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    1. 14/10/2015

      by , 10-14-2015 at 06:52 AM
      Stood in a large hall, there were lots of brand new red four wheel drive vehicles around. It was announced that because of the expense of posting the company was going to give us a vwhicle each and we could deliver the post ourselves. I sat in mine, it was an old land rover, and was excited startng it up becasue it was an old vintage vehicle and felt really old.
      I drove it home and parked it in front of our my childhood home.
      I went inside it was lunchtime, then noticed the land rover had gone missing. I was looking for my father. Now the inside of our house had become2 large canteens there were lts of people getting lunch. I couldn't find my father. Everything had suddenly become miltary. I had missed lunch and the canteen staff were packing away.
      I found my father outside he had taken the vehicle on army manoevres and wasn't sure if I was actually allowed to drive it. He explained everything to me.
      I went for a walk and on coming back I wondered where everyone was as there was no-one around. I was told they were in another building nearby. I went in and there was a murder mystery happening and a dead body on the floor.
      I went outside again, it was even more military now and I was in the army. I talked to some army personnel. More vehicles were coming back from manoevres. It was evening and I was walking back to barracks and thought that I had always wanted to be in the army and was quite excited.
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    2. Ramming into cars, and weird butterfly phobias

      by , 10-10-2015 at 06:48 PM (Mouka's Mind Palace)

      I was riding along in my car with some other people, and Cory was driving. One of the passengers was my mom. We came along some traffic in Huntsville, near the intersection of South Memorial and Lily Flagg I think, and Cory was not slowing down fast enough to keep from hitting the car in front of us. I kept screaming "SLOW DOWN SERIOUSLY." and he was just all NAAAAAH, so I'm sitting there shotgun bracing myself, and sure enough he rams right into the car ahead of us. Which was some really tiny electric car thing, either blue or green.

      The guy ahead of us pulled into a U-turn area and into the big parking lot where people park their used cars for sale, and I noticed his bumper was falling off. Cory was making no move to turn and go over there, so I say "What the hell? You can't just run away!" and he says "Yeah I can, people get hit all the time." I eventually convince him to turn, and we're all sitting in that parking lot, exchanging info with the other guy. I was looking my car over, and it seemed to be okay except for some paint chipping.

      After settling that problem, we continued forward. I told Cory I wanted to drive since he sucked so bad, but he was adamant that it wouldn't happen again. So... now we're driving along some open highway in the countryside, and what does he do? He friggin runs right into the CEMENT TRUCK in front of us. I was super pissed at that point and yelling at him, and we all pulled over into a gravel parking lot for some bed and breakfast place. Cory got out to talk to the truck guys, and I got out and inspected my car. It was still OKAY, but it was missing some things... the driver's side mirror was gone. I was looking around on the ground for the missing mirror and I remember finding it next to a big pile of small square pieces of glass. For a moment I thought the glass was from my windows, but luckily it wasn't. That mirror would never move around automatically again if I glued it on myself, but I figured it would be fine moving it manually... first world problems and all that...

      Also I took Cory's stupid keys away. I put them on my keychain and noticed my mailbox key was cut in half. It was a lamentable thing.

      While Cory was out talking with the truck guys, me and the other passengers went into the bed and breakfast. We sat on the couches for a while and ate some food, some cheap gas station food like individually wrapped Twinkies and personal-sized bags of chips. Cory came in, and said the truck guys were being nice and picking all the ruined fragments off my car, so we still sat there and I bitched at him for being an idiot.

      I had to take my Lamictal pill, so for some reason I put it in a big glass of water, which was stupid because once it gets wet, it gets reeeeaaalllly bitter. So then I'm in the bathroom and drinking the water, trying to swallow the pill, and I just can't get it down because of the bitterness. I swear to god I stood there for like ten minutes trying to figure that out.


      Cory and I went to visit some botanical gardens in the fall. We brought along our dog Loki. There was a big door that led to a butterfly area, and so I ask Cory if we can go inside. He's really surprised and asks if I REALLY want to, and I say yes because I want to face my fears, and I was TERRIFIED of butterflies in this dream for some weird reason (WTF?) So we go inside, and let Loki off the leash so she can run around.

      The butterfly area was a rectangular grassy area surrounded by tall hedges on all sides. In the middle was a rectangular pond with really clear water that was light blue and had lily pads and stuff all in it. There were birds all over, and a big blue crane wandering around in the water. There weren't too many butterflies, since it was cold out, but there were a couple Monarchs, some yellow Swallowtails, and some black Swallowtails... and some big white ones I couldn't identify. Possibly cabbage butterflies but giant-size?

