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    1. Dreaming of Dreams of Dreams

      by , 05-07-2019 at 06:51 PM (Lydia's Game of Dreams)
      2019, 05-07

      Regular Dream -
      Semi-lucid Dream - Lucid Dream - Notes

      Note: I just has the longest and most epic dream I have had since forever! I took a melatonin pill last night to aid in recall and I have been reading dream journals here and thinking about dreams, and I think it is really helping! At least it did last night!

      I am at school. I am in a computer class and we are dividing up into groups. Allison is in the class, and a couple others that I know. I am wanting to be in Allisonís group but she ends up forming a group with others and I am left out, so I end up getting placed in a group where there is still room. I donít know anyone else in my group and I am not happy with it. Class lets out and we all leave class. I am upset and I avoid Allison, but a bit later we both end up at a pool that is at the school. I was going to get in the pool but Allison and her friends are there. We get into it, we have some pretty heated words, it ends up with both of us really pissed off at the other one and we part ways.

      Later on I go to bed. I start dreaming. I find myself walking down a path at night that looks like some kind of fantasy forest. There are over-sized mushrooms that I think look like fairy houses and there are strange lights glowing amongst the trees. I think this fantasy world is not real, I must be dreaming. I do a nose pinch RC and I can breathe while pinching my nose. I become lucid.

      I now remember the argument I had with Allison and I feel awful about it, I want to find her in this dream and make up. I continue down the path, now I am calling out to Allison, hoping I can find her in the dream and apologize for my part in our earlier argument. I want to say I got more upset about being in a different group than I should have and we canít all be in the same group so itís no big deal, I said things I shouldnít have. I get no answer, but I find a town. I fly over the town, calling Allison. There are people in the town looking up at me and pointing and talking. I keep flying and calling, looking for Allison.

      I fly over a larger city. I see a big display screen thatís showing the news. I get close enough to hear and I realize I am the news. The reporter is talking about the woman flying all over the place looking for her friend Allison and anyone with information should call in immediately. I keep flying and I see someone waving to signal me. I fly down and a woman says she saw Allison. I follow her to a theater that is dark and empty except for a few people. Allison is in one of the seats looking as upset as I feel. Her other friends are seated around her glaring at me. But they donít interfere when I go over and sit down beside Allison and apologize for getting so upset. We make up and have a friendly hug and then I wake up.

      But it was a false awakening. I wake up in bed and sit up. I start talking about the dream to record on my iPad that I have set up with a voice activated recorder. I record as much as I can remember and then I stop. I rub my sleepy eyes and then my itchy nose. Then I notice that even when I had my nose pinched almost shut while rubbing it I could still breathe freely. I do a full nose pinch RC and I find I can still breathe. But that canít beÖ am I still dreaming? I repeat the RC and become lucid as I realize I am still dreaming.

      I leave my room and I find my mom on the front porch of our house. She is just watching the birds around our bird feeder. I tell her that I am dreaming. She doesnít believe me but I tell her I can prove it by making us both fly. She decides to humor me and let me try. We walk over to the stairs and I help her into the air. We both fly away from our house. My mom is amazed and now believes me. I fly with her down over the city, though the city is much larger than the actual city of Tucson where we live. My mom looks at a billboard that shows an advertisement for a live action version of the anime series Voltron. She seems interested in that so I tell her I can give her a better preview than that. I fly with her over to a tall building and we land on the roof.

      Once we are on the roof I walk over near the edge and yell, ďVOLTRON!Ē The sound of my shout sounds like I just did a thuíum as done in Skyrim, it is extremely loud. And then the five lions arrive. The black, blue, green, red, and yellow lions fly in from different directions. I take my mom into the air again to get her the best possible view of the formation of Voltron. All five lions come together and Voltron is formed. The huge robot clearly has my mom impressed, which surprises me. I had never thought she would be interested in Voltron. I look at the advertisement billboard again. It lists the names of the pilots, but they arenít the same pilots as in the anime. I specifically notice that the pilot of the blue lion is different, though it is still a woman.

