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    1. #236 - Bad recall

      by , 04-29-2016 at 09:36 PM (The Oneironaut's Odyssey)
      Finished my first week at work, ended up sleeping heavily this morning.

      Dream fragments
      -Something about a cellphone
      -A party, my friend Sam is there and I greet him

      I figured writing something up is better than nothing, even though it's some pretty terribad recall O_O.
      Tags: cellphone, party, sam
      non-lucid , dream fragment
    2. Texting Nikita to Save Me & Ducking for Cover From Two Amandas

      by , 12-28-2013 at 06:40 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Texting Nikita to Save Me & Ducking for Cover From Two Amandas (DILD)


      I'm inside of a building that seems to be heavily secured and perfect for individuals to go through simulations. There's not a lot that I can recall other than the possibility that I was going through some training program.

      I'm not sure what it was, but it involved some fairly basic and dull tasks. Then people are informed there seems to be an invasion that's occurring right in front of us. I felt as if I was a prisoner in this area, and presumed that all communication from the outside would be difficult to synch with.

      Me and the other dream characters managed to get outside, and I noticed Amanda from Nikita is here trying to find out what's going on. During this moment, I saw an opportunity to try and find some kind of telecommunication device to send a signal to Nikita.

      I don't know how, but I just felt that it was her that was invading the area, so I decided to go back to the room, but stopped midway to find a few objects. It seemed to be a basic Nokia phone, and I immediately texted the word, "DIE," to Nikita. It took a while for me to actually put it down since I felt like I should be very careful with what was going on to make sure Amanda or anyone else wouldn't catch me red handed.

      I guess she got the message pretty quick and does whatever she does I guess. Amanda comes out of the door I was going to enter, and I immediately put my hands out to show that I wasn't up to anything funny. But it seemed she didn't really care about what I was doing. All she wanted was to take down Nikita, but even with that, I was bothered she wasn't a bit suspicious of me. Not that it's a bad thing that she wasn't, it just feels odd.

      There's a black van right in front of me with its backdoor opened, and I don't hesitate to literally dive right into it. While Nikita is trying to get the vehicle started, I peeked over the window to my right and saw another Amanda show up.

      She comes out of a red vehicle wielding a machine gun and proceeds to shoot laterally from her chest region at the vehicle. Fortunately, we managed to escape, but there were huge bullet cracks on the window and other parts of the vehicle as well.

    3. creepy voice dream

      by , 04-23-2012 at 05:16 PM
      Im playing a CoD game, probably mw2. Im doing pretty well, running around with a silenced usp, but I notice its really hard to kill people cuz it takes so many shots and its kind of laggy. someone in the game is talking to me, they are pissed at me for some reason, maybe just mad that I won. The game ends and I find myself lying in my bed. There are 7-8 cellphones on the ground that all look the same. They start to ring and the caller starts talking to me. he has a really creepy, stalker-ish voice. I can't remember what he says, but it scares me. I hide under my blankets and try to ignore the voice. I fall asleep and have a false awakening. I wake up and look at my phone, but there are still several phones on the ground next to my bed. The creepy voice comes back and threatens me and makes fun of me. I wake up (for real) an hour early, but expect there to be a creepy voice so I didn't look for my phone and try to go back to sleep.
    4. us against the world

      by , 04-21-2012 at 08:18 PM (Tales from the sun chaser.)
      I'm in a random bar, so I'm a little unsure about my surrounds and what not..and I call myself putting an 8 ball back on the table, and it rolls off onto another table where people are playing poker at. I apologize, and head elsewhere. Someone shows me something on their phone for a second, but I forget what it was. I remember bending over to to get something, and then I felt something in my back pocket. I turned around and there was a guy going for my damn phone!

      I started chasing after the guy as he bolted outside, sliding over hoods of random peoples cars. I yelled at a guy to help me, and we both were chasing him but we couldn't catch up. I thought about getting in my car and running him down/over as I saw him in the distance throwing my phone up into the air and catching it.

      "I bet you wont come and get it where I'm at now", he taunted. I went over towards the run down section of buildings with overgrowth and trees, and noticed several black wolves. I decided it was best to just take my car. I got in, and drove over there, and the guy was no where to be found. I said to myself "fuck it", and got out. The two biggest approached me, snarling and showing teeth. I quickly looked in my car for any scraps of food, but I didn't find any. I grabbed a twig off the ground and put it up to the dogs mouth. It ate it and relaxed. WTF, okay whatever. I got a bigger stick and tossed it and it retrieved it for me. Looks like I'm no going to get mauled by dogs after all. I played with them for a while longer, and named the biggest one "mad dog" and the other one "killer".

