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    1. [02-02-2017: Duel]

      by , 02-02-2017 at 11:04 PM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      It was a slightly grim afternoon. I was outside my house, just in front of my exit gate. It was raining a bit. I turned back, facing entrance to my house. Suddenly a huge knight in black armor appeared and challenged me for a duel. We started fighting. Just like the knight, I was able to block or parry each of incoming attacks. I was fighting bare handed while the black knight used a battle axe. When I finally managed to land a hit, the knight escaped and came back with someone helping him. It was a human in rags, he blown a dust off his hand and made a purple mist form almost everywhere. I escaped from it as I knew that it was poisonous. After a few more blocks the mist dispersed and I was able to counter one of his attacks. I made a surprise upper cut punch that sent him flying back and fall, bouncing on the ground twice.
    2. [21-01-2017: 8th competition night]

      by , 01-21-2017 at 11:18 AM (Snehk's Dreamlands)

      Had a rather long and detailed dream, but somehow I forgot most of it when next came. I recall only some fragments, in one I was running somewhere, in another I made an overhead slash with a battle axe.


      I was sitting with my friend with Witcher 1 running on my laptop. I realy liked it's GUI and showed it to my friend, thinking about using similar in next project I'm going to work on.
    3. [13-12-2016: Iceberg and a harpy]

      by , 12-13-2016 at 05:50 PM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      I was swimming a boat over antarctic sea. There was a huge iceberg in front of me, huge as a mountain. I swam closer and left my boat, then slowly started climbing up the ice. Then I reached the top and saw a harpy with an axe.
    4. Judy’s Axe (updated with three layers of meaning)

      by , 06-27-2016 at 12:27 PM
      Morning of June 27, 2016. Monday.

      I am with my wife Zsuzsanna and our children as we are now. For some reason, we are sitting in the shed which seems to be our present shed from where we live now though also seems at one point to be the shed on Loomis Street. The people in the Loomis Street house are strangers, it seems (though I only hear them talking at one point). This highly unlikely scene (of sitting around in a shed of someone we do not know, though perhaps they do not even know we are out here) does not seem unusual to me. I am seated on the floor opposite the door though Zsuzsanna is seated on an armchair to the right of the door (my viewpoint), which is open. Our children are near the wall that is perpendicular to the door.

      Eventually, as I am talking to Zsuzsanna, I get an absentminded idea to say “Judy”, the name of Zsuzsanna’s sister. I say it in a strange way as if making fun of her even though she is not present. However, as I say her name, I am aware she is actually approaching the shed door. She comes in looking despondent. I say, “oh sorry did I scare you?” (and by this I mean saying her name in a weird way just as she was reaching the door) and she nods. It is almost as if saying her name just made her appear in the backyard but I do not really reflect on this much.

      I soon notice, before she sits down to Zsuzsanna’s right (my left) across from me, that she seems to have an axe in the back of her head. This of course is odd because I doubt she would be walking around if such was the case but the imagery changes a bit. After a short time, I realize she is carrying an axe over her left ear like some people do with a pencil, pen, or cigarette. (This of course is ridiculous and impossible but seems possible in my dream.) Seeing her wearing an axe on the side of her head makes me wary as her emotional state makes me uncomfortable. As she sits down, I briefly stand up and reach out and say “Here, let me get that for you…” (pretending to be cordial rather than expressing that I think she is prone to be a threat) and take the axe off her ear and put it behind me to my left where I know where it is (in case she suddenly becomes angry). The axe is of normal size though the handle has a very slight S-shaped curve to it. (Again, it is absurd to think someone could wear an axe over their ear like a pencil but such is the way with dreams.)

      I make sure the axe is close to me so she cannot suddenly get to it but she remains seated where she is across from me. Behind me to my left, where the axe remains on the floor, is a feature that resembles an NBN cabinet. I do not take notice to that unlikely feature either.