      As Voltron seems to be showing off I see something else going on. A giant robeast version of Freddy Krueger has arrived on the scene! I land on a building with my mom where we can see what is going on without being in danger. Voltron engages the robeast Freddy Krueger in battle. The fight goes for a bit, but then it looks like Voltron is losing! Voltron forms the Blazing Sword but Freddy knocks it aside! Freddy is laughing and knocks Voltron down into some buildings. Voltron isnít getting up.

      I tell my mom that maybe I have to stop Freddy because an actually dreamer has to do it, an element of the dream wonít be able to do it. I leave my mom and fly towards Freddy. I use my voice sounding like a thuíum again, but this time I say, ďI have the power!Ē I transform into something that looks like She-Ra from the old cartoon, but Iím too small! I repeat the thuíum ďI have the power!Ē several more times, growing larger with each repetition. Now I am equal to Freddy in size. I am ready to fight him now.

      I go over to engage Freddy in battle. We grapple for a bit, I push Freddy away from me and then fus him right in the face with one loud and powerful, ďFUS RO DAH!Ē Freddy flies backwards and crashes into a couple of buildings, landing not far from Voltron. I go over to the fallen Voltron and pick up the Blazing Sword. Freddy gets back up and comes at me, I fight him using the Blazing Sword as a single handed sword. I have him retreating, he is trying to block sword attacks with his finger knives and it isnít proving too effective.

      Now Freddy backs off a bit, he seems to be trying to connect to the dream around him with tentacles that look like those of the daedric prince Hermaeus Mora from the Elder Scrolls games, the tentacles are grabbing onto and boring into the dream world, changing it into a nightmare wherever the tentacles touch. I take flight and cut the tentacles with my blazing sword as quick as I can to keep him from transforming the dream. When I have cut all the tentacles I fus him again and this time while he is down I run the sword right through his chest where his heart should be. This time it works, and he lets out a loud cry of rage or pain or both before he turns to dust. I am looking at the huge pile of dust when I wake up to my catís meows. I am annoyed at my kitty because Iím afraid she will keep me from remembering the dream. I do a quick nose pinch RC to find I really am awake this time.
    2. Freddyís Nightmare

      by , 05-22-2018 at 12:04 AM (New Dream Adventures of Raven Knight)
      2018, 05-21

      Freddyís Nightmare

      I am in a bedroom I think of as my own, but it is clearly not my house because it is a second floor room and my home has only one level. I am in there with two friends, one woman and one man. I donít recognize them. On my computer desk I have pushed the computer equipment to the side and there is a black cauldron sitting on the desk, on a stand over a pie tin filled with burning charcoal briquettes. A strange potion is bubbling inside the cauldron. There is also a lot of smoke rising from the burning charcoal. There is a smoke detector just outside my bedroom door and I am afraid it will go off due to the smoke, so I close the bedroom door and open the window. There is a cool breeze outside and all of the smoke is sucked out the window as if by a vacuum. But there is still too much smoke! The potion is done so I dump some water on the burning coals. I miss with some and it splashes on my power strip which gives out a bright spark so I quickly move it out of the way.

      We have to wait for the potion to cool now. I glance back at the open window and something catches my eye. I look outside and see it is getting dark, but in the dim light I see a man approaching our house along the sidewalk. Thereís nothing much that sets him apart from any other pedestrian in this average neighborhood, but he catches my eye. I watch him for a bit more and see he turns and walks up to the house. I tell the others that someone is here. The woman with me says it is too soon! The man asks where he is. I tell them he was walking up to the house but I canít see him now. I look back outside and now I see a couple little girls drawing on the sidewalk using the light from a streetlamp. I am thinking itís quite late for such little ones to be outside aloneÖ but then my attention is brought back by a pounding on my bedroom door.

      No one has to open the door, it flies open. In the doorway stands Freddy Krueger from the Nightmare on Elm Street movies. He has a smirk on his face. The woman whispers to me that the potion isnít ready yet! Freddy is mocking us but then he says he has grown bored and has found new playmates. He holds up a stick of pink sidewalk chalk. Heís going after those little girls? No way! He steps into the room and I grab for his sweater but he steps back and laughs. He is still mocking us but I am ignoring thatÖ I make a second grab when he comes in again but I miss again. He seems to be enjoying the game and gets a bit closer the next time so I grab him. I pull him over directly in front of me and glare at him right in the eye, and I start threatening him. I call him a pathetic piece of shit and I tell him that if he so much as looks at those little girls I will track him down and tear him apart piece by piece!

