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    1. 5 Dec; Shoes, shoplifter and a Korean movie

      by , 12-05-2018 at 10:00 AM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false awakening

      Once again at my friend Zilla's home, actually her mom's. I go outside on the neighborhood for a walk and find lots of new shoes from a shop discarded by the dumpster. Some are still in the original boxes, but I will need bags to carry them with me. My friends, Zilla and Licas, they come by and we arrange to go get bags at home to rescue those shoes. At some point I am there guarding it so that no one else takes it and a couple of policemen comes ask me what I am doing. They think I am responsible for all those shoes on the ground and I could get a fine for it. But I explain what I am actually doing and ask if they can wait for my friends to come with bags.

      Later on a department store, a vintage thing, looks like it's the 1930's. I am with a friend, a cute curly blond lady. She sees another lady she dislikes, paying for some very luxurious towels and leaving them unattended at the cashier's balcony. In a moment of distraction of the cashier, she steals the towels and runs towards me, so we go away before anyone notices. I become accidentally involved. We head to an elevator and she acts all paranoid as we descend to the garage level. I actually think she might have gotten away with it. I feel like I'm in a Hitchcock movie. I go home by train. Unfortunately there must have been witnesses or something, because days later I receive a notification to pay for the towels she stole - they considered me accomplice - and they even charged me 9€ for a pen I took by mistake that I had used to sign a cheque.

      Some epic story, I think in China , but could be in Korea, Mongolia. This one felt a bit like a Bong Joon-ho movie. It was about some invaders, from another kingdom or tribe, and some people being driven out of their lands and persecuted. Their rulers are probably dead but there is a prince and a princess whom they believe are still alive but were captured. They escape through the mountains and reach an arid plateau. they are walking in two parallel lines along a path crossing the plateau, when their prince and princess appear at the end of the lines, running, looking beaten down. They rejoice, happy that they escaped. Unfortunately they were being followed by the enemy army, which is coming ready for an ambush. They have like a giant white sleeve-like trap they pull along the line of people, capturing them like fish in a net. I don't know how it is possible, but it works. And I am trapped with them.

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      dream fragment , non-lucid
    2. My Princess

      by , 02-28-2016 at 11:31 AM

      I was in a medieval fantasy city ,most likely inspired by the Warcraft city Dalaran. Dalaran it's a magical flying city. I am a guard , dressed in heavy full-body armor , holding my shield. There is a war going on somewhere between humans and orcs.
      Oh and , I was in love with the princess the city, and she was in love with me. I can no longer remember her looks , but i remeber feeling the love. We kept our love secret , because it was inapropriate for a guard to be with a princess. We wondered around the beautiful city , chatting and when no one was around hugging and kissing. Soon the war ended and the humans won. At night , the warchiefs of the orcs came at the town to surrender. During this I was guarding the orcs , with many other guards of course. But in fact , I didn't pay much attention to the orcs , my mind was at the princess , sitting with the King and the Queen outside of a palace. We were looking at each other , and it was like we made whole convertations just with our eyes. When the whole thing ended. There was a celebration at a nearby place. We guards weren't allowed to participate , we just standed there guarding the doors. I was just watching her dancing and she was beautiful (although I still don't remember her looks , these were my thoughts). When the event was over , it was at last time to meet her. It was late at night and no one was outside in the roads. We agreed that it's time to reveal our affair to everyone , and go leave together. Tommorow night we would tell the King. I was looking forward to it. Then she gave me a goodbye kiss and before the kiss ended , I woke up.

      (That was one of the best and most vivid dreams I had in a long time so I decided to share it. I wasn't lucid at any point of the dream sadly. )

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    3. #94: Party / Order

      by , 02-17-2016 at 08:46 AM
      > Had a very unpleasant dream in which I had to catch a train and my mom would bring me by car, but I was fighting verbally with her and perhaps some other family members who were present. Time was running out fast as well. I had 5 minutes left to catch the train.

      > I was meeting a slightly older woman to interview her for something. We're both seated on stools quite close to each other, behind a long desk. There are some other people in the room as well. I'm trying to take notes, but this paper and this red pen are ridiculous. I need something else. The woman comes really close to me and she's flirting with me. We both want this, but with her colleagues here this isn't the right time.

      I'm driving (not sure what vehicle I'm using) in the evening, towards a party of my friend Ant. A birthday party perhaps? It's somewhere in a city. I'm starting to think that I was driving a moped. Some other people also arrive. My aunt and my little brother. I check the invite / FB event and Ant cancelled / rescheduled it about 30 minutes ago to another day. Nice timing... I tell my aunt and little brother. My aunt is definitely ready to leave again. I wanna check the inside of the building and tell them I'll just be 1 minute, knowing it'll probably take longer. My little brother joins me. We end up in a sort of bouncy castle type of thing, which is pretty neat.

      I'm somewhere outside in the evening. It's in a city. The mood is slightly rebellious and reminds me of the NYE in Köln. A girl with long black hair who is definitely younger than I am starts bothering me. I'm not sure what she does, but after a while I start going after her while she runs away. An older looking Arabic male tells me to leave her alone. She's a good person like him, cause they're both from North Iran/Iraq. What the.. no! That you're both from the same country doesn't make both of you good people. Matter of fact, I don't even know if you're a good person. At some point while talking to this man, who seems like he won't budge, I feel my pockets to check if my wallet and phone are still there. They are, but shit now this guy knows exactly where they are. I'm on the move again.

      I enter a small classroom. There are a few rows of dark wooden benches, enough to fit perhaps 25 people at most if you cram. Outside it's busy as hell, inside there are just a few people. This is a select group of people, something along the lines of Order of the Kingdom. Princess Beatrix is heading this meeting. We're here to think about ways to defeat IS. It feels quite personal, as if they've just attacked a Dutch city. The door to this room keeps getting opened. People are curious what's going on in here. At one point the door is open for a while. Eventually two people are allowed to join. The first is a man in his 40's, with streaks of grey in his beard. He looks like he's earned the reputation to be here. The other is my classmate Chris. I'm now sitting/lying in what seems like the windowsill, in a quite relaxed position, nothing you'd do in front of the princess. I'm wearing a purple V-neck T-shirt. I tell her I've got an idea, but it's going to be very longterm and might not even work. I'm not sure if it's a good plan. Basically there are at least 3 ways to do damage to them: kill them, make sure they don't attract new members and... ? My proposal is that we need to prevent people living in the countryside from joining them in the cities by taking care of the water supply. I'm not sure if the dream lasted long enough for me to fully explain all that.
    4. The betrothed princess, Majin Buu, and a bigfoot episode of Supernatural