      Layer One (Native Meanings): A shed is a common liminal space setting relevant to dreaming and waking symbolism. This is because it is a place where one may “store memories” without remaining there, a direct reference to the unconscious and being in the dream state. Judy as the personified preconscious is typically displaying a “not going to listen” metaphor, as the axe over her left ear represents a potential “cutting off” of listening to the temporary dream self identity. There are two distinct possibilities for this main dynamic of the preconscious but I presently believe that it may be an indication that unconscious access is no longer viable during the waking transition. However, it may also be that the preconscious is blocking additional threads of conscious self identity from the personified subconscious (dream self), to prevent sustained lucidity or transpersonal links (possibly for biological reasons). (A much simpler explanation is because the dreamer is asleep and thus the preconscious cannot hear the outside world that clearly.) The symbolism is validated by my non-lucid dream self placing the axe (from Judy’s left to my left) near the NBN cabinet, which also represents listening and communication (via Internet and telephone lines). This is probably because my dream self did not want a violent confrontation with the preconscious (and it also physically decreased the energy of the waking jolt).

      Layer Two (Probable Conscious Self Associations): Judy as the preconscious is associated with her not listening to important advice and information from people, especially in how people take advantage of her.

      Layer Three (Precognitive Function): We did not see Judy for a much longer time period than usual after this dream.

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    5. 5 May 2016

      by , 05-05-2016 at 12:34 PM
      Was driving a Sandcrawler (the thing in Star Wars which the Jawas drove) at about 142 MPH up to Clarion, PA for a reunion. I don't know why I'm even speaking like this, where's the recollection of the reunion and why did I post the location? Do I remember the location? After that there was a Nazi type party elected and a woman judge in a NYC Square, and then an innocent Japanese woman came up and the judge, saying she recalled atrocities in Japan, embedded an ax in the Japanese woman's skull. The Japanese woman turned towards me/the camera, her face turned pale like a soda bottle emptying, and the crowd around didn't like what happened. A muscular man was mad then and took a blunt but round piece of metal, put it behind the judge's head and bashed the front of her face in then left. I then recall (as it would happen in time, but...) Vinyl Scratch and Derpy Hooves being nearby; Derpy flew over a road as I thought "We love you, Derpy, because we are you..." and Vinyl was already on the side of the road this execution went on, though she didn't know about it because it was up some stairs. Derpy may have met Vinyl and been given something or may have given something to Vinyl.
    6. [30-01-2016]

      by , 01-30-2016 at 10:49 AM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      First dream

      It was dark evening. Moon was shining up in the sky, the church bell rang. With whole my family and my three pals we were going to church for a funeral. I was thinking who would want to have a funeral at dark, Saturday evening.

      Second dream

      I was in my home. I took my laptop and started browsing the web. Suddenly I found myself in some kind of temple. I wandered around it, and found an axe lying on the floor. I heard bell, and guards tried to fight with me one by one. The guard captain was the strongest foe. He parried all my strikes and when he found my weak spot, disarmed me. It was really irritating, I was scared that he would chop me to pieces, so I decided to use more power. I pointed my hand at the axe lying on the floor. It started to shake and flied in my hand, so I could continue fighting. I used this ability a few times, but then the axe landed behind captains legs. I tried to shoot a fireball at him, but it only gave me a strange feeling. I tried to retrieve my axe pointing at it again. It shaken, but then everything turned red. I found myself in my house, holding an axe in the air, trying to hit my sister. She told "It's ok, as long as you won't hit me for real." I swung the axe without hitting anything. Sister laughed and went away. Suddenly I felt great fear and an urge to run away. I sensed that my grandma is coming.

      Waking up, I realized that the strange feeling I get when trying to shoot a fireball was the same as getting lucid. I didn't realized that it was a dream though.
    7. [19-05-2015]

      by , 05-19-2015 at 05:37 PM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      Theft from the forges

      I entered a forge in an old village. Suddenly I realised that someone would steal something soon. I looked all around and saw an old man taking a huge anvil in his hands and going out. I took two axes out of my pockets and showed them to the man. Everyone in the building reacted, telling me to hide the weapons. I've done it and went away.
    8. Entry 11

      by , 09-27-2014 at 06:11 PM
      Okay I didnt do a DJ or even log in this week. I could not remember a single dream this whole week and I was really busy to log in.