      Maybe itís the threat or maybe itís the look on my face, but he looks a bit worried about thatÖ but my friends in the bedroom with me think Iíve gone mad. The woman asks what I think Iím doing. I am annoyed to be interrupted in my threats to Freddy, so I look over at her with some exasperation and ask what is it? Iím busy threatening this guy! She says thatís a monster who could invade my dreams. I tell her that he would never have the balls to invade my dreams, but if he tries to put his cowardly ass in those girlsí dreams I will be there to make sure it becomes his worst nightmare! Maybe I should just kick his ass so he knows Iím seriousÖ but then I wake up.
    3. Flying Problems and Freddy Krueger Tries to Attack

      by , 05-02-2016 at 04:32 PM
      04-28-2016 -- Starts out all over the place with bits I can only barely remember. There were bits of Harry Potter, and I know there were some chasing scenes. I think there were some bits with wild animals and stuff, but only the barest hints remain. Eventually, I think one friend (possibly Neville Longbottom) was holding some sort of concert with a mid-level star performing, and I just missed it. Steve Glance tells me that he's bringing in somebody else for another concert in a day or two, because he wants me to be able to make that one, and I ask about ticket prices, saying I have to be able to plan ahead. He has no idea what the cost is going to be, and that seems not good to me.

      I think about how much money I might need to get together, and waiting in line, and standing around, and find myself thinking that I don't think I'm a concert goer, any more ... I just don't want to be bothered with the hassles involved in getting into a concert. Never mind. So I am kind of flying out of the area (just kind of floating along) leaving my friends behind, when I start finding more and more birds in the area, and they are turning into bigger and bigger birds, some large enough to see me as prey, so I start to slow down and fly more cautiously.

      I am now flying in Anaheim. At first I am flying over the street at the intersection of Brookhurst and Crescent, heading for the junior high. There is a lot of traffic beneath me. More and more traffic, then signs of an accident. The accident is getting bigger and bigger, and I keep flying a little higher to try and stay out of things. Now there are full-scale disasters with collapsed buildings, and rescue work, and construction all going on, and I'm just trying to make it across the street. So as I mentioned, there is some construction going on, and there are lots of random people walking along girders up in the sky, and they are just walking off the ends and plummeting to their doom, and nobody seems to care.

      And yet there are construction workers approaching me (still flying in the air), and they seem to think I am somehow trying to jump off the beams and commit suicide, because they cannot grasp the concept that I can fly. So they are trying to catch me in nets, or knock me down by swinging pipes at me to keep me from killing myself, while ignoring all the people who actually are killing themselves, and I am just trying to dodge out of the way and get past this blasted intersection!

      By this point, the intersection has changed to Crescent and Magnolia, and I am heading for Marshall instead of Brookhurst, and I am just flying higher and higher into the air until I finally manage to leave the people chasing me behind, and I finally allow myself to drop the altitude a bit, until I manage to land on the roof of one of the houses on Crescent between Magnolia and La Reina. I'm kind of catching my breath there, when I glance over and see an old, slightly beat up Domino's Pizza box. Problem is, as I am watching it, it is starting to develop reddish-orange and black stripes, and I can see blades starting to stretch out of the box.

      The pizza box is in the process of morphing into Freddy Krueger, and I'm not going to have that. I start concentrating on the pizza box only being a pizza box, and trying to force it to only be a pizza box with my mind. At the same time, I am also praying that it is only a pizza box, and grabbing the box and tearing it to pieces, until there is no longer any way that Freddy can form from it. I'm just starting to relax, having beat him, when I look down, and two pizza delivery drivers have both pulled up, stepping out of their cars with brand new pizza boxes for him to morph from.