      by , 06-29-2015 at 05:42 AM (Mouka's Mind Palace)
      I was a princess, the daughter of some super rich king who wanted to marry me off to some prince I'd never met. On the day we were supposed to meet, the king hired all sorts of people to doll me up, hair stylists, makeup artists, fashion experts, etc. First I was sent to the hair stylist, who was this young lady with light neon blue hair up in two ponytails on either side of her, and her hair had streaks of other colors in it, mostly pink I think. I was so in love with her hair and asked for something similar, so she gave me the same style but made mine super colorful and rainbow-y. After that, they sent me to the makeup artist, and I was really nervous because for some reason I thought I had guy-stubble on my face and I was afraid the artist would get weirded out and not cover it up, but she said she could do that easily. After that, I worried over the dress selection, because I seriously badly wanted a Victorian style dress that poofed out at the bottom, and I thought they'd give me some ugly straight one. But they had a huge dress selection to choose from so I felt better. Later on, the king told me the prince didn't really like me, but that wasn't the point. The point was to marry so they could combine kingdoms. I got so upset and told the king that I refused to be just some object he could use to take over countries with, and I ran away.

      An evil man kidnapped me and locked me in his house. It was kind of a shitty house, and I remember seeing a round wooden table next to glass patio doors. I was so scared but determined to escape. I acted really nice to him so he would wind up trusting me, and then I secretly opened the patio door so his pug ran out. He was freaking out over his dog escaping so I told him I would go out and get it. So I ran out into the yard but instead of chasing the dog I ran along the fence until I found a spot low enough to climb over, and I did and took off running frantically. I knew I wasn't a very good runner but I tried, and by the time I got to his front yard, he intercepted me and held me in place, smiling and laughing all creepy-like. He told me he didn't care if I screamed because anyone passing by wouldn't bother to help anyway, so I started screaming and reaching my hand out to people walking down the sidewalk, and they just turned their heads and kept walking. The neighbor did the same thing but went into his house. I felt so hopeless and desperate, and I couldn't believe nobody would help me, but the man kept holding me and laughing. But suddenly this Worgen guy from WoW came up and told the man to let me go, but he didn't. He acted all nice and invited him in for tea, so the Worgen said okay and said he'd save me afterward. I told him to be careful because he was only level 98 and the man was level 100, but he didn't care. The creepy man wound up catching us both. After that, I was saved by Majin Buu, who flew me away on a cloud. We were both sitting on the cloud and flying through the sky, doing loops and such. Suddenly we saw another person flying towards us on a cloud that also had Majin Buu sitting on it, so we stopped and said hi to each other.

      I was standing in a house by the window, looking up at storm clouds. There was a serious amount of rotation, and I saw one cloud close to the ground start rotating pretty fast. I made a joke that it would turn into a tornado... but then it actually did. When I went out onto the porch there were tornadoes everywhere, but it looked like that one was heading away from us, and as soon as I pointed that out, it turned around and came toward us. They told me to get back into the house and hunker down in the hallway, but I was like 'fuck that shit' and made a mad dash out into the road for some reason. They called me insane and said I'd die, but I kept running and running, hoping to find a safe place before the tornado caught up with me, I felt scared but at the same time confident I'd get away. I saw a big school and ran inside quick, and the school was empty and dark. On the floor was a small window, like the kind you see on the bottoms of houses that lead to the basement, so I hoped it was also a basement. I could hear the tornado close and dived into the window, squeezing through. The basement was huge with a concrete floor and a sloped roof like an attic's, and I grabbed at random plywood boards in an attempt to protect my head. Then I saw another person down there, but we didn't say anything to each other, we just nodded in approval like 'I see you were smart enough to come down here too'. When the tornado finally hit, I realized I'd left the window open, and it was trying to suck me out, so I grabbed onto a rafter and held on tight, and survived.

      Sam and Dean saw an article in a paper about bigfoot terrorizing a small town way in the forest, so they went to check it out. The bigfoot was killing everyone, people were dying left and right, and there was blood everywhere. They did some investigating and were up on a wooden porch when they found a glass jar filled with congealed blood, so they had it DNA tested and found it belonged to nearby people who hadn't died yet. They went to check them out and found two terrible teenagers with skin the color of a corpse and crazy eyes. They realized there was no bigfoot, it was just the bloodlust of the two evil teens, and they made up the bigfoot story to the sheriff to hide their own murders. Sam and Dean were kind of pissed it wasn't 'their kind of case' after all and left the teens to the cops.

      Apparently I lived in an apartment complex that was in some city that Seru destroyed before his tournament. Everyone was dead and the complex was falling apart, and there was a flood that went up halfway to my knees. But I was happy and excited, and spinning around through the parking lot singing. I was going to go see him. The scene cut to a news station surrounded by debris, with the only road leading out going directly to Seru's arena, so the reporter just said 'fuck it' and they got in their van and decided to go out there, even though they knew he already killed a bunch of reporters. The dream never finished their story, so I have no idea what happened to them. After that, it cut to me at the arena, and I remember seeing him standing there looking all passive but... I can't remember anything about our interaction. Thanks brain. Thanks for making allllll my other dreams super-detailed but completely forgetting the one part I'd want to remember most from this one dream. Ffffffuck that.
    5. Alien Queen of the Amethyst Planet

      by , 03-18-2015 at 05:55 PM
      I think I am going to have trouble remembering my dream last night. I will record what I remember later today.

      But, for now, another Lucid dream I had put down previously. This particular dream, I was thinking it was an OOB experience. So some of my wording is odd. I didnt know about lucid dreaming at the time. Also, another experience from college. I used to do some crazy dream stuff back then!


      I took a nap for whatever reason an art student takes a nap, so when I began dreaming, my conscious mind was still awake. I was back in CT (I was attending college in NYC at the time of the dream) and in my Parent's house. I was in my sister's room, walking, or floating out from her closet and towards the the outside hallway that connects her and my room with the rest of the house. I had the feeling of being led somewhere without my permission, but I figure it was my spirit floating through the house and my logical, conscious mind confused that it wasn't in control. I looked up and into the dining room (as before I was concentrating more on the floor. And no, I don't recollect my feet.) and commented on how the sunlight was shining so nicely into the room. I then took a left, through the open doors and into the living room, where I looked down onto one of my mom's throw blankets that was on the floor along with one of the many furniture catalogs my mom keeps and reads from time to time. I remember seeing some red cloth or reddish cloth blanket or bedspread. I also commented on how the blanket and magazine were even ON the floor, since in real life my mum is such a clean freak and only usually puts things on the floor for a minute.

      I figured, or knew she was somewhere in the kitchen. Next, in a flash, I had speedily made my way to the front door and was looking out the storm window. I then flew outside, spun around to look at a moving van that was parked infront of the house next door and on the sidewalk. I studied it for a while, then...

