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    1. 27 Mar: Lamb's head, making out with Seth Rogen, demon, semi-lucid explorations

      by , 03-27-2021 at 11:01 AM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid FA / AP

      Some avant-garde show or ritual where some guy goes around defying the audience to dance inspired by what they are watching. Many on the audience seem to be professional dancers by the way they move. Then someone starts passing a lamb head as a prop. But the lamb head is alive and I feel horrified, but not like scared, but worried for the "animal". So I kidnap the lamb's head and run away with it. Take it to the vet and they say it needs surgery to survive. After we get some more info about the origin of the animal, the vets tell me I need to go to Africa and get something that will heal the animal. Once in Africa, in some remote village, I need to pass a door with two guards. I try seducing them, but they don't flinch. Then ask me for a million dollars to go in. I explain the situation and say it is to save an animal's life and they reduce to half a million, which is still ridiculous but I agree to and they let me in. I then steal whatever was inside the guarded house and return to the vet. The lamb is now able to get its surgery and regrow a body. Later I get a call from the vet saying the animal is doing great.

      I married to some rich family, but I have this feeling I did it against my will and feel unhappy. I am walking with my family through some hipster area of old docks now turned into restaurants and bars. By the other side of the river I see Manhattan. I am walking ahead of them, making a little dance waving a white shawl in the air, feeling empty inside. Then I encounter Zilla by chance and she walks with me. She spots some vegan fast food and invites me to come along. I do and let go of whomever I was with before. Riverstone is there too and although it's mid morning, they both wanna eat lunch. At first I say they are crazy but then I give in to the idea and ask for an Impossible Burger. While we sit at a table, I get notified that I have an exam to renew my driving license renewal in a day or two and I panic because I wasn't aware and haven't studied shit.

      I am dating Seth Rogen. I am half lucid, so at first I feel like "Why didn't I chose some hunkier guy to fool around with?". But he is extremely sweet and I actually start feeling the hots for him. We're sitting on a bed or couch, making out, and when I kiss him he gets really excited, in a very adorable innocent way that makes me want him more. He starts reaching out to his pants and I am totally into it. But then I notice that there is another bed to our side and two girls are sitting on it, watching us and that disturbs me. Worse, I spot a red demon under their bed and see that he is about to snatch one of the girls, so I jump to grab her and rescue her. The demon gets pissed and starts projecting long arms, claws and tentacles and weird heads coming from under the sheets, without ever leaving the bed area. I beat him as hard as I can until he kinda retreats and I sunk into the wall.

      My mom is with her friend Paula. We are at an ice cream shop and I look for a vegan flavor. There is one for the stupid price of almost 25€. I complain a lot to the seller and he seems not to understand my complaint. Then I realize that's the price for a whole bucket of like 5 to 10 lt and I apologize and ask how much for a cone with a ball. I then follow my mom and Paula to a car. They didn't get ice cream so Paula is offering something else like crackers to my mom and ask if I want some to. Then we go get my dog Hachi and Paula goes get some other dog like animal on a leash to accompany us on a walk, but it is some dog-like alien with green body parts. I insist that she keeps a good distance from me and Hachi, because Hachi already reacts bad to other dogs, let alone alien dogs, but she keeps forgetting and getting to close for comfort. One time they almost get into a fight, so I give up on this walk and we take the dogs away. Later on I accompany them again to some kind of old garage where mom is talking to the owner and some guy offers us crackers and cheese. I am giving it a try when my Sensei enters the place. First he pretends not to see me while he talks to the rest of the people, clearly nervous about approaching me. I also pretend not to have seen him in the first seconds, but then gather courage and I say hi and give him a hug. He feels relieved and actually a bit overjoyed, so then he gropes my breast and pretends it is by accident, but I know it wasn't. I ask about the classes, he says it all stopped because of the pandemic, but that he misses it a lot. I say I do to. I wonder why he doesn't ask me why I left the classes way before the pandemic started.
      Music starts playing, some Latino rhythms like salsa and he and everyone else start dancing. I don't want him to invite me to dance, so I leave through a back door into a backyard and I see my mom is already there with some new age "kumbaya" group. They seem harmless, so I let her be. Then they invite us to go on a boat trip and I start drifting from the dream.
      Probably had a very brief episode of FA and felt my bed shake like there was an earthquake, but that brought me back to the dream on the boat. I laugh and tell my mom that when the boat started the engines, it coincided with me feeling my bed in RL shaking and she laughs.

