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    1. weird dreams

      by , 03-27-2018 at 04:15 PM
      I had RLS really bad last night. When I finally fell asleep, I had weird dreams.

      I dreamed there were panthers crawling around on giant mountains of gold in the sky, and some guy was trying to transition the world to the next dimension, and 2 women were trying to stop him, and they did, but they angered these goddesses who were actually fractals.

      Then I dreamed I was a 6 year old Japanese girl's imaginary friend. Little girl tries to summon a cool best friend and instead gets a grumpy middle aged white lady. She had a rep for being bad at schoolwork, and thet couldn't figure out why her english was so damn good.

      Then I dreamed about a little kid who could control time using a potato chip bag. She also had a rubber toy egg that she would periodically try to eat, saying it was her favorite egg... Mom would tell her no.
    2. [Dream #9 - 1/26/2016] Panthers, Dragons, Spiders, OH MY! [Sex Dream]

      by , 01-26-2016 at 09:50 PM (The Book of the Multiverse)


      A picture of a Black Panther

      Though I stayed away from describing the actual intercourse, the following is based around zoosexuality/bestiality. If you are not comfortable with that then please do not read!

      This dream took place in my room, a very much warped area that was enlarged in size. I was laying on my bed and beside me there was some sort of awkward depthness twhere everything looked smaller then it normally is. Think of it like I was looking over the side of a cliff towards the bottom. I can remember various animal like creatures. Three that are notable were a black panther, a giant spider and a dragon all on this sort of play mat, similar to that of Dungeons and Dragons.

      All of this was in first person view as well. I first met the panther who would lightly "naw" on me and brush "his" head on my head in playful ways. The panther and I spoke to each other telepathically. I honestly do not know if the panther was female but it had a feminine voice that emitted in my mind. The creature also mentioned of their children (kittens), which could be seen running across the room and tried to sneak out my door. I had then got out of my bed to stop them stating that I didn't want my mother to find kittens in the house and come charging into my room.

      I then met a dragon who came to my aid when another dragon appeared in my room breathing fire everywhere (though nothing was burning from it). This is when I got onto the back of the one willing to help me defend and directed his fire to the dragon in-front. The opposing creature disappeared right after and that's when I ended up mating with the dragon friend afterwords.

      And then there was the spider, a very monstrous large spider that had a very interesting phallic. It was ribbed and stretched out, almost curled, to a longer length when erected. the head of the tool had a small red shaped flower-hand and the entire shaft has glowing white markings on it. I gracefully stroked it with a spark of curiosity which then resulted with myself engaging in intercourse. After that is when I woke up.

      Notes: My interpretation of this dream is pretty much like [Dream #6 - 1/23/2016] Rage Against the Humans - Dream Journals - Lucid Dreaming - Dream Views in terms of exploring more in my sexuality. The thrill of exploration and encountering these different kinds of creatures comes with the passion for a thrilling experience. It can also mean that my currently life I partake here on Earth is boring and the need to get out.

      Date — 1/26/2016

      Went to bed — Around 2 - something AM.

      Woke up — 7ishAM

      *Time logged — 3:23PM

      Total sleep — +5 Hours

      Stress level throughout the day — A bit stressed due to my mother.


      *Daytime — Did RCs

      *Recall — N/A

      *Inducing Method — N/A

      Dream Signs — N/A

      Perceived Length — 20 Minutes

      Emotions — Adventurous

      Awareness — None

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    3. I Think Its Jaw Moved...

      by , 12-20-2015 at 05:34 AM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      I Think Its Jaw Moved... (DILD)


      So, here I am in this jungle that also has a base that’s structured as if there were human inhabitants; Aztecs and what have you. Looking up at the sky, it’s clear as day, and the atmosphere above is light sky blue with a few clouds that are close to dissipating. There’s a myriad of things I ended up doing, but I can’t seem to recall everything in a sequential order.

      It’s almost as if this area in the dream was a hub for other dreams to occur. Some things that came to mind were:

      - Using weaponry to kill off all sorts of monsters from skeletons, and other disfigured entities. An image popped up of a huge skeleton that’s wearing this maroon helmet with gold trimmings that are about 3 inches in width, and they’re wielding a generic round shield, and sword. I even glimpsed a few moments of a floating gun turret akin to one in MGSV.

      - I’m sitting, or trying to sit on one of many chairs laid out at another section in this grandiose environment, and I get a random mélange of entities flashing around me.