      I was suddenly somewhere completely different. I flew out of an emerald colored volcano that was hollowed out and without lava. (like a volcano shaped chute or something.) I began ZOOMING towards a sparkling city or palace that was very far away, but I reached it in only a few seconds. Between the green volcanoes and the sparkling citadel was what looked like shining purple chunks of rock, with deep cracks in between them. I couldn't exactly see what they were or if there was anything else under me as I flew, since I was going so incredibly fast. It was also very dark under me.

      The next thing I saw was the interior of the castle. I was standing in the huge threshold of what seemed at first like a sewer, only very clean and without poo-rivers. Or maybe it was closer to a dungeon-like water treatment plant. I stood in a square, grey bricked corridor, looking ahead and down at a river of purple sparkling water. It flowed below the corridor I was in and an adjacent, identical corridor, from the left to the right. It ran through a grate in the left and went off somewhere I couldn't see on the right. I think it also branched off to another river that flowed away from me, further down.

      Next I was at the threshold of the whole manor/castle, only a little in. I now saw before me a humongous, glowing purple orb, inside which was what looked like a star system, or a universe. The orb was on a black pedestal. I think things and mist swirled around the orb. At first this was all very fuzzy, like I didn't have my glasses on and therefore couldn't see well. But, my logic mind still active, I was able to make myself focus. I wanted to remember all of this. I focused too much and things became too detailed. Like if you put on a stronger prescription of glasses that you shouldn't be wearing and it strains your eyes.

      It was then that I noticed a guard to my right and a little infront of me. He hadn't seen me yet and was looking away, like a guard would. He wore a knights mail, a helmet...held a spear? Had faded red on. When I saw him I started to excitedly talk at him, so happy that I was able to meet another person while I was able to still use my logic mind. Of course I scared him, because I was behind him and he had no clue who I was or why I was there. I then realized this, and was afraid he would attack me, so I jumped really high 3 or 4 times to get out of his way. I landed in a room connected to the one I was just in, to the direct left of where I previously stood. There was what looked like gym mats ( both rolled up and unrolled and on the floor ) in this room, and I think it somewhat resembled a P.E gymnastics area.

      Next I remember looking in a mirror and looking at my reflection as I danced excitedly. I looked like me. The guard who I previously scared was still there. He told me, as I looked in this full length mirror, that I was "the reincarnation of our Queen". or Princess. Then I woke up.

      After this, I was convinced I was some mysterious Alien Queen in hiding. I didn't know what had happened. Whether I had a dream or I really experienced this adventure as a spirit. I was...confused. :[

      Looking back, I'm amazed I was able to focus and do other lucid-y things without even knowing that I was in a lucid dream. Ha.
    6. Messed up dream

      by , 02-20-2015 at 10:50 AM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      I woke up in the middle of the night. It was dark all around, but I managed to open the door and go outside. Where should I go? I thought. Then everything changed. I saw myself running on the desert from top-down view. I was avoiding spike traps and boulders rolling down from hills in my direction. I barely escaped when almost all the place was filled with traps. My point of view changed, and I saw my moves like it was a side-scrolling game. In the middle of an underground cavern I found an entrance to a forgotten city. When I tried to enter it I was attacked by hordes of small weasels weilding bows. I ran deeper into the caverns while escaping from flying arrows. I saw an entrance to a dwarven fortress. I jumped into the moat under the drawbridge, and climbed up that bridge. When I was climbing I felt the weird structure of the drawbridge. It was somehow soft and slimy. I entered the dwarven settlement. It was made of dark-gray rock. Dwarven masons were the best I've ever seen, I was in awe and wanted to share my thoughts with two dwarves standing nearby. It was a king and his advisor. We haven't talked about anything in particular, but then the king mentioned that he wants to make a wedding of me and the princess. We talked about that wedding while we were going down strange stairs - a maze of handrails without steps. We had to climb the handrails to go down. When I appeared in a chamber below the entrance the dwarves disappeared. I saw a group of adventurers standing there. They told me that their quest is to help me marry the princess. We moved from the chamber to a tunnel. I saw gigantic set of stairs carved in rock. The stairs were reaching high up to the surface. One of the adventurers told And now we have to go up these stairs?! I told him Don't worry. These stairs have over two hundred ad twenty steps!. We moved up. I had troubles with climbing the stairs, but we've reached the surface. Rainy afternoon. It was cold, the dense fog was covering the horizon. I could feel the water flowing on the road with my bare feet. I was wearing only my underwear. The stairs led to the street. I looked back and saw that the entrance to the tunnel with stairs was a phone booth. The street was empty, and I saw only a few persons there. A man wearing gray hoodie and glasses. He had dark gray beard and was smoking a cigarette. When I looked at him I knew that he was on of the adventurers, making a distraction so I could enter a nearby palace. It was high building made of white marble, ornamented with exotic wood, silver and gold. Near the gate made of finest steel I saw a couple. A man wearing black trechcoat, glasses and black fedora hat. The woman was wearing a white, long gown. She had dark-brown hair and blue eyes. I saw them from the distance, they were kissing. When I came closer I saw that the woman was lying in a stroller and eating chips, and the man was kissing a barbie doll resembling the woman. They were also making a distraction for me. I entered the palace without much trouble. Inside I saw a dwarven king sitting on a throne. The place was made of white marble and granite; and random ornaments were made of exotic wood, silver and gold. There was no trace of his advisor. He had someone different instead. A president of Poland was one of his most loyal servants. The president was wearing dark-orange sweater, glasses and blue jeans trousers. I asked the king about my wedding with his daughter. Then the princess appeared. A yound girl in light-blue gown. She had light-brown hair, pale skin and green eyes. She came closer to me and told me that she wants to escape with me. Her father was mad after hearing this, and swore that he'll stop this by any means necessary. I ran to the street, and head for a barn standing on the north side of the street, west of the palace. The rain was getting stronger. The water was slowly gathering inside buildings. I entered the barn. There was a wooden plank leaning over the old wooden wall. I took it and placed it on the ground, so I could sit down on it. I looked around the building. It was divided into two parts. A storage area filled to the brim with wood and hay. There were also other object. A metal drill to make holes in the ground, and a some shelves. There was also a garage part, which I was sitting in. I took a small pebble from the ground, and tried to make a fire, so I could warm myself up. I was unable to do it. I sat alone in the cold, dark barn wearing only my underwear. After a while I decided to go back to the palace. This time however I avoided the main entrance, and went to the backyard. There I sneaked into the dining room through the kitchen. It was a large chamber. There was a long table in the middle of the room with a set of chairs standing there. They were made of exotic wood, and standing on a red carpet with a golden outline. The corners of the carpet were ornamented with gold. The dwarven king was sitting near the table and waiting. After a while the president appeared. He was carrying a silver platter, and was happy. He thought that the king would enjoy the meal made by him. The king was mad, he was still thinking about me and the princess. I came closer to the dwarf, but he pushed me away. I escaped to the street. I looked to the right, and saw a TV reporter talking about mercenaries hired by dwarves to kill civillians. For a while I seen the reporter from cameras point of view. She was a woman in her late twenties, wearing a trenchcoat. She had dark-red hair, pale skin and brown eyes. I seen again from my point of view. I looked to the right, and saw SEALS soldiers waiting for something or someone. I decided to run for it, and ran to the barn. I get there without any action from their side. I sat down on the plank, and tried to make a fire again. It was vain. I thought the end this madness. I got out of barn, and walked straight the treet. I entered my home. It was early evening. I thought about taking a bath. Then my father appeared and told me that he's going to take a bath first. I agreed and went to the living room. I sat on a couch, and was wondering if I left something in the barn. Suddenly I saw a glass of tea, and fire set up by someone. Then I felt strong, piercing pain in my index finger. I looked at it, and saw a huge, dirty nail sticking out of my flesh.
    7. 11-4-14 "This'll cheer you up!"

