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    1. Beaches and Dark Matters

      by , Today at 05:41 AM (New Dream Adventures of Raven Knight)
      It has been forever since I have posted dreams here, so here goes...

      2017, 03-21
      Beaches and Dark Matters
      I am on a beach, which is where I am after visualizing the beach in my hypnosis audio program. I look around on the beach and see there are a few other people there, but none of them are very close to me. I wander down the beach to see if I can identify where I am. In spite of being on the beach from my hypnosis program, it seems perfectly natural and I don’t even consider doing a reality check. I walk down the beach and I see a sand castle. It is a very nice sand castle that looks like someone put quite a bit of work into it. I am admiring the sand castle when I notice that someone is approaching me from the other end of the beach. There is a woman heading straight for me as if she has been looking for me. I try to think if I know her from somewhere, but my mind is a bit hazy. She is a Japanese woman, a very pretty one wearing a very pretty kimono. I can’t think of any Japanese people that I know, however.

      I look at the sand castle for a bit longer and the woman comes over to me. She smiles and then greets me by my name, Raven. I do a double take at that, because even if I don’t remember her, she clearly remembers me. She comes over to me and looks around the beach before bringing her attention back to me. She says it is a beautiful place, and then asks me if I am aware that I am dreaming. I tell her no, this is just a hypnotic audio program I listen to when I fall asleep at night, it’s supposed to help me become lucid when I do dream. She says then let it work, do a reality check. I am about to do that when I hear someone else is approaching. I turn to look and in the distance I see what looks like a shadow moving towards the woman and me on the beach. Of course that drives any thought of a reality check right out of my mind as I am trying to figure out what that could be. As it gets closer I realize there is a person at the center of that dark cloud, which looks to be an aura of dark energy. I see a man in the center of it, but I don’t recognize who he is. He stops when he notices me and just stares for a bit, an unreadable expression on his face. He also calls me by my name, Raven, and says I should mind my own business. I am wondering how all these people seem to know me when I don’t know who they are. I turn to look at the woman and ask if she knows this man who just arrived, but the woman is gone. I ask the man who he is, and he chuckles. He says I’m not even lucid. I look at the dark energy aura around the man, and it seems to be turbulent and unstable. But I know a way to fix that. He says he won’t fight me when I’m not lucid. He turns to walk away, but I know that can’t happen here. He mentioned being lucid, but my mind is occupied with things other than dreams.

      I catch up with him as he is walking away and I tell him he doesn’t have to fight, just listen to my song. He says if I insist, then turns around and throws a ball of dark energy at me. I reflexively use the Metallica song “Whiplash” to bat the blast away as I focus more on the song I need, which is called “Iron” by Within Temptation. “Left in the darkness, here on your own, woke up a memory feeding the pain. You cannot deny it, there's nothing to say, it's all that you need to fight every day.” He gets mad, asks if that is the best I can do? Back to trying to convert him to light? It’s not going to happen. I say no one is trying to convert anyone, this is sparking a dark fire. “Oh damn, the war is coming! Oh damn, you feel you want it! Oh damn, just bring it on today!” He has been attacking me, my Witchblade has formed armor to block the attacks. The attacks are interrupted when a circle of purple dark energy flame erupts around the man. “You can't live without the fire, it's the heat that makes you strong, 'cause you're born to live and fight it all the way! You can't hide what lies inside you, it's the only thing you've known, so embrace it now, and never walk away! Don't walk away!” The song continues, creating more dark energy flames. After the song ends I see the man is looking at me strangely. It looks like he is about to say something, but then he disappears without a trace. I wonder if the song worked, I’m not even sure how I can tell if it worked. I look around to see if the woman has come back since the man left, but I am now alone. Everything fades to black and I wake up.
      non-lucid , memorable
    2. Prisoners of Limbo

      by , Today at 02:06 AM
      21 March 2017

      There were six artifacts he wanted me to retrieve. Who was "he"? Your guess is as good as mine, reader. Unfortunately, the identity of my client was lost in memory as was the exact nature of our agreement. All I remember is that he wanted six artifacts; all of which were held in six different locations. I was working with some other people but I do not remember whom. I vaguely remember being at one location. It was some sort of colony built around a really high tower. I remember the tower was miles wide and miles high and the colony was on the tower. All of the homes, stores, and other facilities were built into the sides of it. The last thing I remember about this place is leaving in a hurry. I was jumping off of a balcony onto another one just below me. I was about halfway down the tower. There were some others with me but they had been left behind. We had retrieved three of the artifacts and were now on our way to retrieve the fourth. This one was at a haunted mansion. I ended up going alone for reasons I cannot remember. I remember being taken by fear the moment I stepped in. The mansion's antechamber was lit with orange lighting and had red carpeting. I saw two thin, blue ghostly figures. I attempted to sneak past them to get into the hallway on the left but they spotted me and came after me. I don't know how but I managed to escape.

