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    1. Bruised Persimmons

      by , 08-17-2018 at 07:33 PM
      Morning of August 13, 2018. Monday.

      Reading time: 1 min 40 sec. Readability score: 64.

      In my dream, I am about 14 years old again. I am living in Cubitis, with my parents, though the usual ambiguity comes in later, where I have at least a few threads of my current conscious self identity, and I am aware of my oldest son, though perceived as younger than he now is. However, I have no recall of our current address as is often the case and my presumed age in my dream is not in conflict with my real current age even though my son would be older than me if my dream self’s age is correct.

      The north area of the living room has a large table. My parents are selling fruit, and members of the public come into our house to buy it.

      An unfamiliar older woman comes in to get persimmons. However, she mentions that they have bruises, and I see that most of them are in a bowl and probably overripe. She seems very cheerful and friendly but leaves without buying anything.

      Later, my son seems upset, and a strange yellow fluid flows out of his right eye, on the right side as he cries, almost building up like a wave of cake icing. It seems bizarre to me, and I know something is not right, which causes me to wake up rather than resolve it while still in my dream.

      For now, I am going to assume there is no precognitive thread here related to health. Yellow is what I use (both in infra-awareness and lucidity) to initiate clarity of consciousness in the dream state (and have done so since around age three). Coming from the right side of his right eye, it is a direct association with moving toward the waking side in REM (Rapid Eye Movement) sleep. (I sleep on my left side for the most part.) Autosymbolism integrating subliminal, liminal, or lucid awareness of REM itself is not nearly as common as the vestibular system correlation from balance or imbalance of the illusory fictitious dream body with the real physical body in sleep.

      The rest of the content comes from two different events, one being Zsuzsanna’s mother leaving overripe fruit on our porch that spoils, the other from having so many passionfruit, that some are becoming overripe.

      When I lived with my parents in Cubitis, they had a store for a few years. Business was on the carport or in the shed (where my father also raised and sold rabbits and fishing worms), not inside our house.

      Tags: fruit
    2. Make your own fruit salad booth!

      by , 12-07-2015 at 02:12 AM (Pasta time with patches!)
      The other dreams I had today were too personal to share, but this one was neat:

      So, I'm pretty sure that I was in the dream version of my university, when I came across this fruit stall outside on a path/road. It had all different kinds of fruits on it, along with styrophome bowls for people to use.

      There were a few people moving around the stall thing (it was a big open table kind of thing sort of. Hard to describe), and I realized that the point was for you to chop your own fruit and put it in the bowl for a kind of fruit salad thing. So it was basically a 'make your own fruit salad' booth.

      I said to them that it was a great idea--much better than those stalls that sold fresh juice drinks. I think I either moved on or stopped dreaming before I tried to make my own fruit salad.

      I often dream about various food stalls/places in my dream university, but this certainly was unique.
    3. 191015: Soldiers Defend with Snowballs and Cheap Lard Coffee.

      by , 10-19-2015 at 03:30 PM (The Dream Journal)
      Dream: A Continuous Trip in the City
      I get on a tram in the center, right as I get in and the doors close, I see that there are ticket inspectors standing in their blue uniforms. I don't have a ticket! I panic and try to open the door of the tram but it starts moving. Defeated, I wait for them to come and give me a fine. They stand there, doing nothing, not checking anyone's tickets. Outside, I see the streets are chocking with blue uniformed ticket inspectors between the tall buildings. Is this some kind of campaign?

      I get off the next stop, it's right by the large cathedral. It's a grey day, snow is on the ground. I see that a paramilitary nationalist group is attacking a ministry building. It's a stand still, the nationalists wait outside as the soldiers in fatigues defend the ministry in a snow fort kind of thing. The nationalists have a snow complex across the road as well. I go toward the nationalists line, as if I was a bystander just looking around. I keep in mind that I shouldn't say anything, my accent will aggravate these people, they're usually racists after all. The soldiers defending the ministry pelt me with snowballs from across the street, they all miss. As one comes in I'm able to catch it in the air. This impresses the nationalists.

      I walk down into the snow complex, as if I'm an embedded reporter, I think to myself, reporting from the front lines. My friends will be jealous. I see people inside, there is a ceiling and everything, this place looks like a room from the inside. I hear a woman in fatigues, surely a part of the group, speaking with a Russian accent. How are they OK with that? Is it that she gave up her Russian identity to join them?

      A middle-eastern man is there, which surprises me. He is there with an elder from his village, he wants a divorce from his wife and they are in negotiations. What a weird group to negotiate something like that. The place has lots of shelves, it looks like there are manga and comic volumes in here.

      I meet my sister in the city center where she worked in a courtyard. I see how one of the women who works at a store locks up for the night, a long process. Turning off the lights, the shop is going to reopen in two hours. What's the point of closing for only two hours?!

      Inside a shop my sister shows me the inside of a discount coffee machine. I look into it and it is covered in a white grease, lard, that has brown discoloration. It must be a cleaning agent. I see the lard coming out of a nozzle like soft-serve ice cream. It's actually making coffee out of lard. My sister says this coffee is free that comes out of this machine. Seeing the process, I understand why.

      A stink begins to creep in the store. I go into the hall where the other store entrances are, it's like rotten eggs. Where is it coming from? My sister tells me to go find out. I walk down the hall and to the end I see some middle-aged guys in glasses looking at a ventilation vent. They work at the photoshop at the end of the hall, they are going to fix it. Walking back I see Rick from Rick & Morty has a shop here too, it's is a dark blue shack with a tiled hexagon design to it.