      - I eventually start flying for a little bit to land on top of the huge machinery to slay the creatures I mentioned in the first part of this list.

      Then, after all that, and then some, there was a resting period. I believe I was traveling with someone, but I couldn’t make out their visage at all. I tried to pay attention to their voice, but for all I know, they could be mute, or too shy to respond. I’m walking down a rectangular pathway composed of stone brick tiling filled with Nature’s wear and tear, and greenery. There’s this milky, yellow tint emitting off of these bricks, but it’s not emissive.

      I see a few yards ahead that there’s two pitchers with a red base, and a white top. One of them is opened up with all sorts of juices and sodas, and when I get closer to them, it looks like a lot of Fanta juices from red, orange, and yellow. The other one is closed, and it almost felt like opening Pandora’s box. I think maybe I was a little exhausted from the previous events, and the dream starts equivocating like crazy from this point.

      Firstly, the pitcher seemed to have either dissipated, or shifted into a dead, black, crab that’s fairly huge in size. The outer regions of this entity consisted of a light brown trimming, and it really looked like it was dried up in some areas of its body.

      Then, its composition becomes nuanced significantly, and it looks like it could be a skeleton for something else to take shape from it. And every time I glance at it, and glance over something else, the form starts accumulating into something else entirely, and eventually looks like an unconscious black panther.

      For some odd reason, I was predisposed into wanting to take my right hand to try and open its mouth; as if I was still in the process of opening that other pitcher that’s still nowhere to be found. I immediately start controlling myself, and retracted the hand movement with a subsequent jolt, and started to push it towards my body, and made this weird shivering body gesture for a few seconds.

      It was clearly a black panther, and I can see that the sunlight above contributes to some parts of the highlights being violet in some way. When I started to step back from it, I see its jaw move…

      I immediately made a retort towards my unknown dreaming comrade, “I think its jaw just moved…” We both naturally seemed to have wanted to walk back slowly just in case it reacted to sudden, powerful movements like say…RUNNING.

      After we reached a certain distance, we just turned around, and made a run for it. But as we’re doing that, I’m somehow looking at myself in front of me, and then zooming into the unconscious panther. I see that its visage is starting to have more nuances, and its body starts moving upwards a bit, and then its face starts shaking like crazy as if it’s becoming conscious again.

      The moment it woke up, and while it’s busy processing what environment it’s in, I felt as if my ability to run is slowly decreasing. Either through me zooming in too much to want to naturally slow down, or just the fear gradually building up, and slowly paralyzing me instead of getting that kick in adrenaline.

      I noticed that the section we’re at now is this short distanced, but grandiose brown bridge with some subtle hints of red bled onto it. I’m holding on one of the wooden railings, and its literally being utilized as a crutch for me to hopefully propel myself. I can feel myself struggling a bit to pick up some speed, and the view of the panther from afar only makes things worse.

      I told the dream entity at the time to just RUN….RUN…RUN!!! I noticed for a few seconds that entity was a female. She’s wearing a black jacket, white shirt underneath that’s a bit longer than the jacket, or maybe there was some physics involved of the jacket’s ends moving upwards as she’s running, and she’s wearing light, faded blue skinny jeans with some black boots. She has black hair, or at least that’s what I want to believe; she could be anyone at this point.

      As I’m trying to escape, the alarm from my phone starts ringing.
    4. Small fry

      by , 01-12-2014 at 01:57 AM
      Date: 08 Jan

      Pre bed: 3mel

      Wbtb: 1/3 latte, around 34 mg caffeine

      I'm quite sleepy and resist waking myself too much, but still try to stay as awake as possible while in bed, repeating mantras and goals. I fall asleep with some long deep REM rebound.

      DILD: It's a very long dream where me and parents get ready for a trip. Then I meet a DC that feels like a kindred sprit, I am eager to discuss with him possible solutions to a problem we both have.

      A few moments later, I realize that this is a dream and remember my goals, freeze water and go fishing. The guy disappears somewhere. I am walking in what looks like a park and as I think about the task, I see that there are large puddles of water all around. Initially, I try to use them for the task even though they are too shallow and begin freezing them by willing it as well as by placing my hands down over one of them, where while they freeze, they emanate coldness and there's a cool mist effect lifting from the puddles! But then I realize this isn't going to work for the task and walk a bit further where there's a much larger and deeper body of water, like a pond.

