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    1. Photographing the Dragon Moon

      by , 09-11-2014 at 07:30 PM
      Ritual: After five hours of sleep I woke naturally and was determined to make a good WILD attempt. I spent an hour-long WBTB reading and writing about dreams, then returned to bed just before the sun rose. Despite a promising transition phase in which I observed hypnagogic visuals and audio distinctly manifesting, I was interrupted by frequent re-awakenings and eventually realized it was time to turn on my side and enter real sleep. I fully expected to WILD at this point because the conditions felt ideal, but instead I just had NLDs.

      NLD: I had just left a cafe and was walking down the sidewalk to where I had parked a couple blocks away. The sky was oppressively dark, darker than seemed natural, and I composed a couple lines to try to describe it:

      The world cowers beneath an enormous dark,
      Unrepentent and unredeeming.

      I wasn't sure if I liked them but figured I should write them down as soon as I could, because if I came up with a whole structure I could always come back to it and work it into something better.

      As I entered the parking lot I noticed the moon. The last few days have seen a huge harvest moon, but this one was even bigger, with that sallow yellow hue that tints it when it is still low in the sky. Moreover, the pattern on its face was unusual: it resembled a winged dragon, drawn with iconic simplicity and in a rampant position like a figure on shield heraldry. I felt an urge to photograph it.

      I opened the passenger side door, left it open, and sat down on the edge of the seat to brace myself so I could try to frame a good clear shot of it on my iPhone. I thought I felt movement and the image was bouncing around on the screen, the moon lost among some trees now. Was the car driving off with me? How inconvenient! I reached to the side and jerked up the emergency brake, then returned to my attempt to take a picture.

      As I held up the phone again and looked at the image on the screen, I was more alert to the possibility of movement this time, and yes, I was able to confirm from it that indeed we were moving, and this was preventing me from taking clear photograph. Bad car! We were now driving rather quickly down a city street so I scooted fully inside and managed to get the door closed. (I realize now that in the dream the car door was hinged in the back and opened backwards, flat against the side of the car, rather than being hinged in the front and opening outwards as in WL.)

      Once the car door was closed I wanted to get control of the car back, so I awkwardly climbed over into the driver's seat. A towel seemed to be wrapping around my feet and impeding me, but with some effort I managed to get myself seated appropriately so that I could take over the driving. I had been planning to do some other things before leaving the quarter of the city that we'd come from, but by now we had driven away too far for it to be convenient to return, so I decided to just go home instead.

      After that I was waking up, but there was one more scene where I was standing next to a tram and again wondered if I wanted to return to the area I'd been in at the start of the dream. Once more I decided not to, since I couldn't be sure the tram would go to the right place either, and I was at that point under the impression that it was the tram, not my car, that had driven off with me.

      Then I realized with exasperation how absurd it was that dreams continually present me with situations that are extraordinary by the standards of waking life, yet I usually don't recognize them as evidence of dreaming. Why not? "I guess I just don't find them strange" was all I could come up with. Later I realized that I was at least still half in a dream state as I had these thoughts, and didn't realize I was dreaming then either.
    2. 9/4, 9/6, 9/7 & 9/9 Carried Away - DEILD + Recent DILDs #200

      by , 09-09-2014 at 10:09 PM
      *Lucid nap or 3rd wbtb (one wbtb during night, one got up for about 30 minutes and ate one portion of oatmeal 8-8:30am, third one simply got up to use the restroom and straight back to bed quite sleepy! ~10am? led to DEILD or in dream DEILD)

      ~1115 350 wbtb very tired! Browse pictures on phone until semi awake but still exhausted but got to some interesting dreamlets before dozing off.

      Held #hostage and I say that I need to get my asthma inhaler in my backpack but I plan to pull out my gun. #clever Woken by wife.

      During the 3rd mini wbtb I repeated out loud "I'm dreaming" repeatedly maybe total of 40 reps with breath/breaks. I either had and in dream DEILD or I had a mini awakening and DEILD in which I thought I heard someone at the door downstairs and I decided to take it as HH's (and as I'm saying this into my dream journal there was a quite loud creek/pop at my bathtub and the goosebumps are apparent! I realize it is just normal settling of the house but it sure was louder than normal.) Anyway when I heard the sound in the dream that sounded like someone at the front door I took it as HH's and I just focused on going back to sleep. When I do, I get very strong vibrations and I knew I was entering a dream if not already in one. The first sensation was of someone coming behind me and rocking me around in the bed. Then I start lifting up off of the bed and I am happy for this, it feels fun and is further confirmation that I'm already dreaming. Then the third sensation is of me sliding backwards like on a roller coaster laying sideways like I think I am laying in bed actually at the time and just going and going and going backwards at a good pace. There's even the sound of a roller coaster and its wheels rolling along the tracks at high speed. This goes for what feels like a good minute and I think to myself well enough of that and I seem to be kind of floating in a bit of a foggy void. This is late late in the morning and I'm guessing that my dreaming mind doesn't have much left to offer up. I do start getting a vague image of a sexy woman and we start having sex floating in this void. At one point I turn her over and
      Spoiler for X rated:
      It feels great but the image quality is still very poor. I turn her back over and decide I will experiment with an
      Spoiler for X rated:
      This feels even better
      then I get the sound of my bedroom door opening and then the feeling of someone grabbing both my feet and tugging on them once as if to say hey what are you doing still asleep. I get a strong urge to confirm whether or not this is actually happening and as I am apparently dreaming of myself rolling around in my bed and feeling like I'm completely naked I notice that I can't open my eyes. This makes me suspicious that I'm still dreaming and I sit up in bed (still in the dream) and I blindly growl like a crazy person having a bit of fun. I get the strong urge again to make sure that I'm still dreaming and I then force my eyes open to a view of my sleep mask actually now fully awake but eyes still wanting to close some more. If it were not for this strong urge to make sure someone was not inside my room I think I could've gone on dreaming some more but perhaps with weaker recall of all that happened before, who knows. I'm at the moment of transcribing this trying to decide if I should try again but it seems too late and probably a waste of waking life since the odds are very low. I have also become quite awake now transcribing all of this. I also feel that over-sleeping will cut into my dreaming tonight. Although the visuals left much to be desired, I am very happy that my presence in a lucid dream was back very strong as compared to my last several lucid dreams. I had a much stronger sense of self. Also, the sensations were very strong. With my day practices becoming rote again yesterday, I looked up and did exercise 4B from the open beta exercises and it drew some inspiration for me. The mechanics of this particular wake back to bed and DEILD are still unclear to me. 200

