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    1. Sinister Device

      by , 06-05-2018 at 09:42 PM (The Fourth Factor)
      I’m walking down the metallic corridor of a spaceship, carrying a small backpack and some other item with me. I spot a door on the left-hand side and walk in. It’s a little room with a bed, a sink and various other useful things along the walls. I set my things down. It looks like nobody’s claimed this one yet. I’m glad because I like room #2—they’re all pretty similar, but I just like this one more for some reason.

      I look at the bed—just a molded bit of plastic, no sheets on it yet. It’s pretty uncomfortable. I could have brought some extra bedclothes, knowing in advance that it would be, but I figured I’d just pick some up along the way.

      All of this is so familiar to me because I can remember all of it happening before, even the things that haven’t happened yet. If déjà vu is like seeing a firefly flickering in the darkness, this is like being in broad daylight. I remember all of it, although not everything seems to be set in stone—little things like my being the first one here and the outcome of one very big thing that’s still a long way in the future.

      Somewhere out in space, there’s an odd device wired into the workings of a satellite devoted to climate monitoring. The device had originally been with me, but some time back, in the midst of a chaotic situation, some group had managed to get their hands on it—not a hostile group, exactly, but not overly friendly either. They had managed to figure out that it was a powerful device and even how to get it to do some interesting things, but they really have no idea what it was capable of.

      This situation doesn’t bother me too much. An unmanned climate monitoring satellite isn’t a bad place for the thing for the time being. They’ve taken great pains to keep it a secret, and nobody is likely to find it there. And when it leaves dormancy and begins to destroy the satellite—it is a matter of when rather than if—there’s only so much damage it can do.

      That won’t be for a while yet. It will also take a while for them to trace it back to the device and figure out just what they’re dealing with. And that’s when they’ll come to me. I have some kind of connection with this thing, which is how I know all this, and I’m the only one who has a chance of destroying it. I won’t have to bother about getting it back. All I have to do is make sure I’m ready when the time comes.

      Someone else enters the room—a young woman, tall with short, blonde hair and a punk-ish look. I’m one of four people who have just been brought here, possibly as some kind of training program, and she’s another of them. She tells me the people in charge here found something out about her past and are making her take some kind of test—something they needed a blood sample for. She hasn’t got the results back yet. I don’t know anyone here that well yet, but I have the impression she just needs someone to talk to.

      We go out together, through a door in the ceiling. We aren’t actually in space now—we’re parked. It’s definitely not earth, though: we move through the air like swimming, as if gravity is very low here. It’s dark out, and there’s nobody else around. Not far from us is a park with a playground. We float over to it. I notice my companion is wearing a purple pair of flippers, which strikes me as a smart idea—she can probably move faster that way.

      I grab ahold of a colorful children’s play structure and maneuver through a hole in it. Might as well get a feel for what it’s like moving through the air like this. I think that this, in a way, is also preparation for what I’ll eventually have to do.

      The woman heads back to the spaceship at some point, but I stay out a bit longer.

    2. Exploring dream world and aliens.

      by , 04-24-2017 at 05:44 PM
      I am in the dream, fully lucid. I see buildings that remind me of 18th century England. There are people around me also. I am on a brick path, they are a black-ish color. The sky is gray, and it's about to rain. I am walking around my dream world. I am by a lake when holes opens up in the giant stratus cloud. Out comes UFOs. I teleport inside one of them to infiltrate it. I now have an arm cannon on me. I am hearing ear rape as a physical representation of it flies towards my gun. I can now shoot ear rape at the aliens(?). An alien comes out of nowhere. It is shades of blue. I shoot at it and it explodes. I am now in a central room of the UFO. Aliens gang up on me and I am unable to shoot them. The dream is too unstable, I see a power button and press it. Everything around me is black. I am now in a ROBLOX like house. I try to summon a dream character, but it takes me a few times for my dream to get it right. I wake up soon after.
    3. Mobile Task Force

      by , 10-18-2016 at 08:37 AM (Cinder's Dreams Gallery)
      I am part of a task force. I think I am a tech specialist rather than a fighter. We are sitting in the VTOL as we are briefed to ambush and take over an enemy base. It is dark when we land, and we rush out. I am to head towards a building in the centre of the base, as we fight our way through ruins and buildings of smooth black stone. My squadmates are with me, but we are spread out as we attack the surprised soldiers from the dark, shooting our way through like knife through butter.

      We take control of the base, and I am called in to deal with the central building. I pay attention to my squadmate's instructions, which make me realize that I am dreaming. At which point I stop paying attention to him and start to examine my hands and stabilize myself instead. My hands are freakishly small, and my right hand has about eight fingers. Regardless of my attempt to stabilize, I wake up.
    4. Parkour on the Train Tracks

      by , 11-25-2015 at 10:26 AM (The Dream Magic Experiment)
      I was in a house/apartment. I was looking for something. I was supposed to just stay there temporarily. I think it was after the death of the owner, an old man. I'm not sure how I'm related to him. It was night, and I was looking for the bathroom. For some reason, I can't find it. Then there were ghostly apparitions and then a vampire-like monster. I was able to turn it "off," as if a game, although I wasn't scared. More like annoyed and frustrated for not getting to a bathroom.

