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    1. Monday, June 18

      by , 08-09-2018 at 03:20 AM
      I am in some room that is fairly large and open feeling. Iím not sure if itís a house or hotel, but it feels like a living room. It seems like one wall is a climbing wall or climbing wall with no holds on it yet [*As I write this, I remember the John Mellencamp concert movie that was on TV last night and the large concrete wall behind the stage. I was trying to figure out if it was indoors or outdoors]. From the top of a darker, wooden dresser, I retrieve a Scrabble box that is propped up almost conspicuously. I am pretty certain this was not here before when I was looking for it. A ghost and Melissa both cross my mind as culprits. I bring it down and start setting it up, its edge nicely parallel with the wall. The pieces are few (I think many are missing) and are red and green, mostly translucent beads. I am going to play by myself. I am texting Melissa, and she tells me I made her day a few times, but also that sheís drunk. I think it actually reads Ďdunkí and contains more typos. I ask what she had, and she tells me her neighbor got someone trashed, then brought over white wine. Again the message is replete with typos. I ask how much she had, and she tells me a few glasses. I am not super thrilled with her being drunk, but I realize that is irrational and find it understandable. I think I was considering asking her to hang out tonight, but itís getting pretty late - 9:38?

      I am walking outside, in an area that looks like the Bartley Ranch/Anderson Park area. The grasses are lush and green, accentuated by the pristine evening Summer air. A train track leads through here, straight on, seemingly not that far and apparently dead-ending. I think I am following it. I call Mom to tell her about this spot. As Iím looking at the track now, it seems further away and also like a road, only because I see cars driving on each side of it. Thereís a white truck moving slowly, and I? pass it. I am now walking again and passing some houses that seem smaller, wooden, and close together (like in V.C. though slightly reminiscent of San Fran, probably because I was just there. Passing the slow truck is surely from driving there and back, too). Outside of a house on its small porch is Maxís mom as well as what must be his older sister. I think we see each other, and I think they may say something, but brush the thought aside. As Iím just about to pass them though, the girl asks if Iíd like to buy a lemonade for $1o. The mom tells me it [the profits] is for them to buy movies and two other things. I hesitate, and tell them maybe on my way back. Iím thinking Iíll be walking the dogs back? so I wonít have to buy any. They seem to be okay with this reply. I think $10 is too much and am not sure I support them selling that in order to buy those things.
    2. Weird Sims 2 (1 NLD) + "Dream Perspective"

      by , 05-04-2016 at 11:24 AM (My Dream Goals)
      After the dream began with me seemingly scrolling through some sort of texting timeline, my perspective faded back to the dream world. I looked around and saw some DC's watching TV. The TV screen quickly changed to something else as my perspective switched to it. It was some weird version of The Sims 2 where you select choices from a dropdown menu and the game judges your choices before the Sims do them. I remember a DC directing one in-game boy to tell another in-game boy a secret. The boy just whispered "secret" to the other boy over and over. Then I was woken up by my alarm.


      Dream Goals

      Beginner Goals:
      Remember 3 Dreams in one night.
      Remember at least 1 dream/night 7 nights in a row. (2/7)
      Have a Lucid Dream.

      Intermediate Goals:
      Meet my dream guide.

      Advanced Goals:
      Get a Job In-Dream
      Make a Meal In-Dream
      Use a non-physical superpower


      In dreams, I have something called "Dream Perspective". If I'm looking that a picture or screen and I concentrate on it, it will morph to fill my entire field of vision until I want to look at/do something else. So yeah.
    3. Lucids #2-6: Summaries. Flying, pillow talk, texting, a canal, a mall, and more!

      by , 01-02-2016 at 08:42 PM (Pasta time with patches!)
      I'm posting all of these ones together because these are ones I had before but forgot to put on here when I had them. If you think I should split them up, just say so.

