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    1. Getting Drunk with Gods, TOTY attempt

      by , 10-13-2015 at 04:07 PM (The Nomad Chronicles)
      I am sitting at a wedding feast of the gods, which I apparently rejoined after leaving with Eris. Hera, Aphrodite, and Athena are alternately fuming at me, and ignoring me. I chuckle to myself.
      I stand up and walk around. The setting on Mount Olympus is amazing. Wildflowers and majestic tall trees are everywhere.
      I see Hercules drunkenly tossing boulders over a cliff, whooping it up. I join him at his side, tossing boulders over. He stops.
      "No, Mr. Nothing, this game is called Drunken Boulder Toss. Every time you miss, you have to take a drink."
      "Miss what?"
      See that mountain? That's out target."
      I toss a boulder at a mountain peak which is about two miles away. I make it about 15 or 20 yards out from the cliff.
      Hercules laughs and pours wine out of a large barrel into a golden flask for me to drink. I drink deeply. It's amazing. Sweet, fruity, and delicious.
      Zeus joins us. He tosses a boulder. It goes sailing into the sky until it's out of sight.
      "You have missed, father!" Hercules laughs uproariously. Zeus joins in, and pours himself a drink.
      I pick up a boulder and toss it straight up. It lands on my head, bounces off, then rolls off the edge of the cliff. Hercules falls over laughing, and Zeus hands me another drink of godly wine.
      Pan walks over to us. He tosses a boulder to Hercules, who catches it. "I missed the mountain," he grins. And puts his face under the wine barrel spigot and pours it into his mouth he drinks the whole barrel.
      "Okay... beetchez... firszt, I'mz going to toss one of theses bitchees..."
      He picks up a boulder, and tosses it at the mountain. It sails through air, and hits it, making a huge cloud dust and a muffled boom. We all clap and laugh drunkenly.
      "Hmm... let me try! That wine works well."
      I pour an entire barrel into my mouth also.
      I pick up a boulder and lift it above my head, and accidentally toss it backwards. It lands behind me on a steep slope, and rolls down to me. I turn, and the boulder crashes right into me. I get stuck to it, and roll with it down the cliff. It feels like a fun ride. The boulder and I, roll to the bottom, then I fly up and rejoin the other gods on the plateau above. They are laughing uproariously.
      "Did I win?"
      They laugh harder.
      Zeus shouts, "NO!" with a thunder clap, and tosses a boulder at me, which I narrowly dodge.
    2. #76 - Virtual world MMORPG/A big shark made me lucid

      by , 03-09-2015 at 07:31 AM (The Oneironaut's Odyssey)
      Black: Non-dream
      Blue: Non-lucid
      Red: Lucid

      Dream 1 - Virtual world MMORPG
      I'm in a virtual reality MMORPG (think SAO or .Hack//) and another player takes me under his wing, guiding me and teaching me about the game (at first it doesn't feel like a game, and becomes more game-like as the dream progresses). We travel down a dirt road, the scenery is somewhat chaotic, like we're in hell or something... The sky seems red, the clouds are more like smoke, it seems like it was hot too. We come across our destination, a demon gate, my mentor leaps down and I follow without hesitating (it resembled a hole in the ground with a bright flaming portal a couple metres down). We get teleported to a new room, as we fall there is another portal beneath us and we air-jump to the side to avoid falling into it, it appears that this portal takes you to the next level of the game which I'm not strong enough for. Landing on the ground in this new room next to the portal, I notice the floor is made of sand, the room itself is square and a bit small, the walls don't really exist and there is darkness beyond (like the edge of a map in a video game). There is danger in this room though, tall sand people form from and spew sand at me, then collapse back down. If they spawn beneath you and you don't move, you die, and if they hit you then you die, so the whole time being in this room I'm just jumping and dodging. While doing this, the mentor tells me that he made a miscalculation and lost a great deal of his money by accident and that to make up for it we should try reach the next level, but it's about 9:35pm and my gf and daughter just got home so I want to spend time with them. At this point I'm circuiting the room in a sprint and the sand spews are piling up a dune of sand making it easier to get out or something, the mentor compliments me on this strategy.

