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    1. Dream - No Lunch For The Wicked & The Burning House & Beach Terror

      by , Today at 12:22 PM
      Date of Dream: SAT 21 OCT - 2017

      Dream No. 216 - Separated Sections

      Dream 216 A - No Lunch For The Wicked
      I can't remember the entirety of this dream. From where I can remember, I was back in year 12 2016. I was somewhere on a camp with the year level group, although it looked like no ideal school camp destination. I was off somewhere doing something and when I came back, I found out that lunch was finished being served. There was one plate still on the serving bench and as I was about to take it, three girls claimed it as their own. Apparently it was a second serving for ES, DK and CV. I claimed that I didn't have any lunch but the guy denies and says this food is for the girls. I go off in disappointment to an undercover parking lot. I can't remember the rest of the dream.

      Dream 216 - The Burning House
      Throughout the entirety of the dream, it was night time. First, I was on a flat rooftop of some house when I felt this strange energy about. Believe it or not... God was speaking to me. The youthful sounding voice is telling me that he is putting the world to end soon. He told me how he was going to do it. First of all, he would give me three red beacons. Then I see a holographic hand come out from the wall of the night sky and indeed it gives me three red brooch-like beacons. He then told me to pin them up on the giant cloth which was hanging on the washing line.

      Once I pinned the beacons, he then told me that he would set all the buildings in the area on fire. He then said that the third stage would be where all these white lights appear and then his work would be done. Then he goes to me, “and by the way... What happened in 2012? How did all the people think the world was ending then?”. I told him all the scientists thought that the planets were going to collide into each other.

      There was now no presence anymore and so I got off the rooftop and onto the ground. I look up at the roof and there are two chimneys that have appeared and they start spitting massive flames out of them. In a crystal clear voice, I shout, “Dreamy WB help!” and then after a slight pause, “Stop the house from burning down, quickly!”. She came immediately. I saw her, approaching the left chimney and when she touched it, the flames stopped shooting. She then walked over to the second chimney and did the same thing.

      She then hopped off the roof and joined me on the ground with now nothing but the crickets going off in the background. I examined her and I was shocked to see her with white skin, having a Caucasian resemblance. I thought there was nothing else to do but then she told me to follow her inside the house.

      When we got in the house, her skin was a tad less white. We were now standing around the kitchen with other members of my family as well. As everyone was getting ready for bed, I look at my watch and I say to Dreamy WB, “It's 11:30, I bought cheesecake for our breakfast”. Everyone elses' body-clock was set to 11:30 PM but ours were at 11:30 AM. I quickly examined Dreamy WB and her skin became a tone darker again. She then said something to me but I forgot what it was.

      I realised our body-clocks were wrong and I told her. I said I was going to adjust them but she said that we could stay awake while everyone else went to sleep. Still, I insisted on fixing our body-clocks and I made it clear to her. I turned around to look towards the kitchen bench and closed my eyes. I spread my arms out and tried to “feel” for an 11:30 position. Then I started swinging my arms backward like a clock until I felt it hit 11:30 again. I realised I only fixed my body-clock and so now it was time to go back and do Dreamy WB's. In exactly the same way, I felt for the 11:30 position and wound back 12 hours.

      I had opened my eyes and now Dreamy WB looked tired. Her skin was also now fully brown and so was back to her full African identity. She came up to me and started stroking me while also keeping me locked in a hug. She said she and I would go to sleep soon. The dream then ended.

      Dream 216 C - Beach Terror
      I don't remember all of this dream. I was going with my mum and brother to Geelong for something and we decided to stop at this inner beach area. When we got there, the style of the dream had changed quite a bit. It was now like this animated map on an RTS game and it had shown animations of Mario characters on it. I don't know what they were doing but the Mario characters were becoming very violent. I do clearly remember Luigi and Wario facing off against each other.

      For the next part of the dream, I was at this unknown place. I wanted to see what my brother and his friend RK were doing but NB had told me to get out of the place. I looked from a distance and noticed that they were doing something with balloons, silly string, foil and other party supplies. Apparently all the equipment had harmful chemicals in it. That's all I can remember for this dream.

      Dream Trophies Achieved:

      - None
      non-lucid , memorable
    2. Dream - Which Way To The Vet & Grumpy Verandah Man

      by , Today at 12:08 PM
      Date of Dream: FRI 20 OCT - 2017

      Dream No. 215 - Separated Sections

      Dream 215 A - Which Way To The Vet

      I don't remember what happened at the start of the dream. From where I do remember, my mum and my brother were planning to take the cat to the vet. Originally, they were going to go on their own but then I insisted coming with them. They complained at the start but after a while, they eventually accepted my presence. In the dream, we were all walking to the vet, with my brother carrying the cat in her cage. We were on the main road but then for some reason, we decided to take a detour and ended up on this random empty beach which looked grey and cold weatherwise.