      I was able to visit a friend (who?) and I used their bathroom. The water was warm. Then I'm not sure whether I was peeing in the right area. It might be their sink, but it was made of solid cement.

      I was looking at a small representation of some hills and a lake. It acted like a game map. I saw lines and arrows of where I'm supposed to go but it keeps changing and mixing because I'm "clicking" all over the place.

      I went outside our building. I climbed up to the train station, but not through the stairs. I climbed up, easily, through the walls and to the elevated tracks. A train just passed by but it was going the opposite direction (south) of where I was going (north). I was thinking whether I should walk to the station (a bit north). I decided to run on the tracks instead. I parkoured my way over obstacles. It felt liberating, especially when I saw how high I was able to jump up and landed precisely on a small ledge. There was a nice background music playing while I was doing this, which made it even more awesome. Not quite opera voice, and there were background instruments.

      I arrived near my destination (SM Megamall though it doesn't like anything like it). I got a little lost first but quickly found my way. I was in an area where there are some construction going on. I arrived at the area where they have sci-fi human-art installation. Basically, there were monks/priests and nuns and KOAs, and they were "attached" to sci-fi art (spaceships?) that are, in turn, attached to the ceiling/trees. One monk was even moving a bit, and the person holding him doesn't seem to be making an effort.


      - I was tired and sleepy. I was also hungry, but my sleepiness and tiredness overpowered me before I slept.
      - I slept around 3pm. I had instant coffee around 10am though.
      - Last night, I slept a good 7 hours.
      - I took Bioflu (paracetamol + phenelephrine) around noon coz I felt like I was going to get sick. Might have caused the sleepiness.
    5. Robots, Aliens, and Games

      by , 10-06-2015 at 11:45 PM
      6 October 2015

      Chapter 1: The Arcade

      I was at an arcade restaurant reminiscent of Dave and Busters. I really don’t remember much about the restaurant itself outside the fact that it was huge and had a lot to it. I vaguely remember speaking to a waitress there. She was older, tall, had a brown beehive hairdo and wore heavy makeup. She was also slightly overweight. By the way she was dressed she looked more suited for a truck stop restaurant than a fancy-ish arcade place but whatever. I don’t remember what we talked about but I don’t think that I placed any orders.

      I went to the Elevator and went up to the second floor. When I first stepped in I only had the option of moving to the second floor which is why I was surprised when I saw that there was a third and fourth floor. There was a balcony that gave me a view of all three floors. I can’t really describe all too well how they were laid out but I remember that it was really cool. I saw a young kid playing basket ball but the goal had no hoop, it was only a clear back board. I wondered how the third and fourth floors could be accessed when some kid dropped a pair of broken headphones by my feet. I saw the kid run away up a flight of stairs to the third floor.

      Now knowing how to access the two upper floors I ran up the steps with the broken headphones. I do not remember much about the third floor aside from the fact that the floor was carpeted. The kid was not there so I proceeded up a flight of stairs to the fourth floor where I saw the kid hiding behind a billiards table. I remember trying to offer the kid his headphones back but he seemed very afraid of me. He was afraid that I was mad at him because I thought that he threw the headphones at me but I assured him that I understood that it was only an accident. Funny thing is, the kid looked like a younger version of myself.

      I walked into an elevator that was on the third floor. There I saw five buttons which told me that there was a fifth floor that I have yet to see. At some point a man and his girlfriend came onto the elevator. He was tall, Caucasian, had curly hair and a light beard. He wore a green thick jacket and denim jeans. She was blond, curvy, I don’t remember much else about her appearance. Now the elevator was very old and run down. The inside was plastered with graffiti. It was nice graffiti, I could tell the graffiti artists put a lot of work into it, but it was graffiti nonetheless. The couple and I spoke and we kind of hit it off. Now unfortunately the elevator was rough going down and the man and I nervously joked about how sketchy the elevator was. The woman seemed to have no feelings about it.

      The elevator began to increase in speed as it went down and I seriously began to wonder it was eventually going to snap. I knew that this building was not that tall but it seemed to take forever going down. The man and I were relieved when the elevator finally reached the bottom, however, it went down so hard that the man and I were forced onto our backs. The woman was standing at the elevator entrance jokingly shaking her head.

