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    1. Splendid Comp. Night 10 - 2 Lucids not too long but fun/interesting experience

      by , 01-23-2017 at 12:12 PM
      Monday again and again i could sleep in after K. has to go to work. this time i tried lying on my back to increase chances because lets be honest my performance is pretty much a shame this comp. so yea here the lucid parts:

      -i seem to be in a mix of climbing room and class room. one or two people climb on this very small, maybe 3 meters high, climbing wall. there is one dude that seem to be crazy. he climbs and jumps around like a lizard. i watch him and it seems odd but fair enough people are strange.
      there is an instructor that starts talking something but stops in the middle and just leaves the room. all students or what stand there with no clue. i run after the instructor and feel angry. he is fast and we move thru several rooms. i tell him how stupid he is and that he just cant leave like this. he can instruct us fully and then leave because then we can practice but like this everybody is just standing around. i start noticing that i am at my old school in the aula and i pass a girl that i didnt see for years but i seem to know her. she smiles and i smile back. we only have eye contact for a second.
      this makes me lucid. i confirm it with a nosepinch and move on. the fact that i saw someone that i didnt saw for years in waking life sparkles my interest. i say out loud that i want to see Daniel from way earlier when i lived in a different city and went to kindergarten or elementary school. i cant even remember how he looked in waking life but i look into a specific corner and there are two guys. they turn and look at me and we both start smiling like you are really happy to see someone from your old past. i approach them and he seems familiar even tho i already in dream know that i cant confirm his look. he looks older than i remember him. maybe 15-20? we dont talk and i urge myself to not get lost in senseless semilucid stuff.
      so i turn around and continue. i remember the weekly task but that seems to much now. i remember totms to make points. the first one i remember is basic I: find a present under a christmastree.
      i turn around and i am pretty sure that a little down the hall there will be such a tree. i look thru some glass doors and already spot something that might be the tree. i start running to it and start running way faster than in waking possible but i feel like still not fast enough so i stop and try to zoom in like gab described. i try to focus the tree and see a detail more detailed i feel like the picture gets bigger and i get closer without moving. the tree is near now and i phase thru the last glass door without any effort at all or too much noticing it. it is a christmastree but i think a fake one made out of plastic. there is a table next to it and now i look for the present. there are two transparent boxes on the table that might be presents but one can see the content and it looks like something for the tree or something not interesting atleast. so i search the ground and look under the table. after some moments i notice one present and second later several more. they are flat and made out of folded napkins or something similar. i try to open one but i find more layers of napkins. after two or three i put it down and open another one. there i find money. i pick up the first again and try some more layers until i feel like i am in the middle. dont know if it is completely empty or there was a piece of plastic in it but nothing one could call a present. the picture gets black and i start rubbing my hands after noticing that i am not awake yet. a voice is talking to me and i try to think about a next good goal to continue the lucid. all i know i wake up
      shortly after i think because K. woke me to say bye (i had earplugs and a sleeping mask so i just turned on my side and had one nld)