      Some time later I found myself in the ballroom where there were several other ghosts. Again some came after me but others tried to help me in my task. At some point, I learned that the ghosts were all bound to that mansion through some curse. They wanted to move on and be free from that place but they could not. Through some cruel twist of fate, they were forced to wander in limbo for all eternity. I will admit that I was not so much concerned about the spirits as I was about completing my tasks and getting out of there alive. But I knew that my task was somehow tied with their desire to be free. Freeing this spirits would help me do what I needed to do.

      I vaguely remember moving from room to room. I was in the dining room, the ballroom, the kitchen, and the party room. In each place, I happened across ghosts. Some were friendly, some were neutral, many were hostile for reasons I never learned, though I'll admit that I never bothered to ask. After moving through the mansion I finally found myself nearing the completion of my task. I was in a hallway and the artifact I needed was just behind the door ahead of me. There were three ghosts in there with me. The were female, had long brunette hair and dressed in white gowns. I attempted to sneak past them but to no avail. They noticed me and immediately started flying towards me. I ran to the door desperate to get away, hoping that in retrieving this artifact I could release these wretched spirits from their limbo and be done with them. As I ran towards the door I began to float just as the ghosts did and I made to the door. I was in the kitchen. I remember it was well lit, well maintained and very spacious. Definitely, a place that was once frequented by professional chefs. The artifact I needed was not there so I ran to the door on the right and found myself in the dining room where a long table that seats several was located. It was all set up though I do not remember if there was food out. I trembled for I knew that the ghosts were still behind me and they would be in any minute! And then...

      We jump ahead a few moments. I have the artifact in my posession, I am now in a well-lit dining hall with food and festivities, and I am surrounded by jovial spirits grateful to me. I don't remember the exact moment that I did it but I did it. I retrieved the fourth artifact and freed the spirits from Limbo. I would later be invited to join the ghosts in the mansion's chapel for a formal celebratory comedy show. Indeed it was very enjoyable though I was unable to report back to my client nor was I able to retrieve the last two artifacts. I awoke after the show.
    3. My first lucid dream

      by , Yesterday at 07:29 PM
      When I first discovered lucid dreaming, I was spending all day for weeks doing RCs and reading LD related content on the internet. But nothing was working for me(I guess I was trying too hard), and out of frustration I thought that LDing isn't real and decided to stop.

      On the same day, I woke-up at the middle of the night, looked left and right, then went back to sleep and BOOM, I found myself sitting on the couch which was at the other side of my room. I was confused and looked at my hands and I saw that I had six fingers on my right hand. I immediately realized that I was dreaming and was amazed by how real it felt.

      The room was dark in my dream, so I couldn't see anything in details, but just the thought of being inside a dream blew my mind.
      Unfortunately, I got too excited and woke-up.

      That experience made me truly believe the LDing is possible. I haven't had any lucid dreams since(I couldn't focus on it much mostly because of school and exams), but I won't give up!
      lucid , memorable
    4. Flying Car, a UFO, and Lemon Tea!

      by , 03-22-2017 at 10:49 PM
      Flying Saucer Attempt #1:

      WILD in bed (a couple days ago). I started in what was supposed to be my house, but there was a massage parlor with a lot of scantily clad young ladies waiting to be massaged. I ignored them and walked downstairs so that I could get outside. There were about 7-10 doors that I had to open, all lined up, quite obnoxious! I was worried that more were going to appear but luckily I didn't have to open too many. My front yard was what looked like a car junk yard. I walked around looking for a UFO and found one on a grassy hill that was overlooking a highway. It was a pretty tiny flying saucer, it kind of reminded me of the Rick & Morty one. I hopped inside and adjusted the seat, then made a glass bubble cover my head. I pressed a button and told it where I wanted to go and it started to fly at hyper speed. Then I woke up and couldn't fall back asleep.

      Giant Jenkees and Lemon Tea:

      WILD in bed (last night). I slowly got out of bed and waited to open my eyes until I was pretty comfortable with how deep I was into the dream. I remembered that I wanted to do some tasks tonight! I strolled out of the bedroom and saw Jenkees in the kitchen. He is normally a pretty tall guy (~6'7 I think), but in this dream he was more like a 8' tall giant treant.