      Quick notes on previous 3 LDs:

      9/7/14 (September 7th)
      "Consternation" 12 530

      Time doesn't make sense=lucid. #timeInconsistent . Time was showing much earlier in day when it was just night. Bounce/float in house=fun. Peek out front. Go out back to 2 different neighbors. Maybe 3 minutes. Wake otherwise might have forgotten. Low recall. 199


      Mom visiting soon IWL. In dream she brought my eldest cousin on her side and we had a long hug. I wanted my #Mom to give me #hug too but my cousin really seemed to miss me. Too much? Then she is accidentally brushing her hand against my junk? #dcBoldness Wait she keeps doing it. I ask her if this is a dream and then realize a DC could give me any answer true or not so need to RC but still hugging. Try float then glottal RC. The lucid was almost lost with glottal RC which confirmed I am dreaming. Though almost lost, it still felt very dreamy and I caught that it wasn't over and extended dream patiently waiting in void-like fuzziness/grayness imagining a beautiful blonde unfortunately got one that seemed to be based off another cousin but wasn't an exact match for her. Undressed her and had intercourse. FA recording dream. 198

      Friend has an assistant named Wuellda? So and so said she would be here..wait no she told me that...what in a dream?..exactly! #dream thought of.

      11? 230 I'm finally turned 21. A countdown clock or app confirms #tracking. I can finally get into that cool #club and will go tonight. No one can hold me back anymore. Gambling on a cards table game to get #money for something. This feels like it would be my son's dream as I recall no excitement when I turned 21. #casino

      experimenting on the edge of sleep zoom floating closer and closer to ceiling tiles (none above bed IWL) try to go back to #waterPark or anywhere. Earlier there was a fight in lazy river where floating with son. Before people #fall from water slides not following rules. Before I am #driving and getting directions from passenger to a 15 floor building, repeatedly asking is that it...no, I see it is just a water slide tower. FA caught: talk to wife from edge only air escaping sound #gasping and some hand movements. I think if I am more on the waking edge of sleep, she may get scared and may be thinking of scene from Intruders. 197
    3. Lucid Backlog, 8/31: "Flying Car"

      by , 09-06-2014 at 07:02 PM (Threecat's Dreamtime)
      Haven't been around much due to work--it's a 60 hrs plus gig, so not much time for the good stuff. However, here are some of my offerings from last week

      (??): I am in a car, flying high above the street. I realize immediately that I am dreaming, and that this is a dreamlet. Despite this knowledge, I nosepinch anyway and lose the dream.

      From now on, if I know (and I mean really know) that I am dreaming, the hell with those reality checks. That's the devil tryin' to get in my head!
      lucid , side notes
    4. Putting Out a Fire, Disinterested Management, and Cancelling Back Surgery (But Keeping the Meds)

      by , 09-03-2014 at 01:55 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      I was at the house I grew up in by myself. I went into the dining room, where I was apparently cooking something on the table. I noticed that there was a puzzle on the table next to whatever I was cooking, and it was on fire. There were other things on fire as well. I froze, trying to figure out what to do. I decided to just pour water on it. I did, and it put the fire out. I examined the puzzle pieces on the table to see if they looked burnt, but they didn't; they looked completely untouched. Upon further examination, I thought I saw some small black spots on the pieces that had been burning, but I may have been looking too hard.

      I was telling someone about the fire, saying that my cat had also caught on fire (I don't remember this happening in the first part but I remembered it as I was talking on the phone as if it did actually occur, if that makes sense). I believe I was on the phone. I told them that I had poured water on the flames to douse them.


      I was working at the bakery, but it wasn't anything like the bakery IWL. It actually looked more like a food court place at a college that I worked at very briefly. Cherie' was working there with me. We were there at night closing. We were cleaning the floors.

      There was a point where I was on a computer, filling out this thing to send my friends free socks. I could pick the color and everything. For one of the pairs I sent, I picked a muted teal color. I sent some to a guy I knew in college named Mason. I also sent some to my mom and Jeremiah. I "remembered" my mom loving them. I finished sending them. I asked Jeremiah, who was on a computer, if he had received the socks yet. I don't remember his answer. I hoped that everyone liked the socks.


      I went back into the coffee shop, because apparently, I was switching jobs again. I think I had already gotten hired. I was there to talk to the managers. I went inside, and it looked so much different than IWL. It was more long-ways, with a back counter that was also quite long. The floors, walls, and ceilings were dark-colored. It was quite busy. I was sitting at a table close to the counter. I then got up and for some reason, a lady that was sitting by the wall started to spout off her order to me. She wanted an Italian sandwich, and she was also telling me about how much meat she wanted on it or something. She asked what breads were good, but she used a different wording. I told her we had white and wheat, but I really liked the Italian 5-grain. I don't remember which bread she got, but I got up and went behind the counter. I had no idea how to fill her order. Why had I even taken it?

      One of the managers, a middle-aged man with dark hair and a dark beard, then came up to me. He seemed super fake-friendly to me. I told him I had worked there when the previous owners owned it, and it was like he didn't even hear what I said. He completely ignored me and started talking. He was talking slowly and looking away from me as he talked. We started to walk back to a back office. At some point, I met his wife who also owned the shop now.