      I am again semi-lucid, back on land at some ground floor mall at some private condominium, but the atmosphere is dark and heavy and I see no one around. I also feel watched by agents or demons whom I know to be present in the dream, ready to attack me. I walk through the corridors and sense a presence following me. I do evasive maneuvers until I find an exit and run around the building to try and see me stalker. It is some shady guy who disappears again. I see a lady walking away with the alien dog from Paula. I fly upwards to assess my surroundings and then land in some university campus, which I find lovely. Each faculty seems to have a theme, for instance, literature classes take place in a mini medieval village, where each house is a classroom and people gather around communal tables to debate topics, instead of facing a teacher. I walk a bit through the narrow streets, the houses are all ground level timber-framed and feel very cozy. At the end of one of the streets there is a bigger building, like and open hangar, but it is a tavern or bar, and the decoration changes completely. It is 60s and cinema inspired. It has the colors and the furniture typical from the 60s and posters of old spy movies on the walls. There is a door leading to the parking lot with a toll booth. A vintage car from the 50s just stopped at the booth and when I approach, a bunch of gangsters come out of it and point guns at me. Turns out I also have a gun and also drop it on them. For some reason they stand down and leave. My cat Yéti comes out of nowhere and I pick him up. Once on the normal city streets, I see my mom's apartment building or a very similar one, but with a few more balconies. I see the details like the tiles on the walls and feel extremely nostalgic about it, to see how detailed it is engraved in my memory. Then I fly upwards and take notice of the rest of the buildings around, think about getting beyond this and do something interesting. I fly higher and higher, until what I see below me is an African plain at sunset, as far as the eye can see. I feel free and relaxed, but my cat Yéti who I am still holding, is getting pretty nervous and wanting to jump, so I look for some place to drop him safely. There is a house floating in the air, no front wall for some reason, so I just go inside. I am planning on resting there for a while, see if Yéti can be left there safely, but the house starts tilting and everything in it slides through the open wall and falls into the void below us. Some old Asian lady comes in from another room, looking surprised to see me and in panic. I only have time to grab Yéti again and I jump into the void to fly away on my terms instead of falling.

      I am in a room talking with BTS and I find them all very nice and smart people. I decide to become their fan and wonder if any of the guys in the band is single, so that I could hang out with. I sit between two of them and one, I think the youngest, immediately leans on my shoulder and gets really close. I was fantasizing about dating one of them, but all of a sudden I feel like he is pushing it a bit too much too soon, so I tell him nicely to back off amd take it easy. The others laugh.
    2. 19-03-26 Miami Vice, NYC

      by , 04-05-2019 at 01:22 PM
      I dreamt an entire non-existent episode of Miami Vice. At least the beginning and the end. It had Tubbs sneaking into a motel at night (armed with his stubby shotgun), and a ridiculously sappy ending that had me laughing in my sleep.

      I found myself on Manhattan island. It was daytime. I ran through the streets, looking for a spot where I could see the Freedom tower. I reached a kind of square with a statue of a chariot in the middle.
    3. 20 Mar: Hikers, party in London and cruise to New York

      by , 03-20-2019 at 04:22 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false awakening

      I am at home and I see people outside. I take a peek and see a group with backpacks sitting outside. I talk to them through the window, they are Brazilian and are a bit lost. They want to stay the night at my house, don't mind sleeping on the floor. But I say absolutely no, they insist, don't understand my attitude. I am freaking out and tell them to please get out of my land and I close the gate. There is one among them who is quite a hunk and I feel kind of sorry to let him go, but I think of my safety and the safety of my furry babies and I insist they can't stay, because I really don't know their intentions.