      Outside Art Class
      First dream I had we had gone under these new rules at school, that I vaguely remember but everyone hated (which is true irl, but these new rules were way different and far more drastic). I was in my 7th period but I was in this big ol' room with a lot of people, just wandering around. Then I saw this person from my 7th period and our teacher found us and told us both to come over here. It was a section of the room, but it was kind of out doors, it was like a restaurant patio, it had tables around and had sunshades going over it. One side of it had a solid wall. I found my friend and we started goofing off and we got this big sheets of paper and we were supposed to like define terms and names or something but instead me and my friend just started drawing stuff. Then we went over to this other table with this chick and she was talking about binaural beats and I was like "oh yeah I used those one time! blah blah" and then we went back to our table and my ex came over and we were all talking and then class was almost over and I grabbed all my papers except one and crumbled them up and threw them away. Then the next dream-

      Leaping Lucid
      Okay so in this it is a lucid dream-and a continuation of the previous dream-I walk into a hallway of my school (except it isn't my school, and the hallways look one ones from my middleschool and are multi colored) and see a line of students coming. I join the line and head to the gym, where we're supposed to go. But for some reason, me, this person, and one of my acquaintances (I'll call him Bill) are told to take this door by a teacher, so we do. It takes us into "comic book world" with comic book characters all over the walls. It's supposed to be a like an obstacle course, but all it is is a large room with a HIGH up roof and two "stories" (I'll explain). We climb up this ladder and one kid falls but Bill is fine and he's above me. We get up to the second floor of the room, which is just a ledge for the floor, lining the room. So it isn't really a floor, just ledges high up that we have to go on. I see him running and beating me, All I'm doing is shuffling across so I don't fall. Somehow-I DON'T KNOW HOW-I just realize it's a dream, but not really. Just something in my mind clicks, I don't even acknowledge it I just start taking over the dream. I leap to the other side of the ledge and get out, I leap to the end of this hallway and it's this dark room with people in it, the only exit is this window you can only get through by jumping (there's boxes by it). I try to leap straight through the window, which is far away. I doubted that I could do it so I ended up just landing in front of it. I then leaped through the window and saw more students wandering around, and there were these secret service agents in the next hallway and I used this axe to chop their headsoff (they tried to subdue me) (this is the axe http://wow.mmodb.com/images/items/renders2/41560-l.jpg ). I began leaping through these maze-like hallways trying to catch up to Bill. Half way through I noticed I had this crazy armor on (this http://wowroleplaygear.com/wp-conten...destroyer1.jpg ) and I finally found the gym and I fuckin leaped in there. The gym was more like a gymnastics gym rather than a regular school gym with a basketball court, there were a lot of pads on the ground and there was a table were these people sat at with microphones and one of my teachers was up on this elevated stand and they all turned to look at me and I leaped on the table and cut their heads off (not my teacher though) and then I leapt on the wall of the gym and held on and I was about to go do something else when I woke up.
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    9. Demon Baby is Born

      by , 08-19-2014 at 05:13 AM (Schmaven's Dream Journal of Randomness)
      Locked in a small, very dark room with my wife; I am assisting in her giving birth. All sorts of demonic shadows appear all over the wall. Ridiculous faces, ghosts, figures, and everything terrifying I can imagine appears in shadow form on the walls. Clouds of smoke and mist also briefly pass by out of no where. Just obscuring everything, and then gone a few seconds later. My wife and I suspect that she is giving birth to a demon baby. I am a little concerned about what the neighbors are thinking if they can see these shadows too.

      The baby is born, and already has fierce teeth, a crazy look on his face, and solid, black eyes. Growling, it tries to bite both of us. I grab the umbilical cord, and swing it off my wife from there, dodging his fangs as he flies past me. While trying to swing him in circles above our heads to buy some time, he kicks a wall, causing him to fly toward me and land on my right arm. Before he can sink his teeth into me, I grab him by the back of the head with my left hand, pull him off, then grab his body with my right and just squeeze. This causes the umbilical cord to disconnect from him, and is really gross. Black liquid squirts out of it, and I jump back, losing grip on the demon baby. I feel my stomach turn to knots as he jumps down to the floor.