      I am trying to explain that I did not order a pizza, I do not want a pizza, and if they aren't careful, they are going to release a crazed mad-man on the world, but they just want to deliver their pizzas. So I jump in the air and try to start flying again, except I instead find myself on a bus that Paul Orsi is driving, except moments later it is a helicopter, and he is trying to take it high into the sky, except that I wrestle with him for the control, and try to force a landing on Hickory, because I'm just done with the whole thing. Just as we land, I wake up.
    4. [07-05-2015]

      by , 05-07-2015 at 12:50 PM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      FA - Night of the rats

      Midnight. I went out of my bed and took some clothes from wardrobe. Next, I went to the kitchen and looked at shelves. They were occupied by hordes of rats. When I came closer, thay started to make squeaky noises and chased me. I ran outside through the door.

      It was dark and cold. The weather was rainy. I decided to go for a walk onto a hill that's just behind my house. I got to my destination in a few seconds. When I turned around to look at my house and it's neighborhood, I saw sun going up.

      I told to myself "It took me much longer to get here before." And ran towards the house. When I walked through the door, everything looked like a 3D animation. I entered the kitchen and saw my siblings sitting on chairs, and a weird man. He had burned face, and was wearing black leather cape. He looked like Freddy Krueger.

      He moved to the shelves, opened them and got attacked by rats. I asked siblings "What's going on?" And my sister said "It's the night of the rats... now animated in 3D!" Then the doors opened and a girl from my class appeared.

      She asked me if I can go with her to her birthday party at my neighbor's house. I told her "But I've got no shoes!" She said "Don't worry, I'll give you mine!". She gave me shoes with spike heels and we went to the neighbor's house.

      At the entrance I met with her boyfriend, gave her shoes back and stayed outside with him. We talked about nothing in particular. After a while she came back with other girls from my class. I told "Oh, I've got to go now. Bye!" and went away.

      When going straight the wet, cold road I heard them saying "Is he drunk?" "No. He just appeared... and went away.". I entered the kitchen and looked at the shelves, witing for rats to come.
    5. Freddy Krueger + Demons

      by , 03-17-2013 at 01:05 AM (Death's Other Kingdom)
      Fun night, despite not sleeping much.

      Krueger Propaganda (DILD)


      I spontaneously become lucid in the middle of a somewhat hectic situation that I can no longer remember. I decide to fly away.

      I start from my house and fly over the trees, the back road, and the forest. All along the way, there are Freddy Krueger posters EVERYWHERE with strange and violent quotations on them. "Hmm, I wonder what he's up to," I murmur to myself. I fully expect him to show up and try to cause trouble. He'd better stay away if he knows what's good for him. ((It is a running joke among my friends that I was married to Krueger and am now divorced.))

      I am flying Peter Pan style, and it is quite an exhilerating feeling. I pass by a lot of beautiful scenery. At one point I stop to talk to some people,
      but my recall is really hazy and I don't remember what happened next. Sadly, I know there was a lot that happened afterward, I just can't grasp it at the moment.

      Demon Opression (Non-lucid)


      My campus has been overrun by demons who are under the guise of Indian women. I am standing in the lobby of my dorm, preparing to leave. A little girl, around 11, is trying to get in the elevator. I know that once on the elevator, it will draw people in to the demon's dimension, making escape almost impossible. But the girl is convinced that she has to get upstairs to find her sister. I get on the elevator with her, determined to protect her.

      We get upstairs and the demon women spot us as soon as we step off the elevator. I grab the little girl and haul her down the hallway, keeping her away from the demons. We never find her sister, but we somehow make it back outside.

      Later I am riding to California with my friends to start anew. The world is somewhat post-apocalyptic now; dark and dangerous. As we are leaving, I see my German professor chopping firewood in a temporary camp near the school. I am surprised that he now has a lot of intricate tattoos going down his body.
    6. The ugly, and the beautiful side, of my Subconscious.

      by , 04-27-2012 at 03:12 AM (My Dream Records)
      Black means non lucid
      Orange means semi lucid
      Blue means lucid
      Red means dream characters talking
      Purple means possible shared dreaming person
      Green means notes

      Got it? Great! enjoy as always.


      Dream #1 The ugly side of my subconscious.

