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    1. Extremely bad recall | [24.07.2019]

      by , 07-24-2019 at 02:44 PM (Draeger's Dream Journal and Documentation)
      I only remember that I recalled my mantra and was planning to do what I said in my mantra. I knew I was at the end of the dream at that point. I don't remember anything before that part of the dream.

      I know that my dream self was not really going to do my mantra, but rather act it out as part of the dream's storyline.
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    2. Ominous night wandering.. including a tornado. | [24.06.2019]

      by , 06-24-2019 at 12:28 PM (Draeger's Dream Journal and Documentation)
      Ominous night
      I walk around my local area at night. A lot of the areas are way different from real life, though. It sort of resembles a dream from long ago where the same sort of jumbling happened.
      As I walk, I feel excited, while also feeling like I shouldn't be doing this. I decided to continue on. I kept walking across roads, leading to densely populated areas, then to less densely populated areas, while also coming across some landmarks.
      After a while, I come across a field behind a sort of village. There are hills around and I see a funnel cloud touching down in the distance. I think that I should simply walk away, but I remember my father saying (this didn't actually happen) that tornadoes can be avoided by walking to the side. I knew that I couldn't do that as I would be too slow. So I go into a house, then into a sort of basement, I think, hoping I was doing it right. But not entirely, just on the stairs. I expect tornado noises to happen all around me soon, but I wake up before it could happen.

      I again used a mantra and it worked out unexpectedly well. I will use this every day now.

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    3. A fragment after a mantra | [23.06.2019]

      by , 06-23-2019 at 07:21 PM (Draeger's Dream Journal and Documentation)
      FNaF + school + Doctor Who + ...Ļ
      ≤I remember being in my old primary school, about first or second grade. I am one of the children, seemingly coming from another class because I had to be assigned a new place to sit, a kid changing seats to the one next to him to let me sit there. I place down my bag at my new sitting place and listen to the female teacher.
      It seems we will go to visit.. something having to do with the Five Nights at Freddy's animatronic 'Circus Baby', according to what she says. Can't exactly remember what she says, though.

      The dream is skipping to our teacher going down to check on the animatronic, opening a chamber with a hissing noise as a sort of white smoke came out of it and it revealed the chamber to be a metallic, dark and blue tube with Circus Baby standing in the middle, the tube just large enough to fit her in. Upon looking into the chamber, the teacher started to scream as Circus Baby activated.

      Scene change to a bar, restaurant or some sort of store standing in a forest, the teacher laying motionless in front of it. I know that she fell from a hole in the sky. I am suddenly inside the store and an unfriendly man, possibly some sort of elve or dwarf seems to have something to do with the death of the teacher. Then either I turn into the doctor or the doctor appears, in his eleventh regeneration. He suddenly begins a speech about that the man can't just "play with lives". I don't remember the rest of the conversation.

      Now I am again somewhere having to do with a storm, but I don't remember anything except that.

      Ļ: The school came from the fact that I am constantly stressed out about it, Doctor Who came from my excitement of it coming on One (A German TV channel) every Tuesday, FNaF came from me watching an entire series of Five Nights at Freddy's: Help Wanted on YouTube and the storm came from me looking at stormchasing videos again.

      ≤: I had chanted a mantra for a second before drifting off. Seemed to have helped with recall a lot, even when chanting it such a low amount. I will retry this next night.
    4. Lots Of Nonlucids - September 2

      , 09-03-2018 at 12:59 AM (ZAD's DJ)
      Sep 2 2018

      I went to bed with strong intentions to become lucid, as well as a solid plan for what to do once I became lucid. I was trying the anchoring method I mentioned in another thread, anchoring positive and confident memories with the sensation of touching my thumb and forefinger together. I had a phrase burnt into memory to repeat nonverbally once I became lucid (to replace "Clarity now!"): "Clear sight, clear sound, clear touch. Grounded. Calm, confident. I can stay in this dream as long as I want" (in retrospect this is extremely long, but I think I'll try it out for a few new nights anyway). I also used my standard mantra "I will become lucid in my next dream"/"In every dream tonight" in combination with "In my next dream, I look at my hands and realize that I'm dreaming". In the future I will stick with only "IWBLIMND" since it's more succint and sets a clear intention for the immediate future, rather than a broad concept of "every dream".

      I awoke at 1:18 am in a somewhat strong paralysis with extremely vivid imagery (not dreamlike, more like imagination). There was a man, possibly me, conjuring lightning circularly all around him. The lightning was blue, white, and green. I awoke again at 2:47 am. I remembered several dreams involving my fiance and my dog. In the first, I was at the elementary portion of my high school (it's K-12) and I swerved my car to narrowly miss my dog, who spontaneously started running out at me in the street. I got out of the car and was rubbing his front leg and paw. I noticed that his paw had too many joints and was curled in too much. Somehow this felt connected to a drive through.

      In the next dream, I'm in a living room with a wrap-around bar counter. I think I've been here in a dream before. I'm watching Bob Ross on TV painting thick brushstrokes -- X's, C's, and U's -- over an already finished landscape. My dog jumps off the counter. I'm trying to remember what to do tomorrow, two important things in the morning and night.