      after a short wakening i turn back on my back and fall asleep pretty fast.
      -i wake up in the back of a car. i feel disoriented. the car parks on a traffic island. i feel that my head or my upper body lies pretty wide outside near the street so i crawl back inside. i feel that i have earplugs in and my sleeping mask on my head but not on my eyes. this seem to be the car of a friend F. i turn on some music or music is already playing but i turn it a little louder? there is a lot of stuff flying around in this car. because i feel so disoriented i think i took drugs the night before.
      i get a little nervous and i see in the backmirror that a cop is approaching the car. damnit. i remove the earplugs as good as i can but i have not only earplugs but some more small stuff in my hands. i feel thirsty. i look around and the cop is right at the drivers window. he knocks against the window and i open it and try to smile. he tells me to turn off the music and get out of the car. now that i removed the earplugs i feel like the music is pretty loud and i had the trunk open. maybe that brought the attention of the cop on me?
      i turn the music down and notice that it is hardmetal... stuff i dont even hear. damn it seem that i have taken drugs, this car might be full of them because its F.īs and i am parking on a traffic island... bad start for something like this. i get out of the car and really would love to drink something but i follow the cop away from my car. he tells me to stand on a line infront of him. i pass him and go to the point. i stop and ask him "here?" "no further right" i do a big step to the right "no not so far back to the left" i move back to the left. i turn around and face him and try to not move insecure and smile as sweet as i can. he shows me how i should walk the line. at the beginning it looks simple but he gets more and more strange and funny and in the end it has similarities to a robotdance. i need to smile because my optics change and his body looks a little distorted.
      suddenly the picture zooms out into the sky and back in and now i seem to be in the desert on a cliff. there is no cop anymore but i feel like i still have to do the line walk. i walk it and dance it and get lucid by it. the visuals change back and i am in a street again. the cop is still gone. i want to go back to my car and the that it is towed away right into an underground parking. i follow the car and i see a small checkpoint with something smiliar to a policeman inside. there is a line of cars waiting to get inside. i jump up, float over a car and dive into the next. in the millisecond i cant decide where exactly i want to be and i phase into the back or the trunk of the car and the perspective changes to 3rd person.
      wow nice i wanted to to this anyway. at the beginning i float over the car but i relax and manage to move into the parking lot/building without getting noticed. i pass a room where on the left side there are at least 5 cops that seem to be a little bit more hardcore than a meter made. i turn right and pass directly two more of them. i decide to want a body again and feel that i start walking again. i pass a woman that seem to restrict the entrance of the area. she looks at me but dont do anything. i think about how good it would be to be invisible but no can do... now it feels more like in prison. i stand infront of a thick door with no window. i try to phase or squeeze thru it but i seem to have a logjam. there are some guys around and one opens simply the door for me so i pass thru.
      now there is a dome out of glass and metal and here i can phase easily thru. the guy that opens the door follows me and is impressed "ah you are one of those guys" we walk over a thin metal pole over a river. there are a lot of cacti around. he says something like "look what a finish i can do" and he jumps into the water looking lame but without even one single droplet of water splash up. i get a little more awareness and remember my 3 step task. i want to unsummon something. i look around and see a hill full of cacti and rocks. behind there is blue sky with some clouds and sun. i wipe around at the top of the hill and want to make those cacti go so i can have a better look on the sky. it works like a charm and all thats left is the blank hill. even tho i dont move actively, just standing on the pole i notice that we move upstream. my next 3 step is mass tk. i point at some other cacti left of me and want to lift all at once. they start shaking and a lot of pollen seem to fly up but the cacti dont disroot. thats a shame. i feel like i cant concentrate appropriately because i am moving the whole time. i decide to go to the river and try again. i do a mixture of jumping, floating and shorty tying to leave my body/get 3rd person witch results in nothing but a fall into the water. i swim shortly
      but wake up after.
    2. Turning into Ryuuko and gliding a bit

      by , 11-16-2016 at 12:53 PM (The Erratic dreams of StaySharp)
      I remember being on some kind of tower, it was day and all around me were wide, open and grassy hills and here and there rivers and creeks. Something about the scenery was off but I can't quite put my finger on it. Maybe the size relations. Also something here reminded me of Skyrim.

      I jumped down from the tower into a creek below, and the drop was very high. At some point I turned into Ryuuko and glided through the air, and I was seemingly close to the ocean now. I even tried to see myself from a distance, with some success, and I'd say Ryuuko looked mostly correct too, though I couldn't see details. Odd that this didn't make me lucid.
      The rest of the details were very hazy, something about a flying motorcycle I dodged and other very random stuff.
    3. Super Heroes DILD

      by , 02-19-2016 at 09:29 AM (Inner World حلم Gamma Waves)
      So I'm in third person point of view, viewing an old woman who is hook up to a lot of stuff that I assume life support. I think she just died as people bring candles and things. I zone out of this scenario and see superman getting beaten up by someone I don't know. As superman drifts to unconsciousness the dream changes again. Everything reappears and I become more aware that I am dreaming. I open a door since nothing else would appear and see superman and wonderwoman tied up in a chair. They both had their eyes covered up. I make an attempt to untie both of them but some guy punch me from behind. I am no longer lucid. Lucidity Time: 1 minute
    4. Channel 72

      by , 11-06-2015 at 02:39 AM (Inner World حلم Gamma Waves)
      I was in third person point of view. Seeing two men in the air in a constant spiral. After sometime they finally landed on the ground. Judging from what I could see, they were in a large open field with hardly any trees around. That's when the visuals got much closer to them. They were having a conversation since one of the mask if they could use a bigger chair, while the other man explain it was a stool. Around this time I notice the scene change in to the house I am familar with. That's when I had my own body and could see the men still here. One of them left one the rooms I were in while the other stayed. I tried getting up but got hammered on my head by one of the guys punch. Told him to stop and we began to fight but my fist felt like sponge and he could easily lift my weightless body. With in the new blows I realize I had to be dreaming but it didn't matter cause the next jab felt too strong, waking me up. Lucidity Time: 7 seconds
      lucid , non-lucid
    5. Night Light OST + MILD

