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    1. Dream - Trapped In Suburbia & The Explosive Feud

      by , 07-12-2017 at 08:42 AM
      Date of Dream: MON 10 JUL - 2017

      Dream No. 150 - Separated Sections

      Dream 150 A Trapped In Suburbia
      I was riding my bike around a random area of the suburbs. I then said to myself that I wanted to ride to WB's place but I could go past a certain point. It's like I would keep pedalling but there was some sort of invisible wall there. My grandmother then comes home with these three bottles of juice. My brother said that it would be best if the juice bottles were all stored in his room but I didn't agree with that. I said that one should stay upstairs and the other two can go down with him. Then when I opened my bag, there was one big bottle of juice but the others were weirdly sized. The second bottle was actually two medium bottles and the third was all these micro sized bottles. I don't remember anything else about this dream.

      Dream 150 B The Explosive Feud
      I was in the garage and I could hear my parents talking in the backyard. I wanted to know what I was saying and so I asked them. My parents then got really mad at me but I've forgotten the rest of the dream.

      Dream Trophies Achieved:

      - None
    2. I was THIRSTY!

      by , 03-17-2015 at 05:16 AM
      Oh, Joy of joys! I went to bed at a reasonable hour last night, and was awarded with a nice plot-like dream!
      I will separate it into little chunks.

      Mafia Wife is Thirsty:

      I was the New Jersey-esque wife of a Mafia boss. Just imagine that Mafia wife show, or Melissa Tomei in "My Cousin Vinny", but older. Like 40s. Skinny, flashy jewelry, tacky yet expensive looking clothes. For one reason or another, I was wandering the sewers, perhaps hiding from someone. I remember large tunnels made of cement, some rounded like a sewer, others roughly cut into the cement to create holes between on area and another.

      I must have been thirsty in this dream, because if you read this you will notice a theme to this!

      Suddenly, I found myself in what looked like a boiler room or 1960s control room to some factory. Everything was tightly packed together, large rectangular computer systems with gauges, buttons, and knobs on them. The walls were lined with these large computer machines, and others formed small aisles to one side. The whole placed glowed with the red of an emergency alarm light flashing, and yellow lights supplemented the red for lighting. In this tiny room, small little Dwarven men worked hard, dressed in construction gear. What they worked on specifically, I couldn't tell you. But they were the engineers who controlled the computer systems in this room. They pushed buttons, read gauges, and turned large industrial sized spigots to control the flow of, what I guessed, was whatever was puddling all along the floor.

      Perhaps ankle deep, brightly colored liquid with a smoothie-gooey consistency covered the floor of the control room. Depending upon where you looked, the giant mess of liquid was different colors: orange here, purple there, yellow in the back. Throughout this puddle, swirls of white were also present.

      I was thirsty. But someone was chasing me. I had no time to look for something more sanitary, or less smoothie thick. Listening cautiously for footsteps approaching the room, I grabbed out a striped straw and poked it into a puddle of red liquid. It tasted like Hawaiian Punch fruit punch. I think I knew this liquid was drinkable. But, it was a smoothie. Not very thirst quenching! I kept sucking on the straw hoping for that layer of juice that usually melts underneath the smoothie. I got some of that, but not enough to quench any kind of thirst. The little dwarven men told me to hurry up, since someone was coming. I tried as much as I could with the red punch liquid, then ran off.

      Destroying property in NYC:

      Next, I was with my friend "B" in NYC. I guess we decided to go there on a whim. (I live very close to "The Big Apple" IRL, and go there frequently with my friends and family.) We decided to go to a grocery store there, of ALL PLACES one could go in the big city. We were in the produce section. Suddenly my friend had a sudden desire to wreck different fresh items in the store, kind of like as a prank. A nonsensical prank. She's also vegetarian, so she may also had been doing it to teach this particular grocery store a lesson.

      I didn't want to have anything to do with her prank, humorous intent or not. I didn't think it was right, and told her that we should leave before anyone saw us. I went to another part of the store, because I was thirsty, and wanted some nice refreshing fruit to quench my thirsty. I remember grabbing some white grapes. They're so juicy, of course they were going to help me out! By the time I went back to my friend. she was hiding behind a vegetable rack as some store employees were within our line of sight. I looked down, and she told me she already had started her idea. A pack of a dozen eggs lays open infront of where my friend crouched, and she had poked and crushed each one so that no one would know they were getting soggy eggs until they opened the box. I knew we had to get out of there now, so I believe we avoided the guards and ran out of the store.

