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    1. Semi lucidity.

      by , 05-30-2017 at 03:42 AM (MoSh's DJ: The Best Dream Journal in The Universe.)
      Why is everyone so negative in my dreams?


      Frag of me sitting at a kitchen table. Two people walk in and not sure who they are. They start giving me shit for something and some random girl E from work is there. She starts joining in so I start cussing her out. she doesn't even belong in my house. she tells me to shut up. so I keep telling her off. She turns into a blur and hits me out of the dream.

      Work confusion

      I'm working with co workers from McDonald's but instead we are working at a dollar store in the middle of a mall. J tells me to hang up some beads in small packets on a big display. I start doing so but A and E walk by me. A says hi and starts complaining about my work. I ask her why she's even talking to me. She said she was just saying Hi. I couldn't beleive she was being rude about it. I wanted to complain about it to J in an open door policy discussion.

      I leave and wind up roaming the dark mall for a while. I eventually found J in a meeting room. I sat through the meeting. I asked him to have a conversation but there were too many people around.

      Dangerous plane

      I'm flying inside an air plane with Data. there's literally no bottom to the plane. We float over to a seat strapped into a wall. He straps me in and hands me an oxygen tank. I keep breathing through it and turn a crank that shuts it off. I ask him if I did the right thing. He says yes. I then wait for the plane ride to end. I am really worried about crashing because there is no floor to the plane and I can see the land going by below.


      I have a FA in the bottom big bedroom downstairs. Pope john Paul is there and wants to talk to me. I have to leave for some reason. I look out the window and see snow is outside. It makes me lucid. I float through the window and walk on the snow with no socks. My feet don't even feel cold. I climb the fence without any effort.

      I lose lucidity while walking down the street. I enter a building where my boss is. and he says why Haven't I talked about the plan yet with his messenger. The current pope is with him and they are looking at me. I go to leave but wake up.
    2. [30-07-2016] #1st competition entry

      by , 07-30-2016 at 09:02 AM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      Fallen asleep at 0:25, woke up at 4:00. Tried some WBTB but no lucid results.

      First dream

      It was a grim, overcast day. It was in some huge haunted mansion, deep inside woods, an alley with elms growing on both sides was leading to it. I was a witcher and with some other witchers we were fighting a huge monster that was moving so quick, that it was hard to tell how it exactly looked like. The monster had something to do with the mansion and forest and I knew that there was a reason why it was there. We were fighting bravely, using only swords.

      Some time later I was back in my mansion in some city. I was wearing a black suit, preparing for a funeral of a man that died helping us. Suddenly I heard someone knock to my door. I went out of my changing room, went downstairs and opened the door. I saw another man in black suit, but I didn't knew him. He asked "Are you Geralt of Rivia?" I confirmed and the man entered my mansion. I realized that it's an ambush and tried using some sign to eliminate him, but he was quicker. He touched my chest and I felt like something really heavy lied on it. I couldn't breathe and my heart was pounding heavily. Then a shot - he had a sawed-off shotgun and shot me in my chest.

      Then I turned into someone else - a little girl. I checked a book for forest spirits and other wraiths living in forests, then left my house and went to the elm alley, heading towards the haunted mansion.

      Second dream

      I was in some kind of huge city, in my house in a flat. Suddenly something happened, I left my room and saw all the people running in panick. There was no time to ask, demons attacked and we had to defend ourselves. There were huge armies of enormous bald men with yellow glow in their eyes. They were spitting out fire and lava, entering rooms and killing everyone in sight. Somehow I was able to tear my way to a shopping mall, where I had to stop on moving stairs. Stairs going down were taken by demons who attacked everyone on the stairs going upwards, igniting them with pyrokinesis and throwing fireballs. A few times I saw a little boy, whole in blood, going up the stairs. He was grinning ominously to me, demons did him no harm. I decided to fight back instead of escaping this time, fighting fire with fire. I thrown fireballs and used pyrokinesis at demons, but my aim wasn't very accurate. Once I hit that strange boy with fireball, but again he wasn't even harmed, still grinning to me. I managed to send demons back for some time, so that people could arrange hospital in nearby shops. I went there to help them, I saw that weird boy again.

