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    1. Dreams in the Heat

      by , 11-26-2018 at 11:21 AM
      Morning of November 26, 2018. Monday.

      Dreams #: 18,970-4, 18,970-3, and 18,970-2. Reading time: 1 min 45 sec. Readability score: 74.

      This entry contains content from three dreams.

      It is nighttime. I am living in La Crosse in an unknown part of town. It is freezing outside. I am aware of Marilyn (half-sister on my mother’s side), but I do not recall that she had died in 2014. She appears as she was in the 1960s. There is no factor of my conscious self identity present (other than my subliminal awareness of being asleep as evidenced by putting blankets around me) and no memory of ever having lived in Australia. (The non-lucid dream self, contrary to popular misconception, lacks viable contact with the unconscious mind.)

      I am uncertain of the living arrangement, but I am going for a long walk (without knowing the backstory). I make several attempts to wrap two blankets around my winter clothes but cannot cover all of my neck. One is the plaid one familiar to me in real life and which I presently have in my computer room. (I did have it over my shoulders when it was cold.) I go back into the unknown house (though familiar to my dream self) at least once. I can see my breath when I am walking outside.

      Although I have one blanket around my shoulders like a cape, I try to wrap the other one over the front of my body with less success.

      That dream was caused by being overheated before waking.

      In another dream, I see an outer view of the Starship Enterprise (in outer space), looking at it from the front. Soon, I see three Apollo astronauts coming out of a square trapdoor opening at the top of the saucer section, near the front. Their size is far too big to match the scale of the spaceship. Logically, they could not have come from the space inferred. There is only room for them to stand atop the saucer section. I am semi-lucid at this point.

      In my final dream, I am feeling too hot, and I am wholly aware of being in the dream state. At this point, I decide to wake.

      Trying to wake up is a bit slow. To do this, I absentmindedly become part cat. I have a cat’s tail and paws for hands, but a mostly human body. I try to climb a wall that represents achieving full consciousness, but instead, my legs and arms rapidly move in place with no results. At this point, I am virtually incorporeal but watching my other dream self still trying to climb the wall as part cat, part man in an exaggerated flurry of illusory physical movement, and I wake from here.

    2. Lucid from FA

      by , 11-25-2018 at 09:37 AM
      Notes: tonight was pretty great. I had about 5 really vivid dreams, including a FA where I got lucid. After starting popping some B6 vitamins, the vividness of my dreams realy seems to have increased. Might be the B6 working, or it might be random I dunno. I know I'm gonna keep popping em 🤣

      Dream: I remember waking up from a dream. My wife was still laying in bed, but she acted a bit weird. Ohh well I got up to go to the bathroom. As I was passing the front door, I saw I wasnt locked. I remember I locked the door before going to bed, so I RCed. I instantly got lucid! Well that was easy I thought to myself 🤣 I went into the living room and wanted to walk through the window, so I could get outside. I kinda got stuck in the window hehehe..... . My wife (in real life) turned around in bed, and she bumped into me, so I woke up......

      Dang it!!! The lucid dream felt soooo vivid. And it felt really stable too. And also, the gravity in the dream seemed normal. That would have been fun to work with.. ohh well, I'll get em tomorrow.
    3. Dream - Just A Casual Sightseeing

      by , 11-25-2018 at 06:45 AM
      Date of Dream: SUN 25 NOV - 2018

      Dream No. 490 - Just A Casual Sightseeing

      I don’t remember how the dream started. From where I do remember, I was in a distorted version of MYER and I was a part of some fantasy rescue mission. I can’t remember the exact details, although it got weirder and scarier as the scene went on. There was one stage where I can recall carrying things up and down the escalators and eventually, near the end of the scene, we left MYER and were running around the rest of the unknown shopping centre.

      In the last scene of the dream, I was in my own court. Although I had no clear intentions at the time, I wanted to spend some time with 18-Volt. I then thought to myself, “Hmm, if I specify that I want to see my grandfather, the dream will just fade out on me. Guess I just state I want help with the elevator task”. Then I added that I’d better make sure I knew the controls for this scene of the dream in case something went wrong, they were the four options of PlayStation buttons, X, ∆, O and □.

      I was standing half way down the hill of the court when I called for 18-Volt. He appeared very promptly and so I didn’t have to call for very long. When he was walking up the hill, I noticed he didn’t resemble any in-game appearance, rather he had semi-realistic textures. Although his top half was naked, he was wearing shorts and shoes and so I wasn’t bothered at all in this dream, also, he wasn’t greasy to touch but was rather quite pleasant.

      He gave a really wide smile as I came up to him and then he picked me up straight away. Only thing is he didn’t hold me as well as in other dreams. He had both his hands just below my butt and so there were two things that bothered me. One, I felt like my underpants were being eaten by my backside as he pushed into it and two, there was no upper weight support and so I felt like I could fall backwards off him and have a rough landing on the road.

