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    1. A few non-lucid dreams

      by , 07-24-2018 at 02:39 PM (Exterminate)
      I used to deliver newspapers when I was younger. I visited the city I used to live in and started doing an old route I used to have. I walked to the end of town and talked to a store owner. I asked him if he still got the paper after all these years. It was of my memory that he usually only got 1 paper and it was always there the next day. No customer ever bought the paper from him. He had to think for a moment, as the normal carrier would just drop the paper down on the counter and the store owner wouldn't think about it. He looked in his records and asked me for what reason he would ever need to cancel the paper delivery. I suggested possible cost, disinterest, lack of people borrowing/purchasing said paper, etc. He confirmed that he was indeed still subscribed. I took a paper out from my side pocket and handed it to him and went on my way. I then tried navigating through the route while reading what looked like a big atlas. It was supposed to be the guide to delivering this route, but it wasn't accurate. I ended up walking through a school as a shortcut around a large corner, but then I got lost.
      I was looking for 4th street, but I started seeing 8th, 9th, and then other random street names. I was lost. I went back to the school and exited the main entrance instead of the higher 3rd floor exit I did before. It seemed to put me on the right track. I was supposed to go West and I was going South.

      I was driving with my oldest brother down a road looking for my mom and older brother. We accidentally drove past them so we turned around. Their car seemed to vanish so we pulled into a nearby mall parking lot and went looking for them. I had the idea that she was going to a specific store to return a poor fitting dress. Eventually we found each other. We all then went inside the store again to retrace our steps and see how we had missed each other. When we returned back to the car the side door was left open. We then saw someone standing at the front passenger door snooping through our belongings. He was browsing through a wallet and had a phone in his hand. When we walked up to him he casually put the items down and was going to walk away but then I noticed he had a flash drive and another item of ours in his hand. I grabbed them away from him and he ran off.

      There was a video game based on the fnaf series. It was a hallway with 3(?) doors. One next to the player, one in front, and one in back guarded by the marionette. The marionette was mutated, it had like 2 or 3 heads and was very alive. I, as the player, had also chosen some sort of puppet mask to put on. I walked up to the beast and it did its jumpscare, but then it disappeared. I must have been the one to scare it off. I opened the door it was guarding and saw some moving pipes. It seemed like a time challenge. You must squeeze past the blue pipe before it presses against the roof and squishes whatever is between it. I slipped past with a partner of mine. There was two cots and a pillow. Underneath the pillow was a pillow case filled with goodies. We poured it out and inside were a whole lot of 'nilla wafers, chocolate sticks, a few other assorted candies, and dice. The dice were somewhat of a mix between normal dice and craps dice. they were medium sized, and rounded. There were 4 big piles separated by color. One blue, one red, one yellow, one green. I sat and wondered what it all meant until the next dream came 'round.

      I was exploring this city. It was the last of its kind, sort of like an easter egg in a video game, or a last bonus round of sorts. It took place after the main story line. The lore of this level was that all the inhabitants of the small city were "bottled up and stored away." Whatever that means.. I looked around and noticed people were vanished in an instant. Whatever tragedy had struck, it all happened very suddenly. There was an oven with time remaining on it. There was a meal cooking on a stove that was still warm. (Looked really good too! It was a big pot filled with cheese and small pepperoni squares from what I saw). Toast was popped up in the toaster. I walked around this store and had the idea to take whatever I wanted since nobody could stop me. I looked for a knife you'd see behind a display counter but I couldn't find any. The whole setting was both eerie and sad.
    2. No Stop Sign DA + RAM + OST + (2)DILDS

      by , 05-01-2015 at 06:29 AM (Inner World حلم Gamma Waves)
      I found myself in third person point of view, witnessing a woman quickly cut oranges while preparing a meal in the oven. After a minute of seeing her do this, I zoom in to 1st person point of view and realize that she could be aware of my presence now. I hid under one of the kitchen counter because I didn't want her to know that a stranger had been here. I pop my head up and notice she was still cooking.

      This was a good time to bail, I look around and found her front door a couple of feet away from me. I silently but quickly rush to the door in till I hear her foot steps hit the carpet. I glance at her to see she had just step in to the living room with a plate of food in one of her hands. I must've rush through the door as I went outside realizing that I had forgotten to lock her door. Now that I am outside I took the time to observe my surroundings. The clouds were greatly clouded and dark, appearing to be a thunder storm.