      by , 07-19-2015 at 10:48 PM (Inner World حلم Gamma Waves)
      The first thing I was able to see is two police officers in a SVU show talking. I must have been in third person point of view as I became in 1st person shortly after. My brother and I were seeing this cop show playing and we realize it had started from the beginning. So I told my brother I would fast forward the clips as there were some scenes I didn't care to see. The remote controller was refusing to work properly, instead of fast forwarding it simply pause. Not too long after I have an FA and during this transition I began to realize that I had been dreaming all along.

      That's when the transition had end and I awoken to find myself in the bed. I was in my father room and could tell a few things were different how it usually look. Outside was dim but when it shine through the window it made it darker than usual. I figure I must still be dreaming. There was a mirror all the way at the end of the bed. I can see an apple underneath my mouth near the top of my neck. I get off the bed, my dream memories told me that I had fallen asleep with this and apple and now it has become apart of me.

      With some effort I manage to pull the apple out. I rather eat apples not wear them. I then toss it on the carpet and found my way back to the bed. I notice that one of the covers I usually sleep in was missing. Suddenly I wake up. Lucidity Time: 52 seconds
    6. Rising Thunder DA + (2)DILDS

      by , 06-18-2015 at 08:08 PM (Inner World حلم Gamma Waves)
      My brother and I appeared inside the garage, where we enter a small door near the left end of the wall. Once we were fully inside we found ourselves in a different place. It look like an underground battle arena, we were both in 3rd person point of view, watching a child fend himself from the traps hidden under the ground. We laugh considering how young he was and I started trying some of the moves he perform to evade a few situations. Soon I became 1st person point of view.

      Once this happen my brother and I both became lucid and found our opponent. He was a huge human male wearing modern clothes with a baseball cap. The only weapon my brother and I have was a cylinder shape silver liquid spray can. The towering human charge toward us, which we began using the spray can that cause the enemy to become sticky and unable to move. However this was not enough to defeat him as he soon broke free from it and quickly lunges at me with his right arm.

      Feeling confident I decided to block his attack, which led us going back and forth with hand to hand combat. After a few more punches to the face from one another. I lost my lucidity and soon after the dream scene had change. I found myself in the living room , the use to be large human was still there and threw his pants on me. I told him you should be more polite and continue to walk off. I then enter an unknown hallway that led me to my family. My father,mother, and brother were eating at the table.

      The sunshine pierce through the house making it very bright. All of them greeted me when I sat down with them. My father began talking to me but as soon as he did, I was having trouble hearing him. He then ends his speech by saying " that means I'll be working 6 plus 4 in total 10 hours each day " I stand up and ask does that mean I have a job? My father loses eye contact with me and remain silent. I left the table and retrace my steps to the unfamiliar hallway that surprisingly led me back to the living room.

      Once I've made it back I sat down and observe distant family relatives celebrating for their return. I watch them in till my brother showed up and sat next to me. I turn around to face him, I ask if he remember the dream we had today? He doesn't look at me and stares at his plate while using his fork to play with the food. He then tells me he wish he didn't remember it. I made a smirk telling him it was fun. That is when my eyes catch my father and I notice the other people I didn't know well leaving.

      Some of the guest didn't clean up so I offered to help out. The items I pick up were, some random green liquid , a dark box I didn't pay much attention to and a pen with a red pencil. I gave all of the items to my father except for the red pencil. After that the sunshine had faded, which soon left the house to be dim. I was still sitting at the living room reading a book and notice my brother sitting at the far right from where I was. Moments later our cousin approach us. I continue reading the book but was interrupted once she threw a napkin hurled up in to a ball at the page I was reading.

      I then got up and open the napkin to begin saying let see what my cousin has said to me. The words were short and didn't seem to be something I could understand. It stated "Dak-Shur" I came back to the table to see her now sitting and tell her and my brother a funny joke. We laugh for awhile, my cousin stated that this seems like the first time seeing me and proceeded to ask my various questions. If I was goth or in to certain dark books, I replied by saying I wasn't but didn't mind any content like that.