      Chapter 2: Meet Jensen

      Next thing I knew I was creating some sort of sentient exo-skin that was desperate for an endoskeleton to wrap itself around. It found an endoskeleton and had the appearance of an android like sir unit from “Invader Zim.” I do not remember what exactly happened thereafter but sometime later I was in a room at the arcade making another one of those things. This one was to be a newer version. I made this one by mixing some stuff in a bowl. The exo-skin began to take form and move about the room lamenting about how it had no form and no purpose. It sounded like that giant robot from “Courage the Cowardly Dog.” Soon an Irkan soldier came in with an endoskeleton for the exo-skin to attach to. What I found odd was the fact that the endoskeleton was equipped with an artificial brain. Why would this thing need an artificial brain when it is clearly already sapient on its own? So the exo-skin wrapped itself around the endoskeleton and once again it assumed the form of some sort android sir unit. At some point before I learned that I was making this thing for the Irkan Armada so it was no surprise to me when the android thing was called into battle. The Irkans named the android “Jensen.”

      I was then view everything from Jensen’s point of view. I think I was consciously acting as Jensen. The Irkans had taken over the restaurant and were now under attack by their enemies and desperately needed help. It was weird. I was in complete control as Jensen and I knew that I was fighting for the wrong side. After all the Irkans were not a good people. They were out to take over the universe and somehow taking over this restaurant was a milestone for that goal. I knew all of this but I still fought as Jensen the android. Funny thing is, I had a feeling that the enemies were just as bad if not worse. That could be why I was fighting I think I felt that Irk was the lesser of two evils.

      As Jensen, I bolted down the dark hallway where I saw an Irkan soldier firing his gun around the corridor. I ran past the corridor where I saw Irks leader under attack with his pants down. And who was this leader? John F. Kennedy! He was on the ground wrestling with this guy trying to do him in. I was having so many conflicting thoughts it’s not even funny. I was disappointed to see that a man like Kennedy would be leading the Irkan regime and yet I was anxious to save his life from this man. I knew that the man trying to kill Kennedy was bad, I just knew he had evil intentions, and that if he died it would be a terrible thing. It may make no sense now but when I was Jensen it made perfect sense, I had to fight for the Irkan Armada in spite of their overall intentions, I had to save Kennedy, I knew that the enemies of Irk could not be allowed to win but most importantly, this assassin had to die.

      I rushed over to Kennedy with a stick in hand with every intention of beating his assassin to death. My first strike missed the assassin and hit Kennedy, I was warned by the Irkan Soldier behind me to be careful not to hit Kennedy. I ditched the stick and decided that it would just be easier to kick the assassin to death so that is just what I did. I kicked him and kicked him as hard as I could until he just sorta…disappeared into oblivion. I exhaled a sigh of relief; the assassin was dead and Kennedy was saved.

      He got up on his hands and knees; his pants still down and still weak from the struggle. His naked mistress Marilyn Monroe rushed out from somewhere and hovered over him. She was clearly concerned for his well being. As I looked at the nude Monroe and the slightly pantsless Kennedy it became clear that this assassin caught him in a moment of coitus with his mistress. I withheld any expression of disappointment that I had mustered up…it wasn’t my place. I looked out the huge window behind Kennedy and saw what may have been a city skyline during the hours of twilight. It had to be this way. The Irkans were not good people and, clearly, neither was Kennedy. But I knew that the people they were against were worse and in spite of my trepidations I knew that this was for the best. Dale Gribble from “King of the Hill” showed up. He had no armor but he too was holding an Irkan rifle. He began to chant “Jensen! Jensen! Jensen!” and everyone followed suit including Kennedy and Monroe. Every there was grateful for the work I’d done. I guess I would just have to trust that this would work out for the best.

      The day before, I had just read the Kennedy had Monroe as a mistress. I am unsure how true that is but it was on my mind as I fell asleep.
    6. 300915: Abandoned classroom, an evil raygun, Chinese vendors.

      by , 09-30-2015 at 02:56 PM (The Dream Journal)
      I enter a large classroom in what seems like some kind of industrial hall. I enter from a small window to the right. The sun is bright and sunny, afternoon, perhaps morning? I look at the blackboard and the high ceiling, this is an impressive space, why has it been abandoned? I pull out my camera to take a picture, a great urban exploration pic. As I take the picture I hear someone coming, a janitor. I try to move fast to get out of there but I feel slow, like I'm moving through molasses. The janitor notices me and yells at me to get out. I shamefully comply.

      I walk through a hall, it has many floors, there are lathes and milling machines about. I see students walk by, I try to make my way silently as to not disturb anyone.

      Entering another hall I see a teacher of mine showing a machine to his class. It looks wooden and old. It is a ray gun for a space fighter. It runs on steam and evil energy from the pilot. When the pilot has evil thoughts it mixes with the steam to shoot of dark tentacles of bad energy. It's as if I see an 8-bit energy gauge with a pilot's picture to the right of it.

      The teacher gets in an argument with a student and as he's distracted pressure from the steam gathers inside the machine, it's going critical. I want to alert the teacher to this but the argument is getting pretty intense. I can't get a word in. I try to slowly walk away and position myself in a way that would minimize my exposure to an explosion, trying to get behind a corner. My teacher sees a Facebook update where another teacher tells him to lower the pressure already before there is an accident. Despite this, he continues to ignore the problem.