      I will the water to turn to ice, but to my surprise nothing happens. This annoys me. I contemplate whether to just get on the water as if it is frozen, but am uncertain if it will work, if I continue to expect to sink if I step on it. In the meantime, the water finally freezes. When I look at the surface, I see that part of it begins to melt already and dig with my hands in the softened ice to make a hole. This happens quite easily with no discomfort from the cold. There's some coldness, but it's ok, since I didn't think about it too much. I put my hands through the hole, reaching as far as I can and expecting to run across a catch.

      I wait for a while but there's nothing around them and it gets kind of creepy what might be lurking in the darkness below the ice. In the area that's partially covered with ice, I can now see a number of small fish swimming around and succeed in catching one. It is a small tropical butterfly type fish but silver and red. As I hold it, my bf appears next to me and I tell him to take a picture, which I so much wish I could bring to rl, but before he can take the pic, the fish escapes.

      I become so happy that have completed the task, I lose lucidity and begin to tell the dream to myself. After a while, I realize the dream is still going. Now I'm on the street in some neighborhood, there is an unconscious movement from my part and I end up floating in mid air, slightly above the ground, very stable though. I correctly recall this feeling from many dreams I had and exclaim to myself that taking off isn't as difficult as I have thought (previously irl). This is a good opportunity to practice a bit of flying and I do some flight manipulation, where I try to think of the direction and my body flies well in that direction. Then I try to take a turn and go in the opposite direction, but it doesn't quite work.

      More rather random movements mid air and then I fly high up near a tall residence building, where I climb the last three stories using my hands. I somehow take a step back (see the building from a distance, although I am at the level of the third to last story). A black dotted panther on the balcony catches my attention. It looks kind of small, but actually it is the right size compared to the balcony and the stuff around it. The whole building seems small as if I am looking at it from a distance, yet I am very close to it. I briefly pay attention to that, but then wonder no more. There is a dalmatian in the apartment with the panther and I just so love exploring people's places, like in many non-lds. On the balcony below is a centipede, a very long one, apparently the same size as the panther (fits the balcony lenght). It doesn't look very appealing and I see two more on different balconies, I become vaguely aware that I am causing the one-many effect.

      At some point I discarded the idea of going for Toty, because I thought the dream might end, but since it's still going, I decide to give it a try. Somehow, I go down to the ground and begin exploring a dream version of a familiar street. The bus station is here, only residential buildings, some larger buildings appear, but nothing that looks like a palace. I head towards the larger buildings that seem suitable and try to think that one of them is a palace. It starts to change, more and more detail is added and it becomes a flashy top notch casino. I still believe I could change it to a palace by trying to add a few columns at the entrance, but just increase the level of detail/casino quality.

      I move on to the next building's entrance, which I recognize as some sort of amusement area. There's a distant dream memory also at work. Since I don't feel I'll get anywhere further with the palace, I eagerly get in, looking forward to having some fun. At this point I remember a dream where I took a super cool ride at a place that looked like this and become very excited. The lobby of the place where they sell the tickets is visitor empty, there's just the guy that sells the tickets, a girl that will ride with me and a male DC. The tall male DC next to my right is accompanying me to the cashier and I get a number of false memories and begin to have romance thoughts about him.

      The DC at the desk gives me weird instructions of how to properly hold to the cart and my behavior while next to the girl that's also taking the ride. She is new, so I have to be careful. Bla bla, my lucidity level is dropping. I go to the girl and we wait to be let in to the ride but the dream finally fades and I wake up.

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    5. wolf, panther blonde girl?

      , 11-06-2013 at 01:13 AM
      The past while I haven't been sleeping great and there are often days I don't sleep at all and wait until after college to take naps. Today I took two naps, the first one lasted for maybe 2 hours and the second one lasted for 2.5.

      In the second one I had such an odd dream that's stuck in my head. I was trying to walk through what I think was a corn field or something. A blonde girl was following me and had a panther. She had control over the panther and often sat down to pet it like a cat.

      I noticed I was afraid of being bitten, but never got bit. I also noticed that I had a greyish wolf with me, kind of like protecting me but the blonde girl didn't seem too afraid of it.

      Please help translate this
    6. Big Opossums and a Fleeing Panther

      by , 10-18-2013 at 07:19 PM
      Morning of October 18, 2013. Friday.

      There was a longer series of dreams with a lot of facets, but I will try to summarize one without taking up several pages in detail and isolating the clearer, stronger events of this particular longer one and work with another three or four in a different entry.