      Anyway, a few swooped at me, and I stood my ground. Cory was quite proud of me. Then he left me to my own devices and went to take photos of some of the birds. I walked around the pond looking at stuff with Loki running next to me, when she stops and does her business. I noticed blood dripping out of her when she did it, and I was freaking out and called Cory over. He said he couldn't see anything, and I was like WTF the blood is RIGHT THERE, but he was adamant about seeing nothing. As we're there on the ground I see a tiny baby hedgehog wander up next to me, rolling around all cutely and stuff. I get all giggly like OH MY GOOOOOD. I'm afraid to touch him because I couldn't remember if their quills were super sharp or not, but Cory pet him and then left. So I sat there playing with the hedgehog for a bit. It wandered up to Loki's business, and did some business of its own... gross. And I'm all "What the hell are you guys doing, trying to fight for territory or something?!"

      I get up and wander around the pond for a while longer, and notice Seru standing at the entrance. He's got his arms crossed and says something to me and smiles... I can't remember what he said. Something about the butterflies, I think? I also might have been something about leaving. One or the other. I remember thinking for a moment that he was the guy I came into the butterfly area with, and I got confused. He was the last thing I saw before I woke up.


      Just a dream fragment where I was walking around in a house. It was very cozy like a grandparent's house, at least, it made me feel that way. The floors were small wooden planks and felt really old.

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    3. 9/10/2015

      by , 10-09-2015 at 07:48 AM
      Poor dream recall today. Tried SSILD last night for the first time.

      Driving a large bus, not sure why, bit of recurring theme driving a large vehicle and finding it difficult. Turned left off a main road and was in front of the library I used to use as a child and wanted to stop but an old woman was telling me that I couldn't stop there the bus stop was at the other side of the carpark so I had to drive around.

      I have waited too long since I woke up so other dreams now faded, and I can't remember them.
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    4. War at a cult complex, and a simple grassy field

      by , 10-07-2015 at 06:01 PM (Mouka's Mind Palace)

      I was tied up on a chair in a large room. In the center was a big steel door on the floor, and there were people in robes standing all around it. They all stood there as the door on the floor slid open and a woman tied to an altar rose out of the hole. Just as that happened, I went lucid. Instead of untying myself, I decided to sit there and let it play out, just to see what kind of story I could play along with.

      They left the woman on the altar and started to come at me, so I willed the rope untied and jumped up. They were all super surprised and WTF. An alarm rang and people were running everywhere, and I shot through the window out into the sky. In the sky there were lots of jets and people with jetpacks flying around, and I realized it was some kind of war. People were fighting each other. The guys in the building were the bad guys, so I joined up with the good guys and flew around watching the action. I noticed the building I came from was getting bombed, it was a giant complex, and soon there was a massive hole that took out a whole floor.

      As I watched, an older lady flew up next to me, prepared to fight. So I tried to shoot off a Kamehameha, but it just fizzled. God, why can't I ever get DBZ stuff to work? Bleh... well, as soon as I attempted that, she started saying THE WORD, and I knew she was about to fire off her own Kamehameha. Just as it shot out of her hands, I freaked out thinking if I got hit, I would wake up, so I threw my arms forward and desperately tried again, AND IT WORKED. Mine met hers and overpowered it, and I destroyed her.

      After that, I willed my clothes to be like the robes the guys in the complex were wearing, and went inside to try to save that woman. It was a lot of fun sneaking around like a spy. I was able to find her, but some other guys saw us and chased after us. We took a detour into a small hallway with a long booth, and sat down on the booth waiting for them to pass. But then I woke up.


      A really strange dream where I was in the car with Cory and we were driving around a roundabout over and over without exiting it. I was holding a mechanical pencil and the shifting car caused me to stab myself in the right upper arm. It hurt like a bitch, and the stick of lead was stuck in me. I grabbed it to pull it out, but it was super long and started freaking me out. Once I pulled it out, I saw there was more in there, and eventually I was squeezing my arm trying to pop the other sticks of lead out. It was pretty freaky.


      Another lucid dream. I was standing out in a grassy field. Off in the distance was the treeline of a forest, and there was a barn. I walked along in the field, kind of amazed at how vivid this dream was. The grass was super super green, and I was barefoot and it felt nice. I kept walking along, not really wanting to do much but enjoy it, because sometimes it's fun to just relax.

