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    1. Drive

      by , 07-27-2014 at 03:41 PM (Xanous' Dream Journal)
      #342 - WILD - 5:52AM

      After another long SP session, I finally mange to break free. I notice a lot of moon light coming from the window and I take a look outside. A full moon has really got the area lit up so I go ahead and phase out the window. I get a little stuck at the waist and feel my body stretch and morph to get through the tight space in small panes of glass. When I get loose, I fall to to the ground in a heap. I get up and I start walking down a dirt road of white chat. The moonlight makes the road seem to glow. As I begin running, I hear the crunch of rock under my shoes. I clap once to make sure I'm stable and the sound echoes into the night causing a dog to start barking. Ignore this and continue running giving a few more claps.

      I come to a house in my neighborhood and a young woman gets out of a car. She leaves the door open and engine running. I take the opportunity to hop in and go for a joy ride. Feeling guilty, I pause and turn to the woman. She's standing next to a garage or outbuilding. I ask if it's ok to take the car and she smiles and nods. I study her face wondering why she looks so familiar but I can't place it.

      The car is a sporty coupe with a manual transmission. It's super fast and drives like a dream. I am amazed at how realistic the shifting is as I go through the motions. I decide to skip from 3rd to 5th gear and the engine revs loudly, but the car responds with really amazing acceleration. I pass a few slow moving cars and take curves with ease. A random song is playing on the radio, but when I try to really listen to what it is, it changes to some commercial. I can't make sense of the words so I ignore it. The road stays visually in clear under the light from the headlamps, but the rest of the dream environment turns a deep black. I start wishing for the sun to come up and soon it begins to look like early morning as the sky lightens a bit. I wonder where I am going and what goal I had in mind, but I can't think. Suddenly, movement from my wife wakes me up.
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    2. (July 25, 2014) Dark Theater

      by , 07-25-2014 at 02:43 PM
      July 25, 2014

      7:56 final wake

      Rating: 4/5

      3mg melatonin at 11:00PM before sleeping around 11:30-12:00-ish

      + I cant really remember my first dream well but it was at night and involved driving around. Thats about all i can give for this

      + This dream was much better. It started with a racing theme. I was at a outdoor race track during the day . I started on the road outside of it and decided to walk the track to see what it was like so i could go to it one day and know it. So i go walking into the track area and see that it is in the woods, as there are trees growing everywhere. It is not thick though, there is no low bushes and thick brush. I look and see one way signs pointed to the right so i follow them. I walk along it to see that its not all that great, looks like it needs to be repaved bad. Each turn, you can go left or right but they all end up at the same spot. After a while of walking i see a mc Donald's and some kids trying to get on the roof. I ask them if they are trying to get on the roof and they tell me yes but start walking away. We walked separate ways to a school building to a stair case outside. It was big, and made of solid concrete. We went up to the highest level the stairs there was to a dead end, when i told them i could climb to the next level. So i climbed a little ledge next to the stairs and grabbed on to a tan colored metal frame that pivoted on a point and swung on it, and swung right over a gap in the wall onto the next floor. The guy climbing with my gets up too, but the girl is not able to yet. We get up there and notice its a old theater. Its a relatively small room, with theater style rows if seat folding chairs bolted to the ground. They have bright red cushion, the carpet here is red, the walls have striped wall paper with a tall beautiful dark wood trim. Like i said, the room is small so we walk past only about 15 rows of chairs to the doorway into another room. This room I have seen in my dreams before. It is a lobby area. This room is almost to dark to see in. There is a reception counter, and by the door there is a big chair on a raised platform. This room is not too big or too small but it is a theater lobby. There was an additional hallway in this room i started to go down when i heard that the girl found a way up but was lost on the floor looking for us. I headed back to the room between the lobby and the theater seating and went down a hallway that i needed a flashlight for. I heard her call and thought it was the door closest to me and i took the board holding it shut off when i heard her again, i looked farther and saw her in a to looking into a mirror. I go get her, put the board back on the door, and begin heading to the lobby. When i get there, there are two security guards waiting and they catch us hanging out on this floor, i ask them how they knew we were here and I believe they say they saw us go up. I try punching one in the face but for some reason they wont land. We walk back into the theater room but before we get there, one of the guards turns into the big psycho that monitors the insane asylum in "Outlast". I run down a hallway and hid behind a door. The room i just entered is about the size of a average bedroom, stuff is broken, knocked over, or thrown every where as if something really bad happened her. The only light comes from a fire in the fireplace. I slowly open the door enough to look out into the darkness of the hall way. Seeing nothing I open the door up and run to the theater room where the normal cop hands me a spell book. I read some, cup my hands and launch little fireballs at the advancing bad guard but he just stops and looks at me like its some sort of joke. The one guard whose normal says wanna just go? And the other one says yes and they leave. I sit in a classroom secretly cupping my hands and make fire balls by thinking of it in my mind. I am not lucid though it looks like a good idea for when I am.