      He runs around the room, free from my grasp, but still contained inside the room for now. Literally running really fast, while growling, and even jumping higher than I am tall, he chomps his teeth together like a dog, making loud biting noises. My wife and I skootch back on the bead some more as he jumps up next to it, biting the air, and looking at us. He seems to enjoy scaring us with his powerful jaws...

      The next jump, I catch him, and try to kill this demon with a knife. But due to some dark magic, any knife wound immediately heals itself. Struggling to hang onto this creature, I grab a small axe that is hanging on the wall and sever the menacing head from the red veiny body. The demon dissolves into sparks and dust, crumbling to small ashes and then vanishing back out of this world.

      I sit back down on the bed, enjoying the brief peacefulness of the aftermath.
    10. Trying to get back to lucid dreaming:LD #91: Semi lucid adventures in ... Skyrim?

      by , 06-03-2014 at 04:14 AM (Lucid Time!)
      My god this dream is groggy and fragmented.

      Anyways I cannot recall the exacting details of what was going on, the surroundings were very blurry in the beginning of the dream. I was in what felt like the basement of my own home, but it felt larger and more spacious (That or I had become smaller). The basement slowly began to mesh with a dungeon looking space.
      There were a couple of dream characters leading me away from some supposed danger. We get to the 'upstairs' that looks like an open tundra, just like Skyrim. But strangely it still feels like my own home as well. A kind of crappy groggy mesh the dream had created. Furniture was scattered about, and the hills and valleys somewhat mimicked the shape of the rooms.
      Some attacking army came upon us, composed entirely of archers. They unleashed a hail of arrows. (Hey I thought those dream characters were leading me away from danger, not twoards it.)
      I see one of the 'helpful' dream characters take an arrow to the knee. ._.
      The dream started to get much clearer, and became the interior of my house. The feeling of the meadow was gone, but the general of the army, some barbarian and a handful of his archers were still present.
      Manei (My dream guide) appears next to me, and just seeing her makes me partially
      lucid. Also something weird, she usually has really long black hair, but it was buzzed really short in this dream. The workings of my dream guide will probably never be fully understood.
      Anyways, we are ducking behind the kitchen counter and the barbarians (for whatever reason) are not merely flanking us. Manei says she can execute some spell that will take away all of the soldiers, but she has nothing to deal with the general. So she does the spell.
      The barbarian general approaches. He announces that he has only one arrow, but that he will make it count. He fires it and it ricochets around the room bouncing off of several objects before flying past Lia, slicing the side of her face. It looked kind of like that scene from 300 with King Xerxes. (Hangon, I thought dream guides were supposed to be immortal and unable to be injured. I saw her get punched through a concrete roof by a giant robot and she shrugged it off like it was nothing. But an arrow, Kryptonite!)
      So it is at this point she tells me that I am in
      factdreaming. (Oh now you tell me.) Okay, so I guess I have to fight this loser. He pulls a pair of small axes from his cuirass. I merely stand and allow him to charge me. Once he is about 10 feet away...
      FUS RO DAH!
      The barbarian goes flying, smashing the front door of my house. I look out the door to see him land and tumble around in the street outside my house. I am suddenly awoken.

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    11. The Guy with the Axe and Gun

      by , 04-05-2014 at 07:02 AM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      The Guy with the Axe and Gun (DILD)


      I wake up, and found myself in an environment that looks exactly like the area I'm currently residing in waking life. Green walls, a bed that's slightly elevated more than usual, and the same material of dark gray carpet.

      I'm gradually becoming more aware that this is a dream, feeling the slight blurry echo effects as I'm moving about inside the house. I hear footsteps coming near the house's entrance, and I immediately motioned myself near it.

      I peek through the hole, and I see a Caucasian male that has dark brown hair, is wearing a yellow polo shirt that's untucked, along with regular blue worker jeans. He's wielding an axe with his right hand I believe, and he's knocking on the door, and spends a few seconds waiting before knocking again.