      As I continued along, I wondered about summoning up Seru, so I attempted it. I tried a trick I read about on here where you reach your hand behind you and they grab on to it. Didn't work. Just as I was about to give up, he walked out of the forest onto the field, but there was something off about him. Only after he moved closer did I realize it wasn't actually Seru, it was just some random DC that looked like him, and he looked SUPER PISSED OFF. He just kind of loomed over me giving me this terrifying look, and then he took off quickly. I tried to follow him to see WTF was going on but he was too quick for me.
    5. Beta reading fanfiction, and a ride on top of a car

      by , 08-29-2015 at 04:35 PM (Mouka's Mind Palace)

      I was in high school, and it was the last day before spring break. After class the teacher kept a few of us in the room, and asked us to beta read some fiction that other students wrote. She laid all the stories out in a vertical row on this bar thing, and we went up and picked one each. Mary, a friend of mine from high school, picked up the weird Zoolander fanfic, which was the one I wanted. So instead I picked the erotic MA rated story, figuring I could learn a thing or two about writing that sort of thing. As I was flipping through it, I realized it was HORRIBLY BAD. Like, they used the most disturbing terminology to describe penises and I just kept laughing. So I put it in my bag and left the room.

      Before I left the school, I realized I was on my period (ugh) so I ran into the restroom to get a tampon real quick, and I noticed the restroom was DISGUSTING. Like, there were puddles of pee all over the floor and stuff. I nope'd on out of there and went into the men's restroom instead, and it was super clean. Which was weird, because usually the stereotype is the other way around. So as I left the restroom, I put on my headphones and put my mp3 player and my iPod in my pocket, and walked down the hall. I bumped into Misha Collins, but I kept calling him Castiel, and we walked out into the parking lot together, talking about things. It was raining outside and he lamented over the fact that he couldn't put his headphones on like me because he was afraid the rain would short circuit them and that his iPod couldn't fit in his pocket. He was totally bitching about it. I was like "Dude, they totally fit in your pocket..." and showed him that I had both that and my phone in my pocket. This just blew his mind for some reason. We parted ways in the parking lot and I headed out to my car.


      Mom was headed on a road trip to see grandma, and I was pissed because she wouldn't let me come along. So as she drove off, I grabbed on to the car and just sat on top of the trunk while she drove along. I have no idea how she didn't notice me there.

      The road trip was super long, and a few times I fell off and had to grab onto the bumper to keep from hitting the road, so by the time we got there, I was tired as hell. She pulled in down the gravel path and stopped and got out, and was pissed off that I'd hitched a ride like that. She was also screaming about how I could've died. I replied that she was a horrible driver because if she had looked in ANY of her mirrors she would've seen me. I walked around the property by myself.


      Something about Cory withdrawing $100 from the bank account and using it to buy some little thing, and I got angry because he kept taking money out of the account so he could spend it on things without me knowing. He was also late from work a lot so I was accusing him of horrible shit.


      Something involving Seru getting really pissed and drop kicking some dude. I remember feeling tense and thinking WTF. Also at some point I noticed my nail polish was completely wiped clean. I just stared at my nails all weirded out. It was the first dream of the night, and by the time I finished remembering the other dreams, I totally forgot most of this one.

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    6. Night 11: drunken driving and short semilucid

      by , 08-28-2015 at 02:36 PM
      i apparently was partying i am asleep and C is waking me up (i lay on the ground?) she tells me we need to go or she needs to be somewhere. i am there with a car so i need to drive. i stand up and go to the car its a small one. my trunk is open and my backpack stands inside. i take it and put it on the frontseat. C get inside. i feel drunk but try not to show it. C tells me ah here you can buy something to eat or we first drive there and there and you buy yourself something there. i start the car and have problems with accelerator and break. we drive a short distance and turn right. i stop next to a car and try to fit in a parking hole or just to stand parallel to the car? i dont manage it that good because i am to far away from the other car. Nevermind i think and and keep on driving a litte choppy. its a small traffic calmed street. i drive slowly so i have the feeling that not that much can happen even if i feel that weird. another car comes towards us. a young girl is sitting in it and she drives in the middle of the whole street. i feel uncomfy and try to drive as far right as possible and in the last moment she steer a little to her right. C is complaining about her. i turn left and try to relax and try not to make a accident.