      #2 Got lucid and started to fly across a small lake. My body was positioned horizontally like a bird. It was quite vivid. Lots of blues and greens. (lasted 30 seconds or so)

      #3 I forget if this was number 3 or 4. It doesn't really matter. Anyways, I was with this other woman, sitting on a bed, waiting for this one man to come home. We looked in eachother's eyes and said, 'We're dreaming, right?' or something along those lines, and I realized I was dreaming. (30 seconds)

      #4 I dreamt I was texting my boyfriend in Dutch on the computer--then I realized I was dreaming. I tried to type some more stuff when lucid, but it was super slow and pretty much impossible. (30 seconds)

      #5 In this one I was looking at my parents old lake property. After studying it, and noticing how it looked similar to how I remembered, I realized that I was dreaming, because we sold that place to other people. I then realized I was standing on the other side of a small canal (like those on the side of the road in the Netherlands) and I saw my dad sitting on a chair in front of one of the reddish houses that were attached together. On the right, it merged into the old lake property in an interesting way. I told my dad what I observed.

      Then, I tried flying across the canal to my house, but it was much slower than I was used to. It was neat looking at the vivid scenery when I did so though. I did get to the other side, and I think I walked around/looked around for a bit, and then woke up. (5 minutes)

      #6 So I was at a mall, and there was this mood ring display sitting near the exit. It had all sorts of mood rings with cool blue/purple/so on colours. They were personality mood rings, sort of. Let's just say they described certain NSFW identities/roles. I think I looked for one that fit me.

      I saw my dad further inside the store, and he looked like he was getting ready to leave. so I started to walk up towards him but then I realized how vivid it was, and decided to try flying (I thought it had to be reality, it couldn't be a dream). To my surprise but not surprise, I succeeded.

      So I flew over to my dad, around 1 meter off the ground, and told him i'd be checking out the mood rings. He said okay, and I think he gave me a jar of spaghetti. so I took it, and flew back to find the mood rings. I suspected that the stall had probably disappeared, and when I flew in the space between the two doors I saw that it had.

      During all this I was looking around at the vivid mall scene, and occassionally refocusing. It was painfully vivid almost, and it felt like my eyes were open even though they were not. I finally lost focus when I was at where the moodrings were, and the scene went grey. However, I still felt the jar of spaghetti in my hands. I thought, 'No, it couldn't be', and I pressed my hands against it, and it felt real. So I opened my eyes and saw the spaghetti jar under my sheets, with a bit of a spaghetti sauce stain on one of them. I wondered how the heck I took a spaghetti sauce jar to bed, so then I realized I might still be dreaming, and then i woke up--I think?

      Either that, or while I had the jar I started to chat on my phone in the dream and maybe tell about the rings and me randomly holding a jar of spaghetti. I think gab reacted to it somehow (in the dream chat). Anyways, and then I woke up! (Probably lasted 5-10 minutes).
    4. Putting Out a Fire, Disinterested Management, and Cancelling Back Surgery (But Keeping the Meds)

      by , 09-03-2014 at 01:55 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      I was at the house I grew up in by myself. I went into the dining room, where I was apparently cooking something on the table. I noticed that there was a puzzle on the table next to whatever I was cooking, and it was on fire. There were other things on fire as well. I froze, trying to figure out what to do. I decided to just pour water on it. I did, and it put the fire out. I examined the puzzle pieces on the table to see if they looked burnt, but they didn't; they looked completely untouched. Upon further examination, I thought I saw some small black spots on the pieces that had been burning, but I may have been looking too hard.

      I was telling someone about the fire, saying that my cat had also caught on fire (I don't remember this happening in the first part but I remembered it as I was talking on the phone as if it did actually occur, if that makes sense). I believe I was on the phone. I told them that I had poured water on the flames to douse them.


      I was working at the bakery, but it wasn't anything like the bakery IWL. It actually looked more like a food court place at a college that I worked at very briefly. Cherie' was working there with me. We were there at night closing. We were cleaning the floors.