      by , 12-04-2014 at 07:17 PM
      A princess had a deadly infection in her legs and they needed to be amputated. She was obviously distraught. So I tried to cheer her up by eating her legs, which were still attached to her at the time.
    8. Betrayal: Siege of the Crystal Empire

      by , 08-01-2014 at 06:28 AM
      4 January 2014

      Note: This is the first dream where the dialogue is memorable enough to jot down although much of it will need to be paraphrased. There will be some holes in the dialogue. Believe it or not this is one of my favorite dreams because it is one of the most vivid and made for a good narrative (I love dreams with good narrative). Anyway it may not be the most positive but it is definitely the most interesting dream I have had.

      [~]-used to indicate hole in dialogue

      There may be some phrases I use that you don't recognize

      Aperture-a random opening that leads the dreamer to (what seem like) completely random spots. For example: a closet door that takes one from his bedroom out to an open field or a classroom door that leads from the classroom out to the edge of space would be considered an aperture.

      "Denizens" are what I call my dream figures.

      It was nearing the last day of the final year of Prairie Park School. Me and all of my friends sat around a table in a dimly lit room. Sitting there was my friend from scouts Nick, he sat across from me along with Sarah. Next to me was Alternian troll, Terezi Pyrope. The school was deserted and we sat silently. Sarah sat working on her paper for her finals or something; I cannot recall what everyone else was working on I just remember that it was silent; no one said a word to one another. I had eyes for Terezi, I am not sure why. There was an aperture at the top of the steps that led into the house of the apple family and I do believe that the other denizens had use of the aperture. I was staying with the apple family and was in a room with four bunk beds. I think I was bunking with Alicorn Princess Twilight Sparkle. Now Twilight was unusually quiet and seemed to spend most of the dream brooding over something, people didn’t even notice her existence. The strange thing here is that Twilight was in her usual pony form whereas the apple family consisted of anthropomorphic versions of themselves. There was not much happening beyond this point in time that I can well remember.

      The next day was the same as the first; we all sat in the exact same spots in silence. Sarah worked silently on her paper while everyone else seemed to sit staring at the table. Terezi was just outside of my field of vision to my right. The room was the same as it was yesterday, empty, dim, somewhat eerie. I wonder what everyone was thinking as we approached the end of the year. What was going through everyone’s mind? What was going through my own mind? Even I did not know. After nearly two straight workdays of complete silence Sarah finally spoke up and said: “Dammit! Being friends with MT was a waste of time [~] can’t get this project done because of him [~] wish I was never friends with him.”

      I heard this and felt as though I had been knifed in the back by a friend. This was not a sentiment that I was unfamiliar with. One would think that I would be used to it by now, nonetheless it stung. Just as always the wound felt fresh, as though I was experiencing this pain for the first time because, the truth is, you never do get used to it no matter how many times it happens and no matter how much you try and convince yourself otherwise. I was even more shocked to find that nick shared the same sentiment as did every one else there. I was unable to recount exactly what was said but there was definitely a common theme amongst the group: MT was a waste of time. I was blamed for everything that was wrong in their lives and I tried to defend myself but I was not given much of a chance to speak.

      I was catatonic. I had no idea how to react and didn’t even have a firm grasp on my own thoughts. I was slumped over, staggering like a drunk. If the human mind really is designed to respond to a verbal attack as it responds to a physical one then it was a miracle I could even stand after such a merciless beating. I made my way through the aperture hoping to get away from all the hate and negativity but it seems that the fates had declared me undeserving of such respite. I would say that the apple family’s attitude towards me had changed but honestly I don’t think they liked me to begin with. The only thing that had changed was the volume at which they voiced contempt, that is to say, they were no longer keeping their opinions to themselves. Lazy, worthless, words along those lines which were spoken by the apple family, hurled at me from all directions. I did not have supper that night. Confused and upset, I retreated to my room. Although I suppose technically it was our room, Twilight Sparkle was still there although mentally she was lost in her own little world all day everyday. I was not surprised to find her in the exact same spot I left her slumped over on her bed with her wings hanging limb over her shoulders; just…thinking.

      The next morning was no better than the previous night. I went out only to be greeted by more insults and put-downs. I think my peers from school were there at the house having breakfast and they willfully joined in on the onslaught. A huge unmemorable chunk of time passed before I was back at school with my so called friends. There wasn’t much change from yesterday except that the denizens were wandering around this time exchanging the same dialogue they always had been. At some point I saw Terezi and I tried to grab her attention: “Don’t talk to me,” she said angrily as she began to storm off. For the first time ever in this dream segment I had a clear grasp on my emotions. I knew what I was feeling and I knew exactly what I wanted to say. I could feel it in my cheeks, my skin tone would not show it, but I was red. I was furious! Much so that I was trembling. Such wonton hatred from a girl to whom I have barely even spoken. “STOP!” I shouted, “Just fucking stop, and listen, please! You at least owe me that.” She did not say a word nor did she turn to face me but she did stop. She stood still with her head raised as though to say, I’m listening.

      I struggled to gather my words as a lump had formed in my throat and I would be damned if I gave her the satisfaction of letting her see me cry. “What is my crime? What have I done to you? For fuck’s sake! Where is any of this coming from?”

      She turned her head slightly, “You wasted my time…you didn’t like me back.”


      She turned to face me with trepidation in her voice, “I liked you, you idiot! I liked you all this time [~] I sent you all kinds of signals and you never returned the sentiment! I wasted the year trying to get your attention and looked over me completely!”