      i am in a foreign apartment. L and other people are there. i go the stairs down and leave the house. [i think here my Alarm clock ringed. it seemed that i turn it on snooze and fall asleep again and in the same dream back (DEID without the L^^)] i go back to the building and in front at a corner there are two guys that are smoking. i know that they where with us and they know each other but somehow its seems that they ignore eachother. i keep on going and am at the entrance there are a lot of bells and i think about what the name of the guy is i want to go, i am not sure what i am doing here but the buzzer turns on and the door opens. i think ah there were so many people outside so its nothing special he saw me and opend the door. i go up the stairs but again dont know or dont find the apartment im heading. a guy opens the door. it seems that he is the one who opened the door downstairs. i tell him i dont want to him and he closes the door. i think again and move back some steps and suddenly i see that behind his door there is a floor and it clicks in my head "Ah i am on the opposite site of the appartment and just need to follow the floor because everything is now mirrored" while i go thru the floor in my head/narrator says that he did deep mindfullness breathing and thats the reason why. i start breathing deeper. my awarness is rising. i enter an apartment/room a naked guy is sitting there and looking at me. i dont look down and pass him. on the left site there are two other guys just sitting there nobody is talking. i look back at the naked man cross the room and go through a door. here i see L again and i am happy to find him. [i am semilucid now] i tell him Nightfeather is coming up and point at the stairs behind him. he smiles knowingly[yesterday i told him IWL that i can now summon just like that people and they appear near me] we both go to the stairs and look down and just like that a girl with red a little brighter than yesterdayruns up the stairs. L and i look at each other and need to laugh hard like NO WAY its works really. i am happy that i could show him what i ment but then think about it and know that he wont know it in the morning because its my dream and not his... i meet her we hug shortly and i ask her how she is. she says good and i tell her that first we need to finish here something and then we can go. but then i ask her if she want to go outside with me and we go down and are in a street. she needs to go somewhere and i am waiting. i approach a shop at a corner where two women are talking to each other. the shop has no windows so i just enter. i look what she is selling and there are leather cloth. i look closer and see that it is motorcylce cloth like the stuff bikegangs are wearing. i look again at the two women and one is sitting now on a little harley. i walk backwards out of the shop and suddenly sit on a bike to. i drive a little up the street but remember than that i want to take NF with me so i turn and drive back to the crossroad. i search for her but cant find her. i call her name and after some time someone is approaching me and i wake up because the Alarmclock is ringing again.
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    7. My way or the highway

      by , 08-09-2015 at 06:32 AM (Awake to take in the view...)
      My last entry got deleted -_- Retyping...

      Due to a poor night's sleep (allergies destroy!), I did not lucid dream last night. I remembered a fragment, but was too exhausted to record it, and thus forgot it by morning.

      I tried the MILD method for the first time in a while, though, during a nap. It didn't quite work, so I guess I need more practice. But! I did recall a dream, so it did work to an extent.

      I was with my family in a car. One of those hired driver guys was driving us somewhere. He was looking at the map on his GPS or phone or whatever it was. He turned back to us and he said, "My way or the highway - my way is quicker!" And then he drove us on whatever route was not the highway.

      I might've attained lucidity if it weren't for my piece of crap, broken satellite watch, which decided it was randomly going to beep from my dresser. Woke me up right away. I really need to get that thing fixed.

      Aaaand now I'm going to bed. c: We'll see how tonight goes.
      Tags: driving
    8. Visiting orphanages, and moving an apartment

      by , 07-04-2015 at 08:03 AM (Mouka's Mind Palace)
      Cory and I were looking to adopt a kid, so we mapped out a few orphanages on our GPS. Apparently you can just go to a random orphanage and pick up a kid like you would a pet or something. So we set out in the car, but kept getting lost. Really lost, like driving through people's yards and at one point we were off-roading in some field of dirt. Cory wanted to drive up this sand bank but it was friggin sheer vertical sand and I said no way. He tried anyway and we slipped back down. I tried getting our location on the map on my phone, but the map kept zooming out and made it impossible. By some miracle we finally made it to the orphanage and we were looking at kids, and we were thinking on this 12ish year old boy with sandy hair. So we were walking around the orphanage with him and he was telling us about himself, but something about him seemed very off. He asked if we would adopt him, so Cory and I had a little pow-wow and we both really didn't want to. We wanted to move on to the next orphanage. We were dreading telling him because we didn't want to break his little heart, but we finally did and he looked so dejected and just said "Oh." and walked away. I wanted to cry.

      For some reason we were paying rent on two apartments because we were too lazy to move all the stuff from one apartment over to the other. So we slept at one apartment, but the other one had our washer/dryer, so we would drive over there to do our clothes. We decided to finally combine them but when we went to the washer/dryer apartment, we just couldn't figure out how to do it or how to bring the stuff back to the other place. Apparently we also kept a cash register with a moving belt attached to it at the apartment. Cory would put items on the belt and when they got to the end I'd bag them, and that's how we moved stuff. The belt was also super-magnetic so whenever something metal came down the line, it would stick and I'd have to struggle to pull it off.