      My next set of dreams came after WBTB. In the first, one of my cousins was referred to as "3". There was an interesting story about diving, and D&D. I vividly remember descending in a well, looking up as the light was blocked out by the silhouette of a monster (Demogorgon?), although I didn't feel fear. Next, I was in an arcade or bowling alley, some sort of indoor entertainment place. I left my fiance to go to an adjoining room from the lobby and get ice cream. There was a girl there who was going in the same direction as me, and called me a "creeper" jokingly. She was trying to be funny or cute in the way she was getting her ice cream. I was friendly but not overly so. I got maybe 4 flavors of ice cream, in sort of a flight. In the next dream, I'm an intruder in a man's house. He has a lot of weapons strewn about, some intricate compound and traditional bows, swords, guns, blowdarts, etc. I go through room after room and find the man, he's in his mid 50s or 60s. He threatens me with a long, thin, metal pole, and I think he threatned to castrate me with it. He transports me back to some memory of 1950's New Orleans with a McDonalds, and a small building with an advertisement to "teleport you to the Science Museum". The visuals are faded, blackish, and all the buildings look like plywood.

      In the next dream, I'm at Sonic at night/early morning with my fiance. She's handed me a cup, but I threw it away; there are two crumpled cups beside it. I understand it to be sonic, but it's more like someone's backyard, there aren't any lights or servers or menus, just the standard sonic table and trash can, as well as an overhead cover. A group of foreign men walk by, talking about wanting some cervezas. In the next dream, I'm going over some train tracks covered in water, in a swamp (I've been here before as well). The waves are rounded like tiled hills -- at certain points they are covered in grass, at other times they're just water/waves. I see the sasquatch.

      My old boss is giving me cryptic hints about something, laughing about it. We're in the woods, sort of. Something about eating a spider/the dust that comes out when you crush the spider. Possibly my fiance was warning me not to eat it. I eat the dust, and then eat the crumpled spider husk too.

      Next I had a dream about DreamViews! It was something about inline comments/spoilers; I remember red and purple text. There were other sites too -- DreamBattles and DreamWars (reenactments, maybe I read about this before).

      *Slept for a really long time hoping to get lucid, and kept trying to go back to sleep. After this frustration, I decided to not get bummed out when I don't get lucid. It doesn't help. And there's always tomorrow night
    5. One Lucid and some NLs - August 25

      , 08-25-2018 at 06:43 PM (ZAD's DJ)
      Aug 25 2018

      Went to bed pretty late. Woke up at 5:30 or 6:30 and remembered that I had 3 long NLs, but couldn't remember them.
      First dream I remember of the night was lucid. I don't know what I was doing and don't remember much about it. I was in a library, possibly on a college campus. I spontaneously became lucid and looked at my hands, and I remember saying "I'm dreaming!" excitedly. I then walked around and tried to push my fingers through my palm, but it didn't work. The dream started to fade and I remembered the advice to meditate in your dream. Instead of really meditating though, I sort of just focused on my senses for a moment (just vision and touch) and the clarity came back. I tried the finger through palm RC again and it worked! I remember walking around a little more but that's it. I think the dream continued but I lost lucidity. Vaguely remember bragging to DCs while not lucid that I could lucid dream (how did I not catch this ).

      Had another dream about two cacti in a pool house or greenhouse, and at some point they fused together into one (possibly connected with my lucid one).
      Had another dream about college campus murders with some pretty gruesome mangled corpses. I think I was the murderer but was also investigating.
      Had another dream in my childhood living room where my cousin dropped himself down through the beams (we didn't think he could).
      Had another dream where I bought $50 dollar tickets for my fiance in some kind of stadium, but I couldn't find her and wanted to ask to use the loudspeaker.

      Throughout the night, each time I woke up I tried to WILD using hypnagogic imagery. Didn't work but came close and had some cool HI. MILDed each time then using the mantra "I will be lucid in my next dream", and also tried to remind myself to RC each time I woke up, but I forgot to each time.

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    6. WILD with music

      by , 09-28-2016 at 08:27 AM
      I wake up after around 7-8 hours. Still slightly tired I force myself to stay awake remembering the intention I had set the night before to attempt a WILD. I meditate while listening to a 6.5 delta binaural beat for about 25 minutes, starting with Zazen, then moving to chakra activation exercises. In all including the meditation I was most likely awake for about one hour.

      Supplements: Siberian ginseng and D-Phenylalanine.

      I lay down, I take three pillow and make a incline so my head is resting higher than usual. I attempt using a 'astral projection' brain entrainment audio file, but the MP3 player keeps shutting off prematurely, so I just take off the head phones.

      I do several methods in succession. The rope method. Imagining myself floating above my body. Imagining myself floating around the court yard outside and jumping around in the ocean. Some chakra Focus. Imagining seeing myself from above my bed, I did this by sending out a sphere from my forehead, I imagine it to be carrying my consciousness. I imagine a small sphere floating around my body, this generates that pulling sensation which accompanies many exit methods.