      I decided the first thing I should do is look for my family. I ran pass a couple of out of place houses. It was odd, all of these houses seem to be place randomly in the grassy field. There no streets or lights just houses spread apart in the middle of no where. I finally came across a house that look similar to my parents but not identical. It look different enough to turn me away from the idea of entering.

      After wandering around the grass more it came to me that I was lost. I decided I should knock on the door and ask anyone if they could help me find some directions. At first this seem like a good idea but I change my mind once I realize I didn't really knew the people around here. There's no telling what may happen and decided my best bet was to go back to the previous woman that had been cooking house to explain my situation.

      I continue running pass the houses in a attempt to retrace my steps back to her house. I noted to myself that these houses sure seem old on the outside. Not appearing 21st century at all. After several more attempts at finding her house again, I end up back in back in the large open field. I could feel myself becoming desperate in till I saw a man run pass me in a hurry. That's when I heard a lot of screams below the grassy field. This made me realize that I was on a large hill.

      I drop to the ground and began wondering what must be going on down there and why did I hear this just now. I then became lucid once I made the connection with the timing of my emotions. I got up from the ground and pursue the man that went down the hill. I found a bunch of the town folks on the bottom of a rocky shore yelling angry at a man who was holding a woman hostage by the neck at the top of a cliff.

      I was then spotted by the mob to where soon one of them order me to be captured. I tried to make my way to the man holding the hostage, but running on pointy rocks was no easy task. It took me awhile in till I could reach him. One of the angry people from the mob grab my arm and not too long I broke free from his grip. I then reach the man and quickly push him down the cliff in till he made contact with the rocks below. I continue to then push the woman all the way down in till she to landed all the down to the rocks.

      The mob now close enough to launch a direct attack on me proceeded to do so. One of the members in the angry mob said I was going to get screwed now. I didn't waste any time taking most of them out. I soon reach all the way to the bottom of the hill and they seem to be having trouble keeping up with me. Just as it look like I would have no problems escaping. There was one child standing in my way. He had white hair and was completely in white clothing.

      He appear to be dressed like me, the type clothes we wore was very different from the people living here. In his hands was a rather large dice with the one number being mark in red instead of black like the rest label in the dice. Was that his weapon of choice I wonder? Regardless I was not going to let a child stop me right now. I rush at him and threw a couple of punches toward his direction, he made no attempts to dodge and took all the blows.

      After that he made several attempts to hit me with his large dice. I dodge and dodge in till the next dodge I slip up and got hit by it on my head. The impact was much more than I imagine it would be. I was knock to the ground and could feel myself sliding in to unconsciousness. The last thing I could hear was the mob cheering loudly. I soon found myself inside father room, the lights were off. I then become lucid and stated I'm not ready to leave just yet.

      I open my father door to see the living room lights were also off. I began thinking back about the recent events that just happen. I told myself that yea I should have no problems waking up and remembering all of it. That's when I notice the front door to the house open by itself. I step outside to confirm that it was night and that the sensations I was feeling outside were incorrect. It did not feel cold at all slightly warm. I continue walking up the road passing a few cars park around in till I actually woke up. Lucidity Time: 6 minutes
    3. Weird coding and hitting a jackpot

      by , 09-30-2014 at 09:52 PM (Percy's Void of Thoughts)
      Weird coding and hitting a jackpot (Non-lucid)


      I was at my computer programming but it was some weird language instea of what I used to program (Yes, I do dedicate my life as a Psychic Medium, but I also enjoy coding in various languages such as C++, Java, HTML and CSS)

      As I was coding, it suddenly started to transform and my code editor looked weird. I was able to recall something like this:

      <title id="#ti38">Luc 1110111 01</title>
      The code was unfinished (those who know how to code will find that body tag is not closed and the html tags as well as the doctype is missing. Also, the 1s and 0s were random, I did not recall the exact order but an approximate.

      The I was in sort sort of class and we were rolling dice for prices and my team mates got 1-4 pts. We were sitting in a large table and we were bummed because of low rolls. One other team mate rolled a 43 and we got excited, as it was worth 43 pts. Then, suddenly, a panel from wheel of fortune appeared:

      Someone told me, "It is your turn." So I went ahead to roll the dice, and as I did, a lady flipped a tile from the panel and it said, "Jackpot." All my team mates were jumping out of emotion and they were cheering on me. I felt good.