      There was a point where I was on a computer, filling out this thing to send my friends free socks. I could pick the color and everything. For one of the pairs I sent, I picked a muted teal color. I sent some to a guy I knew in college named Mason. I also sent some to my mom and Jeremiah. I "remembered" my mom loving them. I finished sending them. I asked Jeremiah, who was on a computer, if he had received the socks yet. I don't remember his answer. I hoped that everyone liked the socks.


      I went back into the coffee shop, because apparently, I was switching jobs again. I think I had already gotten hired. I was there to talk to the managers. I went inside, and it looked so much different than IWL. It was more long-ways, with a back counter that was also quite long. The floors, walls, and ceilings were dark-colored. It was quite busy. I was sitting at a table close to the counter. I then got up and for some reason, a lady that was sitting by the wall started to spout off her order to me. She wanted an Italian sandwich, and she was also telling me about how much meat she wanted on it or something. She asked what breads were good, but she used a different wording. I told her we had white and wheat, but I really liked the Italian 5-grain. I don't remember which bread she got, but I got up and went behind the counter. I had no idea how to fill her order. Why had I even taken it?

      One of the managers, a middle-aged man with dark hair and a dark beard, then came up to me. He seemed super fake-friendly to me. I told him I had worked there when the previous owners owned it, and it was like he didn't even hear what I said. He completely ignored me and started talking. He was talking slowly and looking away from me as he talked. We started to walk back to a back office. At some point, I met his wife who also owned the shop now.

      We were then back out in the cafe', and I was sitting down at the same table again. The guy and his wife were both there now. I wondered if this was an interview, or if I already had the job; I couldn't remember. I also wondered if that woman had ever gotten her sandwich. She was still there at any rate. I imagined that she had probably complained. I then again told the guy that I had been there when the shop first opened, and I was there for four years. He said
      "Oh really?" He really didn't seem that interested.
      I then asked him what hours I would work, if I would open or close. He said I'd mainly be closing. I told him I didn't really like closing, but I preferred mornings. I then asked him what their operating hours were, and he said 7am-11pm. Ugh, closing that late? Really? Eff that.

      I then was getting up to leave, and I had my doubts about them hiring me. They really didn't seem too interested in me, and I had made that comment about closing.

      I was then walking somewhere in a back alley with Dallas. I was really pissed about the owners being such arrogant dicks.
      "What a faggot!" I said very angrily as we walking. I threw something down on the ground. (IWL I don't ever use the word "faggot". It's interesting that I chose it here.)
      "You'll just have to get another job," said Dallas. He handed me a paper restaurant cup of soda. I threw that on the ground, and it was very satisfying for some reason; it hit the ground just the right way and made just the right noise. I said again
      "What a faggot!" I was really pissed.

      I woke up from this dream kind of confused. I didn't open my eyes, but kept them closed as I thought about why I would quit my bakery job because I love it. I didn't want to work at the coffee shop again. After a little bit, I started to realize that I had been dreaming, and that wasn't really what was happening. I felt immensely relieved.


      I was supposed to start work at that coffee shop, but for some reason, I had to get surgery on my lower back first. It had something to do with being inside this weird, cylindrical room with some big metal pole inside of it. It was some kind of mixer or something? I'm honestly not sure, but to operate it, I had to get something in my lower back fixed.

      I was then in the cylindrical room, holding onto the metal pole. There was something on the bottom of the pole, some kind of platform or something, that I was standing on. It started to go up. I was quite close to the wall, and hoped that I didn't get squished or hurt.

      I then decided not to get the surgery. Why bother? I didn't really want that job anyway. The airport called me and I cancelled my flight to Switzerland, which was apparently where I would have to get the surgery. I still wanted the meds though; they had already written me a prescription for three types of meds, one being a pain killer. Mk went to pick them up for me. She texted me something about them as she was doing so, asking me a question about them so she made sure she got the right things.

      I then received a phone call. I looked at my phone, and it was from a country called "Nigiri". I knew that was where my connecting flight was supposed to be. I answered, and the guy on the other line had a very thick accent. He was trying to confirm my flight, which was boarding at that time, and I told him I had cancelled it. He had me hold on for a second, then he told me that it would be a $15 cancellation fee. I told him that I had cancelled the other flight earlier, and I had gotten no such fee. I don't think we said anything else.

