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    1. (march 11, 2015) driving, vault, darkness

      by , 03-11-2015 at 06:20 PM
      I had started out at my younger brothers school, not sure if I had drove there or just started the dream there. I think i had seen this place before though. I was in the cafeteria, and there was a long line of options to pick from. the room already had people sitting down and no one was in the line. The room looked like a lot of other high schools, varying colors of white and tan floor tiles that were waxed over. boring wall paint of the same colors. I was looking for my brother here and I found him shortly after waiting. we both got pizza in the lunch line and it took forever so they gave us a free sandwich. next thing i knew, my brother was driving my truck and i was in the back seat having a completely different sandwich. i got mad for some reason and threw it but decided i should probably clean it up. all of a sudden i was driving a GMC acadia, except this ine had a turbo charger and i would zoom by traffic. i almost hit a car at a red light but i pulled to the side and was safe. then everything turned black, but i was still driving. i tried turning on the headlights but they didnt help much. and once again a was in a completely new place with no transition. i was in a dark vault but decided to imagine a window and it worked, though i was not lucid. i tried opening the door with the puzzle on it but could not, i lock picked it instead and it opened up into a house. i think we were kept hostage there at first, but soon after my friends were there and everything seemed to be ok. there was one thing, apparently my friend also, who had the body of a man but the head of a pig. very strange and how did that not make me question my reality? i dont know.

      this one i kept a bit short due to time constraints, maybe ill edit it later to add detail. got two midterms and after that st. Pats week will kick off!
    2. (March 5, 2015) Truck crash

      by , 03-06-2015 at 06:55 AM
      March 5, 2015

      I was driving down some very twisting a winding country roads on a small mountain in my truck. The rounds had tight turns almost one right after another. It was in a pine forest with the uphill side on our right and the downhill side on our left. For some reason it was extremely difficult to see out my window, like it was fogged up beyond belief, or the glass just distorted the images coming through. Also i was on the right side of the vehicle(normally my passenger side) driving rather than the left, which I found strange but didnt become lucid. I tried turning the defroster on, and opening a window to clear it up but it didnt work. Eventually after not being able to see and the turns being to sharp to turn on safely, the truck rolled over on its side, then its roof. I got out and looked around and had no injuries. I was in a big pine tree forest standing on a dirt road. I saw a cell tower but as i got close it fell and some kid ran away who had cut it down. I eventually decided i needed to move to get cell service and walked through the trees and made it to a busy highway. I called 911 and told them what was going on but they were of little help. Once I told him i was at "Cedar Falls" he stopped for a moment and said that would be difficult to get there.I stopped by the highway and these people started throwing berries at me for some reason. I didn't get mad at them, i just kept calm. It was weird at first but they were nice and could help after I explained my situation. I started walking back to the vehicle and went to call the county sheriff but my phone was dead! (Somewhere in here i lost part of the dream)

      I was hanging out at my Fraternity's Annex property and the rooms didn't look at all like they should be. There was a lot of clutter, like clothes lying around, a big red carpet, a fish tabks, and i was on a bed with a black blanket on it. The room was square in shape. I was just talking to some friends, not sure who, when one of my other "sort of" friend came in and asked if i wanted to go swimming at a lake and i said sure after some time to talk about it. I spent a lot of the dream looking for the right clothes for swimming that were decently warm because i remembered its cold out. I left the Annex and went back to the main house. In the front yard at lot of people were playing some kind of sport, maybe whiffle ball. I got into the main house and everything looked as it should at first, but when i went into my room it did not look like my room but i didn't become lucid, even though i stared at a feature and questioned it but passed it off as normal. I was still looking for the right clothes but then i woke up. Thats twice in this dream i questioned something and passed it off as normal. Its more progress
    3. Lucid #31

      by , 03-04-2015 at 05:05 PM
      I am outside in a nice wooded area, there is a large clearing with a nursing home? in the distance. I am talking to my oldest friend. We are discussing going to the Grateful Dead reunion shows this summer in Chicago. I am unhappy because I didn't get tickets. I tell him I think that I can get tickets but then will have a transportation and accommodations problem. He tells me that he has done this before, he just caught a plane to Chicago and then took a taxi to the shows and back. I say "You seriously just took a taxi from the airport to Soldier Field and back, even after the show with traffic??" "YES!" he replies, "It was easy!" I find this difficult to believe.
      The conversation topic changes to something about dogs. At that moment my brother comes up on the sidewalk to our right, he is walking a dog. We greet him and he walks on by, without stopping to talk. I find this a bit strange and mention it to my friend.
      Next I am driving in a car away from the place where I was talking to my friend. I am driving a beat up blue Astro van. I am driving on a wooded road up a rather steep hill. The trees around me are all without leaves. The road turns around a corner and there is a fork, with the turn to the right leading downward, and the turn to the left leading up another hill. I take the left turn and go up the hill, a drive along the wooded road continues.
      I go up and around a corner and the road turns sharply down. I am worried that if I follow the road I will be unable to get the old van back up the hill. I go down anyways. I can see that there are piles of logs blocking the road in several places. I go around or pass through them. At the bottom of the hill I can see a fence and what appears to be a neighborhood beyond it. I make it down to the bottom of the hill. Next I am outside of the van looking at the fence.
      I turn around and the van is gone, there is a dilapidated but once beautiful house situated in the middle of the road. I decide it must be park headquarters, but it is obviously abandoned. I decide i will enter, thinking to myself "It will probably be pretty scary inside." I walk up onto the porch and notice there is a light on inside through one of the windows. I enter the house. I immediately realize that I am dreaming. Upon realizing this, I float up to the ceiling. The interior of the house is in good repair. The walls are white and there is very beautiful dark woodwork all around. I can see down the hallway I am in, there are several rooms branching off on both sides. There are tables with papers and boxes on them pushed up against the walls. I think that I should remain calm. The hallway starts to blur. I clap my hands twice and everything becomes vivid and very clearly defined. I rub my hands together. I try to think about what I should do, but I have difficulty thinking of what to do next. I decide I will explore the house by entering the room on my right. The dream starts to fade and I wake up.
      Tags: car, driving, house, lucid
    4. #67 - slightly scary but not really (lucid)