      In London, close to my old friend Stephen. I decide to pass by his door, and it is open. I go upsairs and I hear lots of voices. I turn around, changing my mind, but he appears on top of the stairs and recognizes me. Actually now he is not Stephen anymore but my old friend Joan from Catalunia. I go inside and they are having a slumber party, and my friend Tania is there! When we are ready to sleep, I ask to stay because I don't want to go take a bus, but there is no room and also all my stuff is at the hotel I am staying.

      Arriving to NY by boat, with Riverstone and Nighthwak. I don't know where Riverstone is, he is going around meeting other people. I took a shower and I am on the sofa wrapped in a towel watching some romantic live action Disney fairytale. Nighthawk turns it off at the very end when the plot unravels and the prince declares his love to the princess. Or at least I expected so. I complain he turned it off, ahead of the ending. He replies that he thought the movie was over already. I say no, it is obvious that they are in love with each other and he was going to say something. Then I feel like maybe he knew it and that was why he turned it off. There is an awkward silence between us and I realize the hidden meaning of what happened. Then he says ok, but doesn't mean they should be together, she should be with the other guy who says things down to earth, not the enchanted prince because he says poetic stuff or whatever. I disagree. We then sit for lunch at the cafeteria. Love is in the air, despite the BS he just said. The boat reaches the shore and my mom, who was there waiting for us, comes rushing that she has bought tickets for a ferry around Manhattan, but it leaves in a few minutes. She grabs my purse and I run after her, forgetting all my luggage behind. At the dock I tell her I need to get my luggage first, she is upset that the other boat is in 5 mins or so, bit I also get angry that she took my purse with my documents and cell phone and I had to follow her but and leave everything behind. Then she denies having done it and says she doesn't have my purse. I cant believe it. I am going back to the boat to get my luggage and I say we can take some other ferry later and she needs to look for my purse meanwhile. But the boat is gone and I run around looking for it or someone from it. I do meet a girl who was also a passenger and she has the key to a van where all the bags left behind are stored to be taken elsewhere. She allows me to look for mine and there it is. But now I must find my mom again or I am alone, stuck with no documents.
    4. The rise and fall of a labour camp

      by , 04-06-2012 at 04:03 PM (The Dreams of a Trapped Mind)
      Ok, this was a massive dream and I only really remember bits here and there (which is good cuz I wouldn't want to type it ALL out anyway).
      So we're in Manhattan, and I'm helping on a construction project for a huge new building. I don't mean grunt work helping, I mean architectural design helping. Somewhere along the lines I start to notice what we're building, and try to escape... We've secretly been building a labour/death camp in the middle of the city! I get away but don't go far, a few blocks away I rally some people and we storm the site, hoping to take it over. We win (kind of). You see, it was more of a treaty than anything. We killed some people, no biggy, and destroyed some things, but the architectural design was still too amazing to just tear down. So we kept it, but got rid of the guy. I don't know if we banished or killed him, but he's gone.

    5. finally lucid

      by , 02-10-2012 at 03:43 PM (Tales from the sun chaser.)
      I was driving around in Manhattan, and I was just trying to get out of the city so I can hit the interstate and head to my main destination. There were lots of turns on the interstate, and I lost control of my car. I entered a building...and I was trying to cook something in the oven, but the racks were messed up and I was trying to fix them. Next thing I remember was fighting a strong DC. I was mopping the floor with him. I ended up throwing him out of window and he landed in the pond near by. Search and Rescue was already out there, and i knew they were going to come in and try to arrest me.

