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    1. 2/3/14 - Speeding on an empty highway

      by , 02-05-2014 at 08:31 AM
      I'm sitting in the passenger seat of a car I don't recognize. A man is driving the car. We're speeding on an empty highway in the middle of nowhere. It reminds me of the desert on the way to Las Vegas. I keep my eyes on the road and scenery, never once looking at the man driving. Even though I haven't seen his face, I know exactly who he is and I feel perfectly happy and safe with him. Out of the corner of my eye I notice him taking one of his hands off of the steering wheel, reaching it across the center console and holding it open. I look down at his open hand and smile. I place my hand in his, our fingers interlocking. He then lifts our hands towards his face and kisses the top of my hand a few times. I watch him do this and laugh. He lowers our hands back to the center console and says, "We're almost there."
    2. Car and Driving Dreams

      by , 02-01-2014 at 05:58 AM (A World In My Head!!)
      January, 2014

      multiple car dreams, a new reality check, lucid

      From the Theatre
      I'm at the theatre and the show just finished. I walk out with my friend and she heads for the subway, wait, there's a metro in SA? I was so excited about the metro! But I didn't know which was my stop.

      The train is approaching and my friend says "That's my ride. Are you getting on?"

      I wanted to, but then I realized I'm holding keys.

      "No thanks, I have my ride!" I jingle my keys and say goodbye. I walk outside, but I'm downtown and no where near a parking lot. Where the hell did I leave my car? I walk around for awhile but this is just making me really anxious. Where's my car?

      I decide to skip all this silly walking and just close my eyes and WILL my car to appear. I tell myself "when I open my eyes again I'll be at my car!". I knew I could do that but I wasn't quite lucid.

      Like magic I'm at my car. It looks weird and different. But whatever, I get in and start driving home.

      Car Smashed
      Because of some adventure dream I can't remember, my car has been smashed by the bad guy. Something to do with my car flying out a building window.

      But that was then and this is now! I walk out the grocery store with my bags and its started to rain. The rain feels real. The puddles pooling by my feet feel real. I really thought I was awake. But when I get to my car I'm horrified.

      My car is squished. Exactly the way it was from that dream. I'm flipping out! "My dream became real!" My mind was racing! "This means if anything bad happens in a dream, it happens for real?". I didn't want to believe it! I kept walking around my poor squished car.

      Well, at least she drives.

      Reality Check
      I made a left turn. Even though I was in the right lane. Even though a car from the left lane was going straight. Even though the light was red?? What? That makes no sense.

      I'm needing to drive forward but now my car has a mind of its own and turns. What is going on? I park at some random strip mall and it finally dawns on me. This driving makes no sense because I'm dreaming!!!

      Happy to be lucid, I take off my shoes and start to fly! I begin my dream goal, but moment later I black out. My dream goes fuzzy, weird, non-lucid and abstract.

    3. Flying & Mountain Wind Hand Tries to End the World, Doing Everything in One Trip, Going Down a Slope

      by , 01-25-2014 at 12:07 AM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Flying & Mountain Wind Hand Tries to End the World (DILD)


      • Flying (YES!!! FINALLY)
      • First person perspective
      • Skyrim like graphics on steroids
      • Borders like the running mocap test from the many motions guy on YouTube
      • Snowy area
      • There's a huge mountain

      • I have to fly to bypass a barrier (reference to many motions)
      • I see all sorts of items
      • Several of them have the name "flail" as an extension
      • Most seem to be grapple weapons
      • I attach them
      • I open a box on a bench
      • Random toys and objects

      • Justice league members suddenly come out of nowhere from the box
        Superman and Batman having an argument while I look at a few picture books of the other members (wonder woman, green lantern)

      • Then some wind hand extended from a mountain appears, and apparently itís a threat

      • Sensui Shinobu from Yu Yu Hakusho rises from the dead because he feels that he must restore order or else the wind hand ruins the cycle.