      I go to the store in the hall, it has sandwich coolers full of lunch items. There is a lot of fruit there. I see Jennifer Aniston by the checkout lines she's eating a bowl of corn flakes and says that they are a new kind of cereal she eats. What is she going on about? Corn flakes have been around for over a hundred years!

      I look at the fruit in the coolers, lots of exotic fruit as well. I'm glad they have this option these days. I talk to my sister, I mention wanting to eat only fruit for lunch. She is skeptical of the idea.

      We go downstairs with an escalator, there is a bookstore there that also sells art supplies, it looks very modern. I look at some of the stuff. I flip through a comic book volume with a distinctive style. The lines are bold and the shading is delicate. The main character is a anthropomorphic illuminati sign, like Bill Cipher from Gravity Falls. How isn't this copy right infringement? I see A3 paper and coloring pencils going for less than a euro a piece. I fish through my pockets and find two euro coins, I can get them! I pick them up but the paper is hard to get out of the sales bin, I then give up, I want to save the money for coffee with a friend later. Walking away, I tell my sister I already have a lot of art supplies, in a way I just wanted to buy the idea of making art, instead of the hard and sometimes frustrating process of actually making it.
    4. I was THIRSTY!

      by , 03-17-2015 at 05:16 AM
      Oh, Joy of joys! I went to bed at a reasonable hour last night, and was awarded with a nice plot-like dream!
      I will separate it into little chunks.

      Mafia Wife is Thirsty:

      I was the New Jersey-esque wife of a Mafia boss. Just imagine that Mafia wife show, or Melissa Tomei in "My Cousin Vinny", but older. Like 40s. Skinny, flashy jewelry, tacky yet expensive looking clothes. For one reason or another, I was wandering the sewers, perhaps hiding from someone. I remember large tunnels made of cement, some rounded like a sewer, others roughly cut into the cement to create holes between on area and another.

      I must have been thirsty in this dream, because if you read this you will notice a theme to this!

      Suddenly, I found myself in what looked like a boiler room or 1960s control room to some factory. Everything was tightly packed together, large rectangular computer systems with gauges, buttons, and knobs on them. The walls were lined with these large computer machines, and others formed small aisles to one side. The whole placed glowed with the red of an emergency alarm light flashing, and yellow lights supplemented the red for lighting. In this tiny room, small little Dwarven men worked hard, dressed in construction gear. What they worked on specifically, I couldn't tell you. But they were the engineers who controlled the computer systems in this room. They pushed buttons, read gauges, and turned large industrial sized spigots to control the flow of, what I guessed, was whatever was puddling all along the floor.

      Perhaps ankle deep, brightly colored liquid with a smoothie-gooey consistency covered the floor of the control room. Depending upon where you looked, the giant mess of liquid was different colors: orange here, purple there, yellow in the back. Throughout this puddle, swirls of white were also present.

      I was thirsty. But someone was chasing me. I had no time to look for something more sanitary, or less smoothie thick. Listening cautiously for footsteps approaching the room, I grabbed out a striped straw and poked it into a puddle of red liquid. It tasted like Hawaiian Punch fruit punch. I think I knew this liquid was drinkable. But, it was a smoothie. Not very thirst quenching! I kept sucking on the straw hoping for that layer of juice that usually melts underneath the smoothie. I got some of that, but not enough to quench any kind of thirst. The little dwarven men told me to hurry up, since someone was coming. I tried as much as I could with the red punch liquid, then ran off.

      Destroying property in NYC:

      Next, I was with my friend "B" in NYC. I guess we decided to go there on a whim. (I live very close to "The Big Apple" IRL, and go there frequently with my friends and family.) We decided to go to a grocery store there, of ALL PLACES one could go in the big city. We were in the produce section. Suddenly my friend had a sudden desire to wreck different fresh items in the store, kind of like as a prank. A nonsensical prank. She's also vegetarian, so she may also had been doing it to teach this particular grocery store a lesson.

      I didn't want to have anything to do with her prank, humorous intent or not. I didn't think it was right, and told her that we should leave before anyone saw us. I went to another part of the store, because I was thirsty, and wanted some nice refreshing fruit to quench my thirsty. I remember grabbing some white grapes. They're so juicy, of course they were going to help me out! By the time I went back to my friend. she was hiding behind a vegetable rack as some store employees were within our line of sight. I looked down, and she told me she already had started her idea. A pack of a dozen eggs lays open infront of where my friend crouched, and she had poked and crushed each one so that no one would know they were getting soggy eggs until they opened the box. I knew we had to get out of there now, so I believe we avoided the guards and ran out of the store.

      My sister and her boyfriend were also in NYC, on a separate trip. As I ran ahead, I bumped into them. It was nice seeing them! I think they were trying to avoid something, or were in a hurry for some reason. My sister's BF specifically was in a rush, and felt they didn't have time to talk to me. I tried to talk them a bit, but realized I left my friend B behind. I went back to get her.

      I feel we were all running from something, like we, or all of the city, was evacuating.

      As for the setting of the city once I left the grocery store, I went up a stairway/escalator to the street level. Everything on the block was kind of cramped in, like I was in a clean alleyway that was closed in yet open enough to let regular ample light down to where we stood. Three tall buildings made up the walls of where we stood, and I think one of these "walls" had a stone archway in it to lead to somewhere else. I remember red doors, black metal fencing, and I think even a British royal guard with the big fluffy hats. Maybe for this smidge of my dream, I was in London!