      They tried putting cuffs on my wrists but one wouldn't even fit. I broke the other one, and then I broke the chains and showed it to them. Inside the chains were dead/ almost dead ants. Really weird. Anyway, I told them the next time we meet up that I'd hope we would be on the same team. I headed out of the building, jumped in the air, and rolled across the ground while closing my eyes. When I opened them I was in an entirely different scene. That was pretty cool. It looked like some abandoned amusement park. There were several dogs there, and I think they needed my help
    6. eleven-eleven, track one

      by , 11-24-2011 at 03:31 PM
      Good morning, everybody.

      Dream #1

      I was walking outside with my mom. Everything was dark blue with early morning light. My mom and I had been walking outside all night long. We were now finally heading inside. My mom may have been planning to take me home, or to the airport so I could go home.

      My mom was talking to me about an idea she had for making the roads and walkways in old cities such that old buildings could be preserved. Apparently this meant making more walking and biking space and less space for cars.

      My mom and I may have been walking through an old city or a college campus that looked like an old city. We walked past a stone building that was really big and circular. It seemed to stand out by itself in some kind of plaza or between lawns.

      We walked down a stairway along the side of the building. The stairway led to a doorway in a small space the floor of which was maybe five or six feet below ground level.

      As we went down the stairway, my mom told me, "I might have you write a report on my project. The paper doesn't have to be long. Only four pages. But I know you can do that before you have to leave. Then I can take you home."

      I felt really inconvenienced. My mom and I had been out all night, doing something for her. Now I had barely any time before I had to focus on getting back home. But my mom wanted me to take time to write a report.

      I didn't even know anything about the subject. I'd have to do some research. I was rushing through my thoughts, trying to figure out the fastest way to take care of everything.

      Meanwhile, my mom was opening the doorway. There wasn't a door: the doorway was actually just sealed with a huge, marble slab, which my mom struggled to pull open. The slab seemed really heavy, but my mom pulled it aside. I was amazed. But later the slab may just have been a length of sheet rock or cardboard.

      We walked in through the doorway. We were inside what looked like a fire escape stairway. The staircase zigzagged up. The light in the stairwell was a cold incandescent, and the walls were peach-colored.

      My mom was already a few steps up the staircase. I followed. My mom told me something like, "I know you're doing a lot for me. And I'll pay you back for it."

      I suddenly had a vision in my mind's eye of my "payback." There was a pretty girl, visible only from the neck down. She was totally naked, except for a pair of black, knee-high nylons. I thought it was kind of disappointing that my mom thought she could pay me back for work by finding some girl for me to have sex with.

      But I was already trying to figure out how to attack the research for the paper, so I could get it over with. I was trying to think of two cities with a good amount of old buildings that needed preservation. My two thoughts were London and Paris.

      I was now trying to figure out how to begin the paper, talking about the old buildings. I then figured I'd do some research about the general conditions of the buildings in London and Paris. I then thought I'd do research on the effect of smog from cars on building surfaces.

      I may also have thought I'd look into towns that had implemented extensive biking programs. I knew there were some. I'd see what I could find out about the condition of buildings in those towns.

      I was now in a train station with my female friend H. It was daytime. The train station was very new, nice, and clean. H and I were the only ones in the train station.

      The train station's waiting area was large, full of long, wooden benches. It was indoors. But the roof was metal, lined along the top of the walls with clear, clean windows. And the front end of the waiting area opened directly to the train platforms. So the waiting area felt very open, with a lot of light from the outdoors.

      H worked for the train station. I had done something good for her, put a lot of effort into helping her out with something. Now she was going to pay me back, she said, by paying for my train ride somewhere (maybe to Philadelphia).

      I walked up to the ticket booth at the front of the waiting area. The booth was glass walled, with four or five desks for workers. But it was completely empty. Nobody was there. It was too early for any of the booth workers to be here yet.

      My friend H said something like she wasn't really going to pay for my ticket. What she meant was she was going to give me good hints on how to sneak onto a train, so I wouldn't have to pay. Since H worked for the train station, she was taught things like this, so she could have free train rides as a perk.