      After maybe a few seconds or a few minutes of seeming unconsciousness, I suddenly pop back fully awake. My body seems filled with energy, I am not sure if I am dreaming or not. At first glance the room looked so accurate and distinct that no hint was given of anything being amiss, I decide to do a reality test, I look at a jar filled with yellow highlighters on top of my tv, all of a sudden one started spinning in circles in the jar. I then look at a towel hanging from a hook on a door, all of a sudden it starts to move and wave like it was being blown by wind. This convinced me I was in fact already in the Lucid dream state and I could get up now.

      I get up and move to the window, then jump out of it. The scenery looks nothing like what actually exists out of my window. I was on one side of a large valley around a quarter of a mile wide, it was bright, clear, and sunny. There were green trees, grass, and bushes everywhere, there were also a number of large elegant brick houses on either side of the valley. There was a dirt trail that passed right by a small building to my left, by a curve in the trail was a small tree that drew my attention by its picturesque quality, it had a thin stalk, was perhaps 9 feet high, and had a thick upper canopy the shape of a Frisbee. My vision was perfect, I could see across the valley and observe in detail the particular features of each house, all made of red brick, some with differing coloured doors, window shutters, vines, and other adornments. There is a group of men quietly arguing, each dressed in work clothes of some type, there is maybe 5 on each side, they run up and scuffle with each other, it does not strike me as that big of a deal, just a bunch of pushing, they did not seem to wish to hurt each other, nor did they even glance at me once. I decide To fly over to the houses in the distance, a lift up in the sky, some 6 feet and slowly start to drift toward them, the sensation is highly pleasant. I get very close but the dream fades.

      False awakening; I am again laying in bed. There is extremely vivid music playing in the room, I first think that perhaps someone is blasting music in the next room, this strikes me as unlikely, I quickly conclude that this wonderful and ongoing music is a product of my dream, I considered it a very nice treat, the song was wonderful, melodic, sad. It was either the band snow patrol or something very similar. I have trouble getting up, I Repeat the mantra Om-ah-hum and strongly focus on my body, I will it to solidify, at the same time I focus on my breath, the breath has become a efficient state anchor for me because it is my main point of focus during formal meditation sittings, I become more focused and mentally unified. I get up after some spinning I think, outside, as I go through the TV room I notice that the black coffee table is huge, nearly five foot tall and 5 feet across with bunch of extra level on top like many office work tables have for keeping files close at hand.

      There is a break in my memory. I am walking around outside; I decide to test some ideas. I focus on my subtle body, I distinctly feel energy where I focus, first on the stomach then on my heart region. I chant a mantra, this has a strong effect and my body seems to vibrate, it seems to resonate on the buildings and trees around me, a sense of power comes over me.

      There is another break in my memory. I am walking down a road, I start to narrate what I am doing. "walking, stepping, there is a house, there is a tree", and so on., in order to greater facilitate memory consolidation. I come upon a very large brick house, it has a sprawling multi levelled concrete with several children playing jacks. have a short conversation with them and then start to move into the house, here i think the dream faded again, memory gets hazy.

      False awakening; I am in my room, there is the music again. It takes a little to get out of my body, there is a lot of spinning and trying to jump out and upward. Some how I am behind a old rusty building I am talking to a man, it is dark, and I think it is snowing. I see a old friend and become very happy.

      No clear memory how I get here. I am in a parking lot, I am running incredibly fast. Across the parking lot is a large store, maybe a Target or something.

      No clear memory how I get here. I am on a typical suburban street, it is dark. two men stand by a car in painters uniforms, I walk up and have a short conversation, one asks "why are your eyes so blue?", I say genetics I guess. I thought that was a unusual question for a dream character. There is a fire I think in the yard contained by a steel barrel. I ask a lady "what she is" and "if she knew it was a dream", but I do not recall here answer. While walking away she says something that sends a chill up my spine, but I do not recall what that was now.

      There is the memory of a few more false awakings, but they are wholly out of any context. There was more music, I seemed that every single false awakening during this dream sequence there was wonderful music, I hope that continues, that is strange because music is relatively uncommon during active lucid dreams, but it does happen occasionally.

      I laid down at 5:46 pm for the attempt. I awoke at nearly exactly 8:17. I want to say I was lucid the whole time, but memory lapses make me unable to account for all of my time in the lucid dream state. I awoke feeling energised and very well over all.

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    7. Mental Alarm Mantra 3:00 am

      by , 03-21-2016 at 11:30 AM
      Ever since that random lucid a week ago I have been having (and recalling) epic dreams. (Whenever I wake up in the night and acknowledge I am awake, I seem to remember my dreams better in the morning.)

      I was planning to do a fild but I wanted to practice waking up via mantras alone first (Three am is my goal). (I did it the night before and woke up and 3:02 am And I was well happy ) I did mantras last night but I was pretty tired. It still worked but it was 3:53. And I was thirsty so I got up for a drink and couldn't fild... :'( Then I didn't get back to sleep till about six am.

      I did however have a strange dream I recalled excellently.

      I go to the local swimming pool and pass the receptionist. She's busy on the phone and it doesn't occur to me to go and pay. So I go straight to the changing rooms and then swim for a while. When I get out I have to pass reception again and I realise I hadn't payed.