      I quickly turn in the other direction, wondering where I could find a weapon in case this guy has ill intentions in mind. I decided I should check the other bedroom diagonally to the left of me for something. I hear the knocking, but I try to not let it intimidate me since they couldn't possibly come in.

      Completely wrong.

      I hear the door open, and because I couldn't find something to protect myself, and because I was too fixated on the emotions of fear and panicking, I ended up making horrible decisions, and decided to try and hide under a bed.

      Too bad the bottom of the bed barely had any space for me to hide under, and it would only be a matter of time for the person to find me there even if I could hide under there.

      The individual is getting closer and closer, and he's raising his shoulders up while having his arms at a lop-sided "L" position with the axe, and a gun as well. My perspective starts getting a bit weird, and it feels like I'm seeing things at a slanted angle now, almost as if I'm about to fall down.

      The guy is walking pretty slowly, and the blurry echoes become more prevalent, but I'm too bothered by what may happen rather than attempting to change the dream environment.

      I wake up, because it doesn't seem anything was going to change at the time.

    12. Lucid Twice Over

      by , 10-27-2013 at 06:18 PM
      The dream began in my bedroom. The moment I opened my eyes and looked around I knew I was dreaming. As usual I rushed to the window and climbed out (somehow this always seems the logical course of action o.O no doors for me). The landscape beyond my house was very different, so beautiful. The grass was lush and green, there were patches of tiny purple flowers everywhere and those patches are abundant with life, even the insects are a similar shade of delicate purple. I walk around the side of the house, there's a sharp wedge of land jutting upward like a ramp alongside the highest level of terrain. It's wonderfully green. There's a gap on either side of the ramp, so I have to climb carefully. I can hear someone moving around above. I'm curious and start to climb. It's too steep to walk upright, and I have to use my hands. There's a thick lacework of roots attaching the high level of terrain with the wedge of land I am on. I use the roots to steady my climb, and when I get to the top I think I see a gap large enough for me to pass through. Large trees line a lawn that someone is mowing. I pass to the other side of the gap, a trick of light making it seem like it's on the point of the wedge. When I realize my mistake and go to the other side, I realize there is no gap. I take the roots in my hands and try to part them, but they refuse and I only succeed in breaking them from the earth. I've put all my weight on the roots, when they come free I start to fall into the narrow gap between the cliff and the wedge. It is a very long drop. I tilt my head back and remind myself not to be afraid because fear would be admitting that some part of this is real, and if I believe it is real then the impact could hurt me. I close my eyes, feeling the air around me as I plummet to the ground, holding onto the roots, wondering when they will become taut. My feet hit the ground and I allow myself to crumple into a roll...

      My mind sinks to another layer of sleep. I get out of bed and try to turn on the lights, the switch feels like rubber and keeps collapsing under my fingers, the lights won't come on. Disconcerted I lay back down. Someone else goes to try the lights and I explain that the switch is broken. I hear something moving on the other side of my closed door and I have a slight shift of perception. My boyfriend retreats a step from the door and I get out of bed just as the door slowly swings open. I make the sun rise so daylight floods the room. The shadow in my door remains a shadow, all hard edges, the suggestion of claws and teeth and horns. It is tall, taking up the entire doorway, and is carrying a hatchet. It kills him before I can react. I cry out and rush forward, disarming the creature with a quick swipe of my arm and killing it with its own weapon.

      I'm a little unclear what happened next. I walked down the hallway and killed another shadow goblin. I end up in one of the houses I grew up in. I make the sun rise again so that the eerie dusk light is gone.

      I wake up and roll over and I find I want to return to the dream. So I do. It's a combination of the two, I'm in my bedroom. I make the sun rise. I tell my boyfriend to stay away from the door and pick up two knives that are laying on the floor. I open the door and kill the thing on the other side, saving my boyfriend's life.
      "How did you know it was out there?"
      "I've already done this. Since I knew what would happen I came back to save you."
      "Want to see something pretty?" I say, smiling. I hand my boyfriend the creature's hatchet and open the window. On the other side is the beautiful green terrain with patches of pale purple flowers. "Come flying with me."
      "We can't fly..."
      "Sure we can. Do you remember why?"
      "Because you're dreaming?"
      "That's right. Because I'm dreaming."