      I then was talking to Mk via text again. She was asking me which dog breed she should pick out. She gave me two options. I picked one, and then she came in with two dachsunds that were mixed with some other breed. I was playing with them and hugging them. They were so cute and fun!

      I then was driving to the liquor store. It was a Sunday afternoon (liquor stores are closed here on Sundays IWL), and the parking lot was packed full. I had to drive around to the side to find a place to park. I figured it was the after-church crowd.
    5. LD #101, The moon gets destroyed. More Planets

      by , 07-31-2014 at 12:18 PM (Lucid Time!)
      I am in my school's courtyard, but it feels different, like everything is facing the wrong way. S and A are there, along with a huge crowd of students. I think that my grandparents were there as well.
      I've gotten sick of dreaming up these scenes and not becoming lucid, so I began preparing specifically for them. And this time I actually wound up
      S, A and I are waiting for someone else. (C?) Upon becoming lucid I forget the plot of the dream and decide to manifest my dream guide. I think I saw her somewhere in the crowd for like a second. I decide to try and text her for some reason. I take out my phone and open up my contacts. Sure enough she is in there.
      I look in our text messages, and most of them are messages that she has sent to me. Some of them are written in an illegible language. She messages me something.
      I don't know why but I want to reply 'lol' to it. Now comes the hard part. Text messaging in a lucid dream.
      So sure enough I try several times to write a message, but it always changes. Eventually I just commit. I just look at the keyboard, type 'lol' and hit send before the words can change. Woot! Text messaged in a dream!
      I wake up moments after sending the text.

      Me and some friends are traveling on an escape pod from a much larger vessel in space. We had gone far out below the plane of the galaxy. Apparently we had been in cryo-sleep for hundreds of years, that being the reason for our desolate location.
      Upon awakening I took to the controls and tried to correct our course to return us to the galaxy. Took some doing given the fact that I couldn't tell what direction our ship was facing and only had some sort of galactic compass to help me.
      We went back into cryo for another few hundred years and when we came out we found we had returned to the galaxy. We began flying past a solar system and the dream changed. The plot about the escape pod was lost. I was taken out and the presence appeared.

      The presence showed the orbital arcs of the planets in a solar system. There were dozens of planets in this system, far more than our own solar system. Most of them were orbiting in the same line as the galaxy, but maybe five or six were orbiting 'vertically', going up over the poles of the star.
      The presence began explaining that this solar system (It was called the Var system) was the result of two solar systems colliding. We fly in close to the star and see that this in fact a triple star system. There is a large blue star, a medium sized yellow star, also orbiting vertically and a small red star farther out.
      The presence explains to me that this was the result of two solar systems colliding with one another. Their centers of gravity merged. It also explains that it is very dangerous because the planets in polar orbits could collide with the planets in regular orbits.

      And then, I'm back at my house. I look outside, and rising in the east is the moon, but it looks different... Holy @#$%...
      New cool experience for me!!!-oblivion157.jpg
      Something like that only the moon looks as though it's actively being destroyed. The entire moon is 'smoking' and explosions are erupting out of the surface. It was by far some of the most vivid imagery I have ever seen in a dream. About half the moon was gone when I saw it.
      Everybody is outside, watching in awe at the destruction. Then, what was left of it exploded in a massive blast, as if the death star had just done a test run there.
      I waited 10...15...20...25...seconds. After about a minute a wall of high-speed meteors slammed into the earth's atmosphere. Debris of all sizes impacted. One was even close enough to cause a sonic boom and take out the windows in everyone's houses.
      I run inside. My parents say to get my things, we are evacuating. I run upstairs and get my computer. I think to check the news and see why the moon exploded. No, no time. I get my computer, a '25' dollar bill and my crystal that I use for meditation. For some reason it looks like I wrote all over it with a black magic marker.