      I asked 18-Volt in a panic as I started to lose my balance on him, “Can you put your arms a bit higher?!”. The only adjustment he made was to shift both of them about a millimetre upwards which made my underpants go up my butt even more. Now in a lot of discomfort, I said while grimacing “18-Volt! Put one hand on my back!”. It seems like he finally got it, realising I was going to fall, as he quickly took one of his hands entirely off my butt and placed it onto my upper back. He then moved his other hand and placed it just above my butt and below my lower back.

      Despite all the panic and stress, 18-Volt still had that charming grin pasted on his face. I asked 18-Volt to wait a second before he moved off, he accepted and nodded. I noticed in this dream I was wearing a grey night dress (because of the feeling of the fabric, I knew which one it was). Finally I could make myself comfortable, tugging at my underpants and getting them out from where they shouldn’t be. Once everything was fixed and placed in its normal location, that familiar feeling came, that feeling where 18-Volt felt soft and warm like a giant teddy bear.

      When I was ready, I gave 18-Volt a nod and pointed up the court with my thumb. He widened his grin, nodding back at me, and then he began to move off. The pace he was going was extremely slow, it felt even slower than walking but it was suitable to the situation we were in. As 18-Volt gently moved me up the court, I poked my head out from beside him, looking upwards and was peacefully admiring the light grey sky as well as the treetops and roofs of the houses we walked past as well as hearing all the birds chirping.

      I noticed that 18-Volt had turned into the driveway and decided to enter into the house. He picked up his pace as he carried me up the stairs. Then inside the main part of the house, family friends seemed to be over for a visit. Close to the end of the walkway, I could see AV at the corner of my eye, giving 18-Volt a strange, dirty look and asking my mum, “Who’s that?”. 18-Volt completely ignored her and didn’t seem to think anything of it as he continued on his merry way to my bedroom. As he was turning right to go through the doorway to my room, I woke up.

      Dream No. 490

      Dream Guide: 18-Volt
      Lucid?: No

      Although this wasn't a lucid dream, my senses felt like they were extremely vivid and so it's like I really paid extra attention to my surroundings. The senses I felt outside in the court is just as if I was in waking life, the only difference is the additional interaction with 18-Volt which would obviously not be possible in the waking world.

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    4. Dream - A Confusing Crossover

      by , 11-25-2018 at 06:31 AM
      Date of Dream: FRI 23 NOV - 2018

      Dream No. 489 - A Confusing Crossover

      I don’t remember how the dream started. From where I do remember, I was in a completely unknown area and it was some sort of crossover event between members of my family as well as various members of the video game community. I do remember seeing Mona from Warioware as well as 18-Volt who was from Warioware; they were both in semi-realistic textures. A small group of characters that included Mona and 18-Volt were sitting in a circle and talking to each other.

      In this dream, there was no association to 18-Volt of him being my dream guide, we seemed to be almost strangers in this dream. I noticed as I was approaching the group that 18-Volt had leaned slightly back. When he did this, I got myself down and sat back-to-back, I was leaning on him but he was unaware of who it was. In the form of energy, I could tell that 18-Volt started to get uncomfortable in his position and so he wanted to adjust to lean forward slightly. Only, he ended up staying still to keep that feeling of comfort for me as he was aware that “someone” was leaning on him. That’s all I can remember about this dream.

      Dream No. 489

      Dream Guide: None
      Lucid?: No

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    5. Dream - You'll Never Succeed & Those Are Not My Sunnies

      by , 11-25-2018 at 06:29 AM
      Date of Dream: WED 21 NOV - 2018

      Dream No. 488 - Separated Sections

      Dream 488 A - You'll Never Succeed

      I don’t remember much about this dream. From where I do remember, there was this old guy talking to me that looked like he could have been Colonel Sanders. I forgot how the conversation started, though I know it wasn’t a very pleasant one. It was pitch black at night and he was saying something about how the spirits would never help me, that they are wise beyond their years and that they think I’m badly behaved. I was going to prove this Colonel Sanders guy wrong.

      I walked off into the swamp village of houses and started calling for 18-Volt. The odds became grim when I noticed he wasn’t appearing. It seems as though I was on the hunt for 18-Volt for the rest of the dream and even peeked around houses and fences to find him. It was only near the end of the dream that he actually started to appear but it wasn’t neat at all. He was appearing as a line drawing and boy did he look extremely messy, I almost couldn’t tell who it was. That’s all I can remember about this dream.

      Dream 488 B - Those Are Not My Sunnies

      I can’t remember how the dream started. From where I do remember, it was a distorted version of my high school but the appearance was more of my primary school but with a few extra, complex looking buildings compared to the rest of the campus. I was walking up into what seemed to be the library area and in one area, near the stairs, there seemed to be a supposed dream gallery in which one of my dreams was featured. Apparently it was if the DreamViews moderators saw that the dream fit a certain theme and then they would write a piece about it.