      (I know, the image isn't perfect, Jenkees is actually quite skinny, but I thought it was funny We have very narrow halls and that's often how I feel when Jenkees is walking down the hall in the opposite direction and at the same time as me!)

      He was holding a bowl of cereal and walking down the hall. I asked him, "Hey, Jenkees? What does my DV avatar represent?" He responded, "What is your DV avatar again?" I told him, "You know, it's like...a bunch of leaves on a tree!" He ignored my question and started talking about poo as he walked past me and into the shower with his cereal. lol weird.

      In the dream I thought to myself, "NAILED IT!" haha that's okay, I did that task again later in the night.

      I moseyed on over to the kitchen, very relaxed, and tried to summon a cup of tea. Instead of a cup, I ended up getting what appeared to be a pitcher of hot water. I guess my unconscious didn't want me to be too lazy. I searched through the cupboard and found some green tea leaves and threw them in the pitcher. I tasted the tea, it tasted like sugary, lemon flavoured green tea, yum! I drank it down really quickly as I was starting to get a bit stressed about rushing to do tasks
      and then I had a mini-awakening and got back into another dream pretty quickly.

      Flying Car:

      I got out of bed again and walked outside to find a car to fly!
      I found what appeared to be a car frame with no inner mechanical stuff, but it did still have wheels. I first tried to make the tires fly off, but they didn't even budge. So I tore the frame away from the wheels instead, leaving merely a car frame with bare axles. I jumped inside and made it start flying, but it still made a mysterious engine noise. I was talking with ~Dreamer~ about the car noise thing the other day - neither of us usually hear an engine noise when we are making cars fly and we thought that was a weird detail for that task. But that car frame was sure sputtering along.
      I didn't fly anywhere cool with the car, I was actually struggling a bit to get any elevation but I still thought it was fun! I did a few flips in the air before waking up and writing down the dreams.

      A Task of the Month:

      I struggled a bit to get back to sleep and spent maybe an hour trying to sleep again. I eventually found myself in the middle of a parking lot, in the middle of the night, with the fading intention to go get a haircut. Haha dreams are weird.

      I was lucid but I still decided to walk into the hair salon because I figured...I was already there...so why not! And I was hoping that there would be some people in there so that I could retry a task of the month. I went inside to find a completely empty room with gray walls and a white floor. There were three people in the room - a blonde lady behind a counter, a dark haired man sitting at the counter, and a little brown haired girl sitting next to the man. I asked them all, are any of you able to represent my unconscious mind? I felt a strong, loving aura coming from the little girl. I knew that she was the right DC to ask. I asked her the question - What does my DV avatar represent? She told me, "It represents hunting, dreams and excitement! Lucid dream hunter!" I looked outside and was about to ask one of the people to come to the road with me so that I could escort them when I woke up slightly. I waited to slip back into dreams.

      Flying Saucer Success!:

      I started in my room again and I heard a voice that was accompanied by a written message. The message suggested that I should do the crossing road task last. The voice said I should believe in myself because I can definitely do the alien ones! I felt really happy about that and, even though I was still a bit uncertain, I wanted to try the space flying saucer one again!

      I walked outside and there was a really bright light in front of the house. A plump british woman in victorian garb and her two red-haired children shoved me out of the way as she made her way into my house with groceries. I love when random stuff like that happens.

      Unfortunately, she turned off the light and it was very dark outside again. I tried to make the sun rise and a few streaks of orange and red light spilled over the horizon before quickly disappearing. I thought to myself, "Oh well, I can do this!!!"

      I ran down the street, hoping to find a flying saucer when, in the middle of a cul-de-sac, it dawned on me, there was probably one above me right then. O_O

      I started to slowly float upwards. I looked up and there was an enormous UFO above me, seriously, ENORMOUS, it looked like the mothership from independence day.

      I was suddenly inside, there were dark, metallic corridors all around me. I stood by a window and started controlling the UFO. I made it fly super fast into space, through an asteroidfield, and then past numerous stars. It finally stopped at an orangish-yellow star with many gigantic rocks orbiting the star in a spiral pattern. There was a green-brown planet hidden among the rocks and I sent the flying saucer to land on it.