      I woke up.

      As you may have seen, I was obviously thirsty for something sweet and fruity! I took a large, large swig of the Iced Tea Snapple I kept by my bed that night and went back to sleep for a little bit.

      The next thing I remember is packing drinks into a soft lunchbox style cooler, because me and my sister and her BF were leaving wherever it was we were. Either that or we were packing things away to go to a drinking party. More drinks! We were in an older style house, decorated as if it hadn't been redecorated since the 1970's. Wood paneling, hurricane lamp styled chandeliers, and the colors of harvest gold and rusty orange occupied this kitchen. Linoleum flooring and particle board counter tops, yuck. I put a couple of Redd's Apple Ale into my cooler. My sister, I think, gave me a half opened Coke in an old fashioned glass bottle and asked me to try to stuff it in there with my drinks. I couldn't fit it. I think I ended up drinking it and putting the empty bottle on the counter top.

      For some reason, Michael Jordan was there helping us pack various things. I guess he was our friend.

      Thats about it really. I got up again, grabbed a fresh bottle of Snapple, and drank that too. I also made sure to have fresh oranges and a banana for breakfast, since I was craving fresh fruit juice!
      Now I have a craving for white grapes, and a desire to have a yummy Jamba Juice.
      Thats all!

      Possible Inspirations:
      I saw Chappie yesterday. (Screw the reviews. See it. It is awesome.), and that may explain the theme of evacuation in the dream. Also the slight British-ness of it, although the movie took place in South Africa.
    5. Hill in the Park

      by , 03-06-2015 at 01:52 PM (The Dream Magic Experiment)
      I was walking away from a place. I saw buses. I was trying to choose one to ride. It's daytime. I see many buildings to the side, but no skyscraper.

      I was inside a mall of sorts. I went to a fruit stand.

      I was with Emman. We were in a park. He was walking up hill/bridge. He was wearing really short shorts.

      I was trying to fly using an airball (Avatar Airbender reference).



      - No alarm, slept at around 1, woke up at around 7 am, but got up at 8.
      - Slept listening to Game Theory. I let it finish.
    6. Really Weird Night (LD #174)

      by , 02-28-2015 at 04:31 PM (Lucid Time!)
      A nightmare where I was looking into the mirror in my bathroom. The skin on my chest/stomach peeled off and my internal organs started to fall out. I remember my heart looked artificial and had some kind of gauge or pressure meter on it. I screamed and woke up.

      wtf I haven't had a nightmare of any sort in like two years...

      After that, I wanted to go back to sleep to see if I could snag some lucidity before morning. Some disjointed fragments led into a couple of congruent LDs.

      -Something to do with my college dormitory. For some reason I was wearing golden earrings in the dream, somebody commented on them, saying that they looked good. I asked myself when I got piercings and could not recall. I didn't become lucid though.

      -Something to do with drawing and a tin of colored pencils.

      -I was playing LBP3. I was designing this level where you would run across all of these little white platforms that were moving and stuff was firing on you. There was also this big metal bridge that would unfold when you got close to it. A was there, commenting on how he liked the game-play aspect of it.

      I was at the community pool in my cousin's hometown, though almost nobody was there except me and someone else. I was just chilling in the shallow end of the pool when this bully character approached the two of us. He picked us both out of the water and said he wanted to try and drown us in the deep end.

      I tried to punch him but it didn't do much.

      I elbowed him in the face and managed to swim away. He followed me out of the pool. I turned around to fight him. He was buff and had long blonde hair and short thick facial hair and blue eyes. It was also at this moment that I noticed that I was still wearing gold earrings. I thought this might put me at a disadvantage because he could grab them.

      I ran in and kicked him in the stomach. He reeled back. He was almost at the edge of the pool. He came back and tried to punch me. I ducked under it and put my leg behind his. From there it was easy to just push him into the water.

      He looked at me angrily. I thought he was going to just get out of the water and attack me again, but he seemed to just be waiting there. But this other DC showed up. He looked like Santa Claus except his outfit was all white.

      He said something about learning to be submissive and recognize your own inferiority. He said that this was meant to be some kind of dream test and that I had failed it.

      For some reason, I was just boiling mad at this Santa/Guide character. I started screaming at him that people shouldn't be taught to be inferior and submissive, and that you can't mold people into what you want. They will do their own things and form their own identities and moral codes and there is nothing that you can do about it.

      I got so mad at him that I FA'd in my living room. But it felt smaller. All of the furniture had been pushed into one end of the room an there was a small Christmas tree in the room with some presents under it.

      This seemed strange to me. I did a nose pinch RC. Lucid dreamin' baby. I had almost become fully lucid in the last section, but now I could think clearly. I still wanted to see Manei. I started calling her name, expecting her to simply be upstairs or something. No reply. I thought to go outside, but saw that it was very, very dark. The kind of darkness that would make me lose the dream.

      I then realized that stabilizing would probably be a smart idea. I rubbed my hands together.

      "I will not lose the dream until I have accomplished one of my goals!"

      I then thought to try teleporting to the beach location. In the past my teleportation efforts have failed miserably, so I was gonna have to really commit. I closed my eyes and started visualizing the beach in Puerto Rico that my family goes to every year.