      We were then back out in the cafe', and I was sitting down at the same table again. The guy and his wife were both there now. I wondered if this was an interview, or if I already had the job; I couldn't remember. I also wondered if that woman had ever gotten her sandwich. She was still there at any rate. I imagined that she had probably complained. I then again told the guy that I had been there when the shop first opened, and I was there for four years. He said
      "Oh really?" He really didn't seem that interested.
      I then asked him what hours I would work, if I would open or close. He said I'd mainly be closing. I told him I didn't really like closing, but I preferred mornings. I then asked him what their operating hours were, and he said 7am-11pm. Ugh, closing that late? Really? Eff that.

      I then was getting up to leave, and I had my doubts about them hiring me. They really didn't seem too interested in me, and I had made that comment about closing.

      I was then walking somewhere in a back alley with Dallas. I was really pissed about the owners being such arrogant dicks.
      "What a faggot!" I said very angrily as we walking. I threw something down on the ground. (IWL I don't ever use the word "faggot". It's interesting that I chose it here.)
      "You'll just have to get another job," said Dallas. He handed me a paper restaurant cup of soda. I threw that on the ground, and it was very satisfying for some reason; it hit the ground just the right way and made just the right noise. I said again
      "What a faggot!" I was really pissed.

      I woke up from this dream kind of confused. I didn't open my eyes, but kept them closed as I thought about why I would quit my bakery job because I love it. I didn't want to work at the coffee shop again. After a little bit, I started to realize that I had been dreaming, and that wasn't really what was happening. I felt immensely relieved.


      I was supposed to start work at that coffee shop, but for some reason, I had to get surgery on my lower back first. It had something to do with being inside this weird, cylindrical room with some big metal pole inside of it. It was some kind of mixer or something? I'm honestly not sure, but to operate it, I had to get something in my lower back fixed.

      I was then in the cylindrical room, holding onto the metal pole. There was something on the bottom of the pole, some kind of platform or something, that I was standing on. It started to go up. I was quite close to the wall, and hoped that I didn't get squished or hurt.

      I then decided not to get the surgery. Why bother? I didn't really want that job anyway. The airport called me and I cancelled my flight to Switzerland, which was apparently where I would have to get the surgery. I still wanted the meds though; they had already written me a prescription for three types of meds, one being a pain killer. Mk went to pick them up for me. She texted me something about them as she was doing so, asking me a question about them so she made sure she got the right things.

      I then received a phone call. I looked at my phone, and it was from a country called "Nigiri". I knew that was where my connecting flight was supposed to be. I answered, and the guy on the other line had a very thick accent. He was trying to confirm my flight, which was boarding at that time, and I told him I had cancelled it. He had me hold on for a second, then he told me that it would be a $15 cancellation fee. I told him that I had cancelled the other flight earlier, and I had gotten no such fee. I don't think we said anything else.

      I then was talking to Mk via text again. She was asking me which dog breed she should pick out. She gave me two options. I picked one, and then she came in with two dachsunds that were mixed with some other breed. I was playing with them and hugging them. They were so cute and fun!

      I then was driving to the liquor store. It was a Sunday afternoon (liquor stores are closed here on Sundays IWL), and the parking lot was packed full. I had to drive around to the side to find a place to park. I figured it was the after-church crowd.
    5. 7/28/2014

      by , 08-31-2014 at 10:29 PM

      I was with a group of people driving to Santa Rosa to visit the Blue Hole. I counted my fingers and looked at my watch, which was going crazy, and realized I was dreaming. My car was parked and I went into a small office-like building and got a blowjob from one of the girls. After a few seconds, I kept going through the office, exploring it. Many times I said "When I open this door, I'll be at the bottom of the blue hole!" but it didn't work. I left the office and decided to look for water and try and find the meaning of it. I flew and came upon a park with kids playing. The park reminded me of Anna Becker Park in Belen. Still flying, I was able to control my elevation and rise and lower at will. I asked a guy where I could find lakes, rivers, or the ocean but he replied "Oceans" as in 'There is non in NM' I got mad and before I flew away, I used water magic on his legs to hopefully trip him. I flew out of the town, which still looked like Belen, and flew over some houses, looking for water. The further I went, the more the wind started to pick up. Eventually, it was not possible to keep flying forward because the wind was too powerful. I still tried flying forward and made note of how pretty the houses were. The powerful wind caused me to turn around and I saw a big, flat mountain with torches lighting up a dirt road/trail. There was a man jogging on it and I thought the mountain looked awesome, but kept looking for water.
      Eventually, the wind got too strong and I thought it'd be easier to walk than to fly. I went into a house and was teleported back to the office I had first gone in to. This time, the office was filled with children. I asked a girl "What does the water in my dreams represent" and she looked at her handkerchief and then back at me and said "Alex and Christa". She walked away and I followed, asking "What about them?" She was about to tell me something but I woke up.
    6. 7/26/2014

      by , 08-31-2014 at 10:16 PM
      I was driving down NM47 and there was plenty of traffic. There were a lot of cars and semis parked on the shoulder which made me almost get into a few wrecks. I kept driving until I reached a rural part of New Mexico. I walked for a while until I saw a pretty news reporter with blonde hair. She was reporting on traffic and i scaled a rock to reach her. I told her about the parked vehicles and she said she needs to know where they were at. Suddenly, people started coming behind us and she told me she had to get out of there so the people didn't talk to her. She shoved me so we could start running. Eventually, the people caught up to us and a few people talked to her but I interrupted them so she could be alone. I asked if she wanted me to talk to her so people thought she was busy but she said no. I got in my car and drove off with a few people. It started raining which made it hard to break and one of the guys I was driving with got sick but eventually got better.
    7. Being tested by dream guide. LD #107,108,109 (sort of)