      She then kicks the chair I am in and for sometime the dream scene change. I must had been in third person again as I see two bobble headed man, one was arresting the other that had been dress in a police uniform. They argue for quite sometime before I found myself back in the living room sitting in the same spot. I assume I must have fallen asleep, and look at the window to see it was still night. I notice my brother was no longer at the living room table. The conclusion that he went back in to the underground dreamworld we were in the morning. I jolted to the garage and turn on the lights.

      I made sure to look around so I wasn't followed. I then open up the small door inside at the end of the garage wall. I dismantle one of the wall plugin. Soon after the front door to the garage began to creek open. I could see the face of my cousin looking at me. I shut the door without any warning and continue back to the dismantle plugin. I then tried to force my consciousness to transmit through the plugin to enter the dreamworld. However it did not work, I close the garage door and enter back in the living room.

      My cousin kept giving me strange looks, wondering what I was hiding from her. To evade her stare attacks, I enter inside the restroom in the living room. Pretending I needed to use it. That's when the ground beneath my feet started shaking violently. I could hear bombs exploding outside. I make an attempt to turn on the lights but it wasn't working. I fled the restroom and my father room. I tried turning on the lights there, it didn't work the first time , the second time the lights came on in a different angle than it usually would.

      This is a common sign in my dreams I thought. So I did the nose pinch RC twice and confirm I am dreaming. I went in to the kitchen and phase through the back door. While I am doing this I decided to say I am dreaming. I'm outside now, it looks like night still, the sky has skies above one another. The closest sky was cloudy while at the farthest sky had many visible lighting strikes resembling Jupiter thunderstorms. I make a decision about walking on the road or going up hill. I chose the hill as I check out the enticing sounds of the lighting.

      I was then approach by a tekken character and decided to greet each other. But soon after we both got tackle down to the ground by a DC. This makes me have an FA. Lucidity Time: 2 minutes
    7. Home made RAM + OST + DILD

      by , 05-02-2015 at 07:25 AM (Inner World حلم Gamma Waves)
      The dream scene had recently transition to a tropical forest, where these dirt bikers would ride against one another. I had been in 3rd person point of view watching the bikers leave long tire marks on the ground. I continue to do this in till I got hit out of 3rd person point of view to 1st person by one of the riders vehicle. I got knock pretty far and landed at the side of the dirt road.

      I got up and I turn my head behind me to see if another rider would be approaching. The hit had allowed me to become lucid so I continue walking in till I see a rider get off their bike and jog pass me. I decided to attack the rider who was dress in all black with a black helmet. They didn't put a struggle at all and eventually turn in to what feels like paper. I flatten the rider on to the dirt road.

      Once I've done this I could hear another rider approaching and what sounded to be a truck. This rider was wearing a white helmet and blue jumpsuit. I tackle the rider down but for reasons I cant remember I back off and continue walking forward. I began thinking about that trunk and when I turn head again to see what's behind me. I see a person running quickly toward me.

      I look forward and could see the dream scene changing once again. The trees and sky were becoming a ceiling and the dirt road began to have tiles. My awareness was beginning to grow faint. I begin to run in till I realize I was in a store now. An old woman with a yellow shirt and green pants seem to have been staring at me. Her glasses reflected off the type of food section she was in.

      After that I kept walking around passing a few people. I couldn't really find a way out in till I woke up. Lucidity Time: 1 minute
    8. No Stop Sign DA + RAM + OST + (2)DILDS

      by , 05-01-2015 at 06:29 AM (Inner World حلم Gamma Waves)
      I found myself in third person point of view, witnessing a woman quickly cut oranges while preparing a meal in the oven. After a minute of seeing her do this, I zoom in to 1st person point of view and realize that she could be aware of my presence now. I hid under one of the kitchen counter because I didn't want her to know that a stranger had been here. I pop my head up and notice she was still cooking.

      This was a good time to bail, I look around and found her front door a couple of feet away from me. I silently but quickly rush to the door in till I hear her foot steps hit the carpet. I glance at her to see she had just step in to the living room with a plate of food in one of her hands. I must've rush through the door as I went outside realizing that I had forgotten to lock her door. Now that I am outside I took the time to observe my surroundings. The clouds were greatly clouded and dark, appearing to be a thunder storm.

      I decided the first thing I should do is look for my family. I ran pass a couple of out of place houses. It was odd, all of these houses seem to be place randomly in the grassy field. There no streets or lights just houses spread apart in the middle of no where. I finally came across a house that look similar to my parents but not identical. It look different enough to turn me away from the idea of entering.