      In one setting, we are living in a composite of the house we lived in in Wavell Heights (Queensland, Australia) and my old Cubitis home (Florida, USA). It is probably about ninety percent Wavell Heights, including most of the outside and yard area, and about ten percent Cubitis, although the directional orientation I will use is relevant to the feeling of Cubitis. In one scene, I am lying on the floor on my side near the entrance of the kitchenette, my head to the south and my body facing west. My wife is at a table close by and working on a computer. In real life, even when younger, I spent time lying on the floor to stay cooler, especially in this extreme heat. The kitchenette is different in that the south wall seems to be part of a corner of the house and has a smaller jalousie window above the sink and between the taller wooden wall cupboards (which in real life was just a solid wall on the opposite side of the bathroom). A neighbor (unknown dark-haired young woman of about twenty-five) moves one of the middle jalousie panes thus opening the entire window to peer through. Apparently she thinks we are intruders and although I think of calling the police, we do not, as the other person (who seems to be with someone) is also planning to call the police.

      In another scene, outside, there is a very large white opossum that is able to jump from a tree farther back in the backyard (near the implied alley) all the way to the treeline in front, on the boulevard, in one leap. There are a total of about four fairly active opossums. This amazing act is mentioned by a few people including myself and it recurs a few times, including with a couple of the others. However, another person a few houses down plans to call the police and firefighters (to get them down from the trees) because of the “dangerous wildlife” in the area, which is also supposedly a disruption to urban life. There is then a false-memory-flashback of a newspaper story of how a baby opossum (now the largest and the one that does the biggest jumps) was taken care of by a few people on a farm and raised by humans (which clarifies the idea that it should never be harmed or taken elsewhere, as it is “now” almost like a well-known city mascot or living symbol) - although my wife had raised an Australian opossum in real life prior to our first contact. This had a precognitive layer, as my wife just now told me of a local fire on a pig farm and the news announcer saying that the workers had to have counseling - as they raised the pigs from babies and most or all of the pigs were killed in the fire (although one account said that one had to be shot). Opossum is usually said to mean “smiling white pig”. This seems quite strange to both of us - as the pigs are killed for food anyway - so it was not like they were solely “pets”.

      In another unusual scene, a large Florida black panther is in the area (the last time I saw one in real life was years ago in the swamp where my family lived, but my wife had seen one much more recently here at a show in Australia - and still has a poster from the event), which also prompts someone (possibly the same one who called about the opossums) to call the police and firefighters (so that is three potential police calls thus far in my dream - although you would think there would be an “animal control” team by that point). However, in a highly unlikely confrontation, a small black domestic cat comes up face to face with the panther and hisses and the panther seems terrified and runs away, leaving the neighborhood.

      In another scene, some neighbors are at our house, mostly men as they would be dressed on a camping or hunting trip, about five or six other people - all of them Caucasian and Australian (and likely of Brisbane). We seem to be planning to go on a longer camping trip or perhaps just a fishing trip. One (unknown) man of about forty is patronizing me (to the point of insult, it seems) by first seeming to be miming the act of fishing - with casting and reeling motions and such - which apparently becomes an act of miming the swinging or throwing of a tomahawk and he even uses the word “tomahawk” as he finishes his routine. I am annoyed but do not seem to show it. (In real life as a boy I had a toy tomahawk with a wooden handle and a rubber blade, but never owned a real one.) We are in different areas of the room about six feet apart, both of us sitting in smaller wooden chairs. Most of the other men in the room are oriented in a sparse arrangement, some sitting on the vinyl couch, one or two standing. The “gag” seems to be that someone such as myself would throw a tomahawk at the fish to get it rather than catch it and reel it in “normally” as a “proper” fisherman (read westerner).

      Later on, there seems to be two monophonic country songs playing at the same time (on an older tape deck which I no longer have), of a style I do not particularly care for. Each track is on one of the two stereo channels. This is actually a trick which an older brother used in real life to archive a larger number of monophonic recordings onto CDs for different relatives in different parts of the world - several done by myself as a boy, some being with my father. In my dream, instead of a balance dial, there are two volume dials - one for each stereo channel, left and right, a fictional feature on each side of the tape deck (which is otherwise only slightly different to the real-life one). I turn one dial down to zero, but the music still seems mixed up with two songs playing, so I mess around adjusting each dial in different ways, trying to work out levels (sixty/forty, etc.) wondering if it is mid-side encoded rather than stereo, which would require a very precise value for each dial to only bring out the one monophonic recording, or so it seems in my dream. I experiment a bit, getting a bit annoyed by the music. Eventually it seems there is only one song playing (a less annoying one by George Strait - “Love is Everything” I think), but there is still a mono copy in each channel which are of slightly different microsecond timing so that there is a figure-eight phasing, causing the sound to seem to move about and swirl in different areas of the room. At that point, my dream becomes less focused. There is yet another person mentioning something about calling the police (fourth instance) related to teenagers loitering near other people’s houses and a litter of puppies and dogs causing noise and irritation (perhaps not the same person who called about the “dangerous wildlife”, not sure as there are a few people walking about in the area, some going on a picnic or school event, I think).