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    6. Do the Windy Thing

      by , 04-12-2014 at 07:56 AM (Inside the Mind of Mattlantis)

      These were my dreams from this morning. The first, which I remember almost nothing about, solely consisted of me texting a friend while sitting in bed. Something caused me to wake up and I saw that I still had a little more than an hour before my alarm would go off, so I attempted a WBTB.

      I remember I was in a car with Sam and Dean from Supernatural, with possibly one other person. We stopped somewhere to eat I think, and at some point, I acquired a flash of lucidity. I got a little too excited and closed my eyes, very nearly waking myself up right there, but I just relaxed and visualized the setting of the dream and managed to stabilize it. I got back in the car with everyone else and started driving when I got the idea to just make the car fly like the way John flew the car in Homestuck. I imagined the car lifting off like a plane as I drove on the road, and it did start to lift a bit, but then a tornado appeared in front of us and lifted us up, although I still had complete control over the car and apparently the tornado. I commented that it was like The Wizard of Oz and cackled like a witch on purpose, then the dream or my recall skipped again. Still lucid, I was in a city at night standing in the street. I looked up into the sky determined to fly again and jumped. It was a bit difficult and I gained altitude pretty slowly, but I spread my arms, visualized rising up like an eagle riding a hot updraft (visualizing seems to really help when I'm trying to exert control), and flew up and over a bridge. Some of the birds who were up there squawking and chirping at me, so I jokingly squeaked and chirped back. I got the feeling that we actually understood each other, and eventually I landed on a rooftop garden courtyard thing.

      I believe I lost lucidity at this point, and there were a lot of kittens laying around in this courtyard that led down into an apartment. Most of them ignored me, until I walked down into the apartment a bit. I was afraid to proceed too far into the apartment for fear of getting caught, but then a few cats meowed and jumped onto me. They weren't hurting me, but they wouldn't let go and were basically just trying to weigh me down. I tried climbing back up the stairs but so many jumped on me I collapsed. I wasn't exactly afraid, they were just kittens after all, but I was a bit annoyed and I kept struggling until I woke up.
    7. 3/16/13 - 2

      by , 03-17-2013 at 08:08 AM (Leaving the matrix)
      I'm walking towards my bedroom door, I open it and turn the corner towards the kitchen/living room. I see my dad, He didn't hear or spot me, yet. I quietly sneak back into my room, turn off the light & lock my door. I lay in my bed & grab m y phone, I try to contact my mom with it but it isn't working. I feel anxious & need to contact her because I feel he'll come to my door any second now. Suddenly I see a blueish cell phone light beaming from under my door. I instantly know it's him, he's on the floor staring at me so silently & it's horrifying. I realize he can probably see my cell phones light shining on my face so I quickly pull it under the covers with me to kill the light. It seems as though he is staring at me for an eternity. I pretend to be asleep and then he tries to calls my phone but I quickly turn it off. Then he becomes furious, and starts thrashing on my door. He was actually succeeding in almost getting my door open somehow, so I jump up out of my bed & cover the bottom of my door with my shoes & some of my dumbbells. I think he might try to steal my dumbbells so I move them at an angle to where I'm confident he can't take them. Then he tries to get in again so I get on the floor & lean my back against the door & put my feet against my dresser so he can't push me forward with the door, but I worry he might be able to push both me & the dresser forward. I notice that out of nowhere an old nokia brick cell phone appears next to me on the floor & starts ringing. I look, & it's my mom. I answer & then quickly hang up so my dad can't hear, but I know that now I have her number. I quickly text her, I realize looking into the phone screen that it's like a clear sphere, like trying to text on a screen on a clear green light glowing marble & this makes it difficult. I text her something along the lines of "Help me, lord farqwad snuck into the house and is trying to get me!". At this action he seems to dissipate whilst making angry defeated noises.
    8. I'm Popular and Outgoing

      by , 10-21-2012 at 02:23 PM (The Redeeming Dreamer)
      October 21, 2012

      I was in my neighborhood I was very popular and I hung out and talked to many people. I was much more involved in the clubs I'm in and I was invited to many events and things.