      There was a old lady with a shot gun that was hanging outside of a trailer who was ready to kill. I told her I was looking for a guy who stole my phone. She said if I could escort her kid to a different bus station then she'd tell me. You see, this place was getting evacuated for some reason, but the numbers were limited or something. So, I really didn't have a choice.

      We came up to this patchwork of barbed wire, wood and other crap put together like a maze or something. It looked like we were heading through something out of fallout. I told Mad Dog to take the lead, because I had a bad feeling. We continued on down this narrow pathway when all of a sudden we were surrounded by dogs. All breeds, all looking blood thirsty. Some kind of way they had us separated. I mean it had to be like 50 dogs in this narrow ass pathway seperating me, the girl, mad dog and killer. I tried to move and stay calm. They just growled.....noting was happening, so I continued. One of them bit the crap out of me and I yelled "attack!". All of a sudden, we're in this gladiator styled arena, and the dogs are humans. It's complete carnage at this point, and I'm running to find a weapon. I see a chain on a pole and I leap up and grab it, wrap it around someones throat and break their neck before I even hit the ground. A few no-hands cartwheels later I'm in full "come at me bro!" mode. I was just owning DC's with that damn chain...and soon as I thought about mad dog, he shows up unscathed. The battle was brutal and we basked its glory. We never did make to that bus station. Oh well.

    5. Sam Farha's Gas Station

      by , 02-05-2012 at 01:36 AM (Jakro Goes Hardcore Into LDs)
      Shaky recall continues. Let's move on to the classic of the day.

      Sam Farha's Gas Station
      Date: December 5th, 2009
      Lucid: No

      So yeah, I was in front of a gas statiion. There was Sam Farha (a poker player), who seemed bored. He was with a buddy of his. He also seemed to be the owner of the place. They went inside the gas station. I decided to follow them.

      I would have wanted to ask Farha, whether he'd want to coach me (I played poker back then), but as I was closing them in they turned into couple of my old school friends. I am a bit disappointed at how I can miss such an obvious dreamsign. The buddies went to sit at a table and I joined them. The other one instantly asked:
      "Jakro, what do you think, do you think I should win the Entrepreneur of the Year of Orivesi -Award?"
      "Umm... I don't know, I haven't really followed entrepreneurs in Orivesi, but if I had to vote, I'd vote for you", I answered. Good answer, man.

      The waitress brought us the menus. Other one of the guys had a clear idea about what he'd order, apparently he had been there before. It was some kind of tabasco or something, that he ordered. I on the other hand wondered whether I even have money to buy anything. I dug out my wallet and had a memory, that I'd have 30 there. But no. Woah shit, it was loaded with monies! I even tried to count it, but there was too much, so I just concluded that I had no worries about that.

      However, this got me paranoid, as everyone saw my wallet overflowing with money. I started to fear for pickpockets and couldn't relax. Mo' money, mo' problems. Another worry I had was that I couldn't remember why I was there. I figured out I was going to some meeting, but I didn't know when it was, and probably not where either.

      "I'll order soon", I announced to others, "I'll just have to make a call." I tried to find some guys number on my phone, but there wasn't any. I even accidentally connected internet and then somehow thought I was calling somewhere.

      In the end the call didn't happen and somehow I ended up in the internet, but not with my phone. It seemed like I was at my own computer. The site I was on seemed suspicious and I was remembering something about some scheming going on in these kinds of sites. I noticed that there was an email from the guy, whose number I earlier was looking for. The title of the mail was: "Details about da meeting." I'm not kidding, 'da' was used constantly in the e-mail's content as well. Seeing this, I decided that fuck it, I'm not going to any meeting.

      I thought about rejoining my buddies to eat, but in the end I somehow teleported to home. In my home's yard there were two, huge dogs. I didn't know them and they were barking like hell. The situation seemed threatening. There was also a third dog, but it seemed non-threatening. My mom just shouted to the dogs a bit and they retreated.
    6. Reign of Fire

      by , 02-26-2011 at 08:28 AM

      The city is crowded and my friends in eye are walking in no particular direction. I look into the sky and notice a symbol I mistakenly recognize as a red superman symbol being projected by means of a spotlight. Upon pointing my finger to show my friends, I realize it is actually a goat's head in the shape of an inverted pentagram. My heart sinks. I recall there being some sort of prophecy of the night changing to day and the world ending. At that moment, I see I bright red ring in the distance. The night turns to day and I notice the ring is surrounding an Eiffel Tower-like building. It explodes and collapses.