      I didn't see H anymore. It was like she was ten or twenty meters away from me, somewhere in the rows of benches. I heard H's voice in my head, too, not out loud.

      H told me what I had to do. I took off my backpack (? - I don't have a backpack IWL) and lay it on the ground. I then crawled along the ground, right in front of the ticket booth, until I got to the right side of the ticket booth. There were something like subway entrance turnstiles.

      H told me that I had to be very careful, and that I couldn't count on making it, because the booth workers were very attentive to anybody who might try to cheat them. But I felt like I was a pretty good sneak and that I could make it.

      I'd gotten past the turnstile. I wanted to take the first train I could get out of town. I didn't want to wait around. I looked up at an LED sign saying when the trains were leaving.

      One train, which may have been labelled "Manhattan," was leaving at 11:11 AM. It was leaving from track one, which was two or three tracks down from me, about fifty meters away. I may even have seen the train.

      I jogged a little, just in case I was cutting the time close. I looked up at a motorized clock, the hands of which indicated that it was either 2:10 or 11:10, even though I assumed the hands indicated it was 11:10.

      I knew that the old motorized clocks in all the stations were all slow, and that it was probably 11:11, if not later. I broke into a run, to be sure I'd catch the train.

      I noticed, as I approached track number 1, that there was a wide alcove with some kind of snack bar or express restaurant off to my right. I felt kind of hungry, but I kept running.

      But I looked off to my left and saw that the train was already pulling away. By the time I stopped running, the train was already long gone.

      I knew I'd have to wait for another train. But this didn't seem so bad to me: I felt like another train would probably be here in half an hour.

      But now I wondered if this "hint" H had given me on how to get onto trains was any help, after all. Now that I was remembering my train rides, once I was on the train, I'd always have to show my ticket to the conductor, who would walk past all the seats with his ticket-stamper.

      I may have snuck past the turnstiles. But once I got onto the train I wouldn't have a ticket. I'd get kicked off.

      I may have tried to justify this. But it didn't make sense. I knew there were stations along the route with no turnstiles. Anybody could just walk onto the train. The only way the conductor would know if you paid was if you had a ticket.

      I wondered if I could just get onto a train, sit down, and ask the conductor himself if I could pay him for a ticket.
    7. Atlantis continued

      by , 05-08-2011 at 03:28 PM
      So when I became lucid last night I was able to go back to the dream I had about finding the Lost City of Atlantis 2 nights ago.

      In my dream, Atlantis was a stunning underwater city about the size of a large town. The main base at the center of the city consists of a spiraling column ascending upwards into a spire-like peak. When inside, there are a variety of water fountains and sections. The city has a cloaking device rendering it practically invisible. Though it cannot be seen regularly, as it blends in with the water, it will appear visibly under the moonlight of a lunar eclipse. It floats around with the ocean current presently, but used to stay put.

      At the base of the spiralling tower was a large blue stone, shaped like a layered cake. It has many light-blue crystals sticking out of it that can be removed. These crystals, upon closer inspection governs many of the city's functions such as its ability to shield its interior from the huge pressure exerted by the water on the outside. It emits a "Containment Bubble" that refracts light from the outside (rendering it invisible unless exposed to red moonlight) and maintains a breathable atmosphere on the inside, and it controls and stabilizes the limitless amounts of incoming water that flow throughout the structure's aqueduct system. It also acts as the city's "engine" that propels it through the underwater depth (which is also one of the reasons explorer have failed to find this place).