      by , 08-28-2014 at 03:06 PM (Lucid Time!)
      I am on vacation with my family I cannot recall many of the details but we are riding on a school bus that has been re-purposed as a tour bus. I am sitting in a seat with my mom acting very childlike. I am complaining that I am very tired and never get a chance to relax. In the dream I feel very tired, and this is the reason for my behavior.
      Anyways after some time, I recall sitting up and watching the bus driver and the scenery from the front windshield. We are driving through very mountainous country. It is a beautiful clear day and there are huge pine trees and beautiful mountains. We come to a long curving descent that looks very dangerous to drive down, and the bus driver takes it at full speed.
      I think at this moment, I may have noticed an empty bottle of whiskey on the dashboard.
      This road is a recipe for disaster; it descends the mountain at a roughly thirty degree angle, while gradually curving. If you fail to turn sharp enough, you go off a cliff! There is no guard rail or anything.

      And sure enough the bus is starting to go over the edge. I start to become lucid at this point, and try to phase the bus away. It seems to be working. Just as the bus loses traction, I phase it out of the dream and use the momentum to begin flying. I think to myself that I should probably land and stabilize. But before I get a chance to do so the dream ends.

      I am floating in a black void for a few moments where something strips me of my lucidity.
      A new dream begins.

      I am driving with my dad in his old van. It is late at night, and snowing. For some reason, the pedals are on the left hand side, but the steering wheel is on my side. Also, we are driving down the express way.
      He tells me to turn down a road (the name of which I cannot remember.) But I make the wrong turn. I tell him I cannot read the signs. We make a series of wrong turns very rapidly until we find ourselves on a service road. The road comes to a cliff, a drop off, not unlike the one that the bus rode off of in the previous dream.
      I tell my dad to hit the brake, but he is unresponsive. Our van doesn't have a console and I am able to slam on the brake with my left leg. We come to a stop about four feet before the cliff, but even with the brake to the floor it still seems to be in idle speed. For some reason I thought it had something to do with the fact that the van was a manual transmission car.
      Anyways, I couldn't stop it, so I jump back into my seat, put my seat belt on, grab hold of the wheel and try to steer the car down. As we tip over the hill, I see that we are driving over into ski slope.
      I became vaguely lucid, because ski slopes are one of my dream signs.
      The car begins barreling down the slope. It's a bumpy ride, and I am doing my best to steer us around obstacles. Then came probably the funniest thing I have ever said in a dream.
      "Dad, since we're probably going to die in this, I want you to know..."
      No response.
      "I think you're crazy!"
      Yes, I actually said that.

      My POV got taken out of the car and I watched it crash into one of the chairlift poles. I can feel someone else there with me.

      I am in the void a second time. Lucid this time. I can feel that someone else is there too. I also feel like I might wake up.
      I get stripped of my lucidity once more.

      I am in my own front yard. For some reason there is a swing hanging from one of the trees and I am swinging. I see five kids from my neighborhood. The youngest being about 10, the oldest, about my age. They come into our yard and open the garage.
      They get out a number dangerous of power and hand tools and begin various forms of destruction and dangerous play.
      I became mildly lucid here, thinking that for some reason I 'just don't care' because there won't be any long-term repercussions. One of them finds an extra ceiling fan in the garage (for some reason.) He runs a wire out and turns it on below me while I am swinging. I stop and get off as to not be chopped apart by the blades.
      I then yell at everyone to get their attention. They all stop, and I tell them that they must clean up this mess and put everything back in the garage. They all listen. They start cleaning up. It doesn't take long, and I help direct them and put things into the right place.
      Just as we are finishing, the oldest boy goes into the house to go pee, and I hear a drilling sound.
      I yell to him to stop playing with the drill and put it back into the garage. He then comes out into the garage. Two other boys grab me from behind and the boy with the drill comes forward and points the drill at my chest. For some reason the drill has four drill bits on slight angles toward the center.
      I get struck with fear, seeing the intent in the boy's eyes. But he sure takes his sweet time to do it. He seems to be savoring the moment.
      Then, something snapped.
      "I'm lucid dreaming!" I yelled.
      I broke the grip of the boys behind me and my hands swung around. I crushed the drill between the palms of my hands just before it could touch my chest. A sonic wave went out.
      Then, all of the boys vanished. The broken bits of the drill were still there and they dropped out of my hand. I turned around, looking out the open garage door. The dream became clearer.
      Manei is sitting at the end of my driveway at a card table. She gestures for me to come over, and shows me a sheet that she was marking up.

      Spoiler for Dream testing sheet:

      Then I 'remembered' the whole thing was just a lucid dreaming test of some kind. From the looks of it, usually this test is a lot longer, but Manei said we were done now.
      She looks at me with that characteristic smile.
      "Two out of three ain't bad..." She says.
      She also shows me an old testing shees where I went 6 lds and 8 nlds. I don't remember that test...

      I wake up.

      Upon waking I realize that she used orange and blue marks because those are the colors for I use in my DJ.

      Updated 08-28-2014 at 03:08 PM by 53527

      lucid , memorable
    8. 8/25/14 Asian Hostess Club In My Hometown?? = DILD

      by , 08-25-2014 at 07:46 PM
      8/25/14* Increase recall due to RRC?!! Also better about staying still in bed going over dreams during awakenings. Also stomach issues. LD again. Little day practice. Mostly some RRC and couple of extended RC's.

      Determining if I am in the Serengeti by the sound (possibly due to much chirping IWL, window open). Some argument between others directing me to about where the Serengeti begins and visual of cloud shaped outline designating the borders of it. It seemed more like a forest in the dream.

      Using self diagnostic tools before going to doctor may be useful. I pull over on the way to hospital to check? Look up? (maybe not really...but maybe for me who doesn't like to go in unless I think serious or doctor can help me. I wake with strongish stomach pains...bloating? Read about supplement?)