      To this I did not cry, I did not shout, in fact, I smiled. I smiled and I began to chuckle and soon again I started to laugh. I was not happy about what I had just heard, in fact I was livid. But what she had just said was just so fucking ridiculous, how could I not laugh? “Are you serious? Are you fucking serious?? You are all pissy at me for not reading your mind? How could I have known? You never fucking said anything! And, newsflash, I liked you too!”

      “What? Then why didn’t you say anything, idiot!?”

      “I didn’t know what to say [~] you didn’t say anything either and you don’t see me abruptly snubbing you now do you!?”

      I do not remember her response but our friendship was never repaired. We turned away from each other both in an angry huff but before I walked away I turned and asked her: “What about the others? Why are they angry with me?”

      She barely turned to me again; her words were cold steel “You wasted their time too. You held them back.”

      On my way back to the aperture I heard them going on about all of the things that they could have accomplished if they hadn’t of known me. I left them without saying anything; back into the cold unwelcoming residence of the apple family. Even Apple Jack did not care to speak to me and I still had no idea why. I retired to my room with my roommate Twilight. I may have spoken to her; venting the events of the past three days. I didn’t shout nor did I yell; I just talked to her. I knew she didn’t listen and I knew that she was not cognizant of me or even what I was saying. She was too preoccupied with her own naval gazing but it was nice to have someone to talk to about this regardless. I fell asleep that night for the last time before I was taken out of myself.

      Imagine that I am a camera drone getting a view of the table at which the four of us were sitting.

      ZOOM OUT: I see the school, Prairie Park, among buildings but these are not ordinary buildings; these are crystal buildings. Among the buildings I see jet black, jagged, and spiky vines growing amongst them. The top half of the sky seems to be over cast with vines.

      ZOOM OUT: I see more of the city now. There are more vines wrapping around buildings and getting in the way. Aside from a small break towards the tops of the shorter sky scrapers the vines seem to come together to form a dome over the city. Anyone could see now that the city is being consumed.

      ZOOM OUT: I now have a full view of the city. There is no doubting that this is the Crystal Empire coming under siege by a merciless onslaught of parasitic plant life.

      ZOOM OUT: I am now miles out of the city which appears to be floating in an eerie nebular haze. The city is in between two hemispheres composed of these vines both of which are closing in on one another. There is but a small break in between the two hemispheres and in a matter of moments they will make contact; entrapping The Crystal Empire forever.

      I see one vine stretching away from the mass towards a small floating house orbiting the city just a few miles out. This was the house at which I was staying; that is where the aperture had been taking me. As I get closer I see Twilight Sparkle smiling at the catastrophe through the window as though she were marveling a masterpiece. I knew that she was responsible for this as I could hear her internal dialogue for the first time.

      “I know what I am doing is wrong,” she said “and I also know that I am not myself.” Dark music plays in the background as she dialogues: “Perhaps I should stop this and end this madness for the sake of my friends who are trapped inside, but why should I?” I understood now what was going on in her mind. She had been hurt by people, Lord knows how many people and Lord knows how close to her these people were. She had been betrayed and lied to and now her pain was made manifest through these vines.

      Now here was her moment; her moment to choose what she will do. Will she save the Empire from certain doom or embrace the darkness that is gradually overtaking her heart and allow this kingdom to be consumed? As the vine grew closer to her an evil grin grew ever wider across her face, it was clear at that point: a choice had been made. The vine reached for her and Twilight extended her hoof ready to grab it. It was as though darkness itself was extending a welcoming hand and Twilight was ready to accept. She was ready to embrace a life of anger, sadness, and revenge.

      Just before Twilight grabbed the branch she thought to herself: “I did not really care about The Crystal Empire for what is a pony other than a mere insect?”

      That was the very last thing I heard before waking up and it is the only line I remember verbatim. The music cuts out as my eyes open.

      Terezi Pyrope was the odd one out as she was the only non-human at the school

      The house looked just like my third childhood home aside from my bedroom which resembled a slightly bigger college dorm.

      I have seen this nebula two other times in previous dreams.
    9. 22 Mar: royal reptilian alien attack

      by , 03-22-2014 at 02:23 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false awakening

      I am one of the maids of a princess. She is invited to meet a prince, supposedly to arrange a marriage between the two and I am one of the two maids that will accompany her. We are silly girls, gossiping all the way about how romantic this is and how this prince will be such a gentleman and they'll fall in love for each other. But when we arrive at his palace, in the mountains, he is still in bed, apparently with an hangover. The king is pissed and drags us with him to the prince's room, where we have to watch him dragging him out of bed. He is rude and unclean. But that's not the worst.
      Later on, he invites the princess to his quarters and we accompany her, but instead of a chaste meeting to break the ice, we find ourselves in a room surrounded by court members dressed in S&M costumes, mostly black and golden, and the princess is sexually abused and humilliated by the prince in front of everybody. They cheer and they help torture her and we are hopelessly forbiden to interfere. So I run to the garden outside. I meet a nice couple that comforts me and says they understand my shock. They ask if I know what's going on. I don't. Then part of their heads becomes green, with spikes and I realize they aren't quite human. They say that's true, no one inside that palace is really human. And because we, maids, have already seen too much, we will be sacrificed after this sexual ritual ends. They say they can help me, but they don't know if they can still help the other maid who's still inside.
      They tell me to hide in the woods. I stay there, behind a stone wall, until it's dark. I see people from the villages down below, coming up to the palace gardens, supposedly invited to some public event. They wait outside in a very festive enviroment. But then I see strange lights in the sky and as they come closer, I distinguish triangular shaped ships that start shooting rays of light that kill people. As people run in panic, one of the ships lands nearby and some strange creatures, like deformed horses, covered in black suits, come out of it and start shooting rays in all directions. Always hidden behind that wall, I try to run away from there too. I come across this couple that helped me before and they point me an entrance to a tunnel, they say will exit 1 or 2 kms downhill. I step inside, but it is very tight and I feel claustrophobic thinking about crawling 1 or 2 kms in that dark tunnel. I prefer to take my risks in the woods. So I keep going downhill and I see more of those dark horses killing people and barely escape one.
      Only when it's early morning I arrive at a village and feel safe. There's other survivors arriving to and sharing their stories and wondering what kind of creatures were that. Some claim that the dark horses actually had people inside, others talk about monsters disguised as people.

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    10. Princess Dunn Duty?

      by , 03-20-2014 at 09:20 AM
      Night of March 20, 2014. Thursday.

      As I have said in previous entries, I never include scripted dreams unless my script is only a generic affirmation (such as “I am the continuity of maximum well-being” or “I am of the light of Universal Love”, and so on), as it would not be fair to people who do not have that option or access to how it is done or are even aware that it can be done (and people who would never believe such a thing, especially including those who deny lucid dreams exist). However, I have decided to post some aspects of some scripted dreams from time to time, only regarding the fully “open” branches (meaning the details that are not precisely scripted).