      I see my mom in the cafeteria, she is there for a union meeting. The room in a bit dark and shadowy. In a display case by the lunch line I see pieces of carrot cake, like ones I've seen in childhood. If only I had money to buy one.

      It's night time, I'm in a suburban center. Inside the shopping mall there are Chinese vendors selling things in small charts. I look at their wares. I see a middle-aged woman ask what's inside one of the large bags in one of the stalls. It is a pink bag of pecan marshmallows. I tell her they are good and she decides to buy them.

      Outside I somehow get onto a low-lying roof with my bike. I look at the walls and the poorly executed tags to my left, I look for a place to put mine. With no good place and too much exposure, I hop down with my bike.
    7. 230915: Vague memories of books, snotty kid wants to eat pseudo-bacon and potato casserole.

      by , 09-23-2015 at 05:11 PM (The Dream Journal)

      As I read a book in a room with grey natural light coming from my right, I remember a quote by a writer and I pencil it into the last page of a chapter where there is empty space. In pencil I write "If only Huxley had such supple minds to impress." I see a old-timey picture of young men in college in the 50's, wearing polo shirts but the men have bulldog heads.

      The book turns into a sci-fi anthology, each chapter takes place centuries after the one before it. The cover and the first page of each chapter has a 3D peace sign shot at an angle, computer generated, very late 90's-early 00's. The chapter names are long and convoluted like a history book. A fragment of one title that stands out is "...the anti-baby classes of anarcho-populism."

      In a diner's kitchen, morning sunlight coming through the far windows by the tables. There are some leftovers of a fake bacon and potato casserole. Too little to save, I begin to eat the rest until a snotty, bratty boy comes over and says he was going to eat it, obviously lying and just being difficult.
      Tags: books, kid, sci-fi
      dream fragment
    8. Not lucid, but epic mecha war

      by , 09-06-2014 at 02:02 PM (Lucid Time!)
      I really had the cards stacked for a lucid last night. Went to bed at 9:30, attempted 3 WBTBs, all of them failures, and lets not forget the brute force autosuggestion.

      I can recall some dream where I in photoshop was retouching a photo of some beautiful woman standing on the beach at sunset.

      I can recall that there had been a house developed in the soccer feild by the middle school. I later discovered that, In fact there were a couple of small buildings homes connected by a dirt path. I was walking around them looking for my bike or something.
      I thought that the houses were abandoned, or waiting to be bought, but I eventually I found that there was a big group of people having a party inside one of the houses. A few of them came outside and nagged me about being on their property.

      But by far the best of what I can recall was a dream about a post-apocalyptic world. Me, A and some of my other friends were a part of a mech fighting corps. In this corps, there were squads of 5-10 pilots. Missions were often very difficult so an entire squad was needed. Also, every squad had a matching emblem and a unique coloration to their squad.
      Our squad, I think had a skull and crossbones emblem, and we all used an ice-blue digital camo best suited to missions in arctic. In fact, I think our squad had a reputation for our effectiveness in tundra and arctic missions.
      We geared up for our mission in a huge hangar bay. My mech was actually out for repairs, after having taken heavy damage on our last mission. A was injured and unable to pilot his. so I had to pilot A's mech. Our squad was deployed to a foggy mountain valley area, and from what I can recall it was only me and S, piloting his own mech. S was also the commander of our squad.
      I think that our last mission had involved heavy losses on the part of the squad, many of our members had been killed and/or had their mechs destroyed. But the nation we were working for was deploying the two of us out of desperation.
      I can recall our mechs walked for some time. A's mech that I was piloting was a medium weight design that could 'run'. It had huge missile racks on either side and two machine guns for back up. I can recall the machine guns were designed for long missions and had a large ammo stockades mounted on them. I was grumbling a little about the design choices in his mech, having been more used to my own custom design.
      We arrived at the rendezvous point. My view went into a 3rd person chase cam, like I was playing a video game. We were in a mountainous region with huge boulders and steep cliffs creating a maze of passages. There were rivers in the canyons, but they were shallow enough that our mechs could easily traverse them. It was foggy and visibility was low.
      Our mission is to defend a vital communication outpost from enemy forces. The outpost is a huge satellite dish based atop one of the mountains. There is also a large derelict concrete pyramid that used to function as a base and and had room for a single mech inside. I had 'flashbacks' to the early days of the war. Before entire squads of mechs were common. I had been one of the very first pilots, and I had been stationed at that pyramid structure.
      S went inside of it and explained that the concrete channeled his radar and he would be able to easily pick up incoming enemies.
      "You got two scouts coming from the east!"
      "We just got here!"
      I turn. The enemy has very simplistic mechs. I get the feeling their technology must not be as advanced as ours. I open fire, testing the weapon systems on A's mech. I make a note that the rocket pods do not carry much ammunition. Their armor sucks too, I tear them both apart with a few good hits.
      S calls out more enemies coming from another direction. I turn and see what I 'remember' being called accelerator tanks. They are large four wheeled vechiles with their wheels on long struts that can bend and compress thanks to springs and joints. They are designed to go fast, even in rugged environments like this. They do not however have very powerful weapons or thick armor. I dispatch them rather easily as well.
      S calls out more enemies. I turn back the way the first group came and see both enemy mechs and more accelerator tanks. I unleash a hail of missiles thinking this is their main force and take them down just as they come over a nearby hill.
      "Uh... we've got a problem..."
      I turn and look. Cresting a hill nearby are about three dozen enemy mechs and several more accelerator tanks. They open fire. I run behind the pyramid and S backs out of the hangar bay. His mech has some type of mortar weapon. Using the pyramid for cover, we are able to hold our own. The enemy is advancing on us, but just as it looks like we are about to turn the tide, there is a blinding flash of light and a huge explosion, knocking my mech over.
      I turn to see where S's mech once stood there is now just a pair of mechanical legs with burning stump atop them. A glowing plasma trail highlights the air. I follow it to see an advanced enemy mech, a huge six legged beast, painted all black with a massive rail gun mounted on top.
      My mech gets up and the rail gun resets and prepares to kill me. I'm already pinned by the enemy squad we were fighting, and am pretty much doomed to die by the hands of this enemy.
      Just as he is about to fire, an artillery round strikes him, causing him to miss. An allied squad of 8 or 9 custom mechs from our nation enters the fray. This squad has a red and orange camo and uses a yellow falcon with a gun in it's talons as their emblem. This is another squad, one that I 'remembered' being very famous. The commander of the comes on the radio, who I think was a female, and asks if I could use a hand with these guys. Of course, I say yes.
      What followed was a full on battle. Now I'll admit that the dream up until this point was pretty cool. But a 10v100 battle in ten story combat mechs. What could be cooler?! The battle was insane, and this red squadron is really good. Some of their mechs have these advanced laser weapons that are cleaving the enemy mechs in half and cutting their legs off and such. I am more than holding my own though, using the machine guns to take out as many as I can. I think I may have started to get too overly excited after awhile. I can remember the dream fading out to a chaotic crossfire of machine guns, rockets and lasers.