      I don't remember the last dream, just that I was sitting on the ground and Seru in his semi-perfect form was standing there screaming at me and I was like WTF. And I was friggin terrified for some reason.
    9. Two unstable lucids, and taking a trip with mom

      by , 06-25-2015 at 06:19 PM (Mouka's Mind Palace)
      I was taking a trip with my mom and brother, and it was night outside. Mom was driving and she really sucked at it, and it was stressing me out. We went through this construction zone and there were those big cones that lined the way to go, but mom didn't follow them at all and took off her own way, hitting cones and all these small square cubes over the broken up areas of the road. There were also big concrete road blocks, and she almost hit a few and had to back up and keep driving. I was screaming at her to just stop being a dumbass and just follow the white truck ahead of us, since it was going along the right way. After that we were hungry so we stopped to get some candy and soda at some gas station. When I went inside, there was this hipster-looking girl with square glasses and bobbed hair... I think it actually might have been Akiko in glasses. She was making pizzas and I said I wanted one instead of candy so I got a pizza. She assumed I wanted just cheese and said "Oh thank god you don't want a whole bunch of extra stuff on it, it takes foreveerrrrr." But she was okay with putting pepperoni on it. I laughed and said "You're lucky my brother isn't in here then, he'd get everything on his. Onions and all that stuff..." Then she threw my pizza into a big microwave and gave it to me. Later we lost my brother and had to go driving around looking for him. It was still dark and I remember looking out over a desert area from the road, thinking that we'd never see him again.

      So... I had about five episodes of sleep paralysis last night because I slept so horribly. I tried using each one to enter a lucid dream but mostly failed. The first one I was so heavy and it felt like I was trying to sit up in bed while being super sick. I looked down at my hands and my fingers were just all over the place, but I couldn't bring myself to get out of the bed, which sucked. I told myself I should've just tried floating out of bed... The second time I went lucid, I again looked at my hands but instead of my fingers being weird, my entire hand was blurry as hell. I was able to stand up and I backed up to the wall, trying to take in everything around me in an effort to stabilize. Again I couldn't move. But this time I remembered to float, and I was staring up at the ceiling, which stretched out super high now, and started floating upwards. I think I was trying to get my dumb ass to the hyperbolic time chamber, haha... but then I was pulled back into my own body. Fffffail. Why have my lucid dreams been so hard to control and stabilize this month? It must be all the stress from moving cross-country :\ I've noticed I have a lot of dreams involving driving lately, so yeah.
      non-lucid , lucid
    10. Dream fragments, and giant snowflakes

      by , 06-22-2015 at 07:17 PM (Mouka's Mind Palace)
      (Was up all night EBaying and it kinda threw me off my sleep schedule... I don't remember too much of my dreams today.)

      There was a boatload of snow on the ground and for some reason I needed to drive somewhere. Someone asked if I've ever driven through snow before and I lied and said I had. I could see the snow falling when I looked out the window, but the snowflakes were huge, like maybe a foot in diameter. They were really pretty.

      Some dream where I was in a classroom and we were paired up with partners.

      There was a guy that looked like RuPaul giving a presentation about a new Madison campus. A few other students and I were sitting on some chairs in a row to listen, but it turned out to be a presentation on a different college in Madison, so most of the students tried to leave. The guy got super mad and forced everyone to sit through the whole presentation. For some reason I didn't give a fuck and wanted to stay anyway.

      Something about a chicken? Like a raw chicken that I needed to cook. Then Seru opened the door suddenly and was looking at me funny. Something freaked me out about the chicken, I don't remember what.
    11. Live and Let Lucid

      by , 06-13-2015 at 06:15 PM
      I was in an apartment with a few friends. I was in the bedroom with a particular friend who I've only recently grown attracted to. We were laying next to eachother but not in any sexual sort of way, and I got up and went into the kitchen. I then saw the others laying in the living room and watching the television and hanging out. I saw my crush leave the room and I suddenly figured I'd ask her about her first kiss to segway into my kissing her, but decided the best place to do this wasn't in front of everyone where she'd feel pressured, so I retired back to the bedroom.

      She followed me but when she entered she was no longer herself. Instead of it being Alyssa it was now an old friend of mine Taylor. I felt awkward asking a question with that purpose but for some reason it was already decided that I'd ask. So I did and she mentioned something about her boyfriend and then we segwayed into going on a trip.