      I was outside, my hands and face lying on brown soil, with green vegetation and strange looking plants all around me. I surveyed my surroundings, hoping to find an alien to talk to. A man that looked very human popped his head up from behind a mound. I had the feeling that he was either a farmer or a vagabond. He walked up to me. He appeared to have stumps for feet, but upon closer inspection I saw that he just walked on the tips of his toes, and he only had four toes on each foot as well! I said to him, "I come in peace! Please teach me yours ways!" He started pawing at some plants with his toes while he said in a strange accent that I could only describe as mix between accents from Louisiana and India, "Iron your food...iron your food is good it mix fats. It's CURRY!" I laughed really loudly, I don't know why but I thought that what he had just said was the most hilarious thing that I had heard in a dream in ages
      . I was scared that I would wake ~Dreamer~ up and I intentionally woke myself up. I was relieved to find that my body was still paralyzed and I hadn't actually burst out laughing and woken her up. Phew!

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    5. The night I conveened with the Gods... And was one.

      by , 03-22-2017 at 04:22 AM
      I walk into a room that contains a large bridge. Either side of it was darkness, but only for a while, it eventually ended at a wall, a dark navy blue-ish stone. In the middle of the bridge were men and women in battle armor, all unique, all with their own personal weapons. Their armor was gorgeous. One woman wore maroon, another blue, one green and so on, it was awesome. I look down and see cloth robes worn in a type of roman fashion. Understandable, I am no god nor warrior. I approach them, and one speaks, "We aren't sure what exactly is happening, we just know a war is coming against beings of evil, and we gods lesser to the creator, and those humans who have ascended to god-hood are also here. Thank you for coming"

      I say "But I'm neither? Why am I here?"

      Everyone turns to me in shock, and one screams out in anger "Not only is the strongest of us a living human who ascended, HE DOESN'T EVEN KNOW HE'S A GOD!"

      I guess he was born a god.

      But this is one awesomeeeeeeeeeee dream. I'm a god? And not only that I'm the strongest? No way.

      I say "Well, where's my armor? Why am I just in a basic robe?"

      The woman that spoke first draws out her spear, and jumps back a few feet from me. Then lunges almost faster than I can see and jabs me with the end of the spear. I hear a loud explosion, and feel air behind me get forced even further behind me due to the sheer force of the blow... But the spear didn't even break skin.

      "That's why" She says.

      before I can reply my vision changes. I'm now looking through the eyes of someone else, and they're coming from the other end of the bridge, and I see myself. Not only am I wearing robes, but there is a golden thorn-crown on my head. On my back? A golden Bo staff, beautiful. I take it off my back and do a two spin, and end the spin with a fighting stance. (I find Bo's fascinating, and have even practiced with makeshift ones all my life, practicing the spins and stances)

      My vision changes back to normal, and I see the figure. It is some being made from smoke, and looks mighty. He attempts to speak to us, and I wake up.

      I am seriously [--] this close to recreating a part two of the dream lucidily and actually fight these beings. Cause that was the most badass dream I've had to date.
      Tags: bo staff, gods, war
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    6. Recurring dream

      by , 03-22-2017 at 02:20 AM
      Hi, I am new to this sight. So i have this dream and id like to know the meaning behind it. it's the same thing everytime. It starts out by me driving up to walmart(i live in the country so the town is small), it's almost dark outside and it is summer time so it is nice and warm, i can also feel a storm coming in but it is not windy it's calm but eerie, i proceed inside the store and i just walk around, i feel as if something is about to happen, something bad like on a mass scale, invasion type of deal(not aliens but like another country) i just keep walking around in the dream looking at random stuff and everything is fine. Then my dream switches or i guess i start having a different dream? in this dream i am inside of a room that is dark and its has a swimming pool like you would find in a hotel, this room is part of an old looking glass warehouse type of deal that sits high up on-top of a lake in the mountains(it is rather creepy setting) in this room it is me and a woman, we arent trapped in this room were there by choice because we are being chased by some sort of military group and we are using this room as a last stand i guess. but the main thing about this dream is the feel, the room is dark but has windows on one side looking down at the lake but the windows are not noticeable in the dream,the walls although very dark are green and the water is green(i am rather frightend by green dark water in real life but i am the type that doesnt admit to being afraid of anything so in the dream i tuff it out without saying anything to the woman), the room is a rectangle shape and doesnt have walk ways on the sides of the pool and the room also only has one entrence and me and the woman are on the other side of the room so that this pool is between us and the door. me and the woman talk to eachother like we are about to die, but in my head i know that i am going to survive what is coming, but in the dream as i think about the fact that i am going to survive i am not happy about it, i guess because i know that the woman that i am with is going to die but i will survive somehow through it. in the dream i am depressed by this because i guess it has happend over and over again to me(in the dream) but this time more so because i guess in the dream i am attracted to this woman, but this attraction isn't probably what you would think in a way. in real life ive never been with someone and i probably wont ever be with someone(by choice i like doing things and living by myself and alone it makes me feel different and free and also happy i like solitude) but i guess she understood me and how i am is why i was depressed that she was going to die. then i just wake up and go about my day lol. i guess what i dont understand is why a small room? why is there a pool? the pool is also weird because when i think about this pool i think about memoires of my past and their all good memories why do i think about good memories when im actrually afraid of dark green water? and also why does it have to be dark outside? and why is it so eerie? and most of all why do i have this dream over again every so often.
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    7. First Lucid!