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    9. Tales from the Dream Realm

      by , 08-10-2014 at 08:32 PM

      Chapter I: Three Travelers
      I don’t remember the events preceding but somehow some friends and I had come across three hikers in the snow. We were in a forest in the middle of winter. The forest was somewhat thin. The hikers were injured critically and were suffering from hypothermia. They had amnesia and had no idea what had happened or where they even were. Somehow we were able to surmise that there had been an avalanche and they were caught in it. We got them back to my apartment and took care of them. I do not remember how the hikers looked but I do remember talking with one of them. A young woman (probably mid to late 20s). I think she and I had an engaging conversation. I have a feeling that she shared with me aspects of her life that were of importance to her. I remember feeling particularly bad for her because her injuries were much more severe. I left her wondering if we would get a chance to speak again…we didn’t. She died the next morning.

      Chapter II: Necromancy
      There once was a man who believed in ghosts
      “I know them, I hear them, I see them,” he’d boast
      I worked with this man, I knew him well
      How this came to be, I couldn’t tell
      He came one day and shouted, “Come look!”
      “Look what I have! A magical book!”
      “This book is special,” he said to me.
      “Open this book and ghosts you will see.”
      The book was black, a green skull on the front
      It looked rather trite if I could be blunt
      “How does it work?” I asked this guy
      “Open the book, it will blow your mind!”
      “There’s a portal! A portal! A portal inside!”
      “That allows you to meet those who have died!”
      So I opened the book and so there was
      A window inside to ghosts abuzz
      The ghosts were green and had red eyes
      Then I heard a voice, “Have you lost your minds??”
      I look and I see, a woman is there
      I don’t recall her looks, not even her hair.
      The woman came up and then she said.
      “What is your problem? Are you sick in the head?”
      “Now listen here and listen you,”
      “Those ghosts are hostile. They’ll rip you in two!”
      What happens next, I cannot recall.
      So our chapter ends here. That is all.

      Chapter III: Zero-G
      It was a normal work day in the backroom at Walmart. It was the latter part of my shift and by this time I was doing picks. I was going to speak with coworker, Sean, about something when suddenly I saw him lift off of the ground. Soon after, I was off the ground too. We, along with several others there, were floating towards the ceiling.
      “God damn it!” Sean exclaimed, “Some idiot turned off the gravity again!” Fuck ups were commonplace at the store I worked but until now I had no idea that there was gravity plating beneath the floors of the backroom. I questioned the need for such a thing in a place like this and who on earth would have been stupid enough to reverse the gravity plates (which we apparently have)? I began to consider the consequences of what would happen should I break though one of the skylights. I began to panic at the thought of floating out into space and being lost forever. Anxious, I began to claw at the shelving just beneath me. My fears were unfounded as the gravity plates were set right and we all floated back down. I was embarrassed for panicking the way I did.