      + this dream i start by driving yellow a 240sx and I pull into a lot to turn around. Its an over cast day and the roads are all wet. There is quite a bit of cars out driving and parked in the lot I am in. I get out for a bit and use a little 240 on the pavement to show myself how I want to drift it. I get back in my car and start going back onto the street when I am stopped by a crowd of people. Apparently we are all going to my grandmothers funeral we get into the seating room when i wake up.

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    3. 7.17.14

      by , 07-18-2014 at 02:53 AM
      I'm walking out of Dad's house, wearing my work uniform, to my car that is parked almost in the middle of the street. I get in and start driving up Lakeside to get to work.
      The road is steeper and windier than I remember. I see pine trees and lots of big, granite rocks. There are also tons of moose roaming around. I see the silhouette of one by a tall rock and tree. It is surreal.
      The road has ended and I am now walking on a dirt road. Dad is with me, saying how this is a more direct route to my mom's house.
      We're approaching the top of the hill and im texting either C or F about how I'm going to see Frozen.
      We get to a house and I climb up through the entrance. I hear a voice talking about 'how babies are made'.
      There's boys room and a girl's room; I go into the boys. My grandpa and a young boy are laying on a large bed. My sister is here, complaining about how she wants to stay with me but can't. She leaves.
      I lay down but feel that my shorts are damp, like I've been swimming, and I want to change them.
    4. Bad Driving & Being a Zombie

      by , 06-25-2014 at 07:42 PM
      I went back to high school, albeit the Seniors are gone due to early release. All of them are wearing white for some reason, and I'm catching the butt end of the day in my Jeep. The parking lot is different, and as I sit outside my vehicle a familiar blonde girl and her friends are nearby. I ask them, "why all the white?", to which they reply, "Senior white day." Confused and uncaring, I end up acting chaperone to Babs, Olivia, and some other girl I don't know. She was blonde? Maybe it was Desiree. Being normal me when I dream & drive, I nearly get most of us killed on the way there, shaking up Olivia & her friend by the time we arrive to her house. The neighborhood was a cul de sac, much foliage, and a red house. The stranger blonde too shooken up by my driving skills ended up staying at Olivia's house as Babs used her restroom. Maybe this is where I transition into the next dream? I'm not sure.

      The earliest of this dream I can remember is a stranger all geared up, either standing on the opposite side of me or with me as he holds a weapon toward an olive bloused zombie. Somehow and eventually the zombie ends up biting my shoulder (with little blood), and the man end up killing the zombie after it also bites my sister in the ankle??? So I guess the zombie, my sister, and I end up on the ground, staring at the dark ceiling as the man and his crew decide what to do with us, thinking we're starting to turn into zombies. All of a sudden (God knows why?), there's a bright whitish/bluish light above us that somewhat gives us the opportunity to bolt, thinking "God wouldn't let the Winchesters turn into monsters!", because we must be the Winchester sisters... I believe I caught a glimpse of the light being a strong flashlight from a SWAT team. Soon, we made escape, climbing and parkouring our way out of roofs and the construction-like building, as a fairly large group of us run toward to road, motioning each other to take a portion of us to run across so they 'enemies' wouldn't see us. Going around the fenced corner, I continued to follow my friend, Ericka. Somehow I ended up on the ground to shelter from something, so she does the same as she's pressed up to me. Now for some God-awful reason, I started turning into a zombie. Either I decided to do this in my dream or I'm just plainly idiotic. Ericka managed to get away as I almost killed her, unlike her unfortunate black friend hiding under the fountain-thingy. I'm thinking other zombies showed up as to why I could only manage to tear apart her leg and everyone else got to eat the rest of my new black companion. Her body ended up at some locker that I managed to open, revealing an entires set of survival equipment that makes me think to my zombie self, "this would be really useful if I wasn't a zombie." (I forgot what the contents were, but most of which were camo.) Walking down a hill toward a gravel path that went into the woods, I started making noises that resembled the spitter in L4D2. The gravel trail really reminded me of that wood-line to Berenzino in DayZ. All of a sudden, poof, I ended up back in the group of survivors as a human. Someone decided to walk around the foresty-woods as we had a nostalgia trip to these red-bricked buildings. I forgot what they were reminded of.