      • He uses sacred armor and prepares for an assault
      • Dream shift confuses journey of the dream

      • A random purple female bug is trying to defend the hand I believe
      • Bug has yellow-green hands and a dark pink body base with dark violet wings mixed in with some pink
      • All she does is literally phasing into the hand to stop it from becoming a threat


      Doing Everything in One Trip (Non-lucid)


      Relative of mine intends to drive to certain areas in one trip

      Riding a Scooter Down a Slope (DILD)


      I'm wearing a light colored suit and pants with a cool colored dress shirt tucked in. I'm riding a light gray scooter down a slope, and as soon as I reached the bottom, I immediately made a huge rotational halt to the left.
    4. Pokemon & Train Traveling with May, Offering Guy Something & He Spanks Someone, Trying to Drive

      by , 01-24-2014 at 11:59 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Pokemon & Train Traveling with May (DILD)


      Iím walking within an area that resembles Phenac City from Pokemon Colosseum. I believe Iím just trying to avoid interacting with NPCs that may want to challenge me, and I eventually shift into a scenario where Iím in a train with May.

      For some reason, being in the train, sitting down, and just relaxing was kind of soothing. At least with how smooth the train went at high velocities, and the slight vibrations every now and then with the bumps and the click-clank sounds from the train tracks.

      Offering Guy Something & He Spanks Someone (DILD)


      So Iím walking down a path by the edge of a castle, and it seems like itís almost sunrise within the dream environment. An Asian man wearing a black trench jacket, white fluff near this collar with a blue dress shirt with black vertical stripes questions me.

      Apparently, I wanted to ask him if he wanted a sandwich, and he starts getting bothered by this. I donít know why Iím asking him the question in the first place, and an Asian lady behind wearing a black latex suit warns me that guy might try to kill me.

      The guy is inching to me, and I turn around to prepare to run, and then the dream shifts me to where Iím next to him and the Asian lady. The Asian lady is wearing nothing but a light sky blue bra and panties, and has her arms extended vertically while the Asian guy prepares to spank her.

      And I just watch.


      Trying to Drive (DILD)


      • Driving in an environment akin to the waking life environment I reside at currently

      • Trying to drive the vehicle and actually being able to feel the sensations of driving

      • Relative gives feedback on driving, then I respond saying I'm not going to intentionally crash into something. Thought they would respond back aggressively, but they seem to be bothered with something else, or they didn't know how to respond.

    5. Driving Along Destroyed Roads and Having Telekinesis

      by , 01-07-2014 at 05:10 AM
      Feb 1-2 (Lucid)

      I was at my house and a lot of relatives were there. I remember looking for water, but I couldn't find much in our fridges. I found all of these milks and oils and juices, but I just wanted water. I found a cup of water with ice that wasn't cold yet, and I debated if that was already someone's and if I should take it. I ended out deciding to make my own glass and put it in the fridge, but I don't remember actually getting to it. We were outside, I remember the truck was in the driveway, and I think my brother and I went in it. I was driving with Matt, my brother, to Wal Mart and it was about 11:30 at night, we were going to buy something. He was talking about how our guest bedroom was designed for blocking sound out or about how it was perfect for sleeping with a baby or something. As we were driving, the roads were all destroyed. It looked like was an earthquake and explosions, but there were a few bridges that went over these giant holes created in the road (I remember this very vividly and wondering what was going on). On the way, I either fell asleep in my dream, or the dream scene changed, but someone told me a celebrity was trying to lucid dream, then I saw this celebrity, and I knew I was dreaming. I don't remember doing a reality check, but I knew. I was outside this club or big building but I went inside wondering what I wanted to do. I remembered to stabilize the dream so I looked at my hands and rubbed them together. It seemed to work. I was walking around and looking at all the people thinking about how they looked so real. I saw my grandparents (one of which is dead) and others I knew. Music was playing (I think I remember a Pitbull song) and people were dancing. I remember thinking how it was funny I wasn't tired in my dream, but if I woke up, I would be tired. I wanted to see the detail of things so I found these tables to looked real close and the detail was incredible. I also blinked and the design changed! It was incredible! So I started blinking rapidly, but remembered that was not a good idea in a dream. I wanted to try a couple things out. I thought about flying, but decided to try telekinesis first. I look at a chair and put my hand out and flung it sideways and it worked. I did this similar to how they did it in the movie Chronicle. I then wanted to keep testing it, so I attempted to juggle 3 eggs (with my mind). Weirdly enough, the eggs were green, also I couldn't juggle them properly and I dropped one and it broke. My dad was there and said I got a gift from a relative and there was a note saying I would like the shirt. My dad pulled it out and it was really weird with all of these smiley faces and rainbows on it. It also looked massive so I sarcastically asked, "what is that? Like a triple XL?" Sure enough, it was when we looked at the tag. I wanted to try out changing the dream scene so I thought about blinking, but I saw a door and decided to try to open the door to the new scene, but I was stopped by Rachel Wise who said she wanted to come with me. I said okay and then she also demanded to choose the spot we were going. I asked here where and she started trying to explain this place called Cabo, but not Cabo San Lucas in Mexico. I told her to pull it up on a map, and nearby there was a table full of iPads. She was hesitant for some reason about the iPads and I said, "don't you have an iPad?" She said ya and started pulling it up on maps. She found it, it was a remote island, and somehow she like dug her finger in the spot. I tried to find a name, but all I found was like Diy, and she said it was just Di. I let her know I've never been there so I don't know if it will work. But then I woke up. Everything just like quickly faded (like a quarter of a second) and I was aware of my physical body. Also, by the end, I think I was losing lucidity and getting sucked back into the dream, I really have to stay aware and conscious while having a LD.
    6. Driving DILD, Space Flight, Freeze a Lake, TOTM Attempt