      Suddenly I found myself at the backside of a car, with someone who was giving driver a syringe. The man had black hair and was wearing a pale blue shirt and black trousers. I had two pillows with me, but as the man left the car he took one of them. We drove forward, but I told them to drive back so I could get my pillow. Driver did as I said and we took both the man and the pillow inside.

      We drove to a huge cathedral, thousands of people gathered to see a pope making a mass for successfully banishing demons back to hell. The pope came closer to edge of some platform and said "To destroy devil, we have to take it's power!" A hellish pit opened up and people started to take power, but it came with enslavement as heavy chains or barbed wires grown all around them. I shouted out "No!", people have disappeared and I was left with a demon that possessed pope. He spawned a minion - it was a humanoidal demon made of salt that was hard as rock. It had spider like mandibles, eyes covered by round glasses made of salt and it had also soldier clothing made of salt. We were fighting, it was really hard to harm the demon. I used an attack and run away tacting, running all around the chamber. The demon jumped in front of me and with high pitched voice of little girl said "We will destroy humans!"

      I started fighting with more ferocity, managing to destroy one of demon's hands and distorting it's face badly. Then the possessed pope appeared and fixed his demon with one gesture, then said "Come on! That line was great! You know how hard it is to train a demon like this?" I ran to give it another punches and then the pope said to demon "Look, he's coming back! You could say your line again!" He treated the demon like a child, probably it had a mind of a child. We continued our battle, punching, dodging, running away and chasing. Suddenly the salt demon disappeared and pope appeared. I saw a door to the side of chamber open up and release devil's source of power. I thought "Someone succeeded in getting to the switch deep in hell." I quickly ran towards it and not minding force field that pained badly, I jumped and put my hand into power source, scrathing it all over with nails. It burnt slightly. Pope appeared and said "And what you wanted to achieve with this? You stand no chance..." Suddenly the hellish realm (as getting through cathedral's doorway was walking through portal to it) started to fall apart. But I managed to escape in a capsule that I found.
    3. #75: Jacket / Grenades / Shop

      by , 01-23-2016 at 09:31 AM
      I think I went to bed somewhere around 00:00. Woke up around 08:00 and stayed in bed until 09:10.

      I've got a white jacket that looks a bit like the Michelin mascot. It's a jacket from a broadcasting company I used to work for. It has the acronym embroidered onto it on the front in black, as opposed to the red 'stickers' in reality. I might've peeled the red ones off already. I'm not sure how to remove the embroidered part though. I'm thinking to myself that this would make an ideal jacket for wintersports if I can manage to remove all the company logo's.

      I'm sitting at a rectangular table in a non-descript room. My little brother is sitting opposite of me and I think there's a girl or woman sitting next to him. To my left about 2 metres further is either the pope or John McCain, with a white woman sitting opposite him. I believe McCain/the pope was wearing white. My little brother throws a grenade at him which lands just next to him on the table. Everyone but McCain/Pope makes a run for it. He didn't notice because he's got his earplugs in and it seems like he is Skyping on his laptop. The grenade explodes, but doesn't seem to do any damage. My little brother throws another grenade, and we dash for it again. This time it scares the shit ouf of McCain/Pope. There's at least 1 cameraman nearby, so I know this will be televised. I ask to speak to my private in a different room. This room we call Addis Abeba for some reason. The surroundings once I leave the first room suddenly become a bit more ancient/mystic. I get mad at my little brother and ask him what the hell he was doing. I sit on his chest in such a way that I won't crush him with my weight, but that he can't lift his arms. I start slapping him with a flat right hand on his cheeks to get some answers out of him. He whimpers a bit and gives me an answer, but very softly and I can't understand him. I tell him to speak up, but every time his answer is too soft. I tell him he can't get away with this by refusing to answer. Eventually we do leave the room to go back to the original room. At soom point I start to raise my awareness. I am considering everything I'm doing as if I'm writing a script. Someone with a cello enters the room. There was also something to do with music paper, though I can't recall what. My little brother and I go back to Addis Abeba again. I want answers. Eventually he breaks down and tells me that he got fired from his internship, but I can't get an answer as to why. I'm also surprised by the fact that he had an internship and that he got fired again. He whimpers and tells me that things are going bad with Bea. I ask him who that is and he tells me that it's his girlfriend. He has a girlfriend? I'm not sure if he's lieing to me or not. Suddenly my view changes to Facebook, with my aunt and cousin responding to a photo of him and his girlfriend about how they want to meet her and that they'll have to go to the school cafetaria to do so.