      The two moderators that assessed my dream were “Believeland19” and I have forgotten the user name of the other one. The dream that won the competition was something to do with a birthday theme. The moderators had written a comparison on Dreamy WB compared to one of the men in the dream. They abbreviated her identity as “DY WB”. I forgot what they exactly said in their written analysis though.

      I then went further up the stairs and saw a very large, interesting looking room, almost like it would lead into some sort of movie theatre. In there was a drama class, so I watched what they were doing and they were working on some sort of performance. Other students were sitting and watching. As I was sitting on the floor, I found it very uncomfortable to stay in one position and found it especially hard to cross my legs (just like I can’t cross my legs in real life anymore).

      In later scene of the dream, I was outside and realised that I had misplaced my sunglasses. I saw a lot of different sunglasses on the ground, mixed in with all the other litter that students had thrown around the place. I tried sunnies on of all shapes and sizes but I realised that none of them were mine. Eventually, Ms L came up and spoke to me and I told her I was looking for my sunnies. In this dream, she had a bit of a mean vibe. I did end up telling her what my sunnies looked like but in the dream, I could never find them. That’s all I can remember about this dream.

      Dream 488 A

      Dream Guide: None
      Lucid?: No

      Dream 488 B

      Dream Guide: None
      Lucid?: No

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    6. Darkness rave light

      by , 11-24-2018 at 08:51 PM
      so this is non- lucid dream where being awake and your always awake yet you transcend into a forever sleep form while always being awake so as I close my eyes I see lights and dark aura manipulation where I try to attain solid form and metal like awareness In the solidify light and darkness I try meditating and controlling the dark aura around me before slipping into lucidity as I start to sink in the bed i become aware when i start to wake the lights are gesture of reality that have been said and done then they come into a wake of psychotic expression in 2dimension that i have to try to stare and figure out the complexity before i fall into a deep sleep when in deep sleep the gesture of the light and darkness rave into complexity of false reality and reality alike then when staring into the light aura and darkness rave the intent then becomes whateva i can think before blacking out and waking up in lucidity
    7. Log 1304 - Earth-Splitting, Death-Breaking Wave

      by , 11-24-2018 at 12:20 AM (Dream Logs DWN-12)
      Created Friday 23 November 2018

      Got various things today, including a DILD.

      Scrap Group 1
      Playing Dungeon Crawl - Stone Soup as a Deep Elf Conjurer of Vehumet, as usual. Noticed that the message log also included content from Dream Views' Discord chat. I got far enough to get 5th level spells as a gift. In this case, Bolt of Magma. Meh.

      Several dreams set in a familiar apartment suite. I was watching TV on a CRT screen.

      Vaguely recalled several brief lucid states, during which I floated around indoors each time.

      In a Victorian era city during daytime, the streets ominously empty. Later, I spotted a pale, brown haired adolescent girl running in panic. Someone was chasing after her, a long faced middle-aged man dressed in black. The girl gets cornered quickly. Outraged and terrified, she could do little but yell at him. As I listened, I realized that not only was this man her father, but that he was also responsible for a calamity that'd all but left humanity to the brink of extinction. I opted to step in at that moment.

      Playing one of the D&D arcade games with my brothers. I was using the Elf. We were fighting the Manticore in a darkened area. At first, I thought we were playing Tower of Doom. But, when I got KO'd, I was allowed to switch to the Magic-User, a character only found in Shadow over Mystara.

      Dream 1 - Earth-Splitting, Death-Breaking Wave

      The visuals were slightly blurred from glare. I was once again in the desolate streets of that above mentioned Victorian-era city, bright grey sky above. As before, the pale girl is running away from a pursuer. But this time, not only was the girl heading straight towards me, but she was also being chased by a different figure, someone inhumanly tall and concealed in a black robe.

      I again interposed myself between the two, ready to defend the youth. However, the pale girl, trembling in fear, pleaded that I should not engage the figure. In fact, she claimed that the cloaked figure before me was actually Death itself. Unphased, I aimed a punch straight to the face, only for my fist to phase right through the being's hood. Seems the girl wasn't mistakened. But, rather than fear, I was struck with lucidity.

      Death immediately retaliated with a drawn knife, attacking relentlessly. Doing so seemed to leave it with a tactile form, allowing me to redirect its arms, and thus, the blade, away from me. One bad lunge from its part left it exposed to grappling, whereupon I quickly tossed it skyward. I built energy from within, intending to fire at Death with such. But, it seemed the hooded ghost had instantly recovered, and was already diving down at me blade-first. As such, I chose to jump straight towards it instead.

