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    1. xcvii.

      by , 03-11-2020 at 04:05 PM
      Dreams from March 10th and 11th (today).


      Dream Sequence:

      The last dream sequence started out with me playing a female gnome on WoW. Though I had rogue abilities my character's portrait indicated "level 49 warlock" when moused over. The character had a pointy dark purple hat and matching dress.

      I used my stealth ability because I was in some distorted version of Tirisfal, mixed with Ashenvale, making me feel an imminent danger of being attacked by other players. I could see trolls riding around on raptors, a few level 60s but otherwise mostly around my own level. I was afraid that this approaching 60 hunter might spot me or become aware of me long enough to then start attacking but somehow, despite the level discrepancy, that didn't happen and I was able to get past him, down a natural slope with a path; as I did this the hunter was entering a dungeon with an entrance like Stratholme's service gate (the back entrance).

      Then I saw other horde members, mostly between levels 17 and 29.

      There was a river (more like Ashenvale this part), and this low level female orc warlock was swimming in the river, doing some quests by the looks of it. I realised I had a quest here too, to grab some dried up flowers floating in the water. I forget the item names now. Five items of one type, one of another, and some extra item that I already had on me anyway according to the quest log. While writing the initial note for this, my mind sort of suggested that the elf music from Ashenvale was playing, but I don't really remember that in the dream in itself. Probably the effect of a strong associative relationship between the dream's construct and the real memory archetype.

      I got out of the water on the other bankside after collecting these items and I made the quest show me where to go. It started to display dashed paths on the parchment style user-interface map that the game has.

      The paths it displayed were leading me through another quest first; there was this big, half hewn tree stump, here on this side of the river and inside it there were three sections where I had to speak to some kind of spirits? Doing this would activate something, and then when I was on the way to speak to the third one, I passed by an open area with bright light on it, not inside the tree stump area, but I had to go this way to go around to the third spirit.

      In this brightly lit and grassy area, was a massive wooden frame, around a screen of sorts. An image appeared, symbols showing in sequence, once. First, a slightly rounded triangle, then a super simplified four-legged animal? And then, two other more complex symbols I can't describe or remember accurately.

      After the symbols, a blonde girl, aged no more than ten or so I'd say, appeared on the screen. She was smiling and spoke to me directly, thanking me for finding her. She asked me a question, about myself, but I don't remember what it was. I do remember an interface popped up with some choices, three primary choices and an extra choice;

      - "A sailorial heart."
      - (I can't remember the second option.)
      - "(Full control.)" :: This was the 'extra' option.
      - "Full naval!"

      For whatever reason, I felt that none were true to me at that time, except "full control", but I wasn't sure what it meant either.

      Then, I could see my character from the girl's perspective; the character was giving the answer, but wasn't a female gnome anymore, but some sort of mix between Wolverine and something more feral.

      I woke up soon after this.


      Dream Fragment:

      Diablo II. Playing a sorceress, or druid? Playing with H? Remember using the glacial spike spell.

      Dream Fragment (part of a sequence continued in the next fragment):

      Someone being racist about some fictional game races. Me and some girl investigate rumours and who it could be. We were part of some class on a tour or whatever. Susie from Miss Maizel was our teacher apparently. The girl with me accused Susie of being the racist. I defended her, saying Susie just thinks everyone is equally an ass. In the dream, I remember a dream memory about her giving food and being charitable, and I retell this to the girl.

      Something happens, not sure what.

      Near the end of my dream, I am aware that I had been wearing shorts; now I was changing into my camo shorts but they have a rip or hole on the front of the right leg, which I didn't realise until putting them on. But I want to change back to the previous ones and then I can't or something.

      Dream Fragment (somehow related to previous):

      Getting on some kind of cruise boat with H. We were the last two to get on board, even though many more people were still waiting and queued.

      H carried on through some corridor. Everything was nicely carpeted and felt cozy I suppose. But then before I followed through, this girl appeared from the same corridor and she was saying she wanted to give up her place on the cruise to someone else, but a crew member (like a flight attendant but not?) stopped her. Apparently the girl was a windows svchost.exe process. I seemed to have some sort of meta-physical view of the dream reality but remember too little.

      Then I remember being in our private quarters with H, unpacking or settling in. In the quarters there was some weird dedicated 8 volt and 19 volt power supply, apparently meant for modern turntables and cassette decks. We thought it was odd, and wasteful.


      With H in a city of some sort. Underground? Looks dirty and rusty. Waiting for this team of people to fit some modular concrete block things, with huge power cables coming out the back. Really heavy-duty looking stuff.