      I had another dream, but it's taking up quite some time to write everything down. Maybe I'll do it later tonight. The gist of it is: I'm in a phoneshop to adjust my contract. I end up having a lengthy conversation with the salesgirl and my mom also adds some points. Eventually the girl and I talk about an academic subject.
      non-lucid , memorable
    4. #156 - Lord of the Rings / Pope / I screwed up a lucid

      by , 11-11-2015 at 11:12 PM (The Oneironaut's Odyssey)
      Dream 1 - Lord of the Rings
      I'm with a group of about 7 warriors on a grass plain with a hill that rises up behind us and a couple other hills in front that are lower down. We had been fighting Uruk Hai and had won so far. I then looked at a member in our group scanning the hill behind us with binoculars. I look up too sensing that he had seen something. I saw a single outline atop the hill with a sword in hand. I instantly knew we were about to be attacked again, as slowly more figures began to line the edge of the hill. There must be a hundred or so Uruk Hai about to attack! I run back a little panicked, they started charging down the slope to engage in combat. I turn to the face the other direction, only to see more Uruk Hai pouring over the hills in that direction. We're surrounded. The dream has a game-like feeling as I approach a horse, I try and mount it but I can't! I open up a skill screen and look at my riding skill, it's level 0! Damn, I need at least level 1 to mount a horse. I think to myself how you have to be selective in choosing your stats in Mount & Blade as investing a small amount in some skills early will help.

      Dream fragment - pope
      I remember something about a pope in a very grand looking white stone courtyard.

      Note: I read Oreo's DJ last night (The Great Sphinx) and was really blown away. Such a cool dream. It affected my next dream a little ^_^

      Dream 2 - I screwed up a lucid
      I remember the house I was in was wooden with a white ceiling.. I somehow just remembered that I was dreaming and was like 'oh I should RC too'. I pulled the skin on my hand and it stretched out too far, bingo! I then kind of ran around happily thinking about what to do. The dream felt so stable and clear, I knew this dream would just last for ages and I felt like I could prolong it. I shouted 'Stabilize!' and the dream shook a little, losing clarity (oops) and then coming back into focus. I wasn't too bothered as I felt like the dream reaction was a positive one. I then wanted to travel to the desert and see the Sphinx like Oreo had done, so I decided to teleport. Hmm... How to do this? I ran outside, there was a small stream flowing and light green grass, it was night time. I willed myself to be transported to the desert, leaped into the air and fell backwards so that I would land on my back, then as I fell I closed my eyes and willed my body to be teleported. *Thud*. I collide on the ground, but it's warm and gritty. Sand?? I think to myself that it worked I try to open my eyes, but I can't. Oh ****... No, not again . I try and force my eyes open, and end up accidentally open my eyes in real life. My vision is all screwed up though and I see a skeletal-like head sitting next to my bed. Ugh what the hell? I can tell that I'm awake and having hallucinations, I try and reach up for it, but my real arm doesn't move and instead there's a pseudo arm that I feel reach out. I close my eyes again and I don't remember anything past that.

      I completely forgot that lucid dream until during my meditation I managed to rebuild it really slowly and in poor detail. I honestly feel like that would have been my longest lucid ever had I not screwed up that teleportation
    5. Pope's sleep

      by , 01-07-2014 at 05:47 PM (iBranko's Dream Journey)
      24.11.2013 2/3

      Eu não estava no sonho.
      Eu via o Papa sentado num trono dizendo algo, porém estava sonolento.
      Podia ver seus olhos vermelhos, inchados e se fechando.
    6. Bleached Blonde with Trivial Demands & I Have to Take the Alternative Way to Heaven

      by , 12-10-2013 at 08:48 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Bleached Blonde Female Demands That She's At Least 2 Year Older Than Her Partner (DILD)


      I'm shirtless and I'm wearing long black pantaloons with some dark brown boots I believe. The environment is snowy and very cold to the point where I literally start shivering after being more aware about it.

      I'm not really having full control of my body, I'm just speculating from a distance of my dream body walking with someone. The girl in front of me that's walking backwards in front of me while I'm walking forward looks familiar.