      There is one final scene where I (relative to the expectations of a few other people regarding a fight at another location in addition to all the other calls - thus the fifth instance of police-calling in one dream) seem to be waiting for the police, but they never arrive. This seems to be some sort of well-known fact. If the police get calls related to more than one complaint or event in a particular area - it is far beyond their ability to deal with and so they ignore it completely, being only able to mentally and physically focus on one issue in a particular time period in the region. Meanwhile, I get the sense that they (two officers in a police car) are fairly far away waiting for a call in which only one issue is manifesting over a longer time period…
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    7. 8/22/13 dream- Big Cats in my house

      by , 08-23-2013 at 05:57 AM (Dark Kikyo's Dream Journal)
      The entire dream takes place in a two story house where my fiancée and I live, but not in real life. If this place exists in real life, I want to know about it because it is awesome.

      The first part of the dream was concentrated on trying to prove that some people who had come into my house were trying to steal from and harm me. It lasted a while and ultimately resulted in them leaving because I had proven their intentions. I can't remember specifics, only bits of memory.

      The second part of the dream started where I was sitting in a chair on the bottom floor, when a cat walked up to me and rubbed against my leg. I stared at it and thought "Wait, I don't have a cat yet?" Then I noticed another cat, and another until there were dozens. I walked into the living room and found they had opened and small window on the wall next to the floor, like those you have in you're basement, and they had also managed to open the screen. They kept pouring in and I knew that they had been the cats living under my house. I managed to round them all up and herd them back outside through the small window, then I closed it and the screen. I walked into the other room when suddenly a lioness walked up to me and started rubbing against me also. I was shocked, what was a lion doing in a rural area. Then after a while of trying to get her to leave, which she refused to do, another lion came up to me. I could tell he was young because his mane was just now starting to grow in, but he had jaguar spots. I assumed he was a lion, jaguar hybrid. All they wanted to do was play with me, and on my way to my mothers room (both my mother and brother lived with me at this point), a black panther showed up and joined the happy, playful, other big cats. I got to my mothers room and woke her up. She asked what were these big cats doing here and I told her they had just showed up. She got up and left her room, then I lead them into the room, ran out fast, and closed the door. My brother was awake and asking what was going on so I told him. He got excited and went into the room to play with them. I warned him that just because they were tame doesn't mean they won't go into hunter mode and try to eat him if he made the wrong move. He ignored me and continued on. I grabbed my phone while my mother explained to me that when lots of cats live under your house it means you have a snake din under your house too, and she knew people that had lots of cats show up only to have snakes pour out of the crevices moments later. I blocked up the widow again and started looking everywhere for the number to animal control. The lions had destroyed my moms room by that time and we re herded them into the down stairs bathroom. My mom said they would just destroy that too but I had to put them somewhere. My brother had stopped playing with them and they were in the bathroom alone. I continued looking for a number everywhere then finally tried the Internet. I found a number after a long, annoying, search and called them. A lady answered and I told her that three Jungle cats had made their way into my house and she told me that someone was on the way. My dad came over and my mom went outside to join him. They were talking about something and I ended up in the backseat while my dad drove my mother and I away. After he rounded the corner I freaked out and said I had to be there when animal control got there or they would leave. My dad argued but finally agreed to turn around. I suddenly got a very bad feeling and became afraid for my life. My dad was driving really fast and recklessly. I told them my fears and he just wondered why I thought that. He missed my road and we started driving in an area I didn't recognize. Suddenly, the realization dawned on me that I was dreaming. I became very relieved and decided I would do a WILD. I succeeded and found I had no patience for a crazy drive around the block so I made the road to my house appear and my dad took it. Upon arrival to my house I lost the WILD and went fully back into the dream, but stayed lucid. I went inside and found the animal control dead in my moms room. My brother said the two lions had bi-polar disorder and went crazy. I saw them and grabbed a piece of meat, then I threw it in the bathroom and re trapped them. They started clawing madly at the door while I called animal control again. They sent another person my way when we all started working on barricading the door with our bodies before it got broken out. They had busted it up to be pretty thin, but we managed to keep it closed, mostly from my lucid influence, when animal control finally arrived. I told him what had happened and he brought in a net gun. We opened the door and he shot a net at them that had special properties to put whatever was inside it to sleep. He asked where they came from and I said most likely someone in the area had raised them without the authorities knowledge. I asked him to check under my house for snakes as well and we followed him down there. We went under the porch and he started pulling up the paneling one by one and found there were no snakes. Instead there was hundreds of rats. They got angry when a flashlight was shone on them and we left. I got stuck under the boards of my porch when my claustrophobia came over me. I started panicking so I teleported myself by lucid means to the other side of the porch and found everyone else had gotten stuck too. Knowing they couldn't do what I had just done, I helped pull them out one by one. Animal control left after that and when I went back inside I found that he had forgotten the big cats passed out on my floor, and they were starting to wake up. I called them and told them they had to come back. I was waiting for them to return when I started thinking about another dream I had had in the past and decided I wanted to know what had happened to it while I was gone. I transported my vision to look at a place I had lived in another dream. I found that it had been bought by a guy with a motor cycle and that made me unhappy. I really liked that place and hated how that dream had ended up, with me having to leave and sell the house. I saw him motor away and found that he had put up a circular motorcycle ramp in the backyard. I was glad that he had kept the tree swing and playground structures though. I was discussing the place with my mom when I woke up.