      I realised that we were now all lost. I told mum and NB to stay on the sand while I took a step closer to the calm water. Even though my mum was standing right behind me, I loudly called for Dreamy WB. I quickly looked back at my mum and I'm surprised she didn't give an extremely negative reaction... It was just a look of slight shock, like “what are you doing?”. As usual, there wasn't any response the first time around. Now I'm looking out to the far horizon while really declaring that call for Dreamy WB.

      I end up sitting down, putting my feet to the waves and whispering, “please let me know you're here... Come and give me a sign”. Just then, this massive wave comes for me and washes over me, crashing into me and knocking me down onto the sand. When I sit back up, I all of a sudden finally know where the vet is and I tell mum and NB to follow me. I don't remember what happened after we left the beach.

      Dream 215 B - Grumpy Verandah Man
      I can only remember some fragments of this dream. What I do know is that the entire dream took place at my old house. My brother had some electronic product with him, something related to a mobile phone, that he wanted my dad to look at. My dad wasn't in the house and so my brother went to look for him... He ended up being on the back verandah. My dad wasn't the least bit interested when my brother showed him. Rather, my dad fobbed him off straight away and was just automatically giving NB criticisms about his product.

      It wasn't long before my brother went back inside and told me and mum what happened... Mum said she would go out and talk to dad. As she was doing that, I went to my bedroom, which connected to the verandah, so I could hear what was going on. My mum really raised her voice at my dad, scalding him for being “rude” to my brother. Something told me that my dad was in such a bad mood that he could eventually come for me, so I decided to prepare early for my defences. I said to myself, “I have to find Dreamy WB before my dad can attack me”.

      I was rummaging through and on top of my bed when I eventually found my phone. I would open my phone when I wanted to activate her but since no one was hurting me, I kept the phone closed for the time being. I can't remember what happened next in the dream.

      Dream Trophies Achieved:

      - None
      memorable , non-lucid
    3. Dream - Review The Missing Area

      by , Today at 10:53 AM
      Date of Dream: WED 4 OCT - 2017

      Dream 206 - Review The Missing Area

      I don't remember how the dream started. From where I can remember, my mum and I were looking around a MYER store with an unfamiliar layout. The clearance for Miss Shop was on level 4 but in the dream, there was also clearance for designer brands on level 1. There was a lady from the brand of Revival that was talking to us... She said that we buy too many things from there. We then told her that we were going over to Review. Along the way, there were so many racks of fancy shoes to look at. There was one rack though that I wasn't allowed to look at... I asked my mum why she pulled me away from it. I forgot what she said in response.

      Then we arrived at the Review section which had a massive amount of stock, the whole MYER store was filled to the brim with stuff. I then found out that I had a random $50 voucher from somewhere that I could spend on Review products. We looked at all the cardigans first which had all various designs on them... Nothing like the real life stock though. I had picked a cardigan and my mum suggested to have look at some belts. The belts were very vivid in colour and mostly one style. The belts at the front of the shelf were full price but as you rummaged towards the back, the same type of belt was discounted.

      My first choice of belt was a pink one, a colour in-between fuchsia and a candy tone. My mum suggested the colour of the next one which she claimed to be orange. I started complaining when I matched it against my black clothes and said to her, “mum, it's caramel...”. Eventually though, I admitted that I could see orange in there and so it became the second belt. My mum then said I could pick a third belt. There was some yellow and green but it was mostly purple... I ended up going for purple. We weren't ready to purchase the stock yet though. My mum said we would look around the store and see if we could find anything better. In the middle of MYER was this outer mall section, a circular area in which you could look down to the rest of the shopping centre. For a while, my mum and I were exploring the middle to see what other designer brands it links up to.

      Soon after, we decided to return to Review to get the items. We looked around the store for a while but soon I started to panic as we couldn't see the Review section anywhere. I said to my mum that I think I knew what to do. As I walked her back to the centre circle, I told her that I knew someone that could help us. At first, I was afraid that my mum was going to get extremely mad at me and so I was wondering how to call my Dream Guide. I then stepped a couple of metres away from my mum and went for it at full volume.

      When calling for Dreamy WB, I noticed I was using a muffled voice... It was loud and clear but muffled at the same time. There wasn't a response straight away but for the first time, I didn't sound like a broken record. Additionally, instead of speaking in English, I was speaking in this weird language to the awareness to affirm the request for Dreamy WB. My mum couldn't understand what I was saying, only that I was getting help. So she looks at me to ask where this person is. I said to mum, “don't worry mum, she's coming”.

      After what seemed like a long time of waiting, Dreamy WB walked out of nowhere in particular and towards us, the two of us now sitting down. In this dream, she was very thin and lanky, more so than her real life counterpart. She crouches down to our level and puts her arm around me as I tell her what's wrong. Then as my mum gets ready to speak, Dreamy WB actually moves closer to her and nuzzles her on the chest. Now her arms are around both me and my mum. Soon, we all get up and Dreamy WB leads us back to the store. Before anything else can happen, I wake up.