      My sister and her boyfriend were also in NYC, on a separate trip. As I ran ahead, I bumped into them. It was nice seeing them! I think they were trying to avoid something, or were in a hurry for some reason. My sister's BF specifically was in a rush, and felt they didn't have time to talk to me. I tried to talk them a bit, but realized I left my friend B behind. I went back to get her.

      I feel we were all running from something, like we, or all of the city, was evacuating.

      As for the setting of the city once I left the grocery store, I went up a stairway/escalator to the street level. Everything on the block was kind of cramped in, like I was in a clean alleyway that was closed in yet open enough to let regular ample light down to where we stood. Three tall buildings made up the walls of where we stood, and I think one of these "walls" had a stone archway in it to lead to somewhere else. I remember red doors, black metal fencing, and I think even a British royal guard with the big fluffy hats. Maybe for this smidge of my dream, I was in London!

      I woke up.

      As you may have seen, I was obviously thirsty for something sweet and fruity! I took a large, large swig of the Iced Tea Snapple I kept by my bed that night and went back to sleep for a little bit.

      The next thing I remember is packing drinks into a soft lunchbox style cooler, because me and my sister and her BF were leaving wherever it was we were. Either that or we were packing things away to go to a drinking party. More drinks! We were in an older style house, decorated as if it hadn't been redecorated since the 1970's. Wood paneling, hurricane lamp styled chandeliers, and the colors of harvest gold and rusty orange occupied this kitchen. Linoleum flooring and particle board counter tops, yuck. I put a couple of Redd's Apple Ale into my cooler. My sister, I think, gave me a half opened Coke in an old fashioned glass bottle and asked me to try to stuff it in there with my drinks. I couldn't fit it. I think I ended up drinking it and putting the empty bottle on the counter top.

      For some reason, Michael Jordan was there helping us pack various things. I guess he was our friend.

      Thats about it really. I got up again, grabbed a fresh bottle of Snapple, and drank that too. I also made sure to have fresh oranges and a banana for breakfast, since I was craving fresh fruit juice!
      Now I have a craving for white grapes, and a desire to have a yummy Jamba Juice.
      Thats all!

      Possible Inspirations:
      I saw Chappie yesterday. (Screw the reviews. See it. It is awesome.), and that may explain the theme of evacuation in the dream. Also the slight British-ness of it, although the movie took place in South Africa.
    3. Port forwarding, german lessons

      by , 03-15-2015 at 10:37 AM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      First dream

      I was in my home, messing up with router port forwarding settings. I couldn't get the forwarding done.

      Second dream

      I was in my old school. I was sitting on a bench and drinking juice during the break. The break ended and I had to go to the classroom. I entered it and looked for a spot to sit, but I forgot my backpack. I went to the corridor, left the juice under the bench and took my backpack. I sat on my place, in front of the class. We were just about to have a test. I saw persons from my new, and old school. The teacher was a female in her late thirties. She had a brown hair, and wore pale blue shirt, and jeans trousers.

      In the last moments I looked through the book and notebook, but teacher told me Why are you learning now? I can add everything to the test! I stopped to look through them, and waited. The teacher told that we're not going to make the test.

      She told me to go and sit in the back of the classroom. I went straight to the corridor, to take the juice. There was a security officer, who looked like Caesar. He was watching me, so I couldn't pick up the juice. I went back to the classroom.

      It was the second german lesson in the row. The teacher was shouting at me, telling that I'm not gonna pass to the next class. She checked work of everyone except me. When she asked about one specific word, I replied. She wasn't impressed.
    4. NY Resolutions?

      by , 01-04-2014 at 12:50 AM
      Date:03 Jan

      Wbtb: around 50 caffeine (latte), way too wakeful again

      WILD: I finally feel as if I am not in bed anymore but somewhere else, so allow myself to look around (don't remember opening the eyes?). Yes, I am in an unknown room that has a slight resemblance to grandma's place.