      Spoiler for 18+ Only:

      I am shapeshifted back into my regular form. I walk down the dark hallway looking for the little boy finally finding him balled up in the corner crying. I look at the boy and get down on both knees and tell the boy im sorry you had to hear that and see what you seen. I apologize for my nature of handling that, Sometimes i can get a bit angry when someone harms an innocent child, or hurt anyone for that matter. The little boy mentions to me, that he understands, and he was only frightened by the noises he heard in the halls. I grab him by the hand and we walk the the dark hallway. "Tell me, if you could go anywhere in the world, or do anything your heart desires...what would you want to do?" He mentions go flying in a world full of candy.

      Quite typical of little kids. I hear my beethoven music in the distance and give him my hawk coin totem. "Here take this, i will be your guide, and come to protect you if you are ever in danger ok?" He nods his head. I lead him thru a door full of candy and i wake up.

      Dream #2 The beautiful side of my Subconscious.

      Im in a casino around a blackjack table rubbing my hawk coin totem. The song Miguel sure thing is playing in the background. A few women are near me saying..
      "Goodluck handsome, we will be waiting for your by the bar."
      Im nodding my head rubbing my hawk coin totem. Im on a hot streak and cash in my winnings. I head over to the bar to see two beautiful women (Don't know their nationality) they looked arab or indian or possibly island carribean. One of the women was wearing a long red dress with beautiful shiny black mules and a french pedicure on her toes. The other woman was wearing a long sleeve purple sweater and some black jeans with some black flats and had a very exotic look to her face.

      I buy the women drinks and we head back to my place, where i am dancing with them and we end up having a threesome together. Thats all i can remember and i wake up and record the dream.

      Notes: My 1st dream clearly shows my protective nature to protect the innocent. It also shows my ugly nature when extremely pissed off.

      My 2nd dream clearly shows how sweet and charming i can be to those i care about around me. Overall i am fairly happy with my recall, and my dreams.

    7. 11/05/2011 and 11/09/2011 - 1) Drop Dead Freddy, 2) Fragment

      by , 11-26-2011 at 07:46 AM (Oneironaut Zero: Dreamwalker Chronicles)
      "Drop Dead Freddy"

      I was on some kind of trip with a bunch of people around my age. There was a girl there, who I was getting pretty close to, but I can't remember if it's someone I know in waking life. We were in a stadium-like place, where there was a slasher-type of scenario going on. Scores of people in the crowd were getting killed, and no one was able to find out who was doing the killing.

      Turned out to be my ol' buddy Freddy Krueger, slicing through crowd patrons left and right. There is a whole lot that went on, that I really don't remember. At one point, I was walking along the ramparts of a castle-type of building, and a man (who seemed possessed by something which made him zombie-like) was pushed off of a building by someone else. The undead-ish man hit the ground far below, lay there for a few moments, and then slowly started to stand back up as if he didn't feel a thing. Can't remember if Freddy was actually controlling him or what.

      Later, I was watching some of Freddy's killings from a disembodied perspective. There was one kid who was in a small room - watching TV or something - and suddenly Freddy came out of nowhere and confronted the kid, ramming two of his razor-tipped fingers up the teen's nostrils. My view elevated until I could only see the upper torso of the victim, and Freddy continued to raise his arm, practically lifting the convulsing kid up from his feet while blood gushed down his killer's arm. Freddy just started into the kid's face, as if studying his work, grinning. Then, strangely, I couldn't see the rest of Freddy's body - just the wrist and gloved hand driving itself up the boy's nostrils. Freddy's other hand then ripped its way up and out of the kid's body, from the inside; somewhere up near the collarbone. The first, gloved hand pushed itself into the skull until it seemed like the entire glove was going to disappear into it. Then, simultaneously, the two hands each grabbed their own portion of the kid's face and upperbody, and then Freddy literally pulled the kid's body apart from within - as if he'd teleported his own body into the kid, while the razors were up his nose - stepping out of the mangled, gory mess as if he'd been wearing a break-away human suit.