      This lucid dream actually made me very happy after I woke up. I found I managed to do these lucid things with little to no difficultly for the first time hurray for progress.
    8. Dangerouse Ocean and other Lousy Swimming Spots

      by , 11-17-2012 at 08:08 AM
      3 or 4 years ago
      note: I am not a strong swimmer so I don't swim in the ocean in real life.

      On my way to where my friends and family would be swimming, I was walking through a mountain meadow and became a little disoriented. As I stood in front of a group of large rock formations, I contemplated on which way to go.

      I climbed up one boulder and up between two small cliffs and onto a trail that led down to the ocean. I think my uncle may have told me how to get hear in the dream but I'm not sure. The fishing was supposed to be great and the water clean.

      Finally I made it down to the ocean which was at least thirty feet below the cliff where I stood. There wasn't any beach but I made my way down a narrow eroded path to the water any way. Off to my right was a larger cliff and a tiny bit of a cove. I jumped into the water and swam over to the larger cliffs.

      Once below the cliffs, waves started to build up. They never crested but were often as tall as the cliffs themselves. The deep water, big waves and towering cliffs felt treacherous but I swam for a bit any way. I rode up and down on the giant waves until I decided that It was irresponsible for me to be swimming alone in these conditions. I got out and went back the way I came.

      Back across the meadow I came to a dirt road that I decided to follow. The pines were dense here and I could barely see the ocean. I soon came around a corner and could see an area where bulldozers had dug into the mountain side parallel to the road ahead of me. The bulldozers had graded an area about sixty feet across that slopped down to some ocean water that came from around the bend of a hill towards the direction I had come from. The sides of the dig were fresh and muddy but everyone was swimming down at the shore.

      There was an old wooden building with ramps and gray paint that was cracked and peeling. Some sort of chase went on here in my dream but I can't remember exactly what happened.

      I didn't like this spot and I convinced everyone to follow me back through the meadow. They came with me but when we got to the meadow they stopped. Now in the meadow there were cold springs that filled up several jacuzzi sized holes in the ground. The holes weren't all that bad but I thought they looked a little dirty and that possibly cows might come through here and take a dip from time to time. However, despite my best efforts I couldn't get them to continue on to the awesomeness of the big waves of the ocean.

      I settled in and everyone set up picnics. Soon people were soaking, eating, chatting each other up, and children were playing. Then I heard someone scream for me. I looked over and saw a large black panther stalking one of the children. I ran as fast as I could and only barely intercepted the large hungry cat. Somehow, probably with pointy stick, I managed to stab it through the chest as it leapt through the air.

      I can't remember if everyone was happy that I saved the child or angry that I killed the poor animal. Maybe a bit of both. END
    9. I rember

      by , 06-09-2012 at 01:39 AM (Tales from the sun chaser.)
      Being in a mansion and some guy was trying to do card tricks to impress a lady. He magically shuffleded them out where they were all red cards but I think he messed up half way through. Then a panther walked on the table all the way to me and laid down right in front of me. I petted its paw and then it's head. I think it was grinning at me after it realized that I wasn't intimidated.