      I started to see it in the center of my vision. I thought that I should start engaging my other senses. I tried to picture the sound of waves crashing on the shore, the smell of saltwater and the sun on my face.

      However when I opened my eyes I was still in my home, but things were different. I saw that it had gotten considerably lighter outside. It still appeared to be foggy and gray, but I could make out the street and plants. The entire backyard had been taken over by a massive jungle/forest. There was a huge vine with massive mango-like fruit growing on it. (When I say massive Mango-Fruit, I am talking 3-4 feet across.

      I made my way out the front door to get a better look at what was outside. The dream's clarity started revving up to very high levels here. I saw that half the neighborhood had been overtaken with these huge gnarled branches. There seemed to be pieces of a structure in there, as if it were made of I-beams.

      I followed the gnarled branches up to see a huge tree, literally miles tall. It seemed as though as it got farther away, it looked less and less like it was made of wood. It seemed to be made of stone or metal, and had complex designs of overlapping circles and rune symbols on it. It was supporting the sky, that appeared to be solid, made of high-technology structures (like the surface of the death star). There were windows or some kind of white lights scattered about on the surface. There seemed to be places where it had rusted through though and real vegetation was growing through it, both on the tree and the sky.

      The sky had to be 50 or 100 miles up. There were layers upon layers of thin, misty clouds surrounding the tree trunk. The thing that I remember the most was the temperature. It was sooo hot and humid in this dream.

      I couldn't believe the enormity of these metal trees, and I had to check them out for myself. I started flying, but for some reason moved backwards very quickly. I stopped and stumbled.

      "No, I want to go UP!"

      I started flying again, but I still went backwards. I lost control of the ability to fly and got pulled out of the scene. Everything started shrinking and getting darker. I saw more of the trees supporting the sky ceiling for a moment. It looked like some of them were just tree stumps.

      Somebody told me that this was a forest that had been cut down by giant cosmic beings from the seventh dimension, millions of years ago, but it was growing back now. I saw my town on a remove section of earth, like a SimCity tile, floating in nothing.

      I was in a black void. White cubes were scattered about. I was still pulling backwards at increasingly fast speeds. I thought I might hit one of the cubes, not being able to see where I was flying.

      I woke up.

      Interpretations: I really have to come back to these after I've had some proper time to think about it.
    7. Re-Hired

      by , 01-04-2015 at 02:13 PM (Schmaven's Dream Journal of Randomness)
      I decide to stop in to a place I used to work at. Arriving around 8:30 PM, I am included in an orientation group for new hires. I am a little surprised because I have yet to apply, but I do need a job so I just go with it. We get a tour, and the woman tells us about the company. Only lasting 15 minutes, I decide to go buy some food before the store closed at 9. Out on the floor, I see some old coworkers from CSU, Robert and Alberto. I am completely famished, so I talk with them as I browse for food, mostly looking for fruit. They seem to only be interested in distracting me, and not talking, so they leave. I end up eating a pound of cheese.

      Now I see some night crew people starting to arrive before the 9pm shift. I walk to the back room like I work there to see if I can find the night crew manager. I'm wearing a jacket and carrying a bunch of things, too much for comfort. I find my old locker, still with my things in it from 3 months ago, and stuff my sweater and a bag into it. As I hang up my winter coat, I see that I have 2 winter coats of the exact same type. That's strange. It must have been because I ripped the side of it. I don't remember ever having 2 though...

      The night crew introduces themselves to me. There are now about 20 people on the crew. Compared to 6 when I was working there. The manager tells me he's called Justin, and then we all just wait around in the break room for the shift to start. Justin lays down on the bench seat and keeps encroaching on my space. I keep moving over until I have to stand up. He goes even further so that his head and upper body are not even on the bench seat anymore. There is a chair I was going to use that he now is using as a pillow. He moves around and it doesn't look comfortable at all. I move the chair out of his way and he looks upset at me. "Well are you using it as a pillow, or is it hurting your neck?" I ask him. He laughs, and everyone gets up for the start of the shift.

      I clean up the back room, making to throw out some plastic and recycle some cardboard, but the trash barrel is 30 ft tall. I try to throw it into the barrel, but it's just too high, and the plastic doesn't throw well. Someone starts using an industrial vacuum, but is having trouble with it. I'm not sure they know how. I remember that's the same one we just got when I quit. Now I see that the 30 foot barrel is just several barrels stacked up to clear the floor for vacuuming. I walk to the receiving dock where several people are standing around, getting ready to unload the truck. One guy puts a climbing harness on so he can climb up a 20 ft pallet, and attach ropes to unload it with a crane. That looks like the best job to have! Too bad I quit earlier, now other people are having all the fun. But I seem to be back on the team now, so it's all good.
    8. Forgotten Flying (LD #126), The Connection to Nature (LD #127)

      by , 10-24-2014 at 01:15 PM (Lucid Time!)
      Fragment: Something to do with Jack Black. He is in this really bad comedy partially centered around lucid dreaming.

      Spoiler for slightly sexy:

      I FA'd. I was at college and started walking to class. For some reason my dad showed up and he started talking about Ebola. I didn't want to hear it, so I had to change the subject. But the only thing I could think of was the porn dream. So I told him about it and he listened intently, as if he was enjoying it.
      This somehow led to lucid flying above campus. I wish I remembered more than flying and hoping that my dream would know what the rooftops of the campus buildings looked like.

      I woke up around 5:00am and wanted to 'go back'. This is happening more and more frequently.