      by , 02-25-2015 at 06:32 AM (The Oneironaut's Odyssey)
      Black: Non-dream
      Blue: Non-lucid
      Red: Lucid

      Dream - Desert with ghost woman
      Before become lucid I remember that I was driving to a house in a dusty kind of Australian outbacks scenery... I think I might have been dropping someone off, but I became lucid as I left the place, and somehow I'm no longer in the car (which I don't notice at the time). My reaction is dulled, and my realization to the lucidity is weak at best which is likely why it was quite stable and calm. Some kind of thing approaches me but I can't remember this part at all, I only remember dismissing it from my mind during the dream to get rid of it (hence why I probably can't even remember it, good job me ). I seem to walk around the environment for a little longer until a grey-skinned skeletal woman appeared. (my first impression was an anorexic black woman, but the more I think about the less I feel it looked like that). She kind of floated about, and the whole thing made me uneasy, but since I knew it was a dream I tried to dismiss it. This time it didn't go so well... I was trying to dissolve the spectre but nothing was happening . Progressing to a more panicked state I realize there's a wooden pole in my hand and she's on the opposite side of a fence now, I wack at her over and over but the stick just goes through her. She floats through the fence towards me, and now I try something unthinkably weird... Like I would never do this kind of weird O_O I try to transform her into an actual woman, reforming her image (since this felt so low-level I don't think I really had much going on in terms of thought processes, like there was no filter). I get behind her a get closer, she's got tanned-dark skin now and I try to make her breasts bigger (jesus should I be writing this...) The next thing was to kind of humanize her and turn her on or something, I get quite a bit of success but 10 seconds from starting this whole approach I ended up waking up.
    5. Elevator to the Moon and Driving Jimmy to Pageant

      by , 02-24-2015 at 07:49 PM
      07-18-2014 -- Three tonight of varying detail. The third is the hardest to remember, though there are a couple of interesting images in it. As one point I am in some sort of magical elevator or something. It is not in a building, but it is carrying us to a point about as high as the tallest building on Earth. When we get there, somebody is commenting, amazed on how high it is, and I am explaining that's nothing, yet, as we suddenly shoot up even faster, until we are hovering just a few thousand meters above the moon.

      I feel like I am missing a lot, because the next thing I know, I seem to be driving Jimmy home, but his house is the Pageant house (or right next to it) and I have never taken him home there, before. Marilyn is along for the ride, and we are having some kind of discussion about repairing a bike, and how much I want to fix it, and as Marilyn is commenting on how they ought to let me fix it, I seem to be half-riding it, half walking it, as the two kids walk along side of me.

      Meanwhile, they are discussing how their cleaning lady comes up from just down the street, and I am riding on the wrong side of the street to leave space in case she comes riding along, and Jimmy is laughing at me and trying to explain to me that he doesn't think little old ladies ride bikes, while I know from watching English stuff on TV that at least some little old ladies most certainly do! But he claims she is on a walker, and walks to the house.

      Meanwhile, we reach the last couple of houses on the block, and the second from the end is the Lane house. They have a large sign (probably about four by five feet) made out of that plastic stuff woven with yarn, praising something that Marilyn has accomplished. It seems that the neighbor in the final house is into building things, inventing things, construction, and as a part of that, crafts. He has a huge American flag in his yard, made from the same kind of materials.

      As we approach the house, Marilyn spots a dog in the neighbor's yard, who looks like a slightly more white version of Zorro, and is going nuts about it, while the neighbor comes over to talk about some stuff he plans to do, working on the two houses. He also makes mention of expecting to have slight problems from the neighbor in what used to by the house I lived in on Pageant, because Rosemary (who in the dream owns the place) is going to want to be included, but won't want to pay the very low costs for materials. Interesting.
    6. Detailed Calea Z Dream, Bugs, Aliens, and Cool Powers (Lucid)

      by , 02-21-2015 at 07:29 PM
      12-02-2014 -- First experience with Calea Z. Slept a few hours, woke after 4 or so hours, and took 2 capsules of Calea Z (appx 1 gram). Though I was very tired, could not get back to sleep. Somehow seemed to energize me a bit. Could have been the excitement of the expectation of the dreams I hoped to have. Muttered about my annoyance of not being able to fall asleep, yet still felt unusually content, overall. Perhaps two or three hours later, dozed off for a minute or two, and had the following short dream, very vivid, but not long or interesting. Annoyed to wake up far too quickly from it.