      by , 03-21-2017 at 05:02 PM (My Attempts to Lucid)
      I was dreaming. I looked at my hands and suddenly realized I was dreaming. I did a few cool things, such as sticking my body through a window, and using telekinesis on one object. Interestingly, it felt like I could feel pain in the lucid. The dream ended.

      Yay for my first lucid!
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    8. Full Circle

      by , 03-21-2017 at 04:11 PM
      So. MILD DOES work. It's just that it takes a tad bit more effort than I originally envisioned. I decided to try my hand at MILD again considering that the common denominator between this and meditation(my most successful technique) is concentration. Active concentration and not daydreaming which is what both MILD and meditation demand during a WBTB period. All I did was wake up 4-6 hours and use the restroom. Then I just lied back down, visualized and repeated the mantra: The next time that I am dreaming, I will find Naomi. The visualization was of me standing in front of Naomi outside of my house. Of course, other thoughts arose but I immediately brought my focus back to my mantra+visualization. Easier said than done.

      I met Naomi at least twice this morning. Her form was shapeshifting since I have ballpark idea of what she should look like and I am no master of visualization. Sometimes, she average-woman height. Another time she is basketball-player height. She said, "what's up?" and we shook hands. I don't remember much afterwards. My dream recall needs serious work. Heck I didn't even realize I had SEVERAL lucid dreams until I woke up this morning and thought about what happened.
      lucid , memorable
    9. From The Buick

      by , 03-21-2017 at 04:22 AM (Xanous' Dream Journal)
      #506 - DEILD - 12:11AM

      I have a moment where I am in between dream and wake. I'm not quite sure if it's another In-Dream-WILD or an actual DEILD. I relax and rely on "muscle memory" to effortlessly transition.

      Apparently, my alternate self has been sleeping the back of a 50's model Buick. I am in some show room full of classic cars. Not being particularity interested, I pass them by and enter a big open room like some sort of carpeted gymnasium. The place feels familiar like something from my past. I am so excited to be in a lucid dream that I let out a big whooping shout as I explore the area.

      There is a spot with some benches and I see my mother sitting there. Next my younger sister and my brother materialize in adjacent seats. We've had tensions in waking life and I feel the desire to avoid them, but I decide they showed up for a reason. I approach them all and for some reason, I great them with a handshake. No one speaks so I feel like I don't have to deal with whatever my subC is throwing at me. I move on....
      "Hey Mike." It's my sister.
      I sigh and turn around, "What do you want?"
      My sister blandly states that my mother 'really wants my company'. I guess really need to call my parents in waking life. I nod and turn to the spot where my mother is setting, but she has vanished. Sweet, I don't have to talk to some robotic representation of my family anymore. I'm totally off the hook here! As I rush away from the area the dream fades.

      I remain focused and transition back into the dream state actively climbing back out that same Buick. This time the cars disappear and I am some cheaply rendered deep space nebula field. I move on and I renter the gymnasium. This time the dream fades for good.
      lucid , memorable
    10. Interstellar: The Moon Cult

      by , 03-20-2017 at 10:56 PM
      16 March 2017

      The overseers had made a mistake. Leaving a bunch of inexperienced and overzealous 20 somethings alone in a room full of expensive space equipment was quite possibly the most dangerous thing that they could have done. Even more so since one of them had left one of the starships up and running. I don't remember what we were doing there nor do I have a clear idea as to whom exactly I was with I just remember that we were all young, we were all foolish, and that starship was calling out to us; daring us to try and resist temptation. Of course, we didn't resist. How could we? We entered into the ship, took our seats and, in no time at all, we were airborne. What happens next is rather fuzzy. I remember us being in space and flying past planets but I do not remember which ones nor do I remember who was flying. We eventually made it to a planet that was orbiting a star other than our own. I remember the planet was gray and covered in ridges. In spite of its appearance, we found that not only was it capable of sustaining life but it was inhabited but sapient beings. This was according to our readings. Obviously, we were curious and so, like the eager fools we were, we set a course to land on the planet without calling down to ask permission to land, without letting the locals know we were there, and without considering the consequences.