      When I look in my bag I realise I forgot my purse. I go up to the receptionist and say I forgot to pay and I don't have my purse. She is really kind and she tells me it's fine. She gives me a owe note and I promise to come back the next day with the money.

      As I leave the reception to go outside I begin walking down the road. I see two police officers, I get nervous and walk a different way. But there are more cops that way. Infact in every direction there are cops. Eventually, two catch up to me and are like "You are under arrest." I try to say I've done nothing wrong and the red headed police lady asks why I was previously walking away from them. I don't answer and I get thrown into a police van.

      There are three other people in there. Two guys, (One looking like eugene from buzzfeed ) and another old and slightly bald. Then a scared looking young blonde girl. They tell me they are all innocent and have no idea why they are here. They put us on a plane and the speaker tells us we are to all fall asleep. When I wake up I am alone and there is a blonde Ferret on the plane. I hold it and it loves me. (Random but I LOVE FERRETS so this isn't random to me )

      Suddenly the other three come back and the girl is crying. I tell her I have a phone on me and she can borrow it to call someone. I think the dream ends just after the old guy confesses he likes me or something...

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    8. Balloon and Mantra (WILD + FAs)

      by , 04-22-2015 at 07:21 PM
      Ritual: WTB 2:30am, woke up to work from 5:30 to 6:30am, realized I'd drunk too much coffee before bedtime and have trouble going back to sleep. I figure as long as I'm insomniac, might as well try for LD and take some L-theanine and alpha-GPC. I try counting but have trouble focusing, realize I need more motivation so resolve on a task. I had been thinking earlier about the use of mantras for getting lucid, and I've had trouble deciding on one so I thought I should ask a DC.

      WILD, "Balloon and Mantra": Since it seemed to initiate directly from the waking state, I guess this was a WILD though there was no distinct experience of transition, at least in the way I usually experience it (shifting into dream while continuing to perceive that I am lying in bed). At the beginning it felt more like hypnagogic imagery that I was playing around with, but gradually acquired more solidity and focus. (Or maybe that's the "normal" way people do it, haha.)

      I'm on top of a building, playing catch with two other girls. We're throwing a ball around between us counter-clockwise. The girl to my left spikes the ball to make it hard for me to catch, so I retaliate by throwing it right back at her when she's not expecting it, instead of continuing to pass to the other girl. She says it's not fair because she wasn't paying attention. I retort that I did it because of the way she was playing.

      The game becomes more leisurely and the ball becomes a balloon. I sit down and I'm practicing moving it telekinetically. The balloon is making the kind of strange echoing sounds that you hear when handling real balloons, only strongly magnified. I'm impressed with the way my mind can conjure that unusual but distinctive sound which I probably haven't heard in years. Although the sound component of the dream is impressively vivid, the visuals are terrible. The whole scene is in grainy black and white, and the balloon is white too, which makes it very hard to see against the sky when I bounce it up into the air. At one point I launch it away from me and lose sight of it altogether. When I go to summon it back, instead of the balloon returning to my hand, my right hand is contorted with a strange sensation, like it's being squeezed.

      Around this time, everything switches over to bright color, brilliant blues and pinks. It happens as suddenly as turning on a light, and makes everything look much more vivid and cheerful. I figure this is REM switching on more fully, and comment to one of the DCs, "Hey, color just kicked in!" I notice that instead of the two girls, there are now at least a dozen of them, and they seem to be having a dance party. I hear a bouncy pop song playing in the background.

      I get up and wander through the group, then suddenly I remember the task I had designated as I went to sleep. I approach a girl at random. She's dressed very unusually and elaborately, probably day residue from a Chinese painting I was looking at in WBTB, and I'm doubtful about whether she will be able to help, but figure it can't hurt to ask.

      Exploding match?-tangyin_poem-red-leaf_sm.jpg

      "I'm looking for a lucid dream mantra," I begin, then think I should explain more clearly what I mean. "Something tható"

      "Who is your mantra?" she interrupts. It's such an odd question that I stop and look more closely at her. Her face is pretty but blank.

      "That was my question," I reply, then wait to see if she'll have anything more helpful to offer.

      "Who is your mantra?" she repeats, in exactly the same tone and words, like a broken record.

      "That's what I'm trying to figure out," I insist. This is going nowhere. Reaching back with two hands I grasp the edges of a cloth, as though it were a scarf I were wearing around my neck, and draw it over both our heads. Now the two of us are alone in the dark, face to face, with just a bit of the background peeping through under the edges of the cloth behind her. Although I had performed the gesture instinctively, my intention was to blot out the distractions so I could try to communicate with the girl more effectively. A more rational course would have been to find someone else to ask, or ask the dream directly, but I got too caught up in my determination to try to make her understand. My approach was not helpful, however, as this deconstruction of most of the dream environment makes me lose traction and wake up.

      FAs: I had gotten up and was nearly ready for work. I went to use the bathroom before leaving and stood there dumbfounded: everything else looked normal, but the toilet was gone! I recognized immediately what this must mean. "You've got to be freakin' kidding me," I said aloud. Usually I would be delighted to realize I was still dreaming, but this time I already felt like I'd invested a lot of time in getting ready for my day, and now I would have to do it all over again, so I was actually annoyed.