      I was having some dream where my roommate had been replaced by an old lady, and I had to take care of her because she had memory loss and forgot her pills and what not.
      At least she was not grumpy.
      Anyways, she has to take her pills every day, and today we have to go get refills for her. She also has to do her 'hearing' everyday that has something to do with her hearing aid and projecting a frequency that helps her to hear better.
      But my favorite thing to do is help her with her fruit smoothie that she drinks twice a day. She gets her fruit through the government and gets this big basket of fresh fruit everyday, more than enough for her smoothies.
      So I decided to be healthy and start drinking the smoothies with her. I have this juicer/smoothie maker in my room, and when you put the fruit in, a game comes up like fruit ninja. You have to slice the fruit for it to be added to your smoothie. I ended up getting a bunch of mangoes and kiwis in mine.
      There was some aspect to it like the smoothie could be used as rocket fuel. I had this tiny prototype rocket engine attached to the bottom of my smoothie.
      I somehow find myself at this exhibition where this native tribe is visiting from a far-away land and showing off rare herbs and spices. The lady that I am taking care of wants those added to her smoothie. I find this other lady (who was really just an older version of Manei, guess she wanted me taking her seriously in this dream.) She asks me to come over and do something.
      She has a small garden with all of the herbs in it, but there is a pathway running diagonal through it. The garden is like a sandbox, about 3ft by 3ft, and the soil in it is kind of sandy.
      Anyways, she tells me to look down, take two steps and then stop. I take two steps and walk nearly to the other side of the garden. She then somehow shifts me back to the opposite corner and asks me to take two more steps. I follow. This repeats two or three more times. I look up and we are now on a beach.
      She changes to her original age and smiles at me. I do a nose pinch, but strangely, the airflow is 'glitching' on and off. I feel like it is starting and stopping very quickly.
      Nevertheless I become lucid.
      Manei is sitting in the lotus position, and I recognize the beach we are on; the one from my first LD that we used to return to often. It is nighttime and the beach is moonlit.
      "It's time you learned about nature. Everything in nature is connected, though it's hard to look and see the connections. Take this garden for example."
      I look back at the remnants of the Herb garden from the transition. All of the plants are uprooted and ruined. I sit down in front of it. Somehow I decide that I want to make the plants regrow and repair themselves with my mind. I start to focus on the sand and a strong wind comes in blowing all of this dry sand over the plants. Then a bunch of new sprouts came up.
      "Good, now move over there. You're going to use your energy to create a plant from scratch now. Visualize the sand grains as full of life, like each one is a seed."
      For some reason I partially sink into the sand. I focus in on the ground in front of me and try to picture a plant growing. Nothing seems to be happening. I start to get disheartened. Just as I do, I see a bump in the sand and a little sprout comes out. I send my energy to it and it grows into a bushy fern-like plant.
      "You see, this is what the Buddha was talking about. Everyone has a connection to nature!"

      Er... I might not be the most up-to-date on Buddhist scriptures, but isn't he all about inner peace of mind and finding oneself and all that?
      Regardless, she stops talking. I decide to test the 'connection to nature' aspect of this. And somehow, I get from my 'connection to nature' to 'Let's practice waterbending!'. I look out at the ocean, and the waves rolling into the coast. I hold out my hands in front of me, palms down and try to picture the waves stopping.
      Slowly, all of the waves come to a stop and the ocean is a mirror surface. I see the moon and stars reflecting on it. So beautiful. I then release my grip and run into the water.
      I begin moving with the flow of the waves, that come back small at first, and then big. I feel like I am waterbending, but this feels a little more... (oh for heaven's sake) natural. I try to move with the flow of the waves using them to increase my motions rather than fight them. I try to make one of the waves splash Manei and it works. She chases me into the water and tries bending back at me. We are about to get into an all out, for-fun waterbending fight (Because dream guides can have fun too, you know.) when she gets the "oh, sh*t" look and tells me to run.
      I turn around, back out over the sea, and see a tsunami rolling in. Nope, nope! We don't run. I turn and face the wave as it swells into a white-cap and prepares to crash right on me. I hold up both my arms crossed and split the wave down either side. Both sides pass me harmlessly. This feels more like the original water bending, more forceful and less flow-ish. But it's all I can do at this point.
      The gap in the wave continues to widen and Manei passes through the gap as well. I turn back to see her standing on the shore. The wave crashes on either side of her but doesn't dare go near her. I turn around and see another, larger tsunami rolling in. I realize this is becoming one of those 'drowning' dreams that I used to have as a kid. There's no sense in fighting it any longer.
      I send a telepathic shout to Manei saying "Get the heck out of here, I'm gonna wake up." I look to the shore and she becomes blurry and fades away. I turn and face the wave, that is barreling in at impossible speeds. I start thinking that I should wake up, and manage to do so right before the wave hits me.

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    9. The Apple Bouncing Robot Spiders

      by , 10-20-2014 at 05:51 PM (Lucid Time!)
      I really need to better adhere to my 10:00 bedtime if I ever want to become lucid.