      While ascending, I recalled the Earth-splitting task. With that in mind, I attacked the creature with a mighty chop. As before, this simply phased straight through its head. Death mocked me, boasting that my attacks were useless. I simply pointed behind it as I floated in place. In the distance, an endlessly long streak of energy arced towards the Earth, then cut straight through. Soon afterwards, the planet began splitting apart. Curiously enough, another planet Earth had been nested inside, appearing as if it were being viewed from above the planet's atmosphere. This, too cracked open to reveal yet another Earth, and repeated again, then once more, until finally, only the vastness of space could be seen between and past these bodies. Seconds later, Death convulsed in place, a thin line of glowing light slowly splitting it apart as well, before the spirit quietly faded into nothing.

      Various forgotten non-lucid transitions. Don't recall how this ended.

      Scrap Group 2
      Unknown dreams in a white void.

      Spoiler for Attack on Titan/Shingeki no Kyojin potential spoilers ahead:

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    8. Chased by pyramidis and Auric

      by , 11-23-2018 at 08:27 PM (My Robotic imagination)
      I start off in a place with my mom and her friends. It looks like we are at Peter's house and I was sitting on the floor, watching TV. There was a table behind me and further back was some couches with people there. Me and my mom I think got into it about something and I get upset and leave the house.

      My mom calls after me but I ignore her and start walking down streets and alleyways.

      Someone walks up to my mom and was wondering what the situation was. She said something and it looked like the person said leave it to me and set out for me. He got into his vehicle which ended up being pyramidis, which is a huge megazord used to for the Zeo Ultrazord then drove off in it's none robot mode.

      I was running up a highway filled with cars when I saw the huge zord coming up the adjacent opposite side of the freeway, being careful not to hit any cars. "what the actual fu-" It's the fuckin Pyramidis! I saw the person inside who was at the tip, pointing at me and fingering me to come here.

      I was not about to let him take me back in that thing. I looked around and spotted a bridge over pass and ran under it. He'd be way too big to fit in here. He drove up to it, parked it on the side of the road, then he got out. I saw construction stuff all around me and there were people in here, working too.

      I ran into a building that has spawned in to hide me and made my way over to an elevator. I pressed the button for it to come down but by the time it did make it, the person was already at the door. He banged on it to get my attention. "Hey!" I turned to him and that's when I saw who it really was. It was Auric! I knew I was not gonna make it on the elevator in time and left it.

      Now I end up in a strange room. It looked like a bowling alley only it was the size of a bedroom and the alley's were like only 6 feet long. There were black bags over the machines where the balls come out of and then Auric steps into the room, trapping me. I can see all of his details like his hard cloak on his back and his large size and red eyes. I ran around the ball machine, trying to keep him on the opposite side of me but he was not having it. he leapt over the machine, pouncing me before I can run down the alleyway. "Gotcha!" He waves a finger at me for being naughty then grabs the back of my head and slams my face into his chest. "that's for running off like that from your people. And." He bangs my head into his chest again. " That's for making me come all the way out here to get ya and not not stopping when I told you to come here."

      He was now in his toy mode in my arms and I started laughing at what just happened, now semi lucid.

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    9. My Daughter Upstairs

      by , 11-23-2018 at 11:16 AM
      Morning of November 23, 2018. Friday.

      Dream #: 18,967-04. Reading time: 2 min 52 sec. Readability score: 59.

      King Street boarding house in La Crosse in late morning. (Irrelevant to waking life since 1990). I may have descended the imaginary staircase (though I do not have the memory of it) to sustain and vivify my dream.

      I am at the bottom of the staircase from the second floor, where there is the fictitious feature of an L-shaped foyer where I remain until my dream ends. My landlady comes in from her kitchen and tells me to mop the floor in this area. The mop bucket is to my left. The mop is next to it.

      I do not use any water. I guide the mop over the floor and soon see a C-shaped clump of dust that it gathers and consider if I should tell the landlady that I should sweep the floor first. Soon, I see several Kinder Surprise toys on the floor, one of them a small penguin figure. I move the mop, and they are all in a small cluster.

      I hear my youngest daughter talking from upstairs, though I do not discern what she is saying. My landlady comes in (again from her kitchen) and asks me if my daughter has eaten yet. I am uncertain but tell her that she may have gotten something on her own. I inform her that I will be taking my daughter “to the north side” (meaning Northside La Crosse, to the Loomis Street house).

      She seems concerned that my daughter is on her own upstairs and mentions something about having heard of a boy on a CD, who recently died. (This is possibly my infra-self distorting “TV” to prevent a literal waking life translation, as the unconscious mind is not viably accessible in the dream state, contrary to popular misconception.)

      My dream starts decoding itself a moment before waking. None of our children have ever lived in America, let alone Northside La Crosse (or the King Street mansion on the south side of town either). I do not use the mop bucket, because I subliminally recall that water represents melatonin and potential dream state reinduction (and mopping or cleaning being an inherited biological thread of the glymphatic system, when fluid increases in cells while sleeping). (Because of this, water in the nexus, other than when I am entering or anticipating a return to sleep, never occurs. Despite the presence of the mop bucket and thinking it might be full of water, I never actually look into it and use the mop in its dry condition. Why? Because I am subliminally aware of being in the dream state - non-lucid - and my daughter might need me as perceived by RAS - even though Zsuzsanna is also awake, thus I do not seek to reinduce my sleep cycle.)