      Dream Trophies Achieved:
      - None

      I was surprised when Dreamy WB came up to my mum. Usually my Dream Guide wouldn't get that close to a parent.
      non-lucid , memorable
    4. 17-10-19 Sweden School Escape, Left on Island by Gaff, Flying From Gym to Zeebrugge

      by , Yesterday at 02:52 AM
      I was in a classroom in northern Sweden. A few more people (all adults) were there with me. They had locked us up for being residents of a hostile nation. They started unlocking the door, and I knew they'll execute us all. I told the others to get ready to fight, and went to the door to open it as soon as it was unlocked. I felt like we were all going to die. The situation was so desperate, we might as well put up a fight. I opened the door, and the others rushed outside. We fought, and most of us were shot dead on the spot or otherwise killed or restrained (to be shot later). I was retrained as well, by a man I remembered from a previous job (in real life), a Dutchman called Michel. I practically begged him to let me go, and much to my surprise he did (out of view of the others). Grateful for the favor of my former colleague, I made my way out of the building, across the courtyard of the school, toward the large gate. It was snowing. When I got to the gate, the police arrived. If they found out I was with the other prisoners, they'd arrest me and I'd get killed after all. I pretended everything was normal and I was just going home after a day at work. It worked, and I got past them, onto the streets. It was very cold, snowing heavily, and it was very dark and gloomy even though it was midday. I was wearing my old Sergio Tacchini coat, something I used to wear when I went to high school myself (graduated 2008). I briefly thought to myself it's no surprise Scandinavian people got so depressed living there, with all the gloominess. I could hear the soundtrack of the dream in the background, a very fitting tune my subconscious made up on the spot. As I started waking up, I wondered how to proceed from there. I had to get out of Sweden somehow, and head south.

      I was left behind on a tiny island (just 30 feet across, maybe) by a villain - Gaff from Blade Runner. The island was in a very (extremely) wide river, relatively close to the southern shore. There was a lot of fog, and a chill in the air. Gaff could fly, and he flew off towards an extremely large (width and height) skyscraper on the opposite shore, basically Wallace HQ from Blade Runner 2049. The building was so tall, I thought to myself that even if I could fly, I'd be too scared of heights to go there. Suddenly I was with another person on the island. Gaff. And he was a friend suddenly, also left behind on that island. And I could fly. He held onto me (on my back) and I had to fly us to the shore. But he was so damn heavy! I don't know if I managed to keep from plunging into the water. I knew one thing: we had to destroy that building.

      I was in a large open room, maybe a gym. I could fly, and realized doing circus tricks would indeed be a good way to make money and get famous. I did some tricks for an audience, like backflips and stuff. Some guy suspected I was on an invisible support, or hanging by a thread, so I invited him to come and feel. They remained unconvinced (I could feel a wire suddenly, as if I *really* was hanging from a wire, except I wasn't). I got really furious at the guy (not really, I think I was just acting and wanted to do a good villain speech to terrify the DC's). I cut the scene to the next one, somehow, as this is what would happen in movies (I could be director and character of my dream at the same time). It was night now, and I exited the gym through the back exit. I saw the people who were watching earlier at their cars, ready to leave. They were talking some more. I looked at one of them with some regret for my earlier behavior, then flew away. Higher, higher and then away over the city. It was day all of a sudden, and I didn't notice this transition. I was now aware I was dreaming, but it wasn't a sudden "!!!" moment, but more as if I'd known all along (I did not). I had to dodge some kind of windmill on a rooftop, and I think the blade hit me (I felt it). No injuries, though. I flew along the coastline now, approaching the harbor of what looked like Zeebrugge (Belgium). The waters were fierce and I could see a large cargo ship smashing violently into the waves. I wanted to fly home, to Brasschaat where I live. I realized that was far, but trying to teleport was too hard (dream felt real) and too risky (to avoid waking up). Just a moment later, the image froze and I lost the dream. I knew I could maybe "restart" the dream but that would take too much effort so I opened my eyes.
    5. 21 October 2017: Happy Children in Church

      by , 10-21-2017 at 03:56 PM
      Before I fell asleep, I read most of Chapter 8 of "Faith is the Answer" by Norman Vincent Peale & Smiley Blanton and I prayed.

      I dreamed of many little children singing happily in a church building on a mountain top surrounded by snow.

      I laid on my back for most of the time I slept on this night and when I woke I felt very refreshed. I don't think this is only because of my sleeping position although that has something to do with it, I feel as though reading the "Faith is the Answer" book and praying also are reasons why I felt so refreshed.