      I was partially lucid observing this dream where there were ten or twelve robotic spiders. They were all identical and they were all made out of rusty die-cut metal beams (I think that's what they are called; the kind of beams with the holes drilled into them at regular intervals to reduce weight.) They all have glowing red/green eyes. (Half with red and half with green.) and a large platform on top of their bodies with a spring beneath it.
      And on the platform was an apple. There were six green and six red apples in play. The spiders would bounce them into the air with the spring loaded platforms, sometimes to themselves or sometimes to their neighbors. Of course the spiders were moving as well, and they were preforming these increasingly intricate 'dances' with themselves and the apples.
      The setting kept on changing as well. At first, it was a badlands type area, then it became more abstract with a black ground plane and a white sky. The spiders began to look more like a cartoon and less like real life. Toward the end, the spiders were just two tones of grey and the apples and spider eyes were one shade of red/green with a black outline.
      This somehow led into a dream where I saw a bunch of grey three dimensional shapes in a line. I recall a pyramid, cube, cylinder, sphere and cone.

      I think there were some dry dreams about college in there somewhere, but I don't recall them.
    10. Bat Bite, The Talking Stag, and Being a Dude (Semi-Lucid)

      by , 08-06-2014 at 02:26 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      I was in a very large room with many people. The walls were a cream color. We were singing in some sort of choir. I was standing towards the front, and turned around to look behind me. There were people ducking and screaming.
      "It's a bat!!" I heard someone scream.
      I then saw a bat swoop down behind me. I was trying to get away from it myself, when it landed on my hand and bit me. It left three small puncture wounds on my hand. I was panicking a bit, because I knew I needed to go to the hospital.

      There was more to this one, but I can't quite recall.


      I was working in a jewelry store. I went to open shop. I got there, and Rachel was there, too. Her parents owned the store (I worked for them at a coffee shop 7 years ago IWL). They were there as well.

      The store opened, and a girl I knew in high school, Amanda, came inside. I think she was returning something. I thought about it, and thought I had heard that her fiance' was dead. I didn't say anything to her, but approached her and gave her a hug. She didn't hug back or say anything, but I wasn't offended. I finished hugging her and walked the other direction.

      I then remembered that I had forgotten something at home. I asked Rachel's parents if I could run home and get it real quick. They said I could. I left the store.

      Then, I saw this scene of a stag in a beautiful forest. He was sitting in a tall grassy area. Sunlight was peeking through the treetops, and everything it touched shimmered. I then saw some glowing thing. I do not know what else to call it but that. It was a round shape and was glowing in faint rainbow colors, but you could mainly see white. There was another one in the back room of the jewelry store too. I think it also acted as a portal. Rachel touched it, and turned into a scarecrow. She could then approach the stag. She stroked his fur, and he let her.

      It then got to a point where I did the same thing. At first, I could see myself in third person being the scarecrow and approaching the stag. But then, it was first person, and I was stroking the stag's fur. At first, I was expecting him to run, but he didn't move a muscle. I started to speak with him. He spoke to me in a deep, male voice, talking about scarecrows and how we came to see him (he did not realize that all the scarecrows who had seen him were all different humans). We spoke of other things as well, though I can't remember.

      Eventually, I went back to the jewelry store.

      Then, I was shopping at a grocery store in the produce section. I was looking for grapefruit so I could eat it with my breakfast for a healthy kick. I saw these small fruits inside these circular holders, kind of like the ones cups are in at fast food restaurants. I went to pull one out, and it was cutting it into a square shape as I pulled it. I saw that it was a type of melon, so I decided I didn't want it. I went to put it back, but it wouldn't go back in now that it was cut; it kept sliding out. I then kept looking, and spotted a bigger white fruit in a similar holder, but I read the sign and saw it was cantaloupe. Ugh, why couldn't I find a grapefruit? Someone, a female I believe, came up to me and asked what I was looking for. I responded
      "A melon. No, a cantaloupe. No, a grapefruit."
      I think she showed them to me. I can't quite recall.


      I was laying in my room, but it was a part of a much different apartment than the one I'm living in currently; it actually seemed to be a mixture of my apartment and my dad's old practice. It had many rooms all lining the same hallway on either side. In fact, my old roommate, Cherie', still lived there. So did her boyfriend, Jeremiah. I was debating on whether or not I had time to get up and shower.

      I then got up, and walked into a bathroom (there were a few bathrooms in this apartment). Jeremiah was in the shower. I got in with him and started washing my hair. We were laughing and having a good time. I think I put my arms around his neck. I noticed that the water was kinda cold. I guess he liked showers the way my husband likes them. I didn't mind the cold much (though I do IWL).

      I then had to get out, I guess Cherie' was coming home and was going to shower with him. I had only washed my hair though, and still needed to shower more. I saw my reflection in a mirror of my hair. It was already dry, and looked very wavy and shiny. I figured I could get by with just shampooing my hair and it wouldn't be a big deal. I needed to wash my face, though. I couldn't get to my shower stuff anymore because Cherie' and Jeremiah were showering. So instead, I pretended that I had my bottle of face wash in my hand, and started to pump some on my finger. I felt nothing. I kept trying however; I put it on my face, rubbing it around. I felt it a little, but not much. It felt dry. Probably because it was.

      I then walked by another room, which was actually an office. I saw a computer on a desk in there. It had a flowery background. Now that I think about it, it really resembled my dad's old office, though the furniture was switched around. I saw my therapist in there. She smiled and closed the door. I guess she was working. I think the bathroom I normally used was in there. Crap.

      I then found myself showering in another bathroom in the apartment. I looked down and I was standing on a couch/lounge chair.