      After wandering around the grass more it came to me that I was lost. I decided I should knock on the door and ask anyone if they could help me find some directions. At first this seem like a good idea but I change my mind once I realize I didn't really knew the people around here. There's no telling what may happen and decided my best bet was to go back to the previous woman that had been cooking house to explain my situation.

      I continue running pass the houses in a attempt to retrace my steps back to her house. I noted to myself that these houses sure seem old on the outside. Not appearing 21st century at all. After several more attempts at finding her house again, I end up back in back in the large open field. I could feel myself becoming desperate in till I saw a man run pass me in a hurry. That's when I heard a lot of screams below the grassy field. This made me realize that I was on a large hill.

      I drop to the ground and began wondering what must be going on down there and why did I hear this just now. I then became lucid once I made the connection with the timing of my emotions. I got up from the ground and pursue the man that went down the hill. I found a bunch of the town folks on the bottom of a rocky shore yelling angry at a man who was holding a woman hostage by the neck at the top of a cliff.

      I was then spotted by the mob to where soon one of them order me to be captured. I tried to make my way to the man holding the hostage, but running on pointy rocks was no easy task. It took me awhile in till I could reach him. One of the angry people from the mob grab my arm and not too long I broke free from his grip. I then reach the man and quickly push him down the cliff in till he made contact with the rocks below. I continue to then push the woman all the way down in till she to landed all the down to the rocks.

      The mob now close enough to launch a direct attack on me proceeded to do so. One of the members in the angry mob said I was going to get screwed now. I didn't waste any time taking most of them out. I soon reach all the way to the bottom of the hill and they seem to be having trouble keeping up with me. Just as it look like I would have no problems escaping. There was one child standing in my way. He had white hair and was completely in white clothing.

      He appear to be dressed like me, the type clothes we wore was very different from the people living here. In his hands was a rather large dice with the one number being mark in red instead of black like the rest label in the dice. Was that his weapon of choice I wonder? Regardless I was not going to let a child stop me right now. I rush at him and threw a couple of punches toward his direction, he made no attempts to dodge and took all the blows.

      After that he made several attempts to hit me with his large dice. I dodge and dodge in till the next dodge I slip up and got hit by it on my head. The impact was much more than I imagine it would be. I was knock to the ground and could feel myself sliding in to unconsciousness. The last thing I could hear was the mob cheering loudly. I soon found myself inside father room, the lights were off. I then become lucid and stated I'm not ready to leave just yet.

      I open my father door to see the living room lights were also off. I began thinking back about the recent events that just happen. I told myself that yea I should have no problems waking up and remembering all of it. That's when I notice the front door to the house open by itself. I step outside to confirm that it was night and that the sensations I was feeling outside were incorrect. It did not feel cold at all slightly warm. I continue walking up the road passing a few cars park around in till I actually woke up. Lucidity Time: 6 minutes
    9. [Long and detailed lucid!] Desert jumping, wife summoning and weird dream character antics

      by , 05-01-2015 at 12:52 AM (The Erratic dreams of StaySharp)
      This must be the longest and most stable lucid I ever had! Not just that, it's the 3rd lucid in a row! I'm really hyped and pumped up about that as I really seem to be getting my old strengths back.

      I'm not quite sure where and how exactly it started but the first thing I remember was in the desert.
      I lucidly observed a guy meeting his father in some kind of shop and the father looked in utter surprise, and that surprise was utterly and ridiculously emphasized by the fathers face and eyes constantly expanding and morphing. The guy was called something like Abbot I think, and the father was called Akbarra or Akharra I think. Not really sure but all the names start with an A at least. The village I was in was called Aldiba, I'm a bit more sure about that at least.
      (The names were likely inspired by the system names of Space Rangers HD)

      Then I was outside, still observing in 3rd person. The story now revolved about a man and his wife, who were sentenced to death by starvation. They both were bound to small walls, and the were covered by a rugged piece of cloth, like half a tent, preventing anyone in the village to see them and vice versa. However the man had his brain and with that his essence/soul/whatever implanted into another person, that was also visibly shown by the person at one of the walls having an opened head and no brain inside.
      (Mind you the scene was not gory, the art style was... unique, hard to describe. There was no blood and a much more purple color to the bodies.)
      His wife however died without being rescued, and he only managed to extract her brain and took it with him. The dream did not state whether it was possible to revive her from that, so for all I know maybe it would've been possible in that dream land.