      Updated 10-21-2017 at 04:03 PM by 61868

      non-lucid , memorable , side notes
    6. Lucid Dream #4

      by , 10-21-2017 at 03:04 PM (Random Awesomeness with Drop Therapy)
      WOOHOO!!! Another LD! Okay, this one's strange because of the lack of a reality check. The whole dream was lucid.
      I was in PE. FOR SEVERAL HOURS. It was NIGHT TIME and we were still doing PE. For this reason, cops came to investigate and i'm assuming stopped the period. We then went into the locker rooms, where there were a few GIRLS hanging around, and I looked at a clock, remembering the clock reality check. I was lucid before this i'm pretty sure, but I did it anyway because it was cool looking. I looked away and looked back several times before it turned glowing yellow. I then decided to seduce one of the nearby girls with a song (probably a 13 year old's version of a sex drive going wild during the lucid dreaming progress). It worked, but it was the wrong girl. The next day, I left the locker room and saw K and a clone of himself. The clone jumped off the edge of the hall way. (in my dream the horizontal hallway was raised several feet above the ground and K's clone jumped into the plants below.) I then continued to explore the school, going where kyle was going, and I saw a random 8 year old stare at me with blind eyes. I then went by the blacktop and overheard some other kids talking about how the school now accepted 5th graders. I then left. There was someone by the front entrance to help me leave, and for some reason, the entire front entrance was cramped and had these watch towers peppered all over the place. I accepted the man's help and we eventually found ourselves in a huge field being chased by something. We then found a structure you would normally find in a park. The person saw this, and started a youtube channel with a baby and called it ugly baby. To watch a video of theirs, I had to crush the baby's head in. The format of their videos was a sort of factual top ten list video. I then woke up. 4TH LUCID EVER WOOOOOOO!!!
      lucid , memorable
    7. 2016/2017 Dream: Black Wolflike Monster

      by , 10-21-2017 at 06:58 AM
      I dreamed that I saw a dark wolflike monster in the distance from me that started charging me; I was frightened and then decided to not part out cars (I had been thinking of doing this) and it passed me by without any harm.
    8. Remembering In A Dream

      by , 10-17-2017 at 05:23 PM
      I was inside my dad's house surrounded by a group of strange guys. One of them gave me 3 small flowers with the stem almost dry. He than lit a candle and told me to let the flowers touch the flame. I let them touch and suddenly a orange closed box appeared floating in mid air next to my brother. "Now the box will over flood with blood". I watched as the outer appearance changed to blood than pondered if it was representing my brother's future. But than I felt like it was to see what level of fear I had around blood.

      Fast Forward and the dream had shifted to a apartment where I was married to a guy. A three yr old whom looked like a child I had seen before was present and I was helping him get his jacket on. He felt like my child though. But as I was doing such, a random person approached trying to touch me. I tried pushing them away till I became aware it was a dream.

      The dream than shifted and I was on my bed near a wall covered in decorations,writing and colored paper. My five year old self was in a yellow dress asleep next to me facing the ceiling. I than turned to the t.v. and saw a power puff girl show on. The power puff girl was fused wearing a outfit like the crocodile hunter. A voice of a narrorator than shouted " for martyr's dream!"

      Dream #2

      I was on a moving wagon with my dad and another crowd of people. We were holding on tight on the outside of it and trying to get ice cream from a dispenser within the wagon roof. I managed to get out vanilla with chocolate chips in a cup and asked my dad if he wanted it. Knowing he preferred chocolate I was willing to change it but he told me to eat it.

      I than focused on the street and became semi lucid.
      There was a string attached to me so I jumped out and let it pull me to the end of it. When I reached it the end was attached to a lady's back.She was tall, tan and average, with black wavy hair in a pony tail. She was wearing a short salmon colored spring dress.

      I followed her till she met with a group of guy friends near a skate park. A random person tried jumping to touch me again but I made them leave. I than went another way and saw a D.C. who called me over. He showed me through a narrow place and told me to pay attention to what I was about to see.I made a joke when he said that though and his response was "are you really saying that to me?Ha". I said yes than asked him about Eye. He said Eye couldn't appear now though.
      Afterwards we ended up in place where people were in a line. I didn't know what to make of it other than that the people's personalitys were made apparent through their actions.I left the place and ended up in a mall next, where a guy asked if I knew how to make allesana. I said yes, than he asked if I could join their group since they needed a good cook.

      The dream than shifted and I was in a nursing facility for old rich people. Still semi lucid it felt like they were dreamers too.I floated through the place looking at a dining room filled with home made sweets prepared by the old woman getting ready for a party. The cookies than reminded me of a cookie I use to eat a long time ago that taste like gingerbread cookie. I had forgotten about its existence. I than flew away and went through the wall. I ended up warping above some gold/pearl stairs though.I continued looking around but I forget what happened next.

      I just remembered the name of the cookie!I feel like buying them now...>.< They're called windmill cookies.

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    9. The End of The Hooded Man

      by , 10-16-2017 at 10:37 PM (Ereos)
      I was doing my usual dissociation before bed, except that this time around I figured out how to enter a dream from it.
      All I had to do, is whenever I start floating or I am able to move my limbs in an impossible way, I just roll out of bed.