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    8. 9/6/10* Limited Air (Semi Lucid)

      by , 09-14-2010 at 04:08 AM
      I am in Manhattan, but it feels like Manhattan from a the Spiderman 2 game. I am walking and suddenly realize that I could fly in dreams that I've had before, so why not this one? I jump off the ground with my arms stretched above me and using willpower I begin flying! I fly around for a while, taking in the sights and bathing in the feeling. I land on a tall skyscraper with about 3 neighboring towers, where enemies are scattered. I take them out crackdown style without ever leaving my building by way of dual uzis.
      I realize that since I am in New York, I want to back to The Standard, the hotel where I stayed last time I was here. I begin flying towards the meatpacking district. I fly under a large overpass which makes this entire area of the city dark.
      I stop inside of a green wire fence with a pool inside when I realize that the hotel is not in this dream, but this doesn't upset me too much. Instead I walk into a nearby tunnel marked by a small white archway. This has led me into the underground section of the city, which is basically just a wide white hallway. I enter a night club by a side entrance, but I decide to go around to the front to avoid seeming uninvited.
      The front entrance is a very small hallway with a bar off the the side and a wooden floor, giving it almost a Japanese feel. A guy who gives me a bad vibe walks up and asks me if I have chosen a girl yet. At this point I realize that the front entrance is actually a whorehouse, and I respond to the guy that I am still looking, as it seems that we wants to kick me out. As I walk to the end of the hallway, I take a look at the women, who are all much older and not very attractive. I look in through the doorway to see the club, but I get a feeling that I should just leave.
      I head up through the tunnel to the east side of the island. I climb a ramp that leads me to the middle of a college football field, with a large Victorian-style building right next to it. I meet an unknown friend and tell him that I can fly. I jump unsuccessfully a few times, and then begin flying with him on my back.
      At this point I notice a small white bar in the bottom left corner of my vision. I realize that this is my flight bar, and that I can only fly as long as the meter is not empty. I drop my friend off, and then walk into the middle of a busy street. A woman is also standing next to me, and I jump into the air and start flying. I do not see her reaction as I go up too far too quickly, but I have a feeling that she didn't even notice.
      As the sky gets dark a large pyramid rises from the ground just a bit north of the midpoint of the tunnel I was in earlier. The sky is lit up with lights, from stars to satellites, and especially the new lights that illuminate the pyramid. I take flight again and try to land, but my bar empties just before I can, causing me to drop suddenly a few metres above ground. I make a hard landing, bashing my ankle on the side of the pool I was at earlier, just like Eric. I have a feeling that I caused serious damage, but cannot feel it.
      I see Cody and tell him that I can fly. He seems a bit jealous, and I procede to fly around the pyramid. The dream ends as I fly up the side of it.

      I've had this sort of dream before, in which i discover I can fly, but it always takes a few jumps to work, and sometimes I lose the power. I do not feel that this was a full lucid dream, but every time I want to fly I can sort of control it, especially the first jumps off the ground. I also did something that I would have done if I were lucid, which is go to that hotel (or at least try).
    9. The Future Delegates (Prescient)

      by , 09-11-1982 at 03:11 PM
      Morning of September 11, 1982. Saturday.

      Dream Series: The Experience of Prescience, the Inexplicable Dream State Phenomenon. Part 7

      I seem to be living in the future though I am unsure of what the implied date is. At any rate, it seems to be (at least at first) an odd combination of the television series “Hogan’s Heroes” and George Orwell’s “1984” (as well as influence from “Logan’s Run”). There is a large room full of computers (reminiscent of NASA) where everyone is watched. It seems sad and strange that public surveillance is everywhere. Still, there is a focus on the question of who is watching the people who are watching everyone else. The group in control of the world government is called “The Delegates”. They mostly drive around in black jeeps and black limousines. The unfamiliar town in my dream is called something like Maryborough or Marlborough.

      I become aware of my “mystery girl” (precognitive wife-to-be character) over time. Photographs are somehow made by computers. However, it is illegal to keep photographs older than a certain date. There are barbed wire fences throughout “ordinary” neighborhoods. I want to be with my dream girl, but it seems we may have to find a region beyond the reach of these “Future Delegates” (the term being used in my dream relating to younger politicians who are training to control large groups of people). I discover photographs in a drawer of features of the past that the government does not want people to know about. Some of it seems Biblical. At this point I seem to be in a movie. Werner Klemperer (an actor from “Hogan’s Heroes”) seems to be in charge of looking for my “mystery girl” and me near a beach. A number of black vehicles are in the area.