      And yes, I enjoy turning nouns into adjectives.
    5. Running Over Arms

      by , 06-25-2014 at 05:10 PM
      - I was at a grocery store with a girl I knew from middle school named #74-94. I left the store and started wandering the parking lot and came across #154-434 driving around. I was wondering why he didn't stop for me, as he was my ride, and he clearly saw me. He later came up to me without the truck, and explained he had to return it to someone else. I was a little concerned, explaining now we were stranded.

      - A friend of mine, #28-22, was on her couch back home and her mother walked in. Her mom, a very short, stout lady, was very open with her sexuality. My friends father was also there and picked up the mother, threw her on the couch, and then picked up a couch nearby. He later opened up a book entitled "Streets in Heaven."

      - I had a false awakening in which I met my sister, and was explaining to her she should keep a dream journal. She was telling me she joined my work, and was working with the friend from earlier (#28-22). At one point she was in a car with me and my father. We drove by a man named "Arms" who walked with one arm on the ground. At one point my sister left the car and was being dragged by "Arms." I felt uneasy about this, but didn't realize she was in danger. "Arms" collapsed for some reason and my sister was able to get back in our car, explaining how she was captured. My father looked really upset at this, and explained he didn't know or would've shot him. Instead, he started driving towards the collapsed man and attempted to run over him twice. I don't remember if he was successful.

      - I remember seeing my old roommate, #0192-210, in a bathroom stall. I walked past him and started washing my hands at the sink. Another guy, shorter than me and black, started making some comment about my sister I believe. I remember feeling angry about this, and ignoring the guy.
    6. 6/14/14 Nice Early Fairly Lengthy LD Full of Sensations + Even Earlier DILD

      by , 06-14-2014 at 09:43 PM
      6/14/14** (Awesome waking life visuals and feeling the morning after these LDs). 1015-1am? Wake terrible indigestion. Sit up 30min or so. Look at Scarlett pics on my phone. Back to bed, interesting HI as I do my SSILD. Early LD I forget details of but must have lost lucidity at some point. I was in a strange apartment-like building and had sex with a woman in a bedroom off to the right. Straight ahead was a city view. We are 5 or more stories up I'd guess. Wake up trying to commit the details quickly to memory and go back to sleep. Later in an office building. Me and a woman are to go to some cool thing I'm looking forward to. She says we can't even call for the location until 3...seems like 3pm in dream (but I woke ~315am from this - to be described LD - that started around the time we left for this cool thing...maybe 3am...hmmm). It felt like noon when I heard the news we won't know anything until 3(pm). Dream skipped ahead. She is driving on right side of car, me in back seat, on right also...just us 2. We are entering a studio back lot and I think they must have these in many different cities. We begin to pass many sexy actresses, I notice especially. Some of the acting students are growing food along the road, and there is a produce market. I feel like an important actor being driven around. At some point I am driving...seems my waking life car and I get to a dead end with two security gates...something seems dream like here...gate reminds me of a dream....ah I'm dreaming. I start to phase up out through the roof of the car...scene turns dark...I reach for the car door and get out; dark still. I decide to just fly up, still dark I decide to do big loops way up in the sky (it feels like I went up fairly high)...very much like a real waking life roller coaster feeling!!! I also do some shots up into the air and then back down rapidly. After playing with this for a while, I decide to do some backward flips and quickly find myself hovering over land and then water very close below me. It feels I'm being led down into the water and decide not to fight it. It is shallow and I am "flying" slowly under the water now without effort. Simple round but colorful sea creatures growing from the bottom. This underwater exploring goes on for a few minutes, it seems, before I start being drawn toward the sand...I decide not to fight it either and start to imagine my go to beach scene (though with very little effort/intent) and I come out into a water filled room not well lit. I crawl up onto a ledge that is boxed in on each side and remember my LD adventure, exploring the toyland near the ruin wall by the beach with the grassy ocean and I want to find something similar here. I jump down from the ledge and start exploring, old picnic table benches, bed, and now my wife is calling out..."what are you doing?" Is this entering my dream from her IWL? I try to ignore her and continue exploring for a few moments more. Then FA with my DJ notes on the back if her notes and she hid from me and caught me getting them back...wait this is still a dream...but then I fade back to bed for real ~3:15am lay still recalling and then look at phone=3:17am. 161 & 162