      Freddy was a real bad-ass in this dream. Just brutal. He wasn't his wise-cracking self, this time. He was all business. It turned out that the girl I'd been hanging out with, earlier, was pregnant (though I can't remember whether she was, in the beginning of the dream, or not). Freddy knew this, and his intention was to abduct the girl and somehow get her to a hospital and induce her labor, so that he could possess the child and be reborn through her. He'd gotten the girl in his grasp and was dragging her out of a stadium exit, when a young version of Nancy - from the old Nightmare on Elm Street movies - showed up. She was amazing, herself, in how strong she was (both in ability and personality), and she was determined to stop Freddy's plan.

      Somehow, she'd developed the strength to fight Freddy, and there was this massive showdown in the woods. I remember watching it, still with no body of my own, but I don't remember many of the details of it. She ended up completely getting the best of him, though. They squared-off against each other, at the end of the fight, and Freddy - frustrated with having been matched by this young girl, lunged at her, nails bared. Without warning, the dream 'skipped' ahead just a couple of seconds, and Freddy was instaneously on the ground, face first, stone dead. Alice stood over him trimumphantly.

      Dream Fragment
      Something about what I think was a giant robot scenario, and driving really fast.
    8. Basic LD task get and lots of flying

      by , 02-23-2011 at 05:20 PM (Wandering in Dream Debris.)
      I briefly see myself walking in a grocery store when suddenly an evil presence quickly takes over the dreamworld. I think of Freddy Krueger and realize this is why I felt that evil aura, OH LORD HE MUST BE NEAR.

      Then I think, wait I never really found his movies scary to begin with...

      A small burst of vividness takes over my field of vision and I speed to the front of the store to take flight outside. I thank Freddy whilst I run, even though I never saw him, for helping me become lucid as I arrive the automatic opening doors. But luckily I stop and remember to stabilize right before take off. I look at the ground and focus on the small details and little spots on the glossy tile of the grocery store floor, I step outside and feel the cool breeze of the night on my skin, I tried to listen to sounds that might enhance lucidity but nothing noticeable except small street noises are heard.

      I decide that's enough for now and was really excited to fly when I remembered to do at least one of the two tasks of the month. I couldn't at the moment fathom doing the advanced one but I figured I could go ahead and get a kiss from a DC, so I look for the nearest victim. I see two shadowy characters walking a few feet from me so I rush over to see who my subconscious wanted to set me up with. Surprise! Oh god I hate that guy. I remember cursing my subconscious and then laughing as if I knew it was playing a joke on me. So I use my will to transform the DC into someone moderately more attractive and well, I was pretty satisfied to say the least.

      I kiss him for a moment and realize in other LD's I usually skip this part and cut to the chase, but this was oddly more pleasurable. I stopped and gently pushed him away, and said OKAY THANKS BRO LOLOL, because I really couldn't wait to fly again so I jetted off and saw him shrug and go back to his friend that was waiting for him.

      I remember feeling huge bursts of speed in the sky and the chilly air on my skin. I remember at parts flying became a bit difficult and I would flap my arms and laugh at myself for how terrible I was at flying.

      I googled flying at night and this showed up, so I'm now a bird.

      I knew the dream was already losing stabilization but I couldn't be arsed to go back to the ground, I was enjoying just being there in that moment way too much. I slowly drifted down and remember hovering over the ground upside down and even feeling blood rush to my head, it was startlingly realistic, though I knew it couldn't have been because I was floating upside down. After a few more minutes I decided to just calmly close my eyes and meditate and as I did the dream began to fade.
      I knew I was in a good spot to start up a new dream if I focused enough on relaxing, but I figured that was enough for one day and wanted to write in my DJ.

      Finally, an end to a very long dryspell. Thanks Freddy.
    9. brief summary

      by , 12-06-2010 at 11:03 PM (Tales from the sun chaser.)
      I had some dream about the x-men while in class and something else about freddy kruger, and a third dream about blood transfusions...being held captive in some sort of lab until I became strong enough to break free. It was really weird.
    10. The Next Nightmare

      by , 08-13-2010 at 09:01 PM (Hazel's Boiler Room)
      Had some awesome dreams while at the beach! Time to catch up...


      1- The Next Nightmare
      "What's with the camera and notebook?" Amy asks me as we walk down the aisles of Wal-Mart, where we both work. Although my name is apparently Nicole, I still have my personality.