      Her visage fluctuates between a realistic face and an anime face that's similar to Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex's female character faces. It's smooth, fairly big dark blue eyes, and long bleached blonde hair. She's wearing a dark green jacket and I believe is wearing a skirt of some kind.

      The first set of colors that come up as I'm recalling this is some kind of checkered red and black skirt that only goes all the way down to the mid-region of her thighs. But other occurrences with being with this female involved her wearing a light milky blue skirt that extends more to her knees.

      Apparently she claims she prefers being in a relationship where she's two years older than the partner. For some reason I stopped a bit to do some kind of calculation despite not knowing when her birthday is. I visualized words of the months passing by and fading away in the environment up to the sky. A noticeable number was "15," and then I decided to stop it altogether since I didn't seem to be getting anywhere with this.

      After standing around there passively for a while, the female is really close to my face and resorts to the anime style visage before turning her back at me and conforming to the realistic human face.

      Spoiler for Contingency note so I can remember which blonde in waking life she resembled:

      Except her hair is tied up into a ball, and she's even skinnier than before. It's almost as if I was interacting with her younger form, maybe 3-5 years younger as of the year of this dream journal entry. After that, it seemed she started to fade away like a regular dream character that seems to just exist to fill the cold and empty environment with some activity.

      The buildings themselves had a dark violet overlay on them, which felt like a weird combination with the color of the snowy environment. Other than various cool colors, something about this dream felt really weird, I just can't put my finger on it.


      I Have to Take the Other Route to Heaven (Non-lucid)


      Oh, this dream....and the fact that I just happened to watch a 3d animation video on some skeleton trying to get to heaven after it...

      Anyway, since I didn't really care much for the content of this dream (i.e. making it into a chronological pattern), I'll just give a brief list on things I recalled:

      • The environment resembled Meltokio from the Tales series (specifically Tales of Symphonia)

      • There were all sorts of religious, angelical, and other symbolism and archetypes within this dream.
      • There was a large white cloud that served as a barrier from me getting to the other side of the city. If I were to get near it, a random cartoon entity that seemed to have resembled the image of God said I would have to take an alternative to get to Heaven.

        I think I'll take the mode of belief with the casual atheist and impartial agnostic route for this dream like an older friend and I seem to garner a predisposition to, thank you very much.

      • Dream characters seemed to have emulated the art style for Tales of Symphonia 1, and I recall seeing someone wear a Pope-related costume. The large semi-oval hat with a pointy tip at the top consisted of a dark blue color with some gold-colored markings.

        His robes were mostly a milky butterscotch color with an overlay of pasty milky brown...as if I can really give actual color names...

      • This area felt so real to me, but I wasn't lucid for very long seeing how I reveled more into this dream emulating me actually going out on an adventure similar to the Tales series.
      • It's just one of those dreams that would make one contemplate if they were to switch their perception of reality and make the new one their quotidian lifestyle instead.

      • The same God-related entity gave me a thumbs up and a wink with his left eye when he was telling me I would have to find an alternative way to heaven. And he wasn't even a three-dimensional entity, just your basic 2d entity that somehow made some fade transition that was slapped on the screen I was looking over in a bird's eye view.

        Jeeze, could the higher self bird's eye view implications be a bit more prevalent here?

      That's all I recall, at least in the spectrum of trying to cohesively make a chronological pattern here. The rest would've been environment descriptions, which would be another mini-novel by itself.

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    7. "Why did Osiris cross the road?" (Travel through space)

      by , 07-23-2013 at 01:23 PM
      Morning of July 23, 2013. Tuesday.

      I am in Egypt (although it sometimes seems to be Italy), but some areas seem like urban areas in the USA (New York), and I am in an area where there are a lot of unusual ancient structures, some of the area being like a desert. There is a lot of folklore and even books about one larger pyramid, especially. It is a four-sided pyramid with various faces, seemingly carved just inside from the outer walls and looking out in mostly even rows, probably at about five levels - almost like a “people looking out the windows of the bus” effect on each row, but more separated in individual “windows” or frames. There is some work near the base, but it is not quite determined as to what it is. Somehow, what exists now or what is “left” is thought by some to be the remains of people from another planet with the pyramid being a spacecraft, so that the “carvings” are actually some sort of skeletal or mummified heads of beings like Osiris (from another planet) who came to Earth. Other people have no belief in the various theories about the “spacecraft” and say it is just a pyramid with statues, carvings, and such. There are even indications that certain restorations had been made to the structure over many years and some of the original content is missing now.