      At this point I took on the perspective of that dude, albeit the actual plot the dream followed so far was pretty much dismissed. The new body was behind the wall the man was chained to, and I had to get away from the village (Aldiba). Behind the walls the desert started, so getting away was only a matter of 200m or so without being seen. The village seemed mostly empty, however there was a wandering merchant entering the village from the left but I managed to get away unseen. At this point I jumped my way through the desert, with the jumps almost being equal to flying. There were a bunch of annoying black dogs all around who intended to attack me when I came close. The first one followed me but I jumped down a steep cliff, being rather sure that the dog would very much dislike the impact, unlike me who didn't care in the dream. Not completely sure if it followed me but I think it tried, and then stopped following for obvious reasons. I think at this point a saw a forest bordering the desert to my left.
      The next dog that tried to attack my felt my annoyance through a sand fountain propelling it very high in the air, for a certainly more than just unpleasant impact. The 2 or 3 next ones got the same treatment, albeit the fountains I called then were not as strong.
      Then there was a lost dog trying to attack me. I jumped up and raised the sand along a bit, essentially burying the dog. Now I was standing on the border to a new territory. There was fertile earth and a few plants here and there. I felt the dream fading but stabilized by taking in all the details of my surroundings, mainly by moving further, watching the plants and loudly wording the details I saw. Eventually I think a reached a point where the earth kind of was on the roofs of buildings, a rather weird but interesting sight.

      I went into a building at some point and here a lot of stuff happened of which I'm not completely certain in which order it happened.

      I was in a staircase, and there was an elevator door, it was a normal single metal door which a big piece of glass allowing to look through. It looked somewhat dark and sinister. I considered breaking in and using the elevator or the shaft to get around but decided against it.
      I'll describe the staircase structure from the point standing in front of the door. In front of me is the elevator, directly left to that were stairs leading down, directly right of the elevator were stairs leading up. 90į right and left from me were hallways to the rest of the building I think.

      I was on a in between level and there were a bunch of dream characters. For some weird reason I thought about turning that place into a living space which... didn't make very much sense.

      Eventually on that level I decided trying to summon my wife for shared dreaming. The dream actually gave me an interface, listing her artist name. The interface obstructed like 80% of my view. I looked at it and eventually found a summon button on the far left. After clicking it a piece of color was gone from the button, stuck to my finger as a small piece of paper. I consciously took notice that the dream basically giving me an interface made out of paper, which I found funny and interesting. As nothing happened yet I clicked the button again. Eventually she was summoned in a very fiery and somewhat flaming form, albeit the dream/my subconscious/something realized that it was not possible to actuall drag her into the dream and the avatar was replaced with... Samus Aran in her Varia Suit, albeit a somewhat more gray variant. I followed her, instinctively knowing though that I didn't manage to summon my wife. We ran past a bunch of people and my mother, or at least her voice asked me about the severe injuries of someone. That someone had his butt injured (butthurt pun? I wasn't butthurt myself though so no clue what or who...) but I didn't particularly care and responded that I knew about it, but didn't care, not intend on getting dragged into the pace of the dream characters and their weird antics. Eventually though the dream faded and this time I couldn't stabilize it again.

      However it felt like a good 30-40 minutes of lucidity all in all, which is amazingly awesome.

      3 days in a row I sleep with Chakra aligned minerals beside my bed, and 3 days in a row do I get lucid. Did the minerals help? I have a healthy amount of skepticism, but the results really speak for them self and the speak is more than just a bit statistically significant. Whether they 'purify my energy' or just cause a positive psychological reaction, I'll believe in the positive results.
    10. A Beautiful Song and Dance (Jan 8, 2015)

      by , 01-09-2015 at 08:15 PM
      Iím not exactly sure how to describe this dream, but it felt like I appeared in somebody elseís lucid dream in the fully lucid state. I had a similar experience once before (which I need to journal), and it sort of feels like the dream environment is different than how I would normally perceive it. It has very distinct edges and boundaries, seems very solid, and feels like Iím in a large fish tank, because thereís very little background, if any. Usually my dream environment is as large as the universe itself (literally) with no boundaries. Hereís what happened.