      My lucid awareness must have been pathetically low, because instead of doing something cool with the dream or thinking of one of my many fallback tasks, I stood there until I had successfully conjured the toilet back into place, because I still wanted to use it! Then I noticed that the clarity of the dream was waning and in an attempt to restore focus, told myself: "Open your eyes." But I accidentally opened my real eyes, waking up! It was a fail on so many levels.

      I wanted to get back to the dream state so again I tried to play along with hypnagogic visuals. I had an image of a three medieval-looking riders in a wooded hillside. There was a male, a female, and one other. I was loping after them in the form of a wolf. The scene felt stronger and more stable than the usual hypnagogic imagery, but less tangible than a fully manifested dream. I realized that I instinctively knew the names of the man and the woman. (I suspect the indistinct third was their servant or page.)

      After I had nearly caught up with the riders, I worried that if they noticed me in wolf form they might shoot me with an arrow, so I transformed into a woman (nude, I noticed) and caught their attention. They turned around one exclaimed, "A forest sprite!"

      I "woke up" (I might have even had a vague sense at the time that it was not a real waking, since it still felt too "thin" for a proper dream) and tried to write down their names on my computer. The man's came so easily that it left no trace in memory, but the woman's name took me a lot of effort to type correctly, and I kept making mistakes and having to fix them. On the bright side, this meant that I still remembered it clearly when I woke up for real later. Her name was "Gwynrse," which I took to be Welsh.
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    9. Purple Smoke in a Crystal Ball

      by , 01-20-2015 at 09:07 AM
      I had a F.A. where I woke up next to Dreamer, I did an epiglottis check to see if I was actually still dreaming and some air got through. I remembered that Dreamer had told me before that if the RC even partially works then it's probably a dream. I made my body roll out of bed with telekinesis just to be sure. I rolled straight through a glass wall, into a factory world. There were giant, white machines everywhere with tubes stretching out in all directions. I flew around while saying excitedly, "I am lucid! I am powerful!" and then I changed it to, "I am lucid, I am calm, I am stable", so that I didn't have to worry about the dream ending. I then thought about what tasks I wanted to do. I remembered the crystal ball task and tried to manifest one in my hands, didn't work. I then saw one laying on the ground so I picked it up and asked what was going to happen in 2015. I saw purple smoke begin to swirl around inside the ball. Unsatisfied, I asked again. Purple smoke began to swirl around again but this time it turned into purple electricity. Arcs of purple light streaked across the interior of the ball. Yellow words began to slowly appear in fancy cursive writing. The words said, "Love over one self" Then a page appeared in the ball afterwards that said, "Wiktionary, By: Hopedoc", followed by the copyright symbol.

      I was pretty satisfied with that so I began to fly around and explore some more while I tried to think of another task to do. I remembered the Freddy's at night one but woke up before I could.
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    10. Part 1: Lucid Dream Healing of my Son's Plantar Wart - Dec 13, 2014

      by , 12-14-2014 at 07:25 PM
      Apparently itís possible to heal using lucid dreaming, so I decided to give it a try. My son has had a plantar wart on his left foot heel 3 years now. Weíve tried everything under the sun, except the surgery, to remove this wart, and itís still there. Itís about 8 mm in diameter. Last night I asked my son if he would agree to let me try and heel his plantar wart in a lucid dream tonight. He was surprisingly real receptive to the idea, and was excited about trying this! Heís 17 years old, very open minded, and trusts me. Hereís what happened:

      In this dream, I was hitch hiking on a highway, when I came upon another hitch hiker who had a data transmitting device for the military. It had water damage, and we were trying to fix it. Suddenly a brand new military truck appeared beside us, fully loaded with electronic equipment to send, receive, and relay data. Several dozen people also appeared. The dream was crystal clear and extremely vivid. I knew instantly I was dreaming. I remembered the mantra I said before I went to bed, ďI will realize when Iím dreaming, and I will heal my sonís plantar wart.Ē I had repeated this for ten minutes, and then turned the lights out and went to bed.

      A dream figure came right up to me smiling, while I was holding my poodle in my arms, and I said, ďI have to find my son, so he can help me do something.Ē He nodded and continued smiling. I called my sonís name once, and he instantly came walking around the backside of parked truck. I immediately handed our dear poodle over to my son, and asked him to follow me over to a grass clearing beside the highway. When we got there my son took off his left shoe and sock. I didnít even have to ask him! I got so excited about doing this I woke.

      A couple of hours later I was having another lucid dream, where I was showing my son how I could push Netflix movie icons out the top of the flat screen TV and turn them into CD boxes. My son was looking at this with amazement and curiosity. I then remembered my mantra, so I told my son, ĒLetís try this again!Ē He immediately sat on the floor and took off both shoes and socks. I grabbed his left foot and held it in my right hand, I then said, ďLetís heal the wart on your foot through consciousness and love!Ē I tried to shoot a beam of light from my left hand at the wart, but all I got was a small ball of light that stayed cupped in my hand. I focussed and concentrated to create the beam of light, but then the ball of light disappeared. I lowered his foot to the ground, and felt where the wart was, but it wasnít there. I asked my son if the wart was on his left foot (I started to question myself)? My son lifted up his left foot to feel for the wart, and he said, ďI canít feel it.Ē He seemed frustrated, and then I woke up.