      For many years (even in childhood), I have been trying to determine if there is any consistent cause as to which threads of the current conscious self survive the demolition past the nexus and the transpersonal interconsciousness into non-lucid dream space. The infra-self is focused on the transition through the sleeping, dreaming, and waking space, not real life or from the viewpoint of the conscious self identity as in waking life, which ceases to exist in non-lucid dream space (one of many reasons I wholly dismiss “dream interpretation” in the typical use of the term).

      My youngest daughter is the sole liminal presence here based on something presently real in my life (though my dream self has no memory of my current address or that we live in Australia even in otherwise having recognition of my daughter). The reason is that she was awake and talking in reality at the time (in the lounge room) and it filtered through the nexus, the only thread that reached my infra-self.

      The staircase leads down into the (fictitious) L-shaped foyer. A foyer or porch is often a concurrent “bridge” within the nexus in all modes of dream manifestation (subliminal, liminal, and lucid) and RAS (reticular activating system) processes. It is used the same way in hypnosis and meditation. However, a staircase is not just about initiating consciousness in the waking process (or using it to vivify a dream when descending one). It is also about breaking the imaginary physicality of liminal space and becoming aware of the physical body (vestibular system correlation).

    10. A Conspiracy of Lemurs

      by , 11-23-2018 at 07:11 AM
      Morning of November 22, 2018. Thursday.

      Dream #: 18,966-01. Reading time: 1 min 40 sec. Readability score: 50.

      I am looking at the ocean while I am incorporeal. It is near either sunrise or sunset. The ocean’s surface has a purple hue. A drone that I see as firstly flying high in the sky reaches a small island. At first, I do not know what it is. It had been sent to study lemurs. Eventually, I feel that it is invasive and unwarranted. There is a family of lemurs that sits in what is more like an oversized bird nest. An unfamiliar narrator’s voice (very rare in my dreams), as if as part of a documentary, mentions something about the mother lemur and “what she makes of it.” (I hear “make” twice, but I do not recall the full phrase. It seems to imply making something in a literal context but is ambiguous.)

      I am aware that the mother lemur may capture the drone and hide it somewhere, like inside the nest or covered with something, to prevent humans from watching them or discovering where they are.

      Purple (as a dominant feature) is an uncommon color in my dreams (though so is orange) and only dominates when coming up more quickly out of slow-wave sleep, of which the ocean represents the residual essence. (Ocean presence of a vivid discernment, other than its depths, typically only occurs in the last dream of a sleep cycle, whereas rivers, lakes, and streams occur near the beginning of every sleep cycle and often even when I am not asleep, in the first stages of hypnagogia. I associate water with the natural melatonin process and sleep itself, usually hearing the imaginary sound of water as I enter sleep.)

      Lemurs, as well as monkeys, on the fundamental level, are often a precursory subliminal association with coming up out of the dream state, a representation of the infra-self.

      Flying autosymbolism (either projected or inherited) has occurred in my dreams at least once (typically more than once) during every sleep cycle for over fifty years. It is the main factor of vestibular system correlation, the primary process of resolving physicality because the physicality of the dream state is imaginary (which triggers falling dreams, the so-called “waking start”).

      The drone is the emerging consciousness factor in this transition, a non-lucid and often invasive dynamic by way of the preconscious, seeking out my infra-self (the lemurs in this case) to initiate consciousness. A look at thousands of my (non-lucid) dream posts on Tumblr (once autosymbolism is legitimately understood) will reveal the same processes with infinite variations.

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    11. Magical World and guy.

      by , 11-23-2018 at 06:52 AM
      11/19/18. Monday.
      Was on a cobblestone street following an old wizard. It felt like 1930’s American city. I flew up to rooftop. There were pipe chimneys, vents and an old type suitcase laying there. I decided to look around. When I got close to the edge I felt that there was a charm on the rooftop that if non-magical people looked up here, they would see only what they were expecting to see (nothing). Rooftops are a place where we magical people like to hang out sometimes because we can more easily get away with not be seen by nomaj’s. I took out my wand and had a look around and saw box about hand sized. When I opened it I saw what looked like a clock but I recognized as a time turner. Valuable but I already knew the time turning spell on my own so didn't need a charmed device for that, so I put it down for some one else to find.

      I was a bit taken back by how I was myself behind this magical-world-themed personality. I was like I was inside another me that was acting. It was way more than that, this was a person in a world with it’s own rules and my mind worked differently here and knew things that my regular mind did not.

      I went over to the suitcase and saw that the big suitcase was open. I put my wand away and tried to look through the clothing (a woman’s clothing) and stuff to look for a name tag. Some of the clothes started falling out and I didn’t want to make it look like I was rummaging through it all. I put the clothes back before I could find a name tag or something.

