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    1. xxxii.

      by , 09-03-2018 at 10:27 AM
      Non-dream stuff - Woke up with the earlier alarms, around 8:30 and then let the alarm repeat itself every so often, but ended up snoozing a bit and got up at 9:50. Remember the last part of a non-lucid.

      Dream fragment:
      It's difficult to remember what came before, because I went through a door, I think the front door of a very small terraced house. Inside it was dark but there was daylight from a window.

      Immediately inside there were stairs that went either up or down, and I decide to go down, where it was darker and there were no windows. The stairwell was cramped and it felt like an old building for that reason alone. Eventually at the bottom there was a room with a light. This was a shop, even if a very small one, as this room was no bigger than a pantry and it is implied by dream context to be a basement; a man was at the counter and there was someone else browsing. There were metal shelves and wooden crates with things in them.

      There were all sorts of things, I remember thinking it was a drug store at first. I saw some melatonin and other drugs I didn't recognise. I did not remember to question the dream's reality or context. As I looked around the room became bigger and the layout changed; there were a window or two now and toward one corner there were weapons; I remember moving them carefully to the side since I wanted to get past, further into the corner. I remarked on each weapon as I moved them; "this looks like a pillum... this a javelin...".

      When they were out of the way I got into the corner and there was a big cabinet that didn't interest me, and there was a narrow piece of wood furniture that almost looked like a column but was some sort of display cabinet. The other cabinet I wasn't interested in, the other man in the shop was interested in it. I think I either somehow passed it to him or he came to get it, as it was now next to the counter, and inside the cabinet were vinyls.

      Not just any vinyls however, the boxes' covers were decorated in a 20s or 40s style and they were all children's stories. Then I noticed there was a vinyl player from the 70s or 80s next to the cabinet now and the man was trying them out; I could see the vinyl under the perspex lid. Somehow, the vinyls produced images. I remember seeing animated cartoons of whatever the stories were. I liked the vinyl boxes because they were very colourful; with red or blue trims.

      • I've never had a sleep related supplement or the like simply appear in a dream like the melatonin did, so it feels a bit silly that I didn't notice it, especially given that currently, for me to get melatonin I have to ask my parents for it.
      • The weapons didn't look old; in fact the tips were in pristine condition and the wooden handles were nicely oiled.
      • The cabinet that didn't interest me looked old and dilapidated; it was one of the many lifeless-looking objects in the room that seemed to have little colour to them.
      • I'm starting to realise there may be a pattern to my interaction with stairs when they appear in dreams. Often I choose to go down, and when I choose to go down, it does tend to get darker and it tends to feel like it takes a long time. Stairs going down generally seem longer than stairs going up in my dreams.
    2. #34 - Zombies at Uni/Giant Cockroaches

      by , 10-20-2014 at 09:48 AM (The Oneironaut's Odyssey)
      Black: Non-dream
      Blue: Non-lucid
      Red: Lucid

      Slept a bit better, had okay-ish dream recall but I let some details slip by lying in bed and not being diligent enough about writing them down sooner. I even had a decent stab at the SSILD cycles, but the consecutive run of bad sleeps over the past few nights probably didn't give me a good base mindset for lucidity.

      Dream Fragment
      Standing on the driveway to my parents house at night-time, reminds me of when I used to sneak home late.

      Dream 1 - Zombies at Uni
      For some reason there's a zombie Apocalypse, me and some others have kind of gathered together. We're near the northern exit of the university (I know there was more to this, but I forgot most of what happened prior to this point) and we jump into this massive armoured vehicle. There's zombies off somewhere, I don't recall seeing them much except on the sidelines/backgrounds of the dream. The armoured vehicle can't move or something, but luckily there's another car loaded in the back compartment of it, all hooked up and tied down. I run to the back of the armoured vehicle and kick the back door open, then jump back and flick a hook off of the car, the rest simultaneously come free letting the car roll back. We proceed to hop inside, and then I think I woke up.

      Dream 2 - Giant Cockroaches
      I seem to remember dropping something at the very start of the dream... It was dark with only a little amount of light which made shadow-outlines of things. Whatever I dropped didn't hit the ground, because a size-able cockroach with pincers clamped it, I notice the sprawling crawling mass of these covering the floor. Fast-forward to later on, I'm running, there are GIANT cockroaches now, comparable to the spiders in the 'Eight-Legged Freaks' movie. It's still dark and I'm running, I'm in an old building (19th century Victorian brickwork or something) and I dash to the side, into a closed off room. I hide on the floor, near a big wooden table. I know they can't get in here.
      "what was that?"
      I look at a small cockroach scuttling across the floor near me, I realize that maybe the little ones can get in though... It feels like a few minutes pass, and I notice even more of them, they seem to amass into a swarm on the floor and I decide to rethink the idea of hiding, with the feeling that the larger ones are actually able to break into the room too now. I head to the exit on the other side of the room, and I think 'hmmm what if they've blocked off the other exit...?' but as I'm about to exit the room I wake up.