      I briefly remember returning to the wedge of cliff and my vision going dark and then being replaced by my room. I close my eyes and take a few breaths, I can still feel the dream. I can even still see a little green.
      I think "That was good advice they gave me about stabilizing the dream, just close my eyes and take a breath. Allow it to continue, don't force it to."

      I don't actually remember getting that advice, but it makes sense.
    13. Giant Spiders, Monster trucks, then a wreck.

      by , 06-08-2013 at 08:03 PM
      I'm aware of some grammatical errors but I don't care because this dream is too damn long!

      In my dream, my father dropped me off at school, for a science class. Little did I know that my science class was going on a field trip, where we ended up going to an abandoned mine. The class was divided up into teams of 4, and every person in their teams had a mindset like there was some kind of prize at the end for some reason. Anyways, my team went down to I want to say the third floor down. We looked around and it was more like a cave than a mine. As we arrived we walked deeper into the cave we were in, it turned out to be a big spider nest. These spiders weren’t small either, they were 3 to 4 feet tall and there were two kinds. The smaller 3 foot ones were attackers which only bite, and the ones that were 4 feet tall had vivid colors and enlarged web sacks, which gave them the ability to spit acid. I told my team that I’d handle this and to follow my lead, I figured I’d take them out like I do in Skyrim by hiding in the shadows, divert their attention, and go in for a sneak attack kill. It turns out that my team left me high and dry, they took the lift we came down on back to the surface and didn’t even send it back down. So they basically left me to die! Knowing this I hid myself in the shadows, and looked around the find another way out.
      I indeed found another exit, it was a hole that was passed the 3 spiders on the first level of the cave, and 1 on top of a dirt ramp leading to the second level, where the hole and their eggs were. I estimated that the spiders were 15 to 20 yards away from where I was, standing around at the foot of the dirt ramp leading to the second level on the right side of the cave. I grabbed a nearby rock and threw it towards the left side so they would search for the sound. But little did I know my sneaking skills weren’t good because the spiders instantly saw me and were going for the attack. I had to think quickly, because the spiders made a formation where they were side by side to make sure I wouldn’t go anywhere. I couldn’t turn around to go on the lift, because it wasn’t there. I thought about my team and how I wished they were here. They might have backed me up if we battled. The spiders were closing in on me, but there was one thing. As the spiders were closing in there was a rock that I was able to hop on to and jump passed the spiders. It was my only option besides dying so I took it. I stood up and got ready to run, I looked at the spiders, then I looked at the rock to make sure I timed it right.
      Then I went for it, I sprinted towards the rock the spiders anticipated my movements and attempted to attack. The acid spiders spit out their acid towards me, I immediately juked to the right narrowly evading the acid and as I did I could literally feel the steam the acid gave off. I hopped on top of the rock avoided being bit by the smaller spiders and jumped passed the 3 spiders from the first level, the spider from the second level straggled behind because it was so far away from the others. It wasn’t that bad though I managed to run passed it and I headed for the second level. When I made it to the peak of the second level of the cave, I noticed that I had a little bit of time to goof around for a minute, so I found a wooden 2x4. With it I swung it around and smashed open any egg sacks that were close. I destroyed around 3 to 4 clusters of egg sacks, but what I just did really pissed off the spiders because they then moved twice as fast as before. I then dropped the 2x4 and headed for the exit.
      As I emerged from the hole, I dug around it as quickly as possible to try to cave it in, and then got a few big rocks to officially close it. I got up and noticed that it was dark outside. It was kind of nice out too, there was a nice breeze, the temperature was cool, and I could see the stars. After a minute of star gazing, I headed out I didn’t know where to go so I picked a direction and walked. Some time went by and I stumbled upon a truck depot. No one was there since it was probably late. As I continued further I noticed that there was a nearby store that was still open. I quickly went for it hoping to get inside before it closed. It was kind of like a general store but sold mainly sold tools and hardware. I grabbed an axe and went to pay; I greeted the cashier and made small talk. We joked around for a minute. Then there was the question I was hoping not to be asked. “Why was I buying the axe?” the Cashier asked. I only smiled and said “Oh nothing really, just to hack off my team mates limbs.” The cashier laughed, I paid for the axe and left.
      I went back into the forest head back towards the mine to kill the spiders, and maybe my team members too I haven’t decided yet. As I was getting close I noticed that there was a helicopter flying above. I was hoping that it would be like a rescue chopper looking for me, it wasn’t. I couldn’t quick make it out at first because it was so dark out, but I adjusted my eyes to get a better look. It turned around and the silhouette looked a lot like a Chinook, which is the kind of helicopter that is elongated with two propellers that the military uses, it wasn’t that either. It was flying too erratically to be a Chinook, and then I saw what it was. It was actually a flying monster truck, it was a monster truck that had a zebra pattern with a big propeller on top that made it almost look like a helicopter. I said to myself “Oh shit, that is freaking awesome!” It was pulling all kinds of aerial moves; it was spinning, flipping, and doing Aileron Rolls. Sometimes it was flipping and spinning at the same time, which made it look like it was going to crash. It was a fantastic spectacle.
      I heard cheering and announcements nearby, which was also the same direction the flying monster truck was landing. I walked out of the forest and was at a monster truck show. I looked in awe, it made me think about when I was younger and went to monster truck shows with my father. As it so happened my father was parked nearby in his truck. I went to him, opened the passenger door, and expressed my disappointment in him for not letting me know there was a monster truck show, and I wasn’t taken. He told me he didn’t expect to go to the monster truck show, but somehow managed to sneak in posing as one of the staff in the show. So we continued to watch the rest of the show until it ended, and then we proceeded to leave. As we were going home, he started to speed up rapidly explaining to me that he needs to, to make it over a hill ahead. But he was going too fast, and I knew that he didn’t need this much speed to make it over, I didn’t say anything because I assumed he knew as well, I was wrong.
      The truck ended up not only going over the hill but flied passed the hill, passed the street, beyond some trees, and then came crashing down hard in the desert. After a moment to compose myself I checked my father to see if he was okay. We both emerged from the wreck and assessed the situation, the truck was completely trashed. I circled the truck to see how the tires were. All the tires on the passenger side were flattened and the driver side tires were flattened except for the one in the back. Then we both thought of how my mom would react to the truck being wrecked, because we just bought these tires a couple weeks ago. Then I awakened.
    14. The dream i am most proud of.