      I create about six or more different scenarios and foundational elements (as a child I sometimes went on and on making a session that was way too long for normal sleep), sometimes using more precise wording, but there is a point at which more precise wording does not work exactly as it should (though it depends which “direction” the consciousness is flowing). I suspect this is due to certain parts of the higher mind during half-sleep to deep sleep to be separated from certain language centers and the fact that many words in the English language have several (even opposite) meanings. Because of how the mind pulses especially during sleep paralysis when it becomes more noticeable, some words are even naturally omitted in sequence; that, and the fact that if the residual pattern is no longer fully going on its own momentum so to speak, there will be hilarious changes (as with the recent white gorilla dream).

      In this case, I have a setup with the potential for purposeful shared dreaming on a regular basis. However, as I have said before, even scripted shared dreaming has “filters” by which each person is set into their own perspective of the scenario - for example, the deliberately shared dream from years ago where a (unscripted aspect) hollow silver ball radiating healing energies doing figure eights above me was actually a toy airplane flying in a figure eight in my wife’s dream - this one being remarkable as there was no mention of sound and no real sound as such at the time - yet we both heard the exact same loud humming frequency in our deeper dream state at the same time. It sometimes happens unintentionally (and as I have learned, another person does not even need to know what the script even is if they sleep next to that person who does). Also consider that two people watching the same movie in real life will “experience” and interpret it in different ways. That does not mean they are not watching the same movie - because they obviously are.

      I used one of my favorite foundations regarding the Enchanted Forest (the more “swampy” section) and the tree-house scenario (which is always different since I leave a lot “open”). In this particular case, the beauty was astounding. Two of the more effective words to use are “beautiful” and “happiness”. These words are remarkable in the power to alter the flow of semiconscious thought, though there are many more that are basic but also powerful. Because I had the special audio pulsing to my right and also had the humidifier going (in rotating mode), it created a “perfect” rhythmic flow of sound and moving air (white noise and patterned sensations on the body). As I have said often before, “healthy” is usually the word to use, not “healing”. With “healing”, the mind forms the unresolved idea of perpetual healing, and in the lucid dream state, makes holes and cysts in your body to be filled or healed in the dream or come up with fictional (in-dream only) scenarios by which you are later partially “healed”. Words take on a life of their own, so the correct ones are important. When using “I am healing” - the phrase triggers the circumstance that the healing is never complete and you might even absentmindedly get into situations where you need additional healing.

      During the first part of the night, before I burned the CD and set up our system, I was talking to Zsuzsanna about the idea of “forcing” myself to believe I had taken a dream enhancement drug of whatever kind. “Convincing” my mind that I had taken a particular drug and actually taking a particular drug makes no difference (which is why I have never taken any in the first place in my lifetime). She said I might also have some of the inherent side effects claimed by some people (even if I did not know what they were or were supposed to be, due to the nature of how the supraconscious works) and, even though the body can supposedly produce any kind of chemical on its own, there may be unknown potential negatives in this idea. Not only that, it is pointless anyway, as I can dream without drugs. In the long run, I do not think it is a good idea to tamper with perceptions of molecules and compounds at the liminal level.

      The marshy forest is beautiful and vivid. The detail of the “tree-house” is amazing. Curiously, though, it looks just like a large old Swiss farmhouse built high in the large branches and with a flower-box midway up on at least one side. I am in this part of my dream for what seems like a very long time, sort of hovering and moving about fairly close to the environment and feeling very blissful, almost ecstatic. I am later on a larger branch or a platform on one of the large branches. During this same time my wife said she had been dreaming of a light coming from under a door.

      A younger Caucasian girl comes out, with longer brown hair, and wearing a shimmering orange dress (pure orange, yet also somewhat lamé-like in properties of the material) and a fresh wreath of flowers on her head - she is radiating an almost overwhelming sense of happiness and openness (this always occurs in this type of scene, though) and with a sort of glow about her (the “sped-up” cilia-like energy form I described once in my older online journal from 2008, I think). There is that very precise and vivid feeling of when a person walks up to you and you are aware of the slight change in the scent of the air and a subtle feeling of movement. Anyhow, none of the additional details regarding the setup were scripted. The age, race, style of dress, culture, century of living, etc. - none of those were in the scripting - which was short and very open - just a goddess-like form that could have been any passing-by random entity so long as there were positive intentions and openness only. As I bask in my dream’s full point of lucidity and light, I am aware of a vague second-layer of commentary coming in, almost like a fuzzy radio broadcast. Her name is “Princess Dunn”. Around this time, I hear that it is fully “Princess Dunn Duty”. (It actually seems more like a layered dream at this point - that is, two dreams simultaneously - the overwhelmingly lucid one and a normal one at the same time.) However, I “gasp” myself out of the scene due to not being able to handle the particular state of bliss and move more back into images of trees and forests and my body slowly “recovers” from the “rapidly and continuously melting” effect. Still, it was a good “coloring” of my mind which will last for some time (at least a day or so). I still feel a sense of bliss several hours later.

      Of course, a variation could be “Dudie”, “Doodie”, “Dutie”, and so on, as well as “Dunn” being like “Done”…“Done Duty”.

      But anyway…wait…

      “Princess Dunn Duty?”

      I think it is time to start scripting names…

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    11. 3 fragments

      by , 03-20-2014 at 01:31 AM (Keitorin's Dream Log)
      Fragment 1. Trying to make peanut butter. I put in various peanut-butter flavored things but it’s not coming together well. I wonder if it’s not just easier to use something like jarred peanut butter or PB2.

      Fragment 2. Loitering around outside our apartment. I look around to see if anyone is around. I spot an open envelope in one of our parking spaces and go over to pick it up.

      Inspiration: Me looking at our mail yesterday.

      Fragment 3.
      -A princess is kidnapped and kept in a cabin. When she tells her kidnapper that she’s one of twelve sibling princesses, he’s surprised/disappointed.
      -She gets rescued/swept away by her mother and father, who are revealed to her to be some kind of ghostly bird-like creatures.

      Notes: I’ve been dreaming of our house lately and it’s weird for me, since I normally do it so rarely – but I think I can attribute it to practicing awareness (even though I already had to be aware when I made the house into one of my memory palaces in the past).

      I slept deeply last night and woke up one other time without recall. I have two days break from exercise starting tomorrow so hopefully I’ll get some good rest. Also worried I’m sleeping too much (about 9-10 hours apparently), and that I should stop drinking my energy drink.