      I appeared in the backseat of car with my wife as we were being driven someplace at night. I was facing my wife. I was perfectly lucid, and the clarity and vividness were perfect. I thought to myself this sort of feels like an OBE, but I didnít do an OBE exit, and this doesnít feel like an LD, so how did I appear here perfectly lucid (I was confused, but loving it). My wife was young and beautiful, and she looked the same as she did when I first met her 30 years ago. I was really taken back by her beauty. My father in-law was driving; everything in the interior had warm lighting, and I could only see blackness out the windows. Then I saw some hair sticking up above the front passenger seat, so I leaned forward to see who was there. My dear daughter was there! She was half turned, tucked down, with her face pressed against the seat back, and she looked like she was hiding! I said her name with excitement, and then she sat up smiling at us. I reached my left arm around the front seat and gave her a warm hug.

      During the lucid dream, I remembered wanting to hear my daughter sing her new song. As a bit of background regarding this; my dear niece is also a lucid dreamer, and a couple of weeks ago, she said my daughter sang her a song in her lucid dream that she had written in Heaven. I leaned forward in the backseat of the car and asked my daughter to sing the song her cousin (my niece) told me about. Next thing I knew I was remote viewing, or 3rd person, in front of a nicely lit, little, wooden stage, surrounded by blackness, and my daughter was standing there ready to sing in her cute dress. I was totally unable to move around or change the view, and it felt like I was looking out somebody elseís eyes. There was a couple of stage props neatly placed here and there. She started to sing a melody by repeating a phrase like ĎA-Meah-Ahí over and over, and then she went into the verse, all while she danced and spun around the stage and props. It sounded absolutely beautiful and very modern! She made it to the start of the chorus, and then she stopped singing and said, ďOh crap, I forgot the words.Ē I then woke up, and I didnít try to stabilize the dream because it didnít feel like I was driving. I really enjoyed her song and dance.
    11. Flying up high and walking on metaphorical water

      by , 12-26-2014 at 08:20 PM (The Erratic dreams of StaySharp)
      Partially due to technical issues, mostly due to laziness and a lack of time I procrastinated posting this dream.

      In the dream I became lucid and had to struggle with trying to control the dream and flying for a moment, then I managed to get through a window and I fly up into a beautiful blue sky, then I saw myself from above and zoomed out further, somewhat like in the game Spore. The dream felt rather awesome. Then I found myself walking on some water and wanted to fly higher, but then I realized that the water was just a metaphor or the highest plane I could move up to at that time.
    12. Snowboarding Tricks and Perfect Timing

      by , 11-08-2014 at 03:15 AM (Schmaven's Dream Journal of Randomness)
      Standing in the street with a bunch of friends, we are all going to a skate park of sorts, but it is far away. They suggest I levitate to make the trip easier. I'm jump up in the air, and lay horizontally, levitating above the ground and slowly moving forwards through the air. I ask them how to go faster because I could walk this fast normally. One of my friends shows me that I can bang my fists together while holding them out in front of me to go faster. It works, but I only go a little faster. I keep doing it, and keep increasing speed, but only slightly.

      A large crowd of people are walking in the street, and start tugging on me as I float past them. I think maybe they're jealous, so I stop levitating, and walk with them so they don't feel bad. They settle down when I do this, and we all walk together toward the skate park.

      When we get there, it turns into a snow/ice version of a skate park, and I am on a snowboard. People look at me, expecting some fancy tricks. I realize I'm dreaming, and this seems fun, so I drop into a big half pipe type thing on my snow board.

      Suddenly, the dream is in 3rd person, as I watch myself doing tricks. But physically, I feel myself doing all of it with first person tactile sensations. I manage to do lots of spins and flips in this way, and people are happy with the performance. I also retain a physical sense of observing all this from about 30 feet away, standing on the packed snow. I go full tilt with spinning super fast, and doing every twist and rotation physically possible.

      Now the audience becomes loads of Buddhist monks and nuns, who all look at me at once and tell me it would be a good time to wake up now. I recognize that it's up to me, but I trust them, so I concentrate my mind on waking up. I feel a peaceful tingling, kind of dull and soft, as the dream fades back into my subtle mind, and my waking sense of my body in the dark room gradually exists again in my awareness.