      I went and described to my son this morning what had happened during the two lucid dreams last night. I felt that I hadnít done the healing correctly and Iíll try again in the next lucid dream. We did some rehearsals too, so Iíll have it all straight in my mind. Next time, he will hold his left foot in the air, so I can shoot light beams from both my hands at the wart. I still need to figure a better healing phrase to say while Iím doing this. Any suggestions would be appreciated!

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    11. Non-lucid flying and mantra song

      by , 03-05-2014 at 09:12 PM
      One of my students has wandered off and I need to find him. He is not wearing shoes and it has started to rain. I set off to find him, walking down a nice grassy hill in the rain. I come to a street, it has no sidewalks, is in somewhat shabby shape and has beautiful mature sycamore trees planted along both sides of it. There are many branches that hang over the road. I start to flap my arms, bird style. With this flapping, I rise into the air and fly from branch to branch. I am singing the mantra of Avalokiteshvara as I fly. I recognize that there is something strange about flying, but rationalize it thinking "I am really only about 10-20 feet off the ground, its not like I am really flying." There is some manner of transition and I am back at the house where the dream began. My student has returned safely.
    12. Smoking weed at a gas station and lucid flying

      by , 02-22-2014 at 05:04 PM
      I am at a rather busy gas station with several other people, including the wife. There are security guards there and they have a policy that forbids taking of photographs. Those at the gas station have two options: 1. Give their phones/cameras to the security guards, or 2. Show the guards the "first and last photos" on said devices. I opt to give my phone to the guards. They disable it by taking a part off. I do not mind as I want to comply with the policy. Soon I am in the back of the gas station on a grassy hill with some unknown people. They want to smoke weed. I decide that even thought it has been 10 years, I will join them. We smoke out of some long, blue, dragon shaped pipe. I worry it will make me fall asleep. Then we are laying in the grass, which we can miraculously pull up over us like blankets. We look up at the night sky. There are beautiful stars all around. Next I am inside the station, in the stock room in the back. I am preparing to go somewhere by putting my shoes on. I notice there is weed strewn about on a shelf with other trash and debris. I pick it up. It looks like high quality. An employee peeks in and says "no talking to the security guards."


      I am in a car with the wife and several other people. We are driving along a wooded road. There are hills on either side of the road. Nestled in the hills are beautiful, ornate victorian greenhouses. They are all white wood framed and glass. There are small, wispy clouds around the peaks of the roofs of each. I think "it must be from the humidity escaping through the vents." The greenhouses are on both sides of the road. Each is more ornate and beautiful than the last.
      The last set are strange and futuristic. They are made of rectangular glass units. The units are stacked into various strange and seemingly impossible shapes. Then the units seem to be tents, with people in some of them, people leaving others. We arrive at a dusty, desert nature preserve. There are more of the tent units on impossible ridges and locations high in the hills. People are crawling along narrow paths to reach them. We lay down on the ground for some reason. Pebbles start to tumble down the cliff, small rocks that do not hurt us. They gradually increase in size until i tell everyone we need to get up or get crushed.
      I am then going to go for a hike with my wife. My parents are going to watch my children. I walk through a trailer that has been converted into a kitchen. My wife goes around the structure on the outside. I hear her voice through he windows. I see loads of fruit stacked in the trailer. There are a peaches and bananas. I exit the trailer and do not see my wife. I go back in looking for her and see the fruit again. She is not there. I go out to see if she is outside. she is not. I go in again. not there. I go out and realize as I open the door "This is strange...I am dreaming!!"
      Lucid, i drop some food that I have in my hands and immediately rub them together to stabilize the dream. I call out "maximum clarity and stability please!" Everything becomes amazingly vivid and crisp! I leap into the air and fly loop-de-loops under the wooden awning. I begin to sing the mantra of Avalokiteshvara as I am flying. After 5 repetitions, the dream fades and I wake up in my bed.

      WBTB: I fell asleep at 10, woke up at 2:30. I practiced MILD as I fell asleep and awoke from this dream at 4:30.
    13. Possible WILD-style Entry, Sexual, FA-like Transition