      by , 01-05-2014 at 05:52 PM
      *Anyone reading this, to encourage me to keep up my DJ online I am going to start to paraphrase many of my entries...too much work for me at the moment*

      1230? ~545-620? ~7am=wake from DILD, vibration mantra, SSILD, sleepy mantra. #95

      Awareness DILD after ~5hour, wbtb. Once again I have a driving DILD. I am looking at my dashboard wondering why it is one solid dashboard without any of the normal items, not any of the plethora of items on my dashboard...nothing! Confusion for a second, then, I am dreaming! I very quickly decide to fly up out of the car (my mindset is...the car is immaterial, kind of like "there is no spoon" from The Matrix). I fly around but it is dark and I decide to fly up into space again stopping to look back down at Earth. The view is a little fuzzy. I decide to try out the Bonus TOTM. I fly back down look for a body of water, hold out my hands superhero style and freeze it. I spawn a pointed saw and start to cut a hole before I end up fading back to bed. Lasted maybe several minutes.

      Edit: to add record of short dild during morning nap. I don't plan to count this one. After a few hours I went back to bed and had an awareness dild just before waking. I had just ran into the house taking cover from geese flying overhead shut the door and shortly after heard a wood chipper going at what felt like the early morning and I realized I must be dreaming before waking up.

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    7. I make My Car Fly!!! 2nd Morning Nap DILD Success In a Row