      We crash landed on the surface and realized something strange about the planet. The entire surface appeared to be made of metal. All of those ridges that we saw from above were deeper and more numerous than we realized. Also, they weren't just ridges, they were valleys and crevasses that were lined with houses, pipes, and wires. As a matter of fact, no one seemed to reside outside of these valleys. While there was air on the planet, there was no blue sky. There was no sky at all! As we explored, we began to realize that this was not a real planet. It was an artificial planet that had been built to sustain life. We eventually came to a radial valley in the center of which was a huge cylindrical tower that seemed to be home to several apartment residents. One of them met us and warned us to hide lest they find us. We didn't know what he was talking about but we went ahead and heeded his warning. I do not remember exactly what happened thereafter but I do have vague recollections of hiding from the guards, whom I noticed were dressed like skull kids from The Legend of Zelda**. I remember seeing our ship hidden within the cylindrical tower. Apparently, the residents had somehow managed to hide it in there. I remember it looking really beaten up from the crash and wondering how we were going to got off this planet.

      In time we learned about the planet's origin. The residents were human and were the descendants of pilgrims who had left earth to build this planet. We also learned that this planet was essentially home to one huge cult that worshiped the moon (I'm not sure which moon). At first, everyone there believed in the teachings of the cult but now the current leader was corrupted and the whole place was under the control of an oppressive regime. If they were to find us, we would be forced to join their cult and live here until the day we died. Obviously, we did not want this. The residents agreed to help us escape and go home.

      Over time we came to make friends with a young resident named 'Morty.' I don't remember much about him, I just remember that I really liked him, everyone did. One day, Morty mouthed off to one of the guards and he was killed. I remember how angry and sad everyone felt. Morty's death was a tragedy that stuck with us throughout the duration of our time on that planet. It was also enough to strike fear back into the hearts of the citizens as it reminded everyone what the regime was capable of.

      Finally, the time came for us to make our escape, the ship was fixed and we were ready to go back home. We were only hundreds of feet off the surface when we began to think about the people down below. We began to think about the friends we had made and about how they were trapped. But, most importantly, we began to think about Morty and what he had died for. He died doing what everyone wished they could do. He died standing up to the regime. We realized that it would be wrong to leave these people behind. We knew that the leader of the planetary cult would be at the tower that day. We turned around went back down and started shooting! We exited the ship, guns blazing, shouting, "Revenge for Morty! Revenge for Morty!" Everyone was emboldened by our display of rebellion and pretty soon, all of the residents began chanting along with us "Revenge for Morty! Revenge for Morty!" It was an all-out battle between us and the cult guards. Unfortunately, it was a battle that we lost. We were all captured and brought before the cult leader. He promised to allow us to live and "let" us join his "glorious movement." They were about to begin a ceremony that would welcome us into their cult and assure that we stay there forever. I couldn't take it anymore. I was absolutely fuming. Morty was dead, these people would remain under the thumb of the regime and now we were trapped there with them. Without thinking, I went and attacked the cult leader only to be inevitably stopped by the guards. The leader seemed amused by my feeble attempt and went on to boast about how glorious his planet was and about how it would prosper under the movement.

      I awoke in my bed, the cult leader's voice still echoing in the background. I could still hear him as though he were right there with me in my bedroom. Boasting about the glory of his broken cause.

      **The previous weekend I had been at an anime convention where I came across several skull kid cosplayers.
    11. Big sticky ant! ... And other things.

      by , 03-17-2017 at 08:55 PM
      A few thoughts before I tell this crazy dream.
      I had a lot of dreaming going on and so I found this forum, love it! Then I stopped remembering my dreams, I read about makrame and I did that before I feel asleep I said "I will remember my dreams" it worked and I remembered but then I forgot in the same night so before sleeping I said "I will remember my dreams when I wake up" and so I had 2 dreams in one sleep I remembered.
      The thing that sucked is this ant dream I had to sort out and make it mentally in my head and by the time I remeberd everything in the right order I couldn't go back to sleep Caz I woke up enough to not drifT off.

      Heres my dream:

      I was at my elementary school in the appropriate age of being in elementary school. I was 10 years old or younger. My brother was there too and he looked young as well.
      Everybody in the school was outside in the front. It seemed as if something was wrong which is why we were all outside.

      Me and my brother decided to walk home since we weren't going back to class.
      All of a sudden my step dad, Mike, came up to the side of the school and parked
      He is a doctor, he was driving the current white sports car he has now. He mentioned to us that he needed to be there but didn't give a reason.
      For some reason I had some cleaning products with me- I decided to put them in Mike's car. Windex and something else. My brother and I continued to walk home.