      I am driving on a freeway in Orlando, heading south on a freeway right next to the airport. (Have frequently driven this non-existent freeway in my dreams). Not sure of the car, but possibly the Lexus, since I am in the passenger seat, and Joe L. is driving. He seems to kind of freeze up, and is just sitting there as we are about to run off the road, so I lean over and grab the steering wheel. I can feel the leather under my hand, and can feel the tension of the wheel as I struggle to control it from my seat. I steer us back to the center of the lane, but now find there are several large granite boulders on the road in front of us, ranging in size from a couple of feet to five or six feet tall, and I continue to try to steer the car around them, the whole time marveling at the detail of the textures on the boulders and the difficulty of controlling the car from the passenger seat.

      Suddenly the car is in Buena Park, perhaps on the 91 freeway, driving with Dale. I do not know where he is taking me, and he isn't saying anything, but I soon find we are stopping at a bookstore somewhere in Fullerton that I have been to once or twice before (in my dreams). It is a smaller used bookstore (and getting smaller all the time) but I know the last time I was here I found some 3 Investigators stories I needed, and some kids books. This time as I glance around, I am kind of sad to find nothing new. I already have all of the 3I books, and while I am glad to see several of the old Apple paperback GK novels available for others, they are nothing I needed. I'm rather disappointed to find there is nothing here that I am really interested in.

      Again, woke up a few minutes later, and spent another hour or so laying in bed trying to fall asleep, and annoyed that the last sleep period was so short and uninteresting. Finally managed to fall asleep for probably a half hour or so, and managed to have the following, more lengthy, more interesting dream with some interesting powers and a period of lucidity.

      I am poking around the Hickory house in a dream that seems to tie in to a dream I had about two nights ago, where I found my room had been given away. My 2nd bedroom is still here, but I don't think I am currently sleeping in it. It is rather beat up, and filled with junk and litter. Neither of the doors are shut, and I know mom is not allowing me to shut the kitchen door, which annoys me no end. I am thinking of putting a new lock on it, that only I have a key for, and telling her to just learn to deal with it. Meanwhile, the piles of junk in my room are sort of sliding out the door and onto the kitchen floor where the stove should be, but oddly it is missing. [At first I did not know where this came from, but I realized I am probably telling myself to get all the crap off my bed, so it doesn't shift under me while I am shifting. None of this junk needs to be on the bed.]

      I wander out front, and seem to be sleeping in the back seat of my car, which seems to be a big black thing like an old, huge Caddy or something. I hear a noise and glance up, and a Lynx handicap van has just pulled up. It seems mom has an appointment to go somewhere. I am kind of ticked that she didn't ask if I would give her a ride or anything, so when she shakes me and tries to wake me to say goodbye, I act like I am still sleeping. She rides off in the van. I can't really sleep all that well, because there is all kinds of crap in the car, as well, so I decide it is time to clean it out a bit. I climb out, and look around all the junk that is piled outside the garage. There are several large trash cans, and I figure I will drag one of them next to the car and start filling it up. Problem is, as I reach for it, I see what looks like a black widow spider crawling around the handle, so I back off.

      As I try to step back, my foot gets caught in an old cardboard box, and as I try to shake it off my foot, several more spiders go running off. One of them is about six inches long, and kind of hairy, like a tarantula or something, yet it is also extremely thin, so it is the size of a tarantula, but shaped like a daddy long legs. I shake them all off, and back away to give them time to move to new areas, then try to grab the trash can again, but jerk my hand away as I suddenly feel a burning sensation. I wonder if I have been bit by a spider, but as I pull my hand back, I find there are several small, glowing, green caterpillars on my hand, probably about 3/8" around, and between 1 and 3" long.

      I don't know exactly what they are, but they burn to the touch, and even as I shake some off, and try to pull others off, I find they have gotten into my body, and do so more at every touch. I can see the wounds where they touched me, and if I squeeze around them, a sort of glowing pus that is turning into more of the things the longer they stay in my body is squeezed out. So I am trying to squeeze all the spots and get rid of them, but at every touch, it just causes more infection and burning. Very cool little glowing critters, though. There are a couple of other people standing around, and I am asking them to help me, but explaining it is very important they don't let the things touch their skin. Suddenly I am wearing a pair of thick leather gloves, as I continue to try and get rid of the things, and you can see steam rising from the gloves, and hear the hissing of the heat from the bugs. They seem to be very acidic or something, hence the burning. I squeeze more and more of them out of my skin, and squish them between my gloved fingers, and eventually manage to free myself from all of them.

      About this time, my friend BC has shown up, and is wondering what I am doing, and why I am not ready, as we are getting ready to go out and do something or something. I point out the gloves and explain, and try to get her to look at them (they are still sizzling). So we're talking to several other people standing around, and one of them turns to face me head-on, and I find he looks much like the alien from the diner episode of the Twilight Zone, with the large third eye in the center of his forehead, except it is a very vivid blue, rather than black and white. Suddenly it hits me that I am dreaming, and I start to scream out "Lucid!" but oddly, everybody around me starts a nanosecond later, screaming the same thing. Weird, but neat.