      by , 01-04-2014 at 02:37 AM
      1/3 snip...For the second day in a row I get up after maybe 6 hours of
      sleep, eat some oatmeal, watch a little TV and then go back to bed and for the second day in a row I have a lucid dream. I think both were either due to the nap schedule or my tweak to my self awareness check-ins but I also performed SSILD cycles each time. This felt more like a morning nap than a wake back to bed because I normally don't stay up for a long time for my wake back to beds staying up 1 hour yesterday and about 1.5 hours today (got into a movie). I'm driving down a busy road with three lanes going the same direction as I am. The right lane slows down to almost zero and I get over into one of the faster lanes and I see there's a car that is slowing down just barely going . As I continue along I see more and more cars driving strangely in curve patterns on a straight road some of them also curving into the side of the road and stopping. As I get more and more suspicious the question pops up that must be dreaming. The finger through my palm tries to tell me that I am awake but
      I just know that I'm dreaming and I told myself if I'm dreaming I can pull back on the steering wheel and the car will start flying like an airplane. I lift off just above the ground at first and wonder if I've actually lifted it off at all and I pull back a little more and sure enough I'm flying up in the air higher and higher flying around a beautiful green hilled landscape in a daylight scene. It is so much fun it reminds me of the dream where I took off from the roller coaster flying over a similar landscape. I am checking out different views and after a while my vision starts to get fuzzy and I felt like I cracked open my eyes in waking life and maybe saw a little light and my room
      but I later realized that was a false awakening since when I actually woke up my sleep mask was firmly in place and my first do was dark by the sleep mask. At the time I thought I'd barely woke up so I decided to try to go back into the dream but later ended up in
      another false awakening where my wife was coming back to bed for a little sexy time. I pull up her sweatshirt and she has an undershirt on and by the time my son starts calling out from downstairs (in the dream only because he's not at the house at the moment) we are completely naked and I am worried that he is going to walk up the stairs into our room just like the episode of Modern Family rerun that we watched last night. He is calling her asking her for something and I try to call out to him what is he looking for but he keeps calling to her (I also hear is cousin downstairs) and I tell my wife hey why don't you respond (at least 3 times) before he comes upstairs and I look at her and her eyes are closed and it looks kind of like she's having a light seizure or something with her lips puckered kind of like a fish and I start to get ready to call my son to ask him to call 911 when I realize again I'm dreaming...I must be but there's just enough doubt that I make myself
      wake up just in case she is having some kind of medical emergency in waking life. Did not count this as a lucid dream...not this false awakening.
    8. The Bathroom and Driving Auggie

      by , 12-31-2013 at 08:20 PM
      12-29-2013 -- [This one was very detailed, but not all that exciting. Oh well, I still find it kind of interesting.] I am staying in a big house which I have dreamed of before, which is owned by BAM, and has a strange terrace-like area with bathrooms and a pool on multiple levels. I am being urged to hurry and get ready to go somewhere by a dark-haired teen who is probably 15 or 16, but reminds me of Auggie from Covert Affairs. It seems I have agreed to drive him somewhere and he is in a hurry to get there. He is going to be a little upset with me, because I decide I need to have a shower, first.

      I start climbing down toward the pool, then back up toward the bathroom, but when I get there, I find that BAM is using the shower, and is just climbing out, and since we are no longer on good terms, I want to get out of there before she sees me and accuses me of spying on her or something. As I try to hurry back the way I came, I bump something, and she hears it, and starts to come after me, so I am hurrying, yet trying to stay out of sight. I manage to make it, and as I get back to my room I decide I will have to forgo the shower, and just start getting dressed.

      Unfortunately, I am interrupted by another person who comes in. She is a teen girl, and I think she is the boy's sister. She is kind of pudgy, and most reminds me of the daughter from the animated series Wait 'til Your Father Gets Home. She is practically screaming at me, accusing me of eating her Totino's pizzas. I know I haven't eaten any Totino's but my own, so I come to the kitchen to check the freezer. I discover that actually all the frozen pizzas have been eaten, and whoever ate them then took the empty pizza boxes and stuck them back into the freezer to hide the fact that they'd been eaten for a time. I am very annoyed, and explain that I think Scott ate them all, and I am very angry at him for both stealing the food, and for hiding the fact in such a way. [In actuality, Scott is a brand new roommate who just moved in where I am currently living. While I do not yet feel comfortable around him, I do not believe he is stealing any food.]

      Soon I am dressed, and am walking past the large dinner table, where a bunch of visiting relatives are sitting and chatting. It is an odd cross of BAMs relatives and those of Joe L's family, and as I pass, I give a nod to the kid wanting a ride to follow me. We walk outside, and approach a small red sedan. I have a lot on my mind, and am thinking about a work shift, and without really thinking about it, climb in, start the engine, and drive off, leaving the kid standing there. I realize it a few seconds later, as I find myself driving along a busy tourist strip that seems to probably be Highway 192. I realize what I have done, and make a u-turn to go back for him, just to stop almost immediately because he has been running behind me, and almost managed to keep up. I stop the car and let him get in, then start apologizing profusely.