      I had a female friend in this dream.
    4. Dice fight

      by , 06-04-2014 at 07:10 AM (The Kestrel's Dreams)
      April 15, 2014

      This dream is all fragments but it was so random.

      I was in a class and forgot my materials, but apparently that had happened many times before. I still got the answers right so I got to stay in class.

      One of my German teachers, Andy, was the teacher of that class, and we were all speaking German.

      After class I got into a dice fight with a classmate; he was my adopted brother I think?
      We were literally throwing huge dice at each other and swearing vehemently.
    5. 2013, July 26 (Friday); Girlfriend Suggestion

      by , 07-26-2013 at 04:28 PM
      In the last dream I saw two fellow church attendees who also sometimes attend band practice:

      I went on my porch and there were some boxes in the way but I heard them (The people) sitting on the steps and they found a red die and I said Hi to both of them and asked them to please not throw the die in the street. Then the girl said something about a Zeppelin, I think, And about being my girlfriend - I'd not said anything like that to her directly prior to this - And she said something about any past girlfriends I may have had being cleaned up (If I remember that right) and she pushed me over slightly but I regained balance (At this point I was thinking that I didn't have any girlfriends before that, And it's true - I haven't and I was 21 years old at the time of this dream. I didn't tell her that I didn't have a girlfriend or girlfriends though.) And she also said she saw airplanes crashing all around me (And I somehow knew they were tiny ones.) I didn't see any planes crashing, Though.

      She's the girl I mentioned in another of my dream journals - The one about a grocery store - And coincidentally today is her birthday. So, Happy Birthday to her and anyone else who shares this day as a birthday.

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    6. Saving the Princess

      by , 12-02-2011 at 08:14 AM
      I was hanging out with John and A. We left our backpacks on the ground by the car, and we left the girl/princess in the car. We climb up this stair thing. At the top we're joking and talking. Then we realize someone might steal our stuff. We rush back down. Our backpacks are still there, with most of our stuff still in them (mine had stuff in different places than I left it), but the princess is gone. We are worried that she will be raped.

      I try to make a potion to find the princess. I mix nerds (the candy), chocolate, and maybe something else in water. I got the chocolate from A, because I only have a whopper, which hasn't got a lot of chocolate in it. A gave me two mint-covered chocolate balls. I put one of each in the mix and stir, waiting for it to dissolve. It's taking its time. I split one of the chocolate candies in half so it'll melt faster. I don't think it's working quite right. I show it to the potions master and ask him about it. He says the chocolate I used wasn't pure enough. He helps me get something working.

      I'm at the place the princess was taken. I pretend to be her... owner? to get into where she is. I know the real 'owner' will come along soon, though. I tell the princess to make me a sandwich. I put mustard on it myself. When the real guy comes along, I'm prepared. He's dressed in red, and his hair and beard are dark. We exchange a few words, then I throw the sandwich at him. It explodes, due the explosive runes I wrote on it with the mustard. I know I'm dreaming, so I can use interesting powers. I turn into a dragon (sort of) and bite his head off.

      I'm back to my normal self. For some reason, I'm sticking to the wall in a corner, sort of spider-man style and closer to the ceiling than the floor. I think I tried to turn myself into the wall, to hide, when I was scared of that guy, but I ended up sticking to the wall instead.

      Some guys (three of them) walk through a door, into this room. I think they are dungeons & dragons nerds. There are polyhedral dice on the floor. I use telekinesis to make the dice come to my hand, one at a time, throwing them at the skinny blond guy as I get them. One time, instead of using telekinesis, I moved my hand into a position so that it looked like I was holding the far away die because of an optical illusion, and then willed the die to be close rather than far.

      I tell the blond guy that I am dreaming. I tell him that he is dreaming, too, but that's about when I wake up, so I don't get to see how he reacts.
    7. Back in college again? Seriously?

      by , 11-13-2011 at 06:42 AM
      Okay, subconscious. I get it. There's something important in my life pertaining to academics and/or college. Thank you. Can I have a new theme to my dreams please?

      Well, in this particular dream, I was in a class being taught by my real-life boss. She seemed nervous, but got confident as she spoke. Afterward, other people in the class (they were a mix of real-life college and high school friends) talk about how they want to drop her class. I try to convince them not to, but I considered changing one of my classes to "Advanced Powerpoint". Weird, right? I apparently really wanted to learn about Powerpoint presentations.