      by , 02-04-2014 at 06:41 PM
      Will be another quick entry. "Possible" WILD because I am not sure that I maintained awareness all of the way to the entry. Mostly data for myself...so those easily bored, beware. Go to bathroom after 4 hours, hmm...usually 90 minute increments (though 120 minute increments seem more common if less sleep the night before, but not enough data recorded to support that yet...previous night didn't sleep great though). Woke up recalling a dream about lucid dreaming and relaying them in two different ways. Back to bed quickly. Woke up from the actual LD about 25 minutes after laying back down so also supports the idea that I might have woken up to go to the bathroom in the middle of REM since I got back to REM so quickly...or REM rebound...Anyway no big plans tonight but did the old mantra that never seemed to be consistent: "The next time I am dreaming, I will realize I am dreaming" maybe 5 times but I think this was not the key. I think it was a combination of nightmarish SP-like HH's raising my awareness just before the vibrations hit. I don't remember the "villain" but I remember thinking it was based off of a paranormal movie. Regardless, I recognized it as not being a real threat, felt the vibrations and nudged them on. I felt myself being carried into the air but I flew back to the floor and happened upon a sexy DC woman. I removed her pants to reveal white cotton underwear bunched up in places as if it wasn't the right size. I removed those and was awe-struck once again at how realistic a DC's skin could feel. I removed her bra and for was surprised that the breasts were not larger but they were just right and so realistic to the touch. At some point during all of this sensuality I heard a DC of my wife waking up across the room and I went over to her and she said that she was dreaming of silk purses and silk dresses. I wondered if this was some form of a false awakening for me but clearly still a dream since I was in a studio apartment nothing like my house with a kitchen and bedroom adjoined with no wall between. I had been getting busy with the sexy DC woman in between the futon(?) where my wife was and the kitchen but she had disappeared. Thinking about FAs I started actually waking up and I attempted my idea of what I think BB's awakening test/teleport technique must be or at least what I think an effective one would be for me but apparently I was too awake to go back in despite staying calm and still...probably finished up that REM cycle..? 104
    14. Night 6, Competition #16 WILD x2 Fly to Yosemite, Clothing Store Fun

      by , 12-18-2013 at 11:30 PM
      Night 6 (Nights 4&5 uneventful)
      121813** all approximate: 11 340 545 640
      Fragment, I am backing up my car to pick up my mother in law but she keeps reaching out for the car too soon causing me to stop before I get to her. Recalled this around 3:40am during my WBTB. When I go back to bed I do some mantras that "I notice the vibrations" that coincide with me entering most dreams from WILD state...just in case I've lost too much consciousness by the time the vibrations show up, at least that should bring me back to good awareness as I enter the dream. I decide to do some quick SSILD cycles and like FryingMan I decide to experiment with backing off of the cycles and focusing on going to sleep and alternating. I told myself the other day that I was probably experimenting with too many different things but something worked here. It feels like I probably take maybe a little over 30 minutes to get back to REM sleep/vibrations (for me at least) . I am mostly too alert so definitely towards the end I am putting all of my focus on falling
      asleep through relaxation. For better or worse I changed positions experimenting with different positions due to a little heel pain that I should probably ice and nip in the bud! I get a longer series of vibrations than normal and I try to nudge them on to peak and push me into the dream but they seem to just keep going longer than normal but eventually they subside and no scene forming immediately, it feels like I'm in the void and I start visualizing a scene with lots of DC's and I settle on a big clothing store that is not too far away so I teleport there and I'm in the store floating just above the ground and it looks like a fairly accurate representation of the actual store except no cash registers at the front just big areas of clothes. I make my way through the store checking out different characters some of them looking at me strange and I start thinking a little more sexually and decide to go invisible. It feels like it worked but I did not
      look down on myself I just proceeded. I think that the women's bathroom would be a good place to go but as I start to go in I decide they are not always the most glamorous of places and I back off from there. I find a beautiful woman in the store with really nice brown hazel eyes and I cup my right hand around the right side of her face and can see my hand and she can apparently see me (lost or gave up invisibility or never was invisible) and we do a little dance then I do a little silly dance and I tell her she should do it as well but she looks at me like she is not going to do that, it's not sexy. And she doesn't look like the kind of woman that would try anything silly
      . Looking back I get the feeling that my lucidity was fading here. Either the dream fades, my recall fades late in the dream or my lucidity does but I'm leaning towards the idea that I faded into a false awakening after the above, but I'm not sure. All I know is I have some additional non-lucid dreams before awakening and recalling, luckily not letting the LD fade from memory
      entirely at least! In one of those dreams I was in the old office - the site of which I passed 2 nights ago and thought about - but in the dream it was a combination of the office and a restaurant for some reason. The owner of the restaurant or manager is asking me if I can deliver a couple of packages of business cards on my way out and I look at them and think this is a place in U but I later realized it's in the city several more cities south from there and I said maybe I can get my son to deliver them. How much would you pay him? He said about 7 dollars an hour and I blew that off as an insult and had no plans to follow up with him. I now realize that this is probably day residue from watching a recorded episode of "what would you do" where the owner of a diner or the manager was being rude to one of his workers. Next I saw one of my coworkers eating there on a stool/counter area much like in a diner and he asked me what I was doing and I said I was
      just ordering some food and I realized that the time is about 820am (in the dream) and I was supposed to be at work at 8 so as I head towards the back door which is now more like the original old office door and I peek out the back door to see if the boss might be pulling up...when I don't see the boss I run up to my car unlock it with my remote and drive off quickly running late for work to my current office. Hmm... perhaps a false awakening since that is a common theme of FAs - running late for work or school... But it feels like I'm remembering the full dream so I don't know and the running late part and "realization" of being late happened towards the end of the dream not from beginning. ~540 am laying in bed recalling my dreams and jot down some notes in DJ. I drift in and out of sleep and sometime around 630 my wife starts some early morning cuddling and at one point my wife gets a little aggressive and although I'm convinced I'm fully awake I double check with a reality check just in
      case and I am indeed awake. I ask her to be more gentle but realize I was probably not responding enough more focusing on getting back to sleep since I get to sleep in later than her and I know she will be getting up to get ready soon so no time for too much with her anyway. 5-10 minutes later I feel my wife get out of bed to get ready and I decide to try to drift off to sleep for another potential lucid dream and I'm finding myself taking a number of minutes to get back to sleep. Wild vibrations again, and again I am not seeing a scene form so I start visualizing the one earlier, the big clothing store and this time I remember the dressing rooms. Last time I was there IWL a cute mom I know was there with her daughter visiting from university who was waiting outside of the dressing rooms so I decide they were there now and I go to check out the mom. I fly up over to the dressing rooms and I can see her in her bra and pants and she is quite sexy I'm floating above
      the dressing room area deciding if I want to go down there or move on when I hear what were possibly waking life noises of my son and wife getting ready but I stay calm and I unintentionally but seamlessly teleport back to my house and I go downstairs (in the LD, not IWL) where I was hearing the noise and I see my wife and I tell her let's have a little fun...take off all your clothes and she does and I admire her for a moment and then we do a few things, you know. After a while of that I decide I want to move on to one of my goals to fly to Yosemite National Park. I go out the door and I see the cute neighbor down the street, go check her out for a moment but then move on fairly quickly and I look up at the sky and horizon and think about the direction to Yosemite and start flying at very high speed in that direction. I'm trying to make out some of the features on the ground mostly just green hills and mostly greenish land in a bit of a blur going too fast and it starts getting colder and colder and I decide I am there and slow down rapidly and land on what I decide will be the famous half dome. I can't tell for sure if it is a good representation of half dome because it is gray and snowy all around but I'm definitely high up in the mountains. In my goal I had planned to make it summer if it was not already summer-like when I got there. There is snow everywhere and I think of how Steph was building a snowman related to the tasks of the month that I kind of put on the back burner this month (been mostly camped out in the DILD section of the forums) but sounded fun so I decided to start building a snowman. I built the base snowball about a foot in diameter and then two more each a little bit smaller. I then found two rocks to make his eyes, a stick to make his nose and I was in the process of finding something to make his mouth out
      of when I started fading back to my bed. I laid still and I could hear my wife going out the front door leaving for the day and figured that may
      have been what started waking me up. I tried to re- enter the dream but realized I felt too awake and did not try long. Definitely not a false awakening unless I'm still sleeping right now! Haha. I was so sure I was awake and obviously I am but I should have done my reality check when getting up anyway to catch false awakenings! Too many things that I could put my focus on! Perhaps I should make one point of focus into being kind of like a habit and then move on to the next one but it must still have meaning each time to be effective I'm thinking.
    15. Quick Journal, LD#72 And a Personally Special Non-Lucid