      Then there is a time jump, and we are back home, having already finished whatever errand I was taking him on, and perhaps even having finished the work shift I was thinking about. The kid is now spending time with his family, though there may be a small bit about a missing cell phone that gets me thinking about the situation with Scott forgetting his cellular phone at work. I find myself sitting across the street from the house, trying to build a strange model of a roller coaster out of those old orange Hot Wheels tracks. It is supposed to be a short shuttle coaster sort of ride, except it is a small, complete oval, including a loop, though I am having problems making it all fit together right with the coaster station. A woman walks across the street from the house to see me, and she looks like Cindy L, but has the current negative attitude toward me of BAM. Somehow one or both of us is somehow shrink-wrapping a book or something, and I try to give her a serious compliment that just fails to come out well, but we still manage to end on slightly better terms.
    9. December 14 2013; Recent dream: Why is the SUV starting?

      by , 12-15-2013 at 05:15 AM
      A man I know has an SUV in waking life. I dreamed his SUV was parked in our yard and I got in the driver's seat and closed the door. The engine then started up *by closing the door* and crashed into the fence and I tried to get it to stop; I succeeded at first but then I closed the door again and drove on the main road - which was nothing like it is in awake life - and kept crashing into other cars and/or walls or sides of mountains with the SUV spinning like a top on a merry-go-round. The car also accelerated fast and I wasn't able to control it well.

      What does it mean when or if I drive someone else's automobile which is out of control?

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    10. Driving

      by , 11-23-2013 at 02:15 PM (Taffy's Sweet Dreams)
      I was driving home from school and there were two girls in the back seat. I didn't know how they got there but still continued driving anyway. I think they started kissing and laying on the floor. The roads looked different, and I was coming from the opposite direction that I usually do. But then it started to look familiar. At that point the girls got out of the car and I drove away.
    11. Road Trip; The Answer To Everything

      by , 11-21-2013 at 11:20 PM
      Original journal entry dated July 14, 2002:

      I dreamed I was on a road-trip with my aunt and uncle, except that it was like a video-game in that I could save at certain points and then "play" from my last save-point. My cat, Abby, was with us, and she fell out the window, but they refused to stop the car so I could go and get her, even though she was in the middle of traffic. So I screamed at the top of my lungs until they stopped the car. Miraculously, my cat had not been flattened and seemed perfectly fine, though I wondered if maybe she actually HAD gotten hit and seemed ok but was bleeding internally. Then I vaguely remember what was possibly a different dream, there was a lot of art involved, paint and colors and rainbows and stuff, and something about silk.

      Original journal entry dated July 15, 2002:

      It was sort of a waking-dream, a daydream, as I unsuccessfully tried to fall asleep. All I could manage was a light snooze. All the same, I imagined that I was leafing through my old Bible.
      I don't consider myself a religious person; all the same, it had significance for me. I hated that old Bible because it was such an ugly teal color, and because the vinyl was cracked, and because it was dog-leafed from being studied and being in my backpack. I flipped through the pages and saw where they had been highlighted. There were a lot of highlighted passages, stuff that I was supposed to study for class. My old Bible was heavily highlighted, mostly in yellow, and I always hated how the pages were so thin that the yellow marker leaked through them and then you could see the black on the other side, and it made them so hard to read. In any case, I really hated that Bible.
      I had to buy it for class - the King James version. And I hated it because my mother had had to buy the cheapest one in the store. I think I was looking for one verse - one particular verse - that would answer everything, every question I had ever had, and it wasn't there. All of the passages in smudgy black ink on cheap paper, highlighted in yellow, that I had had to study for so many hours for my classes, didn't hold the answers. The verse that I was looking for just didn't exist.
    12. Pills, Mall, Road Trip, Lucidity

      by , 11-02-2013 at 11:51 AM
      Hi! I had another lucid :D. Every time I go lucid I am always in a car, hopefully I learn to go lucid when Im not in a car. Last night I went to sleep early because I was tired and also my stomach was hurting. I just kept falling asleep on the couch so I just went to bed at around 8 or 9, really early for me. I usually have trouble falling asleep by midnight. Anyways here's how my dream went.