      I pretty much did dissociation for about 30-40 minutes before those effects started settling in, I let it settle in for a little bit and I attempted a first roll out of bed, it worked briefly but not good enough, so I wait a bit more for the next attempt.

      I feel pretty weightless at this point, and my eyes just can't stop twitching all over the place, literal REM? I don't know.
      But anyways I roll out of bed for one last time...and...

      *slight fuzziness*

      It seems I fell right at the side of my bed indeed, the dream is still pretty unstable and dark though, I quickly make my way around the bed and right to the window, I see a very very blurry light, no more than a traditional phosphene, but as I approach it, it gets clearer and clearer.
      I grab the window, go right through it, and as I hop out there and fall down to the yard of my house, the dream slowly forms around me and I can hear some birds chirping as well.

      "Woah...it worked" I just had to say, pretty amazed at what just happened, I guess I did a proper WILD huh?
      I look at my hands and notice that I am already in military gear, well this is perfect. I look around a little bit more and everything looks pretty vivid.
      I call out for Vex: "Vex?! There I am! I am lucid! Come to me!"

      For a few seconds no clear response or signs at all, but upon looking at the sky, I think I see him!
      And...yep that's him indeed, soaring through the skies and coming to me, he lands gracefully in front of me. Here is a sketch of how he looks like:

      "Heya Ashkore!" says Vex.

      "Oh Vex! You look even more awesome beyond visualizations!" I said. I approached him and just gave him a hug.

      "Guess I am huh? Soooo...this is a lucid dream then?" he said.

      "Yep! It doesn't get any better than this! You can do pretty much anything you want!" I said.

      "Really? But I've just been exploring around this whole time, right here, in Ereos." he said.

      "Yeah I know, pretty sure you can also do whatever you wish to do even outside of my lucid dreams, this is our mindscape after all." I said.

      "Ohhhhhhh cool!" he said.

      "Yeah! But now we have no time to waste, there is still a greater evil going around in here, and today, right here, right now, we're gonna get rid of it. What do you say?" I said.

      "Sounds pretty good to me." he said.

      "Ah! However I need to warn you...the Hooded Man is not someone to be trifled with, he is very dangerous, so please...be wary." I said.

      "Doesn't sound like a nice guy, is he?" he asked.

      "Nope, quite the opposite of that." I said.

      "So...how do we proceed?" he asked.

      "Hmm...well, we have to head that way to the Farlands." I said, as a point south-west.
      "But give me a second first..." I finished.

      "For what?" he asked.

      I gather all of my focus and I slowly shapeshift into my anthro dragon-form, just enough to fly at least. It starts with my hands as they get covered in red scales, black sharp claws at the tip of my fingers.
      I grow a snout and sharp teeth, my vision sharpens as well as the scales cover my face. Wings start to extrude from my back as my feet take a digitigrade kind of stance, black claws emerging from each of my toes as well and my feet just becomes dragon paws.
      A tail grows as it extends my spine...and now there I am, fully morphed into my anthro dragon form.

      "Oh right...I should've guessed." Vex said.

      "Well...are you ready?" I said.

      "Sure." he replied.

      "Off we go then!" I said, as I take off right into the air in the direction I pointed at earlier. I take off pretty fast and I'm pretty sure I hear in the distance: "Hey wait for me!".
      I see Vex catching up to me and now flying by my side, I just glide with my wings fully deployed and giving the occasional flap to maintain my altitude, while Vex just waves around in a fluid and smooth, almost in a sinusoidal manner up and down.

      The dream destabilizes a little bit but I really try to focus into my vision and I manage to stabilize the dream just fine, I'm still flying alongside Vex, at this point we're pretty much above the clouds and every once in a while he shows off by flying in a very cool manner just doing loops in front of me, it was amazing.

      We arrive at our destination, I sense that we're pretty near the Hooded Man now, I land and as I do that I regain my human form. Vex also lands next to me and we're in this fairly abstract wasteland environment, it's pretty flat overrall and there are cliffs all around. The atmosphere is pretty thick as well as there is a fair lot of fog and clouds, letting just enough sunlight for us to see clear enough.

      There are some buildings there and there, they seem freshly built and it looks like there are still some of his goons left in there.
      Vex just wanders around outside to see if there are any goons there, while I make my way inside one of the buildings.
      It looks like some kind of warehouse, plenty of magic supplies and other deadly weapons. I sneak around and I find one of his goons just patrolling around, his back is turned at me.
      I sneak behind him and when I'm close enough, I just break his neck by grabbing him with both of my arms and dislocating it somehow, he dies pretty much instantly.

      It seems that I am alone in the building, not that many goons left... I go right back outside and I see that Vex is just looking down at a body, it was a goon he just killed and he looks like he's in a bit of a shock.
      I go towards Vex and when I am close to him he says in a rather sad and worried tone:
      "I've...I've never done this before...taking somebody's life like that...do we really have to do this?" he asked.