      We were in a BMW that was stick shift however the seat was rotated funky and I couldn't press on the clutch very easily and shifting was a challenge. I adjusted the seat as we approached a red light after driving several blocks with this uncomfortable seating arrangement. I was feeling very tired or something and was looking out the passenger window instead of watching where I was going and the lady in the lane to the left of me had decided to start switching lanes to pull into my lane but ran out of room to pull forward so she was half in my lane and half in hers. I have extensive wreck avoidance practice from racing and so out of the corner of my eye I saw her as I approached and I had pulled a bit far up on her side, it looked as if I was trying to block her from getting into my lane.

      The driver was a middle aged mother of 2 and both of her daughters were sitting in the passenger seat looking out the window. I could hear them talking and somehow our cars were attached and it was like we were only separated by a thin sheet of glass but I could hear them just as if they were right next to me. I told Taylor that I could hear them and then I wondered if they could hear me. When I looked back at the mother and daughters all three of them were looking directly at me, but not in a creepy way, just more like the mother was looking at me because she was pissed off and the daughters were looking because the mother was.

      The light turned green.

      I let her pull ahead of me and I began to drive. With the seat fixed I felt much better with driving the manual transmission and downshifted to second gear after we were going down the road. I nailed the gas and we began to take off but it wasn't as quick as I anticipated. In fact the car was rather slow. I shifted to third gear. Not much speed.

      The road then dead ended into a parking garage and we were waiting in a line of people to get a ticket to park. I noticed that the lady from the red light was in front of me.

      We lost interest in waiting and got out of the car and walked through a doorway. We were on this rooftop of sorts. It was like a restaurant that had been setup on a rooftop. It wasn't the place we had been looking for and I looked around. There were quite a few people around. Suddenly across the rooftop an older man raised his hand and waived at us. It was Taylor's PaPa. He was a kindly looking older man with white hair. Before we walked all the way over to him I thought "this is all a really weird scenario" and decided to do a reality check. I looked at my hand to count my fingers, a full proof method of reality checking for me, and noticed I had 5 fingers. I looked up and then looked back down at my hand. I had to concentrate because it was difficult to count for some reason but i managed to tell that there was an irregularity with my hand. I managed to count 6 fingers. I said "okay 6 fingers so I'm dreaming".

      I felt the rush of lucidity waft over me like a wave on the sands of the beach. I felt warm and everything became very clear and colorful. The sun was out and there were clouds in the sky and people eating at tables. The first thing I wanted to do was stabilize the dream. I started clapping my hands together and then remembered reading something about touching objects in the dream world. I walked up to somebodies table and slapped my hands down on it. They didn't go through. I was surprised at how real it felt. I rubbed my hands together a little more and then I walked up a small flight of stairs to go to the next balcony restaurant patio thing and picked up somebodies drink from their table. I poured it on the ground right in front of them and laughed. They looked at me and I said "suck it" and then he went back to eating. I looked around and started wondering what I should do. I quickly looked for the hottest girl around to get some action with but then thought that this would be a waste of a lucid dream. Regardless I found a girl and slipped my hands into her shirt. I closed my eyes for a moment to imagine a girl and have her appear but when I closed my eyes I lost lucidity and the dreamscape closed.

      Fuck. Wasted a perfect lucid dream.
    12. LD: Teleportation and Time Travel

      by , 05-19-2015 at 06:09 PM
      I had a dream which was sort of lucid. I was aware of some things, but I was still really connected to the dream's story line and didn't even think to abandon it and complete my goals.

      Teleportation and Time Travel

      I was driving through an unfamiliar big city (dream sign). I came up on a big hill and started to go down. I realized that I couldn't reach the brake. I also realized that I wasn't even in the drivers seat. What was I doing driving a car from the passengers side (another dream sign!)?? The car was picking up speed. I would soon reach the bottom of the hill and crash if I couldn't get to the brake. I stretched my leg. My foot kept getting caught on things in the way. Finally when all seemed lost, my foot touched the brake pedal, and I was able to apply pressure until I stopped.

      I decided that I really didn't want to be driving here in this big city. I needed to go back home. But then I looked over and saw that I was about a block or two from the ocean. Suddenly Tanya was with me. I said, "Let's go walk on the beach for a few minutes before going back, shall we?"

      I made a left turn to try to find a place to park, and we were suddenly on foot. We walked past all these cool looking restaurants. I wanted to go in one, but decided to do that on the way back. We continued to walk. I noticed we were both pushing baby strollers. I think it was little Charles in mine. Not sure who the other baby was.

      As we got closer to the beach the shops were further apart, less fancy and looked a lot more run down. A guy came out of one as we approached. He held up some things he was selling. It reminded me of being in a foreign country. I told him I wasn't interested in buying anything. Suddenly he pulled the strollers (and us) into his shack and handcuffed the strollers to a pole. I was feeling quite afraid. I don't know why I didn't think to scream for help. But then I realized something. I'm lucid, I thought. (I wasn't lucid enough to create a whole new dream scene, but I was lucid enough to know I had power over the situation). I told Tanya to grab my hand and close her eyes, and I would get us out of there.