      Was pretty bored with these dreams, didn't feel scared or fearful of anything in them (they sound like they should have been nightmares in retrospect, but weren't), they weren't strongly emotional.
    3. Dangerouse Ocean and other Lousy Swimming Spots

      by , 11-17-2012 at 08:08 AM
      3 or 4 years ago
      note: I am not a strong swimmer so I don't swim in the ocean in real life.

      On my way to where my friends and family would be swimming, I was walking through a mountain meadow and became a little disoriented. As I stood in front of a group of large rock formations, I contemplated on which way to go.

      I climbed up one boulder and up between two small cliffs and onto a trail that led down to the ocean. I think my uncle may have told me how to get hear in the dream but I'm not sure. The fishing was supposed to be great and the water clean.

      Finally I made it down to the ocean which was at least thirty feet below the cliff where I stood. There wasn't any beach but I made my way down a narrow eroded path to the water any way. Off to my right was a larger cliff and a tiny bit of a cove. I jumped into the water and swam over to the larger cliffs.

      Once below the cliffs, waves started to build up. They never crested but were often as tall as the cliffs themselves. The deep water, big waves and towering cliffs felt treacherous but I swam for a bit any way. I rode up and down on the giant waves until I decided that It was irresponsible for me to be swimming alone in these conditions. I got out and went back the way I came.

      Back across the meadow I came to a dirt road that I decided to follow. The pines were dense here and I could barely see the ocean. I soon came around a corner and could see an area where bulldozers had dug into the mountain side parallel to the road ahead of me. The bulldozers had graded an area about sixty feet across that slopped down to some ocean water that came from around the bend of a hill towards the direction I had come from. The sides of the dig were fresh and muddy but everyone was swimming down at the shore.

      There was an old wooden building with ramps and gray paint that was cracked and peeling. Some sort of chase went on here in my dream but I can't remember exactly what happened.

      I didn't like this spot and I convinced everyone to follow me back through the meadow. They came with me but when we got to the meadow they stopped. Now in the meadow there were cold springs that filled up several jacuzzi sized holes in the ground. The holes weren't all that bad but I thought they looked a little dirty and that possibly cows might come through here and take a dip from time to time. However, despite my best efforts I couldn't get them to continue on to the awesomeness of the big waves of the ocean.

      I settled in and everyone set up picnics. Soon people were soaking, eating, chatting each other up, and children were playing. Then I heard someone scream for me. I looked over and saw a large black panther stalking one of the children. I ran as fast as I could and only barely intercepted the large hungry cat. Somehow, probably with pointy stick, I managed to stab it through the chest as it leapt through the air.

      I can't remember if everyone was happy that I saved the child or angry that I killed the poor animal. Maybe a bit of both. END
    4. eleven-eleven, track one

      by , 11-24-2011 at 03:31 PM
      Good morning, everybody.

      Dream #1

      I was walking outside with my mom. Everything was dark blue with early morning light. My mom and I had been walking outside all night long. We were now finally heading inside. My mom may have been planning to take me home, or to the airport so I could go home.

      My mom was talking to me about an idea she had for making the roads and walkways in old cities such that old buildings could be preserved. Apparently this meant making more walking and biking space and less space for cars.

      My mom and I may have been walking through an old city or a college campus that looked like an old city. We walked past a stone building that was really big and circular. It seemed to stand out by itself in some kind of plaza or between lawns.

      We walked down a stairway along the side of the building. The stairway led to a doorway in a small space the floor of which was maybe five or six feet below ground level.

      As we went down the stairway, my mom told me, "I might have you write a report on my project. The paper doesn't have to be long. Only four pages. But I know you can do that before you have to leave. Then I can take you home."

      I felt really inconvenienced. My mom and I had been out all night, doing something for her. Now I had barely any time before I had to focus on getting back home. But my mom wanted me to take time to write a report.

      I didn't even know anything about the subject. I'd have to do some research. I was rushing through my thoughts, trying to figure out the fastest way to take care of everything.