      I also remember sniping the shit out of stuff in outer space.

      More highway dreams.

      I think I got lucid between this post and the last one but nothing significant.

      And I guess that's about it.
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    10. Panther has club and a new job

      by , 04-01-2011 at 10:36 PM (Tomas's DJ - "Exploration of the inner Self")
      *It’s a work setting. We are preparing lunch. It is chicken Fricassee probably. We need to stock up.
      **I am finally meeting Panther again. He has a club (one room) in Morava. Panther and I go to some club near by. I can see the beet tap, but it starts to rain inside, and I am surprised that no one cares about the stuff getting wet. Panther tells me that he no longer works as a truck driver but he works in an office. He worked out some trick that cuts down the time required for his work from 4hours to 4 seconds. He is very happy about it and hopes that it will allows him to do music again….
    11. VERY Scary Tour!

      by , 03-13-2011 at 08:15 PM
      I was back at my old high school, when my teacher said that the class will be having a field trip. So, we started the field trip by just walking very far from the school until we reached a BIG pile of slime-ish stuff. She told the class to climb up and go inside the mound. We did, and slid down and when we came out, everything looked VERY different. At first it looked very beautiful and she was giving us a tour of everything. The trees looked beautiful, the grass, the everything looked so nice and colorful. Then here is when it took a turn for the worse. Somehow we lost our teacher. And other people started branching off. I lost everyone I was with. But somehow I could still here the teacher giving the tour to us inside my head. "Up here class, is the Tree-Man. Part tree, part man. Be very careful kids, he will kill you if you get too close." (And here is the video that probably put that in my mind: YouTube - Human ' Treeman ' begs for help as he turns into a tree.) After I ran from that area, I found a creek. Along the side of the creek, there was a panther, I FREAKED out and ran away, and while running away, I found a GIANT snake. I ran away again. When running away, I found a school. I thought to myself "Thank God!" I ran into the school, but the school seemed "off" to me. It was abandoned. Once inside, I saw a guy that looked like a cross between an alien, a Buddah, and a blind janitor where his eyes were COMPLETELY white. I talked to him and asked him where I was, he said "I have no clue. I am blind." He started walking away very slowly. I tried to find my way out, I went upstairs, looked out the window, saw the panther and the tree-man and decided I was in a better place at the moment. I chilled for a while and decided I had to keep moving. When I walked around the corner, the Buddah janitor guy started choking me telling me to never return to this place. I tried to defend myself but nothing was working. And that's when I woke up. I am going to assume I died. hehe
    12. 24 Dec: Julian Assange’s ninja spy team

      by , 12-25-2010 at 02:01 AM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)

      2:30 GMT

      With my BF on some guesthouse. There’s a murderer on the loose and we decide to go together all the time everywhere, including the toilet, outside the room. But I don’t keep the promise and in the morning I go alone to look for breakfast. I meet the owner and I get the feeling he is the killer, although he doesn’t fit the profile. I then go outside to the gardens, which are very Victorian. There are some people around, having breakfast outside or just chatting, but they all keep together, for safety. I for some reason, possibly to tease and attract the killer, get away, behind the garden tallest hedges, beyond the safety zone, all alone. Maybe the killer felt it was a trap, because I was safe and I reached the city with no harm done. I then met my mom and followed her to the subway entrance to go somewhere.

      4:00 GMT

      At a kitchen or storeroom. My BF is present but looking distant. I ask what’s disturbing him and he says he might have go to Spain.

      5:00 GMT

      Julian Assange’s ninja spy team
      I’m walking on some city into some street with a huge wall on my side. It goes down, to an arched underpass, when a earthquake hits. The road opens fissures and I fear the walls might fall, so I try to get away from there and reach an open space. I find a beautiful spot on the riverside, free from buildings. It looks like the Tames in London at the time of an amazing sunset. I am looking for a camera to take pictures when I realize I’m dreaming. I become lucid and realize there’s no point in taking pictures. I decide to just enjoy the amazing scenario. I then see a castle just behind me. There are some stairs going up a tower and I see tourists coming down, but when I go up I find that the stairs are blocked half way, not allowing the tourists to go further. I decide to fly and try to enter through some window or door on an upper level. I manage to get inside and I find that this palace is used and inhabited, not just a museum. But from then on I am chased by some ruthless people who try to kill me at all cost. Inside the castle, I have difficulties in finding any exit, so I go through offices, rooms, staircases, you name it and although I try to keep hidden, they keep finding me. On some last room where I was hiding and some royalty people are discussing important matters I would have enjoyed to listen, some back door opens and from behind some curtains some deadly arrows fly into my direction. I escape but I’m more or less trapped in this room and worried that they might get me, but then I’m saved by Julian Assange’s ninja spy team which was camouflaged on the ceiling, on a balcony, under tables. They also shoot some arrows to my attackers and help me escape.