      Avatar? Whats urs about?-audrey-bella-navy-chaise-chair-42b87405-9e4b-431c-9c78-1f4776a1c8ee_320.jpg

      It looked similar to this, only it had two cushions instead of just the one, and had a curtain-type pattern on top of the navy blue.

      I watched the water hit the chair.

      I then was out of the shower, and approached a mirror in the bathroom. To my surprise, I was looking at the reflection of a young skinny guy with a white tank top on and short, dark dreads. I knew who I/he was in the dream. At this point, I became semi-lucid. I noticed that behind me, stood...me. When I moved in the mirror, the guy me moved, but the other me, the girl me, was moving of her own accord. This part was extremely vivid.

      I then turned around and saw Cherie' was there too, but she also was a guy! She looked similar to me. I knew who she was supposed to be as well. I said to her
      "I wonder if I have a penis."
      I looked down to look. I didn't see a bulge. I did notice I was standing in a white bathtub though. I then pulled open my basketball shorts and saw...my vagina. I even saw my birthmark on my belly that I have IWL. Boo. No penis for me.
      Cherie' then checked to see if she had one, and she did. She said, in her voice, I might add,
      "I do. It's long enough to impregnante someone!" I saw a glimpse of it. It was hard. Damn, son. She was right.

      Then, either I woke up, or lost my semi-lucidity.


      I slept super well last night, and I know there were more dreams, but I can't remember them all right now. I just kept thinking about how I needed to sleep more. I was dog tired.

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    11. Rebuilding Recall

      by , 04-30-2014 at 01:16 AM (Lucid Time!)
      This is old and I never published it for some reason.

      Four or five people are sitting around a table and are snorting cocaine. They offer me to join. I decline.

      I am at some cafe or food court area. There are several restaurants. Only one of them is open; a pizza place. I ask the person behind the to please get me some pizza. She gives me a pita bread with some ketchup on it. Some other dream characters come, and the woman gives them actual pizza. I am jealous and ask some of the other dream characters if they were willing to share. They are not.
      Several other food-related things took place. Some of the other restaurants came open. I went to a chinese restaurant where they offered noodles. I tried to purchase noodles but they gave me raw dry noodles.

      I am in some industrial park or power plant area. Odd mix of heavy industry and nature. I find a hole with a ladder leading underground. I open it and some man emerges wearing heavy high-tech looking armor, something like the fallout armor.
      The armor grants him superhuman strength and he begins throwing rocks and large pieces of stone at me and other dream characters. Me and the other dream characters fight back by [dream logic] throwing fruit [/dream logic] Supposedly it was because the fruit had acid in it that would cause the armor to rust and freeze up.

      I get hit by one of the rocks, and die but become partially lucid upon the moment of my death and reset the situation.
      I help coordinate the dream characters and instead of simply attacking we plan an ambush and end up defeating the man in the armor.

      I am in what feels like a combination of a shopping mall and my middle school. I am lucid, and try to throw a plasma ball. It fails.

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    12. Facebook Apple

      by , 01-09-2013 at 09:42 AM (Fennecgirl's Collection of Dreams)
      I had a dream last night that I was replying to a Facebook comment on an apple. Yes, an apple. No, I don't mean an Apple computer; it was an actual apple, as in the fruit. I ate it afterwards.
    13. Weird Fragments

      by , 07-29-2012 at 02:32 PM (Fennecgirl's Collection of Dreams)
      All I remember from last night is a few weird dream fragments. I'll try to keep them in order, though I can't really remember what order they were in.

      1. I tried to poop on my bed for some reason (wtf?), but I couldn't. Then, I found a bag of fruit in my closet.

      2. I was at this weird water park place with a talking seal. Crossing the path was this "road", a channel of water that was a few inches deep. Going across THAT was a track that looked sort of like a part of a waterslide but flat. The water on this was less than an inch deep, so it was used for crossing the "road". The seal wanted to cross the "road" by going across this track-thing in his boat (which I thought was kind of silly, seeing as I could WALK across this "road" without even using the crossing-track-thing). He then expected me to pay for his boat, since he'd rented it. The rental cost was 25 cents. I reached into my pocket and found two pennies, but I was determined to get the other 23 cents he needed.

      3. I was on some kind of field trip, I think. I was in the back of a group with a friend. She was texting someone, and the two of us were talking about the guy she was texting. The teacher guy (or whoever was in charge of the group) told us to stop talking about him (he said the guy's name, but I can't remember what it was). We continued to talk about the guy she was texting anyway, but we started whispering so the teacher wouldn't hear us. He told us off again, but, this time, he told us to stop talking about Clinton. We burst out laughing because we weren't.
    14. Stealing from the pope then rewarding a mission well done with an exotic fruit tasting.

      by , 07-09-2012 at 06:56 PM (Chard's DJing This Party)
      I start off in a living room, sitting and listening to one man talk. I'm tempted to do something, anything, out of the knowledge that I'm only getting so much dream time, but I continue to wait because on occasion I will start moving involuntarily in my dreams and I wanted to see where that would lead. The dream moved on before that happened.

      I am now anticipating making an important speech to a large crowd in London, with scores of citizens cheering me on. It reminded me of the speech Obama gave in Germany during his 2008 campaign. This part ended before I could give any speech.