      Adventure two boys. Me and #son ? Bundle of cash #money #treasure . Looking for place to bury it. Where did we come from? (RRC) Doesn't matter...son wants to get a map to mark spot to bury. Only matters where buried. Going all around, like childhood runaway adventure fantasies. This is great! Wife joins us later? She's shopping at garage sale. I'm waiting for her and kids playing in front of me. Protective dad comes. I say "hurry honey" so he knows I'm not just watching his kids, I'm waiting for someone. Now he's friendly. Go in his house with 3 guys inside, one from Apple software skinny curly hair comes up to me. Do you like smart games? Yeah...Hard sell for kids though. "Do you know X from Apple?", I ask. "He works with cell phones." 3 guys all overly friendly... gay?

      "Kyle Orton" is boss but I do not connect his name with the football player. job stacking stuff, falls, shirt untucks, he thinks I'd be good for lead academy...also CPA II position...he explains...ah like a buyer.

      #coins in quarter machine. 3 $5 bills..one fake...maybe all? Junk and coins and #money below in cabinet of machine. Machine gives tokens darn. Day residue. +++

      Someone is babysitting. black boy sleeping in closet bottomless. Not big. Someone pulls him out. He farts like crazy and laughs.

      Mild #earthquake or dream?

      Heading to #league game in WC. We have 20 minutes to get there. Rest of team goes in bus..I'll meet them there got to get something first. #lostMyWay in circular streets with artery down middle. See mall on GPS map, can park there and ask for directions. Lady says go out through there and if you get lost you can call the #police ? On way out on left there is an Asian club like they maybe have overseas (but here!?) with sexy hostesses or escorts?...I just know i'm dreaming! There are two #sexy women at entrance seated.
      Spoiler for XXX Content - Open minded adults only:
    9. 8/12, 8/15, 8/23 Good Waking Memory Tested ; Women's Shower ; Shorter LDs

      by , 08-24-2014 at 06:23 AM
      August 23rd 2013 - Focused on RRC during the day. I have been slacking off on my daytime practices and it has been showing.
      11+ 410 At some function related to my #business with a #tall #sexy #Asian colleague. Another tall sexy Asian woman is there relating some mnemonic device that is supposedly commonly used to remember some rule related to the business. She stands close to me and I say that I always tease my colleague about how tall she is (false memory)...I guess I should tease you as well! I look at her face more closely and say "Damn you're gorgeous!" #boldness .. She really likes that and moves closer to me #flirting back. She calls someone on her cell phone and makes arrangements for us to go to some house together. Something about her kids who she's leaving behind tonight. We are now #driving to this house supposedly when she #disappears and some tracking device tracks her to...underneath the car! (I literally get goose bumps recollecting this detail while I write this during WBTB.) / let's take some pictures! #GirlFriday and her first pictures feature some under boob cleavage. I'm even so bold #boldness to touch the cleavage suggesting that I am semi lucid. I take some other pictures including a shot down from the top of her. / coach M and his wife A at some fundraiser giveaway event. I found them when I went inside the auditorium. There were other people there that I knew or I had a false memory of knowing. Possibly J's mom "J" - my son's old classmate's mom. I also have a bunch of stuff that I got from the giveaway and I see my eldest brother in law outside heading to his car with some stuff and I realize it's a good opportunity do not have to carry all this stuff. Someone like J comments on where am I going to put all that stuff in my house and I realize I have enough junk already. / *I wake up from the dream wishing that I had cut some of those details and became lucid but my dreaming mind threw me a little help in the next dream. I get a call from coach M it was featured at last dream and he asks me where I am. I tell him I'm on one of the main streets in the town where he lives and I am walking. I'm almost to such and such street. He says ok meet me in five minutes at the corner of X Street. When I get down to that intersection it becomes a dead end and it is not supposed to and at the same time I noticed there's a party at the house on the left and I can hear my friends voice, J from up north 90 minutes from here. I'm already suspicious and semi lucid to hear him here when I'm supposed to meet coach M. Logic tries to tell me that it may just be someone that sounds like J. So I look around in one of the rooms and sure enough there is sitting J. I say out loud this is a dream and he looks at me funny but I immediately start thinking about my goals. I remember reviewing DutchRaptors goals to test your lucidity and felt that the only ones that I hadn't tried specifically before were the week four goals. I thought about a future event and when I thought about this when I read the goals I couldn't think of any big events coming up even during the day! But then I thought of one. During the dream I thought of a completely different one coming up this coming Thursday. I named what it was (the one at 8:30am not 6pm). I've then thought about what I do during the day which was one of his other goals or tests. And I was able to name that exactly. I start losing the dream here. 193 But I think it may have just been the end of REM. / *earlier I had a super short lucid in which I was in a false awakening and I could hear my son making gasping sounds and I am running down the hall frantically looking for him to try to help him assuming he's choking or something. The scene goes dark on me and I realize that I'm dreaming and I calm down and realize that there's nothing to worry about, that my son should be just fine. I wake up. 192 / I have lots of dreamlets that go, on average, about 10 seconds each - full scenes and all and one of them feature
      2 sexy Asian girls like in my first dream but not tall and these two are twins in matching black dresses. As you can see I like women from all over the world! My only type is feminine and sexy!

      Quick notes 8/12 & 8/15 short LDs

      8/15 I am in a community shower setting like in a gym and I see this short Asian woman little heavy set naked walking in front of me semi-lucid. I feel as if I become lucid as I step into a big shower room with lots of naked women various ages I only notice attractive ones but not sure if that's just my focus. I can feel my thing swinging between my thighs and I reach for it and it is a good size
      Spoiler for X-Rated:
      I have a great time. I do it in a sexy way it seems and it is a lot of fun! I wa
      ke up to my alarm, smiling! 191

      8/12 scene turns dark...I fly slowly forward...hard to tell if actually flying. I just keep moving forward. 190
    10. Forgetting A Necklace (24.8.14)

      by , 08-24-2014 at 03:56 AM (CHiLLEN's Dream Journal)
      Dream - 9:30AM

      I'm at Stone Hill house with Josh and Brother. I'm having some pre-drinks before heading out. Brother offers Josh a beer, but he declines. He say's that he doesn't want to wake up with a hangover and that he will drop $20 on drinks as soon as he gets there.