      "After I get off, I'm tracking down Freddy Krueger." She gives me an okay-you've-finally-lost-it look. "No, seriously," I tell her. "If I can be the next person to locate him and write down the new story... well, that would just be so freaking awesome!"

      "Uh, yeah. Good luck with that, Nicole."

      That night I go way out in the woods to a spooky old cabin, following a teenage boy who plans to spend the night there. It's not long before Krueger shows. He's riding a horse which appears to have come straight from Hell, and he looks incredibly deadly. Halfway buried in leaves, I snap tons of pictures as he slaughters the guy.

      The next morning, I am ecstatic. "It was so amazing, Amy!" While I am busy going off on a crazy fangirl rant, Krueger bursts into the store, apparently ticked off about me stalking him.

      "Look what you've done!" Amy screams at me as we take off running.

      Unsure of outcome...
      non-lucid , memorable
    11. Out of Character

      by , 08-04-2010 at 03:10 PM (Hazel's Boiler Room)
      Fun night!

      1- Against All Odds
      Trapped on an island with some friends, I am one of those blond, cowardly girls that always seems to be the main character in a horror movie. The man who lives on the island believes it is necessary to sacrifice us all at the various shrines around the place, in order to appease the gods who cursed him. I fearfully attempt to sneak into the man's hideout, but he appears out of nowhere and begins chasing me. I let out a blood curdling scream and take off running. In the back of my mind, I'm thinking how pathetic this display of cowardice is. But I can't break character for some reason...

      Still running, the man appears in front of me. How the hell did he do that!? Apparently he's the more mystic type of bad guy, I think to my character, who ignores me and runs back toward the man's hideout.

      The chase continues in this manner for a while, when I notice the man looks oddly familiar. He's wearing a brown fedora, and he appears to have claws on one of his hands. "Freddy Krueger?" I ask, finally beginning to regain my true self. My question offends him, and he raises his right hand for me to see. The claws are nails, rather than knives. Drat...

      "One for each death!" he yells at me, and the chase continues. ((I understand this to mean that there is one nail for each person he killed.))

      Now, however, I'm running more out of necessity than fear. I'm going to kill this loon one way or another.

      Once outside, I become lucid and take flight. "Ha, let's see him try to get me now!" Unfortunately, the dream ends.

      2- Death Sighting
      My crazy neighbor comes over to visit. She seems freaked out about something, and it takes me a while to make any sense of what she's saying. Something about a prowler in our front yard. "Wait," I say. "Did this guy have claws on his right hand?"

      "It was Death!" she explodes. "I saw Death standing right next to your house! One of you is going to die soon!"

      I try to calm her down. Since she's the one who saw him, she's probably the one who's going to die... Of course, I don't tell her this.

      3- Book of Lilith
      A mythology professor gives me access to his personal library. I find a hidden room which contains some texts that appear to be really ancient. One of the books is titled "Dark Lilith." I am startled to see this; why is her name popping up so much lately? ((IRL, this is really happening. I read some stories about Lilith last week, and since then I am seeing references to her EVERYWHERE.)) I begin reading the book... but it seems to have nothing to do with Lilith at all. It seems more like a book of shadows.

      The professor suddenly walks in and is angry for no apparent reason. He kicks me out of his library and tells me that I'm not allowed to come back.
    12. Freddy Krueger, Lucidity, and Cloning

      by , 07-07-2010 at 12:15 PM (Hazel's Boiler Room)
      So, I've been doing this experiment with different stones and their effects on dreaming. For three nights I slept with malachite under my pillow, and my recall seemed amazing. (Though my dreams were not as disturbing/exciting as usual.) I was going to try tiger's eye for three nights as well, but after those two nights with extremely horrible recall, I decided to give that one up. Last night was night one with Amethyst, and I must say that I am pleased!

      1- Reverse Nightmare
      I am on a dangerous island with my family and some other people. Those who travel alone are stupid, and if they get killed it's their own fault. I feel no pity for them.

      There is no limit to the perils of this place: cannibals, deadly creatures, turbulent water... And yet, I'm feeling right at home! A trail of rocks goes far out into the water; I deftly run across them, quick as lightning, knowing that if I take one wrong step I'll be plummeting to my death.