      I also invited one of my friends N. over to my house, but I didn't really talk or do much with him. I was too busy talking to my family and texting my my other friends. When he wanted to leave, he had a very worried look on his face, like he was lying or something.

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    9. Texting with a box of cereal

      by , 07-31-2012 at 04:49 AM (redisreddish's mess of dreams is still messy)
      ~I was sitting in a floral-patterned armchair in my grandma's attic, which she had apparently just remodeled. It looked like a living room and a kitchen had a baby--there was a counter and cabinetry all along one wall and wrapping around a corner, but there was a couch, the chair I was seated in, and a coffee table also there. I was holding a red box of cereal, looking at a comic book that came with it. Two cats started climbing on me and I suddenly received a text on the back of the ceral box. Somehow I replyed to it (there weren't keys or anything on the box), but then realized that the texts cost money. I set the box down, moved the cats, and left the attic.

      ~My friend Hannah was preparing to get a tattoo. I think it was Mickey Mouse with his little wizard hat on. Apparently the proceedure for getting a tattoo in this dream was a bit different than IRL. She layed a picture of what she wanted on her arm, then took out a small knife. She started cutting little holes in her skin all around the picture. I was FREAKING OUT, but she assured me that everything was perfectly fine. There was no blood at all when she finished cutting the holes. It almost looked like she had stitched the picture down, but I kind of think that's what the holes were for--pre-cut spots for the needle to go when she did stich on her tattoo. *shudder* Oh, that made me squirm.

      ~A few kids from school and myself were babysitting a bunch of little kids. We played hide and seek with them, and then let them take naps. They were all dressed like Pillow Pets.
    10. Weird Fragments

      by , 07-29-2012 at 02:32 PM (Fennecgirl's Collection of Dreams)
      All I remember from last night is a few weird dream fragments. I'll try to keep them in order, though I can't really remember what order they were in.

      1. I tried to poop on my bed for some reason (wtf?), but I couldn't. Then, I found a bag of fruit in my closet.

      2. I was at this weird water park place with a talking seal. Crossing the path was this "road", a channel of water that was a few inches deep. Going across THAT was a track that looked sort of like a part of a waterslide but flat. The water on this was less than an inch deep, so it was used for crossing the "road". The seal wanted to cross the "road" by going across this track-thing in his boat (which I thought was kind of silly, seeing as I could WALK across this "road" without even using the crossing-track-thing). He then expected me to pay for his boat, since he'd rented it. The rental cost was 25 cents. I reached into my pocket and found two pennies, but I was determined to get the other 23 cents he needed.

      3. I was on some kind of field trip, I think. I was in the back of a group with a friend. She was texting someone, and the two of us were talking about the guy she was texting. The teacher guy (or whoever was in charge of the group) told us to stop talking about him (he said the guy's name, but I can't remember what it was). We continued to talk about the guy she was texting anyway, but we started whispering so the teacher wouldn't hear us. He told us off again, but, this time, he told us to stop talking about Clinton. We burst out laughing because we weren't.
    11. My Music Teacher

      by , 06-24-2012 at 12:19 AM
      I think my music teacher kidnapped me, all I remember was sitting on a strange and unknown bed in an unknown place, I am texting my friend and I can remember I was writing "I can't tell you" Then my music teacher brings me food, then there's a different scene this time it's outside my school and I'm doing a science project and then I see him in a car smiling at me. I can't remember which order the scene came in.
    12. laundromat talks

      by , 12-31-2011 at 03:09 PM
      Good morning, everybody.

      I thought I'd share the passage below, since it relates to both dreaming and New Year's Eve. The passage is from Charles Dickens' story "The Chimes."

      The plot device of "The Chimes" is similar to that of "A Christmas Carol": a ghost leads a man, Toby Veck, into the future, so that he can see the effects of the choices he makes in the present. The effects are terrible. So Toby mends his ways and lives happily ever after.