      5am? Dexter alternate ending? No fear but gross...perhaps like watching the show...not involved except like a witness. Actor who plays Dexter goes on a bloody rampage in a house in a suburban neighborhood setting and also kills his wife the blonde lady though she looks more like a different actress than the one he liked in the final season, but very similar. He sneaks out through a back alley at the last minute as the police arrived. I see him through an open window with a thin sheer-white curtain blowing in the wind with a view as if I was in the house or the camera shot was from in the house (there were no thoughts of Dexter or the police seeing me and interviewing me. I knew the police would see everyone was there but him and he would be missing altogether and they would highly suspect he was a killer. Wake. Later dream I was trying to warn a woman that the guy she is she scared of busted down her door in my dream. I also said he is a made up creature so there's nothing to worry about. Some other guy sitting
      with her at a patio table was talking about supernatural creatures. 7am
    7. She Can Help Me

      by , 05-29-2014 at 05:09 AM (Schmaven's Dream Journal of Randomness)
      Driving around town to post flyers at different shops, I realize that it is a lot easier with a car than on a bicycle. I notice the front windshield is cracked all the way down, and should be fixed, but I am prioritizing fixing the engine if anything on this old clunker car. I look at the different shops around, a liquor store, a liquor accessory store, and a sandwich shop that's not quite opened yet. I go in the sandwich shop and get the owner's attention. Asking about leaving some there, he says I can leave just 1. So I do just that, and walk out the door. All the other shops are closed because it's too early in the morning.

      Driving down the road with my friend, it's very snowy now. I tell her I want to go somewhere, but don't tell her where. I get stuck at the bottom of a hill in front of the house I grew up in. In 3rd gear, the tires just spin. I downshift to 2nd, drop the RPMs a bit, and do better, but still not enough traction. A couple cars drive past us easily.

      We get out of the car and climb up the side of the road, but it is also too slippery to walk. We just fall and slide back down. I try again, and am more gentle with my motions, and stick my fingers into the snow for more of a hold, and climb up successfully. I point out some bushes under the snow she can grab onto. We get to the top and sit down to rest.

      Sitting right on the ground, I realize how cold my fingers and toes are. Having had frost bite a few years back, they get colder easier, and it wasn't a good idea to stick them right into the snow like that. I tell my friend "This is why I don't do stuff like this anymore" as I shake my hands to indicate they're really cold. She tells me I need a girlfriend to help me warm up. I think she's right. I remember my good friend from school lives right about here. I point off to the right where a house stands a few hundred feet down a long driveway and say, "That's her house"

      We're now in a car, with another friend from school, and he asks me if she's my girlfriend. I tell him, "No, but I like her. I'm not sure what will happen between us though." He asks me, "How long have you known her?"
      "Since going to school"
      He pauses to think... "So ,bout 3 years then?"
      I don't answer, but think there were 3 years of college, plus 4 of high school, and a few more after college, so more than 8.

      We drive past a cool fun looking part of the forest next to the road, and suddenly I'm outside, walking in it. Admiring the cool trees, and space between the forest growth, I walk alongside the road. It looks even cooler above a ridge. I climb up a steep hill to go there, but once I see it, it is just a regular forest, and the part I'm already on is prettier. I hold onto a few branches as I make my way down the steep part. A couple of them break when I grab them, making it a risky descent. I reach a point where there are only a few trees to hold onto, then it is too steep to walk. The trees are good sized, but I test them before committing to their support. Each one of them breaks loose from its base and falls down the hill. Happy that I didn't go for it before testing them, I notice my room mate who I hadn't seen before behind me.
      "I don't know about this man, I'm turning back" he tells me, and walks away. I follow him, it is an easy route. Once I am low enough near the road, I turn around, and take a safer path alongside the road this time.

      I stumble into my dad's house, with a girl I really like accompanying me. We go upstairs toward my room. She goes into my room right as I notice my younger brothers and sisters are home. They run up to greet me. I give them all hugs and we talk a bit. The youngest tells me, "I didn't think you were coming home so soon!"
      "I didn't know I was either - It's good to see you!" I see my dad and step mom, and greet them too, getting a sort of cold response from my step mom, but I forget about it.

      Remembering the girl I was with, I want to spend more time with her, so I invite her outside to help me mow the lawn. It seems like a strange request, but I don't really intend to mow the lawn, I just want to get her outside.