      So I wander back inside with BC and she is on her cell phone with her kids, and it seems we're getting ready for a Halloween party or something, because she is in the middle of dressing up as a cross between a weird blue dwarf and a Smurf. She's not small enough to be a Smurf, and doesn't have the hat, but the color is about the Smurf coloring. She has a two or three inch beard (think Grumpy from Once Upon a Time) which is white, and the paint or powder or whatever on the right side of her face has been rubbing off or something, so I am pointing out she needs to touch it up a bit, and I may be joking with her a little about it, like I was with Jimmy yesterday for his make-up test. She is wearing a loose white tunic (this part sounds more like Smurfette) which gives me a nice glimpse of her assets, and as I am dreaming anyway, I figure we're going to have a little fun in a bit.

      So she is talking on the phone, and suddenly she stumbles on something, and is grumbling about it, and I wonder what she stumbled on, so I wander over to look, and I catch a glimpse of a tennis shoe, before it is pulled back, and hear some other muttering. So I push aside a sort of fabric hanging, and step into what seems very much like a tent, somehow sitting in the kitchen wall. Inside, I find two females wrapped up in each others' arms, nude, but partly covered by a sheet or blanket.
      Spoiler for Detailed Nudity:

      But eventually I move on ... after all, I have my own fun to have with my own friend. Except ... I have no idea what I am supposed to be wearing for a costume, and as I glance at my room, and indeed, around the whole house, I am disgusted. The walls are filthy, the place is a mess, and there is junk everywhere. There is a room just off the entry hall (where there should be a closet, two bathrooms and mom's bedroom) that is just a single large junk room filled with trash, clutter, and broken crap. I just can't take it any more, and stick out both hands like some kind of super hero, and fire something at the wall. I don't know what it is, except it seems like some strange sort of black points of energy in a sort of stream. It acts kind of like a pressure washer, in that you can see the dirt streaming off the walls in waves, except there is no water, and no mess left on the floor. The dirt runs down the walls and just disappears as it reaches the floors.

      Even more interesting is what happens with other stuff. The stream hits a cracked window with a sign hanging crookedly from a single clip, and the glass is clean, the crack is repaired, and suddenly the sign is hanging straight from two clips. Everything touched by the 'spray' of power is cleaned, repaired, polished, and straightened up. It is really interesting when I spray a pair of broken saloon-style doors that are battered, missing strips of wood, dirty, and hanging at drunken angles as the wood reappears, the damage disappears, polish and color flows on it, and the doors snap up to their proper positions. It isn't instantaneous, I have to go back over each area two or three times, with more cleaning and repairing happening each time, but it takes only a minute or two to clean up the entire junk room. I am just about to start on my room when I wake up.

      For such a short period of time, and the problem getting back asleep, I am very impressed with the level of detail of the dream. I doubt I have had a dream that detailed in months. Fairly pleased with the first attempt with Calea Z. Will probably try again tomorrow and see how it goes, though I will probably only use it once or twice a week, to avoid building up some sort of tolerance to the effects.

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    7. 2-3-15 Fragments - Driving

      by , 02-03-2015 at 10:57 AM (Percy's Void of Thoughts)
      2-3-15 Fragments - Driving (Non-lucid)


      Dream Fragment (0.5 pts)

      I was driving in my car and there was a lot of traffic. We were going to a beach or something.
      Tags: driving
      dream fragment
    8. LD #155: More moons, Dreamspeak, and annoying parents

      by , 01-09-2015 at 02:27 PM (Lucid Time!)
      Kind of a lame lucid dream, but I had it.

      Something to do with Lego People in Minecraft or Minecraft people in a Lego world or something like that.

      I was in the family van with my mom and dad. They were driving over these steep sandy hills preforming jumps.
      This was the first sign that I was dreaming; I began to question how the family van, being almost as old as I am was able to handle 20-foot jumps and landing on its nose with no sign of damage or distress.

      At one point we drove through a barn. I got worried not only that this might be reckless and damage our van, but that an angry owner might show up.

      At one point we stopped because my dad had to check the engine. I preformed a nose pinch. I could breathe fine.
      Dreaming. I looked up at the sky and saw five moons in the daytime sky. One of them was huge, obviously. I looked away and looked back and saw that the moons had somehow become conjoined together.

      "Uhhh... that doesn't' look right."

      "What are you talking about? It's just the moons sticking together. That's what all the craters on the big one are for, so all the little ones can fit nicely in the basins."

      It was my mom. I told her that this was a lucid dream that I was going to leave her and go fly. I started climbing up one of the sandy hills. She started begging me to show her how to lucid dream like I do, thinking that it was really cool. At first, I told her no, but after she asked three or four times, I gave in.

      I decided to teach her one of the first things that I had ever learned in lucid dreaming; how to run at high speeds. We found a black asphalt path. I explained to her that part of it is preforming the correct physical motion and part of it is having the correct mental state, knowing that your dream control has to work.

      She took off running. I tried to go after her, but she didn't look back to see that my high-speed running had actually failed. But I still went after her for a minute. This led me through the woods, over a wooden bridge and to a small gas station/cafe place deep in the woods. There was a small lot with some strange cars in it nearby.