      There is one part that makes little sense relating to supposed evidence of the spacecraft having left a very large, wide area of empty or changed ground from rocket exhaust or something along those lines - plants do not grow and buildings have never been built there - proof at any rate, of the supposed spacecraft landing. However, it is said that the area was as it was from thousands of people killing themselves at the same time centuries ago(?) I get this impression of an extremely large group of people - seemingly soldiers of some kind, facing away from the pyramid from all four sides and somehow dying all at the same time in a “perfect” position - but really, it makes little sense at all, especially as the ground is supposedly all barren and with no human remains, either. I almost am able to imagine the spacecraft full of “people” having landed all those centuries ago. Later, I notice what seems to be plumbing or tubes in some outer areas. Time passes and I and a few others walk around in other areas, including near a few barns and what seems like smaller businesses.

      There is another “real spacecraft” from ancient times, supposedly - this one inside a modern building, but it is almost more like a model of the other one (without the faces) - about the size of a refrigerator. A lot of it is different from the original now. It is sort of like a four-sided pyramid, but not quite. There is a half-circle gauge of some kind near the top that looks fairly new and there are other newer mechanical parts as well as more plumbing of some kind. A few people seem to think it is hilarious that people in the region think that what is left of the ancient structures was related to space travel or other beings. There is some sort of business meeting or lecture where it is pondered “Why did Osiris cross the road?” (meaning why did he travel through space to Earth, although one idea is why did he travel from Egypt to Italy) - one answer being understood to be “to become the Pope”. However, one “ancient spacecraft” seemingly turns out to be the “Optical, Spectroscopic, and Infrared Remote Imaging System” of the European Space Agency (OSIRIS) or possibly “Origins Spectral Interpretation, Resource Identification and Security” (OSIRIS but of USA - NASA) or something equally confusing.

      Some of the ancient artifacts (but not all - including the large pyramid) turn out to be combinations of defunct satellites and parts of plumbing and abandoned prototypes of inventions.

      A life-sized Egyptian image/painting of “Osiris” is on display - but turns out to be the Pope, even though he looks exactly like some images of Osiris, including the white robes and “tall white hat” (mitre). “The Pope is Osiris” someone says - believing he somehow came from the ancient “spacecraft” pyramid - even though the “remains” back at the pyramid were still there.

      Later, there is a large business office with a long rectangular table that is also supposedly an ancient structure of some kind, yet looks more like a modern display case. I actually say “it looks like a display case” in my dream even though it was once supposedly a tomb/sarcophagus. I do not see anything inside it through the glass, though.

      Five other examples of the “Acknowledging the Sleeper (Type 2)” dream type:

      The Three Lives of my Dream Girl

      The Dead One

      Indoor Ziggurat Tomb

      Beyond the Martian Time Barrier / The Martian Casket

      The Count’s Body

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    8. Stealing from the pope then rewarding a mission well done with an exotic fruit tasting.

      by , 07-09-2012 at 06:56 PM (Chard's DJing This Party)
      I start off in a living room, sitting and listening to one man talk. I'm tempted to do something, anything, out of the knowledge that I'm only getting so much dream time, but I continue to wait because on occasion I will start moving involuntarily in my dreams and I wanted to see where that would lead. The dream moved on before that happened.

      I am now anticipating making an important speech to a large crowd in London, with scores of citizens cheering me on. It reminded me of the speech Obama gave in Germany during his 2008 campaign. This part ended before I could give any speech.

      I am now in a large shopping center, getting around by hooking onto walls and ledges by thrusting out my arm and having a grappling hook shoot from my wrist. So I swing around like Spiderman until I see the pope himself with his entourage, carrying a golden trophy. During this time two men were talking about something mundane over a loudspeaker until one of them asserts that this presents an "Oppor-fun-tunity" for this young gentleman. I hook onto the ledge just above where the pope was climbing some stairs. I pull myself over the ledge just as he reaches the top of the stairs, rush over and gank his trophy, then start racing down the stairs while his guards chase after me. Two guards climb up the stairs to greet me and I'm thinking "Where's the colorful garb that Vatican guards wear?" Now I'm pretty big, 6'5", and one of them is a short older fellow that looks at me in exasperation and exhaustion and I knock the poor guy down as I reach the bottom of the steps and get out of there.