      At this point I recall 3 tasks and notice that there isn't a single DC here. The dream feels unstable and I recall that we talked how 501 would examine his hands in detail to anchor himself in the dream and decide to do so. I have a good look at my hands, which look quite realistic and similar to my real ones and move on to my arm where I concentrate on the fine hairs. I also remember to do the old classic stabilization where I lick my arm but with little effect. I still feel the dream slipping away and nervously walk around, thinking maybe I would try this opposite task I had in mind, but I begin to lose vision. The lower part of my vision becomes a blur and I begin to feel weightless, so conclude now isn't a good time for that particular task.

      My vision gets somewhat better. I turn around and see a window, a good opportunity to get out of here. There is distinct coldness emanating from outside and I am sure it will help me freshen up and condense me back to normal. Before going out, I briefly wonder whether to bring a blanket or something, since the air is chilly. I open the window and push myself outside. In the meantime, a girl passes by carrying a blanket that she drops nearby. I ask her about her NY resolution but can't hear what she replies.
      The dream collapses.

      DEILD: I very briefly touch on my body and concentrate on dreaming again. There's a confusing mid point dreamlet where I remain in darkness and can hear women talking around me, I keep still, waiting for the dream.

      I feel a scene change, but decide I will wait a bit longer to allow the dream to fully form and maybe it will be more stable. I finally conclude it is ok to move and begin exploring. I am in my old room and can see that the voices from the previous part belong to a number of women. They are sitting on couches around a table with food and drinks as if there's some sort of party going on. A friend from school is also there.

      I remember the NY resolution task and make an announcement that I would like to hear what their resolutions are. My friend says "I want some juice" and points at the table. A bit unsatisfied with the answer I move on to the next woman who looks in her forties and repeat the same question. She just stares at me with her mouth open. I wait a bit but not a single word comes out. There's another woman sitting next to her and I address her "what about your beautiful friend sitting next to you?", I feel as if I am moderating some sort of show. She says something about a friendship club in New York. I try to memorize as much as possible.
      The dream soon ends.

      I make a quick review in mind and wonder if I should try to go back for more but really need to visit the restroom.

      I also remember a fragment that I can't allocate, where I was looking at a blue/grayish backpack with something written on it by CL.

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    5. Accidentally the phone

      by , 07-17-2012 at 12:27 AM
      I woke up on phone and I Wonder where I am. then I accidentally all over the phone and on my Dog. I Was very disappointed when I see that my Dog dead. And my Phone break. All over the kitchen floor my mess there. So I Had to pick it up and it very dirty in side. I Drank the soda and juice and reestablish connection to netwok and accidentally all over your face this time. Was not happy.

    6. Lady in Red on Facebook...Kaomea?, Random Black Girl Typing on Computer

      by , 02-19-2012 at 05:10 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Lady in Red on Facebook...Kaomea?, Random Black Girl Typing on Computer (Non-lucid)


      I'm even more motivated in finding Kaomea now after a few events that she was able to relate to. I slept pretty late, so I couldn't get a good description of the dreams I remember, but there have been strange things going on.

      The first dream, before I slept, I tried to do a MILD by repeating that I would meet Kaomea in a lucid dream several times. I should've done it again when I did a WBTB when I set the alarm to wake me up around 3:45 AM, but I just dozed off.

      And I don't think I even had any dreams when I slept again, it was until later on in the morning at maybe 6-8 AM where I started to see the first dream I could recall.

      But now I'm more motivated in finding her, and hopefully do some things to help know that I'm looking for her. She knows I'm trying to find her, but now I'm going to get serious.

      I'm going to try to do the Astral energy thing (sounds a bit too ambitious since I've only had 2-3 OBEs or so throughtout the months of being on this forum), but I won't say specifically what I'll do with the energy with Kaomea if I meet her (false entities of myself might confuse her).

      This feels like a romantic adventure lol, maybe it might fail because....never mind, I shouldn't think that.

      Dream 1: Lady in Red on Facebook...Kaomea?

      I was on Facebook, and I see some lady's profile picture on the Homescreen post some status that said "Ake", and several people liked it. The girl was wearing a red dress, and she was smiling.

      I couldn't tell if it was similar to Kaomea's red dress on her avatar, but she was doing that pose where girls would have one hand on their hips and lean to the side, and I think she cropped the picture since the picture was taken with someone.

      Wow this is hard..-red-dress-190x300.jpg

      There was one person that I knew in real life that liked her status, and her name is Mehak. Then someone commented on her status, but I couldn't remember what she said. Then I think the Kaomea look-a-like (somewhat), said something about "divorced" or "happy divorced."