      This quote comes from the end of the book.

      "Had Trotty dreamed? Or, are his joys and sorrows, and the actors in them, but a dream; himself a dream; the teller of this tale a dreamer, waking but now? If it be so, O listener, dear to him in all his visions, try to bear in mind the stern realities from which these shadows come; and in your sphere, none is too wide, and none too limited for such an end -- endeavour to correct, improve, and soften them. So may the New Year be a happy one to you, happy to many more whose happiness depends on you! So may each year be happier than the last, and not the meanest of our brethren or sisterhood debarred their rightful share, in what our Great Creator formed them to enjoy."

      Dream #1

      I was in a laundromat which may have been a part of a department store or a K-Mart. I was at the far end of one of the aisles of machines. I think the machines were dryers, though they looked like washers. There were laundry carts cluttering all the way up the aisle.

      Two guys were also in the aisle. I felt like they were my friends. They may also have been working at the laundromat. They were talking to each other without really regarding me. They were talking about some guy, who I eventually realized was me.

      The guys were talking about how the guy was really conceited. They said that you could never tell this guy anything. And he'd never admit he was wrong. It made the atmosphere tense around him all the time. But he wasn't really so impressive that he should make people feel that way.

      I thought, Wow. Is that really the way people feel about me? I realized I should really start watching how I act toward people. I thought I'd start right away, by treating my two friends nicely. I may have tried to say something nice to my friends.

      But now I was suddenly sitting at a desk outside the aisles of laundry machines. I was looking at my phone. I was texting back and forth between my sister and my friend H.

      I think I was just having a normal conversation with H. But my sister had gone into the hospital for something. So I was texting with her to find out how everything had gone.

      But somebody, either H or my sister, was sitting at the near end of another aisle of laundry machines off to my right. The person was sitting with another couple of people, probably kids. They were all on the floor, maybe buried in coats.

      I hadn't heard from my sister in a while. I wasn't getting worried about her health, necessarily. But I was worried that I'd said something to offend her, so that she'd stopped texting me and now wouldn't let me know if things were okay.

      But I now got a text from my sister. It said something like, "Well, the doctor sent me and J (my brother-in-law) over to the pharmacy. So when I get my stuff from the pharmacy I'll be able to tell you what my problem was."

      It was like the doctor knew the problem, but didn't tell my sister what it was. So my sister had to infer the problem from whatever kind of medicine she got.

      The text did, however, seem to have a bit of a feeling of annoyance with me. So I tried to think of how I could be less annoying.

      At the same time that I read the text, the person sitting on the floor off to my right was also speaking to me. It was like my sister was right there, telling me everything she had texted me.
    13. Restaurants, strange reunions, weed, and epic battles - Night of July 9th

      by , 08-03-2011 at 04:46 AM
      1. I'm sitting in a chinese restaurant with my friends. It decorated semi-modernly with a cool colour scheme revolving around blues and greens. The owner is a taller white woman with white shoulder length hair with 2 larger dogs; one a shaggy brown/black/white border collie-like, the other just as large and shaggy but I cant remember what breed. She may have been the wife of some asian guy.
      I see my friend J, she's with her boyfriend but he seems to be Teller (from the magic duo Penn and Teller). We decide to catch up in a very peculiar way. We both lie face up; her on top of me. I'm unsure of how we got into this position.

      [rating 18-A, maybe R]
      She goes back to her table, as I do mine.
      I notice that this whole time my sister has been distracted with these little dough ball like desserts. Although, they might be little creatures. she's obsessed with making them flat and making sure the dogs don't eat them. J and Teller leave. Bored with this dream, I wake up

      2. My friend H and I are in my old room, but this seems to be my dorm room. We are trying to get high as some girl in the room next door watches. He finds some sort of sticky substance used in the making of cigars. I feel as if the girl is either interested or judging us.