      In the last segment, I am somehow standing atop an airplane (without any fear of falling) while hugging my “mystery girl”. In the distance is Manhattan. A tower of the World Trade Center is burning. It seems like “the sky is falling”. I perceive, on some levels that it may be the end of the world. However, I still think it may be possible to reach a livable region where government does not exist.

      In the end, we jump into the ocean, still hugging.

      • Zsuzsanna was a fan of “Hogan’s Heroes” before we met though she did not know one of the stars (Bob Crane) had been murdered. (For some reason, I had a precognitive dream of Bob Crane’s death, which had similar dynamics as this dream).
      • This dream had some influences from “Logan’s Run”. The precognitive dream about Bob Crane, I “cleverly” gave the title “Hogan’s Run” (before his death).
      • When I went into a library for the first time with Zsuzsanna, in Maryborough, I saw the same edition of a book (right on the top of a stack of books on a cluttered table) called “Space Opera”. This had the story “Tonight the Sky Will Fall”, first seen on September 11th, 1966 (about a week after starting school for the first time in La Crosse). My father and brother-in-law used to get various books from a nearby landfill. This included science-fiction digests, “Outdoor Life” magazines, and adult cartoon digests, all of which my reading skills increased through. With “Space Opera”, I had “Friday the Thirteenth”. This included a story about a girl riding a white horse (and who had special abilities relating to telepathy and remote viewing). Zsuzsanna was born on Friday the Thirteenth and was photographed atop a large white horse as a child around the same time as another related dream.
      • There is a redhead in “Tonight the Sky Will Fall” named Leila. Zsuzsanna has a red-haired half-sister named Lelia. A main factor of the story is that his dream girl turns out to be real and that his dreaming brought the universe into existence.
      • The level of surveillance and items like webcams, I never thought could reach the level it was in my dream, yet it has gone eerily beyond that which was featured in my dream. Still surveillance as such supposedly lowers crime in at least some areas. This is probably more related to connecting to the collective unconscious than solely personal insight.

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    10. War of the Serpents (with sheet music)

      by , 09-11-1979 at 03:11 PM
      Morning of September 11, 1969. Thursday.

      My dream starts with an atypical unseen narrator who says, without emotion: “New York Harbor 1969. The city is a mess”.

      I am flying over Manhattan in the first scene. I am semi-lucid and vividly aware of curious saxophone and xylophone music (never heard in real life); a series of repeated staccato notes. My sheet music image (only available on some websites with this entry) is close to what I heard in my dream. There is a later version where the third set of eighth notes in each motif is removed, giving a sense of anticipation.

      On websites where the image is not available, the eighth notes (except for the last C, a quarter note) are: C C C C, C D C D, C D C D, E E E E, E F E F, E F E F, G G G G, G A G A, G A G A, A G G F, F E E D, C. The tempo is about 84 at first, though is accelerando. The music becomes a bit more intense yet with a less audible orchestral sound in the background, as if the volume is turned down though later up again. (This effect has happened in other dreams, usually when the level of dream state awareness changes, as sometimes the closer I am to waking, the less number of instruments are heard.)

      Looking directly down as I fly, I watch a giant snake swim through the water, moving along on the water’s surface. (As such, my dream’s foundation is the most common form; water induction, as water symbolizes sleep dynamics in real time.) The snake is so large that it knocks aside boats (mostly tugboats) as it moves. However, there is also a brief awareness that the snake is of normal size and the debris is more like small pieces of bark, leaves, and twigs as I seemingly watch the “same” scene much closer to the water’s surface (as if of a small lake) before the implication changes again. At this point I also get the distinct impression that I am standing or hovering in my orb form (while incorporeal) to the left of the doorway in the southwest bedroom (not where I slept) at the same time I am dreaming this (with a vague association with having looked into our full bathtub and toilet while somehow sleepwalking, though I had not been). This bilocated impression (typical of a lot of my childhood dreams) does not continue. Helicopters fly over the Statue of Liberty and there is more news about the attack on Manhattan as apparently giant snakes came from a crashed flying saucer (as if perhaps manlike aliens, though unseen, and possibly from two different planets, lost control of their spacecraft for an unknown reason). There are two kinds of giant snakes that fight each other. One kind seems friendlier to humans. I watch a lot of the monster-movie-like battles though my dream eventually shifts to my home in Cubitis, and my previous lucid threads fade.