      To be honest, I find that my parents, in lucid dreams make for pretty annoying DCs. In hindsight, I probably should have made an effort to get rid of her or distract her. She asked me why my running hadn't worked. I told her that I didn't know, but if we went into that gas station, we might be able to cheat the dream into giving us what we want.

      I started to walk in, I pushed the door open and tightly squeezed the metal handle with my hand, picking up some dream stabilization. "A good friend of mine works here, I think she'll be able to help us." Luckily at this point was actually the last of my mom that I saw in the dream.

      I came in. It was a small convince store that sold candy, chips and the likes. I saw a menu above the counter and apparently they sold a variety of common hot foods. (Pizza, hot dogs, hamburgers, etc.) There were a couple of dream characters waiting in line. I just cut in front of them and they didn't care.

      The person at the check-out counter was a short black lady with straight hair. I think she had the face of one of my old gym teachers from middle school. (Man parents and middle school teachers, this whole dream is just a host of awkward and uncomfortable dream characters.) She also had a bionic arm on one side. I kept looking at it, though she didn't seem to appreciate that. (She didn't seem particularly cheerful to begin with.) It kept changing sides.

      "Are you going to buy anything or just stare?"

      "No, I'm not hungry. Is Manei off her shift yet?"

      "Yeah, I'll let you in."

      Success. Manei was in the back room. She had on one of those really heavy native American ponchos for some reason. She was talking with this really short black boy who I assumed was the woman's son, and this fat girl with brown hair. I said hello and she said goodbye to her friends.

      "What I tell you? No meet me in gear room! Meet me in bedroom! I tell you ten times! Now I cannot *do something* for ten days. Why you no listen?"

      I open my mouth to talk.

      "Come, we talk downstairs, in private."

      She takes me back out front of the store and to the women's bathroom. I look in and there is a toilet filled with poo. (And I mean filled, like a mountain of poo.) There was also a lot of pee and *ahem* other liquids on the floor.

      She closed the door and then opened it agian to reveal a flight of stairs with a bed at the bottom. She asked that the both of us jump at the count of three and land on the bed. We do it. Completely pointless but we do it.

      "Now, Atakonk yatoo tahuatok bararr satago izquen lavis al Ukatok. Urtem kaso aleey" (Something or other.)

      "Manei, I don't understand your dreamspeak all that well, remember?"

      "I know, but I want you to listen- I want you to listen- I want you to Lis-Lis-Lis-Listen."

      "Katago Lalataktaktak. Katago Lalataktaktak. Katago Lalataktaktak. Katago Lalataktaktaktaktaktaktak..."

      Manei.exe has stopped working. Would you like to close the dream or check online for a solution?

      The dream faded to black slowly around here. I tried to squeeze the pillows and blankets on the bed we were in to hang on, but I guess that's no different than squeezing the pillows and blankets in your waking life bed.
    9. 12/10/2014 - "Highway Risque"

      by , 12-30-2014 at 03:48 AM (Oneironaut Zero: Dreamwalker Chronicles)
      "Highway Risque"

      Hanging out in DeLand, mid-day, with BR and L. We had gone to a bar. The only thing I really remember about being in the bar is that some belligerent (presumably drunk) girl started mouthing off to us and telling us to be quiet, even though we were among the quietest groups in the bar. We just exchanged "WTF?" glances and brushed her off.

      Later that night, we were driving up the highway, when we saw a commotion up ahead. The light dose of traffic had snarled as there was another, random girl walking along the ledge of the overpass, looking down at the highway below her. She was also completely disrobed. She began to do some daredevil acrobatics on the ledge, stretching up into a handstand which looked like she could topple down to the street at any moment. There were times where she stumbled and flailed to catch her balance, but she never fell.

      Soon, she climbed down the stone pillar and to our level, then moved through the crowd, seducing random guys as she passed. From nowhere, it seemed, a girlfriend of hers appeared and began to join her in making their rounds from guy to guy, entrancing them with lustful gestures. The crowd was gathering, and everyone was chomping at the bit at these two girls. Then, another friend of mine, P, pushed his way through the crowd and brazenly stepped up, took first girl and began making out with her. I remember this pissing me off, because I knew my friend was in a committed relationship.

      I woke up immediately after this.
    10. Backlog, 12/26: "Drive with Wife," "Silhouette Goblins," and "A Lawnmower Car"

      by , 12-28-2014 at 08:53 PM (Threecat's Dreamtime)
      5:55 AM: Close to lucidity a few times (in high school again, both with people my own age and people who are not). Finally, I am driving with my wife. Not sure how, but enough weird stuff occurs that I nose pinch. I am nose pinching, and about to say that it is not a dream, when I realize I can actually breathe. I look at my wife and say, "I can breathe!" She smiles and is RCing as well. I am still not sure. Jokingly, I say, "I am going to do one more RC." I then open the car door as we are speeding along. "If this is a dream, I can jump out and be OK." She doesn't say anything. I look at my hands. They are a little off, but otherwise normal. I look away and look back several times. Finally, I only have two fingers, and one of them is twisted up like an ugly tree root.