      Suddenly, I'm outside, but with my other room mate. He asks me about mowing the lawn. I tell him, "just a little path" and point to a path that is already mowed. I grab a hand powered mechanical mower and start pushing it. He grabs the electric mower and asks me if it would be better. I tell him, "It would be, but I'm just doing this little area here, so I'm just gonna use the old school push mower." I push it along the path, and it churns up dried cut grass, cutting a bit of the new growth as I go.

      Now, the girl is with me, but it's winter. I feel like once we get away from the house things will be better somehow. I have her follow me, but it is a long journey. We are outside already, but under the porch. At the edge of the porch, we climb down a fence, then go under a stairway with a low overhead, and reach another climbing part. I try to make sure I'm not out-climbing her, unsure of her skill. She is keeping up just fine.

      ...woken up by my room mate, the power went out, he wanted to make sure I wasn't late for work. I have the night off.
    8. Sink Holes & Musical Apple Plants...

      by , 04-01-2014 at 03:27 PM
      I am driving my car somewhere coastal and high up, as i reach this apex i can see a lovely view of a bay down below, bathed in summertime sun, with a road that snakes wildly before me, and the sea to my right suddenly changes into a lake that i visit often, and suddenly i am transported back to this dream version of the place i know so well, except the ground is very uneven, and there are sheer drops everywhere, in reality there are no sheer drops at this place, you could run around all day and not get hurt, but in the dream version the ground is very unstable, and it is quite dangerous.

      Now i am walking about these grass covered monoliths, looking up at their height, and noticing that they dont seem to stay in one place, they shift position and occasionally fly up in the air only to land somewhere else close by, leaving a gaping hole where it once stood. These monoliths suddenly turn into some space rocket trying to touch down, and there is a panicked crowd nearby, and i realise i am now in the playing field of my old primary school, and i am inside the classroom but also outside as well, very detached from the scene, i can even see the sandpits and waterpits which we used to play in.

      This rocket thing eventually jumps out of view and i am now looking over a field covered in apple plants, not trees, plants! I walk nby and kick random apples from these plants and they ring out very musically like little bells, and sparkly glitter like substances fly from them as i kick them, and sometimes hummingbirds appear as i kick the apples, the apples then turn into some unusual flowers, all pointing in one direction, slightly bent also, with these long tendrills flowing gently in the breeze, and suddenly lots and lots of bright vivid colours, swirling together, and the sky is pink, like a sunset after a rainshower, bething everything in this relaxing pink light.

      I then pick up my laptop and notice one of my twitter followers has changed their twitter name to Cstocky500, i see this Cstocky500 twice more, and it never changes, the font stays the same, as did the word itself.

      Dream fades, i wake up normally...

      When i did become lucid upon waking, Cstocky500 was right in front of my eyes, as if i had been looking at the word for a while and turned away only to find the word still there, like when you close your eyes after looking at something contrasting, it leaves an inverted impression. Never had this from a dream before!
    9. The past few days

      by , 03-26-2014 at 11:02 AM (Lucid Time!)
      These are dreams from the past couple days. Because getting on the internet is a pain right now, I wrote what I could recall in here.

      Too Many Cats

      I come home and I see that there are six cats in the living room. I see that there are even more cats all through the house. I run into my mom who says that she has decided to become a cat hoarder.


      In WL, I recently wrote an autobiography cataloging everything that happened to me up until the end of high school. It contained many personal things that I never wanted other people to see.
      My parents had just sent this off to a publisher and collected a large check, about $1500 on the counter. There was also a bill showing that they had spent the money on expensive wines.
      Okay, I don't care less about what they spent the money on, but the autobiography I wrote contained a lot of personal information, and it should not have been published. I get very angry and trash my own home.

      Cosmic Forest Fire

      Now onto the good stuff. I am flying through space, getting some guided tour of the galaxy from what I have been noticing more and more, the "presence" in my dreams. It flies me past a large blue star that is surrounded by this disc of gas and dust. The star looks beautiful and very realistic.
      We fly past that to another white star. And (enter dream logic) the star is shaped like a skull rather than just a ball. This was a really interesting and strange sight. There is also a large disc of white clouds around it. The presence flies me toward the clouds and deposits me on them.
      As it turns out, I am in a very strange, interesting world. The skull-shaped star is the source of heat and light and the entire ring of gas and dust is the world. Most of it is white, and the white gas turns out to be snow when you actually get closer to it.
      I was cold, so I tried to make a fire with some spare wood laying around. There were actually small clusters of pine trees all around. I got a fire started, god help me how. But the fire quickly spread and started burning down all of the trees.
      The presence took me out of that location and left me at my house. My parents were there and they were scolding me for starting a cosmic forest fire. After a minute,
      I started to realize how absolutely ridiculous the situation was. I didn't make it to full-fledged lucidity before I woke up.