      Chapter IV: Night Ride
      For some reason, my car was out of commission so I had no other alternative but to ride my bike to work. The moon shone brightly in the sky as I rode through the commercial district of one of the small towns. Before I knew it there was a whole line of bikes ahead of me and behind me along with a few cars. I loved riding in this makeshift convoy. But my bike was uncomfortable because the handle bars were low so I pulled over onto the median, making sure to stay out of the way of the other riders, and pulled the handle bars as high as I could. So I rode on but the handle bars were still too low for me and it was very uncomfortable to ride. At the next light, I lowered my seats and was very grateful to the people behind me for their patience as the light had turned green as I was adjusting. They were all very cool about it and didn’t say a word. So I rode on and now I was comfortable. I vaguely remember making friends with a girl who was riding with us but I don’t remember much of the details behind that.
      I got to work and was ready to start unloading the truck. My heart race when I thought I heard my supervisor say that we had a 7000 piece truck to unload. I asked him again and I was sure he had said 7046 this time! Which was odd because I could see inside the truck and it didn’t look like that much. I walked up to him and asked how much we had to unload that day and I clearly heard him say 1746. A sigh of relief left as we started to unload the truck. I had a good feeling about tonight. I had a feeling that this was going to be a good night.

      Chapter V: The Machine
      There was a scientist who had managed to set up shop in the back rooms of Walmart. He was trying to work a machine that could open up portals to other worlds. His attempts were futile as the machine had never worked. But perhaps now it would. You see, this man had an ace up his sleeve. A young boy probably around thirteen or fourteen. This boy was his a assistant.
      He turned to this boy and said: “You there! You will be the one to power this machine! The power to make this work will come from you!” The man pulled out a small empty plastic box that was connected to the machine with a couple of wires. The boy stepped in and sat down in the box without saying a word. The man then activated the machine. Exact details of what happened next I cannot recall, I just vaguely remember sporadic bolts of electricity and the ultimate failure of his machine followed by curses from an angry scientist.
      “Damn! Damn! Damn!” He shouted, “Why didn’t it work!? Damn it, Boy! Why didn’t it work? Why didn’t my machine work!?” But the boy did not answer. He was dead.
    10. Teleportation Contraption Turned to Short But Cool LD

      by , 10-23-2013 at 05:40 PM
      10/23* indoor sports again. This time indoor soccer I scored a goal vs 2 other players but they said no it didn't go in I say but wait the ball won't even fit all the way inside the small goal and I demonstrated that it went in through the front of the goal just couldn't go all the way in because the goal was too small. Now if it came from the side hit the post or side netting then I would not have counted it.
      Huge game bureau or cabinet I remember there was a ping pong drawer which probably has ping pong balls in it and to the right of that was a drawer with a change machine, a way to get change I assume for any games that require coin operation there were other drawers labeled as well. This bureau became my wife's grandmother's bureau of stuff. She's close to passing away in waking life. Inside there are stacks of 1 yen bills on one of the shelves and my wife says yes there's like ten thousand yen in there. The stacks look uncirculated and perhaps in sequential order . Supposedly they're from the 70's. I tell my wife that they're worth more than that probably. My wife tells her mother and my son who is sitting on a couch facing away from the Bureau says shhh, she will spend it all. I think hmm is my son worried about inheritance? My wife tells her mother and her mother points to a zip lock bag full of a couple of wads of euros. My wife says no
      the yen's. I wake up.
      Fragment: perhaps a false memory of a break in to the back area of a garage. The house is different, a ranch style home but the garage is on the left like IWL. I wake up lying in bed thinking about why some short term memories come through to our dreams? And how some dreams are influenced by that very day's events. I wonder if it could be like one theory holds that dreams are part of the filing away of memories process. Perhaps during the filing away of the memory it gets included in our dream. That day I was watching a news story about a neighborhood that was having a lot of burglaries but the culprits were caught on surveillance camera.
      I guess this would be a fragment because I do not remember how the dream started but I have a sneaking suspicion that I was lucid or semi-lucid before becoming lucid at the end. A guy and myself are escaping from group of pursuers and he is leading the way we come into some kind of warehouse and he walks up to a wall and it becomes a device that looks kind of like an elevator he pushes a buttonthe door opens I look inside and there are golden grid lines in an otherwise black void I follow him inside the door closes behind us and I wonder if anyone else got through that was chasing us. I realize I am dreaming as I seem to be zooming through space or perhaps a wormhole at very high speed and then all the sudden I'm shaken and I am just sitting there in a void of black, the shake and perhaps also the starkness of the surrounding is probably what woke me up and I'm back in bed.