      I decided to leave before I got into some kind of trouble. I felt I had someone to meet up with so I had to go quickly. I decided to apperate so I ran and jumped off the roof and tumbled in the air and apperated.

      (I felt like I was in a different feeling world.)
      I found myself materializing in some bedroom. This world was much more like the world that I live in. In fact, the room looked a lot like my own bedroom, but it was hard to see as it was night and dark. I looked around and see a guy waiting for me while sitting on the bed. He was waiting for me to get there so that we could both go someplace and do something. He was definitely not me but had some similarities. Once he saw me, he was like “alright let’s go" and got up, got his hoody on, and headed out the bedroom door. I wanted to explore the room more but the guy was leaving and this was interesting so I followed. However, on walking through the doorway I very noticeable passed through an energy field of golden light that was about the width of a finger! I recognized it as the energy field that I put around my own bedroom to keep lower entities out, but I couldn’t figure out if this was my room and wanted to investigate this more, but once we were out of the room there were two older women in the hallway connected to this room.

      Out in the hallway there were two woman were looking into another room like they were looking for someone. One of the women was in her late 50 in PJ’s and the other was in her 70’s. in a plush light-colored robe. They were aggravated. The middle-aged woman was surprised to see the guy and said to him “Where have you been?” He angrily and quickly walked past them and said “Don’t worry about me. I’m going out for a bit.” I followed and wondered what their deal was, but they weren’t getting along. He made a right into a kitchen and grabbed something off of the counter and then out of a cabinet. It looked like a kitchen from the 1960’s or 70’s and the refrigerator even had an old pull out handle on it. It was that odd dream reality mix of different eras in things. He turned to the frig and opened it. I thought he must be making a quick meal before we head off. He took some of the items inside the frig and put them up on another higher shelf, which seemed odd but made sense when he completely removed the lower shelving and took it out. There was a hole that went through the refrigerator and the floor to a poorly lit something down below! He then climbed down into the hole! That was unexpected. I wasn’t sure what to do but this seemed like the best possibility for an adventure, so I decided to follow.

      E.G.P.S.F. syndrome-philco.jpg

      I woke up. I was a little disappointed about not continuing the dream.

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    12. Some Cool Lucids - November 22

      , 11-22-2018 at 06:40 PM (ZAD's DJ)
      Note: Went to bed about 11pm or so.

      Dream: Long one first. I was on some kind of job-related trip, which would last for (exactly) 21 hours. It was a serious task, perhaps a manhunt? I'm accompanied by others. There's a scene where I'm in an office late, and a sense of urgency throughout. The most iconic image from the dream is me getting in a taxi. The lighting reminds me of the final episode of The Bodyguard which F was watching on Netflix two nights ago.

      Dream: There are two John Stamoses, each holding grey yorkies, in a kitchen I don't recognize (could have been from a medication commercial on TV; strange because I don't have TV, local or cable, nowadays). They're reading lines against each other. One of them looks like an impersonator, like a John Stamos-Nick Offerman lovechild.

      Fragment: Third-person. A man is in love with his teacher who keeps "marrying Italian men". Most iconic image (will just call these MII's from now on): city street sidewalk, bright daylight.

      WBTB: F got up for work at 5:30, I unfortunately awoke around 4:50 and figured there was no point going back to sleep until after she left since she comes in to say goodbye around 6:10. Also felt really lazy and didn't want to walk my dog though. Ended up having to get up to kill a roach (was afraid that would impact my remaining dreams at first, but I gave him a loving look as I flushed him down the toilet so as to emphasize to my subconscious that I don't have a deep sense of fear or disgust towards him and he shouldn't show up in my dreams; was actually a very empathetic moment for me, considering my deep-seated sense of fear and disgust for those bastards). Finally went back to bed, probably around 6-6:30.

      Dream (WILD): I remembered as I was falling asleep that I've been wanting to do "WILD Wednesdays" and I missed my mark yesterday, so I reminded myself to do so. I also read an interesting article about AILD (reddit) (similar to self-help affirmations, but the main difference is phrasing your "afformation" in the form of "Why do I have 10-minute lucid dreams?" and letting your mind mull it over and find possibilities, instead of repeating "I have 10-minute lucid dreams" over and over with all the evidence pointing to the contrary). I did it a few times in the evening and a few times before bed.
      I fell asleep with my arms in weird positions, so I had a few cycles of popping in and out of a dreams due to struggling against my inability to move and immediately waking up. I finally popped into a dream where I was in a black void and was struggling with this arm movement again, but I managed to wait long enough to let the dream materialize, and my arms started cooperating. My sense of the area came first and my vision came second. I floated down in slow motion towards a tub of water with a golden tile rim and red/blue/cream tiles on the sides and bottom. I landed and then was able to pick myself up from the pool.
      I stepped out and surveyed the room; the tub was in the west corner, flush against the north, west, and south walls, meaning the room was only as wide as the tub. There was some sort of pump equipment on the south wall but I didn't examine it closely. There were some doors along the north and south walls as well, I remember reading a black and white sign on the north wall. There may have been a large green pipe with a patina against the north wall as well.
      There were open reddish double doors to the east about 20-30 feet away from the tub. I went through them towards a door (the tiles on the floor and walls were all creamish colored by the way), I got the strange feeling this was a subway station. I approached the door, which had another black and white sign on it, and
      awoke abruptly.