      3. I'm texting my friend E. My friend E then texts me about dream 1 and she think's that she was J (or in J's shoes). "But how did you know [I] wasn't wearing any panties" is what i distinctly remember from a text.

      4. A battle is raging in the Great Hall of some kingdom's castle. The royalty is defending and the rebels are trying to break through. Among the rebels is a young King Arthur. I am watching from the perspective of a peon or some foot soldier, who is inevitably killed in battle.
      After my death I am watching Arthur from 3rd person.
      Arthur takes an arrow in the shoulder as he presses on, frightening the enemy into retreat. Within the Great Hall, the medical team works quickly to aid the weak and dying.
      Dragon trainers are brought in and the leader of the rebels has taken a liking to Arthur. He is given instructions on how to ride a dragon. The enemies are riding Dark Cubes (cubes and polygonal shapes of some sort of purple energy/aether/aljkdhgd). The knights of the round table also are incorporated in this dream somehow...
    14. Finally a DILD

      by , 06-27-2011 at 10:19 PM
      Normal Dream part:

      I woke up in my dream as a dirty 16 year old girl with huge ass braces, I guess I was homeless because I kept going to these weird underground locations where all these bums lived. They all knew me and talked to me, I was trying to hide that I had new clothes and was getting help to get out of this place. So I gathered my things and told them I'd be back later though I was telling a lie.
      I was now enrolled in school at Brentwood it was an elementary school. Although everyone I saw that was going there was not elementary age, there were little kids going there also. People kept calling me Derrick even though I was this disgusting home less girl, and I thought to myself why are people still talking to me when I look like this? At that point I morphed back and became semi lucid, because I knew that morphing is impossible. So I started to walk to my car to drive home.

      Lucid Part:

      I got into the car and performed a reality check, it was positive so I was in a dream. I started to drive away and it felt like normal driving, I stopped for lights but they would always turn green instantly I shouted while I was driving "Dream guide show yourself" nothing really answered but then I got a txt on my phone. It was complete gibberish but it had two numbers and then two words listed after them like a list.
      8. Purple
      Like that, so at least I know my dream guide exists now. The name that appeared on the caller ID was Chris I think. I was too caught up in the dream to change the scene I'm not used to DILD's everything is already going on but in a WBTB you make everything happen and appear at first. I didn't have much time before I woke up so that's pretty much it.
    15. The Hand Smashing Man

      by , 05-31-2011 at 08:18 AM (Dark_Merlin's Dream Journal)
      I had a weird experience of having two dreams in one, with one dream happening while the other was being told as some sort of folk lore story, which I was able to visualize while the dream was happening, really different for me
      The folklore story being told to me throughout the dream was about a man who would smash other people's right hands with a hammer. One day, this man's right hand got smashed by someone else, and he never, EVER slept again. Thrilling, I know

      The rest of the dream was a bit weird. I woke up in my bed, (if I made RC's a force of habit every time I woke up I would have realised it was a dream!) I rolled over on my side and sat up, pulling my eye mask up from my face. There was lots of day light, and my dad woke me up by trying to clean my room. He was digging through a pile of stuff which was where my computer chair was supposed to be, and at one point he threw a stick of bamboo at me.

      He said 'We need to clean up this pig sty.' I disagreed, telling him it was only desk clutter making it look dirty. I took a look around my room, and it seemed perfectly.. normal for a dream. My clothes were piled up where they were supposed to be, snuggie on my dresser, books and assorted mess on my table. I find it odd that I actually conciously surveyed my environment and didn't find anything wrong with it, at least my awareness is kicking in!

      A girl who I met at a party a couple of days ago was texting me, she was relatively boring but I kept talking to her. I used both my phone to text her and then got on msn on my computer and kept talking to her. I sat in my computer chair playing with an LED down light. It was like a faded yellow block of plastic, with an LED in the middle. I remember looking at the LED and noticing it looked more like a yellow lightbulb, but when I turned it around it definitely shone white light in my eyes. I even noticed it wasn't plugged into anything, and didn't think anything odd of it. Dream ends around here.
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