      About 30 seconds later, I get out of bed, and walk over to the desk to check the time on my phone. As soon as I pick up my phone, the alarm starts to go off, and I silence it before it wakes my room mates :-)
    13. Elevator escape and a Dreamsphere Chronicles attempt

      by , 11-06-2014 at 09:37 PM (The Erratic dreams of StaySharp)
      As far as I can remember the dream began with me being chased by something or someone inside of a big building. Once again its dimensions were not from this world, it had 6 or more elevators in the middle and an absolutely exceptional spacey staircase. There was stuff and garbage lying all around and in order to get to the lower levels to escape I had to remove the garbage, for whatever reason. I apparently couldn't use any stairs, or didn't have the idea. Eventually I arrived at level 2 in an elevator, and realized something odd about the dream, pinched my nose and realized I was dreaming.

      The elevator opened to a maintenance shaft, through which I floated instead of crawling. I turned around once, not sure why, but the path behind me did not change at least. I exited the building but was still rather high above the ground, a dangerous or deadly height for a normal human. I thought about turning into Ryuuko, so I did that and glided down there, the place was somewhat industrial yet rural. While flying I saw myself from behind for a short moment, and again Ryuukos scales were mostly green, this time however the inner parts of the wings were a flashy blue. I looked at my hands, I could see the claws but the proportions were off, the fingers had totally wrong lengths, which I could fix however. While they were largely covered in green scales, the insides of the hands looked rather human in color if I remember right. I landed on something container like and I thought about trying to breathe fire, but remembered I didn't have the skill and needed some skill points from quests and the likes to enable it. There were a few people close by (I think they wore cloaks or something along those lines), so I tried talking to them but when I was asking for a quest I suddenly couldn't talk anymore and
      woke up with a rather dry mouth. Meh.

      Well, I tried to stabilize a little with my mind but I think I should've paid it more attention. Also next time I turn into Ryuuko I should try to not just adapt to her body, but her mind as well. In the beginning of the game there'd be no way she'd just go to random people and ask them for a quest. Next time around I should ask the game, the dream itself for a quest or something like that. Also the transformation was not complete again, I forgot to add the 6 tentacles on her back. Also I was obviously not in Cardia, so I need to fix that next time as well.

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    14. Dream Fragment (8.9.14)

      by , 09-08-2014 at 07:39 AM (CHiLLEN's Dream Journal)
      Dream Fragment

      I'm in 3rd person and I'm playing a game. The objective is to shoot some kind of magic at the opponent to disable them. I come across a female player and we both shoot at one another but I hit her first.
      I can now see an interview with a female gamer and a man. The female gamer has short hair, average height and average looking. I think she's at least in her mid 30's. The man is fairly tall.
    15. Nonsensical missile, flying and a mountain panorama

      by , 06-06-2014 at 11:07 PM (The Erratic dreams of StaySharp)
      My last lucid was already weeks or months ago, and my last lucid with good control and details was defnitely months ago.

      It began with some kind of event, it was night and there were many people in something like a stadium. There was some kind of woman with a deo-spray goblet (WTF...) on a pedestal, closely surrounded by people. During this part of the dream I was not yet existent and only observed. The woman flew away with a missile and some dude clung to her missile with a rope. He wanted to get up to her, there was some dialog I could remember, but honestly it was pretty nonsensical stuff, like comments from the dude about the age of the woman. He eventually stopped on a clocktower or something, held the missile and let it rotate around the tower so it would speed up and he could get up to the woman. The physics here we're pretty broken.

      Eventually one of them, the dude I think, dropped down from the missile into the city. I then assumed his position, searching for the woman, but there was no one anywhere in the city. I came around a corner, it was day again, the street was empty, and there were boring buildings to both sides of the street. My mind suddenly became a lot more clear, I wanted to do a reality check, but considering the events that previously happened
      I knew that I was dreaming and no RC was necessary. Instead I focussed on stabilizing, imagined wings, flapped my arms and started to fly, immediately it was like the gravity was largely negated for me. I couldn't properly imagine the wings but kept on trying to train myself a little. When I flew up I got to see an absolutely astonishing panorama of nature with mountains and greenery, the closest mountain had a sharp stone peak at the top, but none of the mountains were covered with snow or something like that. I could see at least as good as in reality, maybe even a little better. I kept flying for many minutes until my mind got clouded a tiny little bit again. I flew into a building, probably a school, and there I met a particular weird monster with a magic wand (both from UT2k4, the so called magic wand is a different version of the shock rifle). It fired at someone and I planned to rob the weapon from it, but then I lost my focus on the dream for a moment and woke up. It somehow was similar to dropping something out of carelessness, I might've been able to continue the dream otherwise I guess.

      Unfortunately I didn't remember any of the things I wanted to do in my lucids, and so only flew around.
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