      Dream (DILD): I became lucid almost instantly after entering this dream scene. I found myself on a cement ramp between two tall redbrick buildings. The space was about 10-20 feet wide, split into two sections lengthwise by a black handrail, one surface being flat and the other being a ramp that rose from where I was up to the level of the flat side (the ramp side was on the right from my position). After the ramp ended, there was a continuation of the path between the buildings, which was covered with brick archways every 40 feet or so. I got the feeling it was a university, or city square.
      As I was walking up the ramp, an old classmate I didn't know well (G) was walking in my direction. When I become lucid, sometimes DCs become hostile and approach me, facing me directly with an angry but somehow blank face. This happened in this case, but remembering how to deal with these, I embraced G. We talked for a second (don't remember exact dialogue) and I brought him to a corner where I transformed him into F. After she was there we talked for a second and
      I awoke.

      Dream (DILD): I was in an unfamiliar classroom of young children, only many of them had faces resembling LOZ:Wind Waker characters (exaggerated nose represented by a pinkish ovoid shape). This was really strange to see on otherwise real children. Some of them also looked like skin-colored pikmin (instead of being green or red) with schoolclothes on. I walked out into the hallway and recognized the main kid from Stranger Things (with short hair). A male teacher was passing kidney stones in the hallway, only they were coming out as large diamond-shaped rocks/pebbles. Lots of screaming. I was only semi-lucid so I accepted the situation pretty much completely.

      Note: Another brief waking for 5-10 minutes. Didn't note time.

      Dream (WILD): This was the coolest WILD I've had yet, not for the content of the dream itself, but for the induction. I had woken from the past dream and been awake for only 5-10 minutes, and before I knew it I popped from 100% wakefulness to 100% sleep-awareness and lucidity. I found myself in a warmly lit cozy bedroom. The walls were woodpanneled or perhaps painted/wallpapered red. The bed was probably a queen or full, and was covered in an ornate crimson and gold comforter. The room was somewhat cluttered with bookshelves and stuff on the floor, and there were nightstands with antique lamps on either side of the bed. I walked to the door and something prevented me from opening it; fear? Instead I decided to push myself through a a mirror hanging on the wall. There was no resistance, I went straight through to another room in the house (memory of the other rooms is fuzzy now). I did this probably 3 or 4 times. I believe one of them was a bathroom, another a hallway, but the details are gone. Finally awoke.

      Dream: Extremely long NL aboard a train. MII: Crawling through a kitchen section of the train which had open sections between cars; this was a combination kitchen-bar area, and above me was a plastic/rubber wine glass rack with holes for the base/stems to go in and be hung. Second-most iconic image: sitting in a large lobby area and conversing with victorian-era women and men. The whole dream had a faint blue light to it, like the RDJ Sherlock Holmes movies (that vibe). Wish I remembered more details, it was very in-depth.

      Dream: Quick FA where I was looking out of the blinds next to my WL bed and it was bright blue outside. Heard F talking to me in a semi-demonic voice and awoke.

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    13. Lucid again !! Yaaaas

      by , 11-22-2018 at 08:11 AM
      I have been recognizing the dream state a bit easier than usual. My dream self kinda randomly tells myself that this is a dream and it feels like a dream.
      Tonight this same thing happened 👍
      Notes: I have been popping B6 vitamins these last couple of days. Meditating every day. During the day I'm focusing of the feeling of the awake world, so I would be able to distinguish it from the dream world.
      This night I was beat from work, so I fell asleep just wanting to sleep. So no mantras no intension no nothing. However i still got lucid 💪

      Dream: the dream was decently long. The way I got lucid was decently interesting. The dreams villain, a Dracula looking guy, went around killing a bunch of people on the city I was in. I randomly bumped into the guy, but knew he couldn't hurt me since this was just a dream. I got lucid. The Dracula guy slashed his knife at me.i stepped back a couple of steps, and put my hand on his shoulder, and told him to leave me alone, and go do his thing some other place. He looked confused, but took my advice and turned around and walked away. I noticed that the gravity was a bit more like normal gravity. I tried flying, but it was more like floating. While in the air, I tried shooting webs. It worked and swung to the nearest building. I wanted to test, yet again, if I was able to do my finger strength training. I did a couple of hangs on the building edge. I started feeling the pump, and then stopped. NICE!!! I might be able to work with this!!
      The building I was hanging from, didn't have a roof.itwas more like a scouting tower than an actual building. I noticed there being a bunch of text on the walls of this tower. Can't remember the text but it said something about a children's shooting that had happened in the city. The tower was loaded with sooo many firearms. Suddenly I heard some of the citizens yell at me, that I was the shooter from back then, and that I was naked? I looked at my body, and sure enough, I was naked..... The dream characters started chasing me down. I swing away from the tower, towards some trees and a beach. While mid swing, a Spiderman like character surprised me from behind. I dodged his attack and shot my webs at him and kinda whipped him / slammed him into the ground. While escaping I lost lucidity and woke up