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    11. Alien Attack - Firework in Skies

      by , 10-23-2012 at 04:12 PM
      I was going to my old school in the dream.As I was in my way to one of the busy roads in my city,gradually the sky was darkening.It become so dark that stars were seen in day.I was looking up in the sky,suddenly,I saw bunch of shooting stars marching across the sky in parallel.Just I was noticing its movement,I saw one of the shooting stars fell vertically near the horizon,and there was a blast and my dream was over.It was very vivid and I remembered fine details of it.I saw it between 7:30 AM and 9:00 AM in morning.Awesome experience.
    12. DB Goal Attempt, Post Apocalypse, Short DEILD, Nuking an Alien (March 6, 2012)

      by , 05-05-2012 at 03:13 AM (Chronicles of Ethos)

      DB Goal Attempt

      This dream was very blurry and fragmented. I was standing outside a tower that was similar to the one I trained fury mode on. Chris was standing next to me and mentioned something about "60 seconds". At this moment I remembered the Dreamer Base goal of the month and became lucid. I quickly started running up to the tower because I knew there would be a mailbox at the top. A dragon was flying outside the tower as I was running up the stairs. It started shooting fire at me, so I shot fire back. I was assuming the letter would tell me how to defeat the dragon. When I got to the top I saw a green mailbox. I don't remember what happened next though.

      Post Apocalypse

      A blurry and fragmented dream again. I was running up Main Street in Loudonville. The city was abandoned and desolate. It looked like it had been nuked or something. I remember I was being chased by something. I think they were mutants. I ran inside my grandmother's house, which was surprisingly unaffected by the nuke. I ran into the basement, somehow thinking there would be a way to escape there. Much like the Missing Baby dream, there was an optical illusion down there that hid a staircase and hallway from view. Remembering how this happened in that particular dream, I did the nose plug reality check. I was able to breathe through and I became lucid. I ran into the hidden hallway and ran down the stairs. The dream was really unstable though and I woke up.

      Short DEILD

      I managed to remain aware of my awakening from the last dream. I kept my eyes closed, didn't move, and focused on the dream I just had. It was only about 10 seconds before I slipped right back into the same dream from before. I was lucid of course when I entered the dream. I was lying down on the floor where I had left off. I was having trouble moving at first, but eventually got past that. I started running along the dark hallway again. Sadly, something woke me up again. Maybe it just wasn't the right time of night for a stable dream.

      Nuking an Alien

      Yet, another blurry and fragmented dream. I guess it was just a problem that night. I was lucid right from the start and I think I might have used DEILD. I'm not sure though. I was on Mars and there were a hundred Aranian soldiers or more riding around on flying scooters. It was a very sci-fi styled dream. They were all flying around some floating alien and shooting lasers from their scooters. The alien was generating a shield and shooting lasers at the soldiers. I noticed that the alien had many crystals surrounding its body. It was gathering energy from them. That's probably one of the main reasons the Aranians were trying to take it down.

      I was just standing there and watching the awesome fight passively. The general then started to speak to me through a radio. "Dragonborn! We need your help!" He said. I then remembered that dropping a nuke was something I always wanted to do. I locked onto the aliens energy and then made a downward motion with my hand. A nuke then landed on the alien and blew it to pieces. Unfortunately the explosion was so powerful that my dream destabilized and I woke up.


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    13. Air-show in a bus

      by , 01-23-2012 at 08:26 AM

      Identification: (No. 61) Air-show in a bus
      Time Recorded: 7:30, 02-01-012
      Genre: Sci-fi
      Character(s): Daniel D., Melanie O.
      Method(s): Not recorded
      Lucid: Yes (DILD)

      Daniel and I are standing on the footpath beside the road that comes past our house. we see first a single flying speed-boat, then another, both had a loud engine roar. Next came an extremely large airship, powered by it's two very large (e.g. 1km wingspan) and powerful red wings. It had a very synchronised and strong down stroke. At this point it became apparent that we were watching a Japanese air-show. Next, a young, anamatronic Japanese girl walks past us, followed by another robot girl who was fatter. It stops and looks at me and tried to lean in to give me a kiss. I use my hands to push her away. As I do this, Melanie appears from behind Daniel, and says to me "did you just...?"
      I find myself climbing up a rope in a place that is called 'hell'. The floor is red and there are flashing lights everywhere. I somehow know that the Japanese are responsible for the transformation of this place.
      I believe I have just woken up from my sleep on the bus. Somehow I suspect that this is a false awakening. I urge myself to reality check, but before I get the chance I become lucid. I start to think about whether I'm going to wake up, and to my surprise I have remained asleep. I wonder what I should do. Because the dream still doesn't feel very realistic, I decide to try touching some objects. All I can think of is touching the glass window, so I lean my head against it - it is cold. I look at the bus driver and the sides of the bus. It still feels very unrealistic. I get the sensation that I am drooling, but I don't do anything about it because I fear a distraction might make me loose my lucidity. The bus stops and I get off. I go inside a shed with some people inside. I'm not sure why. but they are hanging large spiders (the size of dinner plates) up on the ceiling in two rows. At the end of each row are some dead apes, with their arms hanging down. Both men and women are picking out the largest spiders, and taking them down. I watch one lady unhook an ape and hold it's dead body.