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    12. lucid living day #42: continued city WBTB sleep issues, exercise

      by , 10-02-2013 at 03:21 PM
      I don't want to psych myself out here, but I definitely see a pattern now: wake around 4th/5th hour after bed, quick keyword journal, bathroom, BTB, MILD reps....and lie there awake for a few hours . Get up, eat breakfast, read some, back to bed about 2 hours later, feel sleepy, almost fall asleep a few times, eventually I do sleep, and get some dreams. Go for a fast walk/slow jog in the park for about an hour, work up a good sweat and get my heart rate up to a good aerobic range. Knees are a bit tired. Hopefully the outside air and exercise will kick in and help me get back to sleep after MILD reps tonight. If not I may keep some Valerian extract on hand by the bed in case getting back to sleep is taking too long. I don't want to take it every night so that my body develops a resistance to it.

      1) I'm in a building on a fairly high floor, I know my loved one is being kidnapped, she's outside and the bad guys are going to take her away. I jump down about 3 floors in a stairwell, and am surprised for a moment that my legs don't hurt. I look out a window to the ground at the bad guys in the car preparing to get away, and they're too far down to jump. I'm suddenly outside by the car, a large black Hummer-like vehicle with no top. The bad-guys are dressed in black suits like secret service agents, there are a handful of them standing in the car. I get in as well, the car takes off. I make some demands and one of them threatens to push me backwards out the door. I'm half in/half out of the car, with a leg hanging outside, and the driver is swerving close to other cars and the wall to get me out of the car. Another car drives comes up along by me and I call out to the driver to help me, the driver is a young dark-skinned woman who immediately consents, and I (quite effortlessly) dive through the driver side window into the front passenger's seat.

      2) I'm walking along a very nice path near a river, a wall is on my left the river is on my right. I reach a place where the wall moves farther away from the river creating a larger area, the area is filled with sand. There are a few men standing there also admiring the area. One of them wants to build an art studio there. I'm annoyed by this and say that this is a place available to everyone and no one has the right to make it into a commercial enterprise. I gesture to the river and say what a great place this is to fish. Walking farther down this path the wall grows very high. I become aware of a vehicle approaching, and I have the urge to hide from it. The wall stops and I turn around it, where the land climbs up in a steep sandy hill. The area is wide open and I want to get high enough to hide behind a column in the wall. The hill is sandy and climbing it quickly is hard. I make it up, and look down over the top of the wall to see a vehicle has stopped right below. I notice it is the princess/queen's vehicle and relax. I prepare myself for her arrival, she walks up the hill and meets me. I bow deeply to her, feeling self-conscious, and kiss the back of her hand. I know we are betrothed to be married. Later we are talking together, I try to spell the word "family" in a foreign language, she says that's not right and points out the "correct" word (which is a nonsense word in the FL) on a shampoo bottle. I see her finger repeatedly pointing out this word.
    13. 8/16/13 dream- princess in trouble part 2

      by , 08-17-2013 at 09:01 AM (Dark Kikyo's Dream Journal)
      This is part two of the princess in trouble dream I had on the sixteenth of August. Sorry if the first part bored you, it gets A LOT crazier and convoluted the farther in it goes. I am just so excited about this dream, dreams this elaborate and long only happen a dime a dozen with me I treasure them when I have them. Here is the map of the house this took place so you can reference if you want or don't remember it from last time. Click the picture to make it larger, it's kinda small on its own.
      Spoiler for dream house layout:

      Part 2: Things in the house had become much less depressing after the new guy rescued me from being taken advantage of. I'd see him around the house and we would talk. He seemed so interested in me and nice, I was so certain that he had to like me. I began to notice that my other friend was starting to wonder about mine and the new guys relationship. I could feel that she was becoming jealous of me, but she never let on. She never did treat me coldly or anything, we were much too good friends for that, but I could tell that she was confused. My best friend, on the other hand, got more distant. She would suddenly change direction when I got near her and she would act like she didn't see me. Sometimes I would catch her off guard and we would talk casually, but it never lasted long before she walked off. I was starting to become saddened about what the new guy was doing to my best friends and I, we never had let anyone come between us and all three of us liking him was difficult. Things continued this way until one fateful day.

      I always assumed that my best friend's crush on the new guy was unfounded, but I was standing in my room when suddenly this feeling came over me. My best friend had come to mind, and I could sense that something was happening between her and the new guy. Not wanting to walk in on anything, I waited for the feeling to go away before I went to search for her. I found her in her room, sitting at the table looking love struck, yet also troubled. I asked her what was up and she jumped like she hadn't known I was there, then answered "Nothing, nothing at all. Why you ask??" She spoke quickly and my suspicion became fact. He had just got done seducing her. It was this point that the new guy's status with me had gone from a nice, sexy, guy to someone who liked to stir the pot. I didn't mention my thoughts to my best friend and left the room. On my way back to my room I met up with the body guard. He noticed I looked troubled and asked if there was anything he could do. I thanked him but said no. Honestly, I wanted him to help me, I wanted him to hug me, but I only wanted that as an escape from my heart break that the new guy had caused, and I didn't want to take advantage of him. I think the body guard knew this; He kept my eyes locked on his, like he was trying to tell me how he felt through his gaze, but I walked away. I couldn't deny, from that moment a stirring feeling of interest had started to grow for the body guard, but I didn't want to jump from one guy to the next so soon after my deep interest in the new guy. The next time I saw the new guy the air about him had changed. I was starting to see him for who he was, but he was just too dang enticing. I couldn't make myself lose interest.

      He continued to pursue my friends and I at the same time, and we were all too drawn in by him for any of us to back off. All the while my interest in the body guard kept growing inside me as well, we continued to have moments like in the small walkway. A time came when my two best friends and I met up in the meeting room to have a girls day and try to move on from our unspoken jealousy of one another. During our hang out, the new guy walked in and proceeded to show the most interest in my other friend, and my best friend and I noticed. He sat right up against her, looking into her eyes romantically, and we became uncomfortable. We took it as the final sign that he had chosen her and our friend day ended. I started to try and let my interest in him go away, and started to gear my full interest in the body guard. I saw him in the sitting room and we had a fun, friendly moment, and I was fully happy for the first time in a long while. We would joke around all friendly like, nudging each others shoulders and laughing. I was in my room one day when the body guard finally got up the courage to kiss me, and it was so great. The new guy never wanted to kiss me, even though I knew he had kissed both of my friends.

