-05-2012 at 03:07 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false awakening

      To get a bank account, or anything official, people are required to identify themselves with DNA fingerprinting. I'm applying to a job or something like that and they take a drop of blood for DNA sampling. I'm sitting in an uncomfortable chair for too long before I get any feedback and then without a warning the chair locks me in and I feel a needle on my back. I feel scared for a bit and then become aware I'm just dreaming and decide to play along and just memorize every detail of the story as it unravels.

      I am drugged and transported somewhere. When I get back to my senses I'm with some other persons, rounded up on some fenced place with red dirt floor. A guy who befriends me says we're on another planet, a red planet and we've been selected due to something in our DNA.

      He invites me to escape with him. He says we have to face some giant guy who protects the gates. At the end of a long open ceiling corridor, we meet him. We fight and I recall I can fly and do all my kung fu tricks, so we win.

      We escape and along our path we meet someone who offers help. Says we must go alongside the river until we find a bridge. We should not cross it. Just meet there some guys who will take us underground.

      But when we arrive, there's no one there. We admire the beautiful iron bridge. It leads to a gorgeous palace on the other side of the river.

      Then we see an abandoned boat and a floating body. We get in the boat and rush up to grab the body. It is a woman with dark straight hair. We bring her inside the boat and do CPR. She is alive! Then we see a chain pending from the boat and on the other end of it is a dog fighting for his life. we pull the chain, he offers some resistance because it chokes him a little bit, but soon he is also on the boat with us and looking very thankful.

      We seek help in the palace and we find that the woman and her dog live there. We are taken in as heroes. She had went for her usual boat promenade and the guys who we were supposed to meet with, had decided it was much more interesting to assault her and rob anything she might have of value. She didn't had much so they reacted with anger and decided to kill her and the dog. Luckily we appeared on time.

      We were given jobs in the palace and we stayed there.

      Now I start seeing life through the youngest girl in the family, a gorgeous teenager with a thing for art. Her father spoils her with everything she wants, as long as she doesn't get out of her golden cage. She surrounds herself with paintings, sculptures and all fine arts she can ask her father to put his hands on. But she is frustrated and unhappy. One day, the palace and the gardens are super busy with people preparing some big event, and she hids on one of her art galleries. Looking at those marble sculptures of naked bodies she feels so horny. She touches them as she masturbates furiously. She is going crazy that she can't reach an orgasm. I am her but I am also the guy who is now working in the palace, so I feel her horny despair and I also see her through his eyes and feel his lust.

      Then I realize again I am just dreaming and I wake up.
    3. Wife Lets Me Win

      by , 08-10-2012 at 12:47 AM
      Non-dream Dream

      Dream 1: (actually a bunch of random fragments)

      I am bowling then I am in some kind of race. My wife's name is spelled wrong and someone is making fun of it.

      Dream 2:

      I am driving and CG is crossing the street at Hilgard and Le Conte. My car keeps getting stuck and I wish I had a 4WD car.

      Dream 3:

      I am looking at a DNA gel. There are 3 lanes on each side of the gel, each representing a different person. I track the gel over time and the bands start multiplying and burst into colorful patterns.

      Dream 4:

      I am in a 1600 meter race against my wife and some other people. I am in 2nd place and she is in 3rd. Towards the end she takes off but lets me win at the end. I end up with the gold and she gets the silver.

      I also recall having a lucid dream but I don't remember the details. I just remember staring at my hand for a long time to stabilize the dream.
    4. Messed up Dreams

      by , 10-01-2011 at 10:01 AM
      Dream 1
      Tom Welling as Spider-man gave his powers to some jealous guy who then got really emotional and started replicating his DNA into rain. Which fell and turned everybody in to Spider-Zombies. This dream was so scary, man, everywhere I went zombies were trying to attack me. It ended when Spider-Man killed that guy after a chase through New York.

      MJ was distraught she was calling Spider-Man an "Idiot!".
      The last thought I had before this dream was that Spider-Man should get a Smallville-like TV show, along with Batman Beyond.

      Dream 2

      The South Park team was unhappy with a Transformer toy they had. Kyle, Cartman and Stan's girlfriend had gone to a shop that looked like a house to get it repaired, meanwhile somewhere else the Transformer Seekers were unhappy with working conditions and left. ThunderCracker and Skywarp were there and met up with the kids. I start to forget from there.

      Dream 3

      I was Optimus Prime and I was with Wheeljack. It was pretty cool as I was in my old school's music department and I was playing Bass but the guitar was weird, it was more of a gunguitar because it had tabs and the knobs you twist on one side, the strings on the other, man it was just confusing. I played it ok but then it just went bad. Then I picked up a banjo and started playing "Party Tonight" from Regular Show. You guys should check this out:


      It sounded like that and then me and WheelJack had to chase Megatron I assume round floors of an apartment of flats. I suggested that we jump out the window and and climb but WheelJack said "It's not the Matrix".