      "I've only got two fingers!" I say to my wife in a "this is ridiculous" tone of voice. "This is a dream." I then jump out of the car. I glide to a stop, as though the car was never moving at all. My wife gets out of the car too. We are in a wooded area, and there is a dirt cliff high above us. My wife easily flies up to this spot. I decide to follow, but can't fly after her. I begin practicing what I had told myself in WL: I'm flying, I think, I'm flying! It doesn't work, though, so I jump and start climbing up the dirt cliff. My wife extends her hand down to me to help me up. I
      wake up and then DEILD.

      I roll left (not normal) and fall through space. I am in darkness for a bit, but then "open my dream eyes." I am falling through some cavernous area, with Egyptian iconography. I see a sign that looks like an advertisement for the Discovery channel. I finally land in what I think was a ruin of sorts.

      I sense the gravity is low here. I moon jump through the house. Fun! I notice the house becoming more "house-like" and less ruin-like. In the bathroom, I look around the shower curtain to see who is there. Nobody. I look away and look back, expecting a beautiful woman to be there. Surprise! No, she is not there. I try this a couple of times, to no effect. I then see some shadows in the soap dish. The shadows begin to form into little silhouettes of goblins. I begin interacting with them, and begin to pretend to be mean. They respond by swinging little weapons around (I remember one swinging a tiny flail). I remember to give them positive energy. They really seem to hate it, as they begin screaming. I tickle them and they start dying. I
      wake up.

      MILD for a few minutes then return to sleep. I am driving along a mountain path and listening to a rock song. I think to myself how this singer has a melodious voice, when I suddenly wonder if this is real or not. I nose pinch but find it difficult to breathe. I stop the car by putting my feet down and lifting the main wheel up. I then look out over a cliff at the town below. I think of how I would love to jump from here, if I could just be sure I was dreaming. I sense for my WL body.Hey, there it is! but unfortunately I wake up.
    11. School Meeting, Choices, Basketball Game, and Breaking Bones

      by , 12-22-2014 at 03:35 AM (Sharpshoey's Lucid Journey)
      Bedtime: 9:00

      Wake: 3:30
      Late for a Meeting and a lot of Friends
      I am in the cafeteria at school. Our science class is having a meeting during lunch that we have to be at. I see Camden at the food line after everyone has already gotten their food. I see some scraps of food on the ground next to the lady you buy your food from. I go up to him and talk to him, glad that I finally can talk with him again. I realize I have to get to my meeting and I rush to the middle of the downstairs portion of the cafeteria. There are steps leading down to the bottom of a rectangular room and a door is on my right. I enter and everyone else is already there. I am worried that Iím late and my teacher looks at me disapprovingly. I am then in the back of a truck going up a steep hill at night time. We are heading to someoneís cabin. We pull in front of it and there are lights on inside and a bunch of other people are there. When I walk in, people are sitting at the table eating and there is a cat running around and Iím chasing it.

      Wake: 5:17
      Sexual Choices
      There is some sort of advertisement at my middle school and to win I have to do it with a sister of a girl I know. I donít want to do it but for some reason itís really hard to resist. I am then in the basement of the school at the library, which is a classroom. We are getting a tour of all our classes. There are pedestal type things around the room for us to stand on while we listen to the teacher. SH throws his phone over the teacherís head to another girl standing behind the teacher. I somehow know what the text SH sent says. It was telling the girl to masturbate. The teacher scolds SH for sending the text telling her to do that.

      Wake: 8:00
      Car Crash after Leaving School for Basketball
      I am in my brother's care and we are driving to lunch. Me and a teammate got out early because we have a basketball game later that day. My brother pulls into an intersection and drifts. I smile and hope that my friend is impressed so heíll think Iím cooler, but I also think how dumb my brother is to drive like that and I know we are going to get into a car crash. I think about commenting on how cool the drift was, but I look back and realize my mom is now in the car, so I'm glad I didn't say how cool the drift was. We are then at another intersection and my brother is going straight but another car comes from the side and we hit them in the back. I wonder why they didn't stop to avoid hitting us. Our car and their car continues and we both pull into the parking lot of the restaurant ahead. It is in a desert like area and the restaurant is a wooden shack. The sign is very tall and has a yellow outline with red letters and itís situated in the parking lot. The dude that we hit gets out of the car and apologizes. I am then in the restaurant and my mom is there. She has a book on a computer and she shows it to me. I had already seen it before and it is about a psychotic killer and I thought it was weird that she actually enjoyed it. I thought that she would say that it wasn't appropriate. Then I am in a dark basketball gym and we are playing against another team. There are a bunch of spectators standing on the court and watching and I am wondering how we could play in this cramped space. Everyone is messing around and I am getting mad because I want to try and get better. The coaches take our entire group out and put me in because the other group wasn't trying. I am glad I wasn't in the other group because I knew even if I would've been trying, I would have still been taken out because the rest of the guys weren't trying so they wouldn't have seen me trying. I am on defense and I look at the windows and think that this is a perfect scenario for a zombie apocalypse and if it happened we would be done for because itís pitch black. I become a little scared but forget about it. Then I start trying hard and I get a steal (and I think take it down for a layup). Then I am driving in my car back home and I am on a desert type rode next to a gas station. I notice my car is out of gas and I check and there is a symbol on my dashboard that is showing itís out of gas. For some reason I am looking at it from the passenger side of the car so I canít see it clearly. I double heck it and then a truck drives by and I tell them to stop. A dude comes out and says heíll pay for my gas. We get the car to the pump and start filling it up. I am then sitting inside the gas station and talking with him and another guy. They are asking me questions like they know me, and I realize I recognize them. I am trying to think about where I've seen them before and am about to ask them but the dream ends.