      by , 11-19-2013 at 09:08 PM
      11/18/13 LD #72 Late morning quick wbtb led to an awareness dild where I floated around the room and structure(drew it un-artistically), found Girl Friday and had a great time between the sheets. Dream sign mantra seems to be yielding some results but this one had more to do with awareness that the location was not in the same condition as it is in waking life...basically it was in the middle of remodeling.
      11/19/13 What is really strange is that one of my dream signs that only comes around maybe once a month but is usually a lucidity inducer (my deceased father in law) has shown up the last 2 nights and went right over my head (I assume my mantra incubated him into my dreams)...yet last night it may have kept me going in a more meaningful dream that was really quite special to me personally...it was my wife as a 2 year old coming up to me and she was just so darn cute...I didn't know her that young but I assume the DC was created from pictures I have seen of her around that age...(I am not posting my other dreams, getting lazy to and besides I have them in my personal journal) The dream:
      Special one, false awakening into a fluffy bed with lots of comforters I can hear the train outside and I think that is strange this is not a place where I normally hear a train, it feels like its a house near (next town south) but perhaps it is the house on M. I get up and go to the living room and sit on the couch...later father-in-law gets up from bed I assume and comes and sits next to me as well as someone else gets up at the same time (feels like it is the strange version of my mother in law from the previous night's dream). He's telling me that he was seeing (this mother-in-law DC) or whoever doing something like a yoga pose where she's starts off on her back and legs up in the air and he's kind of wondering why does she do that, it seems like it has something to do with being able to lucid dream. A little kid walks by in the hall on the far side of the room, maybe about 2 years old and I hold my hands out and say come here about 3 times quickly and the kid comes towards me and surprisingly it looks like a young little (my wife's name)!! She is just so adorable. She has short hair and it just looks like her, like her pictures or like a really good representation of what my mind would think she would look when she was that age. She comes towards me but my father-in-law(her father) picks her up and it looks like she's fussing a little bit like she wants to come over to me and I say no its okay stay with (father-in-law) about 3 times as I rub her shoulder and arm in assurance. It feels like this was about to make me lucid as I woke up. As I'm laying in bed awake I think about how neat it is almost like traveling back in time to see her when she was young when she looked so darling. I also wondered if perhaps it was supposed to be our baby since I've been dreaming a lot about babies lately (no baby expected that I know of!).
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