      I'm now sitting in the backseat of a car. Daryl is driving, Josh is in passenger seat and Brother is sitting in the back with me. We're driving down the road where epilepsy OP shop is when my Brother realizes he has left his necklace at home. We insist that we will drive back and get it, but Brother say's no due to being a hassle. Daryl looks to second guess himself a couple times, missing the turn off each time. Eventually he pulls into the turn off and begin to head back to get the necklace. I tell my Brother that he was using reverse psychology
      I begin to think if I have left anything at home as well. I see a checklist of things that pop up in my vision. Some of the text is different colors. Designer underwear isn't checked, so I must be wearing normal underwear.

      Dream Fragments


      1. Jail

      2. I see a picture of a famous person being used for a meme

      3. Talking to Josh about leg size decrease due to not training for a month

      Side Notes

      Head had larger amount of pressure last night due to big day and cheating on my diet

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    11. Muppet Love/Tornadoes, Moving/"Desephirated", and a Musical/Our Nephew at Work

      by , 08-20-2014 at 03:00 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      I was with Dallas, watching TV I believe. Not sure where we were. He was looking at something with small conch seashells in it, a jar or package. I had noticed he had collected some seashells. I asked him what he needed them for. He told me for fucking. I guess he masturbated with them. I noticed he was only picking up the smooth shells.

      Then, something about muppet people. They lived in a town. Jake was in love with one of them, and I was jealous. The muppet loved him too, I think. I wondered if the muppet people had real lives, or if they were just for a performance to make it look like they lived real lives.

      Then, Dallas and I were watching the weather on TV. We were outside, though.There was a storm system, but it was way west of us, showing us only getting the rain from it. Dallas commented on this. I was a little disappointed, because I kinda love storms. I then saw a tornado off in the distance. It was quite far away, and not moving towards us. There was then another one closer to us, but it was made out of what looked like muted multi-colored hoops. That one was moving towards us. I calmly said we should find shelter. I asked Dallas where he wanted to go. Dallas wanted to go take shelter in this restaraunt. The multi-colored tornado came closer, and I watched as it went through buildings, but didn't destroy them. It looked like it hadn't even touched them. This weird tornado must not be destructive.


      I had just moved into an apartment with Dallas, but I was still moving things out of two other apartments: One that I had had by myself that was actually quite spacious and beautiful, and one that I shared with Cherie' (neither of these places resembled their IWL counterparts). I was finishing up getting things out of the apartment I had by myself with my mom's help. We had gotten pretty much everything out.

      I then was at the apartment I had shared with Cherie'. I saw my laptop in there; I had forgotten about it. It had a solitaire screen pulled up with the cards jumping around, kind of like when you win. I thought about how long it had been there on that screen. I then thought about how I had to use a different computer to do everything. I couldn't think of which computer I was using, however.

      I then was driving somewhere in town, when I zoned out. I noticed what I thought was too late that I was about to hit a red train. I thought for sure I was gonna die, because a collision seemed imminent. I closed my eyes and braced myself, but then I only ended up going in between the cars somehow. I then got a phone call. It was someone from the company that owned the train. I noticed I was inside what looked like an inside of a space station or something of that nature; everything was metal. The man on the other line was warning me about what just happened. He wanted to make sure I was alright and that I didn't do something like that again. I told him I knew. I felt so silly and a bit ashamed for doing what I did.

      I then was in one of the old apartments. My laptop was there. My mom was wanting to sell it, and the young man who wanted to buy it was there. I told him that it wasn't actually for sale, but I had extra laptop cases he could purchase. I was carrying one, and had two black ones sitting on a table nearby. The first one on the table looked too girly; it had floral-looking patterns on it. We then looked at the second one on the table, which I could have sworn was different, but it was exactly identical to the first. The one I was holding onto wasn't for sale.

      I then was on the laptop. I think now I was finally at my current apartment, though it looked nothing like my IWL apartment. I was watching a video of my brother playing some Final Fantasy game. I was watching the end of the game, where a three-headed pixelated Sephiroth boss got defeated. The end screen came up, and one of the heads of the Sephiroth was missing, and blood was pooled on the ground. The background was black. It said "DESEPHIRATED". I thought about how my brother had played this for some gaming website that had asked him to do it, and they paid him for it.

      I was then standing next to my friend Charles. There were other people there as well. He was playing the same game my brother had played for money on some kind of handheld system. I was leaning up on him watching him play. I thought about how weird it was that I was leaning on him. He then gave me a look to tell me to get off of him, so I did.


      I was at the bakery where I currently work. Dallas had just had a performance in a musical that was in the same building. His mom was there, and she gave him a copy of the program of the musical. There was a note written on it that just said "NY". Nothing else was on it. I had thought that I saw some more things written on it. I turned it over, and the back had nothing either. Weird. I then figured out that our nephew, Gary, had written it. Daw. Kinda cute. It made more sense now, at any rate.

      I then was trying to write something on the program as a note of when the show took place. I took what, in the dream, was called a "wax gel pen". It looked like an amber-colored crayon. I started to write, but the writing that it made was chunky and illegible. I was trying to write "2014" in the corner. You could kinda tell that's what it said, at least the 0, 1, and 4, but the 2 looked weird. I tried to fix it, but then it looked like the letter G. I also tried writing something else, I can't remember what, but it looked like just the letter W which isn't what I wanted to write. I gave up on that venture.