      Later that same day, I was sitting in the meeting room alone and a sudden sense came upon me. The new guy had noticed my interest in the body guard and was heading my way holding something. He erupted into the room in a fiery passion of determination and threw himself in the chair next to me. He stared straight into my eyes and boldly announced "I want you to marry me." and he pulled out a ring. Total shock had come over me, I was completely speechless. I had abandoned any hope that he would want me, I was sure he wanted my other friend. Then two other rings had fallen out of his pocket and landed on the table. Each had a different color and look then the one he offered me, and I knew they were for my best friends. I wanted to tell him no, I had no interest in marrying him. My mind was geared on the body guard and I was about to decline his offer, when suddenly I found I couldn't say anything. I was absentmindedly nodding my head yes, and he put the ring on me. I sat in a confused stupor as he left the room, and I instantly had a feeling of deep regret for the body guard. It was my lands custom that after a few hours of wearing a betrotheds ring, you were officially man and wife.

      I'm leaving my dream here. I don't want to make each part too long and make anyones interest go away. I predict probably about another part, maybe two, we will see. Hopefully someone out there enjoys these, I so really want people to like this dream as much as I do. It just speaks so deeply to me for some reason and I can't get it off my mind. The next part is going to get even more convoluted and hopefully I can coherently recollect it, it kind of starts going all over the place. Thanks for reading

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    14. 8/16/13 dream- princess in trouble part 1

      by , 08-17-2013 at 03:54 AM (Dark Kikyo's Dream Journal)
      Today I had a dream that is resonating in me. I know I have had this first part of the dream before, though I must have forgotten it because I don't have any memory of the last time I had it. In this dream I am a tough princess who has lost her kingdom to an invasion. I am also not myself, I look different and have a different personality. This is an elaborate dream and is very long so I will put out parts. Here is a map of the layout of the house for reference if you want, because I will mention places in the house and it's so fresh in my memory I can put it down. I will also mention that I knew I was dreaming but felt no desire to control anything because I was interested in letting this dream play out. Click the image to make it bigger.
      Spoiler for house layout:

      The part I have had before: It starts where I am standing in the main room of a house that I procured for me and the rest of the people that escaped the kingdom with me. There is me, my best friend from real life playing the part of one of my best friends, another girl who is my other best friend and kind of resembles my real best friend but she does not exist in real life, a young blond kid with an army hair cut who looked about 16 and troubled, and a body guard/ warrior who had protected me while we escaped. We had received word that one of my fathers court had also survived and he was making his way to us. He was also the only person who had the ability to to verify my inheritance. The last time I saw him he had put the slip in my hand that verified my inheritance but he had forgot to sign it. I was listening to my two friends talk about him, apparently they remembered that they had had a crush on him, when he arrived. I met him at the door and instantly took notice that he was very handsome. He brought his things in and settled into his room (im not sure where his room was. I'm guessing he just stayed in the bottom right corner of the house next to the sitting rooms table), while I walked around the house. I walked up to him after he was done and welcomed him. I got the sense that he liked me by the way he smiled at me and his body language while he thanked me and said he was happy to see me again.

      I was feeling light and happy, like how any girl feels when she's just got swept away by a handsome, charming, man and I was strolling slowly up the small walkway through the house when I herd giggling coming from my other best friends room. I looked in and saw the new guy kissing on the neck of my other best friend and grinding his crotch against hers while she sat on the edge of her bed. My happy feelings instantly turned into disappointment and I sped up my walking until I reached the meeting room. My best friend noticed how I looked crest fallen and asked what was wrong so I told her what had happened. She took on a look of disappointment as well and she told me she had also hoped that he had liked her. We sat there talking about how much of a lucky skank our other best friend was when the body guard came in and said it was time to take the slip to a place to get it exchanged for my inheritance.

      We all walked there together, the whole time I ignoring the new guy and how my other friend was staring at him dreamily. I noticed that I also had this odd feeling, like a haze of badness was hanging over us. We reached the place and I handed the slip in. Once it was out of my hand the bad haze went away, then returned again when they handed me a check with my inheritance. I remember it was a lot of money but I can't remember exactly how much it was. The whole time I was waiting for my check I noticed the new guy was staring at me with an interested look on his face. This confused me, but I ignored it and walked back home with everyone else.

      I was sitting at table in my room, feeling depressed, when I got a strange feeling I was being watched. I looked out my door into the sitting room to see the blond teen sitting at the sitting room table, staring at me with a creepy look on his face. I kept going back and forth from looking at him to staring down at the table when he got up and sat down on the other chair at my table. He told me how he watched me often and that he was interested in me. As he explained this he scooted his chair closer and leaned toward me, which made me uncomfortable. I told him I wasn't interested but he wouldn't hear it. He got even closer and started to stroke my arm slowly while telling me how beautiful I was and I repeated that I didn't see him the same way and I was not interested. He got a dark look on his face and got so close his body was almost pressed against mine, his face inches away while he put his arm around me and started groping me with his other hand. I tried to shove him away and told him to leave me alone but he just kept going and I started to scream at him to stop while I tried to struggle away. I thought he was going to take it farther, I remember wishing the new guy would help me, partly because my character wanted him to and partly because I already sort of knew what was going to happen next because I had this dream before, when suddenly he stormed in and tore the teen off of me. He told him never to touch me again and if he ever saw his face around here he would make him sorry. The teen ran from the house and we never saw him again.

      After the teen left the new guy turned to ask me if I was OK. I asked why did he care and he said he felt protective of me, his face had a look of longing for me. My face got hot, and I started to figure that what had happened with him and my other friend was just a fluke when I noticed the body guard standing in the sitting room, watching us with a sad look on his face. Well, when I say noticed, I mean with my senses. I didn't see him physically, I felt he was there. I could feel his sadness emanating from him.

      I'm going to end it here because I feel this is already long and I don't want to annoy people, pluse this is the entirety of the part of the dream I have had before and the next part will be a continuation that is new to me. The next part will be out soon for anybody who wants to read more I hope you keep reading, this dream is one of the long, elaborate ones that I rarely get.
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    15. Suitcase

      by , 05-17-2013 at 06:31 PM
      Last night, I dreamed I stole a $1200 suit case from an art exhibit and got chased by Kate Middleton through a shopping mall. The exhibit was being run by 2 old guys and one part of it was giant paintings someone had made of anime characters. Kate chased me into the bathroom (which, in my dream, was a bathroom for rich people). I hid in a stall and counted out cash, since I didn't want to be tracked by using my debit card. A girl in there kept asking what I was doing. I dropped some quarters on the floor but left them because bathroom floors are gross. I escaped the bathroom and made it to an elevator, and she was unable to follow me.

      The suitcase was actually a work of art created by a friend of mine, and it looked exactly like a regular suitcase. I was going to ask her to help me make some shoes and sell them at exorbitant prices later on. Everyone kept asking why I didn't have any art in the exhibit, and I felt really embarrassed about it.

      In other news, this makes me 1 journal entry away from 400 in my offsite dream journal, which is several years old.

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