      Someone shows up? Or there's a nun, but she's actually a shape-shifter. Turns into a black guy that looks like Zimos or Ruby Rod. He then pulls up two high calibre sawn-off shotguns. He shoots a bunch of people from this team and there's a small panic of sorts. Then more people come down from a ramp on the opposite side from where I was. The shape-shifter pretends to be one of them, but doesn't transform? And then he runs up the ramp to get away. Me and H follow.

      H's van is up here, outside. It's night time and fairly dark, but there are street lights. We want to help the shape-shifter escape and grab him, trying to get him in the van. He doesn't want to get in though, and transforms into a white tiger, running off. We follow him closely, to a cake shop. He goes in and morphs into a chef but the other woman following him with the intent of catching him doesn't notice.

      We then confront him, stopping him from getting away from us and ask him to come with us, reassuring him about safety.

      Then H is no longer H and is a mix of Gibbs, Auron and Riddick, and then I'm not there anymore. There's a cut and I see a scene of telepathic dialogue between the shape-shifter and the other character. The shape-shifter mentions his "fury" and the other character asks the shifter if they know anything about his "Furya".

      No notes, maybe some later.
    2. 19-01-10 Loads of Dreams

      by , 01-10-2019 at 09:26 PM
      I'm in some kind of village, surrounded by high walls. There was no way out of the village. I was trapped in there with my last surviving grandfather, who was evil and was keeping me there. I tried to sneak out of the village somehow, and tried to hide from him. But I ran into him anyway. He came towards me, saying that I was coming with him. I got really pissed off, and wanted to defend myself by hitting him in the face. I was so pissed off, I woke up instantly. I smashed my real-life fist into my nightstand, which hurt.

      I turned into some kind of small creature, and navigated a miniature village while a girl watched me. I noticed I had many small legs, like an insect. Then I saw the houses of the village were full of giant spider webs. I realized in horror that this village was populated entirely by giant (to my miniature standards) spiders. I noped out so hard, I woke up.

      I'm in a location I can't describe. A library? City streets? Both somehow? There's a long line of rubberbands (?) stretching out as far as the eye can see. I excitedly tell another character that this MUST mean the world runs on some kind of algorithm, as no one could possibly have placed THIS many rubberbands. Either it's a simulation, or it's a dream.

      I'm on the Moon. Then I'm on Mars. I somehow end up inside a crater. I want to get out. I realize gravity is lower on Mars than Earth, and this should make flying easier. I jump up, and manage to fly out. I see the Mars surface. It still looks barren, but there's some plantlife here and there and I can breathe. There's another scene where I'm on the surface of Mars with a bunch of other characters, sitting on a chair. Other people are sitting in chairs next to me. We're in a long line. Most of them have some kind of superpower. An attractive blonde walks by, and sits down in a chair opposite of us. Suddenly, she's only a silhouette. I figure she's a shapeshifter. She turned into an older guy a bit later. Anyway... I end up flying off and just soaring over the Martian surface. Below me, the barren wasteland is full of people. I pondered about how this is the future of humanity. I thought it was odd. I always thought that in the future we'd all be cyborgs, not mutants. I flew some more, at one point coming close to hitting some tree branches. I figured because this is a dream, I couldn't get hurt. I saw a large building and decided to put this to the test. I flew straight towards it at top speed, and flew straight through the walls. All the way through the building.

      I'm with my mother. We enter a strange kind of facility. Maybe military. I know where to go, somehow. We get into a white elevator (industrial-looking) and go down. Then we enter what looks like a missile silo retrofitted into a lab. Scientists are working on a bomb. Some kind of nuke. They needed our help to complete the work. At some I was concerned with how much radiation I was absorbing.

      I was in some kind of café. There was this guy. Tall, big guy. He had a massive revolver. He shot me in the neck. I thought I was screwed, but then I noticed I wasn't really hurt and there was only a tiny scratch. I suddenly had such a weapon too. I aimed and tried to shoot. As so often happens in my dreams, I struggled to pull the trigger. It did go off eventually, and the bad guy fled the café. Someone congratulated me for resolving the situation. I didn't want to hear it, as I was bummed out the bad guy survived and escaped.
    3. 18-07-06 Finishing Enemy, Revolver

      by , 07-06-2018 at 01:27 PM
      There was a shooting. I approached a wounded enemy gunman, who was squirming on the ground, and shot him in the head with a revolver. I knew I had to save bullets for an encounter with a monster later. There was another enemy with a gun in the distance. I think he shot one of my allies (a girl?). Or he could have been the monster but shapeshifted into the form of a man.
    4. 18-06-23 Moon