      Yet again me getting to emersed in the dream content and waking up. When will I learn???
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    14. Couple of Lucids - November 21

      , 11-21-2018 at 04:00 PM (ZAD's DJ)
      Frag: Woman in a long-sleeve yellow sweater, and another one in gray, standing next to each other.

      Frag: Woman whose child is/is infected with a parasite. Quote something like "You would do it if it was your kid too".

      Dream: In 9 kitchen, realize very quickly that I'm dreaming, finger through palm, "I'm dreaming". Walk out from behind kitchen counter and head out the back sliding glass door. On the way, grab a piece of toast remembering to try and taste things at every opportunity; it tasted good! Not too crunchy, not too soft.
      It's daytime outside, and the only DC is my family's dog. I look around quickly and things are starting to lose visual stability. I fingerpalm and repeat "I'm dreaming" and things start to clear up. My family dog reminds me that I wanted to summon my own dog, so I do the turn around and expect method, as well as calling his name. It works! I pet him and he looks pretty much 100% accurate unlike I and other humans sometimes do (i.e. in mirrors).
      I look around at the sky again and this enhances its visual clarity. I can see the moon up there, and a few clouds although it's mostly clear. While I was looking up, the yard and house below changed into a large field like the golf course behind my house.
      I was near a tree so I decided to fly up. The process of flying itself actually stabilized the dream as I felt the sensation of wind in my hair and across my skin. I flew up, spinning lightly for fun (not rapidly so as to avoid changing scenes) until I was above all of the trees. I noticed an object that looked like pile, with a twig or branch and some other stuff, but was very low in detail, as were the trees now; their shapes were very basic geometrically as if I had gone too far away and their LOD was set to low, and when I approached them again, this didn't change back to high detail (for the trees). The stick was there and I picked it up and discarded it. I also saw a notable number of pieces of paper with writing on them, only one at first, but as I hovered around the tree, I saw three or four more. At first I had some kind of instinctive feeling that they were "real" and that their text wouldn't change, and actually believed and expected that, but ultimately each of them did. One of them looked like a movie ticket, another a restaurant receipt, and another maybe a government postcard (like voter registration).
      After a bit up here I floated back to the ground and thought about who to summon. I picked up an advertisement postcard with a photo that reminded me of someone. I was going to try and summon them but while I was thinking I accidentally closed my dream eyes, and when I opened them again
      I was awake. Bummer.

      Dream: Practicing with gun in yellow-lit hallway/range with unknown DC man. We each have both an M16 and a handgun. I'm playing with the sights (for some reason there's a telescoping sight? hard to explain). I feel a strong surge of hate/frustration/resentment towards the man for some reason. As he puts down the M16 and is drawing his handgun, I put down my handgun and grab the M16. We both start shooting at each other, but no sound or bullet wounds or feeling is accompanied, just our angry faces and the guns moving as if they're firing. I get frustrated that the gun won't shoot and am pressing the muzzle of the gun up against his face and deforming his face. This sight reminds me of something else and I wake up.

      Dream: FA where I'm in bed. I feel intense vibrations and want to try and DEILD. I realize it's a dream quickly but don't do anything about it, and sort of DEILD into another FA. In this new FA, the TV is on and I think The Price Is Right or another game show is on. I pay attention to the feeling but ultimately don't do anything. F's voice starts to come from the next room and I wake up. Interesting lucid, just focusing on the sensations rather than doing crazy stuff the whole time.

      Notes: Overall the first lucid lasted somewhere between 1-3 minutes I would say and was really enjoyable. Also, I hadn't really been practicing any day or night work, but have just been writing down dreams. I just woke up coincidentally early today (F got up to go to work) and I decided to tell myself 2-3 times "I will become lucid in my next dream". Very low-effort lucid!

      Edit: Added second fragment.

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    15. Dream DILD

      by , 11-21-2018 at 03:07 PM (Inner World حلم Gamma Waves)
      Was talking to a woman telling me that if I bought a stuff animal I would become possessed by it. I then become lucid and tell her I won't and she tells me a lot of bad things will happen to me then. I started telling her look at all the things I can do right now. I levitated a few objects and showed her that everything around us can be manipulated. She seemed to have froze in shock. The dream scenario changes to my room and I lose lucidity