      I then was in the back in an area that doesn't exist IWL at the bakery. I was wearing these huge, rubber black gloves that we use to get things out of the oven. It had a low ceiling, and I had to duck down to move around back there. The freezer was back there. Dallas's mom and Gary then came up. He saw me and I held my arms open for him to come and give me a hug. He ran up and I hugged him tight and for a long time. Gary then wanted to go in the freezer. I didn't want to let him go in there, I think for safety reasons. I opened the freezer door, which had no handle so I had to pull on the side, to let him feel how cold the air was in there. I felt the cold air rushing out. I asked him if he could feel it. He was laughing, and if he responded, I don't remember what he said.

      I then started to walk towards the other part of the back of the bakery, the part that actually does exist IWL. I was ducking down still while I walked. When I finally got to the area that exists, I could stand all the way upright again.


      I was in bed, playing Tomodachi Life on my 2DS. It was morning, and Dallas had already gone to work. I wanted to put it to sleep and stop playing for a bit, but I accidentally did so while still having the game open (IWL, I did this and it totally screwed up my 2DS and I had to get a new one). Crap. I went to wake it back up, and all the sudden, I had a small plate like the ones Dallas and I have IWL with two HUGE red ants on it with a blob of ketchup as well. The ants were alive, and looked to be attached to one another, as if they were mating, but they looked like they were a part of one another; the second ant didn't appear to have a head or anything, just a seamless attachment to the first ant. The first ant didn't appear to have any eyes or a mouth, just two antennae. Ugh. Creepy looking shit. Behind them, I saw two other ants that looked the same, though the first ant on this pair had eyes.

      I then realized I was holding the plate, and quickly dropped it. I didn't want to get stung or bitten by these ants. The ants then moved towards the ketchup to start eating it. God, this whole thing was so fucking weird...

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    12. Ape Territory, Blinded Kick, Dead Mans Letter (11.8.14)

      by , 08-11-2014 at 04:31 AM (CHiLLEN's Dream Journal)
      Dream 1 - 3:45 am

      I'm in a car with friends driving through a rocky area, which has at least 50+ apes on the side of the road. They look a decent size and pretty muscular. I mention to my friends about the muscularity of them.

      We're walking up a narrow path when I see man on a Harley Davidson. His back wheel seems to be a lot smaller in size but makes up for if in width. It's very thick compared to the front wheel. I tell my friends that the fire looks weird and they pretty much tell me what I thought about the width, thickness.

      We reach the top of the path which has a lot of trees and more paths. I begin to follow Daryl and Germain as we move through the Forrest. I keep losing them as I reach a cross roads and have to figure out the correct direction by feel and logic. This happens a few times.

      We're now inside a toilet which looks upper class and doesn't have a toilet type of feel to it. I see a container with food in front of me and I roll some up and put it in my mouth. It looks strange, I don't know what it was. I think it was Germain's food. I yell out to Germain who is still in the cubicle about how they kept getting too far out in front and that I had to guess the direction. Germain doesn't answer back and I assume he didn't hear me. The food now looks like mince meat. I ask Daryl if he had eaten and he says yes. Germain leaves the cubical and starts explaining the track so i wouldn't get lost again. He says there's only one more left turn to do.

      I see my cousin David in the toilet and he's near the long seats. He wants myself and Germain to sign a card which will confirm that we're going to my other cousins wedding in SA. It's $300 accommodation if we attend. Germain signs his name in big writing. I follow suit and sign and leave a xox at the bottom.

      Friends and I are now in a car waiting for something. I see a car with no roof in front of us. It's got people in it from my AFL team that I follow. The scene is still. One of the players that I remember is Goldsack. I tell the fellas to check out who's in the car in front of us.

      I see a scene of another player, Steel Sidebottom. He's in the same car but has 2 Chinese women in the front seats. Both women have funky colors in their hair. He is in the headlines at the moment due to getting caught getting a head job off the girls.

      I see a few team members in a musical singing.

      Dream 2 - 7:45 am

      I'm at a school with my brother and few other people I know. My brother seems to be drunk and begins to start intimidating a guy I know Daniel Jons. Brother eggs on Daniel by telling him to come on and gets into a fighting stance. They're now face to face with brothers back to the wall, when Daniel performs a high kick to my brothers head. It almost knocks my brother out and he's very unsteady on his feet. I get up and try and calm everyone down. Brother can't see and he's eyes look messed up. He has 2 different colored eyes and has darkish bags under his eyes as if he was extra tired.

      We walk David home. On the way home we go through the car park at the parkway shopping center. I remember seeing Daniel drive down our estate where we live. He was driving a black lambo. I tell my brother that we may see Daniel again while walking home.

      We're looking for a bin for some reason and are walking in the middle of the road. I see a car come towards us which has something long connected to the back of the car, like a trailer. It comes pretty close to us when driving passed. I check the map to see if there's any sign of a bin close by. I couldn't anything that indicates a bin being close by. I bail on the fellas and head home.'

      I'm at my old house and I hear my brother explaining what happened to him to our Dad. He gives the wrong story of what happened and I but in and explain what really happened, explaining that he was drunk and started the trouble.

      Dream 3 - 8:50 am

      I'm outside trying to 1x scope with the sniper. I'm sneaking passed and up to certain enemies.

      I'm now walking around a building in a narrow area. It's a shaded area with trees in my view. I see an enemy with his back to me. I think he's trying to fix his gun. I line my gun up at him and try and focus the red laser dot on his head, but it seems rather faint and i can't really see it. Even know I'm only a few meters away i don't trust my aiming without the aid of the laser. The enemy begins to turn around and I quickly bail around the corner but thought he may have heard the noise I made of my feet rustling on the ground as I quickly moved around the corner. I brace myself for the enemy to come around the corner and ready to fire if I have to. I see the enemy come into scene and I shoot him 3 times hip firing, killing him. I see that the enemy has some paper scrunched up in his hand. I'm worried if I open his hand up and grab the paper that I will leave finger prints or some kind of evidence against me at the site. I think I open his hands up and get the paper out of his hands. I begin to realize this is weird and has to be a dream or it seemed very dream like but I wake up before I figure it out.