      I'm in the student union with my friends grabbing something to eat, when this guy who looks a lot like Orlando Bloom comes up to me and starts chatting me up. He asks me to pick out dice of a certain color. He wanted to use them at a friend's wedding for some reason, and couldn't decide on a color. He only had two dice in his hand, but they kept changing color. It was really cool. I chose a really surreal deep mauve sort of color. Then we flirted for a bit. Aw yeah.

      Man, I hope my dreams start getting more interesting. Maybe the problem is how I'm going to sleep really late and surfing the web right before I go to bed. I need to change that.
      Tags: class, college, dice, man
    8. Conflict and the Sacred Dice 8-15-2011

      by , 08-25-2011 at 04:07 PM
      So much happened!

      I remember waking up in bed with Sean, except he didn't look like Sean. He was still black, but he was tall and very muscular, with a large muscular chest, and I don't think he was completely human. He kept bothering me to get up because he had company coming. So we both got up and he started putting on some awesome clothes, some sort of weird armor that was a mixture of spartan and space elements, medallions, and other things I don't remember. He was some sort of military commander.

      The next thing I knew he was gone and there were two other women standing off in the corner of the room; I was in a drab shirt/gown, picking up handfuls and handfuls of tiny dice from a table behind me and pouring them onto what was once the bed but was something else now. The two women kept nagging each other. One kept complaining about "Why can't I have this?" or "Why can't I be that?" while the other answered annoyedly "Because you don't have enough this" or "You haven't had training for that." Their auras were similar to that of two guys I know, Tyler and Scott, respectively.

      I think that's when Sean came back. "We're moving the men out," he proclaimed. "Your men and your men," he pointed to 'Tyler' and 'Scott,' "will be headed for (some place I don't remember), and I'll send my men to (some other place I don't remember... I'm horrible at these kind of details...)." He was referring to little lego men on a game board, I reflected in my mind's eye.
      "What about my little guy? He teamed up with you guys yesterday," I told Sean meekly. 'Scott' answered instead.
      "He can't go with because he never fully declared his alliance with us by moving his residence to our base," he said. I knew this base was a place where my little guy would have had to risk his life and relationships to get to, and the both of us had been naive enough to think that he could be a part of this group without actually risking his life. This was no regular army, but a group of rogue soldiers who were fighting against the government.

      I gave Sean a pleading look. Why hadn't he told me this?

      "He's right," Sean said, "You should have known this." He turned to leave, and waved for Scott and Tyler to follow him. Sean was always the unbiased man, I reflected half-proud of him but still disappointed.

      The next thing I remember is watching my Mom play a video game where her character (which looked similar to Sock Boy) was flying through the air in a Jungle area; she soon maneuvered him so that he landed on his belly on a vine-slide and slid down it for a long time as it twisted and weaved in various directions. Suddenly it wasn't a game anymore. My consciousness was following him to this hidden wooden structure that was half-built into a cave, where we could hear this monstrous noise from inside, growling and snarling and destroying things. I knew this was the place where all the sacred dice were kept. I waited silently outside until the monster emerged. He was big and ugly, and giant brownish mass of teeth, thick limbs, and ooze, looking around with only one eye. He sensed my presence (even though I had no body at this point), and charged in my direction, so I turned and ran. I needed to tell someone.

      The next thing I remember is my consciousness following a gorgeous black woman as she soared through the sky. She reminded me of Storm from the X-Men, except she had really long, dark-brown hair. And she looked angry. She landed on a ledge on top of a very tall building on which one of the women from earlier stood waiting for her. This second women no longer held the aura of Scott or Tyler... I didn't recognize her at all. My focus was on the black woman, her thick, sexy lips; her white lipstick; round, piercing eyes; thin, strong arms; a long, slender, sexy neck; and the tints of grey weaved in with the few braids in her hair. This woman was in her early forties but still seemed very strong. She approached the other woman - who was not fully human - and got right in her face. She began blaming the other woman for the monster in the dice keep, demanding to know who had leaked its location and why. The other woman became furious and tried to defend herself. Finally she got right back into the first woman's face and put her foot down.
      "I CHOSE to work (with whatever organization at some specific time which I don't remember) so I could HELP you protect it, to work WITH you!"
      The black woman took a step back, knowing she was wrong to have blamed the second woman. But she was still angry.
      That's when my mother woke me up.