      Dream 2 - A big shark made me lucid
      I'm standing at the edge of a deck, I seem to own a beach house that's right next to the water. I notice some beautiful starfish, sea urchins, seaweed, etc, and think to tell my daughter about them... Like posing a question to make her think about life or something lame like that . Suddenly I realize I have to be careful, then look to my right and spot a HUGE shark fin slicing the surface of the water. It must have been 1 metre high and a grey-white colour... I jump backwards and it comes close enough to touch the edge of the deck which should be impossible (since the water by the deck is only foot deep and is rocky as hell). Knowing that it was impossible I think to check if it's a dream, I get my hands in front of me and just look at them for a bit... My eyes start focusing and I see the imagery of my hands jitter a bit, I feel something in my mind changing as I become lucid, like a veil being lifted. I stand up and look for the shark, thinking to myself "whoa this is cool, I'll shoot a kamehameha at the shark!". I hold my hands in position (a bit different to the way it's actually done)... "Kaaaa... Meeee... Haaaa... Meeee... HA!" a subtle 'whoosh' 'brrrgh' 'splash' happens as an invisble orb shoots from my hand, flys through the air and smacks the water. Underwhelming, but it's progress. Moving on I decide to run around the corner of my house (internally I was thinking about doing a TOTM but couldn't be bothered in the end), there's water here and some waves (a bit inconsistent, like the waves were coming from the wrong direction) there was another shark that looked a bit handicapped. The water was still way too shallow for any of this, but there was also some people playing in the water. I feel like I'm not moving fast enough, the idea to fly crosses my mind, the last time I tried I had failed miserably, but this time was different . Leaping into the air I suddenly feel lighter, then WHOOSH! I shoot off into the sky and fly through the clouds. The feeling is euphoric and I quickly calm myself so as not to end the dream. I notice that the clouds are dark with a red hue, crackling red lightning from some spots. Not wanting to deal with this shiz, I wave my hands, signaling the dismissal of the clouds. They part and dissipate, and as I continue flying I see a floating cloud castle. It had brilliant hues to it, it seemed majestic and beautiful, a large cloud man floated out of a nearby window, he beckoned me towards him, it was none other than Zeus! I feel the weight of my body change, becoming heavier... Suddenly it's a bit harder to control my flying, and the next thing I know, I'm awake and I was having such a good dream >_<

      Note: Only used SSILD, no longer sick and had an awesome sleep the night before.

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    3. Another school nightmare and Beach Dream

      by , 12-23-2013 at 08:19 PM
      Dream 1:
      I was back in that same classroom as my previous dreams, I had entered a class late in the semester. I had no idea what was going on and I was late to class, so everybody was taking a test on something that I was supposed to know about. I actually did know a lot of the answers for some reason (it was related to biochemistry and physical chemistry). I only had completed 5/10 pages by the time everybody started to finish their tests. Woke up.

      fragment 1:
      I don't remember the beginning of this dream, I just remember that I was on a beach and my old best friend was there. I became lucid and started talking to him. He wanted me to show him some dream powers, so I turned him into a dolphin. He started swimming in the ocean and he loved it, he was laughing like a maniac, and with such glee. I went off to start an RPG and I expected him to keep up. Was kind of a lame RPG, honestly. I was supposed to find these bottles with secret letters in them along the beach and bring them to some NPCs to continue the plot. I did that and my old dolphin-buddy eventually caught up to me. While the NPCs were acting out some dramatic scene, I noticed my buddy was having more fun, so I thought I would turn myself into a dolphin as well. I started to transform, got the tail and the flippers, but then a mega-dolphin with a huge horn on its head came out of the ocean and scared the shit out of me. Both of us turned full human and ran to the shore. I don't remember part of it here, but we eventually got into this giant building with no roof. There was a low-cloud sky right above us. My friend took off flying into the clouds, I followed him. I noticed a giant hand of Zeus reaching down through the clouds. Reminded me of that Michelangelo painting on the sistine chapel ceiling, so I went over to touch it and suddenly lightning started coming out of the fingertips. Changed my mind pretty quickly. The clouds started to turn stormy, mass amounts of funnel clouds started forming. I knew that I didn't want tornadoes everywhere, that didn't sound like too much fun. So I turned the entire sky into an enormous ceiling, and each funnel cloud turned into a chandelier.

      I went to the 2nd floor of this building and there were a lot of my old, dead relatives hanging out up there with my old best friend. I started hanging out with them too, talking about stuff. Eventually my grandma that died about 20 years ago told me to come over, she looked at all the cuts and scrapes on my hands and wrists and told me that these were signs of the devil. Okay grandma . Then the dream ended, I tried to DEILD, I managed to do it but I don't remember what I did. Had a false awakening, wrote down the dream. Woke up for real, was disappointed that I had to write it all down again.