      "Ehhhh, don't worry about it, those guys are like major assholes, been brainwashed by the Hooded Man, no empathy whatsoever, we're doing the world a favor." I said.

      "Right...okay." he said, feeling a bit less worried about that.

      It looks like all of the Hooded Man's goons are just either gone or dead.
      Suddenly, I sense that fear again, and it's coming right in front of me more or less. "He's among us." I said.
      And then there he is, slowly appearing 10 meters in front of us in the fog, with his big dark magic sword that he rattles aganist the ground carelessly.

      He says in his very deep scary voice: "You're quite the troublemaker aren't you?"
      "No, the trouble ends now." I replied as I unsheathed my sword that was given to me by the sage and I get into a correct stance for this. I observe that Vex gets quite a smug look on his face, I think he understands how much I hate the Hooded Man.

      However the Hooded Man dashes right at me, giving a very powerful strike of his sword but I manage to parry it just in time.
      Pretty epic sword fight breaks out as I try to strike him and so does he, I either parry it or dodge it in style, doing some rolls and all, but the Hooded Man seems pretty unimpressed overall.
      I still haven't managed to stick him with my sword at all, while I'm here still kinda struggling to defend. Vex couldn't really come and intervene as it was a very close and dangerous 1v1 fight.

      He gains advantage of me as I fall backwards on the ground and I struggle to block his sword but I just kick him and I stand right back up.
      However he dashes right at me again and it ejects me 15 meters backwards violently, I drop the sword somewhere near me aswell.
      I feel pretty knocked out and dizzy but I let my anger take over me as I shapeshift into my feral 10 meters high dragon form.

      Meanwhile Vex tries to hold the Hooded Man off by charging at him in various ways and breathing fire at him.
      As my transformation is done I charged towards the Hooded Man and let out my fire breath at him, it seems to stagger him a little bit.
      I try to hurt him with my paws but he seems to dodge 'em all.
      I see that he's summoning some of his shadowy demons, they do look pretty scary but they're smaller than me, all they do is distract me, I still manage to kill off a few ones there and there.
      Vex is also helping me in the matter, trying to breathe some more fire at the Hooded Man, but he just keeps enduring it.

      "Is that all you've got?" the Hooded Man said as suddenly a big shock burst emits from the him, shocking and knocking us out backwards violently.
      I try to resist it and I manage to stay upright, a lot of wind builds up and it gets pretty violent, some sort of extremely dark aura, darker than the void just engulfs him and it gets bigger...and bigger...and far FAR bigger than me...
      Eventually this dark aura dissipates revealing a pretty terrifying creature just straight out of the worst hells imaginable, along with his big sword in hand...being even bigger than I am...

      I already saw that particular big sword somewhere...back in Monroe's school when he made an appearance and opened up a hole straight to what looked like Hell. It was the same sword.
      His eyes are void, along with a very tiny almost blinding light inside, serving as a pupil.

      I was kind of frozen in shock by this creature, and just before I could do anything about it, he strikes me with his huge dark magic sword, going right through my lower body, all the way up to my neck.
      The only thing I remember in this moment is just the strike itself...probably being knocked back and I hear in the distance a very echoey: "ASHKORE!" being yelled by Vex.

      And then nothing...the void...did I wake up?
      Doesn't really seem that way as I slowly sense an extremely strong energy coming to my right, I see some sort of turquoise aura taking over me.
      I hear those voices again, the same voice that speaks another language entirely but that I could understand, it was taking over me once again.
      I felt that I was getting far far stronger and bigger, here it goes again, I am taking my 100 meters tall feral dragon form...but something was different, something added up to that.

      I could see that the sword that I dropped earlier was giving me its energy, I also could see some sort of turquoise glowing runes on the sword and it was giving me all of its energy.
      I rose up to find out that I was about two times as big as this creature now, my claws were glowing just like those runes on the sword and this aura all around me.

      I notice Vex just getting out of the way as quickly as he can, and that creature...quite worried now.
      I just start breathing the hottest of fires at him and slowly tearing him apart with my claws, he doesn't even have time to fight back or to defend, I was just going at it and I couldn't stop.
      I just sticked my claws right into his upper body and cut through him all the way down to his lower body, sweet sweet karma!
      As I was just tearing him apart, I notice that the inside of him is just blood and this extremely dark void, I can hear that he's in pain and I'm still going in fully.

      He looks pretty badly shaped at this point and I just breathe fire right at him. He starts to "desintegrate" in a pretty intense and blinding light.
      As this happens I start to get dizzy as energy just leaves me, I fall right down, shifting back into my human form.
      I see Vex coming for me all worried as it looks like I've died for good or something. But I slowly sit up, grab the sword that I dropped and use it as leverage to stand back up.