      I am now in a large shopping center, getting around by hooking onto walls and ledges by thrusting out my arm and having a grappling hook shoot from my wrist. So I swing around like Spiderman until I see the pope himself with his entourage, carrying a golden trophy. During this time two men were talking about something mundane over a loudspeaker until one of them asserts that this presents an "Oppor-fun-tunity" for this young gentleman. I hook onto the ledge just above where the pope was climbing some stairs. I pull myself over the ledge just as he reaches the top of the stairs, rush over and gank his trophy, then start racing down the stairs while his guards chase after me. Two guards climb up the stairs to greet me and I'm thinking "Where's the colorful garb that Vatican guards wear?" Now I'm pretty big, 6'5", and one of them is a short older fellow that looks at me in exasperation and exhaustion and I knock the poor guy down as I reach the bottom of the steps and get out of there.

      Later I request to be transported to a far off planet to try some exotic fruit. It's just after dusk on this planet, with mostly twilight but some waning sunlight. There's a large lake or perhaps ocean underneath me, with a tree standing tall and angular out of it. I pick fruit from the tree and try it, it didn't have any taste to it. Perhaps this was fortunate; I see large birds hanging out along the shoreline. I invite a bird to land on my elbow, just not too large (a large bird walks away looking dejected) and with small talons (same thing: a bird with ridiculously long talons, think "Man with world's longest fingernails," walks away disappointed). A regular sized bird flies up and lands on my elbow. Then I notice bird heads popping out of the fruit, or eggs, as I now realize. I look over at the bird on my arm, realizing what I had done, and it tries to bite me. The dream ends.
    15. Red Tornado - Calm Beach

      by , 01-06-2012 at 07:13 AM (A World In My Head!!)
      January 5, 2012

      Synopsis: we take refuge from a red raging tornado, lucid, escape military and imagine a new scene - a beach

      Note: I woke up in the middle of the night and tried to recall the dream I just had. All I remember was that it had something to do with someone being healed. Their legs? Ayurveda? I realized now's a good time to try a lucid dream induction. I didn't, I just fell asleep instead. But its the thought that counts!

      Red Tornado - Calm Beach
      I'm walking with a group of friends in the industrial part of the city and were just having a good time. That was until I saw the red storm. "What is that? Do you see that?"

      A massive thunderhead was sweeping down in a funnel shape just next to the lake under the highway overpass. The storm was glowing red. And as the funnel became a tornado it was like the red was a shaft of light in its center.

      "We need to take cover!"

      There was an abandoned warehouse like building nearby. But it was also right next to the path of the red tornado. As we ran inside I thought it was strange that the red tornado was stationary. It didn't seem to be moving and it was silent.

      The inside of the building was weird. It was mostly empty, with dark concrete walls. Dark because of the lack of lightning, kind of like a parking garage.

      "There's a basement level, that'll be the safest spot" said an older man who was now leading our group that grew into 20+ people.

      We ran down the flight of stairs, which were really abstract. When we got down there I looked out the windows.

      "Why are we on the third level? I thought we were going down?"

      Its true, some how running down the stairs took us several floors up. We examined the staircase and determined it was missing a level or somehow that level was twisted the wrong way. We can see the ground level with the cars from way up here.

      Back up we go, which takes us down. All is quiet now. There's only one light on in the "living room" of this vast empty basement. Without the company of friends, this place is creepy.

      I don't remember why but I went down *back up* by myself - to get something or look for something. When I came back up to the basement everyone was gone. There was no way they could leave without me noticing, there's only one door and I crossed it going back up.

      They vanished.

      "Hello? Hello?"

      I get that strange feeling I've gotten before, they vanished because they never were. I don't want to stay here anymore, the place only feels darker. I quickly run out of the closest window, lucid. The storm is gone. Excited that I'm dreaming I observe my environment. I start with the items closest to me. The brick wall. I touch it, its gritty. There's a vase on top of a post.

      So shiny it looks so real! I tap on it and it makes a hollow sound. I put my palm on it and try to merge my hand into it but I can't. It feels too solid. I realized I do this a lot as a RC in waking life, and that its not a very good reliable RC for me.

      The military show up on the scene. What do they want? I just try to mind my own business and go the other way, into this weird cityscape that looks like a bad video game layout. But they follow me. I try to lose them and they give chase.

      They chase me into an area that looks like the isles of a walmart were tossed into a field, and lots and lots of boxes. Dream characters start to shout at me as the military men get closer. They're blaming, they're telling me how horrible this dream world is and its all my fault.

      "Get her!"

      I finally lose them in the field of isles and boxes. I hide underneath a table hidden by cardboard, I hope they didn't see me. I want to change this dream scene!

      I close my eyes and imagine the ocean instead. At first it feels like nothing is happening, I swear I'm still just underneath this table. But I give it a few moments, waiting for a cue. There. I felt it. I dunno, it just feels different. I open my eyes to a sandy strip with Hawaiians and tourists dancing.

      Cool. I saw people I recognized from waking life. Happy I shouted "were dreaming! were dreaming! hey, are you listening? this is a dream!". But they just nodded their head at me. I couldn't remember where I met them from, so my dream gave me dream-memories. I remembered them from a strange class.

      The dance is over and everyone is gathered by a stone wall. My vision blurs in and out. I can't feel the ground. There's almost no sound. I figured this was sign I could wake up anytime soon. So I didn't feel like sitting by the wall listening to some old bearded man yap on.

      I saw a tree with huge candy fruit of every color. I take a huge bite, but instead of something sweet, its more like a mild lemon.

      I woke up. Its a FA actually. I tell my sisters about my dream. My room is totally facing the wrong wall. And then I wake up for real. (or did I?)

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