      Meanwhile, my mom was opening the doorway. There wasn't a door: the doorway was actually just sealed with a huge, marble slab, which my mom struggled to pull open. The slab seemed really heavy, but my mom pulled it aside. I was amazed. But later the slab may just have been a length of sheet rock or cardboard.

      We walked in through the doorway. We were inside what looked like a fire escape stairway. The staircase zigzagged up. The light in the stairwell was a cold incandescent, and the walls were peach-colored.

      My mom was already a few steps up the staircase. I followed. My mom told me something like, "I know you're doing a lot for me. And I'll pay you back for it."

      I suddenly had a vision in my mind's eye of my "payback." There was a pretty girl, visible only from the neck down. She was totally naked, except for a pair of black, knee-high nylons. I thought it was kind of disappointing that my mom thought she could pay me back for work by finding some girl for me to have sex with.

      But I was already trying to figure out how to attack the research for the paper, so I could get it over with. I was trying to think of two cities with a good amount of old buildings that needed preservation. My two thoughts were London and Paris.

      I was now trying to figure out how to begin the paper, talking about the old buildings. I then figured I'd do some research about the general conditions of the buildings in London and Paris. I then thought I'd do research on the effect of smog from cars on building surfaces.

      I may also have thought I'd look into towns that had implemented extensive biking programs. I knew there were some. I'd see what I could find out about the condition of buildings in those towns.

      I was now in a train station with my female friend H. It was daytime. The train station was very new, nice, and clean. H and I were the only ones in the train station.

      The train station's waiting area was large, full of long, wooden benches. It was indoors. But the roof was metal, lined along the top of the walls with clear, clean windows. And the front end of the waiting area opened directly to the train platforms. So the waiting area felt very open, with a lot of light from the outdoors.

      H worked for the train station. I had done something good for her, put a lot of effort into helping her out with something. Now she was going to pay me back, she said, by paying for my train ride somewhere (maybe to Philadelphia).

      I walked up to the ticket booth at the front of the waiting area. The booth was glass walled, with four or five desks for workers. But it was completely empty. Nobody was there. It was too early for any of the booth workers to be here yet.

      My friend H said something like she wasn't really going to pay for my ticket. What she meant was she was going to give me good hints on how to sneak onto a train, so I wouldn't have to pay. Since H worked for the train station, she was taught things like this, so she could have free train rides as a perk.

      I didn't see H anymore. It was like she was ten or twenty meters away from me, somewhere in the rows of benches. I heard H's voice in my head, too, not out loud.

      H told me what I had to do. I took off my backpack (? - I don't have a backpack IWL) and lay it on the ground. I then crawled along the ground, right in front of the ticket booth, until I got to the right side of the ticket booth. There were something like subway entrance turnstiles.

      H told me that I had to be very careful, and that I couldn't count on making it, because the booth workers were very attentive to anybody who might try to cheat them. But I felt like I was a pretty good sneak and that I could make it.

      I'd gotten past the turnstile. I wanted to take the first train I could get out of town. I didn't want to wait around. I looked up at an LED sign saying when the trains were leaving.

      One train, which may have been labelled "Manhattan," was leaving at 11:11 AM. It was leaving from track one, which was two or three tracks down from me, about fifty meters away. I may even have seen the train.

      I jogged a little, just in case I was cutting the time close. I looked up at a motorized clock, the hands of which indicated that it was either 2:10 or 11:10, even though I assumed the hands indicated it was 11:10.

      I knew that the old motorized clocks in all the stations were all slow, and that it was probably 11:11, if not later. I broke into a run, to be sure I'd catch the train.

      I noticed, as I approached track number 1, that there was a wide alcove with some kind of snack bar or express restaurant off to my right. I felt kind of hungry, but I kept running.

      But I looked off to my left and saw that the train was already pulling away. By the time I stopped running, the train was already long gone.

      I knew I'd have to wait for another train. But this didn't seem so bad to me: I felt like another train would probably be here in half an hour.

      But now I wondered if this "hint" H had given me on how to get onto trains was any help, after all. Now that I was remembering my train rides, once I was on the train, I'd always have to show my ticket to the conductor, who would walk past all the seats with his ticket-stamper.

      I may have snuck past the turnstiles. But once I got onto the train I wouldn't have a ticket. I'd get kicked off.

      I may have tried to justify this. But it didn't make sense. I knew there were stations along the route with no turnstiles. Anybody could just walk onto the train. The only way the conductor would know if you paid was if you had a ticket.

      I wondered if I could just get onto a train, sit down, and ask the conductor himself if I could pay him for a ticket.