      Car Chase
      Me and two friends are chasing a large truck through a city. We are driving a black corvette. I try to open the door and jump from the corvette onto the truck, but the truck turns away down a side street at the last minute.
      I get lucid at somepoint after that, but the dream falls into chaos. I am in some large red cave looking through a satchel full of weapons. I then walk around on stilts in an attempt to fly. I feel like there was much more to this than I can recall right now.

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    10. 3/24/2014

      by , 03-25-2014 at 09:32 PM
      I was in an apartment with Desirae and kept arguing with her because she wouldn't clean the guns but instead would microwave the guns to clean them. I told her they probably don't work anymore and I checked the night sights of the P229. They still worked. I got on the computer and there was porn of girls with horse dicks and Desirae asked what it was. I told her I didn't know. I started playing a game where I was out on an island surviving with a group of people. I was exploring and suddenly started getting attacked by a helicopter. I got into a helicopter but as I was lifting off, I got shot down. I ejected and entered another helicopter. Same thing happened with that one so I got into some sort of tank and started shooting at the helicopter. I got mad because my mouse wasn't working and I kept pulling it. The cord was stuck on something. There were a lot of other vehicles driving and flying around. They had a box with their team color hovering above them. They were shooting at each other and the car that was teamed with the helicopter I destroyed tried to ram me into the water. I pushed my brakes and the car ended up in the water himself. This took place on the beach. I sped back to base which was in a sort of forest. My car looked like a camero or mustang and as I approached the gates to my base I remember thinking "They'd better be on their toes and open the gates. Especially since I'm out here" The gates opened as I drove towards them.
    11. Stuck in Traffic, Crazy Highway

      by , 03-21-2014 at 12:39 PM
      Recalled another dream.


      6:30 am non-lucid

      Another dream about cars. I'm driving to church (?), but I get stuck in traffic and am unable to get off the exit in time, so just keep going, all the way down to the city. The dream landscape is similar to my other dreams in which I drive to the city and am trying to get home. In fact, as I'm thinking about how to get home as my dream self, that landscape comes to mind.

      I'm upset about missing church, but feel like it's unfair to be judged because I tried so hard, but there was just so much traffic and it was so complicated turning myself around.
    12. 3/12/2014

      by , 03-15-2014 at 05:57 PM
      I was with a big group during SHTF. I went to scout a warehouse and suddenly a person appeared. Then, another one, and another one. They were questioning me and I thought they were gonna kill me. I had my yellow radio and while they weren't looking I pushed the pin. I yelled for help and my group burst in. Both groups got along and we made an even bigger group. We entered an Air Force installation and we explored it. I was going to get into one of the computers with my Air Force ID.

      In my other dream, I was the hulk and was beating up a monster. Suddenly a monster mutation starts attacking me. I run because I can't kill it or even hit him but then I find out I can so I start fighting him. We jump from rooftops to rooftops and scale buildings while fighting. He is able to regenerate health. When he's low, he starts running and I chase him down. I transform into a car to catch up to him and then kill him when I do.

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    13. 3/10/2014

      by , 03-15-2014 at 05:46 PM
      All I remember was a big factory and having to escape from some zombies or something. I had to get in a minivan that was in a tall garage to drive away.
    14. 3/5/2014

      by , 03-06-2014 at 05:46 PM
      All I remember in my dream was a group of people and maybe some driving. I also remember dreaming about my Magma M249 from Counter-Strike. I was able to select the colors and when selecting, I'd be in space looking at a cluster of colored stars.
    15. 3/3/2014

      by , 03-03-2014 at 05:59 PM
      In my first dream, I was at work at south housing with Silas. I called master control because I wanted to see if I was on the list for overtime. My watch said 11:41 and when I looked at it again it said 12:40.

      In my other dream, I was watching a documentary or a movie about some guy and a mexican woman robbing houses by entering them through the fireplace. There was a lot of driving around and I think I was driving the car. After they robbed about 3 houses, they went back to the first one and cleaned up the mess. The woman told the man "You'd better not leave me behind" and the man replied "Don't worry I won't" Suddenly, the owners arrived and everyone went to the car. I was part of the dream now and I started driving. We saw a cop and knew we were in trouble. We sped down the town and through fences until we finally reached a city. It looked like I was in a GTA game we finally lost the cops. That's when my dream ended.
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