      Dream 2:
      I was back in that school again. The class had ended and I left out the front door. I lit up a smoke and some professor came up behind me acting all uppity and asked me for my name (smoking is banned on campus). I told him, "Hey man, I don't go to school here". He pointed to my backpack and I just walked away. He threatened to expel me and I just ignored him as he followed me. He was hanging out by all the cars, waiting for me to get in so he could take down my license plate # down no doubt, so I walked right by it. I wandered around the town for awhile until I decided it was time to go check if he was still there. I flirted with a couple girls on the way back. When I got there he was still waiting by the cars, of course. He saw me and started following me, I pulled out my phone to record him. He followed me off campus and then cut me and ran away, what a weirdo. I started walking back to my car and this gay guy started being all mean and discriminatory towards me, so I gave him a big hug filled with love and we walked down the street as buddies. I forgot about the car entirely and went into some restaurant. I sat down at a table and everybody was being racist towards me, I don't know why! I'm a white male, so I am part of the population that is almost never confronted by discrimination. It made me kind of sad to think about how many people experienced that kind of treatment on a daily basis. Then I woke up.
    4. 7-11-2013 C.C Betrayal and Dimension Trap

      by , 07-13-2013 at 01:46 AM (Subjects' Dream Journal)
      Legend: Dream , Semi-Lucid , Lucid

      C.C Betrayal:
      This dream takes place in a suburban area. In the center is a building that looks as if it's still under construction. To the left of that building is a road which cars only drive on rarely. To the north is a building complex. And to the south and east are residential buildings but hardly no one lives in this area. It's currently dusk, and I'm walking along the south side of the middle building in my Keikogi ( martial arts uniform, but i just call it a gi). Apparently the middle building is a dojo and i'm headed there to train.

      For some reason, i decide to take off running. The wind is blowing my gi a little so i take the top part off. I end up running completely around the building and i find myself to the east side of it now. As i start walking south, i notice my brother and my brothers friend launching fireworks. it turns night. I keep walking and as i get to the southeast corner of the middle building, my brothers other friend pulls up in his truck ( lets call him John ). John parks the truck and gets out. He apparently has bought me tons of taco johns. But it's all just those potato tots. Not very much of a meal but meh, i'll eat it. As he does that, the younger sister and brother of John ride by on skateboards going north and then everyone else decides to join them.

      John also grabs his skateboard and takes off, but i don't have one so john lets me on his skateboard and starts explaining how to ride one. I tell him i already know, so we go on to talk about different things. He asks me if i play any sports. i tell him i don't but i have gotten into martial arts lately.As we talk, we eventually ride into the complex north of the dojo. We all stop there. Turns out, johns friends from work have also joined us for the ride. The people from work start talking about a pet party they intend to have. They seemed like very sexual people.

      As they talk, i decide to go to the bathroom. I walk in and start peeing at a urinal. In the corner of my eye, i see something on my left, but i decide not to look because it might be another person. As i get done, i turn and look and it's a bathtub that is turning itself on and off. As i walk back to the truck, i realize i'm wearing a black jacket with red strips and same design sweatpants. Anyway, i get back to the truck and all the food has been eaten.

      Then C.C ( from code geass) gets in johns truck. John also gets in and so do i. As we get in there. John starts to look like clovis from code geass and starts rambling on about his final move and attack. As he talks, C.C betrays him, the next thing i see, C.C is in her mech, and so is john. C.C has john trapped in an energy field and is flying him away, she is yelling at him and accusing him of killing people and etc.

      As she flies away. I start to think, i used to have a contract with her, why didn't she do the same thing to me? and will she ever betray me?

      Alien hostage:
      It's mid day, i'm out in a desert place. There's a facility and a space ship behind me. A group of people from star trek are being held hostage by some alien race. Our queen then comes out of our space ship and makes peace with the aliens. Initially, we thought the aliens were being led by one of our enemies, but we found out they weren't so that's why we made peace. So our people are returned.

      I start walking towards the facility after everyone is gone, then i see someone i know, lets call him Tom. Tom is partially covered by a door, and below him is a girl he has captured. Tom has also managed to give himself super mutant powers. Tom takes off running away. Then as i'm about to pursue him, another person starts driving up behind me, they're planning to run me over. He's probably a guardian of that girl so i quickly point to my side and he gets the message.

      He gets out and we start going after the girl. As we get to the door of the facility. It opens up to my driveway except there is a zip line going all the way down it and a train station up at the top where i'm currently at. I jump up on the parked train and grab on to the zip line. I see the girl farther down the driveway at the entrance. So i continue going down. As i look back, The guardian is going on foot but behind him is Tom which quickly takes the man down and starts running after me.

      As i get to the girl, i see that's she tied up to another girl and touching her would cause a bomb to detonate. I look back again and Tom has a gun to that guys head. What a sticky situation.

      Amusement Park Gold:
      I'm at an amusement park. There's a decent amount of people there. Me and a friend are at like a slot machine thing. My friend is playing. He then wins $9999 and starts to cry because he can't believe it. As he is there, i somehow make my way down some steps and i'm in a fairly open area. I then get in a fight with like Zeus and i'm like shooting lighting at him and he's shooting stuff at me and the battle is generally getting no where.