      I am chasing a baby giant snake (which is my height in its upright “S” form) in a southerly direction, from the end of our driveway, near Highway Seventeen, and moving past the west side of our large culvert. The snake is the recurring Pepto Bismol pink that was fairly common in my dreams around this time period (after my mother had me drink it in real life). It is somehow quickly slithering upright like a standing (vertical) letter S and moving much like a swan. I am fearlessly chasing it, to make it leave the area so that bigger snakes do not eventually come by to investigate. Suddenly, when I get past the neighbor’s house a short distance, the snake looks “confused” (and I get the impression of an actual question mark floating in the air over its head very briefly, a curious feature of other childhood dreams, likely influenced by comic strips) and it turns around to start chasing me. I raise my arms up and out as I am now running away, but as if the scene is meant to be comedic or playful.

      This continues for a short time when suddenly, the snake and I are very good friends. We are now at the end of the driveway, where I first found myself chasing it. I am holding the large snake in my arms like a baby, which is eventually even wearing an old-fashioned pale blue baby bonnet and held within a white baby blanket and is now going to sleep.

      I am aware that the War of the Serpents will continue, possibly to the point where a lot more regions will be damaged. My parents do not appear at any point, and in fact, I do not interact with anyone I know in real life. Later, I am calm in the presence of a few giant black snakes (though my dream fades when I start flying again). This likely relates to the fact that black snakes were considered good due to a reputation where I lived of them supposedly chasing off rattlesnakes, which seems the main origin of my dream’s otherwise science-fiction theme.

      This dream has two discernible attempts at subliminal reinduction (a non-lucid attempt to vivify or extend the dream state, though I am semi-lucid when my dream begins). Firstly, my dream begins with typical water induction (my most common form of dream state initiation). A snake is the primary (biological) reticular activating system symbol (RAS mechanism), due to having evolved out of the natural fear that primates have of snakes, and thus RAS renders it as the potential waking trigger (in generating enough emotion as an “alert” for the purpose of waking the dreamer to attend to real physical needs), though a snake will sometimes relate to different factors (sometimes literal) and symbolism depending on the dream type, which only the dreamer could understand the origin and validation of in any case.

      My first attempt at reinduction (even though I am still in the water as sleep initiation stage, though already with the snake as a potential RAS factor) is evidenced by the music having a similar essence as snake-charming music, to delay RAS waking dynamics. The second attempt is far more obvious and easier to validate. I succeed in harmoniously putting the snake to sleep (which represents willfully though subliminally decreasing RAS dynamics that might otherwise wake me up) at the end of the driveway, which symbolizes the subliminal awareness of eventually needing to wake up and stand at the end of my driveway to wait for the school bus. Dreams are very easy to understand once ignorant superstition and “interpretation” is cast aside in the acknowledgement of what dreams actually are. It should be emphasized that this dream began with conscious choice of first deliberately “stepping into” (and then flying within) my dream’s water-based environment (as I have done thousands of times since childhood and for over fifty years), which is also why the bilocated essence regarding another bedroom (obvious dream state indicator) in our house came into focus. (It should also be obvious that the baby snake additionally symbolizes a mild stomach ache, and the RAS “taming” of it for a few reasons; one, actually being the color of stomach ache medicine, two, being shaped like a human intestine, and three, stomach pain associated with a snake that squeezes its prey.)

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