      Later I request to be transported to a far off planet to try some exotic fruit. It's just after dusk on this planet, with mostly twilight but some waning sunlight. There's a large lake or perhaps ocean underneath me, with a tree standing tall and angular out of it. I pick fruit from the tree and try it, it didn't have any taste to it. Perhaps this was fortunate; I see large birds hanging out along the shoreline. I invite a bird to land on my elbow, just not too large (a large bird walks away looking dejected) and with small talons (same thing: a bird with ridiculously long talons, think "Man with world's longest fingernails," walks away disappointed). A regular sized bird flies up and lands on my elbow. Then I notice bird heads popping out of the fruit, or eggs, as I now realize. I look over at the bird on my arm, realizing what I had done, and it tries to bite me. The dream ends.
    9. billie and the vatican

      by , 09-20-2011 at 12:30 PM
      couple of nice ones last night. first im at some house party and billie piper is there. she is having a good time dancing away and seems to have some good taste in music. i jump up and start to play some even better tunes and have a good old dance with billie to some drum and bass like amon tobin and some old skool classics.

      then we see the pope heading towards some secret entrance to the vatican. after he leaves we check it out for ourselves. there is a block in the wall that we have to push in for a long way until we can get in. inside its completely underwhelming with just loads of carrier bags full of wrapped up gold bars. we each grab what we can and head out before we are caught. with a view to redistributing it of course some guards head us off at the exit and i am last out, but someone shoots out this beam which somehow disables them yet allows me to run straight through it. i think it was billie who had somehow turned into some kind of superhero figure at the time
    10. 20 August - around 10 dreams (7 recalled)

      by , 08-20-2010 at 12:22 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)

      Yesterday was exhausting, so I had difficulties in recalling last night's dreams. On the first dream-phase I know I had 3 or 4 dreams, but no matter how much I try to recall, I just have vague feelings. In the morning all I could remember from these first dreams was one bit that was lucid.

      Lucid mirror manipulation
      Not a big deal as I have had many lucid dreams a lot more interesting, but hey, it's was lucid so it's important to mention. I got lucid when looking in a mirror. It happens a lot, even if the image is just perfect. There was somebody else with me and I wanted to show this person we were dreaming so I put my hand on the mirror until it became soft and I could put my fingers and hand through it. Then for some stupid reason, I decided I wanted to try its taste! SO I grabbed a little bit of liquified glass in my hand and touched it with my mouth. It got stuck in my teeth, as caramelized sugar and solidified around it. Imagine, glass teeth! I'm sure it would look cool, but the sensation was not so comfortable, so then I lost lucidity trying to get it off my teeth. How stupid.

      Guesthouse with lots of guests I know
      On my second dream-phase I also don't recall the beggining. But I was visiting some city (recurrent dream I have, always travelling somewhere). I can only remember well from the moment I entered the place where I was lodged. I had to insert a code on the door to be able to enter and I was afraid I didn't know what it was and would have to sleep outside. [semi-lucid] I kinda knew I was in a dream and that is why I had no idea of the code. But I tried the one from a place in Germany where I was staying a few months ago and it worked. Nice. So I entered this place, it was very late in the night and there was no soul around. I went to a room that was available - no idea if it was mine or not, but I had to rest. I thought it was extremely nice place and apparently costed 50 EUR per night, which I thought was not that cheap but also not so expensive for the conditions it had.
      I hear some voices in the corridor so I open the bedroom door and I saw a bunch of my old colleagues from the university. Somehow they were now like some characters from Grey's Anatomy. They were interns in med-school (althoug we are actually biologists) and were all leaving in the middle of the night to go watch and learn some important surgery.
      I go back to my room and there is this strange vintage curtain over the bed. I pick it up and realise it would make a lovely dress (dresses seem to also be a recurrent theme), so I try to transform it and try it out, when two girls start entering my room. Apparently it was theirs or they are also trying to find one that is empty. But one of them is a girl I know for many years called Diana. We talk a little bit but the conversation ends around the dress I was trying to make. I look in the mirror and I look incredibly fat on it - usually in my dreams I'm incredibly hot - and they seem disgusted, and comment that such nice dress on a fat lady is just wrong. I think that I'm not that fat but didn't realise it was a dream-effect.