      The entire city is in panic and everyone is running in different directions. My friends and I make off in the same direction until bombs start dropping. It is now a frantic effort to stay alive. I start leaping what feels like ten feet at a time, at one point being propelled by an explosion beneath my feet. Eventually, I make it to what I decide to be a safe location. A parking garage built underneath a large office building. I'm with a close friend of mine, Chris. We have a view of the large reddish nebula-like phenomenon, I think it to be some sort of portal, which has now taken the place of the Eiffel Tower-like structure.

      We're relieve and rest in this location, intently staring at the portal. I decide to call my parents and inform them of my dire situation, say my goodbye, and tell them I love them one last time. As I start to fiddle with my phone, a group of three red and black dragons emerge from the portal. Again, my heart sinks... To our horror, the dragon flies and lands right in front of us. We run for our lives up the stairs of the parking garage, being followed closely by the dragon. We get to an upper level, where we split ways and run to different stair exits in an attempt to shake the dragon. I jump down each flight of stairs as quickly as possible. The dragon is coming after me. Once I'm at the lowest level, I sprint to the elevator and smash the close door button until it finally closes. Just in time! I can feel the dragon blowing fire up the elevator shaft, heating up the elevator I'm now trapped in.

      Right before it's almost too hot to bear, the elevator stops right before the floor I'd intended to get off at. I press the open door upon and see that I've stopped a few feet too short and pull myself up the rest of the way and climb out. I'm now in an large, open office-like room with a surprisingly amount of calm, collective people. I observe my surroundings for a few minutes until my comrade emerges the elevator shaft. I'm surprised, but ecstatic to see him. We feel as though we've escaped the dragon for the time being, but that he'll be back. I take this time to try to send a text message to my parents, but I cannot get it to work no matter how hard I try. It's extremely disheartening.

      My friend and I decide it would be a safe time to go explore our area. We exit the building to our left and enter a park filled with benches and trees. We wander for quite some time and meet up with another friend of ours, Chris C., until we notice a dragon emerging from the portal once again. We make a run for the building we came from to shelter ourselves and hopefully not stick out as targets.

      I notice a few men investigating the elevator shaft I came out of, which now resembles my car's trunk. It has all the things I'd normally have in my trunk: some tools, a skateboard, a deflated volleyball, and a case full of Magic: The Gathering cards (which wouldn't normally be there). The men want to by them, but I tell them to wait for my friend, who they belong to, and to come back later. They argue they aren't well enough protect as the box they're in cannot lock, but I show them I can shut the trunk and lock the doors to my car. Problem solved.

      At this point the dragon has arrived again and I still haven't sent my text message, although I've been trying this entire time. We all run out in the direction of the park. We leap in different directions in an attempt to avoid the dragon and the flames its spewing. I realize now, that instead of killing people, the fire transforms people into non-aggressive goblin looking creatures. Instead of attacking, they merely point my direction and inform the dragon of my position if I try to hide. The dragon gets both of my friends, and I'm dismayed to be on my own. I keep going however, and reach a neighborhood where I hide behind a circle of fences which are surrounded by trees. A goblin gives away my position and the dragon finds me. I wake up.

    7. Lucid #9 Evil G.

      by , 02-22-2011 at 10:07 PM
      Lucid #9 Evil G. (DILD)


      I told E. yesterday that we should try and have a shared dream. Today she told me she saw me playing the cello and there were many teens around. This is what i saw, i doubt if it was a shared though...

      - I am at a school. We are having a lesson outside the class, in the garden of the school. A new teacher is there and we all seem to like him. He starts moving around trying to see if anyone of us is wearing earphones. Some teens grin... At some point i just stand up and leave. I find myself driving around, trying to park somewhere near the school. I don't remember what made me do this, but i pinched my nose and took a deep breath. I was staring at the floor. I see the pavement distorted like and interlaced video. It was excactly like my last lucid. I keep breathing. I turn around and I see G. The scene seems to be near a church (that's near G.'s house). I look at him and shout "Go away!", he comes closer. "Go away you are messing my dream up!". I keep breathing with my nose pinched. I shout "GO AWAY!!! Dream stabilize NOW!". I see the road in the distance vibrating really slow and then finally coming to rest. I turn around and see G. being really close now. "Go away!". He takes an ironic face and says: "What's wrong?? Is the dream unstable? huh?". And exactly at that point my cellphone rang. It was a missed call from my brother. Damn...

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