      Earliest part I remember was buying pills in the mall. It was inside this weird store that was pretty much purple and had a little stand in the middle where I got my pills. I let this girl see the pills and I thought she gave them back. I had a bottle of my new pills and my old pills, she looked at the old ones. As I was leaving the store I looked inside the bottle for my old pills and there was nothing there. I looked at her and she started trying to walk away, I chased her down and kept trying to get my pills back. I got this little pamphlet from her with some of the pills in a baggy on it or some pills that stick to the pamphlet in an orderly fashion. I couldn't check if they were all there so I kept chasing her and getting my pills back. After a while, like 5 minutes dreamtime, she got to this maze. I kept going along the side of this maze and she came out right in front of me and I took my bag of pills back. Then she tried to grab them back and the bag ripped and it went all over the floor.

      The next part was my sister and me in the car going somewhere, she was driving. For some reason I think she is the girl trying to steal my pills in the mall. I also tell her I have to go home but she gets her friends in the car and she says nope and they start driving somewhere else. So at this point I am really angry over everything she has done so far so I smash her head through the windshield and push it against the window through the broken glass so her head comes off. Her friends keep driving and somehow her head grows back. I sit there a while and then [COLOR="#0000CD"]I realize I'm dreaming. I look at my hands in the car (my car) and it looks exactly like real life its crazy. I look over to my sister and shes reaching her hand out trying to touch me like a zombie, I fly out the open window and land along the side of the road. I quickly try rubbing my hands together and it works for a bit. I look around and I'm in a road with wheat on both sides, or very tall grass and a tree on the right side, when I'm on the left side. Past the wheat is a forest, it's in the afternoon and everything looks awesome. I fly into the air again and I chase the car down, Im about to shoot an energy blast to blow up the car from the air but I accidentally wake myself up.[/COLOR]
      lucid , memorable
    13. Driving Car, LUCIDITY!!

      by , 10-31-2013 at 02:37 PM
      I apparently always go lucid when Im driving.

      Anyways I dont remember much at all about my dreams last night except when I went lucid. I was driving my car and I just knew it was a dream, I didn't do a reality check or anything I just realized I was dreaming. I rubbed my hands together so I wouldnt wake up and I tried driving around for a bit but it didn't last long and I woke up. Thats pretty much all I remember

      I only have this one other fragment of playing this game where I had to pour this liquid in little grooves on a board. I let it drip and the girl next to me told me I lost cause if it drips then you lose.
      Tags: car, driving, lucid
      lucid , memorable , dream fragment
    14. "Hey Kids, I'm the Easter Bunny!"

      by , 10-29-2013 at 01:29 AM (Casting Shadows)
      Note: I often tell Marvolo that I hate him in real life. I don't, of course--I consider him a friend, after all! He knows that I'm only joking with him. For your benefit, I say that I hate him because he hates dark soft drinks, chocolate, and Lucky Charms cereal.

      I am in one of my classes at my current school, but the layout of the classroom was that of one of my old ones. The counselor comes to the door and says that all of the Driver's Ed kids need to report to a certain place so that we can be tested on what we remember from the manual. I'm somewhat nervous--I know that there is a lot that I can't remember--but I believe that I will be alright. I briefly wonder if the other students will be, too.

      In the testing area, I'm with a few of my friends. I tell Marvolo that I hate him. "I know to expect that you hate me because you always hate me!"

      We end up in the cafeteria line. I'm wanting some white milk and so I grab a pink carton that simply reads "MILK" on one side and has two lids: one on the top and one on the bottom. This is normal but frustrating, because I can't sit down the carton on my tray.

      There is a group of children behind me that look to be fifth grade/sixth grade age. Knowing full well that I am not in any sort of costume, I say, "Hey kids! I'm the Easter Bunny!" Unsurprisingly, they don't believe me.
    15. Awareness

      by , 10-14-2013 at 05:47 PM
      Just wanted to say I was particularly pleased with myself this morning. I am still very much learning and normally I realise I am in a dream when something bad happens; being chased, ghosts, deaf. At which point I would take over Lucidly and change the nightmare. However last night I impressed myself by becoming Lucid by noticing something much smaller - See I can drive but I don't have a car. In the dream I had forgotten something and was driving rapidly back to my house to fetch it, then It dawned on me that I couldn't be driving if I don't own a car, and became Lucid from there. Good progress!
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