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    9. 10th August 2011

      by , 08-12-2011 at 12:31 AM
      I am playing a game of dice again ((I only had a dream like this a few nights ago)) Now I am observing and no longer playing. I am watching to see who the winner is and whoever wins can go by the pigeon!

      I keep having fragment from nights when I cant remember my dreams, they pop into my head and then out they go again, it's so bloody annoying but I'm trying hard to remember as much and as many as I can
      Tags: dice, game, pigeon, winner
    10. Dungens, Robots, and Fragments.

      by , 04-23-2011 at 03:11 PM (Typho's DJ)

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    11. playing boxes; people in basement; cafe and grocery store; getting leads for report

      by , 01-19-2011 at 01:11 PM
      Good morning everybody.

      Dream #1

      I sat in the dark, facing a bunch of boxes. I would tap the sides or tops of the boxes or gently squeeze the boxes, and they would produce chime-like notes. I may eventually have started to play a song on these boxes.

      (I woke up to my headphones playing a tune from a music-box from the end of a song.)

      Dream #2

      I was in "my mom's house." It was dark. My mom and my nephews were in the living room with me. I sat on the floor, in front of the front door, facing the right arm of the couch.

      My sister came up from the basement. She was really angry. She yelled back down the stairs some sarcastic comment that made it clear that some guy and his mom were downstairs, possibly with my brother-in-law. The guy was either running from the police or was a generally shady character that my sister didn't want around the kids.

      We were all afraid to have to deal with these people and get them out of the house. My sister eventually went outside to her car. My brother-in-law may have been there as well. My sister was getting ready to leave the house. She also may have been calling the police. I wondered if there was some car I could take to get me back to my hotel for the night.

      Dream #3

      I sat at a cafe with my old friend H. The cafe was open, a little dim, with greyish daylight coming in through the windows. The floors were white tile, and the tables were a thin kind of wood. There may have been potted palm trees somewhere. The place was kind of empty.

      I ate some kind of carrot bread while trying to explain something to H about how we'd been here or near here in the past. I said something like we'd been at the back end of this cafe, more pointed toward the Sunrise Market (?).

      I could now see outside. The cafe was a part of a two-floor complex. Just a ways away, across a wide stretch of sidewalk, was a much larger shopping complex, apparently the market I had been mentioning. It was brown- and tan-painted concrete. It looked like a grocery store with another floor or shops on top of it. The sky above was a pale grey.

      I was now in a dim grocery store, walking past a bunch of widely, randomly spaced displays (like some kind of farmer-style produce section) and toward a refrigerator full of drinks. H sat at a small table near the fridge.

      I wanted to grab a drink, pay for it, and tip the person who gave me the drink. I knew I could tip the person by leaving the tip (a few quarters) in the slot from which Ib had grabbed the drink. But there was some creepy grocery store worker kid who looked like he was just waiting for me to leave the tip so he could steal it.

      I asked H what I should do. She told me just to put the money in the slot, and that it would wash away to the person. I looked at the slot. There were little holes through which jets of water flowed. I saw that the coins would be pushed through the holes and to the person, who apparently worked behind the refrigerator.

      I was now in a nice room, like a nice hotel. There were a lot of Mexican boys and girls. They all had suitcases. They tumbled about and had fun. Then they lined up by the door. I lined up behind a few of them. I understood that we were all heading toward some bus or flight.

      Dream #4

      I was sitting at a school-cafeteria-style table with an older woman who kind of reminded me of my grandma, except that she was blonde and a tiny bit overweight.

      I was discussing a number of things with her. At one point I had an image in my head of a lot of stainless steel boxes, like heavy safes. Some of the boxes were for data memory. Other boxes were like small servers. Other boxes were just boxes for holding the other things in. I saw some kind of advertisement lettering somewhere on the image that said something like 275 MB or 275 MW.

      The woman now explained to me that for my report (?) I should contact a man she knew in Vegas. He'd become an expert in probabilities. As the woman told me this I could see a hand holding clear green dice with white dots. The woman told me that the man was a slightly shady character, but that that had to be expected after the tough times he'd had to live through. And, besides, sometimes you had to get to know the shady characters if you wanted to get good, new information.

      The woman then also told me to contact another person she knew, a scientist with a lot of knowledge about (something I forgot!). I had an image in my head of a man in a white robe, with a long, white beard and long, white hair.

      Some other people had now also come and were getting in the way of the woman. I was saying goodbye to her. I was talking to her from over a tall, wooden railing. We may have shaken hands as she explained something else to me about my report.