      I pulled us all close and closed my eyes and transported us back to the busy shop area. Not only did I do that, but I had transported us back in time by a couple hours--so the bad guy wouldn't come after us.

      It was such a feeling of accomplishment. I knew I had never done anything quite like that in my dreams before.

      I think I lost lucidity after that. I remember meeting up with Jacob and looking at things in one of the shops.
    13. The Women's Restroom

      by , 04-01-2015 at 10:28 PM (Xanous' Dream Journal)
      #427 - DILD - 12:08AM

      I went to bed around 9pm but was having another very restless night. I ended up meditating a little and then falling asleep with "lucid dreaming" as a mantra.

      I am driving; following my mom in another car. We are going to church, but she's super early for some reason. I turn off decided to see if Wal-Mart has an item I need IWL. As I turn down a side street, I contemplate going to church with my parents. I shout out loud, "I DON'T WANT TO GO TO CHURCH!" I look up at my rear-view mirror and see myself. I have a scowl on my face and my hair looks disheveled. Then, it dawns on my that I don't have to anymore. I'm a grown ass man. I decide I'll not go to church, but not go home either. I'll just spend the time shopping for stuff I've been wanting to buy.

      I am suddenly in a fast food restaurant and I realize this sudden change in scene triggering lucidity. The first thing I think of is to find Bemistaken. I don't know why, but I feel like the women's restroom is the more logical place to look. I look to my left and see the restroom sign and entryway. I shout for Bemistaken and a stall opens up. A woman pops her head out smiling, but she only looks like a poor imitation. Rather than probing farther, I quickly dismiss the woman. I suddenly, recall the mirror task from last month and remember that I wanted to do it better. I turn to the sinks and push my face into the glass. The other side looks much the same, but I decide it must have just taken me through the wall into the men's room. The dream is starting to fade now, but I manage to look around and see urinals to confirm my idea. I quickly wake up.


      I am on a plane ride with my wife and kids. I try for a window seat but the plane is made like a hotel room. There are recliners near a large plane glass window. I want to take pictures of the view, but I have to fasten my way too young baby daughter in her car seat.


      I am with all the people I work with and we all see a tornado in the distance. I take a snapchat video and watch the replay. I can see sparks from power lines snapping. Suddenly, one is much closer and coming our way. We all turn to go back inside, but we are just in some old trailer house. It's a small tornado that blows over us. I heard popping and crashing, some glass shatters, but we are all fine. I ask about [someone] and my boss says she was caught outside. I go out and see my car is totally flat. I cry about not buying the Gap Insurance. I go to find my wife in another trailer. Her father is there and I ask about her whereabouts. He just shrug like he doesn't care. I berate him for this and then find her sleeping on a cot. I tell her about the car but she just stares at me blankly. I go outside to take a video of myself and my car. I try to tell what happened but I keep getting choked up. I should have just bought the Gap Insurance.

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    14. War Games

      by , 03-21-2015 at 04:12 PM (Xanous' Dream Journal)
      #424 - DILD - 5:33AM

      My sister in law M has a runners backpack on. It looks a lot like the picture below but it all white with red trim and is made of soft, dry-wick, polyester. I really want one of my own for when I start cycling back up as well as trail running. I tell my wife I really want one as I look it up on my phone. The brand is called 'Calender 3' and the model is 'Delilah'. Hmmm sounds girly, but I still like it. I see it costs $30 and I tell my wife that it's not a bad price. I wake up really hoping this backpack is real.

      Another Newbi-ueewndt.jpg

      it's almost 4am so I get up, use the bathroom, and get a drink generally milling about for a few minutes. I decide to lay back down and spend some time meditating but pass out quickly.

      I am playing some sort of war game on an arcade machine, but I realize that everything I am doing is actually a real battle. I see several other arcade machines lined up next to me and I decide to call in the others to help. Everything is set up outside in near a war torn, dilapidated building. I round a corner and shout, "Hey." someone fires a shot but misses. I use my cell phone to signal so they know it's me. I call out for 5 troops and the come. I realize only 2 or 3 are left so I tell them all to come. One looks like an Imperial Officer from Star Wars.