      Delivery and more instructions
      Then I’m at some apartment again with my BF, but I hear some fight on the staircase and I just have the time to leave without even checking who was it. I take a train and arrive at some remote village. My instructions are to leave something at a locker in the station and then go to the number 800 on the same street of the station. I first go in the wrong direction and enter the village centre but then some guy on a booth tells me there’s no 800 in that street. I find it weird, because there are no houses in the other direction, just a road through the wilderness. But I go. And then I find an area by the side of the road that is cleared and there is a pole with a plaque with the number 800. I look around and I don’t get what I’m supposed to do there. I then find some creased paper on the ground and pick it up. Don’t open it, just go back to train station.

      7:00 GMT

      Black panther
      On the road with my parents through the mountains near my hometown. We arrive at some other town where some festival is taking places. Streets are absolutely crowded. We split up and I find my friend Lic inside some building. We decide to go outside but on the exit there is a black panther looking at me. I feel she is not going to hurt me but at the same time she looks a bit menacing, so I decide to act cautiously. I am scared but decide to pass by it. She never takes her eyes of me but lets me go. Then on the streets in the middle of the crowd,me and Lic find Zilla, Vera and Patty. What a surprise to have the whole gang reunited. Vera doesn’t seem happy though. She doesn’t even look me in the face.

      8:30 GMT
    13. Man Panther Shadow

      by , 08-29-1970 at 02:29 PM
      Morning of August 29, 1970. Saturday.

      In a number of repeating similar scenes throughout what seems a very long dreaming period, I find myself somehow arriving on an island very early in the morning before sunrise, each time for “the first time”, though the repetitive nature of the “resets” is not monotonous or of any type of negative effect. I seem incorporeal for the most part, though sometimes standing on the beach in my physical body. Regardless of my mainly unresolved redundant arrivals, I do not become impatient. There is mainly a feeling of perfection, happiness, and timelessness. I have a vague sense of my “mystery girl” (who may be living near the central area of the island) but I do not see her at any point.

      Always in the distance no closer than thirty feet away, is a shadow in the form of a man but is also implied to be feline, with cat ears, and I sense it may be half panther and half man. There is no threat or negative emotion. The overall feeling the character is mostly projecting is neutral though seems to imply a beneficial future and even nostalgia (which seems unusual from a child’s point of view but has happened often with me as a boy). It seems like the creature is somehow always walking along the beach at this time on this seemingly isolated island. There are times when I more vividly perceive that this entity is my own shadow somehow cast from where I am standing on the beach (sparsely recurring including in much later dreams).

      Entry and additional notes confirmed and updated Wednesday, 26 October 2016.

      • Mainly influenced by the movie “Terror Is a Man” (November 1959) though again, completely lacking in anything either frightening or threatening.
      • Additionally influenced by the Money Cat scene from the animated movie “Gay-Purr-ee” (October 1962).
      • Additionally influenced from a previous dream from the night of Friday, December 23, 1966 (“Money Cat” minion saves me).
      • As of this writing, my last dream to feature an association with the Shadow Cat as the preconscious essence was “Catlike Shadow Creature and Shopping” from Saturday, September 10, 2016, though it has appeared in a number of other dreams, typically in a dream’s final minutes.
      • A beach in a dream represents liminal space and in fact is the most powerful setting of this nature. (See off-site link: The Beach, part 3 - Liminal Space.)
      • A cat (or in this case, a panther) mainly symbolizes the nocturnal form of the preconscious (especially in this shadow form), where its origin seems to be (even though cats are active during the day).
      • Shadow forms in my dreams are often friendly, helpful, and even radiate love, the opposite of what the majority of other people claim.
      • This form of the preconscious sometimes seems to be my own shadow, but in this case, I do not consider that a shadow could not appear in this way (for example, with no wall behind it for it to be logically cast upon), the same fallacy that has occurred in a number of other dreams since early childhood.