      by , 06-23-2018 at 06:08 PM
      So there's this huge building on the moon, except it's on a water ocean. Inside the structure, me and another person (a girl?) are fighting a kind of shapeshifting monster that likes taking the form of people. Nor Pennywise for a change, yay! I think I shot him with a sniper rifle when it was about to shoot the girl. In the end, the massive building (and I mean massive) exploded. The view cut to a control room back on Earth, where multiple Men in Black watched the building explode. An alarm blared, and a level 6 emergency was declared on the moon. Then it cut back to the building, which simply vanished. I saw the building wasn't really 'in' the ocean, but rather hovered over it using giant drone-like propellers. As the building vanished, the propellers stopped working and plunged into the ocean. We were swimming now, and reached a tropical island. We found some friendly natives, who helped us. Then some other weird stuff happened, like the chief was wearing a nose like a clown nose, but made from a hollowed-out nut. The chief then vanished as well, leaving us with his stuff.
    5. Selkie

      by , 04-03-2016 at 03:56 PM (Here be dragons)
      I'm on a beach under a grey sky. The sea is green and churning, with a lot of thick foam. The sand is grey and rough, packed hard and cold under my feets. There's a heavy wind, the smell of the sea rushing around. There's a woman and a man here, in a hushed argument. Both are brown haired, the woman with a sloppy ponytail and the man with a shaggy cut. The woman is hugging something to her chest and the man is begging, his sweet, open face full of sadness and longing. She steps away from him and drop what she was hugging into the water, kicking it away in the waves. It's a pelt, a grey, shiny seal pelt, and it's melting in the sea, turning into seamfoam under the waves. The man, the selkie, is devastated, torn by the lost. He hugs himself, head low and shoulders hunched. I go to him, touching his arms lightly, try to confort him. He looks up to me, and his soft, milky skin is tanning at an accelerated pace, covering itself with layers unpon layers of heavy freckles, his cheeks reddening like the begining of a sunburn. I touch his jaw, his skin is hot and feverish. He takes my hands in his and his fingers are cold and wet.
    6. Shapeshiftings problems

      by , 03-04-2016 at 10:01 PM (Here be dragons)
      I'm in a group, a ragtag bunch of misfits; All of them can shapeshift into various animals. We're squatting a old cinema, but a shadowing, bad organisation attack. We flee on the roof, a wonderful creation of braided green glass, very instable but lovely. We climb down and jump in a car, driving away at top speed. We go through a snowy, very picturesque lanscape. I can't really enjoy it, as I'm the one driving. We reach a industrial dictrict and try to hide in a warehouse, but we're tracked down by a snake woman, tall and covered in golden, shimering scales. Only part of the group manage to flee, and we hole up in the back of a warehouse. A man enters, small in stature, wearing glasses, balding with a small, neat beard. He carries wih him a incredebly heavy atmosphere of dread and evil, and we cower, unable to stand up against him, until one of us, a shy bird shifter, suddnetly snaps and grab a piece of lumber, clubbing the man to get him to flee. He tells him, "do you think you can conquer us, bitch?!" while wailing on him. The evil man flees, vowing to return.
    7. 22/09/2014 Family vacation, Universe collapsing and Floating Academy

      by , 09-22-2014 at 05:46 PM
      - I'm with my family on a trip, we are in a rocky mountain region. We go through a narrow pass very carefully, apparently we are on our way back. We end in my backyard and something feels strange. I run to the street and a woman appears with her car and tells me to be prepared for something big.
      After a while we speak to our neighbours, and i go to another house. Then i see some alien figures across the street. I seem to know them from somewhere, so i approach them and one greets me and tells me the time-space continuum is being destroyed, so i have to escape on their ship with other people. While the alien escorts me i ask him who was the woman from before, he responds by changing into her so i now know it was him in disguise.
      We arrive at the spaceship and i see a lot of people i know entering it. After taking off we go to a secluded place in a forest where a strange building floats above a giant tree. It appears to be a school, and their students range from little children to adults, and wear strange robes. Since the world i knew was destroyed i have to stay here to prepare for tomorrow.
    8. The Truck

      by , 10-16-2013 at 03:43 AM
      Color legend: Non-dream Dream Lucid

      Lucid #154: The Truck

      A WILD attempt drops me non-lucid into the living room of a house. My dad and a few other people are standing nearby and I wonder why we're all here and how I arrived at this place. I can't figure it out and I remember that I was just trying to enter a dream.