      I could barely stand yet alone walk, but still...I make my way towards the creature who has now became the Hooded Man again, but lying down extremely injured and in pain.
      He still has his sword next to him so as I am now close to him I just kick the sword out of his reach and point my sword right at him.

      "No...please stop...you're a monster...a MONSTER!" the Hooded Man said choking on his words a little bit.

      "Let it be known, if your alien fellas try anything else at all to spread chaos in this world again, I will come for you all and it will be much worse." I firmly said.

      I point the sword closer to him but it scares him at lot, he struggles to try and get away from me.

      "No.......please..." he said.

      "Fine then." I said as I holster my sword, grab my Glock and just shoot him in the head, he drops down...lifeless.

      Seconds later he desintegrates into ash, and it gets carried away in the wind as that ash just glows in a very subtle way.
      I drop my Glock and just fall sitting down, feeling an extremely strong emotional drain. I felt like I have restored peace to this world, but I also feel a big emptiness inside me. This moment just seems to last forever but then Vex comes and just snuggles me saying: "Hey man, you did the right thing."

      "We did it huh?" I said still kinda letting it sink it.

      "Sure did! Damn you kick some ass when you want to. You have a very strong spirit Ash." he said.

      It was still just sinking in deeply for me, what I did, but after this extreme emotional drought I feel a relief just taking over me, I lay down on the ground still trying to catch my breath.
      The fog and the clouds were slowly going away revealing the sun that almost dimmed down, it was about to be night time and I was just appreciating the fact that I was still alive as I looked up and saw the sky illuminating with the city lights up north, where the natives of the innerworld live.

      I just took a deep breath and then I stood up, the dream was destabilizing a bit so Vex and I just walked out of the area.


      I was right outside my house doing something and then I just go back inside the house because I had to go to the bathroom.
      However in the middle of just sitting on the toilet, I notice that I am dreaming.
      "Oh wow hold up, I'm dreaming" I said.

      I get out of the bathroom, into the living room, everything looks pretty vivid, I go through the dining room, my parents talking about some stuff like usual and they don't pay much mind to me.
      I go right outside and just as I was about to call out for Vex, the dream ends.


      I was in Monroe buying some cheese at some store when the cashier told me that I had to calculate the kilometers per second of my vehicle to find out the price of this cheese (??????).
      Without much question I do it and it turns out I have this little portable pedal to be able to control the vehicle at a distance, the vehicle was at neutral so it wasn't going to move and I proceed into doing this thing...

      However as usual, car controls are pretty wonky in dreams and I manage to crash it into somewhere, I get pretty frustrated to the point that I just throw my bag at some other car, kick a trashcan and even kick an outside bar table. Not so sure why I'm frustrated like that.

      I even go inside the bar, grab a pool cue from another bar and start beating up some dudes inside.
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    10. 17-10-16 Floating on Ball, Controlled Hallucination of Compass

      by , 10-16-2017 at 05:23 PM
      I dreamt I was going through a city, floating on top of some kind of ball (like one of those large balls you use for working out. I just lay on top of the ball, which hovered despite being filled with air. I even thought it would work better if it was helium. Anyway... I practiced maneuvering and turning, and thought it was good practice for my flying dreams, where I often have trouble turning... Ironic! After a while I arrived at my destination (a train station?). I got off the ball, and noticed the "event" was just starting. There was a countdown which ended just as a walked in, and I thought to myself "right on time".

      I was awake, but decided to close my eyes a bit more as I was still really tired. In the darkness behind my eyelids, I saw a line. I focused on it, and more lines appeared, and formed a shape. It looked like a watch, or no - a compass. Four lines, arrows - one in every direction. Detail increased, and now I saw it was beautifully adorned with all manner of embellishments. Then I saw what looked like text... but it was outside of the compass. I now saw the compass was a drawing written on the right page of an old book. I could read the text - it was in Dutch, but I can't remember what it said. I was distracted by something in real life, and briefly opened my eyes. I lost the vision right there and then, and was unable to continue when I closed my eyes again.
    11. An Obscure Video Game Console

      by , 10-14-2017 at 09:03 PM (Random Awesomeness with Drop Therapy)
      In this dream, I was by some kind of cliff or something. My mom wanted to cross the golden gate bridge to get to new york city, so what she did was move it closer to the cliff edge. She also elongated the crap out of it.