      Then I think she added another comment that her "
      Ake" status was actually a spelling error, and she typed the status as "Make*." (yes with the star at the side to)

      The next thing I did, I'm not so sure, but I look on the top left of her Facebook Wall Page, and I saw a cropped picture of a random ocean. I could see the waves and all of that.

      I think she was using the "Timeline" feature.

      I would like to think that was Kaomea, but I do admit I was on Facebook for a few minutes before going to sleep, so it was most likely a day association for that, but again, this dream happened later on in the morning, and after the WBTB, so whatever I actually dreamed was forgotten, so maybe it was a new dream created out of my intent from the Mantra.

      I even decided to listen to Hymn for the Missing by Red before I slept as well, kind of to get into the mood of what I wanted to show her. She'll know what I'm talking about, if I can get consistent dreams with her.

      Also, I'm eradicating the mentality that I have to go into her head or something, that's just too crazy, I should think of it was just as a MEETING to her subconscious, like her "house" (I got the shift in mentality from a shared dreaming thread somewhere in this forum that a person posted....makes things a lot easier now).

      I told my mind that I would meet her in the dream plane, but I think I just used that I would meet her in a lucid dream instead, I felt a little....eh nvm...too much rambling.

      Dream 2: Random Black Girl Typing on Computer

      There was this overweight black girl typing on the computer, I don't know if she was on Facebook or anything, but she was drinking a Berry drink on the right of the screen I'm watching her.

      Wow this is hard..-img_3531.jpg

      She looked like she was enjoying it and smiling, and I saw a few quick flashes of her Facebook wall, but it was just a bunch of useless information that didn't make sense to me.

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    7. lucid floating

      by , 11-10-2011 at 03:45 PM
      loads of strange moments last night. i remember being chased by some vicious red squirrels for one. someone gave me some juice and i told them about rubicon and the amazing fruits they use. my friend fell off this ledge on his bike and i realised it was dream. i floated down to help him out.

      a group of old school mates were gathered round asking me why i wasnt part of the group anymore. they were talking about some kind of money collection going round and asking why i wasnt gonna be any part of it. i just asked them to try to explain to me why they felt i had to be a part of it which they didnt seem able to do. probably because ive been thinking about the poppy thing lately. we were messing around after, and it seemed like they were trying to get me to drink something from this milk bottle. i decided to just spray it around instead which started a little ruck which i wasnt involved in. some girl was at the bottom of it so i went to find her later to apologise.

      then it got weird again. i floated up the side of this building to find her where she was sunbathing with a friend. as i got there though all i found was dust and all logic fell from my mind. i called out to her as if she was the dust but all this did was blow the dust away. this kind of made me snap back to logic and i just found the whole situation pretty funny
    8. Mango juice

      by , 07-05-2010 at 02:36 PM
      I was in konsum (a food store) with some friends. I wanted to buy something tasty to drink. Peter said "Mango juice!". I thought about it. I liked the idea since it is both tasty and cheap. We went to the shelf with mango juice and I saw that they had cranberry juice too. considered getting that one instead. Suddenly I noticed that the price was extremely low on both. 3 SEK. It was because the due date was only two days away. I finally decided for the cranberry juice and then I don't remember anymore.
    9. June 18, 2010

      by , 06-20-2010 at 03:31 AM (Whirlwind of Dreams)
      I was on a playground, since, I recall seeing the green grass underneath my feet. I think I feel something on my back. I put my hand where the feeling is and kill whatever it was. Turns out that there was a bee there which almost stung me. I felt a bit odd but it was possibly shock, since, no pain was felt.

      Work with Juice:
      I was at work and making some new juice. I made the first mixture which consisted of putting a bird with some sugar. I made another mixture, this time using spiders and sugar. I tasted it, it had an interesting flavour which is pretty difficult to describe.

      Thoughts: Well, fragments again. I only recalled my bee dream later on in the day and as for the juice one, well, let's just say that drinking birds is NOT something I'm interested in One thing I've noticed is that I'm dreaming about work a lot lately, possibly due to thinking about it during the day. It could be a new dreamsign depending on how long it lasts. I do seem to be remembering more dreams, but, they are pretty short. I do miss my longer dreams and I do miss having LDs