      I'm overcome with this feeling like it's been forever since I had a lucid and that I have to accomplish a goal. I decide that I want to teleport to the Colosseum and I remember the teleportation tech Nyx and I had both dabbled in: cover your eyes and imagine yourself in a new scene.

      I try it now, covering my eyes, imagining the Colosseum and then taking my hand away. This makes all of the DCs disappear, but I'm still in the same living room. I try again, covering my eyes and spinning this time. It's still the living room, but it looks more drab. I hear the vague noise of a crowd, but it fades away. I feel like I'm not really believing it and I try to remember how to do this better.

      This time I completely close my eyes, spin, and imagine a new dream scene. The scene goes dark and as I'm thinking about opening my eyes I suddenly get really nervous that this will wake me up. Instead, I just treat the darkness like the void, rub my hands together and start walking forward again. After a short time, I emerge outside at night, walking through suburban streets.

      I imagine that the Colosseum is behind me and turn around, but I've half-assed it -- instead of the Colosseum I'm looking at a grassy vacant lot surrounded by a low chain-link fence. I jog forward now, taking three or four turns over the course of perhaps two minutes of dream time. I expect the Colosseum to be around each corner, but I'm not feeling confident enough to make it happen.

      From out of nowhere a rusty red pick-up truck comes barreling toward me, lights off and speeding. I step lightly over the truck, one foot on the hood, next step on the roof, then gliding over as it roars past underneath me. I feel happy and excited about how I handled things with the truck and my confidence starts coming back a bit.

      This makes me consider whether travelling on foot is such a good idea. I remember talking with Ophelia in the podcast about how flying is the better way to go for transportation and I'm considering doing that when a pick-up truck pulls alongside me, rusty red just like the last one. For some reason I think that this is a different truck.

      The truck's being driven by an attractive red-haired woman in her early 40s and a younger woman (blonde, mid-20s) is sitting in the passenger seat. The younger woman beckons me toward the truck. I climb into the cab of the truck and immediately she kisses me. She pulls away after a moment and turns her head so that I'm seeing her from the side. I'm surprised to see that her appearance has completely changed -- now she's Asian and completely bald! She turns her face back toward me and now she's Wife with fairly short hair (like she wore it several years ago.)

      Both Wife and the red-haired DC move toward me and sexytime commences. This part's way too graphic for the public DJ, but this (fun) portion of the dream lasts about four minutes. I lose stability once in the middle of the scene but manage to regain it. There's a final loss of stability that puts me into the void.

      I rub my hands together and walk forward, emerging into a new scene where I'm walking into an apartment. A woman greets me at the door. She's unfamiliar to me (about 5'2", late 20s, Hispanic, very good-looking.) "Don't you remember me?" she asks, giving me a friendly hug. "It's [name I can't remember that starts with 'L']! We were like best friends back in high school."
      I completely buy into this false memory, losing lucidity and start catching up with L and asking her how she's doing. She's hosting some kind of a party with a few of her other friends there. I go on about family life for a while, briefly wondering why Wife isn't here with me. Eventually L wanders off to do something in the kitchen and I notice one of L's female friends giving me a semi-hostile look. I worry about this for a while until the dream ends.

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    9. PSYBLADE: Title Shapeshifter Earned/ Awesome sickle!

      by , 11-08-2012 at 03:00 PM (The Dream Adventures of [email protected])
      PSYBLADE Entry


      Stood up, went out of the house, summoned portal, shouting 'to the town of Denn!' and there I was.
      Everything looked medieval-y. The town was full of peace and warm atmosphere. I was right infront of free market which was built of white bricks. The billboard was made of wood. First I looked into a standing mirror to turn into my character Leila and it instantly worked!

      I went in the free market and there was a black smith - he was wearing black uniform, had tanned skin and bald head. (he almost looked like the tanned guy from Sword Art Online.) I first wanted to wear an armor so I asked him to get outfit. He brought me into huge closet and I picked the one I liked: dark red hoodie coat and cool vampire-hunter-like costume! and there was a white mask!!!
      And then I asked the black smith "get me something not-cliche, awesome, sleek, epic weapon."
      Then he took a sickle under the table and put it right in front of me. I was kinda surprised that the weapon could appear(?) that fast.
      The sickle was black, had one big blade at the top and small blade at the bottom. They each had silver blade and hole. EPIC!
      The black smith told me that it can split in two and if I swish it, it throws some kind of magic attack. I felt bad getting free weapon so I gave him a lemon cake lol
      As I went out, I opened my eyes.

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