      Breaking Bones over Bad Calls
      I am in the bleachers of my high school watching a basketball game. We are in the corner section nearest to the entrance. My grandpa keeps on disagreeing with the refís calls and he is breaking bones over it. He got so mad he pushed his thumb into a bleacher and it snapped. On one call, he belly flopped into the ground. The game is then over and there is a little kid walking out and my friend and I mess around with him because we are buddies. My parents come over and my mom is trying to fix grandpa up and she is worried about his broken thumb.
    12. 12/01/2014

      by , 12-15-2014 at 02:45 AM
      I was driving on a highway with Desirae thinking of why people have been saying I've gotten buffer. I thought maybe it was from the boxes of coin I carry around. I noticed the snow covered mountains in the distance and the river below me. The further I went, the colder I knew the water was. I said "The water is so cold here." I was suddenly swimming in it and doing some underwater obstacle course with Valery. I had trouble going through one and when I did, Valery was blocking the way to the surface. I woke up gasping for air.
    13. Finally Back to DJing!

      by , 11-29-2014 at 03:10 AM (Sharpshoey's Lucid Journey)
      Date: 11/28/14
      Total sleep: about 8 ours
      Daytime Techniques: Gravity RC, Random RC's, Repeated "I'm Dreaming"
      Lucid Techniques: MILD, slight meditation before going to bed just to get relaxed
      Recall Techniques: Not any specific Recall Technique

      Fell Asleep:11:50
      Dream Title:Talking on the Forums
      Dream: I was on the DV forums and there was a thread about how you can dram about certain things. (Kind of forgot this dream but I remember a little) Some people were saying that it was stupid and they didn't agree with it. (Whatever "it" was)
      Vividness: (scale of 1-15, 10 is waking life vividness) 3
      Awareness: (1-10; or lucid)1
      Length: (how long it felt like! Because that matters) 20-30 seconds
      Emotions: Disagreement? Thinking the idea was stupid as well?
      Dream Signs: Anger
      Tags (optional): forum talk, stupid idea

      Fell Asleep:11:50
      Dream Title: Stupid Movie Rules
      Dream:I am at a movie theater, except its happening in a basketball gym type place and the lights are on. The screen is like a projector roll-down screen. The guards are making people leave as soon as they finish their food and I think that that is a really strange and stupid rule. I wonder why people don't just pretend that they are still eating. I start eating slower so I can stay for more of the movie.
      Vividness: (scale of 1-15, 10 is waking life vividness) 5
      Awareness: (1-10; or lucid) 3
      Length: (how long it felt like! Because that matters) 1 minute
      Emotions: confusion
      Dream Signs: Illogical things, Confusion
      Tags (optional): movie theater, people leave as soon as they finish eating, thinking its dumb

      Fell Asleep: 11:50
      Dream Title: Inside a Zombie Video Game
      Dream: I am playing co-op zombies with a friend on a video game, but instead of just playing the game, I am actually in the game. I am in a lab and they are making more zombies in it. My friend gets wounded and I run out of ammo. I pick up a sub machine gun off the gun and try to reload as fast as I can. He's screaming for me to reload faster and I'm laughing for some reason. I immediately start shooting every zombie in sight. They try and surround me but I run away. I see that there are different patients in the room and doctors are giving them blood from bags to turn them into zombies. I feel like I should stop them, but I'm more worried about my own survival. AH who is a really hot girl I know comes up to me. I'm about to shoot but she says she isn't a zombie. I say to prove it by sucking my ****. I start to worry about her biting it off or biting me while shes "down there". I see her start to kneel down and I'm watching her face. I see her face turn evil and she's about to bite when I put a bullet in her head. I am proud of myself for knowing that would happen because I kind of expected it would happen.
      Awake: 5:37
      Vividness: (scale of 1-15, 10 is waking life vividness) 6-7
      Awareness: (1-10; or lucid) 3-4
      Length: (how long it felt like! Because that matters) 5 minutes
      Emotions: Excitement, Laughter, Proud
      Dream Signs: Expecting something to happen and it does, Zombies, IN a video game
      Tags (optional): zombie video game, co-op, protecting teammate, AH,

      Fell Asleep: 5:55
      Dream Title: Left Behind
      Dream: I am in an adventure group who finds treasure and stuff like that. I come to and am in a city. I look down into a rocky area and my group had abandoned me and another dude. I could see ropes going down that they had used. Me and the other dude walked to the crosswalk. There was some snow on the ground. The thing had the walk symbol so I started across and almost got hit because apparently I went the wrong way. It said to walk again and this time everyone else went with me. Halfway across, some people turned around because the crosswalk signal changed to stop. (I think) The drivers were mad because it took them longer to get back. I thought that was a bit odd too. I hurried through and made it to the sidewalk.
      Vividness: (scale of 1-15, 10 is waking life vividness) 2-3
      Awareness: (1-10; or lucid) 2
      Length: (how long it felt like! Because that matters) 1 minute
      Emotions: sadness, confusion
      Dream Signs: sadness, confusion, things not working right, almost getting hit by a car
      Tags (optional): adventure group, left behind, city, crosswalk, almost getting hit