      My mom follows me, albeit not as quickly. She says that in order to get off the island, we first have to make it through Krueger's labyrinth. "Freddy Krueger's here!?" I ask excitedly. My mom gives me a weird look; obviously this is not a typical reaction. I don't care. Excitement courses through my veins as we all head toward the labyrinth. "Remember," I tell them, "Don't show fear. You can't really die here. Freddy may cut you to shreds, but after its over you'll come back in one piece."

      We enter the labyrinth as I am saying this. As soon as the words come out of my mouth, Freddy's clawed hand has slashed all the way through my dad. "Damn, I died," he mutters, falling to the floor in a pool of blood. Krueger is standing there, smirking.

      I laugh. "You really don't know who you're dealing with, Krueger." As always, my lack of fear begins to absorb his energy. And as always, he runs like the coward he is. Grinning, I follow him. "Shelby's right," I think to myself, "If I was ever in a horror movie, I'd be the first to die, 'cause I'd chase after the evil thing." Just as I am closing in on my prey, wondering if I should rip his head off again or try something different, something changes.

      No longer in the maze;
      spontaneous lucidity. For some reason I feel that my energy has been screwed with, that I need to be healed. I know Raven Knight heals people sometimes. Maybe if I could summon her... I lost my train of thought as a mirror comes into view. Yeah, I'm supposed to be looking for Samael. I'll just use this as a portal. My thoughts are weird though, and I can't focus as I try to scry his location in the mirror. My reflection goes all weird for a second, taking on the form of a demon. Oh great, this again. I briefly look away, then look back. Good, my reflection is back to normal.

      Come to think of it, this would be a good time to try the task of the month. I reach into the mirror and pull my reflection out. She sprawls out on the floor, limp and lifeless. Annoyed, I prop her against the wall and look into the mirror again, at my new reflection. Before I can pull her out as well, my other one falls over in my lap. "Ew, she's drooling," I mutter, sitting her up against the wall again. A girl is standing behind me; she's been with me for a while, but I can't remember who she is. Raven Knight, perhaps? Possibly Tamora. She tells me to stop fooling around; that it's obvious I have to give the reflection some life force before it responds.

      "Oh, of course." I put my hand on my clone's head and say, "I give you life." Suddenly, her once glazed over eyes become alert. She can now sit up without having to lean up against the wall. "Yay, it worked!" Now I reach into the mirror and pull out my new reflection, this time giving her life before she's even fully out of the mirror. That's two clones, that should be enough to satisfy the requirements.

      As we walk away, the girl who is with me suggests that we go back to Freddy's labyrinth. "No, my powers don't work in labyrinths for some reason," I say vaguely. ((Um, what?)) We are going to a particular place, but where it is escapes my memory. I notice that my former reflections have stopped being clones. In fact, one of them has turned into a bald old man.
    13. 6/26/10

      by , 06-26-2010 at 03:52 PM (Hazel's Boiler Room)
      1- "Da" Language
      I have made a chart of some weird dream language called the "Da Language." I post it on MM, and The Cusp replies that it sounds like a dream version of Japanese. He thinks the two languages could be related. ((What's with all these dreams I have about The Cusp?)) We also get into a conversation about "swarms." We both seem to have noticed that large swarms of insects often appear in dreams, stinging the dreamer without mercy.

      2- Ignoring Lucidity
      I am taking a walk through the woods with my dad. I tell him that we have to live in the woods for a week so that we can go on our Shamanic Vision Quest. He is not really on board with the idea...

      Later, I am being chased by a wannabe Freddy Krueger. I am flying in the air above him, taunting and laughing. For some stupid reason, I'm trying to suppress the fact that I know I'm dreaming. The idea that this is a dream is tickling the corner of my mind, but I refuse to acknowledge it.

      3- Patience Medici
      I am fighting with my fake brother over a magazine. The magazine contains an article about Patience Medici, and I tell him that I HAVE to read it because its the only non-Russian explanation I can find. My fake mother tells me to stop fighting and to go get another magazine. I wake myself up saying, "But I had it first!"