      As we got on our street we saw in the driveway 3 cars- a cop looking small suv- white, not 100% sure it was a cop car. Then in the middle my mom's white van she had when we were little, to the other side another small white suv- car but this one was a cop car, it had the lights on top and that's how I knew.
      I remember thinking it was odd to see all the big cars in the driveway and it kind of freaked me out Caz I again felt like something was wrong but Now at my child hood house.

      We got inside. My mom was talking to the cop in the kitchen but he wasn't wearing a cop uniform he was wearing a grey suit. And my mom told us she needed us to start cleaning. I told her I put my cleaning supplies in Mike's car. She got kind of annoyed.
      I thought to myself I can just clean the counter tops with water instead. I wanted to get to it to be helpful.
      My brother went to his room to clean.
      At about that time another guy came from out the hallway and he was a repair man so now I knew who the other car was from.
      He had a ladder and said something to me about being there. I didn't know what he was repairing however.
      I think he said hello and that he was repaiR a few things.
      Anyways Got a white hand towel , got it wet under the sink water. And cleaned the counter. I saw that it wasn't getting clean with water so as I went back to the sink and the hand towel turned into a paper towel,
      I wadded it and threw it in the sink that now had water in it. I looked at the hand towel unravel in the water.
      I went and got another white hand towel and this time I got it wet and put orange dish soap on it. I went to the table that had a dark green table cloth on it- a small square one so some of the table was visible. I cleaned the parts of the table that was visible. My mom got kind of annoyed again and came and took off the table cloth. She told me the table cloth can come off so I can clean the whole table.
      So I was washing the table and there was a lot of soap on the table and I kept scrubbing to try o get the soap to go away but it only created more soap on the table.
      I was going to go get a dry hand towel (all these hand towels are kitchen towels btw).
      And as I was leaving the table I saw a huge ant about the size of 2 manly fists. It body was dark read and swollen, it's head brown. I freaked out. It was so big I was afraid to kill it.
      I swapped it with the towel and found out it was a sticky ant Caz as the towel came off the body , the body slowly parted from the towel and his body stretched a little.
      I started yelling for someone to help me get rid of it.
      It started to follow me, my voice was raised a bit more and I screamed a little, I ran to the middle of the family room.

      The people that were there (the cop and I guess there was a few more people in the house now) started laughing and I was upset Caz no one helped and now the ant was chasing me.
      I remember I was afraid it would get on me, and then all of a sudden it was on my back.
      The people laughed more, my mom was mad and told me to be quite Caz I was screaming and really freaking out.
      She might have said someone needs to help.
      The ant was on my back and made its way to my sholder, people were still laughing and I was still freaking out.

      Then after a while the repair man came and took the ant off me. I remember as he helped me he felt familar- his energy- like I knew him from somewhere, one of my friends. But in the dream he wasn't. Around that time my brother came back in the room and watched everything.
      The repair man took the ant and didn't kill it or put it outside.
      Instead he went back in the kitchen and put it down where I found it.

      I was kind of upset he did that Caz I thought he should kill it or get rid of it. I didn't ask why he did that.

      Then I went back to the table and looked at the soapy table. I went by the ant that was now just staying in the one spot.
      I was going to step on him to kill him, as I got ready to kill him I realized he was too big and my foot would just make the guts come out or something, I didn't want that so I decided not to kill it.

      I then asked my mom when Mike would be back and she said she didn't know. I told her I wanted to get the cleaning supplies and I didn't want to wait around for him.

      So I decided to leave back for the school to his car.

      As I was a few houses down. Looked back at my house and thought about how weird it was to see the 3 cars- in the driveway and remembering I still didn't know what was going on.
      I turned back around and woke up.

      Sometime in the night before this dream I had a dream I was falling asleep and my body felt heavy and I I did a RC - plugged my nose and breathed in. It worked (my arm had a hard time getting to my nose though). I was excited and decided to leave my body, I got up and from where I was laying I saw my spirit. I then woke up- either in my dream or for real I can't remember. I then wanted to do that again so I relaxed and felt the heaviness and proceeded to get up and I woke up. Once again-a second time- I either woke up in my dream or in real life, I can't remember. Then I just went to sleep.

      It was weird, I know it had to have been a dream though, not really happening.

      I've AP once so I know what it feels like kind of, plus, seeing my spirit from my bodies eyes- it was a dream. I read a lot on this website the day before so that might have been why I had a dream like that.