      When we rendezvous with other Autobots, movie Ironhide rolled out along with WheelJack who transformed into his Cybertronian mode.

      Then we continued our chase.

      Side Notes

      At one point I had an FA. Basically I was lying in bed (probably in SP) and my mum woke me up I tried to move my mouth and say "Hello" but I couldn't till I tried so hard I woke up.
    5. Butterfly DNA

      by , 06-16-2011 at 05:09 AM (Dark_Merlin's Dream Journal)
      I was in some sort of trial, I had been bio-engineered to contain butterfly DNA, in the hopes that I could fly. I remember being in Port Macquarie, though my purpose there I'm not sure of. It was night, and I was on one of the higher levels of the resort, though the room didn't resemble anywhere I've ever been before. I could feel I was different, I could physically feel that if I learned to, I could fly, as though I had wings in my back.

      I have a fragment of being in a carpark, it was daytime. We were going to court, something about my modifications. I don't remember the first visit or anything that happened during it, it is all blank.

      I made the decision, I was going to have to learn to fly. I went to a field, long, stretching glass plains and tried to fly, but I failed. I needed to get my father to help me. My dad was in the loungeroom, with 3 other people. One was his business partner, the other my dentist, and I'm not sure on the 4th, but I believe he was old. They were all drunk, and relaxing in soft padded lounge chairs. It was late afternoon, and a soft, warm sunlight filled the room, but the atmosphere was still tense for me.
      "I'm going to learn to fly. I want to, all the hormones in my body are telling me I have to, there's no reason not to."
      They didn't seem as disturbed as I thought they were going to be, and I told them I would owe them a 6 pack for helping me.

      The dream skips, and I am in court again. Artificial lighting, lots of wooden furniture and walls. I believe I was being told that I wasn't allowed to learn to fly. All the people here wore suits, with extremely pale skin. One old man in particular glowed blue, and stared at me and hissed. They had some sort of paper shredder made out of spinning knives in a box.

      I wish I remembered more of this dream. I thought and felt as though I was in waking reality throughout the whole dream, and it was one of the most vivid dreams I've had in a long time. I could physically feel how I would use my wings, it's such a weird sensation and I can stir the feeling in waking life. The men in the suits have me confused, they had a very, very strong presence.
    6. April 23 - My Best Owl

      by , 04-23-2011 at 03:02 PM
      I'm by myself, playing around in my back yard (which seems much larger than normal) when I noticed what seems to be a bird's nest. However, it's weird because in my dream it's resting at the bottom of one of the trees in the yard. There are about five or so eggs in there, and one of them is partially hatched. The sight makes me extremely sad because in the partially hatched one I can see part of the animal inside and I believed it to be dead and I pick it up. However, all of a sudden the eggs continues to hatch and out emerges some sort of owl species. I absolutely fall in love with it and the feeling appears to be mutual as it crawls up my arm and settles there. It already knows how to fly and we become sort of best friends and are completely in sync with one another.

      There then seems to be a bit of a time skip, because all of a sudden it's a few years later. I'm searching for my owl but I can't find it anywhere. I quickly find out that someone has stolen my owl and killed it, and this makes me extremely angry. I track the kidnapper to a group of scientists who are working to perfect the human being by infusing various animal DNA into various humans. I find out that they killed my owl and another woman's child so they can fuse the genes and create a new being. I go kind of insane and begin killing the scientists with whatever I can find, and halfway through my massacre I wake up from my dream.
    7. Money & DNA- 8-1-10

      by , 08-01-2010 at 01:35 PM (My Randomness)
      this one starts out on a bus, not my usual bus, theres people on it that i don't know. as we pull into my old middle school, i remember that i had tons of money in my back pack, so i zip it up quickly. then i see this girl in the seat in front of me, sitting at the window. she was talking to me and my friend. i think she goes to my school, i dont know, she was really pretty. then, after a small memory gap, im standing outside of the bus, and i walk towards what was supposed to be the entrance to the school, it now was some lab tables, and a few scientists. i walked over and asked what they were doing. they were doing research on DNA, they were telling me all this technical stuff, while inserting this white liquid into a clear liquid. when the white stuff hit the clear liquid, it broke up into tiny pieces. im thinking to myself "woah, i had biology last year, what?" one of the scientists, a female (actually i think they were all females) said to me "what didn't you take biology?" and i say "yea, it was last year, i could probably brush up in a few seconds..." (lol apparently i was cocky in my dream ). i think thats all i remember of that one.