      Next thing i know, i'm in my bathroom with C.C and my friend might have been there. We're talking about various things. I then tell my friend and C.C to walk out because i was taking my clothes off. At least i think that was the reason, i know i did take my clothes off but we might have been hiding something in the bathroom and there might have been people outside the bathroom so we needed to make sure the people outside didn't figure out what was going on. But then again, it's only a feeling, i'm not entirely sure.

      Either way, i walk out of the bathroom in my underwear. C.C is on my bed and there's some other people there. I think i remember telling C.C to wait for me on the bed so i was fine with her being there but i wasn't expecting the other people.

      Dimension Trap:
      I'm in a game of TF2. I'm the only one left alive on my team. I'm being hunted by the other team. I'm in a desert mountainous place with a saw mill in front of me and further back a hill leading to a cave. I kill some enemies on my way to the sawmill. However, as i get there, i'm being shot at by people on the hill. I keep trying to shoot them but i miss. I eventually hear them talking about how they plan to ambush me by using c4. Since i overheard that, i shoot the c4 that's planted beside me to stop it from blowing up unexpectedly. I then run into the sawmill and hide as i wait for them to come down.

      They make their way down. I jump out a window over a heavy, and kill most of them. I run up the hill and into a cave. The heavy chases me into the cave. I keep running and running. I eventually jump into a cavern, the place has lava flowing down below. I look back and notice the heavy stopped chasing me as i jumped into this area. I then realize i stepped into another dimension and it's an area of no return to other areas. Well great.

      As i wait, a spy comes into the zone with a really fast car. He stops as he drives to where i'm waiting. The heavy comes in as well. They don't attack, rather, they think and then realize what they've done. They have now trapped themselves in here as well. Since they're trapped, they try summoning a digital girl to help solve the issue, but she's dies almost as soon as she's summoned because the zone is messing with her data and she can't maintain form in this place.

      The only thing i remember next, is, there was a room full of people stuck in this zone. I get accused of something on television and come into the room with a mech and kill all of the survivors.

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    5. Of crabs and gods

      by , 07-31-2012 at 05:28 PM
      I'm not too aware of my surroundings. They seem to be a large concrete island with some alien constructs on them - think forerunner designs (halo). I'm in a mechanical hardsuit that looks like a crab. As I walk along near the water's edge, two men come over and start to attack me. They're both in cartoony greek dress and I somehow know that one is zeus. The other one is a god, but I have no idea which one.

      As they charge at me I 'pause' and turn on god mode. We fight for a long time, toe to robo-toe, and plunge into the dark water. As I move the suit to surface, I see Zeus aiming a huge barrel at me. He fires, and a harpoon pierces through the suit and through my left kidney area. Nonetheless, I burst out of the surface and face them. They ask me incredulously how I survived, but I don't tell them about the god mode.
    6. I become Zeus within a dream and went Trick or Treat

      by , 09-29-2011 at 05:45 AM (Percy's Void of Thoughts)
      I become Zeus within a dream and went Trick or Treat (WILD)


      I was going with Ana in a car trip. She was going to drive as I felt very tired. It was getting dark, so I got comfortable in my car and tried to fall asleep.

      I found myself in a small town and realized that since I went to sleep in the car, I was dreaming (funny, accepting the reality of a dream, but not realized I went to sleep in a dream) I was in front of a big mountain. Such mountain was filled by houses and stores. I took a small flight to make my dream crystal clear and immediately recalled the ToTM.

      I thought about transforming again into God Phoenix, but I realized that was a Roman God and not a Greek one. I decided to aim for Zeus. I started to visualize lighting bolts sparkling within my hands. Soon, I started to grow. My arms and chest became very muscular and I grew up in size. I suddenly had a huge lighting bolt in my hand. A voice told me I was Zeus and I owned the Master Bolt.

      I figured with the basic done, I needed a costumer, but again, as it was a dream, I really did not care about it. I flew to one of the homes on the mountain and knocked the door requested trick or treat.
      A kid opened the door and gave me a small purple ball. I tasted it. It was like strawberries.

      With both task done, I decided to try to project, but suddenly I felt my dream body moving abruptly.

      I woke up in the car. We had an accident and the dream turned third person. My parents where there and they were talking with my wife. She was freaking out due the accident. I tried to ask her what happened, but she was too nervous to talk.
      A little after, I woke up for real.
    7. how do i find this symbol? more importantly my other half with it.

      by , 11-18-2010 at 04:15 AM
      Ive seen posts about dream designs matching people theyve seen. My"Zeus design", as ive come to find as the meanings of these symbols we randomly see are from when zeus split the human heart claiming it was too powerful. so i guess id be saying, i think my soul mate has the same symbol as a tattoo on her wrist. anyone with more insight, please help?
      doesn't this piss you off..-thm_php2yd1mm.jpgdoesn't this piss you off..-thm_phplebsga.jpg