      Fell Asleep: 5:55
      Dream Title: Regretting my Choices of a Super Villain
      Dream: I am in high school and I have a secret life of being a super villain. My High School class makes a movie about me and it is poor quality. At first I think they are making fun of me, but then I realize they made it to be nice. It is pretty funny and everyone is laughing. Then I was an adult and I was back at the school. I hid in the locker bay and when a teacher walked by a pulled him in and slammed him in a locker. Then I hid in a garbage can. I needed the teacher to be able to mentor me about super villain stuff. I then was out in the haul and another person was helping me. I had to grab four pieces of furniture and the other person couldn't carry any of them so I took them from him and ran. They were big pieces of furniture and I was surprised I could hold on to them. I sprinted away from Batman and went to my car. I started it quickly and drove away as fast as I could. For some reason, Batman just let me go and I was confused. I then started feeling bad about everything I'd done and told myself if I saw batman again, I'd ask for forgiveness. Then I looked over and he was sitting in the passenger seat. I got scared and told him I was sorry. As I was driving I turned back into a teenager and drove into the school. I say J and said hi. For some reason when he said hi I could hear him clearly through my car. I was then walking on a sidewalk and walked by a teacher who was talking about J. He was saying how he was so nice and then he did some naughty things with another girl and now he was disappointing. I walked by another group of people I knew and one kid stood up and said, "If you think smoking is bad, then why do you do it? You should stand up for what you believe in." I agreed with that kid and I walked into another group of friends. I told them about it what I just heard and one kid said something like, "Ya, most people don't stand up for anything. They just watch this school crumble around them." I said, "I'm guilty of that too." And I felt a sadness, but I decided from then on I'd stand up for what I believed in.
      Awake: 8:30
      Vividness: (scale of 1-15, 10 is waking life vividness) 7
      Awareness: (1-10; or lucid) 3
      Length: (how long it felt like! Because that matters) 15 minutes
      Emotions: regret, sadness, scared
      Dream Signs: someone appearing where I didn't want them to be, sadness, regret, scared, seeing friend after friend, friends not acting how their personalities are IWL
      Tags (optional): super villain, regretting my decisions, Batman chasing me, high school, J doing bad stuff, standing up for what I believe in

      I am trying out this style of DJing for now. I got it from a thread by Sensei. I'll experiment with it and see if I like it and if its worth it.
    14. Quickie Frags

      by , 11-17-2014 at 06:14 PM (Lucid Time!)
      These late-night skype calls have to stop.

      There was some long dream about there being a hotel near my house with a beach and a lighthouse on a lake. There were for some reason a bunch of really tall, skinny, pagoda like houses across. I couldn't help but think that they looked familiar, like I had seen them in another dream somewhere.

      I dropped my computer in the hotel pool. Somehow it still worked when I got it out.

      I was driving during an intense rainstorm. I can recall swerving to avoid an I-beam that was being washed across the road.
    15. 11/11 and 11/12/14 Awareness DILD, Fade Saved Once

      by , 11-13-2014 at 06:04 AM
      11/12/14 Turning left and next thing I know I am walking and follow a group of people into a store where a few guys are looking at ties.

      I look down a stairwell and see a woman and turn away when I hear someone call my name from down there and it hits me I am dreaming. While lucid I think that this is a result of my recent adjustments to my awareness work but I notice the dream seems to be fading but I am determined to keep it going! I rub my hands and the rail as I go down and at the bottom is a cabinet with french fries and junk on it. I grab the fries and junk up and just start stuffing them in my mouth chewing them up for the sole purpose of stabilizing the dream.

      It works and as I turn the corner I am in a parking garage.

      To my left is a blue Volkswagen Bug. There are life size wood carvings/statues of two older women sitting in the front seat and two even older women in the back seat. I am studying the details and making a mental note to get a good guestimate of the ages of the women depicted in the statues. I settle on an age of late 60's for the women in front and 80's for the women in the back. I feel the dream fading again but much quicker this time...too quick and I think about the NREM conversations and try to stay in some form of sleep
      but quickly realize I am fully awake and have a strong urge to adjust my position in bed. I think it was too close to my normal time to get up. Now I have to consider if it is better to let the dream fade into the void and teleport since I have had some of my most memorable LDs that way or save the dream like this dream in case I don't get to the void but instead inadvertently "follow the normal path to waking" which I definitely don't want. Notes: previous awareness notes apply but also putting a larger sense of wonder in my RRC interaction statement leaving a hanging question as part of it and thinking about if it makes sense where I am at...where was I before...does that make sense? Did quite a bit of this while driving back from my league game. If CL is reading this, didn't you have a VW in a lucid? 231

      11/11/14 Sexual LD with older woman. A "hot young thang" in fancy but classy lingerie then seduces me. Some fading lucidity. Afterwards I whip it out for my Wife. 230
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