      by , 12-10-2012 at 04:06 AM
      I found myself in the strangest environment ever. It seemed like a trainstation, mixed with grass terrain and such. It's hard to explain, you are probably not thinking of it correctly. Anyway, i decide to climb the hill in front of me. three hooded guys show up and walk toward me. They say nothing, but the thought instantly and randomly went through my head, and they wanted to assassinate a family we used to hang out with. They hand me a huge axe, probably something i couldn't carry in real life. And we start walking toward their house. The crappy thing is i woke up before the mission was carried out, or before i even saw a member of the family.

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    15. Held prisoner

      by , 04-14-2012 at 02:41 PM (Taffy's Sweet Dreams)
      I was in a desert-like place, up against a chain link fence. There were several people with me, and a few people standing. I think they captured us somehow, and we were prisoners. They wanted to know something, but I had no idea what was going on so I couldn't answer it. Every so often they took someone up to the front and did something. First they grabbed a girl and slit her with a knife, then the next time they took another girl and cut around her face with an axe. It was really cruel and I was panicking. Soon there were only a few people left, mostly the younger ones. They had us stand up and hold a metal coil to our knees. They were going to pound it in with a hammer. The guy next to me said that it wouldn't hurt, but I didn't believe him. He was first, then I was second. It didn't really hurt, just a shock, but I still fell to the floor. I got back up and the pain was instantly gone. Then I woke up, and my knee (the same one that was just hit in the dream) had a sharp pain, but it went away quickly.
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