      Dream Fragment:

      people are trying to figure out why something is happening or why they're not having the right results. They think it may due to the filthy bed. The stains on the mattress.
    13. (August 10, 2014) Abandoned building of fear

      by , 08-10-2014 at 05:52 PM
      I fell back asleep after remembering these dreams so bear with me

      my rating 4/5

      +First dream is on a foggy day, i am driving in my truck to a camping location. i have friends and family following behind me in another vehicle. we drive through a strange trail of twists, turns and bridges. we see other people camping as we drive by. the grass has some gravel in the tire marks of old tracks so we know where to go. otherwise it is not maintained, the grass is tall. we come over to a bridge, very narrow but the vehicles drop down a few inches once off it because the bridge drops abruptly. we drive off to the campsite. I dont remember much about the actual site itself, i remember walking around observing the landscape. eventually we decide to drive back, and we get as far as the bridge but the vehicles cant drive back over it because of the drop off,so i get out and decide to cross the little water way under the bridge. it is very short but i find out it gets super deep. its also cloudy water. i am handed a heavy pack and it almost sinks to the bottom so i grab it and get out and search for a new way over.

      +This dream was kind of creepy. I was with someone, in an old abandoned house in a old style town, like almost colonial times. the house was barren of almost everything, at least in the main areas like the foyer and the hallways, was just dirt and dust everywhere as if wind had blown it around over things. we had to leave because we were going to be found so we went back into this dark room full of candles, a few tables, and a skull, and had to blow out all the candles, making the room pitch black. while i was leaving i walked by a pool of water that must have been from leaking roof or pipes, it was in a little pocket in the dirt. a man and two woman appeared and started talking to me,i walked over till my feet were ankle deep in the water, the man and one of the woman disappeared, and the third woman tried pulling me under water but i broke free from her grip and got out of there. i was then out at some old place that looked like my grandfather's liquor store with a friend. it was the dark of night and the only light was out front. we walked out back where there was a crowd of pale creepy looking people staring at me. i stopped for a moment and i think my friend left. one guy with a shaven head and a jailbird outfit came over and started to attack me, saying something about leaving the house. i had no choice but to fight back. i pulled out my smith and wesson swat folding knife and retaliated. he said "nice try but i can just close this" not knowing the lock was engaged holding it open and i cut his hand, the then tried something that was very painful, like wow couldn't believe how real that felt for a dream, and my stomach hurt like crazy but i told my self keep calm, the military wont need someone who will break under pressure, and i used the knife, (leaving out details here), and killed him. another person tried attacking me but i just threw him far. then the dream ended.

      +I got back up and fell back asleep and had another dream. first, i was in an old house know i have been in before. and was trying to explore all its room but i was limited trying to keep my younger brothers away from going so they wouldn't be lost or hurt. so i never got to the room i wanted to. i saw part of it and knew ive seen it before, and don't know why i did not become aware of it. i eventually ended up at a colorful museum and play place type thing where i climbed colorful stairwells into other rooms where i found a box, but i had to climb up ropes to get it, which i did. the feeling of climbing the rope felt pretty real. i eventually got the box but never looked inside.

      i have seen this type of building before many time in dreams, the one directly above. or at least, the color scheme is put on a lot of buildings. i also saw an old house i have not seen in a long time in my dreams. both are not real places but memories of places i created in dreams.
    14. Competition night #14

      by , 08-10-2014 at 03:54 PM
      Dream 1:
      Faffing about trying to move out of a building. My brother keeps running off to pack more things and I'm getting impatient.

      Eventually we get going in a van that contains another van. My brother derives down the road at breakneck speed, barely missing cars at the junction at the bottom of the road. I tell him off for that.

      Dream 2:
      I've run out of clean undies (all packed in the van?) So I start looking for somewhere to hand clean some dirty undies. As I keep going, there are more and more bits and bobs in the sink, with people adding things as I try to clean everything and the sunk growing to accommodate the heaps of junk.

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    15. Bum Steer

      by , 08-03-2014 at 09:09 PM
      This lucid is from the morning of August 1st.

      Color legend: Non-dream Dream Lucid

      Lucid #226: Bum Steer

      Iím driving on a long, tree-lined road when I remember that I was hoping to have a lucid dream. I become lucid and just sit still for a moment, still driving as the dream continues just as it did before. I have this slightly paranoid feeling like the dream is going to ďcatch meĒ, but nothing happens.

      I settle in to driving for a bit, thinking about what I want to do, feeling pleased with how smoothly the transition to lucidity went. I come to a rightward curve in the road and turn the wheel, but the car refuses to follow my instructions. I crank the steering wheel hard over to the right but nothing is working. The left front tire grinds along the curb for a while, the car shudders, and after a few seconds, Iím thrown into the void.

      I rub my hands together and try to move my legs in a walking motion. It sort of works but Iím not feeling proper resistance in my feet and I have the sensation of my legs flailing around. It feels like this is going too long and I recall how Dreamer used flight when her dream went dark. I take to the air and fly around for a bit, the sensation partway between flying and falling. I finally remember that I have had good luck singing when I fly through the dark.

      But before I even have to do any singing, I find myself flying high over a city. There are two tall, ruby-red buildings below me that are shaped like stretched out hexagon. As I look at them, an unseen voice gives me some kind of garbled warning about ďballsĒ and
      the dream ends.

      Notes: Given the theme, Itís interesting (well, to me at least) that during the day I was implementing the character-steering code for our video game project. Maybe Iím a little anxious about how well itís going to work.

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