      The Pope and buddhist monks
      Later on I am wandering on this guesthouse which is now huge like a city in itself. I found myself in a part of it that is castle like. I don't remember the details but I am now with my buddhist teacher and some buddhist monks. I am wearing robes like the ones of the monks but actually they have 3 colours: red, yellow and aqua-blue. When I am still starting to figure out how I and them got there, passes by us on a corridor a bunch of catholic priests and monks and then the Pope. Lots of people with candles follow them and we do that to. We all end up on a room. [This was clearly resulting from a conversation I had with my dad during the day. He doesn't accept very well that I'm buddhist so I asked him if he'd feel more happy that I was catholic. He is an atheist so that would be even more hideous to him]. The Pope is conducting a mass and even the buddhist monks are paying attention and respects and I think, maybe I should do the same, but for some reason I don't feel any devotion towards this guy as I do feel for my teacher. Then I hug my teacher wholeheartedly. Of course he is only my projection and that is why he doesn't react. I notice that his robes are the exact opposite of mine (in terms of colour disposition) and I can't help to realise the parallel with the Da Vinci code theory about the clothes of JC and Magdalene on the Last Supper. I hear all of the mass and then the Pope and everybody else leaves. When I pass in front of a giant mirror in a hallway, the way that my half-buddhist robes are now falling, instead of folded, I realise that I look so much like Virgin Mary. And I look beauuutiful.

      [ Prince of Persia
      I'm now on top of what looks like a curtain wall of the guesthouse turned into castle. There's a lot of commotion on the street down there. The earth is shaking a bit and a huge scar appears on the ground. On the other side of the street there's more of this castle like construction and a gate leading to its inside. There's a big banner announcing Prince of Persia (I guess the movie). A guy appears behind me and invites me to go cross the other castle. Apparently it is already closed as it is night but he knows some way to get inside. I go think about it but first I go back to the guesthouse inside to rest or change clothes or whatever.

      Peeing and the black hair girl again
      Again in the guesthouse, which is becoming more palace like each minute, I try to find a toilet. I finally get to one but when I'm already going to seat on the toilet I realise there's a girl in the shower. But she is just sitting there, with clothes on and I'm not sure what she's doing there. I look at her and recognise the girl with the long straight balck hair from yesterday's dream on a cave. She just tells me to go ahead and pee. I do it and it actually relieved me a lot. But here I got semi-lucid and realise that I could be peeing myself in bed! I think "I hope not". but continue living the dream.

      After the toilet scene I was again going up and down exploring the guesthouse and found myself in a huge ballroom where a marrige was being celebrated. Mostly old people were there but also a few youngsters. I realise everybody is looking fancy and I'm on sabrinas with socks and decide at least to take the socks out. Some young girl laughs at me because I took at least 5 socks from one foot. Then I sit on a table with the young people and one the boys invites me for something. Actually I think it's the one that wanted to visit the castle in front. Apparently he is quite a playboy and only the hot girls get his attention so everybody is either surprised or envious that he is flirting me. I mean, not that I'm ugly, but I'm in a palace, on a marriage, with 5 pairs of socks...

      Kill Bill
      In the last dream-phase of the night I was inside the Kill Bill movie. I don't know if it started before, but remember only being under the ground with Uma Thurman. I felt like I was her but watching her from the outside at the same time. She was pissed and trying to get to the surface. Unlike the movie, in this dream there was a guy by her grave just ensuring she was really dead and buried. Then, like in a zombie movie, she put her hand outside, the guy freaked out but had no time to run, she grabbed him by the neck, beat him up and threw him on the grave hole left by her. He was K.O. for some time but when he was waking up, she threw on him an explosive. His eyes popped out with despair when he saw death coming and she pressed a button and kabum! Then I though - wow, that was mean and I would definetly not do it. I'm just watching, I'm not really her. Then I was not having fun anymore and woke up.

      When I woke up and was trying to remember all the details of the dreams to write it down, I then opened my eyes and the face of this girl in black hair was still hovering in front of me on the ceiling. Who is she? Maybe she's been on my dreams for a longer time but only know that I'm recalling many more of them I noticed her presence. Or maybe she is just a dreamer that started now sharing dreams with me. If you're out there, I hope to find you