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    14. Directed Fantasy

      by , 07-26-2011 at 02:15 PM
      Due to a strange series of mini-sleeps, fueled by various proportions of caffeine and ethanol, dreams last night are loosely defined as guided imagery.

      I first imagined two guys named Jerry and Garcia, sitting at a card table smoking some cigars. Garcia commented how the smoke from their cigars was lingering, so Jerry whipped out a pistol and shot the glass out of the window, for some ventilation. Then a bird flew through the window with a long scroll from the King. It was too small to read, but fortunately the other side had the same message in Braille, in which Garcia was fluent. The King said his son was sad, and since he very much looked up to Jerry and Garcia as heroes, the King wished that they would visit and talk to his son. They consent.

      On the way up the King's mountain, they pass Milton, the eternal prisoner. He offers his thoughts for a penny. Garcia flips him a coin, and Milton explains that animals roam the land free, and sometimes animals even come from far away lands, but they continue to roam free, unlike Milton, who was discovered from a far away land and imprisoned for life. He continues to appeal to Jerry and Garcia but they turn away to meet the King.

      Once at the castle, they meet with tall, heavily armed guards, replete with red armor, helmets, strong lances, and boots. They only take one in at a time, leaving Jerry at the gate. Jerry, as if knowing the drill, runs along the castle wall, finds a place to scale, throws a guard off the tower, and sneaks towards the King's hall. There he finds Garcia on his knees in front of the King, about to be injected with a syringe. Jerry leverages his surprise attack to redirect the needle into the King's neck. The King bellows, and immediately begins to transform into an enormous dark beast with glowing eyes and crown. The guards scatter while Jerry and Garcia take cover from the King. While escaping, they ally with a guard, and find the chemical room, where this venom is being refined.


      The other one was based on a friendship of mine. As a "large enough evil" approached Earth, my dear friend Madeline discovered latent powers that resonated with the power of the evil, and woke up with the sense of a mission. She found she could read people's thoughts and future, and she was also gifted with fire. Using her foresight, she roamed the city to find a partner that would help tame this great evil -- she eventually discovers that a partnership with Chris, although not ending happily, would save the world. Her foresight shows that toward the end of their journey, Chris' attachment to her would be his own ruin. However, it is the closest hope.

      A few scenes of their partnership -- while battling tremendous evils, Chris discovers powers of metal, like those of Magneto. A scene shows us Madeline charging his great fiery powers, while Chris defends her with a great iron shield. As the behemoth attacks, infinite particles of iron come together at the point of his strike to defend Chris and Maddie from his rage. It also shows a blade of metal dart from the ground into Chris' hand, passing through their assailant's heart along the way. As it slips through, the beast drops lifeless.

      This sci-fi story was built with a plot twist, in which Chris evolves along the way, and is able to break his attachment to Madeline before the fateful event. Things become murky here -- Chris may have to destroy Maddie, but why her foresight would not prepare her for this, I know not!

      As for actual spontaneous dreams, I don't know -- I recall my cheap aviators being a little bent, and being embarrassed in front of a girl. Don't nobody mess with my cheap aviators!

      --- Oh! I remembered an actual dream! In Boone, my car didn't start, so I visited Bill's Garage. By this point I was becoming friendly with the guy who kept fixing my car, so I tried to make conversation about what was wrong with my car, and the guy smiled understandingly and said "we'll figure it out." I said out loud that yes, I was probably too tired to understand it now. In my living room, meanwhile, was Cameron or Will Franke or both, something about guitars, blah....

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    15. Can't Help You Son, Space be Void

      by , 04-27-2011 at 01:01 PM
      I am captain of a rogue spaceship. Our crew is on the run from interplanetary authorities. The walls of the ship are gleaming white and the floor is white tile with black diamond grout pattern. I am taking a routine tour of my ship and visiting the ship's technician. He works in an empty room the size of a large banquet hall. We wear white jumpsuits and dull green rubber shoes. He starts an argument with me. About a week prior we lost a crewman who was working outside on the hull to a flash meteor storm. The crewman was separated from the ship's tether and sent flying into the void. The technician is adamant that we find this crewman and I have to convince him that the poor sop is long dead by this point. Our technician doesn't want to accept this grim reality but I know I have to make the tough decision. I touch the middle finger on my right to my right palm and speak into my wrist. I say "Show him".

      A large wall flashes from white to black and video of the event comes up. We see the crewman in a deep space work suit using a large blowtorch with a green flame on a gleaming white panel in the black of space. He is floating about two feet from the ship connected by a white nylon rope tied around his waist. Out of nowhere a large red rock flies into the screen from the left, smashing into the crewman and knocking him away. The camera pans to follow and we see the worker spin out of control until he is a speck and then nothing. I look away from the screen and the ship's technician is crying.
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