      Fragment 2:
      I was playing a video game console that had the graphics that were similar to a game cube, but more pixelated. After messing around with a birth date application where the actual years were separated by random characters. With every actual date, the program said something witty or sarcastic. After messing with that program, I found a port of a super mario cart game for the wii titled "super mario cart wii". I opened it, and the development team behind that game joined me after I said something about copyright issues. As I entered the race, I stopped under a bridge where a friend was messing with randomly generated islands and lakes. M was there too, and after I messed around with a program, She went up and drew a very complicated maze structure. The program couldn't handle such a strong request, and instead generated a very simple structure: Most of the ground consisted of the typical greenish water, but in the middle there was a large lump of land that was supposed to be an island with some water in the middle. M explored this, and when she figured this out, all happiness was gone from her face and instead was overtaken with disappointment.
      non-lucid , memorable
    12. First LD in a long time.

      by , 10-13-2017 at 07:18 PM
      I came across this website just about a week ago, and for the past few days have been practicing ADA, sitting watching TV, driving around, cooking - I guess it worked, because last night I entered myself into a dream, if only briefly. I've practiced LD many, many years ago, if not an entire decade - and was successful a few times - but don't remember any LD's since that time. Coming across this website I decided to give it a go again, and reading about ADA and RC's - it's something I can do without anybody even noticing. My little secret

      I remember being on the deck of a boat, and leaned an extension ladder up over the side and climbed on it and made it to the top, when I looked down I must have been 500 feet up in the air. I said to myself, "I am dreaming." and decided to jump off the ladder. I saw a small block building, sort of like those buildings that are under cell phone towers about a quarter mile away from the boat I was on built on the water, sort of like a oil-platform is built on the water. I said, I'm going to fly over there, but I kept falling faster and faster straight down and before I hit the water, or boat (I was focused on that building) I woke up.

      I feel this was a success, because since I was aware I was dreaming and took control. If only for 5 seconds.
      lucid , memorable
    13. Interesting Scenario

      by , 10-13-2017 at 05:47 PM
      I was in my father's house thinking that someone was looking at me through the window. But I decided to ignore it cause I wanted to go to bed. As I was walking to my bed the house began to change form and shake. Hearing my brother playing his console game, I looked through a rectangular window And told my brother "I think were having an earthquake". Looking out the window closer I could see Chinese architecture/ tall traditional buildings."If it happens again should I try to jump out and onto those buildings? No, Id probably just end up killing myself quicker". When I began to pace left and right the house shook again" Its a earthquake! We have to get out of here!"We were on the second floor so I doubted we would get out but I still tried.

      Quickly the house collapsed though. I managed to hold onto the other building as I fell but than that collapsed and I felt my form shift from the floor to the sky. "Damn, I'm dead. Oh well, time to explore". I flew away to look at the amount of ruin till I found myself at a factory and became aware that I was in a dream.
      "It feels like someone is watching me again. Maybe the old man". I decided to say something in a different language to see if I could catch the attention of who was there. But than a chubby guy flew towards me and tried to lead me somewhere. The dream shifted though and I was on the bed now. After the guy who I saw popped up again and pulled me a bit, he disappeared and a wolf, black with purple eyes began ripping my clothes as if it was trying to devour me."Is this some sort of dream test"I thought than grabbed the wolf mouth with both my hands.I wasn't fully lucid though so what came next is pretty extreme. I held the top and bottom part of the wolf mouth and ripped it into two."Did i pass the test?" I asked than got up to hear a bell. Thats when the guy who was with me before came again with my mom. I was told to follow them but i couldnt cause I was missing my bra. I was told i didnt need it cause we were in a dream but i still wanted it. Than i woke up

      Dream 2
      I was looking at my bird's cage but this time it was black and I saw a small new born parakeet in the form of a spirit trying to get down the cage. "Am I hallucinating or is that baby real? Could my parakeets have had a baby without me knowing?" As I saw it struggle and about to fall, I put my hand to catch it than noted that it had tiny blue feathers that reminded me of my old parakeet. "Aw, don't worry. Ill take care of you the best way I can"I said to it but woke up after that.
      lucid , non-lucid , memorable
    14. M/WILD October Task of the Month / House Party

      by , 10-11-2017 at 03:48 AM
      Dream scenes begin to form of me on a bus like a few nights ago, and I get off to find people to have sex with which lasts a while, and I explore much until I remember my dream goal. I get back on the bus to a different town, and I am taken to a house party.

      Enrique is there, and I ask him, "Enrique, tell me something about myself I don't already know," and he says nonchalantly: "You're dreaming." This confuses me because I already know I'm dreaming. He tells other people this too: "Hey did you know that you're just a character in this guy's dream" I wake up.

      (T:45 min)
    15. WILD Flying

      by , 10-11-2017 at 03:47 AM
      I WILD and am in my bedroom, and I go through the garage to get outside. The blackness makes the dream less stable, but when I get out of the garage I fly in the streets, and I jump over the houses to a new town. I jump again, and figure out that I can imagine a pressure in my feet pushing me up, and I fly high up near a building wall with graffiti. I fly over the night time city.

      But the dream begins again in my bed, and I go up the stairs this time and out the door. I fly over the buildings again, but this time I fly so high that I rise above the clouds and fly faster than the rotation of the earth to get to a daytime timezone. I fly into the mountains, and I try to find hikers. However, the dream ends because noise from real life wakes me up.
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