      Another Newbi-review_scpiett_still.jpg

      My daughters come to join the war game and I set my older up on a fighter jet game. My younger is going to be my co-op player 2 on my game. I have some issue with the buttons and the front has extended like a long table. I have to climb to reach the player 2 button. My son gets in my seat and falls and hits his head. I yell harshly at my younger daughter because she didn't stop him. Then I feel bad for yelling and apologize to her as I hold my crying son on the couch. My older daughter is player her game but she is attacking the wrong country, Japan. I know they will for sure break from the alliance now. Think she may as well do as much damage as possible. I watch as she is flying close to skyscrapers and shooting out windows. The fires off a few rockets but doesn't do much damage. She finally crashes into a building and laughs.

      I stand up and now I am in the living room at home. My daughter and I have some conversation about what just happened and somehow I decide this is all a dream. I say, "I've decide this is a dream." The world almost crashes here, but I stabilize by jumping up and down around the house.. The sensation brings everything back to vividness. I randomly decide to do pull-ups on the chandelier over the dining table. I feel my muscles tense and I wonder if I am some how benefiting from this exercise. I decide to make it 'harder' so I extend my legs forward to the ceiling as I continue pull-ups. I feel physical muscle strain now. This almost wakes me up so I stop and swing off the chandelier into the living room area (it's actually all one big room).

      My son is trying to get outside and I stop him at first, but remembering its a dream, I take him outside with me as we adventure. I decide to have fun in the car and I take time to put him in the car seat. I know it doesn't matter, but it makes me feel better to do this. I wonder if I will have difficulty and waste time fumbling with things, but everything goes smoothly. I hop in the driver seat and turn the key. The car is positioned wrong and I have to back up and turn around. I reverse it and then slam it hard into 'drive' and peel out as I leave the drive way. I drive fast without stopping at intersection and make several random turns. I come to a traffic light and weave around the stopped cars, cutting the others off. I quickly lose interest in driving and my visual weaken. I have to focus the dream back and decide I need to bring the joy ride to an end. I see the road ends at the doors of a department store so I floor it. The effort of the gas pedal make my foot extra tired.

      We crash through the glass and now I am standing in the mall holding my son. There is an extra large RC car about the size of a shopping cart in front of me. It's plowing through kiosks and stands. A young woman in a grey dress screams and runs away. Jerry from work says something about my driving a car into the mall again. Again? I've never done this. A security guard runs up to stop the car shouting the same thing as Jerry. I wake up.
    15. (March 18, 2015) Camping (tried to be detailed) (fragmented memory)

      by , 03-18-2015 at 03:13 PM
      I remember around the beginning and end of the dream but am forgetting a lot of the details throughout. I remember driving my truck out in the back country somewhere, driving down a dusty dirt road, a few trees scattered through-out with tall grass of slightly varied shades of greens and a few dried up patches. the time of day was either sunrise or sunset, but it looked as though the sun was setting, and the warm orange/yellow light of the sun was cast out upon this hilly field. at the end of the straight part of the dirt road it started winding at a downward angle to the left abruptly. When we(cant remember who) reached the bottom of the curved dirt road slope I parked the truck and we got out. the scene changed a lot in random order but the general area never changed location. when we got out of the truck the first time, it was getting fairly dark out, so most of the plains were darker by now. the camp site we stopped at was a small basin ("bowl" shaped depression in the earth) with a flat bottom filled with sand. some of the walls were exposed sandstone and were probably weathered to form the sandy floor. I dont know when or how, but the scene changed. it was now mid afternoon, and the camp site we were at was now deeper underground, you could still see out but it was farther in the earth and looked partially underground now like a cave. we looked around the area, i thought to my self "many other people have been here before us" because i saw some areas that were covered in piles of trash and there was some graffiti. we decided to move to a clean spot and set up camp. we were still on the sandy floor of where ever we were. I set up a single-man orange tent next to a sandstone wall. the others had set up across from me about 15 feet away. at some point we walked into a small cave passage, and the details escape me but we got to a point where we were looking out a long glass pane attached to the sandstone rock, from in the cave and we saw someone at our camp. i thought to myself i dont want him looking through my stuff because i didn't want my gun and sunglasses taken. we got back to the camp site, i grabbed my stuff out of my green back pack. I made sure i had the items. a black m9 hand gun, and my purple and yellow knockaround sunglasses. all was well and we were going into our tents to sleep. i got in my tent, and it was now pitch black out. and that is where that dream ended.

      another fragment, i was in my room collecting coins from my desk area. my desk is in a small section of my room where it pushed outside a bit, the desk is mounted to the wall, has a tempered glass top over it, and there is a big window on the wall in front of it that it is against. i pick up a blue coin, and a white coin, and some kid is talking to me about how he pre-ordered a game for x-box. i told him it sounded cool, then my alarm woke me.
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