      And now I've been on my DJ for like 2 hours (darn typing, but it's better than hand writing Caz I get bad writers cramp and have to stop to rest lol)

      All for now!
    12. "Dark Souls", Psycho Pac-Man Game

      by , 03-17-2017 at 05:33 PM (My Attempts to Lucid)
      I dreamt that I was in a fake version of Dark Souls, (It was called that in the dream, I had never played the game before) and I was a game character. Then we were suddenly in the Pac-Man game trying to stop psycho spinning Pac-Mans. It was very weird.

      This dream in emojis:
    13. Trippin on SP

      by , 03-17-2017 at 03:12 AM (Xanous' Dream Journal)
      #505 - DIELD - 3/13/17

      I am walking my back field and find all sorts of berries growing. Blueberry, blackberry and something that looks like small apples but I think they are grapes. I sample one and note how sour it is.

      I wake a little and try to DEILD but think I am sitting in a chair facing an odd part of the living room. I try to WILD though I am dreaming (one of my famous in dream WILDS!) I hear T from work and expect to see her but remember it's just WILDing noise. I don't want to see T anyway. I feel deep relaxation some over me and I sink out of the chair.

      Suddenly, I feel like I am laying on the couch. I open my physical eyes and find myself in SP. Movement of the ceiling fan spells out random words that I can't focus on enough to read. I hear something like cartoon music. I close my eyes and open them to see cartoon images in black outline. First its dopey dog's face that becomes a repeating pattern on the ceiling. The images spin and I close my eyes. I open them again and see a ninja turtle cartoon in the same manner. I always feel like SP is a type of psychedelic experience so I just take a moment to enjoy tripping in the dream state. I can hear my wife snoring but wonder why since I am on the couch. I hope her snoring hasn't got that loud. I have various geometric patterns swimming in front of me though my eyes are closed now. My body feel like it is floating. There is a rhythm to it like I am riding waves. My head begins to wobble. My hands feel numb and I realize I am sleeping with my hands up near my face. I chose to ignore this.

      After what feels like a really long time, I decide to try to transition OBE style. There is some resistance, but I manage to move out without too much trouble. I start to walk to the bedroom door, but see a strobe light from behind me. I turn around, but it is dark now. I decide to peak at my sleeping self, but see my wife and son there only. They are both on there backs but my son is sleeping perfectly lined up on top of my wife. Then they disappear and reappear in rhythm from left to right and back again. This is dissenting so I turn away. The bathroom light is now on so I go in there. The door is a sliding door and warps and bends as I open it.

      The bathroom is brightly lit but my vision is extremely distorted like I am viewing the dream through a convex lens. I try to look around but my peripheral vision is motion blurred in long streaks. This is also disorienting so I move out the other bathroom door into the hallway and into the kitchen. I wonder what I will do in this dream and hope I don't wake up too soon. Bad thought. Suddenly I can't move for several moments. I try to be patient and wait, but that's when the dream fades away.

      REM atonia is the same as SP. I've talked to sleep researchers and scientists face to face on this subject and they all say it's the same thing.
      lucid , memorable
    14. Healing dream

      by , 03-13-2017 at 10:56 PM
      I am interested in dreams of clarity or clear advice for the physical world. So I will take this snippet as something like that. It felt like it at the time.

      For some back story, it was the full moon a day ago, I had made an inner transformation and decision to take back some personal authority and responsibility for my own choices rather than seeking validation or confirmation from outside sources. I had done some energy healing just barely before going to bed and removed some trapped emotions.

      I will copy what I wrote down right after the dream:

      Its an inner technology. Imagine there is an invention where the wood siding on a house is repaired and filled-in from the bottom up. So in your imagination picture old, worn-out siding dissolving at the same time a new slat is filling in. Instant self-repair. And this is metaphorical for what happens as the energy system repairs itself and then gives the body that new template.

      When I was visualizing this repair in the dream, the amount I could see was about a 3 foot long piece of the siding and just 1-2 slats up the side of the house.

      Now during the day, it seems much less magical, but at the time I was writing down the dream it seemed really incredibly important and powerful.
      non-lucid , memorable
    15. -ConstantVibes first DJ-

      by , 03-11-2017 at 03:58 AM
      So after a lot of reading up on the subject I've decided to get into the wonderful world of lucid dreams.

      I'm beyond excited

      Just a little background... I have had a number of Lucid Dreams in the past, but I never really understood them. After doing some reading and lurking on the forums, I've decided to take it to the next level(I don't know why anyone wouldn't )

      With that being said welcome to my first dream journal. I plan to update daily for anyone who's interested in a first timers experience.

      With that said, peace and love to all of you... and happy dreams.
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